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Rate my banner

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Will you guys please rate my banner in my sig... I know it is not that good. Also give me some tips on how to make it better or what you would add or take out??
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Warn This dumbass please ^


aight heres a few tips

- Outter Glow on a cut is rarely a good thing to do.
- Text doesn't match the banner, with a blue BG, you should try using some kind of White or Blue text
- go to good-tutorials.com to learn some photo effects.
- And lastly you need a border, easiest thing to do. New Layer> Ctrl+A, Edit>Stroke, Ctrl+D you have a border.

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oo.....um...that link is like like a link of a picture off a site.lol....just kiddin

um...work on the basic texture of it

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How does my new sig look??? I know that its not that good but at least I looked at tutorials then went and did one on my own without reading a tutorial... anymore suggestions are welcomed.
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