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PWG - DDT4 - March 4th, 2011!

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You know they're doing Wolves/Kings at some point. Little surprised that the champs aren't in it.

DDT4 Takes Place Friday, March 4, 2011! All 8 Teams Announced!
By Silverback, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Staff Writer

El Segundo, CA - When a professional wrestling promotion (such as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, http://www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com) kicks off a new year with a live event like Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning, it's pretty exhausting. Really, it was an amazing event. You had "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Terry Funk squaring off for the first time in, like, forever, you had Low Ki returning to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and making a statement (with his feet… off the top rope… to Davey Richards' face), and you had a phenomenal World Championship Title defense by Claudio Castagnoli against El Generico that occurred well past everyone's bed time. What more could you ask for in a professional wrestling event? Probably not much, which is why we considered packing it in and going on hiatus until 2012.

That is, until we realized that with all the battle royales and retirement matches and title matches that Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning featured, the one thing it didn't have was a straight-up tag team match. So to make up for that, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla is proud to present the 2011 DDT4, a one-night tag team tournament to determine the number one contender for the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship! (Please note, when we say "proud to present," that should be read with a sarcastic intonation, because we would have loved to have taken the rest of the year off.)

Click here for tickets!

DDT4, taking place on Friday, March 4, 2011 at American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA, will feature eight teams vying for a shot at El Generico and Paul London, ¡Peligro Abejas!, the reigning Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Champions and 2010 DDT4 winners. To not only win the 2011 DDT4 but to go on to defeat the previous year's winners and the champions would be a career-defining moment for any of these teams, so competition will be at all-time high. The eight teams scheduled to participate in the 2011 DDT4 are:

1. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) - By virtue of their victory in the four-way tag team match at Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning, the Monsters have secured the top seed in this year's tournament. While both men are still recuperating from the brutal post-match attack by Kevin Steen, Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma are expected to make a full recovery (and may have a little extra fire in their bellies at DDT4, thanks to "Mr. Wrestling"). 2011 will be the RockNES Monsters' first DDT4 appearance.

2. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) - The Young Bucks are the only previous winners to be entered in this year's tournament, and the only former Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Champions to be in the tournament, as well. On top of that, Matt and Nick Jackson hold the record for most DDT4 tournament matches won. The Bucks maintain that since they were not defeated in the four-way tag team match at Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning, that they should not be prevented from entering the tournament for the third consecutive year. It would appear that the Board of Directors is inclined to agree.

3. The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) - Another team making their DDT4 debut, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla debut for Eddie Edwards. While Edwards would like to make his first appearance a successful one, Davey Richards would like to break his tournament curse. Davey has participated in two previous DDT4s, however his teams have never won a tournament match. Will a new tag team partner be able to change Davey Richards' tournament fortunes?

4. The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) - In recent months Brandon and Dustin Cutler have been on the cusp of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla tag team greatness, but it seems as if the forces of the universe have been conspiring against the brothers. Now heading into their third DDT4 tournament, The Cutler Brothers are planning on taking their fate into their own hands (though they are sacrificing a bull to Zeus, a virgin to Ra, and a Mission Impossible 2 DVD to L-Ron, just to be safe).

5. Kings of Wrestling (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero) - While the Kings of Wrestling were defeated by ¡Peligro Abejas! at Cyanide: A Loving Tribute to Poison, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero will not be denied. Though it was not long ago that the Kings were the most dominant tag team in professional wrestling, the memory of those glory days is motivating this team as they enter their second DDT4. A victory on March 4 will bring the Kings of Wrestling one step closer to the World Tag Team Championship, and bring Castagnoli nearer to being only the second man ever to hold the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla double crowns.

6. Brandon Gatson & Willie Mack - After seeing the tag team chemistry between Brandon Gatson and Willie Mack at Kurt Russellreunion 2: The Reunioning, an unlikely advocate petitioned for the duo's inclusion in DDT4: Rock Riddle. While Riddle ultimately failed the get Gatson and Mack to sign the "standard" 40% managerial contract, he did succeed in getting this first-time team a berth in the tournament. Will Brandon Gatson and Willie Mack be able to function as an efficient tag team in the high pressure DDT4 environment? There's only one way to find out!

7. The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark Briscoe) - Though they have been a part of two previous tournaments, making it as far as the finals in 2007, Jay and Mark Briscoe have not been able to overcome the odds to win DDT4. Perhaps the third time will be the charm for the Briscoe Brothers, whose history as a hard-hitting tag team (and closely contested World Tag Team Championship title matches) can only serve to intimidate most potential tournament opposition.

8. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen & Akira Tozawa - "大虐殺!" said evident polyglot Kevin Steen, and that was all it took to convince Akira Tozawa to join forces at DDT4. Sure, at first Tozawa was more concerned with the safety of his friends and loved ones, but after giving it some thought, perhaps harnessing the destructive energies of Kevin Steen would allow Akira Tozawa to claim his first World Championship during this overseas excursion. Still, at the end of the day, the safest man in the building may be the one standing in Kevin Steen's corner.
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Steen and Tozawa HAVE to win this tournament. Danger Bees v. Tozawa and Steen is money.

Tournament predictions:
Steen/Tozawa d. Mack/Gatson
Wolves d. RockNess Monsters
Kings of Wrestling d. Young Bucks
Cutlers d. Briscoes

Steen/Tozawa d. Wolves
KOW d. Cutlers

Finals: Steen/Tozawa d. KOW
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