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I dont think u made the e in ur avatar, but the edg3 2007 looks a bit poor.
Kinda normal banner. Nice colours tho. Ok anim and border...text is fine nd all..

Impressive banner, poor avatar.

8/10 banner

5/10 avatar - change the edge 2007 text, looks bad.

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Avatar isn't great, banner, as others have said, is so superior that it's suspect. If you had the ability to make a banner like that, I'd expect you to have a reasonable grasp of English. Membership here is dependent on many things, one of them being that you type properly. I suggest you start doing so.

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thanx for all your's comments

and the comments are all correct

the banner some of my friends help me to make it
but the avatar i cut off the letter e form picture and write edge2007
i 'll let my friends help my to make the avatar
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