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The day of Survivor Series
Todd Gresham: Welcome to heat everyone, the fans are filing into the Staples centre waiting in anticipation for what could well be the greatest rematch of all time.

Ivory: Yeah that’s right Todd. Randy Orton and Triple H will get it on one more time. Oh I just got told where going to Michael Cole who is along side John Cena.

Cole: Well John you’re……

Cena: The champ is here! It goes like this dowg, Booker you wanter be all up in mah fayce still after all this time? Man when are you realise? You can’t see me! Athhhhhhar! Booker, man this is the end brow no more you goner walk around with mah belt!

Flair: WOOOOOOOOOOOO! You know something, You are one hell of an entertainer brother! You have it all, the look, the style and more to the point the attitude but! But you need to learn the way the world works. Just like that punk Randy Orton did with Evolution. Yeah that’s why he is the world champ! He learned from the best….of….the…best! Then he bit the hand that fed him. That’s what I waner talk to you about, I just came from Triple H’s dressing room and he wants you to be the newest member of Evolution. Because to be the man you have to learn from the man, the game! Triple H.

Cena: Yo man, don’t take this the wrong way but, I am the one man crime spree I need no one to back me up, but this chain and my people out there. Oh and Naytch. YOU CAN’T SEE ME!

Cena walks of leaving an irate Flair.

Flair: Hey! Hey! You disrespect the nature boy! Come back here little punk!

Flair goes for Cena with a chair but Batista pulls Flair back before he got too close.

Batista: We’ll get him another time man, another time. We need to focus on Hunter’s match.

Batista lets go of Flair who becomes more focused.

Know we are with Coach who is standing by with Randy Orton

Coach: Well tonight is the night, and Randy I guess the most obvious question would be are you…

Orton: Am I ready Coach? I think so. You see these past few months I have been the Hunter and as far as I am concerned I am the new Game. I have beaten Triple H, I have Beaten Batista and I have beaten the nature boy too. I am 24 the youngest champ in the history and…. HEY! Hey Cena!

The camera turns to find Cena walking passed. Cena raises his hand to his ear and hopes sideways all the way up to Orton. Then Cena just looks at Orton with a smug look on his face.

Orton: So what do you think know? Hum? Because if my memory serves me rightly last time me and you spoke you where disrespecting me. Well! Look at me now John I am the champ.

Cena: NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO! The champ is here! (Cena rises his own hands in the word life pose then smiles).

Orton: Where? Where John? I can’t see any gold, or a man who is worthy of been champion.

Cena looks really pissed of and just walks away leaving Orton with his really arrogant smirk on his face.

Cena v Booker
The match is extremely evenly fought with both getting near falls, most of which were cheap. Then just as Cena gets the upper hand and Booker is on the floor, Batista runs down to ring side and jumps onto the apron. The referee goes and tells him to get down. Cena sees an opportunity and uses his chain on booker T. Batista still won’t get down and out the corner of Cena’s eye he sees Flair coming through the crowd with a chair. Flair gets up on the apron but only to get hit in the face as Cena punches the chair with his chain on back at Flairs head, busting the Nature boy open. Cena turns back round to see the idiot referee still trying to get Batista of the apron. Then suddenly out runs Orton and yanks Batista of the apron and RKO’s him on the mats. Cena starts shouting at Orton and Orton does back at Cena then Booker roles him up for a two count. As both Booker and Cena get back to there feet, oblivious to the ref Flair jabs Cena in his knee causing Cena to lean down to receive a scissors kick. 1.2.3 Booker wins. Orton runs back stage as an insane Flair attempts to attack him with a chair.

Main Event Orton v HHH
The match is almost one sided as HHH gets his ass kicked all over the arena that is until a busted up Flair and Batista come to ring side. Orton looks scared and looses focus leaving HHH to beat down on him. Orton desperately low blows Hunter causing Flair to clime on the apron only to be pushed of by the ref. Flair goes insane swinging his chair like a child would if he had been told of and became moody. Suddenly Flair was laid out by someone in the crowd; it was Cena with his chain again. Cena started laughing waving his hand in front of his own faces as if to say you didn’t see me. Batista rags Cena from the barrier wall throwing him into the steel steps. A dazed and confused Triple H looks over as he has Orton lade out from a clothesline. Batista starts to tell Hunter to look at his business as he will deal with Cena, Batista turns back to Cena and gets low blowed with the chain. Hunter is still in shock of what has happened to Batista and Flair the out of no where the RKO on HHH. Again Cena and Orton are mouthing of and Orton spits on Cena from the ring to the floor where Cena stood. This infuriated Cena who stud on the apron clawing at Orton as the Referee held him back. The through the crowd X Pac immerged with a pair of nun chucks and laid into Orton and quickly left. Hunter put his hand on Orton as he was spent and couldn’t make a proper cover and 1.2.3. Hunter wins, Cena looks really pissed of and leaves.


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Part TWO the day after survivor series, RAW

The show opens with a very disheartened Randy Orton walking down to the ring. He enters the ring and just as he is about to speak, Evolution’s music hits and out come all three of them with Triple H with a microphone in one hand and the world heavy weight champ in the other. HHH raises the belt above his head and pulls the face he often does.

HHH: Well, Randy it’s not being a good few days for you has it? You got disrespected by a wanher be rapper, was assaulted by my best friend X Pac and not to mention you lost this (rising the belt again).

Orton didn’t even listen to Hunter; he casually climbed through the ropes and grabbed a chair from ringside and through it at Evolution.

HHH: Hey! Don’t make us come down and kick your ass you little shit! I am the game and if you can’t handle that then why…..

Orton throws another chair at Triple H. HHH’s face was in shock, he then frowned and sent Batista and Flair after Orton but Orton throws another chair at them and then another, the ring bell, a microphone, Evolution, more specifically HHH where becoming angry.

HHH: You are signing your own death warrant Orton, If you through another thing at me, us, we’ll…

Orton then proceeded to pull a sledge hammer from under the ring and began to power walk up the isle towards Evolution. As HHH panicked and dropped the microphone and scrambled to the back. Flair then picks up the microphone.

Flair: Hey! You better put down that hammer! You think you intimidate Evolution you little punk! Thi…

Orton picked up one of the chair’s he through from before and through it at Flair. The chair struck Flair’s shoulder as he dropped the microphone and ran back to through the black curtain with Batista not far behind.


King: Well tonight’s been full of insane surprises JR, but right know I think we have Smackdown’s John Cena all the way from the studios in Greenwich.

JR: Indeed we do king and I think all the fans need to know why Cena came down in the Orton, Triple H match.

King: More than that, I think we want to know what the spit in the face was for.

Cena’s face appears on the titan tron, looking extremely pissed of.

JR: Well welcome to raw John,
Cena: Yeah! Yeah the champ is hear!

JR: Well John? I think the fans would really like an answer to where you stood in the interference in the title match between Orton and Triple H.

Cena: Well man, I have to say I was out there for some pay back on those chumps, evolution for costing me my match earlier in the night and that’s all dowg, but man those fools better realise I am the doctor of thuganomics and this show ain’t over till I say its done. Word! Mother! Freakin! Live! (Cena puts his hands as fists and hits his hands together showing his knuckle dusters that say exactly that)

King: Well John before you go I think the world needs to know, what was the spit in the face all about?

Cena stairs at the camera for a while with a face that told the story, Cena then stands and waves his hand in his own face and leaves.

Orton is still on the prowl looking for Evolution in the parking lot when suddenly; Batista runs at him from behind a huge bin, Orton sees him plain as day and hits him in the gut with a hammer and then in the back too. Flair apears and begins to scream at Orton. Orton turns his attention to Flair.

Flair: Come on man. I love you. I’m your idol, you don’t want to do this. (he said slowly backing away from Orton)

Orton shook his head with a very sick smile and raised the hammer, X Pac from behind another bin and struck Orton in the back of the head with nun chucks again. X Pac then begins to assault Orton with his feet as Flair helps Batista to his feet holding his ribs.

HHH: Come on Ric! Let’s go! (He yelled from a distant limo as Flair dragged Batista under his arm as X Pac beat on Orton)

Evolution escape with an injured Batista into a speeding limo. Then a smirking Cena is shown looking on a monitor at Titan towers as X Pac beats on Orton with his wepon.
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