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Hey every one, New School Fire here, (formaly known as xXenigmaXx), and I have a new name and a new btb. I call it the R.E.W. otherwise known as Real Extreme Wrestling.

Backstory: Vince McMahon did the unthinkable and went bankrupt! The biggest wrestling industry in wrestling went bankrupt. But little did Vince know Mick Foley had invested all of his money in to a little independent wrestling federation called the R.E.W. This little federation has now become the biggest wrestling company in the World. Mick Foley offered a bunch of wrestlers from different companies a job in this orginization. Most of them agreed.

Main Eventers

The Undertaker (Phenom era Undertaker.)
Blaze (made-up wrestler. 6'4 260 lbs, He wears dark clothes like the undertaker has middled long hair that’s black and his signature move is a reverse pedigree.)
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
John Cena
Randy Orton
Jeff Hardy
A.J. Styles
Jeff Jarret
Kane (before he lost his mask when he first came to the wwf)


Chris Benoit
Booker T
Eddie Guerrero
Rey Mysterio
Monty Brown
Shelton Benjamen
Jerry Lynn
Orlando Jordon
Matt Hardy


Petey Williams
Chris Sabin
Paul London
Christopher Danials
Primetime Elix Skipper

Tag Division/Factions

The New Ministery ( Undertaker and Blaze)
The Dudleys
The Hardyz ( they also compete in singles)
The Mexicools

There is my Roster please tell me if you think that I forgot someone important or that you like and I didn't name.

Remember please tell me if you think I need to add anyone to my roster.

I will have one show a week this show is called NIGHTFIRE

This is the PPV Scheduale

January-One Night Only (All matches are stipulation matches)
Febuary-Ground Zero
March-Hardcore Hysteria (Wrestlemania)
May-Xtreme Danger
June-No Escape ( All Cage Matches with the Main Event being a Hell in a Cell)
August-Harsh Conditions
September- Autum Anger
October- HollowBrawl
November-Deadly Games(King of the Ring)

Here are the Titles

R.E.W. Xtreme Title-Vacant (Main Title)
R.E.W. U.S. Title-Monty Brown
R.E.W. LuchaLibre Title-Petey Williams
R.E.W. Tag Titles-The Mexicools

There is the information about the R.E.W. The first show will be up later.

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The REW met with Brock Lesnar this weekend are in talks of a multi-year contract. If all goes well, Brock Lesnar is hoping to sign a contract that will last until 2010. "Nothing is final yet." Says Lesnar " But things are looking good." We will keep you updated.


This upcoming week on NightFire expect a big announcment regarding our first ppv One Night Only! Also Jeff vs. Matt in a battle of the Hardyz. The first NightFire is shaping up to be a good one, tune in to see for yourself!

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*Seethers’ Remedy hits*

J.R.: Hello everybody and welcome to the first ever edition of R.E.W.'s NightFire. I am J.R. Jim Ross as always sitting next to my partner Jerry "The King" Lawler. How you doing King?
King: Great J.R. It's good to be here in this new environment. This is awesome J.R. Many Superstars from WWE and TNA are here. And oh boy are there going to be some tension here tonight or what?
J.R.: Well I don't know King but I am anxious to find out. I have been told that our new Owner Mick Foley will announce some major news concerning the R.E.W. Xtreme Title, and will announce some of the matches here tonight.
King: Oh Boy J.R., I can't wait any longer, let's get this show underway.
J.R.: I couldn't of said it any better myself. Let's give to our ring announcer 'The Fink" Howard Finkle.

The Fink: Ladys and Gentlemen please welcome R.E.W.'s Owner and GM The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley.

*crowd pops*

*Have a Nice day hits and Mick Foley appears at the top of the stage*

*crowd explodes with cheers as Mick walks out*

Mick: Thanks Fink, Wow it is great to be right here in Austin, Texas.

*crowd pops*

Mick: Alright, alright, calm down everyone we have some business to attend to. First of I would like to go over the rules here in R.E.W. First Rule, There are no rules in R.E.W. What I meen by that is every<A title="Online Dating" style="COLOR: #65b45c; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" href="" target=_blank> match </A>here in R.E.W. is a No DQ, Falls count anywhere. No exceptions. Everyone must be dare I say Extreme!

*crowd erupts with cheers*

Mick: Now that we have gone over those long grueling rules, how about we announce some matches here tonight. Now the main event, which I think you will like, will be a Elimination Four Way Dance match involving JBL

*crowd gives major heat*

Mick: Sting.

*crowd pops*

Mick: Blaze.

*crowd gives big pop*

Mick: and The Undertaker!

*crowd erupts and gives huge pop*

Mick: I knew you guys would like that. Another match i would like to announce will be for the R.E.W. U.S. Title. It will involve of<A title="Best course" style="COLOR: #65b45c; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" href="" target=_blank> course </A>that champion Monty Brown and A.J. Styles! There are two more matches I am going to announce one of those being The Dudleys going one on one....or two on two i should say with AMW for the number one contender spots for the Tag team titles against the Mexicools at our first Pay Per View One Night Only. There other match i would like too announce will be a Brother vs. Brother match as Matt Hardy takes on his brother Jeff Hardy. Now there is one more match and it will be next.

*Mick walks toward the back as the J.R. takes over*

J.R.: Wow that was some huge news by our boss. And what a Main event thats going to be an elimination Four Way bout that includes Sting, JBL, Blaze, and The Undertaker.
King: Well that's unfair, Blaze and Undertaker are partners. We will just have to see how that favors in the match. But we heard some other blockbuster news, The Dudleys vs. AMW for the number one contenders spot, that'sgoing to be a huge match.
JR: Your right there King, also a match that I am looking forward to a Brother vs. Brother match, Jeff vs. Matt in the battle of the Hardyz, what a match that will be.
King: And we have another match annouced that will be for the U.S. Title featuring Monty Brown and A.J. Styles that will be one great match.
JR: I have to agree with you there, and Mick said there will be another match that will be coming up after the break. I can't wait![/COLR]

{ commercail}

JR: Welcome back everybody, were are not going to waist any time talking let's get to the the match.

Fink: The following contest is schedualed for one fall introducing first.......

*RKO hits*


Fink Randy Orton.

*Orton poses on the second turnbuckle and gets ready for his opponent*

Fink: And his opponent..........

*My Time is Now hits*


Fink: John Cena.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena

The match starts out with the two competators staring at eachother in the middle of the ring. They both talk trash to each other that we cannot hear. Orton then slaps Cena across the face and then laughs. Cena then tackles Orton and starts pounding him with his fists. Cena gets off Orton and throws up the word life sign with his hands. Orton gets up and hits Cena across the back of his neck. Cena goes flying out of the ring. Orton follows and throws Cena into the barricade. Orton then picks up Cena on his shoulder and rams him head first into the cornerpost. Orton poses to the crowd as Cena gets up. Orton hits Cena with a couple uppercuts then does a dropkick. Orton goes under the ring for a chair and gets one. Orton measures Cena and smacks him across the head. Orton throws down the chair, Cena starts to get up and we see he is busted open. Cena is on his hands and knees, while Orton runs up gives him a knee to the face. Orton picks up Cena and tried to throws Cena into the barricade again but Cena reverses it and Orton goes over the barricade onto the concrete floor. Cena goes over the barricade also and chases Orton, Orton turns around and is met by a clothesline by Cena. Cena picks up Randy and throws him back over the barricade. Cena then moves Orton in front of the announcers table and sets up Orton for the F-U, but Orton fights his way out and crawls back into the ring. John follows. As Cena stands up Randy hits Cena with a clothesline, Orton then goes up top and sets up for the flying cross body, Orton jumps and connects but Cena rolls it over and pins. 1.............2............kickout by Orton. They both get and both go against the rope. They come back and hit a double clothesline. The ref starts to count 1..2..3..4..5 Orton gets up first followed by Cena. Cena goes for a clothesline but Orton ducks and quickly measures for the RKO, Randy goes for it but Cena pushes Orton off and hits Randy with a modified spinning spinebuster. Cena gets up and bends over Orton. "YOU CAN'T SEE ME." Cens goes against the ropes and hits the five-knuckle shuffle. John then pumps up his shoes and sets Orton up for the F-U. Cena gets Orton on his shoulders, and as Cena is flipping Orton over his head Orton grabs the neck of Cena and hits the RKO! Orton covers 1..........2...........3.

Fink: Here is your winner the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

JR: What the.......That RKO came out of nowhere, what a match that was.
King: Hahahaha, Orton did it I knew he could do it. Man, don't you think Randy Orton is great, JR?
JR: I think Randy Orton is an incrediable athlete.
King: Why do you hate Orton, JR?
JR: I didn't I said he was an amazing athlete.
King: Sure you did.
JR: I did! Oh forget it. We will be back after this folks.

{ commercial }

*we come back to see JBL walking backstage and walks by Mick's office*

JBL then knocks on the door and barges right in.
JBL: What fo you think your are doing? You can't go around telling everybody all the matches and rules and things like that without telling them about what you are going to do concerning the Xtreme Title.
Mick: I figured you were wanting to know that and i have decided on one thing.
JBL: I know your going to put me up against someone at One Night Only but who is.
Mick: Well, your partialy right. I am going to put you in the match.
JBL: What do you mean?
Mick: Now you see since every match at One Night Only has to be a stipulation match I have decided to make it a 10 man Gauntlant for the gold. Now here are the rules a person comes in every 2 minutes, you get eliminated by getting thrown over the top rope. The last two people then have a<A title="Online Dating" style="COLOR: #65b45c; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" href="" target=_blank> single </A>one on one match to see who the champion is.
JBL: What!?!? Your going to put me up against nine other men so i can become champion?
Mick: Well if you win the title that's how you are going to win it.

*JBL storms off, as we go back to ringside.*

JR: Wow, we have just found out the main event for our first ever PPV One Night Only.
King: Oh yeah and JBL did not seem to happy about it.
JR: Well if he wants to win he is going to have to like it. Besides that we have to get back to the action take it away Fink.

Fink: The following contest is schedualed for one fall and is for the number one contenders spot for the Tag Team Championship. Introducing first from Dudleyville, The Dudley Boys.

*mixed reaction from the crowd*

Fink: And there opponent Americas Most Wanted, AMW.

*mixed reaction from the crowd/

AMW vs. The Dudleys-Number one contendership

The match starts out with D-von and Harris in the ring. D-von throws a punch but Harris ducks and kicks D-von in the midsection. Harris the hits a suplex on D-von. Harris then hammers D-von a couple times before tagging in Storm. Storm then goes up top and hits a double axe handle on D-von's back. D-von tried to crawl to his corner but is pulled back by Storm, Storm then puts D-von in a sleeper hold as D-von falls to the ground the ref<A title="Best checks" style="COLOR: #65b45c; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" href="" target=_blank> checks </A>him and lifts his arm it falls. 1, he chcks it again and it falls again. 2, once more he checks it but this time D-von starts to get up and elbows Storm in the gut a few times, D-von gets away and leaps toward Bubba. He gets the tag as Bubba starts to clean house with some hard clotheslines. Bubba then hits Harris with a BubbaBomb and D-von hits a big neck breaker on Storm. AMW are down as Bubba pushes D-von. "D-VON! GET THE TABLES!" D-von runs out gets a table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. The dudleys are measuring Storm for the 3-D. All of the sudden out of nowhere The Mexicools hit the ring and start beating up the Dudleys. Psicosis takes D-von out of the ringand starts kicking him on the outside. Bubba manages to throw Super Crazy out of the ring. but as Bubba turns around Harris grabs Bubba by the legs and sets him up on the table for the Death Sentance. Storm leaps off the top rope and hits the leg drop through the table. Storms lays on top of Bubba. 1.......................2.........................3.

Fink: Here are your winners and number one contenders, AMW!

JR: The Dudleys had that match one, dang it!
King: Well what can you do about it?
JR: I can't do anything about it.
King: Exactly.
JR: Well up next we will have the U.S. Championship on the line as A.J. Styles challenges Monty Brown for the Title.

{ commercial }

JR: Welcome back everyone to NightFire.
King: I can't wait for this next one J.R. let's get to it.

Fink: Lady's and gentlmen this next contest is schedualed for one fall and is for the R.E.W. U.S. Title. Coming out first the chalenger A.J. Styles!


Fink: Coming out next is the R.E.W. U.S. Champion Monty Brown!

*mixed reaction*

A.J. Styles vs. Monty Brown-U.S. Title

The Match starts out right away with A.J. hitting Brown with some hard rights. Brown pushes him away but Styles comes right back with more clubbing shots. Monty then kicks Styles in the mid-section and starts to hammer A.J. with some rights of his own. Brown then picks up A.J. and delivers a big scoopslam. Brown bends over to pick up Styles but A.J. kicks Brown in the head Brown comes over A.J. again but this time Styles pushes off the mat with his hands and connects with a hurricanrana. A.J. goes for the the pin. 1....quick kick out by Brown. They both get up and Monty hits a suplex on Styles before going for the pin. 1.........2.......kick out. Brown picks up A.J. but Styles gives Monty Brown a kick to the head. A.J. then goes on the ring apron and when Monty gets up A.J. springboards off the top rope and hits a big forearm smash. When Brown gets up again Styles goes against the ropes and tries for a cross body block but Brown catches him in mid-air and delivers a couple rib breakers followed by a power bomb. Monty goes for the cover. 1..........2.............kick out. Monty Brown then picks up A.J. and signals for the POUNCE! He throws Styles against the ropes, Monty Brown goes against the opposite ropes and comeback toward A.J.. But Styles jumps over Brown and hits a sun set flip. 1..................2................kick out. They both get up and Monty tries for a kick but A.J. catches his foot and trips him and pulls him up for the Styles Clash! He pins. 1............................2........................................3, no kick out by Brown at the last second. Styles can't believe it. A.J. then waits for Brown to get up and then tries a springboard backflip off the ropes in to a rverse ddt, but as A.J. is in the air Monty goes against the ropes, and as Styles lands, Monty Brown levels A.J. with the POUNCE! 1.......................2.....................3.

Fink: Here is your winner and STILL U.S. Champion Monty Brown!

JR: What an amazing match-up these two just put on I have never seen anything like that in my life!
King: No kidding J.R. that was a huge Pounce.
JR: We still have two more matches coming up tonight and one of those matches is going to be Jeff vs. Matt in a battle of the Hardyz and that will be coming up next.

{ commercial }

JR: Welcome back everybody and what a match-up we have next.
King: Oh boy J.R. This one is going to be great Jeff vs. Matt, Hardy vs. Hardy.
JR: But before we get to that let's go backstage where Mike Tenay is standing by with Blaze. Take it away Mike.

Tenay: Thanks J.R., Blaze you have a match tonight against JBL, Sting, and your co-member of the New Ministry, The Undertaker. How is the Undertaker being in this match going to effect you?
Blaze I don't think that is going to effect me at all. Me and Taker have talked it over in the back and have agreed if it comes down to the two of us its just going to be another wrestling match for us.
Tenay Well i do have another question for you......................

*Mick Foley walks up by the two*

Mick: Well I am glad to see you and Undertaker are not going to play favorites in this match. I thought I would spice it up a bit. As you all know The main event at One Night Only is going to be a Ten Man Gauntlet for the Gold match, so the winner of the tonights Four Way Dance is going to enter the Gauntlet at number 10.

[I[*Mick leaves*

Tenay Does that effect anything now?
Blaze Well let me put it this way, as some of you that have seen the R.E.W. before it went big time I have used the same finisher for ten years and that moves is the Kick of Death. But there is another move I have only used it once six years ago, and that move is called the Reality Check, and the reason I haven't used that move in so long is because of one reason......It CRIPPLED the man. I broke his neck. He hasn't walked since. And you will all see it tonight.

*Blaze walks off with a grin on his face*

JR: Did you hear that King Blaze just said the last he used the Reality Check it crippled a man.
King: Yeah and he said he was going to use it tonight, I wouldn't want to be hit with that move, but we don't even know what it is.
JR: That's right King, Well up next is the Brother vs. Brother match stay tuned.

{ commercial }


*mixed reaction*

*Modest hits*

*loud cheers*

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

That match starts with a tie up between the two but no one moves, they let go and tie up again. No one moves again but insted Matt knees Jeff in the gut and whips him down by the hair. Matt tries for an elbow drop, but Jeff moves. They both get up and Matt twist the arm of Jeff then Jeff switches it around with a twist of Matt's arm. Jeff then gets Matt in a head lock, Jeff hold it for a while but then Matt throws Jeff against the ropes. Jeff comes back and they both try for a shoulderblock, but they both won't budge. Matt daresJeff to go against the ropes again, Jeff does and goes for another shoulder block but Matt doesn't move. Jeff then tells Matt to go against the ropes, but as Matt starts to go he turns around and levels Jeff with a clothesline. Matt then hits a jumping leg drop and goes for the cover. 1.....2....kick out. Matt picks up Jeff and tried to throw Jeff to the ropes but then he reverses it and throws Matt over the top rope. As Jeff leans over the top rope to grab Matt but Matt meets Jeff with a hard chairshot, Jeff goes down. Matt then pulls Jeff out of the ring and hits a snap suplex on the outside. Matt covers. 1.................2..............kick out by Jeff. Matt then picks Jeff up on his shoulder and tries to run him head first into the post but Jeff fights out and rams Matt into it. Jeff then picks up Matt and Throws him into the steel steps and knocks the top one off. Jeff goes to pick up Matt but Matt then hits Jeff in the gut and delivers a side effect to Jeff on the steel steps and covers. 1................2...................kick out. Matt looks mad and picks up Jeff and rolls him back into the ring. Matt then hits a ddt on Jeff then goes up top for a legdrop. Matt connect and pins. 1..................2.................kick out by Jeff. Matt looks like he is about to explode. Matt lets Jeff get up and signals for the Twist of Fate. But Jeff some how reverses and hits his own Twist of Fate. Both men are down and the ref starts to count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7 Jeff then gets to his feet and climbs up top for the Swanton Bomb. At the last second Matt moves out of the way making Jeff hit the ground, As Jeff get's up Matt rolls him up grabs the tights and puts his feet on the ropes. 1........2........3.

Fink: Here is your winner Matt Hardy.

*crowd boos as Matt walks to the back, Jeff looks mad in the ring*

JR: Now why did Matt Hardy have to ruin such a great match, he cheated.
King Where did he cheat I didn't see any cheating?
JR: Oh yeah right he grabbed the tights plain as day.
King Yeah ok if you say so.
JR: You make me sick. Well coming up next is the main event where Sting will be taking on JBL, Blaze and The Undertaker.

{ commercial }

JR: Welcome back lady's and gentlemen, and King are you ready for this one?
King: Oh yeah I can't wait.
JR: Well let's get this underway.

Fink: Lady's and Gentlemen the following contest is the Four Way Elimination Match. Coming down the ramp first resigning in New York City, JBL.

*Longhorn hits*
*loud boos*

Fink: Now entering the ring from Venice Beach, California he is Sting.

*Crow hits*
*loud cheers*

Fink: And they opponents from Death Valley The Undertaker, and from Denver, Colorado Blaze.

*They both come out to Undertakers music, Undertaker is dressed like in his phenom era days, Blaze comes out with black pants and a black shirt that has the Undertaker Cross on it, also wearing black gloves and elbow pads.*
*Big pop for both superstars*

The match starts with all four men staring at one another. Then JBL jumps on The Undertaker and whips him into the corner and starts nailing Taker with rights. Blaze and Sting square off as Sting gets the upper-hand with a knee to the stomach. JBL is still punching Taker until Taker grabs JBL by the throat and tosses him into the corner and starts delivering some soup bowls. Sting then scoop slams Blaze and baseball slides Blaze out of the ring as Sting follows. Undertaker whips JBL into the opposite corner and follows with a running clothesline, JBL then wobbles out of the corner as Taker grabs him by the throat for the ckokeslam, but JBL hits a low blow on Taker. While JBL is now in control of Taker, on the outside sting has just whipped Blaze into the steps. Sting picks up Blaze and delivers a big dropkick to Blaze. Sting then grabs a steel chair and bashes it over the head of Blaze multiple times. Sting rolls Blaze back into the ring and sets up Blaze in the corner. JBL is still dominating Taker with moves like short clotheslines and power slam, but Taker is able to fight back when JBL went against the ropes but Taker delivered a big boot. Sting then goes across the ring from Blaze and hits a Stinger Splash and goes for the pin. 1..................2................Undertaker breaks it up. Then Taker picks up Sting and delivers a big sidewalk slam. Blaze gets back up and waits for JBL to get up as soon as he does Blaze goes against the ropes and clotheslines JBL over the top. As JBL slowly gets to his feet Blaze then leaps over the top rope and lands on JBL. Undertaker is controling Sting know and delivers a big boot before going for a pin. 1.......2.......kick out by Sting. Undertaker then picks up Sting a twist his arm and picks up Sting off the groundjust by his arm and drops him. Taker picks him up again and this signals for old school. As Taker is walking the top rope Sting reverses it into a huge armdrag. Both men are down. Back on the outside Blaze lays JBL on the announcers table, Blaze then goes up top and trys for an elbow on JBL, but JBL moves and Blaze goes through the announcers table. JBL then crawls back in the ring and covers Taker. 1.......2....kick out. JBL then crawls over to Sting and tries to cover. 1.....2....kick out. Undertaker then sits up and stares at JBL. Taker then gets up and sets JBL on his shoulder and drives him face first into the corner, then Taker goes against the ropes, but then Sting comes in with a clothesline. By this time Blaze is back in the ring and as JBL is coming out of the corner Blaze then hits JBL with a couple rights. JBL blocks one of the punches and gives Blaze a big boot. JBL then heads up top, and as Blaze gets up JBL jumps of, but then Blaze catches him with a powerslam. Blaze then tries to pick up JBL but Bradshaw then hits a lowblow on Blaze. JBL stands picks up Blaze and then sets up for the Clothesline form Hell. As JBL is coming back from the ropes Blaze ducks and hits a Kick of Death on JBL and covers. 1................2................3.

JBL has Been Eliminated

As Sting has been destroying Taker, Blaze tries to help but then Sting throws Skullkiller into the corner and delivers a Stinger Splash followed by the Scorpion Death Drop. 1........................2.......................Undertaker breaks it up. Undertaker then picks up Sting and tries for the chokeslam but Sting trips The Undertaker and applys the Scorpion Death Lock. Sting holds it for about 30 seconds and as Undertaker looks as if he is going to tap Blaze breaks it up with a running bulldog on Sting. Blaze then goes out of the ring and grabs a chair and delivers a big chairshot to Stings head. Blaze then picks him up and throws him to Taker. Undertaker then sets up for the Tombstone on the chair and connects. The pin. 1............2...........3.

Sting has been Eliminated

Blaze and Undertaker both stand up and stare at eachother while the fans watch in silence. Then they both come out with rights and lefts to eachother. Undertaker then gets in a boot to the mid-section and then delivers a power slam followed by a pin. 1...........2.............kick out. Undertaker then picks up Blaze and sets up for the old school and delivers. Undertaker then signals for the Chokeslam, as Blaze gets up and Taker then grabs Blaze by the throat, picks him up and connects. Undertaker pins, 1.............................2............................3 no Blaze gets his foot on the bottom rope. Undertaker then signs for the Tombstone. He picks up Blaze and sets up for the Tombstone where out of nowhere Sting hits Taker in the head with chair. Undertaker starts to fall back as Blaze plants his feet picks up Taker on his shoulders as if he were going to hit a F-5, but insted of Blaze swinging Takers feet in front of him, he swings Takers feet behind him while still hold on to Takers head and connects with the Reality Checks, he pins. 1................................................2.......................................................3.

Fink Here is your winner and entrant number 10 in the Gauntlet Blaze

JR: That must have been the Reality Check. That meens Blaze has the a big uphill advantage at One Night Only.
King Well what ever it was it beet the Undertaker.
JR: Well not without the help of Sting. Anyways I hope you enjoyed our first ever show good night.

There it is the first ever R.E.W. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Wow.Good show here. I can't review in full but I will leave one for your next show if I'm not too busy.Good rosters and everything.Good luck with this.
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Wow man. Cool show I can;t wait for the next. I like the rosters you have put together and it's interesting to see some orignial characters in there too. I think it's good that you have totally changed the PPV schedule and I cai'nt wait for your first PPV.

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Glad to see you back xXenigmaXx always a valued booker and reviewer, im sorry you lost everything too. Id appreciate if you fancied posting your BTB in The Wrestling Revolution too, your thread is highly valued by moi, very good show btw.

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Matches- Good matches. Randy Orton beats Cena,
A title="Best checks" style="COLOR: #65b45c; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" href="" target=_blank>
What is that in the tag match? Monty Brown wins. Don't know mush about TNA but hopefully when it debuts i can learn and understand more. Matt defeats Jeff and Blaze wins the four way match. 23/25

Promos: Cannot really judge as you only had 1 or 2. 15/25

Grammer/Spelling- None that i can see. 25/25

Length- In BTB it is fine. But if this were live, it would need to be a little longer as you have 5 matches and 1 promo. Need more promos. 5 mstches is good though. 21/25

Overall- 84/100- Good show but you can improve big time. This was a pretty good show, for the 1st one. Try putting 2 or 3 more promo's in and then your show IMO should be alot better!

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Randy vs Cena-Great match I always wanted to see this match and a great win for Orton doing the RKO during the F-U.

Dudleyz vs AMW- A good match but those numbers and all of that threw me off.

Styles vs Monty Brown-I was cheering for Styles to win but I knew it was Brown's win. Nice match very good action.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy-I cheered for both and a great ending with Matt Hardy cheating 2 win.

Main Event-Very entertaining I was cheering for Sting but a nice win for Blaze.

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Thanks for the review guys, The numbers thing I have no control over it puts them in as it pleases, OMG it is possessed! lol. But anyways. I do have trouble with the promos and i never know what to say but i will definatly keep working on it. Again thanks for the reviews both of you.

NightFire Preview

After last weeks explosive show, This week NightFire will come to you live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada! Two huge matches has already been set as Petey Williams will defend his LuchaLibre Title for the first time when he goes into a Triple Threat match against Syxx and Chris Sabin. Will Petey Williams be able to hold on to his Title or will the LuchaLibre Title be gracing someone elses waist?

Also we will hear from Blaze, as he comments on his victory last week.

Also this week, two people will be making there NightFire debut as the Big Read Machine Kane will be going on one with the Cerebral Assasin HHH both men will be in the Gauntlet Match at One Night Only but who will survive this week.

Also there are more matches to be announced for One Night Only will we found out any this week? There is only one way to find out and that is to tune in and see for yourself!

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Seether hits

Hello everybody, and welcome to another edition of Monday NightFire! I am JR along side my partner Jerry "The King" Lawler, and King what a show we have tonight.

King: Oh yeah! We have two huge matches announced for tonight so far and both matches are looking to be good.

JR: Oh yes King, one of those matches that we will have tonight will be The LuchaLibre Champion, Petey Williams defending his Title against two of our top X-division stars, Syxx and Chris Sabin. This will be the first time that we will get to see the high flying tactics of the X-Division in R.E.W.

King: That match will be one that I am looking forward to, but another match that I am looking forward to is The Big Red Machine, Kane vs. The Game, HHH. we have seen these two go at it before in other companies but what will these two men do to each other when there are no rules?!?!

JR: We will just have to wait until later tonight, but that is not all we will hear from the man who last week went through the likes of JBL, Sting, and The Undertaker. We all thought that Undertaker had it won until Blaze came out of nowhere and hit a move that he claims crippled a man, let's take you back to last week and show you just what happend.

*a video clip is shown of last week, when The Undertaker had Blaze set up for a Tombstone when Sting hits Undertaker in the head with a steel chair, allowing Blaze to hit Taker with the Reality Check*

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, I am just being informed that tonight The Undertaker will go one on one with Sting.

King: Wow, now that match should be great!

JR: Oh yes, but first we have more matches to come. So let's get the show underway, take it away Fink!

Fink: Ladies and gentlemen, this following contest is schedualed for one fall and is for the number one contendership for the U.S. Title! Introducing, Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam, RVD!

*RVD's music hits and his pyro goes off, as RVD makes his way out to the ring, the fans give a huge ovation. As RVD is half way down the entrance ramp, Sabu comes from behind RVD with a chair and smacks RVD across the back of his head as the match goes underway*

Match One: Number One Conteders Match for the U.S. Title
RVD vs. Sabu

RVD is on the ground as Sabu goes to work. Sabu picks RVD up and gives him a knee to the gut. Sabu then grabs RVD's head and hits a ddt on the hard cement. Sabu gets up and goes for the cover, 1................2............. Rvd kicks out. Sabu picks RVD back up and starts to walk down the ramp towards the ring. As Sabu gets close the ring, RVD hits Sabu in the mid-section with a hard elbow. RVD is starting to fight back with kicks and punches to Sabu. Rvd breaks free of Sabu's grasp and gives him a kick to the thigh. Rvd then gets in a hit to the face before attempting to irish-whip Sabu into the guard rail, but Sabu reverses it and then throws RVD against the guard rail. Sabu goes over to RVD and picks him up, and then rolls him into the ring. Sabu goes for an elbow but RVD moves out of the way, both men get up and this time RVD hits a quick drop kick. RVD picks up Sabu and then delivers a few forarm smashes. RVD then uses his legs to his advantage and hits multiple martial arts kicks to the leg and mid-section area of Sabu. RVD then finishes of his kicks with a jumping spin kick to the face of Sabu. RVD positions Sabu in the corner and then RVD hits the split legged moonsault, followed by the cover. 1………………….2……………….. Sabu kicks out. RVD then stands up and waits for Sabu to get to his feet. As soon as he does RVD tries for a kick but Sabu catches his leg and trips him down. Sabu picks RVD up and throws him against the ropes, RVD comes back and Sabu tries to clothesline RVD, but RVD ducks and again comes back from the ropes. Both men have the same idea and both hit a clothesline. Both men are worn out and there are no signs of movement. Suddenly RVD starts to move around as Sabu is still not moving. RVD gets to one knee then Sabu shows movement. Then both men get to their feet. RVD stumbles up to Sabu and then hits Sabu with a hard right. Sabu then hits a right himself. Both men exchange shots for a while then finally RVD blocks one of Sabu’s punches and smacks Sabu across the face. Sabu then tries a kick but RVD catches it and then puts one leg over his and comes up with a modified spinning wheel kick. RVD then picks up Sabu. RVD grabs Sabu by the hair and rams his face into the corner turnbuckle. RVD does this again and again until finally Sabu hits RVD with an elbow and rams RVDs’ face into the corner. Sabu then throws RVD to the outside. Sabu then rolls to the outside himself and walks over to RVD, suddenly RVD connects with a crushing chair shot to the skull of Sabu. RVD then goes for the cover as the ref heads to the outside. 1………………………………..2…………………………. No! Sabu kicks out at the last second. RVD is to worn out and to tired to be surprised. Sabu is now busted open as RVD rolls back into the ring. RVD gets a couple deep breaths in as Sabu starts to make his way back into the ring. Sabu is on the apron and RVD tries for a suicide dive but Sabu moves out of the way and RVD goes crashing through the ropes hitting head first into the guardrails. Sabu then falls to the outside again. Sabu picks up RVD and tries to ram RVD’s head into the guardrails but RVD blocks it and hits Sabu’s head on the guardrails. RVD then positions Sabu on the guardrail so that Sabu’s upper body is hanging over the railing. RVD then goes to the apron and does the R…….V……D taunt. RVD then leaps off the apron and hits a huge leg drop on Sabu’s upper body. Both men are face down on the outside mat. Eventually RVD rolls Sabu’s body back into the ring and attempts another pin. 1……………………………….2………………………… kick out by Sabu. RVD gets off of Sabu’s body and goes to the outside and gets a steel chair. By this time Sabu is to his feet as RVD gets back into the ring. RVD tosses the chair to Sabu, and Sabu catches it. RVD tries to connect with the Vandaminator but Sabu ducks and when RVD turns back around he gets leveled with the chair. Sabu then climbs the top with the chair. As soon as Sabu gets positioned on the top RVD comes back and hits Sabu in the face with a hard right hand. RVD climbs the ropes with Sabu and tries for a superplex but is fought off by Sabu. Sabu the hits RVD in the head with the chair and RVD falls off the turnbuckle. Sabu puts the chair behinds his legs and flips off the top and connects with the flipping leg drop. Sabu goes for the cover and 1…………………………….2……………………………..3.

Here is your winner and the number one contender for the U.S. Title, Sabu!

JR: Wow folks, I have never seen such a match in my life. Sabu just beet Rob Van Dam to go on and face Monty Brown for the U.S. Title at One Night Only.

King: Oh boy JR, I can’t wait for that one, but I am more anxious to find out what kind of match that they will be having.

JR: Oh yes King, That match should be a great one. Well ladies and gentlemen we have to take out first commercial break. Don’t go anywhere.

* commercial break*

JR: Welcome back everybody. Now coming up next is an interview with the man who will be entering number 10 in the Guantlet Match at One Night Only, Blaze. So lets take you backstage where Mike Tenay is standing by.

Mike Tenay: Hello everyone, I am Mike Tenay standing here with Blaze. Now Blaze last week, you defeated two of the three other men you were in there with, JBL and your own partner The Undertaker. But it didn’t look like you were going to win when The Undertaker had you upside down in position for the Tombstone Piledriver. Bu then Sting came out of nowhere and bashed Taker over the head with a steel chair costing him the match. Now I have got to ask you, Is the Undertaker mad at you?

Blaze: Yes, yes he is mad, but not at me. You what I did last week is exactly what I said I was going to do, and that was win the match with the Reality Check. Yeah I might of lost to my partner if it weren’t for Sting, but it is not my fault that Sting has a hot temper. So to answer your question, The only person The Undertaker is mad at, is Sting. And tonight Sting is going to find out why you don’t mess with the New Ministry.

Mike Tenay: Okay, fair enough. Now do you feel that your chances have gotten better since last week, in the Gauntlet Match that is?

Blaze: Oh yeah, a lot better. Now I am man enough to admit, if I didn’t win that match last week, I don’t think that I would have a shot at winning the Gauntlet Match at One Night Only. But know that I am entering at number ten, I know just got a feeling that at One Night Only, I will be walking out of the building with some gold around my waist.

Mike Tenay: Ok, Now just one last question for you. I know last week you said that if it came down to you and Taker you would do what you have to do. But in three weeks at One Night Only, will you have a different plan if it comes down to you and Taker when there will be the Title on the line?

Blaze: Well of coarse it will be different with gold on the line, it always is different. And yeah I plan on winning that match at all cost. I don’t care if the Undertaker saves me from falling out in the match, that doesn’t mean that I won’t take a chair to the mans head at the end, but until the end we are partners.

Mike Tenay: Ok then, ladies and gentlemen you just heard the thought on what is going through the mind of Blaze.

JR: Well everyone, those were some words from the man that has the best odds of winning at One Night Only. Coming up next thought will be the debut of the Game and The Big Red Machine, but first we have to take a commercial break, we will be right back.[/B]

* commercial *

* the crowd is silent as the lights go out and “The Game” hits the PA system as the crowd goes nuts for the debuting HHH. Finally after about a minute of HHH’s music playing the Game finally comes out. HHH walks down the entrance ramp and get on the ring apron, and then he does his water spitting before climbing into the ring *

* HHH waits patiently for Kane to come out, then Kane’s old music hits and The Big Red Machine, Kane walks out with mask and all. The people are going nuts to see Kane come back in his old attire. HHH scampers to the outside as Kane enters the ring. Kane walks to the middle of the ring, and raises both of his arms and quickly lets them fall to his side as the fire rises up from the corner post *

Match Two: HHH vs. Kane

The match starts out with HHH crawling back into the ring slowly keeping his eyes on Kane the whole time. Kane just stands there with his head tilted to his side. HHH then stands up and starts to walk toward Kane, HHH finally gets right up, nose to nose, to Kane. HHH says something to Kane and then takes a swing at Kane, but Kane blocks it, but then does not do anything. HHH looks around the audience and then back at Kane. HHH tries to hit Kane again but again Kane blocks it. HHH then starts to look mad and takes another swing at Kane, only this time Kane blocks it and then hits HHH with a huge right hand. HHH goes down. Kane then waits for HHH to get up. When HHH does, HHH tries to clothesline Kane, but Kane ducks it and kicks HHH in the mid-section followed by an uppercut sending HHH back down. Kane then picks HHH up, and hits him with another right. Kane then grabs HHH’s arm and throws him into the ropes, as he comes back, Kane tries to connect with a big boot but HHH catches Kane’s foot. Then HHH throws Kane’s foot down and hits a clothesline on Kane. HHH picks Kane up and starts hammering away on Kane’s head. HHH then throws Kane against the ropes and as Kane comes back HHH hits a big spinebuster. HHH then goes for the pin. 1………….2……… kick out by Kane. HHH stands up and then Kane sits up! Kane gets to his feet and hits HHH with a hard right. HHH and Kane then exchange shots a couple times before Kane getting a knee to the gut of HHH. Kane then throws HHH against the ropes, but HHH holds on to the ropes. Kane then charges HHH but HHH pulls the rope down, sending Kane over the top rope. HHH climbs out of the ring after Kane. When HHH gets to the outside Kane is already up. HHH grabs Kane by the arm and throws him into the post shoulder first. HHH then grabs Kane’s head and tries to ram his head into the post, but Kane blocks it, and then grabs HHH by the head and rams him face first into the post. Kane then puts HHH on his shoulder and tries to run HHH into the post but HHH slips out from behind Kane and pushes Kane into the post. Kane bounces off the post and then HHH comes from behind Kane a delivers a chop block to the back of Kane’s knee. As Kane falls to the ground, HHH starts to walk over toward the announcers table. HHH then goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair form under the mat. As HHH stands up, he turns around, and then Kane comes from out of nowhere and boots the chair into the face of HHH. HHH goes crashing down. Kane then tries to catch his breath before HHH make his way back up. HHH gets to one knee then Kane kicks HHH in the shoulder. Kane picks HHH up the rest of the way and rams his head into the announcers table. HHH then elbows Kane in the gut a couple of times trying to break free of
Kane’s grip. HHH then hits Kane in the face with a couple of right hands. Then Kane grabs the hair of HHH and throws him over the announcers table. Kane then crawls back into the ring. Kane is resting against the ropes as we go to a commercial break.

* commercial *

We come back from the commercial break with HHH dominating the match. HHH throws Kane into the corner and rams his shoulder into Kane’s gut a few times. HHH then steps on the second turnbuckle and starts the 10 count punch. The fans count along as HHH hits. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9, but before HHH can hit the last punch, Kane grabs HHH by the trunks and delivers a big powerbomb. Both men are down. HHH starts to show a little movement, then suddenly Kane sits up. HHH hurries to his feet, but Kane is already up. HHH runs at Kane but then Kane gets HHH up on his shoulder. Kane then lifts HHH up and drops him right onto the corner post face first. Kane then runs against the ropes and then delivers a big boot to HHH. Kane starts to adjust his glove and signals for the Chokeslam, but HHH sees it coming and rolls out of the ring. Kane starts to go after HHH but the ref attempts to back Kane up. Kane finally steps back and waits for HHH. HHH gets on the ring apron, then Kane charges HHH and boots HHH off the apron. HHH goes flying and hits the announcers table. As Kane taunts HHH sneaks something in his arms. HHH is still hiding the object when he gets back into the ring. Kane grabs HHH by the hair and pulls him up, but then HHH turns around and nails Kane in the gut with the object. HHH reveals the object and it is a sledgehammer. HHH then picks the sledgehammer up over his head and hits Kane in the back with it. Kane then starts to stumble up, HHH then hits Kane in the gut one last time. Kane is bet over. HHH throws the hammer down and then sets up Kane for the pedigree. HHH hooks the arms of Kane and delivers a huge Pedigree. HHH rolls Kane’s body over and covers. 1………………………………….2………………………………..3.

Here is your winner, The Game, HHH!

JR: HHH just be Kane with that sledgehammer now that is not fair!

King: Well there is nowhere in the rules that says HHH can’t do that.

JR: Well I know that but can’t we just have one match where it is an even contest?

King: No.

JR: Well anyways folks, after our next commercial break we will see that X-Division LuchaLibre’ Title Match that everyone has been looking forward to. So don’t go anywhere.

* commercial *

* we come back from the commercial break to here Syxx’s music playing, Syxx walks down the entrance ramp and climbs in the ring and shows off some of his martial arts moves *

* Syxx is waiting in the ring, then “Hail Sabin” hits and the crowd cheers for their favorite in the match, Chris Sabin walks down to the ring and then rolls in the ring when he gets up Syxx rolls out of the ring *

* “Oh Canada!” hits and the crowd boos the LuchaLibre champion, Petey Williams comes out and the fans continue to boo, Williams crawls into the ring as Syxx crawls back in *

Match Three: LuchaLibre Championship Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Syxx

The match starts with all three men circling the ring. All men start at one another. Chris Sabin then takes a step toward the champion, but Syxx then attacks Sabin from behind. While Syxx is beating on Sabin, Petey Williams is standing in the opposite corner of the ring. Syxx kicks Sabin in the gut and then hits a quick ddt. Syxx pins. 1…..2…. kick out by Sabin. Syxx picks Sabin up and then pounds on him a little more. Syxx throws Sabin against the ropes and then Syxx goes against the opposite ropes. Both men come back and Syxx hits a jumping clothesline on Sabin. Syxx stands up, but then Williams comes up from behind Syxx and throws him out of the ring. Williams looks at Syxx on the outside a starts to laugh. Then Sabin hits Williams in the back of the head. Williams is down, but then Sabin picks him back up. Chris hits Williams a few times then throws him into the corner. Sabin gives Williams a few hard chops to the chest, but then Syxx comes back into the the ring and kicks Sabin. Syxx grabs Sabin by the head, and then gives a couple forearm shots. Williams then attacks Syxx from the side. Then Willaims turns on Sabin and then Syxx and Williams start to double-team Sabin. Both men get there fair share of hits in, then Syxx knees Sabin the mid-section. Syxx grabs one arm of Sabin as Williams grabs the other. Syxx and Williams throw Sabin against the ropes. Sabin comes back and then ducks a double clothesline attempt by Syxx and Williams. Sabin goes back against the ropes and comes back with a double spear on both men. All three men are down. Williams is the first man to his feet followed by Sabin, then Syxx finally gets to his feet. All men are wobbly to get to there feet. Sabin then hits Williams across the face, then Williams smacks Sabin, Sabin then gets in a hard shot on Syxx. This continues for awhile. Then Sabin gets a burst of energy a hits a double clothesline on Syxx and Williams. Sabin then picks Williams up. Sabin kicks Williams and then picks up Syxx. Sabin throws Syxx into one corner and then he throws Williams into another. Sabin runs at Syxx and delivers a clothesline. He then runs at Williams and gives him a clothesline. Then Sabin turns around a gives Syxx a dropkick, Sabin quickly gets to his feet and then dropkicks Petey to the outside. Sabin gets back up to see Syxx charging him, Sabin reacts quickly and delivers a back body drop to Syxx to the outside. Sabin waits for both men to get to their feet. They get to their feet, then Sabin goes against the ropes and comes back with a Suicide Dive through the ropes and connects with it on both men. Sabin crawls back up to his feet and then picks up Williams and Syxx, and then throws them inside the ring. Sabin then crawls to the inside of the ring. When Sabin gets in the ring Williams starts stomping on him. Sabin fights his way back up, and then hits Williams with a hard right. Williams backs off a bit, then runs at Sabin but Sabin counters with a huge belly to belly suplex, Williams goes flying and hits the turnbuckle upside down. Sabin turns to see Syxx scrambling to his feet. Syxx stands up and turns around, only to be found on the shoulders of Chris Sabin. Chris then hits the Cradle Shock on Syxx! Sabin decides not to pins but instead gets to his feet, but he then turns around and Williams is waiting for him. Williams then kicks Sabin in the mid-section. Williams then sets up for the Canadian Destroyer. Williams connects and then pins. 1………………………….2……………………3!

Here is your winner and STILL LuchaLibre Champion, Petey Williams!

JR: Bah Gawd he did! Petey Williams just retained his Title. What an amazing match that was.

King: Yeah that was a great match, and finally you are giving gratitude where it is needed.

JR: Well that match deserved it. Anyways up next is our main event, The Undertaker vs. Sting.

* we cut to backstage where Jeff Hardy is talking to Matt *

Jeff: Hey Matt, what was up with that last week? Why did you have to cheat to beet me?

Matt: Okay, look I am sorry. It is just that it was the first NightFire episode and I wanted to win. I just got caught up in the moment.

Jeff: Well it better not happen again.

Matt: Okay, I can see that you are upset, but I have some good news. I just got back from Mr. Foleys office and I got us a number one contenders match next against MNM. Huh, now does that make you feel any better.

Jeff: Well, yeah I guess it does.

Matt: Okay, good. Because if we win this, we get to face the champs at One Night Only in a match of our choice. So be ready.

* Matt walks off, and Jeff looks pleased *

* commercial *

* we come back from the commercial to see Sting standing in a doorway half opened. We hear him talking to someone *

Sting: Okay, so you got my back at One Night Only right?

Mystery: Yeah, but what about tonight?

Sting: No, no, no. I can handle tonight, because that punk Blaze isn’t here tonight.

Mystery: Alright, if you insist. So I guess I will see you at One Night Only.

* we come back to see JR at the announcers table *

JR: What was that about?

King: You are asking me? You are the one that know everything.

JR: Well I know nothing about it. Anyways right now we will have our main event match up, and we have taken up all of our commercial breaks so you will see this match in its entirety. Take it away Fink!

Fink: Ladies and gentlemen, this following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Venice Beach, California weighing in at 246 pounds, he is Sting!

* Stings’ music hits and the fans cheer for Sting, as he walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring and just stands there waiting for his opponent *

Fink: And his opponent from Death Valley, weighing in at 326 pounds, The Undertaker!

* As Takers music hits the fans give the pop of the night to the dead man *

Match Four: Sting vs. The Undertaker

The match starts out with both men staring each other down, looking like they both have no life in them. Undertaker slowly takes off his trench coat, as Sting takes his off. Both men are still staring each other down. Then both men start to walk toward the middle of the ring. Both men tie up and move around the ring. Finally Taker gets Sting in a side headlock. Taker holds on to it for a while, then Sting takes Taker to the ropes. Sting pushes Taker of his head and into the ropes. Taker comes back and then shoulder blocks Sting down. Undertaker goes back against the ropes and jumps over Sting. Taker comes back, then Sting stands up and jumps over Taker. Taker comes back and then Sting gets Taker in a drop toe hold. Sting stands up and the waits for Taker to get up. Taker slowly stands up. Sting walks up to Taker and slaps him in the face. Undertaker rolls his eyes to the back of his head, and then starts wailing on Sting with lefts and rights. Taker knees Sting in the gut and then goes against the ropes and then drives his knee into the face of Sting. Sting falls to the ground. Taker then picks him up and then hits him a couple more times with some hard rights. Taker then throws Sting into the ropes, Sting comes back and Taker then connects with a big back body drop. Sting rolls around on the ground in pain. Sting stands up and then Taker swings at him, but Sting ducks the hit. Sting then kicks Taker in the mid-section. Sting elbows Taker in the face. Sting throws Taker to the ropes and tries a drop kick but Taker holds onto the ropes, so Sting goes crashing down to the mat. Taker picks Sting up and tosses him into the corner. Taker backs up to the other side of the ring. Taker then runs at Sting, but Sting gets his foot up and nails Taker in the face. Taker tries again, but again is booted in the face. Sting then runs at Taker but Taker lifts Sting up and hits a big power slam followed by a cover. 1…………….2…………. kick out. The Undertaker picks up the body of Sting, and hits him with some hard rights. Taker then grabs Sting by the hair and then tosses Sting to the outside. Taker follows. Taker again grabs Sting by the hair and tries to throw him into the steel steps, but Sting reverses it and then throws Taker into the steps. Taker hits the steps knees first and slips over them. Taker has to climb the railings to get back to his feet. As Taker is leaning on the guardrails, Sting attempts a big Sting Splash on Taker. Taker moves out of the way at the last second, and Sting goes flying into the crowd. Taker steps over the railing to get to Sting. Sting sees Taker coming and tries to get away, but Taker grabs the arm of Sting and whips him into the guardrail. Taker then runs at Sting and tries the big boot but Sting moves out of the way. And Taker gets racked. Sting then boots Taker back over to ringside. Sting grabs Taker and then throws him to the inside of the ring. Sting stomps on Taker for a while and then picks him up. Taker breaks free and then grabs Sting by the throat but Sting kicks Taker in the gut. Sting hits Taker across the face a couple times before throwing Taker against the ropes. Taker comes back and ducks a clothesline from Sting, and then goes against the ropes again. Taker comes back with a big jumping clothesline. Both men are down with no signs of movement. Then suddenly Taker sits up! Taker stands up waiting for Sting. Sting finally gets to his feet. Taker grabs the arm of Sting and starts working on it. Undertaker then twists the arm of Sting, and then steps on the rope. The fans know its coming. Then Taker gets all the way to the top rope for old school! Taker walks to the center of the ropes but Sting then gets in a huge arm drag off the top rope. Both men get to their feet. Sting then gets in a thumb to the eye of Taker. Sting throws Taker into the corner for a Stinger Splash. Sting runs at Taker, but when Sting leaps, Taker moves out of the way. Sting bounces off the corner and into the grasps of the Undertaker. Taker grabs the throat of Sting. He lifts him up and connects with the Choke slam! Undertaker then signals for the Tombstone. Taker sets Sting up on his shoulder. Then suddenly…………… The lights go out. The lights flicker. The lights come back on, but Taker realizes Sting is nowhere to be found. The lights flicker again. Then finally the lights come back on. Taker is looking toward the entrance ramp, then Sting from behind Taker, grabs his head and pulls it back. Sting then connects with the Scorpion Death Drop! Sting makes the cover. 1……………………………..2…………………………..3!

Here is your winner, Sting!

* Sting celebrates on the entrance ramp. Taker sits up with a angry look on his face. Taker rolls the eyes to the back of his head, as the screen fades out *

There is my show guys I hope you enjoyed it. Only two more weeks until One Night Only!

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Nightfire Review-

Sabu/RVD- Great opening match for Nightfire. Good win for Sabu, it will be interesting to see him in the US Title Division.

Blaze Promo- Great promo. I like how you created a character and made him act like a real superstar. This promo was awesome. I think Blaze vs Undertaker is going to be the Main Event of a PPV.

HHH/Kane- Good win for Triple H. I thought that maybe Kane would win but having HHH win was a good choice.

Luchalibre Championship- It was kind of obvious that Petey Williams would win. I mean he just got the title and you can't lose it that fast. Great match though.

Hardyz Promo- Good promo. I think the Hardyz are going to turn on each other at one point in this BTB.

Sting Promo- I wonder who that mystery character is. Its killing me to find out.

Sting/Taker- I thought Taker would win but a good win for Sting. I am thinking that next week it will be Sting vs Blaze. And it will bring Sting victorious again.

Grade- 8/10. Great show! You got so much better at writing shows. Too bad The Dynasty went down. I was looking forward to No Way Out.

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First of all good luck and let me tell you I like "Nightfire's" name and your thread's "R.E.W." name. good luck for future.

Nightfire Review

Sabu and RVD's match was a nice match and it starts kicking off your show. Blaze promo was the Promo of the night for me. It was well written and was in character. I like to see a feud between Blaze and The Undertaker. HHH -vs- Kane. I also thought that Kane was gonna win but in the end HHH gettin g nice win. Hardys promo was nice though. I could see that you are using Sting as a main character his promo was great and his win over undertaker was great

Overall - 8/10 for your show.
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