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Rate and tell me what I need work on! :)

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Well its a nice banner. The cuts and placement of the pics is awsome. but the way the background hides a little part of the pic is not looking good. the background is not that attractive and the text should be some other color. well thats about it. My Rating Would Be A 7.5/10. My Advice: Change color of text. Change background.
Work On It.

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the blending is bad. the bg is bad and the text it bad. To start with it looks boring and is an ugly colour, a bit of contrast on the pictures would be nice.

Text looks lame. Lame font and lame blending. lame effect.

The background is especially ugly.

The cuts are boring (did I say tht twice? :confused:.) Not particuarly well placed Either.

I'd just say keep experimenting and trying new tutorials.

www.good-tutorials.com :).

3 or 4/10.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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