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First off, dabootyman please don't come and jizz all over this post

Second of all, i think im just having a really good morning. I don't know how ill feel about posting this later tonight lol :)

Okay so to the point, R-Truth...I'm actually starting to really like this guy. Not for his in ring skills, not for his heel turn, but the fact is THIS GUY IS FUCKING HILARIOUS.

Honest to god, when i saw R-Truth randomly yelling from the balcony on RAW "THIS IS A CONSPIRACY, CALL THE POLICE" i immidiatley marked the fuck out

I honestly thought that was the funniest shit since fruity pebbles. And just the fact that hes just SO BLACK and angry in such a hilarious way i can't help but not absolutley fucking love this guy.

The way i tell that someone is a star, is if people who never watch wrestling know who they are, for example my girlfriend knows people like John Cena, Booker T, Goldust, but not those bland people like orton, she has no idea who he is. I can definitly see R-Truth making a crazy good impact in the WWE to the point my Girlfriend knows who he is. Just because of his new crazy fucking hilarious crackhead persona.

Anyways thats just my two cents, in terms of putting a smile on my face, R-Truth takes the cake!
41 - 41 of 41 Posts