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Rank The Matches You're Most Looking Forward To

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It's now only more or less two weeks before Mania, rank the matches you're most looking forward to based on the current card. Ok, i'll start with mine.

1. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio - I honestly think this could be a very good match, i was concerned about the build-up at first because this feud didn't sound appealing on paper but Christian's involvement really helps on igniting fire that this feud needs. Now i can say that i'm loving the feud. I'm not complaining about the little focus on Edge because it's obvious that Del Rio and Christian are the ones who are having personal feud since Del Rio injured Christian's arm, WWE just tries to capitalize on it to give some life to ADR/Edge feud, and it's a pretty entertaining feud so far, we got E & C reunion, awesome steel cage match, Brodus Clay debuting in the midst of this feud, even the contract signing segment was actually very entertaining, Del Rio is a just great heel in my eyes, one of the best "new" talents WWE has to offer, and as much as i'm loving Edge's WHC reign i think Del Rio should win this one. I believe Christian is gonna somewhat get involved in this match, my safe bet is that he'll be on Edge's corner to try to neutralize any outside interferences particularly interferences by Brodus Clay. Will Christian turn heel? I'm not sure about that actually, because i think ADR/Edge feud will last until Extreme Rules at least, if Christian turns heel then i believe it's not gonna be at Mania because his heel turn would take away all the focus and all the heat from Del Rio, i doubt WWE would risk doing that, that's why i don't see Christian's heel turn happening during this match.

2. John Cena vs. The Miz - I think i can safely say that... Raw. Is. Miz. He's stolen the show these past few weeks especially when he trolled the audience by impersonating The Rock, that was pretty funny. He's starting to look like a real star, Miz is starting to prove that he's just a natural born sports entertainer. Cena was also pretty awesome last monday, he showed great intensity and great energy and that STF looked pretty sick, i've always preferred this edgy side of Cena. Really looking forward to this match, i don't expect it to be 5 star match but this should be pretty good match, i know that Miz needs the win more and it'd be better if he wins but on the other hand i actually also don't mind Cena winning, i personally have always enjoyed Cena as WWE Champion, and i miss seeing him with the belt.

3. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton - They're two of my favorite superstars and i think the build-up so far has been alright, i actually like the family loving side of Orton that was showed last monday, it's refreshing and makes him more likable, oh and i got a kick out of the horrible acting from Orton's wife, that was unintentionally hilarious, Punk telling her to shut up was funny as well :lmao. Orton might not literally send Punk to rehab facility as he promised but he will win this one nonetheless. This could be MOTN if given enough time.

4. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus - I'm always looking forward to all Bryan matches and this one is no exception, both men are very good workers and this could be very solid match if given good amount of time. Sheamus will probably retain and still remains as the "champion of United States of America!", but i personally want to see Bryan winning this one, i'm so happy to see that he gets his first WM match in just one year after debuting, after all stellar matches he gives to the fans... he absolutely deserves it, hopefully he will regain his US title. :eek::

5. Triple H vs. Undertaker - I was never excited about this feud to begin with but i don't mind the build-up so far, the build-up could have been better but the build-up has been fine for what it was in my opinion, the promos are fine and i like the video packages that showed HBK hyping up the match. But anyway, i'm sure this will be a fantastic match, yes i'm dead serious, Taker always brings his 100% at WM despite his injuries and Triple H is... Triple H, i expect nothing short than a 5 star match from these two. Taker will win, it's kinda obvious, i think. On a side note, i know this probably has zero chance of happening but i'd mark so hard if Ted DiBiase interferes during the match and costs Triple H the victory, that could be a career defining moment for him. :p

6. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio - This should be a pretty good match, Rey is a great worker and always brings the best out everyone in his matches, Cody is a pretty good wrestler as well, they have fought several times on Smackdown and nearly all of their matches together were good, their last match kinda sucked but that's understandable considering Cody was selling his kayfabe broken nose injury. Cody has really come to his own and shows a massive improvement particularly his promo skills, major props to him. I still don't understand why the WWE doctors allow a guy with a seemingly serious mental disorder traveling on the road and wrestling, lol, but yeah his UnDashing character is very interesting and has been the bright part of the show over these past weeks. I expect Cody to win and destroys Rey at Mania because he's got the advantage which is his mask, that could be a very effective tool to weaken Rey.

7. John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool - I honestly don't really like this match-up at all, but yeah it serves its purpose as the special attraction type of match due to Snooki's involvement. I don't expect much from this match but hopefully Morrison will win this one, i want him to win a WM match for once.

8. Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole with Jack Swagger (Special guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin) - Lawler is soooo winning this. This will definitely be a terrible match, but nonetheless it's gonna be fun to see the crowd erupt when Stone Cold gives Cole a Stunner.

How about you?
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1) Cena/Miz - Rock shenanigans will be fun!
2) HHH/Taker - will be a very good match I'm sure.
3) Bryan/Sheamus - I've a feeling will be given time to shine
4) Corre/others - Spot fest hopefully!
5) Lawler/Cole
6) Punk/Orton - Just for Punk amazingness.
7) Mysterio/Rhodes - Rhodes to come of age.
8) Lawler/Cole - Austin for the pop is all that interests me.
9) Edge/ ADR - Worried this won't be very good tbh.
8) Snooki etc - No interest.
In Order

1. Triple H vs. Undertaker
2. Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole
3. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio
4. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
5. John Cena vs. The Miz
6. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
7. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
8. John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool
I'm only looking forward to Edge vs Del Rio because I want to see ADR become the WHC.....a lot. I don't care about seeing Taker beat Triple H, I don't care about Rhodes/Mysterio, I don't care about Bryan/Sheamus, I DEFINATELY don't care about Snooki, Trish and Morrison/LayCool, Vickie and Dolph, and I don't care about Lawler vs Cole because it's a guarantee that Jerry Lawler's winning and he shouldn't even be in the WWE. The only other matches I have a vested interest in are Punk vs Orton and Cena vs Miz, and of course, they'll get the results of both of those wrong and have Cena and Orton crush Miz and Punk. Whatever Barrett's doing, whether it's facing Kofi in an IC title match or being involved with the rest of Corre against Big Show/Kane, it doesn't mean anything. So really all this has is ADR winning the WHC to fall back on.
1. John Cena vs The Miz: Sure, we all know Cena is winning this. But I'm excited nonetheless because Miz has been fantastic for the last couple of months. Add The Rock into the mix and this is the thing I can't wait for!

2. Michael Cole vs Jerry 'The King' Lawler: This is the feud that has had the best build, and by this point we can't wait to see Lawler absolutely destroy Cole. With Austin as the special ref, it's going to be pure entertainment.

3. The Undertaker vs Triple H: The build has been underwhelming and I'm never really interested in any Triple H match, but I'm a sucker for the streak every single year and I don't ever want it to be broken.

4. CM Punk vs Randy Orton: This should be good, and although it looks like Orton is going to win I'm hoping they give Punk the win and carry on the feud for a few months.

5. Edge vs Alberto Del Rio: Pretty good buil, Del Rio is a naturally great heel against Edge so it should be fun to watch.

6. Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes: Cody has really stepped up recently and we all know Rey can steal the show any time he wants, so it's a good pairing.

After those 6 I don't really care about the rest! Should be a great show overall.
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1. Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole with Jack Swagger (Special guest referee "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)
2. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
3. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
4. John Cena vs. The Miz
5. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio
6. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
7. Triple H vs. Undertaker
8. John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool
I'm going to give the match a rating out of 10, how excited I am out of 10.

Alberto Del Rio vs Edge - 6
(Alberto Del Rio vs Christian vs Edge) - 9
John Cena vs The Miz - 7
HHH vs Undertaker - 6.5
Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio - 6
CM Punk vs Randy Orton - 7
Cole vs Lawler - 7
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan - 7
Corre shit - 3
Snooki shit - 4
1) CM Punk Vs. Randy Orton = This has been the best built feud heading into Mania, in my opinion. Both characters were handled well, the motivations are believable, & the feud has been consistently one of the better parts of the show. I think these two could have a really good match if given the opportunity.

2) John Cena Vs. The Miz: WWE Title = Main reason? This will be where The Rock makes his mark. There you go.

3) Rey Vs. Cody = Could be a good match. I wish they had actually handled Cody a little better over the course of the last year, but what can you do?

Everything else...meh.

- I'm not buying Del Rio as a top guy, so this match with Edge holds nothing for me.
- Taker/HHH feels hollow. Its like they are trying to repeat Hogan/Rock at X-8 and just say "Hey we've got this special match! Tune in", but its not working this time because I've already seen these two square off...AT WRESTLEMANIA!
- Jersey Shore match...don't care.
- Whatever match the Corre is in...don't care.
- Sheamus Vs. Bryan could be good, but they've handled the feud so poorly that I can't say I'm all that excited for it.
- Cole Vs. Lawler = I am so bugged by the fact that they put more into planning this match out than they did anything else. It would have been if like at Wrestlemania V, they put all their energy into building Bobby Heenan Vs. Red Rooster over Hogan/Savage, Warrior/Rude, and everything else. It should be a filler comedy match played for yucks, which is fine, but the way its been built, I feel like it has more rights to the closing spot than just about all of this card, and that's sad.

So you have those top 3 matches which hold at least some intrigue and the rest which is just a bag of "meh"
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1) Miz / Cena
2) Lawler / Cole
3) Orton / Punk
4) HHH / Taker
5) Rhodes / Rey
6) ADR / Edge
7) Sheamus / Bryan
8) Team Morrison / Team Ziggler
9) Smackdown / Corre CF
Actual matches i'm looking forward to:

1. Cody Rhodes/Mysterio
2. ADR/Edge
3. Orton/Punk
4. Sheamus/Bryan
5. Miz/Cena
6. Taker/Trips
7. Smackdown/Corre
8. Lawler/Cole
9. Team Morrison/Team Ziggles
1. Del Rio / Edge
2. HHH / UT
3. Cody / Rey
4. Morrison & Chicks / Ziggler & Chicks
5. Lawler / Cole
6. Sheamus / Bryan
7. Corre / SD!
8. Punk / Orton
9. Miz / Cena
Really looking forward to:
1 - HHH vs Taker.
2 - Del Rio vs Edge.
3 - Lawler vs Cole. I can't imagine myself watching this and not be entertained.

Should be good matches:
4 - Sheamus vs Bryan.
5 - Rhodes vs Mysterio.

Not particularly looking forward to:
6 - Orton vs Punk.

Only The Rock can save these matches:
7 - Miz, Cena, Snooki, Corre, Santino, Kane, Vickie Guerrero, whatever.
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Miz vs Cena: Rock will be involved somehow,and it has me looking forward to it very much. Miz/Cena themselves have gotten a lot of exposure on RAW, Miz has pulled a few fun stunts, and Cena is such a big household name that this just feels "big", so i look forward to it. I also call BS to the people saying Miz has no chance of winning...i think it can go either way. We'll see.

Cole vs Lawler....buildup has been very exiting, im looking forward to this match...should be fun, Austin will be fun..i'm sure JR will be out too at some point, making it exciting.

Triple H vs Undertaker...the feud has really sucked i find. No emotion, they're trying too hard to position themselves as legends, and to sell this match as a legend vs legend. and unfortunately, it's not working for me. Maybe it's because HBK/Taker had the Legend vs Legend feel/buildup, and i find that HHH pales in comparision to HBK...so it's just lacking. That being said, i expect the Match to be phenominal...will be very disappointed if it's not, as I think HHH/Taker have it in them to steal the show.

Edge/Del Rio...looking forward to this, just because im curious to see if they turn Christian heel, or what his involvement will be.

Those are the 4 i'm looking forward to
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1) Punk/Orton
2) Miz/Cena
3) Mysterio/Rhodes
4) Edge/Del Rio
5) Sheamus/Bryan
6) Taker/HHH
7) Corre/SD!
8) Ziggler & girls/Morrison & girls
9) Lawler/Cole
1. HHH/Taker
2. Lawler/Cole
3. Bryan/Sheamus
4. Cena/Miz
5. Punk/Orton
6. Mysterio/Rhodes
7. Edge/Del Rio
8. Morrison/Ziggler tag
9. Corre/ShowKane tag
1) Cena vs Miz: The Miz is really growing on me week after week. I've always thought the guy had a decent character and he's great on the mic, but I needed to give him some more time to prove to me that he was worth being WWE champ. He's officially done that over the last few weeks. I'm more excited however to see what the Rock has planned for this match. It'll be epic I'm sure, I just hope its not just Rock helping Cena win. It has to be something creative, I mean, it's The mother fuckin ROCK!

2) Lawler vs Cole: It seems like almost every year theres a match that doesn't really include any current wrestlers. I think this feud out of the entire card has been worked on the most. It's been awesome so far and Cole has played his role to perfection. I'm really excited to see Austin, and pretty stoked to see Lawler get his hands on Cole. I have a feeling Eve'll be involved somehow and that'd make for a good spot.

3) Cody Rhodes vs Mysterio: I've liked this alot so far. Since day one I've been a fan of Cody Rhodes' gimmick, and to have the whole mask thing come into play makes it very entertaining. Cody Rhodes to me is the future. He's one of those guys who has actually found an interesting persona that differs from the rest of the guys on the roster. Chris Jericho has claimed that heels in this era tend to attempt to copycat his gimmick, but Cody Rhodes doesn't do that. I've been kind of sick of Mysterio but Cody should make this match for me.

4) Alberto Del Rio vs Edge: It doesn't seen like Christians going to be placed in this match even though he's been beating Del Rio clean on Smackdown. If Christian was in this match, it'd be my number 1! I really hope Del Rio pulls out the victory in this one as I feel like Edge's character is going stale.

5) Randy Orton vs CM Punk: This should be one of he more interesting matchs of the night. I love Punk and Orton's not in a title match. I like when Orton isn't in title feuds because it gives him more of a chance to play a story rather than a title run. To me, he's more interesting that way. I feel as though they could have done a better job working on the feud as it was too predictable to see every member of New Nexus taken out week after week. Hopefully we get something good on Raw to lead us off to the big show!

6) Undertaker vs Triple H: To me, Undertaker's Wrestlemania matchs have become the most predictable match on the card. Triple H doesn't really stand a chance here and I think it's annoying that they haven't mentioned their other Wrestlemania bout. I should be a solid match bu Undertaker WILL win. Believe that!

7) Morrison/Stratus/Snooki vs Ziggler/Laycool: I'm a HUGE Morrison mark, but I'm no as excited about this because he could have been doing something so much better. I feel like he was just thrown on the card to basically give Snooki something to do. And to hear Snooki wants to sign with WWE once her time with J Shore is up? I couldn't stand it, I'm pretty sick of he J Shore hype. TNAs already doing it, I know it's money in their pockets, but I don't wanna see anymore J Shore in my wrestling.

8) Sheamus vs Bryan: Most thrown together match on the card. I like both superstars, but the storylines kinda lame. Should make for a good match though. Bryan makes everyone look good.
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In Order

1. Triple H vs. Undertaker
2. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio
3. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
4. Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio
5. John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool
6. John Cena vs. The Miz
7. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
8. Corre/ShowKane tag
9. Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole
looking forward to:

1. cena/miz
2. lawler/cole
3. bryan/sheamus
4. rey/rhodes
5. hhh/taker
6. punk/orton
7. laycool/dolph vs morrison/trish/snooki

couldn't care less:

1. edge/adr- unless christian is added it's gonna suck and i could give two shits about adr winning the belt.
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1) Cena/Miz - Should be an entertaining match PLUS I can't wait for The Rock's interaction.

2) Edge/ADR

3) HHH/Taker

4) Cole/Lawler

5) Mysterio/Rhodes

6) Punk/Orton

7) Bryan/Sheamus

8) Corre/others

9) Team JoMo/Team Ziggler.
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1. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
2. Triple H vs. Undertaker
3. The Miz vs. John Cena
4. Bryan vs. Sheamus
5. Cole vs. Lawler
6. 6 Person Tag Match

the rest I don't care for at all. complete bores.
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