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K, so I've only been back into wrestling since right after Nexus showed up. I watch Raw, Smackdown, and PPVs, all via the net pretty much because I don't have cable.

Here's some shit I think they should do, comment or add more:

- Undertaker should take the "deadman" gimmick to the next level, since Kane technically killed him. He should come out in makeup that makes him look dead, with white contacts and everything. His moves will be 10x stronger, he will be completely unstoppable, kayfabe he will be a dead, ghostlike supernatural force that only returns once a year at wrestlemania.

- Swagger needs a new EVERYTHING. New song, new gimmick, new clothes... Swagger is lame as hell. Actually he can keep his moveset, it may be boring but atleast it's unique. Except for the ankle lock, c'mon... That was only cool when Ken Shamrock did it.

- Miz needs to do away with that stupid face thing he has in his logo, what the fuck is that supposed to be anyways?

- The crowd needs to shout "AWWWWEEESSOOOOME!!!" when Miz has somebody set up in the skullcrushing finale. Miz needs to teach them how, by doing it himself.

- Hey, did you see Randy Orton's face when he lost the belt? I didn't, because IT WAS GETTING SMASHED INTO THE CANVAS, BOOYAKA!!!!

- Jericho should be the GM. Reveal him to be the GM when he comes back. Think about it, all the people the GM is screwing are the people he had beef with when he left, and all the people he helps FUCKED WITH the people that were beating him. Doesn't make sense for it to be HHH because he'll be coming back as face, to kick Lobster Head's ass.

- edit: MORE! - Shaemus doesn't suck at cutting promos, he just sucks at cutting promos when there are no other wrestlers in the ring. When he's up in somebody's face he's gold, when you just giv him a mic and script and expect him to go out there and say some shit that'll make the fans hate him, he fails. It just doesn't fit Shaemus' gimmick to go out and address the crowd for no other reason than to address the crowd. Shaemus is supposed to be an Irish badass that cares about nothing besides inflicting pain to achieve his destiny. Why would he give a shit about the crowd. He's just there to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and he's all out of gum. tl:dr = Don't give Shaemus a mic unless somebody else in the ring has one too.

Ya.. that's it for now I guess, have at it IWC.

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a couple of things...first i think it was ken shamrock not frank and erm i quite like the idea of jericho returning as the gm
but i could swear that i heard he was returning as a face again, and im not too sure if the anonymous gm is face
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