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PWR Show w/ Dameon Nelson and David Herro

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I'm just wondering if you guys are fans of their product as well. I am a pretty regular viewer. After a good raw i will listen in on the monday night meltdown or listen in the next day or two. I enjoy their primetime shows on wed. and sat. nights. I also listen in to their post ppv shows sometimes as well. IMO they give very good insight and analysis. They also can be entertaining and humorous. Dameon can be a little crazy and Michael Cole-ish but I think it adds to the show. Their pre wrestlemania party is loaded with current and former wrestling stars and id love to go next year if I decide to go to wrestlemania which is in my area. I dont check in on the forums as much because of the PWR show. There is alot of whining, immaturity misunderstanding, hollow shit talk, etc. that is found manafesting on here because people are hidden behind their computers and present "know it all" attitudes. But there are definetly some really awesome and knowledgable people on here as well. Once again just wondering what you guys think. Thanks.