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Randy Orton suspended 60 Days for Wellness Violation

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I have heard previously that he still smokes weed regularly but is able to pay a fine to avoid suspension. Whatever, it is dumb of him to do but I'm too shocked to even have an opinion to be honest.
Any info on what got him suspended or is no info out there yet?
Heard some rumors saying that it's his backstage attitude along with him smoking weed regularly. Apparently, Vince and Big Johnny can't cope with him now.
Seeing as how he's a strike away from being fired, I wonder if this will end the Orton megapush permanently.
Mega push? He has not been doing shit for like 8 months now.
I don't think Orton is making several millions a year, I'd be surprised if he makes more than a million. I remember seeing stats a few years back, where only top stars like HHH, Cena, Taker were making over a million a year, things could have changed but he isn't making several million that's for sure.

TNA wouldn't be able to match what he's making in WWE, but for the amount of dates he would be working the money is good in TNA, and realistically where else would he go to keep exposure in North America?
Well, Orton IS one of WWE's top stars.
lol Isn't Randy like 32? I'd probably kill myself if I got fired from something I've been apart of for most of my life (He's a third generation superstar, just to make yall remember). But he's done pretty much everything there is to do in this business. I feel like the only thing he can do when he comes back is to just put over people. But damn, he's like 32, so what else could he do if he does get fired? He still has a REALLY long way before he retires.
He can try becoming a movie star. As you said, he's done it all as a wrestler and much like Cena, he can retire now and move on to try his hands at something new. He's gotten paid plenty, is a 9 time World Champ, former Intercontinental champion, Royal Rumble winner, main evented Wrestlemania (lukewarm match but still) and has a lot of great matches throughout the years that are 'must watch'. (vs Foley, Benoit, Undertaker, Christian etc) A Hall of Fame career if you ask me.

Besides, the sooner he ends his career, the better off he'll be. The concussion issue is nothing to just sweep under the rug and Orton seems a lot like Benoit, in that his head is sensitive to taking bumps. I'm not all that worried about Orton, he'll not get fired because he'll never get a third suspension.
Re: Randy Orton losses A lot of money because of suspension

Orton will be fine, don't know why people are making such a huge deal out of this suspension.
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