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Re: Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!

1- Mysterio
2- Undertaker (doesn't appear enough to be considered top dog)
3- Edge (despite being WHC, he's still a third-rate babyface on the B show)
4- Big Show
5- Kofi Kingston (despite WWE doing their best to make him irrelevant)

1- Del Rio (despite being less over than the aforementioned babyfaces)
2- Kane (yes he's face now, but who the hell noticed?)
3- Cody (it helps that he's feuding with Mysterio)
4- Barrett (despite being directionless)
5- Swagger (getting spillover heat from Cole)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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