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R&J's raw thread

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I am starting anew raw thread, This s starting from this upcoming Raw, and it could be Bischoff's last night.

Pyro etc.

JR: Good evening folks, and welcome to what is sure to be a rocketbuster Raw
King: Thats right JR, tonight we will find out if Eric Bischoff has shook up Raw enough for Mr. Mcmahon.
JR: We also have some inevitably great matches tonight as the main event will be scott Steiner teaming with Booker T to take on Triple H and Batista.
King: And don't forget that Shawn Michaels has issued a challenge to Jeff Hardy, and the two will meet up in what Michaels calls a 2 minute matchup, as the time limit is just 2 minutes long.
JR: And here we go with our first match.

Match 1:
dudley boyz Vs. rosie and Jamal
No.1 conntendership for tag titles
Chief Morely comes out and announces that the special guest ref is once again, Rico. But then Vince Mcmahon comes out and says that he still hasn't made up his mind if Eric Bischoff is fired yet, but I know that you are fired Morely, now get the hell out of my building. Oh, and so are you Rico, get out right now. Both leave. I hereby announce this match to be a table match. And I will be commentating all night so I can truly see if Eric Bischoff has shook up Raw. Let the match commence.
Great match with Lawler begging Mcmahon for information. Near the end, D-von and bubba do the wassup headbutt on Jaml, Rosie then rushes in and does massive clotheslines to both guys. He goes up and hits a picture perfect moonsault on Bubba. He gets a table and puts D-Von on it. He signals for Jamal to go uptop. They both go up in opposite corners, Jamal goes for the leg drop while Rosie goes for the body splash, but D-Von moves and both Rosie and Jamal go through the table giving Bubba Ray and D-Von the win and the no.1 contendership for the tag titles.

Mcmahon gets on the mic. well done dudleyz, I can see that no matter what happens, you will not be fired because D-Von + Bubba + get the tables = entertainment. Now I demand that you 3-D their somoan arses through another two tables.
bubba and D-Von do so.

Match 2:
tough enough challenge
Maven Vs. Chris Nowinski.
Mcmahon gets on the mic again. Christopher Nowinski, since you did not win tough enough you being here is just a waist of money, which is why this is a loser is fired matchup.
Normal match, which sees Nowinski lose after Dreamer runs down and hits Maven with a singapore Cane giving him the DQ win! Dreamer helps Maven up as Nowinski runs out of the arena crying.
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Match 3:
2 minute matchup
Shawn Michaels Vs. Jeff Hardy
good match within the time limit constrictions. At 1:38 Jeff wins when he grabs the tights and uses the ropes for leverage after a rollup.
Mcmahon gets on the mic. Jeff, becaus eof your actions just there, you two will have a match at No Way Out, but not a 2 minute match, not a normal singles match, but a ladder match, whoever wins that ladder match will be ne of the two paticipants who at wrestlemania will square off in a match to crown the new intercontinental champion. The other one being decided by the Chris Jericho, Rvd match also taking place at No Way Out, The theme of this tournament is ladders so every single match inside this tournament will be a ladder match. At No Way Out at the top f the ladders will be a contract and at Wrestlemania at the top of the ladders will be the intercontinental title.

Match 4:
D-Lo Brown Vs. hurricane. D-Lo makes his entrance and starts saying all this racial crap, until Mcmahon gets up, walks over to D-Lo9 and throws him off the stage! Now D-Lo I am not racist, I do not hate black men, but your getting on my damn nerves week after week afterw eek with this stupid crap. You are fire dalong with teddy Long. the Hurricane's new opponent will be Spike Dudley.

Hurricane Vs. Spike Dudley
Good match, near the end hurricane hits Spike with the shining wizard for the win. Mcmahon gets on the mic yet again. congratulations Hurricane, nice work, but I think your talent is being wasted with no cruiserweight ttle, which is why You will face Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Spike Dudley at No Way Out, if you win not only do you become cruiserweight champion, but you get to pick any three cruiserweights to come over to raw from smackdown, the sma eapplies to spike, if the smackdown guys win, then you two will be transferred to Smackdown. Good day.

We are shown a video clip of earlier in the day. Booker is in the hospital. he goes to Goldust's room where he is awake. Hey buddy, how you doing. OK I'm still a,little ill from the electricity but I should be OK. Good, good, now I don't want you to worry about a thing, tonight I have a match with batista and Triple H, and I will make sure I exact my revenge, and double it when I face Batista at No way OUT. Then we can go back to doing what we do best, and that is not going our seperate ways, its tagging together and becoming once again, tag team champs.
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Match 5:
RVD/Kane Vs. Jericho/Christian
great match with sveral high flying spots. Jericho pins RVD with a rollup and wins.

Mcmahon gets in the ring. he calls Bischoff out, Bischoff gets in the ring. Now Bischoff, I have noticed that Raw has improved drasticalyy, but just tonight, however that is still an accomplishment, whic is why you are not fired. wait, didn't I have to change 2 of your scheduled matches and make sveral No Way Out matches for you to make this Raw entertaining? Yes, this Raw has only been entertaining because of yours truly, Eric Bischoff, your fired! he forces Eric out. This leaves a dilemma, no-one to run raw, wele I hereby announce that Raw will have a new GM, Shane Mcmahon, and his co-GM, Stephanie Mcmahon. Which now leaves smackdown GM-less, and the new GM will be announced on Thursday on Smackdown. Shane and Steph's new jobs start next week.

Match 6:
Stenier/Booker Vs. Trips/Batista
Great match suprisingly! At the end Booker does not get his revenge when he is assaulted by all four members of the group. Steiner then gets in the ring and locks thexSteiner Recliener. Raw goes off the air as Steiner and the original group celebrate.
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Awsome show. Are you going to do a Smackdown? Because i'm dieing to know who the new GM will be.
Good show, are you going to make Bischoff GM? or Heyman? Who knows (not me obviously :))
Yes I am going to do a smackdown thread, I just kept them apart so no-one would get mixed up. Thanx for your comments and I'll post Smackdown tomorrow and Raw the next day, and so on.
Oh,ok cause your thread called R&J`s raw thread and I thought that you gonna write only Raw.
I like the Hurricane part.
Holy Shit! Did anybody watch Raw yesterday, because Mcmahon announced Booker And Steiner Vs. Triple H and Batista, which I booked. he also fired Morley, which I booked, freaky, huh?
:D Yea I saw Raw,yesterday in New York!And its like you booked!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is my 2nd installment of Raw, and Stephanie and Shane Mcmahon are your new Raw GM's:

Shane and Steph our in their office:
Shane: Good evening folks, tonight, is the first night with yours truly and Stephanie Mcmahon as Raw GM's
Steph: That's right, and with No Way Out less than a week away, we gurantee you a great show.
Shane: We have some great matches lined up for you tonight, including Jeff Hardy Vs. Shawn Michaels and RVD Vs. Chris Jericho, in preparation for their respective ladder matches this weekend.
Steph: And don't forget our main event which will be Boker T Vs. Scott Steiner after Steiner shocked the fans last week when he turned on Booker and locked in the steiner recliener.

Match 1:
Dudley Boyz Vs. Lance Storm and William Regal
Before the bell, it is announced that their tag title match on Sunday will be a table match. Good match, near the end, Bubba calls for the tables, D-Von gets one in the ring and is about to put Regal through it when Storm knocks him round the head with brass knucks. Lance Storm and Regal then get the win.

Shane O Mac cmes out, hey Storm, I did not like that match, all because of you, it was a good match until you got them brass knucks out, which is why, on Sunday if you or Regal are caught using the brass knucks, you will officially forfeit the titles to the Dudley Boyz, and if you or Regal are caught using them any tme after, you will be fined $10 00 dollars each!

Match 2:
Hurricane Vs. Spike Dudley
Great match, near the end, both are brawling until Hurricane irish whips Spike into the ropes, he goes for a huuricanrana off the top rope, but misses it and falls outside of the ring, he looks badly hurt as EMT's take him away. Spike gets on the mic and wishes Hurricaen good health and hopes to see him Sunday. Hurricane is grasping his hand in pain.

Match 3:
Jeff Hardy Vs. Shawn Michaels
Great match, Jeff looks to have rekindled his passion as he puts on a great, high flying match with HBK, It ends when Jeff goes for the swanton but HBK moves, HBK then does his own swanton and picks up the win. Jeff then rushes out of the ring, gets a ladder and knocks Michaels over the head with it.
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Steph then cmes out:
Ladies and Gentlemen, next weeks main event will mark the return of someone special, someone that will thrill you, someone that will shake up Raw unlike Eric Bischoff did, as the main evnt will be the wrold's heacvyweight champion Vs. Rhyno!
Shane then comes out.
Thats right Steph, Rhyno will return on next week, but he may still go to smackdown, because his official contract signing is at No Way Out, and even if he does sign with Smackdown, he will still get his shot at the title next week. There is just one problem about the main event of No Way Out, it is Scott Steiner Vs. Triple H, now I found that match unbelievably boring at the royal Rumble, and now that those two are on the smae terms, there would probably be a thumb to the chest finish. Which is why, there will be a nother no.1 contenders match toni9ght, as RVD and Chris Jericho will compete int ehri second match of tonight, but they will be joined by Kane and Scott Steiner in a fatal four way elimination match!

Match 4:
RVD Vs. Chris Jericho
Great match, early MOTY candidate like their one at KOTR in 2002, the end is seen when RVD does the vandaminator into jericho's face, and hits the 5* for the win.

The Dudley boyz are in the back when all of a sudden, rosey and jamal attack them, they throw D-Von down some stairs and bring Bubba out to the the entranjce ramp. they throw him off the stage through numerous tables and leave laughing as JR says all that crap about I can't bbelieve someone would do something like that, bal, bla, bla.

Shane then comes out and announces the re-hiring of Cheif morley, or should I say sean Morley, as he is only being hired back as a wrestler, your first match will take place now, as you take on Booker T.

Match 5:
Sean Morely Vs. Booker T
Good match, in the end Boker pins Morley after a scissors kick. After the match, Evolution comes down to the ring, and they all beat on Booker, Batista gets the last word when he powerbombs Booker on the ramp, and stares at him in anticpation of their match at No Way Out
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Match 6:
No.1 contenders elimination battle royal match:
RVD Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Kane Vs. Scott Steiner
1/2 way through the match, Booker T runs down and Bookends Steiner, then RVD hits the forg spash and Steiner is gone, 3/4 of the way through the match Y2J rolls up RVD and holds the tights to eliminate RVD. At the end of the match, Kane Chokeslams Jericho for the win, after the bell, evolution comes down again, but Booker T and RVD run out and hepl out Kasne, it all results in a brawl with just Triple H standng tall after a pedigree on Kane.

World title
triple H Vs. Kane

WWE title
Angle Vs. ???????

Rock Vs. Hogan

World tag team titles tale match
Dudleyz Vs. Storm + Regal

WWE tag tiles
Team Angle Vs. Los guerreros Vs. Edge + Chris Benoit

Place in ladder macth at wmania for intercontinental tile
Chis Jericho Vs. RVD

See above stipulation
Jeff Hardy Vs. Shawn Michaels

Last man Standng
Big Show Vs. Undertaker

Cruiserweight tile (see raw booking for stipulations)
Hurricane (maybe) Vs. Spike Dudley Vs. Billy Kidman Vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy

Booker T Vs. Batista
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~and if you or Regal are caught using them any tme after, you will be fined $10 00 dollars each!~Wow thats a lot of money!lol
Why did you put ??? next to Kurt Angle,if you want u can put Brock next to him!:)
I put ??? because on my last smackdown booking, Mick Foley siad Brock gets to choose who Angle's opponent is. I have not thought of anyone yet, so if you have any ideas, PM me.
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