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Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!*)

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The reason for this is because of the current circumstances i.e. 'fired' storylines, titles, placement of matches in relation as well as current feuds etc. the rankings for me make for interesting reading. However, stuff like this will fluctuate because of personal opinion.


1. Undertaker
2. Edge (World Heavyweight Champion)
3. Rey Mysterio
4. Christian
5. Big Show

Reasons:- Taker is main eventing Wrestlemania and is a legend and while Edge is champ, his match with Del Rio is far less important. Plus, Edge hasn't reached taker's popularity level yet. Mysterio though is much closer, but lost to Edge as the last person eliminated in the Elimination Chamber match and he isn't champion therefore he's number 3. After that, I struggled, but because Christian has an association with Edge along with having beaten the number 1 contender to the World Title twice in a row pretty much clean. Big Show completes the top 5 because he's the most popular out of the rest.


1. Alberto Del Rio (2011 Royal Rumble winner)
2. Cody Rhodes
3. Wade Barrett (Intercontinental Champion)
4. Jack Swagger
5. Ezekiel Jackson

Del Rio as number 1 contender to a World Title match at Wrestlemania 27 and 2011 Royal Rumble winner easily takes top spot, but the controversy I feel will show at why I ranked Cody ahead of Wade and the answer is simple: Before the Smackdown tapings, I probably would have had Wade as number 2 on the balance of things. However, he then went on to win the Intercontinental Championship. On the face of it, that should only consolidate Wade's position. However, seeing how WWE treat the IC title and how much air time the champ gets, when and where they are on the PPV and TV shows, Wade will be restricted by the IC title. Cody, on the other hand, is in a feud with the number 3 babyface, who has been booked nearly as strongly as the World Heavyweight Champion. Mysterio is very popular and Rhodes has been the main beneficiary of this feud combined with Ziggler being shipped to Raw, Wade getting held back (Yeah, I said it :p) by the IC title (though I'm happy to see a fellow Brit hold the IC title) considering WWE's positioning of the title. Plus, he has been booked stronger than most if not every heel on the roster because Mysterio has not had any upper hand advantage on Rhodes. This puts Wade at 3. Swagger is at 4 because although his placement on the Wrestlemania card is very high, he isn't wrestling and he hasn't been booked like he's that high on the card. Plus, the last time he was really on Smackdown (he spends more time on Raw these days), he was feuding for the IC title. Big Zeke is 5 because he has been booked very strongly as a member of the Corre and the only other heel I could think of was Mcintyre. Which do you think is in a better position atm? Yeah I thought so.

What do you all think then? Agree? Disagree?
What's your ranking for top 5 heels and faces atm?
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Re: Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!


2.Rey Mysterio
3.Big Show
5.Kofi Kingston


1.Del Rio
2.Wade Barrett (will be next in line for the WHC when Del Rio drops it)
3.Cody Rhodes (after he loses to Rey he will go back to unintresting old Cody)
4.Jack Swagger
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Re: Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!

Cody's character is the best thing on SD right now other than Del Rio, he needs to go over Rey at Wrestlemania. Rey will gain nothing from winning (he'll probably be gone in the next year or two) and though Cody's a great heel his crowd reaction still isn't good enough. A controversial win at Mania would fit nicely.
Re: Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!

1- Mysterio
2- Undertaker (doesn't appear enough to be considered top dog)
3- Edge (despite being WHC, he's still a third-rate babyface on the B show)
4- Big Show
5- Kofi Kingston (despite WWE doing their best to make him irrelevant)

1- Del Rio (despite being less over than the aforementioned babyfaces)
2- Kane (yes he's face now, but who the hell noticed?)
3- Cody (it helps that he's feuding with Mysterio)
4- Barrett (despite being directionless)
5- Swagger (getting spillover heat from Cole)
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Re: Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!

Undertaker (only appears once every while but still gets amazing pops)
Christian (if this weeks SD spoilers are anything to go by, he is doing well)
Big Show

Kofi (I know I already have 5 listed, but Kofi does just as well as the rest of them)

Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez)
Wade Barret (w/ The Corre)
Jack Swagger (due to his association with Michael Cole)
Cody Rhodes

Don't forget to consider piped heat/cheers, as well as the fact that some superstars may be more popular in some cities as opposed to others.
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Re: Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!

If I understand correctly the criteria is credibility.

1. Taker
2. Edge
3. Mysterio
4. Christian
5. Big Show

Even though Taker has a part-time role these days he's still by far the biggest star on the show. The rest of the list is self explanatory.

1. Del Rio
2. Barrett
3. Rhodes
4. LayCool
5. Swagger

Now that I look at that list it's clear that SmackDown is lacking in the heel department. They have the Corre but none of them stand out except for Barrett. Zeke could but they haven't really gotten behind him as an individual yet. McIntyre has fallen off. Vickie and Dolph are on Raw. Kane turned face. They need to push Cody hard or turn Christian or something.
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Re: Ranking the Top 5 Faces and Top 5 Heels on the Smackdown Roster (*SPOILER ALERT!!

Top Five Faces:

UnderTaker (He's the most over by far)
Edge (He's the next most over + he's a mainevent player, Rey is like a low level maineventer at best)
Rey Mysterio
Christian & Kofi (it's a tie, but that could change soon with how both are being booked lately)

Top five Heels:

ADR (Solely because he's in the title hunt, otherwise I'd place him under Rhodes)
Barrett (mostly due to his Raw run and the potential he showed there, he's done very little on SD)
McIntyre (He's here by default no one to put beneath him really)
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