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Question & Answer with John Morrison

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Q: If there was one person you could tag team with long term, who would it be.
A: Jackie Chan

Q: Will there be anymore WWFX shows?
A: There are talks of a string of shows in October.

Q: Back on SmackDown, you were in the World Heavyweight Championship hunt. How was it working with Jeff Hardy?
A: Great. I love working with Jeff.

Q: Do you really have a fear of Mayonnaise?
A: No, it’s just disgusting.

Q: Any possible return to WWE?
A: Yes. Maybe a year or so.

Q: Your first and last match of 2011 were against The Miz, both Falls Count Anywhere. Where you glad to end your last match with WWE against The Miz?
A: Yeah, it was cool.

Q: If someone were to write you the perfect character to play, what would you envision it to be?
A: A drunken master inspired barbarian character.

Q: How hard was it during your time in Tough Enough?
A: Very hard.

Q: We’re you a wrestling fan growing up? If so, Who was your favorite?
A: I was. I liked the main guys like Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels.

Q: Have you fully recovered from your injuries?
A: No.

Q: With MNM, you worked with both Matt & Jeff Hardy, a very awesome tag team. Do you have a favorite match you did with them both or individual?
A: Jeff Hardy is was the World Heavyweight Championship match that I got on SmackDown back in 2009.
For Matt Hardy, it was the tag team match of MNM vs. Matt & Jeff Hardy at December to Dismember.

Q: What was it like being ECW Champion?
A: It was awesome. Think about all the history. RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Taz, the ECW Ballroom. It was the watered down WWE version of ECW but it was still an honor.

Q: Besides writing poetry, do you write stories, scripts.
A: Yes.

Q: Would you ever consider writing a book, story, script?
A: Yes

Q: Do you prefer to go by John Morrison or John Hennigan? A lot of people (including myself) still call you by John Morrison.
A: John Hennigan. It’s my real name.

Q: How is it like working for Vince McMahon?
A: It was great & interesting. He’s a wrestling genius. He has a phenomenal mind. He’s comical. However, what he wanted always conflicted with what I wanted, but he has a clear vision & he had confidence. It was really cool to be around him.

Q: How was it working with CM Punk?
A: Great. He’s a wrestling genius. He’s really physical and intense, and open to ideas.

Q: Was it fun teaming with The Miz, or do you think he’s very annoying?
A: I liked teaming with him.

Q: Will there be more parody videos from you on YouTube? HHH/Undertaker video was great!
A: Possibly yes. I’m not working on anything currently though.

Q: Will you be doing anymore acting? Improv shows? Going with that, who are some of your favorite comedians?
A: I will be doing more acting & Improv shows. My favorite comedian would have to be Louis Ck.

Q: Who inspired you to become a wrestler?
A: Hard to say. When I was first watching I liked the main guys like Hulk Hogan, Big Bossman, The Rockers, and I grew on to like Shawn Michaels more and more.

Q: Was the JoMoSapien’s T-Shirt a last incentive to try to get you to sign a new contract with the WWE? I have thought about it and it’s kind of what it seems like, since they released it like a month before you left.
A: No. It was actually approved a few months before I left. I had to approve the artwork and stuff, so by the time it was ready my contact was almost up.

Q: Who gave you the best peace of advice?
A: My dad.

Q: Why did you start doing Parkour?
A: Jackie Chan

Q: Back in 2011, Alberto Del Rio destroyed you in such a short time. Were you happy or angry about that?
A: Well, nobody likes losing.

Q: People speculate that Triple H & Stephanie McMahon think very highly of you, true?
A: I hope so. I think highly of them.

Q: Will there be any more Officer Rexy videos?
A: No. He’s is retired. Boneface the barbarian is not though!

Q: Name three guys you wish you could have had a feud with while you were with WWE.
A: Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton & Undertaker

Q: I’d like to refer back to some of your matches. What was it like working with Rey Mysterio?
A: Amazing. Rey was one of my role models. He actually helped me getting into the business.

Q: What is your favorite match type?
A: Elimination Chamber & Royal Rumble because all the flying around.

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