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Rate Christian.

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Rate this set and tell me is it better then the Randy Orton banner. Worked alot on the backround. Rate :)

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· The man who taught Vince Russo everything he knows
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Well i think its good. Compared to the randy sig. Its a lot better.

Main thing that let down the randy orton sig is the background.

In the christian one the background is a lot better. More images could have shown off your blending more. And the blending is quite good.

The text is the worse thing in the banner. It is dark, not so well placed and the font is really bad.

The cutting is very good...

But there seems to be a border which goes behind christian...might wanna fix that.

Definately better than the orton sig.

kinda between 6 or 7/10

· Section.80 Baby
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Learning some photo effects will help out. The BG is a bit boring, and like I said the pics need effect to make it less boring. THe text needs some outter glow so it will stick out some more

Keep working at it, 6/10

· Buzz Killington
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background is nothing special either is the blending

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