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I will be doing Raw and Kev doing Smackdown me and Kev will write the ppv's together.

Here is my roster
30 each

Kevin Nash
Los Guerreros
The Hurricane
The Undertaker
Team Angle
Rey Mysterio
Lance Storm
Dudley Boys
Nathan Jones
Ric Flair
Gold Dust
Randy Orton
Billy Kidman
Sean Morley
Bill demote
Hardcore Holly
Eric Biscoff
Scotty too hotty
Road Dogg
Ron simmons

My Gm's Austin and Biscoff

My titles
WWE Title
Intercontental title
Cruiewight title
and tag titles

(Kev you pick your titles)

thats all for now
ill try and post my show as soon as i can.

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Smackdown Roster

Here is my Roster and Champs
Show : Smackdown
GM : Steph

The Rock
Kurt Angle
Brock Lesnar
Chris Benoit
John Cena
Chris Jericho
Big Show
Sean O’Haire
Hulk Hogan
Chuck Palumbo
Johnny Stamboli
Matt Hardy
Shannon moore
Scott Steiner
Roddy Piper
Billy Gunn
Paul Heyman
Michael Cole
Jeff Jarrett
Jamie Noble
Jerry Lynn
Chris Nowinski

World Title : Chris Jericho
US Title : John Cena
Tag Titles : Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli
TV Title : Sean O’Haire

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Pyro’s hit ‘move to the music’

Jr- Welcome to the new generation of Raw
King- this year will we awesome JR and it all starts off tonight,

“I’m back” hits the arena and out comes Eric Biscoff taping his heart.

He gets into the ring, “ Hello and welcome to Raw, Eric Biscoff’s Raw (Crowd Boo) tonight out first match will be Goldust going one on one with no other then……… the talented Randy Orton.
Glass Shatters ****

Jr- Stone Cold is here
King- omg king no one knew he was coming tonight.

Stone cold – “ Eric we are co gm’s, so I have a match of my own tonight Lance Storm vs Rey Mysterio.

Eric Biscoff – Austin that fine, the title holders on Raw will be decided…..
Austin – will be decided after a elimination match of who we think is suitable competitors.
Biscoff – that’s fair and the winners will be the champions of Raw
Austin – fine
Bisocoff – fine… I think this Co gm will work.
Austin – that’s ok
Biscoff – good
Austin – oh one more thing tonight your boy Chief Morley will face Kevin Nash in a no DQ match and that’s the bottom line cause stone cold said so.
(Music hits with the shock on Biscoff’s face Austin leaves up the ramp with a can of beer in his hands and solutes the crowd, with a huge pop)


Goldust vs Randy Orton Match 1

Goldust makes his way to the ring, then Randy Orton

Match starts with both tieing up with headlocks then a whip from Randy orton right into the back drop, he whips again but Goldust hits a big chokblock then a scoop slam. Later on Randy Orton is taking advantage of jumping over the rope while Goldust is on the apron and hits a forarm across his throat then Randy Orton, whips Goldust into the corner and Goldust reverses as Randy runs into the corner with a boot then he whips to the other corner hits Randy with a clotheslines then he sets Randy up for the (kick in the lower region in the corner) Goldust goes for the curtain call but randy reverses with a big back drop hits picks goldust up and then goes for the reverse DDT Goldust reverses and he hits the curtain call on Randy Orton and he gets the pic fall.
Winner – Goldust

After the match Randy moans in the ring as Goldust goes up the ramp.

King- Randy Orton got cheated there out of the win he is clearly the better competitor
Jr- Goldust beat Randy fair and square
King – yeah well that your opinion Jr
JR- Our next match was made by Stone Cold earlier Rey Mysterio vs Lance storm

Rey Mysterio vs Lance Storm Match 2
The match starts with Storm eye racking Rey then he pins round and Storm hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw he pins but he kicks out. He then takes advantage in the corner with punches then a arm drag. Rey reverses an irish whip...and Lance Storm runs into the referee. And Lance Storm falls into the middle rope and Rey hits the 619 then Rey hits the leg drop from the rope. But the ref was down Rey tries to get the ref up Lance then low blows Rey then he whips Rey into the ropes and he runs into a flap jack from Lance Storm. Later on Lance is still in control and the ref is back up Lance locked on a sharpshooter but it failed to work as Rey got to the ropes, Lance whips Rey into the rope and rey reverses with a Springboard reverse elbow, Rey then hits a hurricarana and Lance drops into the middle rope and Rey goes into the 619 but Lance Stops the legs and rey lands on the apron Lance grabs Rey and gives him a massive ddt 1……2……3
Winner – Lance Storm

Jr- what a good match king
King- that ddt must have hurt that was great impact

We go backstage
Austin walks into the GM office,
Austin – The 2nd main event tonight will be HHH/Flair vs Undertaker and Hurricane
Biscoff – I have another match to make too……
Austin – What?
Biscoff – well… it’ll put Dudley Boyz vs Team Angle
Austin – Well our job is to make Raw a better show so that match tonight will be a table match!
Shock on Biscoff is face

Back to arena

Jr- did you here that king a Table match between Team Angle and Dudley Boys tonight on Raw
King- this is going to be an awesome match.

HHH \ Flair vs Undertaker \ Hurricane : Match 3
The Match starts then Hurricane hits a dropkick on Ric Flair. Hurricane whips Ric Flair into the rope and back drops Ric Flair Hurricane tags in taker and he takes advantage on Ric Flair with punches in the corner. Then an old school off the rope and he pins and there's a two count on the pin. Tag to The Hurricane and Ric Flair manages to get a tag to HHH. Undertaker \ Hurricane whip HHH into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Big clothesline on Flair. Later on in the match HHH is beating Hurricane down in the corner and Ric Flair runs in helps double team Hurricane with them putting him on the second rope and he brakes out with a double ddt from the rope rope. Flair receives some punishment from Taker as he comes in and beates him in the corner.
Hurricane can barely stand. Pedigree!!! From HHH Taker attacks HHH and hits a big boot on him, Ric Flair goes to the top rope and he looking for an elbow to the head from the top rope but Hurricane hits a big kick to his head, Taker grabs Ric Flair on his shoulder from there and gives him a tombstone, HHH chockblocks HHH from the behind Undetaker turns around hits a big right hand on HHH and then a chokeslam, Ric Flair hits a low blow on Taker and HHH hits a pedigree and him, he tries to pic but they aint the legal men so HHH takes Undetaker to the out side and beats him down, In the ring Hurricane gets cought with a big elbow from Ric Flair and Ric Flair locks in the figure four on Hurricane and he reverese it but Ric Flair reverses back and Hurricane is forces to tap out.
Winners – HHH and Ric Flair

HHH brings out a chair outside the ring and hits Taker with it that busts him open, and HHH goes back into the ring and hits Hurricane in the mid section with it and rolls out of the ring going up with ramp smiling with Ric Flair.

Jr- King that aint right
King- they got what was coming to them
Jr – But they fought in a fair match then HHH brings the chair out for no reason and hist both Hurricane and Taker.
King- anyway out next match is the table match

We go backstage and we see The Dudley boys carrying a table to the ring with a picture of team Angle on there, Bubba – ha lets go and give them some tables
Dvon- they’ll be going through them

We go to Biscoff/Austins office and they are sitting in different couches and Austin drinking beer, He askes if Biscoff wants a beer and Biscoff says “don’t start”

We go back to the ring and the dudleys and Team angle make there way to the ring

Team Angle vs Dudley Boyz Table match, match 4
Match starts with Bubba attacking Shelton with punches and thenwhips him and the clotheslines him, Later on In the match Bubba manages to get to D von D von comes in and clothesline and delivers a spinning elbow to both Shelton and Charie. Bubba then comes in and scoop slams Charie, D von goes up to the top rope and delivers the head butt to the lower region, Shelton runs at Bubba and D von and they deliver the 3D, bubba then goes “Dvon get the tables” D von gets the table with the picture of team angle on it and he sets it up bubba gets another table from the outside he sets it up on the out side too, Charie haas is on the outside now and he gets a chair from under the ring and he goes up to Bubba and nocks him in the back with it then he goes into the ring and he goes to hit D von but D von ducks and D von delivers a ddt to Charlie and a clothesline to Shelton he nocks around with Shelton with punshes and clotheslines and then he goes to powerbomb Shelton though the table in the ring but Charie moves the table, Bubba comes back into the ring and Charie gets in with a belly to belly on Bubba and then a german suplex on D von, Charie and Shelton set up the two tables in the ring they both set the both dudleys up and Spike Dudley comes down and drop kicks Charie in the back and then Dudley dogs Shelton The both Dudleys get back up and they both 3D Charie Haas though the table for the win.
Winner- The Dudley Boyz

After match The dudleys do the titles tount, and Shelton signals now we are getting the titles.
Jr- this is going to be a battle now for the titles at Judgement Day
King- that was a brutal match.

We go backstage and see Austin drinking in the office with Bischoff looking angry, Austin – say goodbye to your Chief of staff. Bischoff- shut up Austin – if Morley looses this match tonight he wont be Chief of staff anymore.

Jr- did you hear that It looks like Chief morley will only be a wrestler after this match.
King- I think that Morley will win tonight and he will be still be chief of staff.
Jr- that’s doubtful king
We go to the ring.

Kevin Nash vs Chief Morley no DQ Match 5

The match starts and Kevin nash starts to beat chief Morley to the floor the chief morley walks into a big a big spine buster. Later on in the match Nash is still taking control beating on Morley and hitting him against the steel steps and the runs him inot the steel steps he then takes Morley into the ring ans then hits him into the corner and then starts kicking him down, the he picks Morley up and deliver another big Spine Buster then he pins but he lifts his head up to break the count . He then goes outside gets a chair and a trash can into the ring and Morley gets up and he low blows Nash then he grabs the chair and he pins but he gets a near fall. Morley then picks Nash up and gives him two suplexes without leaving go and then he says no more, he goes up to the top rope and goes for the money shot but Nash moves and he gets up and hits Morley with the trash can twice then he then picks Morley up whips him against the ropes then he spine busters him which causes him to squash the trash can, Nash then gets Morley between his legs and delivers the Jacknife he thinks again then gives him another power bomb but this time on the steel chair. Then he pins for the 3 fall
Winner - Kevin Nash

Nash walks out of the ring taunting, and goes out of the arena, Morley then stumbles up to his feet, and The Glass Shatters and out comes Austin.

He gets the mic and says

Austin – from now on, your fired as chief of staff, and one more thing.

She sticks his middle finger up to Morley then he gives him a stunner, Austin the has a beer bash and the show ends.

Show ends.

Proberly the next show will be better got more ideas for it.

Please say opinions

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WWE Smackdown

Cole : Welcome to WWE Smackdown
Heyman : What a night for you people here.
Cole : Tonight we have Chris Jericho against Booker-T in a match for the World Heavyweight Title
Heyman : Yeah that’ll be good
Cole : Also the Tag Team Titles will be on the line as Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo take on Kane and Rob Van Dam
heyman : Yeah

Kurt Angle’s music plays and the “American Hero makes his way to the ring.

Angle : Well I am here to announce

Crowd Boo

Angle : I am here to announce my title shot against Chris Jericho at Judgement Day

Crowd Boo

Angle : Oh yeah It’s true, It’s True

Crowd Boo

Angle : But before that tonight I

Angle is cut off by Hulk Hogan’s music. Hogan comes out to the ramp

Hogan : Who let you announce that you wanted a title shot
Angle : Me of course
Hogan : lets say we do this. Me and you tonight winner gets a Title Shot

Crowd Cheer

Angle : You can’t just walk in here and take my title shot away
Hogan : You don’t have a title shot yet.
Angle : I am an Olympic Gold Medalist I deserve it more than an 100 year old man
Hogan : You talk about earning and deserving well you have to earn a title shot so why don’t you try and earn it tonight.
Angle : Well you no what Hogan me and you tonight then for a shot at Jericho.
Hogan : Fine then oh and by the way Kurt. Whatcha Gonna do when this 100 year old man runs wild on you.

Hogan’s music hits and he leaves with Angle looking worried

Cole : Its Hogan against Angle tonight
Heyman : I can’t wait
Cole : First up is John Cena against Edge

John Cena V Edge US Title
Closing Stages : Cena picks up Edge and tries the F U. Edge counters and hits a clothesline to Cena then another one then hits the third. Edge sets Cena for the spear but Cena moves and Edge gets the turnbuckle. Cena picks up Edge and gives him a few right hands then whips him into the ropes. Cena tries a clothesline Edge ducks then hits a spear and covers 1-2-kickout by Cena. Edge picks up Cena and hits an Edge O’matic and covers 1-2-kickout again by Cena. Edge picks up Cena and tries an Edgecution but Cena counters and tries a clothesline but Edge ducks. Kick Edgecution then the cover 1-2-rope break. Edge can’t believe it so he sets Cena up for another spear. Cena is using the middle turnbuckle to get up but is actually pulling off the pad. Cena turns around Edge tries a spear but Cena moves and Edge hits the steel bolt then Cena rolls up Edge and has the tights 1-2-3.
Winner : John Cena

Cole : Well John Cena retains the US Title there then
Heyman : yep smart tactics by Cena there out smarting Edge
Cole : Yeah but he cheated
Heyman : So What
Cole : Yeah right up now is Big Show against Test

Big Show V Test

Closing Stages : Big Show hits a sidewalk slam on Test then covers 1-2-kickout by Test. Crowd start cheering test on. Big Show shouts Shut up at the crowd then gives Test a huge elbow drop and covers him with one arm 1-2-kickout. Big Show picks up Test and whips him into the ropes and then big boots him and covers 1-2-kickout. Big Show calls for the Show Stopper and sets him for it but Test hits a low blow. Test then runs at Big Show and hits the Big Boot and covers 1-2-kickout by Show. Test sets for the Big Boot again but Show ducks and Big Show grabs Test for the Show Stopper and hits it then covers 1-2-3.
Winner : Big Show

Cole : Big Show defeats test there
Heyman : Yeah but test nearly had him
Cole: Yeah your right good effort by Test there
Heyman : Without a doubt
Cole : Now Josh has Matt Hardy Version 1 and Shannon Moore


Josh : Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore tonight you take on Scott Steiner what are your thoughts

Shannon : well
Matt : Shut it boy and let the great one speak. Scott Steiner shows of these great big muscles and you know why that is josh. He takes drugs oh yeah. But there is a new drug that he should take one that will make him unstoppable. A dose of Mattituide. He should have took that dose of Mattituide. Because tonight I predict he will take an unfortunate Twist of Fate.

Interview Ended

Matt Hardy Version 1 and Shannon Moore V Scott Steiner

Closing Stages : Steiner clotheslines Matt then clotheslines Shannon. Steiner picks up Matt and gives him the T-Bone Suplex. Steiner then picks up Shannon and sets him for a suplex keeping him in the air a long time allowing Matt to get a low blow in. Matt clotheslines Steiner but it dosen’t knock him down. Matt tries again with a clothesline but Steiner stays up. Matt tells Shannon to try but Steiner just powerslams him. Matt tries to take Steiner from behind but gets hit with a back elbow then a belly to belly suplex. Steiner picks up Shannon and gives him a Belly to Belly then applies the Recliner to both men at the one time. Both of them quit handing Steiner the win.
Winner : Scott Steiner

Cole : Scott Steiner defeats Version 1 and he made it look easy Paul
Heyman : Yeah that’s right Version 1 were absolutely no match for Steiner
Cole : up next the Tag team titles are on the line as Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli take on Kane and Rob Van Dam

Tag Team Championships
Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo V Kane and Rob Van Dam

Closing Stages : Stamboli goes for an elbow drop on RVD but rvd moves and Stamboli hits the mat. Chuck tries a clothesline but RVD ducks and hits a spin wheel kick. RVD struggles to the corner but gets the tag to Kane. Kane comes in and hits a powerslam on Stamboli and a clothesline on Chuck. Kane hits a Big Boot on Stamboli then Chuck. Kane hits a chokeslam on Stamboli then Chuck hits a low blow but Turns around and is spin wheel kicked by RVD. RVD goes up top and hits the 5 star frog splash but lets Kane cover 1-2-3.
Winners : RVD & Kane

Cole : RVD and Kane win the Tag Team titles there then
Heyman : Yeah short reign for the FBI then
Cole : Yeah
Heyman : Up now is Chris Jericho V Booker-t

Chris Jericho V Booker-T

Closing Stages : Jericho tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho on Booker but Booker fights him off. Booker hits a sidekick on Jericho then covers 1-2-kickout. Booker does the scissors kick and then signals for the Spinarooni to a big crowd reaction. Booker goes to pick up Jericho who hits a low blow. Jericho rolls up Booker and has the tights 1-2-3.
Winner : Chris Jericho

Cole : Jericho wins through cheating
Heyman : You do what you have to do to win but
Cole : Yeah I heard that before
Heyman : I know
Cole : Josh has Hulk Hogan


Josh : Tonight Hulk Hogan you take on Kurt Angle for the right to become Number One Contender.

Hogan : yeah that’s right Josh. You know Kurt Angle the bald guy well he talks about earning things he earned his Olympics and blah , blah , blah. Yeah right his first WWE title was won by Cheating. There is a difference between me and Kurt. You know Kurt says Vince made Hulkamania he’s talking crap. Vince made Kurt angle and the people made Hulk Hogan. Please excuse me gotta go.

Kurt Angle V Hulk Hogan

Closing Stages : Angle hits the Angle slam on Hogan then covers 1-2-kickout by Hogan. Hogan hulks up and Angle tries a punch no effect. Hogan hits a punch on Angle then a second one then the third. Hogan whips Angle into the ropes then hits the Big Boot. Hogan signals as all the fans are on their feet he hits the leg drop then covers 1-2-kickout by Angle. Hogan can’t believe it and signals again for the Leg Drop but Angle moves then gets Hogan into the Anklelock. Hogan fights as hard as he can and eventually gets to the ropes. Angle tries to pull him back but Hogan has a tight grip of the ropes. Angle runs into the ropes but Hogan hits another Big Boot then a quick leg drop. Hogan covers 1-2-3
Winner : Number One Contender Hulk Hogan

End of Show

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Kevin your show was good Grade B , i quite like your idea with the closing stages i hate writing matches i might do that cause its a good idea, like the promos on your show but there wernt much, match endings were good.

My next show will be up soon

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i liked the promos both of u,but wiv the closing stages thing it kinda gave it feel that u weren't really trying.its probably jus me lol, i giv u both a big B
-The Warrior has spoken

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Here's my next show please rate.


Pyro’s hit the arena and the music starts

Jr- Hello everyone and Welcome to Monday night Raw
King- we got a great night for you tonight
Jr- that’s right King with a big anouncment from Stone cold about the world title.

Stone colds music hits

Jr- and we won’t have to wait any longer for the announcement
King – It better be good, personally I think that it was a bad idea putting Austin as co GM
Jr- I actually think it was a good decision.

Austin gets into the ring and grabs the microphone

Austin – have an important announcement to make tonight
Crowd – What
Austin – and its to do with the world championship
Crowd – What
Austin- we need to find, deserving opponents for the title
Crowd – What
Austin- so starting from now
Crowd – What
Austin – there will be a tournament
Crowd – what
Austin - to determine suitable opponents
Crowd – What

Bischoff music hits and he struts out smirking.

He Grabs the mic

Austin – What you want
Bischoff – well I am the co owner of the Raw brand, and you didn’t run this idea through me that you should have done.
Austin – so….
Bischoff – I actually like that idea Austin
Austin – ok….
Bischoff – so how much opponents you think that should be in this tournament then?
Crowd – what
Bischoff – Shut up!
Austin – well I was thinking of about 8 superstars being in
Bischoff – that fine that’s fine, so we pick 4 each
Crowd – what!
Austin – and at the next ppv it will end up with the two superstars that have got there and they will face off for the title.
Bischoff – that sounds good, so I pick The Game Triple H……… Rhyno (Huge pop), Lance storm I just feel like giving superstar chances tonight and Shawn Michaels(huge pop)
Austin – well here is my picks Kevin Nash (big pop) ….. Eddie Guerrero, The Superhero Hurricane that a chance for him… and The UNDERTAKER(big pops for all those people)
Bischoff – oh come on, I thought you said people that deserve it
Austin – Yeah they do
Bischoff laughs
Austin – I am trying very hard to keep my composure! (Austin rubs his head)
Crowd – Lose it lose it lose it
Austin – there are thousands of people here telling me to lose it.(he smiles)
Bischoff –Stone Cold we work fine together, like friends
Austin – Friends , have you been smoking some of those funny cigarettes again (Crowd laugh)
Bischoff -what, so you don’t like me?
Austin – I like you, but not much, well tonight will be Triple H vs Eddie Guerrero which will starts in a couple of minutes, Rhyno vs Kevin Nash , Lance Storm vs Hurricane, and…. Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker (Jr and king go boncas of how a legenly match that is , and a huge pop from the crowd) and that’s the bottom line cause stone cold said so!

Glass Shatters and they both leave the ring.

HHH vs Eddie Guerrero Match one
Both make there way to the ring and the match begins, Closing stages – HHH whips Eddie into the ropes and he bounces back and hits HHH with a thunderous heel kick then he climbs up to the top rope for a frog splash he gets it but HHH puts his knees up then HHH goes for the pedigree and Eddie reveres with a back drop and he goes up to the top rope once again and he hits the frog splash on HHH 1…2… Eddie gets the near fall. HHH looks hurt he gets back up and Eddie rolls him up for another near fall, Ric Flair gets on the apron and distracts the ref, Eddie nocks flair off the apron HHH comes from behind and low blows Eddie, Eddie turns around HHH nails a very thunderous pedigree on Eddie 1…..2….3.
Winner – HHH

HHH celebrates and walks out doing the belt taunt

King – Jr I think HHH will be the next world champion
Jr – we’ll see King, he has to beat much more guys first king
King – And tonight Jr I cant wait for this The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels ohh
Jr- that will be off the hook later tonight

Backstage – we see Team Angle sitting down in a room they talk about that they should be on Smackdown with there leader Kurt Angle, Austin bursts into there locker room and says “ hey guys I heard you then that you want to be on smackdown” “yeah we do Stone Cold” “as you say that you will get the smackdown layed down on your ass tonight, as you face Tajiri and Rey Mysterio in a tag match, may I add that they will be in the cruiserweight battle royal Judgment Day for the title, and your match is next”

We hit the arena and Rey Mysterio’s music hits and then Tajiri

Tajiri and Rey Mysterio vs Team Angle – Match two
Team Angle make there way to the ring and the match starts. Closing Stages – Team Angle have the advantages as they hits the double team move as Shelton jumps over Haas and lands on the back of Rey, They both tag and Haas comes in and Rey runs to his corner and Tajiri comes in Team Angle clothesline tajiri and they throw Rey to the outside Tajiri then Kicks Shelton, Haas grabs Tajiri from behind for a german suplex and Shelton then hits the superkick on Tajiri then into the German Suplex and Haas pins 1…2, but Rey comes back in and Drop kicks Haas in the ribs braking the pin Tajiri manages to get up and hits Haas with a thunderous kick causing Haas to fall by the ropes setting up the 619, Shelton tries to get back in but Tajiri catches him but the corner and he does the tarantula, then Shelton gets up after the braking up on the apron and Tajiri hits a massive kick on him causing him to fall to the growd, Haas starts to get up but rey hits a drop kick to the back of the head and he falls down on the ropes, Rey hits the 619 and he stands on the apron as Haas is at his knees and Tajiri hits the kick to the face and down goes Haas Shelton grabs Rey on the apron and Rey kicks him off Rey hits the leg drop from the ropes on Haas and he pins for the win.
Winners – Rey Mysterio and Tajiri

Jr- What an amazing match that was, Rey and Tajiri are a great team
King- but they cheated
Jr- no they didn’t king they won fair and square
King- they didn’t deserve it.
Jr – anyway, next will be another match in the tournament for the world title Lance Storm vs Hurricane.

We go backstage and Road Dogg is having an interview with Coach
Coach- How does it feel to be back in the wwe Road Dogg
Road Dogg – well you know Coach its great to be back here once again in the wwe and my first goal is to go for the ic, so this means that at Judgement Day I am entering myself in the IC Elimination match.
Coach – thanks Road Dogg
Hurricane making his way to the ring grabs the mic from coach and says
Hurricane – If I lose tonight of lose and be out of this whole World title tournament, that means I am entering myself in the ic title Elimination match. (Hurricane then ‘flies’ off )
Coach – Hurricane now has entered himself in the ic battle royal.
Lance Storm comes in
Lance Storm – Can I be serious for a minute, if I get eliminated out of this tournament too I am entering myself in the Ic Elimination match.
Coach – now lance storm has joined this is shaping to be a great Judgement Day in around 3 weeks.

Jr- 3 men already entering them self in the 2 entering of them in the world title run and if they lose tonight or at the next raw show they will be in he ic Elimination match.
King- but now those 2 men will be going one on one with each other.

Both man make there way to the ring

Hurricane vs Lance Storm (Match 3)
Both men get into the ring and the match begins. Closing stages – Lance Storm is in control in the corner kicking Hurricane, he picks him up and delivers a ddt to him, Lance Storm pins and gets a near fall, Lance Storm Suplexes Hurricane 3 times and hold on, then he whips him and Hurricane runs into a high knee then he picks him up again and goes for a powerbomb Hurricane reverses and rolls him up but Lance kicks out, then again Lance goes back in control with a kick then another whips but Hurricane reveses with a big clothesline and then he grabs Lance for the chokeslam and hits it Hurricane pins 1….2…. a very near fall Hurricane pick Lance up and goes for another try for the chokeslam but Lance reveses into the sleeper. Hurricane reverses again with a spin and then punches Lance and then another big clothesline Hurricane goes to the top rope for a cross body Lance moves and he its Hurricane with a Superkick to the chin as he stumbles up. Then Lance locks in the sharpshooter Hurricane tryes to get to the ropes but couldn’t, and Hurricane taps out.
Winner by Submission – Lance Storm and he advances

Hurricane is left I the ring in agony

Jr- that was a good wrestling match king
King- Sure was on the right guy advanges next week and he will go against HHH
Jr- our next match is Rhyno vs Kevin Nash and that will be a slobbernocker

Rhyno comes out and grabs the mic and says if he loses this match tonight or next week and doesn’t get to the final he too will enter the Ic Elimination match. Rhyno Is in the ring and the camera goes backstage and Kevin nash is walking down the corridor and goes through the curtain.

Nash comes into the ring

Nash vs Rhyno – Match 4

Rhyno comes out, the both get in the ring and the match begins, Closing stages – Rhyno takes control nocking Nash of the apron with a spear, Nash gets up and Rhyno is at the ring poll he runs at Nash and hits a massive clothesline causing Nash to fall into the post hitting his back hard, Rhyno then hits his head on the barricade twice and refs count out reaches 6, and they both get back in the ring, Rhyno then whips Nash into the corner then Rhyno follows up with a shoulder to the mid section of Nash, then he whips Nash to the other corner and he hits the corner hard and bounces off, then Rhyno sets up for the Gore! But when Rhyno tries it he misses and goes into the poll hard Nash then calls for the big boot and Rhyno burst out of the corner with the Gore and hits Nash, Rhyno pins but only get the near fall, he gets up and tries to tell the ref what a 3 count that was but Nash hits Rhyno with a big boot, Rhyno stumbles back up to his feet and he falls back into the ropes with his head facing the outside and Nash comes from behind and clotheslines him making Rhyno stumble off the rope and Nash hits Rhyno with a kick then into the JACKKNIFE Nash pinning for the win.
Winner – Kevin Nash and advances.

Jr – That was a great match Rhyno but on a hell of a fight.

King- Yeah he did King, he is now in the IC elimination match at Judgment Day

Jr – yes he is king and he has got a good chance in it.

*Ravens Music hits*

he gets into the ring

Raven – I really want to know how the Hardcore match for the title at Judgment Day Is going to work…….

Bischoff’s music hits and out comes Bischoff

Bischoff – Well, Austin has made a lot of decisions about Raw these past weeks so let me add a little thing a in saying what the Hardcore title match will be like that Judgment Day. This is how its gonna go, any one enters the match at any time (Bischoff smiles) and the winner is the person that puns first (Bischoff gives another smile) so that ok Raven?

Raven – Yes fine and ill be the winner.

Bischoff- oh yes forgot to tell you, you’ve a match now.

Raven – what against who

Bischoff- points at the screen

Tazz’s music hits (beep beep beep)

Tazz vs Raven
Both get in the ring and the match starts, Closing Stages – they both in the ring and Tazz is doing suplexes on Raven all over the ring, he goes to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline on Raven, Tazz puts raven on the second rope and then he grabs him in a very dangerous suplex and he goes that from the second rope and pins,
(Bischoff’s music hits) “ oh yeah guys I forgot to tell you that this is a hardcore match.
Tazz goes strait to the outside and gets a trash can with a lid and a steel chair, he hits Raven a number of times in the back with the trash can lid, Raven gets up and hits a low blow on Tazz, Then he hits the trash can and hits Tazz I the head with it a number of times then he hits the Raven Effect the ddt on Tazz But Tazz grabs on to Raven’s neck and locks in the tazz mission Raven tries to get away but Tazz raps his legs around Raven and Raven gets knocked out and the ref rings the bell.
Winner via submission - Tazz

Jr – Omg Tazz just knocked out Raven with that Tazz Mission

King – That was a hard knocking match that was.

( we see Shawn Michaels and Undertaker walking corridors towards the ring)

Jr – Omg but our next match will be off the hook a legendry match is up next.

Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker
Both get in the ring and the match begins. Closing Stages - Undertaker is in control with the sleeper on HBK, HBK starts to show he’s still got something in him as he shakes then he gets up and starts punching Taker in the face the he goes into the ropes comes back for the clothesline but Taker hits a hard biog boot, he picks Shawn up he signals for the chokeslam He grabs Hbk by the throat but he reverses kick to the mid section and then a clothesline from the ropes, Hbk goes to the top rope and hits the standing moonsault (that hbk does) he pins but gets the near fall, he goes up again and goes for an elbow to the face of Taker but Taker grabs Shawn by the throat as he comes down and he lifts him up for the chokeslam and he gets it, 1….2… Shawn manages to kick out with a big pop from the crowd, Taker then calls for the last ride, but shawn as he is on Takers shoulders punches him in the head he drops down and hits a Sweet Chin Music and down goes taker 1….2.. Taker kicks out from there, Shawn Michaels doesn’t know what to do now, Taker gets up and he goes for the big boot but Hbk does the roll up on Taker for another near fall, Hbk goes calling for the Sweet Chin music again but he misses and Undertaker takes advantage and puts Hbk can his shoulders Hbk tryes to get off and Taker hits the tombstone 1….2….3.
Winner – The Undertaker and advances

Jr – King omg what a match.

King – Yes it was Jr, but next week he has to beat big sexy Kevin Nash to advance to the match at Judgment day

Jr- yes king that will be a slobbernocker next week on Raw

Taker is in the ring now waiting for Shawn Michaels to get back up to his feet, They both face each other…….. and they shake hands and hug to show respect and Taker holds Shawn’s arms in the air.

Jr – that true sportsmanship king

King - sure is what a great moment
Jr – thank you everybody and we’ll see you next week on Raw

Show fades out as Shawn is holding Takers arm in the air

WWE sign shows

Show Ends.
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