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Rantings From The Gorilla Position

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Its well documented that Vince McMahon and others sit at the Gorilla Position (a production booth on the other side of Entrance way) barking orders throughout WWE televised events to the Announce team.

What gets me is the amount of heat this gets from people. Sure, I'd be pretty pissed if some egomaniac was shouting at me to say certain things or correct minor flaws (such as calling a belt a 'Title' instead of a 'Championship). But the way some Wrestling columnists make it sound as if Vince McMahon is bullying his announce team and using them to mock people (apparently, Cole's mocking of Daniel Bryan during NXT, was one of Vince McMahon's strange attempts at 'humbling' Bryan)

I think if this is the case, Vince should just throw caution to the wind and commentate himself. In any other Wrestling promotion, the production team only communicate stuff they wish the Commentator's to mention (such as promotions, celebrity guests, etc) the calling of the matches is left solely to the Commentary Team. In WWE, the Commentary team are constantly corrected and given ludicrous crap to spout off about.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this 'Element' to the WWE product? It seems as if people can't even do their jobs anymore. And has anyone ever heard any interesting stories regarding the Gorilla Position and its use by Vince or anyone else?

I've heard one story that during the Chris Jericho Vs Shelton Benjamin match for the Intercontinental Title at Taboo Tuesday 2004, Vince communicated to Earl Hebner, just before the bell that he instead wanted Shelton Benjamin to win the title, despite the original finish that would have Jericho retain.
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vince should give JR his headset back and leave him to it. Simple
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