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also plaese someone make a No Way Out banner. The person who does or makes the best one wil get 20 free PYB points to use in PYB.

For the banner can you have JBL in the center with with the title. Then to the left of the banner have John Cena posing and in the right have the No mercy Logo and the pyb logo.Have the background light blue at the top and it gradually gets darker as you go down. any other options are up to you. This is just a guideline. If you have something that looks better then submit that. The only main restriciton is that the banner can only contain SD! stuff
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PYB stands for Place Your bets. This is where you bet using fake free points (not to be confused with the points given out on the forum). there people bet with the fake poins and everyone has fun bettting and talking there
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