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Question about WWE DVD's

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I usually just DL ppv events, but recently I bought a few WWE DVD's from 1998-2000.. Only to realized the WWE had edited the shit out of them. I'm pretty pissed, the whole damn screen is covered in blurs, the turnbuckles, the ring apron, the microphones, the announce tables, any WWF sign in the venue is giant blur, and they can't even SAY WWF! This is bullshit, I understand that they had to change the name and all that, but how in the hell can they not be able to show the old WWF symbol. Did that one wildlife organization copyright the use of "W" merged with an "F", how can they not be allowed to show that!? It has no affect on the relationship between the WWE and the Wildlife Federation, it butchers up the DVD for fans, and serves no purpose for that shitty WildLife federation.

Are people gonna be watching an old WWF PPV and think, "I thought that WWF symbol stood for Wildlife Federation, this is slanderous!", Why couldn't the WWE just change the name and symbol from that point on out, why do they have to remove it from events that have ALREADY happened! There is no way that simply showing that symbol on a DVD would adversely affect the WildLife Federation. So now all the PPV DVD's I want are butchered up beyond the point I find acceptable. Thanks WWE for tolerating getting legally bullied over something that would have no affect on the affiliation of the WWE and Wildlife federation. And The biggest thanks goes to the Wildlife Federation for being a bunch of Ignorant tight asses that pointlessly ruined every WWE Wrestling DVD that came before 2002 (all the good ones).
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quite simply they chose to eliminate anything that said wwf or looked like wwf just to be on the safe side of things damn those pandas!
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