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R-TRUTH storyline idea

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What if lil jimmy is actually his brother growing up who was separated from him or killed ( darker storyline probably wouldn't get through ). This could be discovered by Kofi as hes looking for way to help cure truth because he feels hes too distracted for a tag title run again. Except instead of helping him, this makes R-Truth go into a dark recession and start a fued with Kofi for revealing the pain he goes through to the world. After a few weeks of fights and backstage attacks by a crazed Truth, Kofi is saved by non other than "mile high" Evan Bourne.

By this time Miz would've already lost the belt to Ryback ( which causes him to become angry aswell)and they reform Awesome Truth with backstage assaults, jumping faces and causing havoc in general.
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Plus, Miz needs to jump into the main-event picture soon, and as a face hopefully.
You lost me with the Evan Bourne saving the day and Awesome Truth stuff,That shit sounds horrible.Kofi needs to be pushed as a solo face he's been in the tag team scene for too long and he deserves better than this the guy's all kinds of underrated.I do like the idea of lil jimmy being Truth's dead younger brother who Truth misses dearly,I'd love to see R Truth turn into a psychopathic heel but if he does he'd go solo not with a douche like Miz.
That sounds terrible.
You mad.
R-Truth as a dark, serious heel? Nah, b.
No - to the lil jimmy being R-Truths brother idea

HELL NAW!!! - to Evan Bourne teaming up with Kofi Kingston ever again. Why do people keep trying to team Kofi(the superior talent) with a unreliable pothead. Bourne blew his and Kofi's tag team push/momentum up.

Yes - To Truth turning heel. He's better as a heel so I have no problem with him doing that. I just don't like the dead brother idea. Its too soap opera-ish.

meh - To anything involving Miz. I didn't like him with Morrison or Truth(two guys I'm a fan of) nor do I like him as a singles wrestler. He just does nothing for me. His run as WWE Champion was brutally bad.
R-Truth needs to turn crazy heel again at all costs, he is perfect at that role

As for Miz, I would be all for Awesome Truth reuniting
The one with little jimmy being R-Truth's brother doesn't sound too bad. That would also give both him and Kofi something to do.
Kofi needs to turn heel, R-Truth got his chance ANNNNNND its gone.
Lil jimmy should be the little brother he accidentally killed at age 9, and the reason for his mental problems...

Hello Attitude Era 2.0
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