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I did this while chatting to x_white_tiger_x earlier, he thought it was pretty good, since I got nothing to do I may as well post it.... let me know what your think..

Kane is standing in the ring when Austin's glass shatters, Austin goes round to all the turnbuckles and gives everyone the national bird.

SCSA: Kane, I've been watching your big red ass walking around trying to act like your brother the Undertaker, when all your doing is pissing Stone Cold off

Crowd Erupts.

SCSA: Down to the damn point, about a year ago you lost a match and you lost your mask to Triple H, why the dumb son of a bitch wanted to see you with out the mask has got me stumped. because you would have to be the ugliest, putrid Son.... of..... a..... Bitch I have ever seen.....

crowd erupts

SCSA: Hell even the ugly duckling's mother took him back, what did your family do, used you for firewood when it got cold.

Crowd Erupts again

SCSA: So Kane, why don't you get your big red ass backstage, put your head in a toilet and flush that Sumbitch and see if it improves you looks...... and thats the bottom line cause Stone Cold Said SO!!!!

Kane goes for a clothesline on Austin but he ducks and gives him the Stunner face getting in his face yelling profanity at him, Austin then signals for some beer before celebrating in the ring.

Let me know what you think.
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funny very funny used you for firewood cracked me up
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