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quick question need help

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Hi guys, really need help with something and hoping someone out there in the WF community can help me out.

I am sure everyone has seen this great video package for the Four Horsemen, their induction promo.

My question is, around half way through (2 minute mark) starts a song and all I could make out was "where are the days and nights, we showed the world how it could be..." does anyone know the name of the song? I put that into google and into youtube but nothing came up.

Really important.

Cheers to anyone that can knows (Y)

-- Edit. Realised this should probably be put in the music section, if it needs to be moved than do so :eek:
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Seems it's an unreleased song from searching for a bit, if google can't find it then no one can lol...

Maybe it's just something WWE threw together and paid a band to play it to use in the video?
That's the conclusion I got as well, cause even if I only knew two lines of the lyrics Google would help me find it and it had nothing.

Either way it's a great song
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