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Rate please.

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I made these for another forum:

Please take time out to rate them please. Thanks.
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· The man who taught Vince Russo everything he knows
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I dont like the RVD one, thats 5/10, thebackground is annoying to me. Doesnt look good.

The rest are normal banners. Nothing stupidly wrong with em. 7/10 for the rest...

· AnGOATio Cesaro
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I like the Y2J one, the Benoit and the Cena one. The bg's are cool and so is the effects on the cuts you used are cool. 8/10 on all 3

The Rock one is boring, I dont like the color you used. 4/10

Bad effect choice on the RVD one. It takes away from the banner. The blending on the cut is bad. It looks like its just floating there. 4/10
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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