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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Target Center
City: Minneapolis, Minnesota


Singles Match
Jacob Bianchi vs Leo Masters

Triple Threat Match
Primetime Jake Masterson vs Mr. Jalapeño vs La Pantera

Singles Match
Donald Hammerpunch vs Nero w/Nurse Ellie

Television Title Match
Jensen vs Remy Dieu(C)

Legacy Title Match
Shio Corin vs Shadow(C)

As always Card is Subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on Nov. 18 (Friday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Dr. Nero
Heart surgery

Hell passed judgment on me in the ring tonight. Bruce Thorn Junior proved that there is more to being Champion than a perfect mind and a perfect body. It is to have the heart of a Champion. As I sit in my private dressing room, having the giant cut in my head sewn up by Ellie, I realise there is another level. I realise now all these month’s later how Hammerpunch took my title from me, and how Thorn on one leg almost humbled me.

The game plan was simple. To destroy Thorn’s knee. The damage had already been done. It was a matter of completing the procedure and moving onto what is rightfully mine - the Championship of the World. But Thorn didn’t allow for it. Instead, he fought and fought, even when his body could not, his spirit and his will to win did. I’m literally dismantling his body in front of millions of people, and somehow he finds it in himself to throw my face into the ring post. To power bomb my spine on the barricade, and even try to spear my body right through it!

How could one not respect that? How could I not recognise what he did here tonight? Although it was I who had my hand raised by the referee, it was Thorn who won tonight. It is only now that I understand. It is only now that after I fought a man, who due to his injuries had no chance of besting me, do I comprehend what it means to be a Champion. And that I recognise I have a long way to go to be one...

Hours later, I sit in my apartment overlooking the Seattle Space Needle. My fireplace throws an orange glow over my face as I sip on 30 year old whisky. I stare at the gigantic sharp point trying to peirce the sky.

Vortex is in Minneapolis this week, and it is now time to retake the Championship that Hammerpunch took from me. The embargo keeping me from competing for the title has been lifted due to Hammerpunch no longer having possession of the title. In fact the Championship, is no longer in the form of a title belt, it has been melted down and transformed into a crown by its new owner, “King” Crowley.

People believed I was a monster, but truth be told I am cold and calculating. I take no pleasure in hurting people. It’s merely a means to an end. Victory is all that matters. However, this Crowley I imagine is the true monster. He does derive enjoyment from an opponent’s pain. It is something that makes him dangerous, yet is also a window into how he can be defeated. I fear his relationship with pain is stronger than my own, and he will take more damage than most men before he will give up his new sovereignty. So to defeat him will take something more. That something is what I witnessed last night. Something that Bruce Thorn Jr. showed me. Fighting spirit, the heart of a champion. The ability to push through all the pain, to make the body move when it should not.

I have seen this before, but I failed to recognise it. It was at Last Rites when I went to war with Hammerpunch for the title. Back then he refused to be beaten. His fighting spirit, pushed his body beyond the limits of physical endurance. It was that which defeated me, and it will be that which I will need to take back my Championship.

Ironically, I will learn from the man himself. If it was Thorn who showed me this, it will be Hammerpunch who will teach me. This week, I have been told I will once again face Hammerpunch one-on-one. Before I get my rematch, I will become a student of sorts of Donjitsu. I will learn from Hammerpunch, by witnessing firsthand how to draw from one’s will to win, and I will finally exorcise my demons when I defeat him once and for all. By defeating Hammerpunch, he will inturn teach me how to truly become a Champion and how I will once again reclaim what is mine – the PWC Heavyweight Championship of the World!

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The fiery masked wrestler walks down the hallway of the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a strut to his step and a bag of Hot Cheetos in hand, Mr. Jalapeno, makes his way down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, he is greeted by PWC interviewer, Danny Eriksen.

“Mr. Jalapeno, good to finally meet you. I’ve been tasked to give you a tour of our ring set up. We’re excited to have you on the roster.”

Eriksen put his hand out for a handshake, which Jalapeno looks at. He tries his best to get the Hot Cheetos off his fingertips before finally shaking hands with Eriksen, who looks a bit uncomfortable. After the handshake, Jalapeno again stuffs his face with more chips.

“Ahh yes, Danny Eriksen. Good to be here. Let’s get started.”

“Before we enter the arena, you’re going to leave that bag of chips here. No food is allowed in the arena right now.”

It was hard for Eriksen to gauge Jalapeno’s emotion as he had his mask on. Much to his surprise, Jalapeno obliges as he places the bag of chips on top the nearby crate. Jalapeno gestures for Eriksen to lead the way.

“Alright, first stop, we have the –“

Eriksen looks behind him to see that Jalapeno has disappeared. Looking confused, Eriksen beings scratching his head, having no idea where or why Jalapeno has disappeared.

Elsewhere, we see a hand grab the bag of chips on top of the crate. When the cameras get a full view of the figure, it’s Mr. Jalapeno. Clearly he has ditched Eriksen but finds himself lost somewhere in the Target Center. In the distance, he sees someone. He walks towards the person – it’s Referee Gwen Jeffers.

“Excuse me, I seem to have lost my tour guide. Can you please direct me to the boss’s office.”

“Hey, you’re Mr. Jalapeno, PWC’s newest superstar.”

Jalapeno tilts his head in amusement.

“Why yes, that is me. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. And you are?”

“Oh right, I’m Gwen Jeffers. One of the referees here in PWC. The boss’s office is just down the hallway to the right. You can’t miss it – it literally says “BOSS’S OFFICE.”

“Is that so? Actually, I’m pretty bad with directions. Would you care to take me there?”

“Yeah, sure. Why not?”

Jalapeno turns around and does a little celebration as his mission to woo PWC’s only female referee has seemingly worked. He composes himself before turning around motioning for Jeffers to go first. But they eventually walk side by side.

“So, your first match is a triple threat match I hear. I’m actually the one who’s going to be the referee for that match, you know?”

Jalapeno stops.

“Really? So you can tell me all about my opponents then?”

“Not exactly. The other guy is new and Pantera is as unpredictable as they get.”

Jalapeno’s shoulders sag down but perk back up almost immediately.

“That’s fine. That’s just the way I like it.”

“What do you mean?”

“The unpredictability of the match. Those are the matches I live for. I like not knowing about my opponents because where’s the fun in knowing all about your opponents? That'll just lead me to strategizing about certain stuff when I can just go out there and have fun. I’m doing this for the fun of it. Not for the paycheck – which I don’t mind, but for the fun of it. If I’m having fun, then the crowd will be having fun. Isn’t that the point of all of this?”

“Well yeah, but wouldn’t it be better to be well equipped for your match?”

“Gwen – may I call you Gwen?”

Jeffers nods her head.

“That’s not exactly how I see things. I feel as though if my opponents do their homework on me, then it’s my job to throw them a curveball. It’s my job to adapt – to find opportunities to change the tide of a match. Sure, I have some trustworthy moves I can hit during the match, but that doesn’t always spell victory for me.”

Jalapeno begins to take something out of his back pocket – it’s another bag of Hot Cheetos! How did they fit in his back pocket?!

“You see, much like you, these chips are hot ;)

Jeffers chuckles a little bit. Even Jalapeno is heard chuckling – being very proud of that line just now.

“Not all people like hot things. Like this bag of chips, these are spicy. But not for me. If someone were to eat these chips on a regular basis, they’d probably have stomach issues or they’d have to drink a lot of milk. But that’s not me. Milk cannot put me down for long.”


“In this case, my opponents are the milk that are trying to extinguish me – to put me away. But using my skills, no matter how hard they try to put out the fire, that won’t happen. Because before they do, I’ll just keep bringing the fire ;)

Jalapeno flashes a thumbs up at Jeffers who awkwardly returns the favor.

“Now, I believe the exchanging of digits is in order?”

Jalapeno reaches into his back pocket to reveal a small piece of paper and a pen – what else can fit in those back pockets?! He hands it over to Jeffers. Jalapeno nods his head but the smile is evident despite not being able to see it through the mask. Jeffers begins writing before finally returning the piece of paper and pen back to Jalapeno. She taps him on the shoulder before leaving the scene.

“Yeah! Ditched a boring tour, ate some Hot Cheetos, and got a girl’s number. Today’s a good day.”

Jalapeno pulls the paper to eye level – DAMN IT!

The paper reads, “Only my husband calls me hot.”

“Mr. Jalapeno! There you are!”

Eriksen comes back into the scene but isn’t greeted well by Jalapeno.

“I’ve been looking all over for you. Where have –“

Jalapeno takes Eriksen’s right hand and places the paper Jeffers gave back to him before leaving Eriksen once again. Eriksen reads what’s on the paper. He squints his eyes before a very confused look on Eriksen’s face ends the scene.

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I'm so sorry I know this is last minute but this is the first time I need an extension for a promo.
No worries, 24 hour extension granted to Remy Dieu & Jensen.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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Brooklyn, New York
0100 Hours

10 on 8 up, man.

10 on the table!

Voices echo out of an alley deep in the heart of Brooklyn, just as a nearby Jacob Bianchi checks his watch.

Right on schedule. I might need to give Mr. Walker a bonus for this one.

As he walks towards the alley, Bianchi lets out an involuntary shiver of excitement. Days of planning and waiting had all led up to this exact moment. While he knew what he was about to learn wasn't exactly groundbreaking news, it still comforted him to be out in the field, actually putting in the work himself, instead of reading the report at a later date. It meant he could guarantee that the knowledge he'd receive would remain untainted and unedited.

The light from the streets dims slightly, taking with it the last warmth that the city of New York had to offer on this cold November night.

Bianchi's face begins to slowly light up bit by bit as he almost glides towards the two men gathered around a small table lit by a store's light.

Pausing for a minute in the last of the remaining shadows, Bianchi composes himself before stepping out into the light, fully intent on gaining the information he required at any necessary cost.

As he walks towards the table, Bianchi notices one of the players flick his hand out and grab something before stuffing it hastily into his pocket. As his companion draws himself up to protest, he nods towards Bianchi, which quickly silences any argument between the two.

Evening, Gentleman. Lovely night for a spot of dice rolling, is it?

Despite his earlier excitement, Bianchi's voice remains neutral as he inspects both men, trying to crack the blank expressions both have.

Huh? Yeah, man. Lovely and all that.

The harsh Brooklyn accent almost sounds defensive to Bianchi, who has directed his gaze down at the talker's face, gazing into the crinkled black eyes that he had seen boring a hole through him from his files earlier that day.

Kyle Roberts, isn't it?

The speaker recoils, thrown by some complete unknown casually throwing his name out as casually as if they were old friends.

Do I know you?

Bianchi lets out a short harsh laugh, startling the two men sat at the table.

Fortunately, I doubt that. I don't often turn to the lower end of the criminal ladder.

Kyle scoffs.

Ay, man. We ain't done nothing. You a cop or something?

His friend pipes up.

Yeah man, you gotta say if you're a cop.

Bianchi doesn't even acknowledge the other man's existence, choosing instead to continue looking down at Roberts.

Mr. Roberts, have you ever seen this man?

Bianchi pulls a picture out from his jacket pocket, and dangles it in front of Kyle's eyes.

Has a few names, most notably Leo Masters or Mike Bartel. From what I hear, he runs a Community Center around here, dedicated to the children of Brooklyn.

Kyle licks his lips before responding.

Nah.. Nah, man. Never seen him before.

Bianchi's brow furrows a little, but other than that, he remains as neutral as ever.

Come now, Mr. Roberts. As I hear it, the two of you had a run in a few years back. From what I've heard, it was related to your little gang being in his neighborhood.

Roberts looks a little worried now.

Come on, man. I said I've never seen him before. You fuckin' deaf or something?

Bianchi slams his hand down on the wooden table and a loud THUNK echoes through the alley.

I'm going to ask you politely once more, Mr. Roberts. Then, if you continue to lie to me, I'm going to call the police, who I'm sure will be happy to put an end to this little endeavor you have here.

We're just rolling dice, man. The cops can't touch us.

Bianchi laughs.

You are, yes. Though I'm not so sure that the bag Mr. Alexander here so carefully returned to his pocket was some popcorn he was reluctant to share.

Bianchi flashes a smile at the flustered 'Mr. Alexander', whose hand flinches towards his jacket pocket.

Now, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to know more about the man I just showed you. Preferably in a timely manner, as it's a tad late, and I've got more important business to see to.

Alright. He's just some fuckin' diehard community man who wants to see people go somewhere with their lives. I dunno what you think he's done, but we kept an eye on him for months, and the worst thing he does is fuckin' snore.

Bianchi nods, looking a little disappointed.

The fuck did the boy scout do?

Bianchi pauses for a second before responding.

Annoyingly little. Everything I've seen comes to the same conclusion you have. He's spotless.

Roberts nods.

Yeah, man. We couldn't fuckin' touch him after months of checking up on him. What hope did you have?

Bianchi laughs heartily at this.

Yes, what hope would I ever have in competing with a group of geniuses who decided that watching a man sleep would be a productive endeavor.

Roberts looks like he wants to speak up, but a quick shake of the head from his companion shuts him up again.

Well, don't let me hold you from your game, gentlemen. Enjoy your evenings.

Bianchi walks off, leaving the two men in his wake. He'd failed tonight, but instead of frustration, he felt elated. This Leo Masters was proving to be a problem beyond solving, but this just served to excite Bianchi. His second match in the PWC and he was already being forced to think on his feet.

Behind Bianchi the voice of Roberts picks up again.

10 still on the table.

* * *

London, United Kingdom
2300 Hours

Last call!

Looking around the dingy bar, Jacob Bianchi felt a stab of fear in his gut. What if he didn't come?

Ever since the call had come in at midday, Bianchi had been debating whether he should even show up to this meeting. What if it was all a set up? He'd be in front of a jury by the end of the week, and by the end of the month, he'd be looking at a 10 year sentence. If he was lucky.

Just as Bianchi's nerve was about to leave him, a gust of wind blasts through the bar as the door opens and quickly closes, leaving a shivering man stood in the entrance, brushing flakes of snow from his shoulders.

The man takes one quick look around the bar, before nodding to the barman, who points into the corner where Bianchi is sat, half-hidden in the shadows.

Realising that this is what he was here for, Bianchi quickly finishes the drink he was nursing, wincing as the fiery liquid rushes past the lump in his throat.

As he approaches, Bianchi takes in his would be companion, looking to memorise every detail possible, hoping that he can somehow find something to use as leverage. Looking him up and down, Bianchi takes in the slightly damp clothes, ruffled by the wind outside, stopping at the lapel, on which there lies a small badge in the shape of a lily.

Other than that, Bianchi can't see anything else that would make this man stand out in a crowd. His slightly pale face, parted hair and dead eyes just made him look a bit like a banker. Bianchi stifles a laugh as he pictures the man sitting behind a desk, looking wistfully at the stack of papers in front of him.

Taking a seat across from him, Bianchi notices that his companion seems a little disappointed.

Not what you were expecting?

The stranger holds his peace for a moment before responding in an accent that Bianchi couldn't quite place.

Forgive me, Mr. Bianchi, but the problem here seems to be of my own doing. I was expecting this establishment to be a little busier, if only to hide the discussion I'm sure we'll be having.

Bianchi looks confused for a moment, but shrugs his shoulders as two new drinks are placed on the table by the barman.

If you'd prefer, I could clear everyone out, Mr. Lane. I know you usually prefer to see a full house, but today seems to be a bad day.

Lane picks up his glass and turns to the barman.

Not at all, dear friend. They'll hear nothing important.

The barman bows before heading back behind his counter, where he glowers at the other patrons.

To your health, Mr. Bianchi.

Lane throws back his head and drains the entire glass in one go, smacking his lips as he finishes.

Jacob, I do insist you drink. We've a lot to discuss, and it won't do us well to do so with dry throats.

Bianchi looks down at his drink uneasily, which causes Lane to laugh quietly.

If I had any plan to poison or otherwise harm you, I can assure you that I wouldn't be so obvious about it.

Seeming reassured, Bianchi picks up his glass and takes a quick gulp of the drink inside. The taste of pineapple and grape threaten to overwhelm his taste buds, but just as they get too much, they're joined by a hint of strawberry, which balances everything out. Bianchi quickly drains the rest of the glass.

Lane, who was watching intently, seems satisfied.

Now that we've gotten this out of the way, I think it's time we talked business, don't you?

Bianchi nods.

Mr. Bianchi, I understand that you've acquired files that you think might assist my clients.

Bianchi finally finds his tongue.

Mr. Lane, this information isn't just going to help your clients. It's going to help your entire organisation.

Lane raises an eyebrow.


Bianchi nods.

Organisation. Mr. Lane, if we're going to be discussing business, I'd like there to be no lies between us. What you and your organisation do with the information I give you is no concern of mine, but I won't stand for being lied to.

He takes a second before continuing.

I know you don't work alone, in fact, I already know the names of several of your partners in this little enterprise you have going.

Lane begins to speak, but Bianchi holds up his hand.

This isn't a threat, it's just facts. I have no intention of taking this to the authorities, and I have no interest in meeting your partners. All I ask is that you speak the truth in these meetings of ours. Clear?

Lane studies Bianchi for a second, taking in the look of determination that is set on his face, and the cold dead eyes that are boring a hole into his head, trying to ferret out any secrets they can.

Crystal, Mr. Bianchi.

Lane quietly clears his throat.

As you pointed out, I am not in this enterprise alone. I, however, made the choice to come here without my partners knowing, as I believe the less people know about your betrayal...

Bianchi winces, but Lane carries on.

...the less anyone can gain from them when my partners unfortunately fall from grace.

Bianchi nods and then reaches into the briefcase that is lying by his chair. He pulls out several thick folders, filled with notes.

This is a copy of everything that I could find on every client that I linked to you. There's 10 years worth of bank transactions, dirty side deals, stiffed workers and bastard children in there, so I'm sure you'll put this all to great use.

Bianchi reaches into the briefcase and pulls out one more folder, this one a lot smaller than the others.

And this... Well, this is a show of faith from me to you.

Lane looks surprised as he takes the folder and begins to peruse through the contents.


While small, there's enough information in that folder to get a foothold in Bahrain, affording you a chance to set up shop in there.

What makes you think we need to get a foothold in Bahrain?

Not Bahrain, Mr. Lane. Asia. I'm sure there's plenty of opportunity for a man of your talents to make money out in the east. All it would take is a starting point, and where better? Close proximity to both the Arabian and Qatari Sheikhs while also remaining close to the Russian Oligarchs.

Lane's eyes light up, and he nods, placing the folder with the others on the table.

Very well, Mr. Bianchi, I can see that this meeting has been productive.

He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a card, which he pushes towards Bianchi.

Should you find any more information that you're willing to share, call this number. We'll discuss a price and from there a drop off point.

Bianchi nods, still looking at the card, trying to memorise the number.

As for this meeting, you'll find that money has already been put into your account. We hope you find the amount satisfactory.

Lane reaches over, grabs the briefcase and places the files back into it before standing. Bianchi quickly follows suit.

Lane takes one last long look into Bianchi's eyes before extending a hand, which is quickly taken.

It has been a pleasure, Mr. Bianchi.

Bianchi nods in return, fighting to keep his face neutral.

Lane makes his way out of the bar, and for a brief second, the wind begins to tear through the open door before it's cut off once again. Back at his table, Bianchi begins counting.

One, two three...

When he reaches one hundred, he gets to his feet and makes his way to the door, stopping only to turn to the barman who waves him away.

Everything has been paid for by Mr. Lane. Enjoy your evening.

Bianchi grins before making his way out of the bar, bracing himself just as the howling wind hits him.

This is a lot longer than I thought it'd be, but I had a bit more to get in than I originally thought. It's not my best work, but I think I've got a decent starting point here for Bianchi's story. Plus, I think I gave you all a little bit of a better look into Bianchi's mind. Not a huge look, but hopefully enough.

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Scene Begins, deep in the murky forests of Louisiana.

It’s a wonderful day really, the sun is shining through the trees, its warmth is like a blanket, covering the birds, the snakes, and the wolves that roam these forests. Many people have entered these forests, trying to get away from it all, to get away from the big city. To seek the comforts of mother nature.. But some of those people that venture into these forests.. Seeking that comfort. Learn that mother nature, that the wild, can be a cruel son of a bitch. This forest has become the resting place to many.

Remy Dieu, has came across the decaying bodies of many humans, bodies that have been torn apart by packs of hungry wolves. Remy Dieu has even came across, the limp hanging bodies of humans hung from the branches of trees. I guess there are those who come to this forest, that has seen the true horror of humanity, that has seen the truth, and the truth must have driven them mad..

The sight of seeing so many bodies, hanging, their eyes open, and lifeless, saddens, Remy Dieu. As Remy Dieu thinks to himself, that he could saved each and every one of these humans. How his words, how he could have used his inner strength and power, to comfort them, and make them strong, and join him in his quest to save the world..

Remy Dieu's only comfort is knowing that not everyone can be saved.

That’s why Remy Dieu understands that the more popular he gets, the more his voice is heard, the more people he can reach and save, and show the light, and to pull those people and pull the world away from darkness, and push it towards the truth.

On this day, Remy Dieu is walking through the forest with his beloved camera, Remy Dieu is still wearing the same clothes he wore from the other day, where he showed the world the man that Jensen truly is, and destroyed him. And becoming not only the television champion, but the champion to all those who waited their whole lives for a hero, and along comes a man that exposes the liars, and along comes the man of a thousand truths...A man who plans to saves them all.

Remy Dieu plants his camera into the camera stand, and walks in front of it. Remy Dieu looks dead at the camera, lifts his title up showing off his possession the Television Title. Remy Dieu then lays his title on the ground, turns away and looks up at the sky.

Well, ladies and gentleman I hope what I’ve done to Jensen, at Hell’s Judgment, was an eye opener. When I say I’m here to expose your false idols that you so blindly worship, I meant just that.

You see, I know I’m a good person. But I also know that many of you saw this whole story as me, The Big Bad Remy Dieu…. The Monster, you’re typically villain, who comes around every once in awhile to strike fear into all of you, who destroys everything in his path… Against Jensen… The Good Guy. The Man that kids wants to grow up and be just like.. The man that females just love and idolize… (Remy Dieu winks his right eye at the camera and let’s out a slight smile) How you doing Morgan…


Jensen, the man that was supposed to Rise up, like David against Goliath, slay the monster that is Remy Dieu, and send me packing, and away for good. But now that’s not what happened was it. It seems like Jensen is not the hero you all thought he was..

Now I don’t want you to fret. This was and still is, a story of Good Vs Evil.. But I assure I’m the hero, I'm the good in all of this ... You can describe me as a Chaotic Good if you want. And I assure you, Jensen is Evil. Jensen puts it into your children heads, that if you smile, work hard, and all that crap, that everything works out in the end. But Jensen, that’s easy for you to say, with your model looks, your charm, with how gifted you are at everything you do, everything just comes easy for you. But that’s not how the world works my friend. I speak the truth, you see I spent my whole life, scratching and clawing, on my own, no one believed in me, no one believed in Remy Dieu, and I prayed to a higher power for the strength to get to where I need to be, so I can be a true hero to the people watching at home, and look at me now, I’m a Champion.

And not only that Jensen. People are starting to listen to my words. Now Jensen, I want you to understand that in my fight to the top. I had a lot of people thanking me, because I showed them what they needed to do to really get ahead in life. But there was one person, that stood out to me, the most.. As being the most thankful..

Jensen, it's a person you should know very, very well.
Now I’m not normally the kind of person for surprises, but I honestly want to see your face in person, when I show you the person, who I’ve welcomed as my student.. As my friend.. As my family…

Jensen, At Hell’s Judgment I destroyed you physically…. And at this thunder. I’m going to scar you emotionally.

Ladies and Gentleman, Remy Dieu is on the hunt, Remy Dieu is hungry…. And Jensen, once again, you're on the menu.

A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting we will go!


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We have received Leo Master's RP.

Leo Master's RP said:
Two weeks ago I returned from Idaho to find the Community Center trashed. Busted up by The Priest and his goons. I guess Johnnie didn’t think too much of my ultimatum, and took full advantage of me being out of town wrestling for PWC. Brick and mortar can be rebuilt, but my friends had to be take to the emergency room.

I did this. I stupidly started a war with Johnnie “The Priest” Parks when I turned down his proposal to help him sell drugs in the new circles I’m now finding myself in. I got offered a spot on the pay per view Hell’s Judgement, which would have brought in more money for the community, but I had to knock that back to help clean up and make sure Johnnie didn’t come calling around again.

The scumbag left messages on my cell, telling me what he’d do next if I didn’t change my mind. I told him face to face if he came down here, on my side of the street, that he’d regret it. And now he does.

I walked into his bar and showed him what happens when you mess with Big Mike, hell, with Leo Masters, the Lord of the Concrete Jungle. I know it’s just some stupid marketing gimmick. Some name to sell t-shirts, but hell, when you’re in that mindset you tend to think you’re bulletproof.

Before I got to Johnnie, Vic, Papa and Freddie all got their asses handed to them. Stupid bastards. I’ve known them for years. I told them not to hang with Johnnie, and not to mess in my business. All of them now have their jaw’s wired shut. Too bad. Johnnie then tries to pull a gun on me. A bullet ended up in his knee. I don’t think it’ll work the same way again. I asked him if he thinks I should let him live for what he did. He begged me to let him live.... Not that I would kill anyone here back home. He’s heard the stories of what I had to do in Afghanistan. I just let him believe the hype.

I told him I better not regret it and he needs to move out of the neighborhood by the end of the week, otherwise I’ll come back and finish the job. Since then he’d cleared out. But I’ve got my eyes and ears to the street. I’m sure it’s not over between Priest and me.

So here I am, back at the PWC, I’ve got to earn more money, help rebuild the center and get it back up and running. I mean this stuff will start scaring people away from coming down and being helped by my staff. I gotta win tonight. This Jacob Bianchi guy seems on his game. I watched his fight with Pantera last Sunday and he seemed pretty cool under pressure. So I’ll apply a lot more. I’ll use my power game to take him down and then use my ground and pound to ensure I come back a winner. I have to. The Community Center and the neighborhood rely on it. Rely on me.

Losing isn’t an option. Not tonight. He ain’t knocking me out, and I ain’t tappin’ out. Too much on the line. Too much...

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NOTE: This was a bit long but it being my introduction promo I wanted to touch on a couple different things, feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated as I am still learning my ropes around this and it's the only way I will get better and learn.

The scene opens as PWC announcer Danny Eriksen looks into the camera.

"Hello ladies and gentleman, I am here with a PWC.COM exclusive. We are anxiously awaiting the newest member of the PWC, PrimeTime Jake Masterson."

Danny Eriksen waits a few moments and looks at his watch nervously.

"I apologize for the delay folks, he should have really been here by n-"

Suddenly a voice is heard behind him. A man wearing a flashy suit approaches Danny. Behind the man are three beautiful ladies all donning evening gowns and behind the group is a tall black man with a suit and sunglasses. The group approaches Danny as he speaks.

"Okay, sorry sir. This is a reserved area."

The man speaks.

"Danny baby relax. I am here to do the interview."

"Who are you?" Danny wonders.

"My name is Gage Grayson and I am the Public Relations Agent for PrimeTime Jake Masterson."

Danny nods and can't help but look at the three beauties. He leans over and tries to get a better look.

"And who are theyyy?"

Gage Grayson turns around and smiles.

"Those are the PRIMETIME PETS but enough about them. I am going to make this short and sweet. Mr. Masterson would like to make it known he plans on stepping into the ring soon. What that basically means is it's going to be one big party on Vortex except for the men who have the unbelievable misfortune of getting into the ring with my client."

Danny nods as he begins to speak.

"Gage...can I call you Gage? We have heard many good things about PrimeTime Jake Masterson but he's yet to prove himself in the PWC squared circle. PWC has the cream of the crop when it comes to talent...its jus-"

Gage cuts him off.

"Yeah yeah, Mr. Masterson is an expert in that sort of thing. Listen, it doesn't matter who he goes up against, get your ticket for Vortex because it's going to be a wild one. That's all from us, we're outta here!"

Gage then snaps his fingers as the group follows him. Danny quickly runs and catches up to them. He looks at the big black man with the suit and sunglasses.

"Wait sir, who are you? I didn't get your name."

The man peers into Danny's eyes and grabs the microphone; he somehow manages to break the microphone in half showing his incredible strength. Gage quickly pulls him away and laughs a bit.

"Danny, so sorry about that. That's Big Anthony, Mr. Masterson's personal bodyguard whom he so kindly loaned to me for this interview. He doesn't talk much."

Gage looks at the broken microphone on the floor.

"Really sorry about your microphone.... yeah.... anyway, see you.... OHHHHHH, wait I almost forgot! Mr. Masterson sent this for you."

Gage reaches into his pocket and hands Danny a photograph. Gage nods then walks away. Danny looks and it's an autographed picture of PrimeTime Jake Masterson. The picture is made out to 'Manny Eriksen'.

Danny shakes his head.








The scene opens and we see PrimeTime Jake Masterson. Alongside him are his PrimeTime Pets - The Blonde, The Brunette & The Raven. On the other side of PrimeTime is bodyguard Big Anthony & PR Agent Gage Grayson. Behind PrimeTime is the Target Center, home of the Minnesota Timberwolves and more importantly the venue of Vortex Season 2 Episode 8. The camera pans around to get the entire view of the arena then zooms out showing PrimeTime Jake Masterson and his Entourage.

"It's time for the PWC Universe to be introduced to PrimeTime Jake Masterson!"

PrimeTime Jake Masterson laughs and puts back on his sunglasses.

"PrimeTime can stand here and go on and on about how he is the future of PWC. He can talk about him one day being the franchise player, the ticket seller, the show stealer and the one that will be putting asses into the seats but .....NO!"

PrimeTime raises his hand.

"No, PrimeTime will not do that. Right here, right now at this moment PrimeTime is here to talk about one thing and one thing only....Vortex."

PrimeTime pauses for a moment and turns around pointing at Target Center.

"You see that? That's the Target Center, home of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Yes this building is occupied by some of the biggest losers in the NBA. The Wolves have never won a championship let alone come close to it. You know who that sounds like?"

PrimeTime smiles at the camera and nods.

"Mr. Jalapeno...PrimeTime is sure the PWC Universe knows nothing of this nobody and deservedly so but PrimeTime can promise you one thing, after this week at Vortex Jalapeno will be forever known, forever in the history books, he'll be one of two men to suffer defeat giving PrimeTime Jake Masterson his very first PWC victory."

"Jalapeno it's not a secret you're a typical loser, why...in that empty thing you refer to as a brain...would you think you can beat someone in PrimeTime's league. You are out of his league by miles. You should've stayed under a rock where you belong. No one is in PrimeTime's league because PrimeTime IS the league. You on the other hand, you have no relevance at PWC nor will you ever. Don't you get it Jalapeno man?"

PrimeTime shakes his head and laughs.

"You and PrimeTime are both new; however you lead very different paths. PrimeTime will emerge to the top of the PWC ladder meanwhile you will fade at the bottom rung."

PrimeTime points to the ground.

"That's where you are. The bottom of PWC's ladder. Where PrimeTime is going, where he is undoubtedly headed, is somewhere so far above YOU that you can't even fathom from that bottomless pit where you reside."

PrimeTime shrugs as he continues.

"Jalapeno you don't have what it takes to get into the squared circle with someone like PrimeTime. You lack the talent, the intelligence, the wit and the testicular fortitude to ever defeat someone with the caliber of PrimeTime.

PrimeTime can go back and forth with you spilling verbal assaults but the truth of the matter is you are in no way shape or form on my level. You just have to accept the fact that you are less of a man, competitor, athlete, FILL IN THE BLANK than PrimeTime.

PrimeTime is not here to go above and beyond the standards, he is here to be THEE STANDARD. This match is nothing more than an exhibition so that PrimeTime can showcase his talents. Will it get him a title shot? No. Will it move him up in the ranks? No. Will it propel him into super stardom? Look at PrimeTime; it doesn't get more SUPERSTAR then this."

Just then Gage Grayson leans in and whispers to PrimeTime.

"You do realize there is another guy in this match, Pantera something or other?"

PrimeTime laughs as he pats Gage on the back.

"Pantera? He is not a factor and quite frankly I don't even want to waste my breath on him. Jalapeno Man is beneath mediocrity but this guy Pantera? He's just nonexistent.

Come Vortex PrimeTime will put that pussy cat Pantera to sleep and end Jalapeno Man. There is nothing he can do about it, he's already lost the verbal battle after PrimeTime's tongue lashing, all that's left is what will take place in the ring and that...is just a formality. Vortex will be rockin and rollin and PrimeTime will be partying but for Pantera and Mr. Jalapeno it's going to be a long long night because remember IT's NOT A GOOD TIME..."

PrimeTime Jake Masterson opens his arms as the PrimeTime Pets crowd around him and all turn to the camera and yell out in unison.


The camera slowly begins to zoom out as PrimeTime Jake Masterson and his entourage walks away, Gage once again leans over to speak to PrimeTime.

"Very nice work Mr. Masterson, but you do know, the brass at PWC usually wants these things to be a certain way. They don't really want you to run these guys into the ground. You basically just burie-"

PrimeTime stops Gage before he could finish.

"PrimeTime does what he wants when he wants, you know that Gage."

PrimeTime looks to his left where some small construction is going on around the Target Center. He points.

"Just use that on the train wreck Pantera and Jalapeno call a career."

The camera then zooms in onto the object PrimeTime is pointing to while slowly fading.


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The night after Shadow issued his open challenge....

We fade up in the gym. It’s a rather busy afternoon with all the areas occupied. We see Matty at the punchbag. He looks incredibly fuelled and focused, maybe even more so than ever. He lays into the bag with left after right. Right after left. A high kick here, a low kick there. The combinations he is pulling off are insane.

Kyle arrives at the main entrance and immediately storms up to Matty. He is irate, screaming and flailing his arms in rage. However, Matty has a pair of earphones in and cannot hear a thing, he doesn’t even acknowledge is friend/coach and continues working on the bag.

A few seconds pass and Kyle is just staring at Matty. The man known in the squared circle as Shadow eventually stops and turns to look at Kyle. Before he has a chance to blink, Kyle rips the earphones from his head, out of his phone and launches them across the room.

The men around the building stop their training and look on at the pair. Some ready to intervene, some just looking on in pure shock.

Kyle puts a hand up, but never takes his eyes off Matty.​

As you were, gentlemen.

The men all resume their training but most of them going at a much slower pace, ready to jump up if required.​

What the hell were you thinking?

Oh, give it a rest Kyle

Matty rolls his eyes and turns back to his punch bag, but before he has a chance to do anything Kyle grabs him and spins him around. The men on the machines slow down even further anticipating this going physical.​

Picking a fight, that you might not even get against one of the most dangerous men in PWC. Are you out of your mind?

Kyle, you’re my trainer… Well, you were. Not my boss; not my life coach; not even my friend right now dude.

Don’t you even dare go there. Not this bull shit again. My help has had a huge impac-

Yeah it has, but your bickering with Tony has had an impact too. I can’t focus on what I need to do when I gotta sort you two and your childish fights out as well

Focus on what you need to do. What’s that? Ruin your own rise to the top? Because that’s what you’re going to do.

I don’t need to listen to your bullshit, Kyle. I have a match to prepare for.

That’s just the thing, which match are you preparing for? Shio Corin or Crowley?

Matty looks visibly disgusted at the mention of the World Champion’s name.
You’ve jumped the gun. You had a good thing going, and if you’d have taken it at the right pace then you’d be challenging for the World Title in good time and would truly be able to prove yourself, but you’ve gone in head first and you’re overlooking Shio, I can see it in your face.

I couldn’t wait.

Why not? Because you’re getting greedy? Getting ahead of yourself? All that success gone to your head?

Suddenly, Matty snaps​


He shoves Kyle to the floor. Men from around the room rush over and get between the two.​

No no boys. It’s fine.

Kyle gets himself up and dusts himself off.​

We’ll take this into my office. Come on.

Kyle walks toward his office, and after releasing a huge sigh, Matty follows.

Matty shuts the door behind him, as Kyle is already sat behind his desk.​

What the hell was that?

I’m sorry, I took it too far, I know.

You’re damn right you took it too far. I’m not in the PWC Matty, and you know more than anyone why. Shoving a guy like me down like that isn’t a great idea, one more bad knock and I might never walk another day in my life.

Don’t be so over-dramatic-

Over-dramatic? Oh, was screaming in the middle of MY business and shoving ME the OWNER to the floor not over dramatic?

Have you forgotten, half of this place is mine?

Have you forgotten you didn’t want it at first?

Matty hangs his head.​

Talk to me. Crowley. He’s your rival I know but I didn’t know it meant this much to you?

Matty drags a seat to the desk and sits down.
Ever since I joined PWC, he’s been the blip on my radar. The blemish of my PWC career. We both come in and tell the fans that we encompass the Darkness, and we do, but in so many different ways and for so many different reasons. I use it, for justice. He uses it for nothing but evil. He’s everything I’m not but to the people the comparisons are there and we’re just 2 sides of the same coin. And as long as he walks around with that ‘Crown’ then he’s the legitimate guy, the one the fans believe truly represents the Darkness. I don’t want that. The very thing that I have utilised to build my path to this point is being represented by a monster.

Look Matty, I can see this is a real serious issue for you. And I get that, Crowley has taken something that is a key feature, a trademark of your personality and style. He’s made it out not only to be his own, but to be something truly despicable. But the reason I was so mad when I walked in is how you’ve gone about this. You are now in a match against Shio Corin where YOUR Legacy Title will be on the line. If you overlook him then he’s gonna pick up a cheap win. Not only will you not be able to prove yourself against Crowley, he’ll be ridiculing you that you lost everything just for a chance to fight him which you never got. And then he’ll look even more superior than he already is. Your mind is your biggest strength, but also your biggest weakness.

I’m not an idiot, I am totally focused on beating Shio.

How many tapes have you watched?

What’s that gotta do with anything?

So none. Great. Don’t you see that you’re preparing for a fight you might not even get.

I will get the fight I want.

How can you be sure?

Because Kyle, I am the true master of the Darkness. I am the one who truly has everything that Crowley wants when it comes to power and the force that I can be. But there’s one thing he has that I want, and I want that so badly that I am not gonna let anybody or anything get in my way on my road to achieving it.

You know what Matty. In fact no. You know what, Shadow? I think you’re being pretty stupid and naive, but I thought the same before you fought Angel and you proved me wrong. I think your preparation isn’t where it needs to be, but I haven’t heard you as passionate and focused on anything like this in years.

The two men stand either side of the desk and stare eye to eye.
Go prove me wrong again. While you’re away I’ll put together a training plan for your big World Title match.

A half-smirk crawls across Matty’s face.​

See you on the other side.

Matty exits the room, grabs his bag which was still by the punching bag and leaves the building.​

Fade out.

Moments before Vortex 8

We see Sondra Rowe stood in the back stage interviewing space.
Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome – The Legacy Champion – Shadow!

We start to zoom out from the shot and see Shadow to the right of Miss Rowe pacing back and forth. Wearing his Wrestling tights and boots, with a zipped-open black hoodie. His hood is up and his head is down, the Legacy Title is draped over his right shoulder with his right hand clasping the strap in place.​

Shadow, tonight you defend your title for the 3rd time. If you are successful, then you will become to second man to have done so and earn yourself a shot at the Championship of the World. How are you feeling heading into a match with such huge implications?

Shadow stops his pacing, readjusts his grip on his title and lifts his head up for the reporter.​

That’s right. That’s the opportunity that stands before me. As for how I feel, I’m ready, determined, excited, exhilarated, focused. I’m feeling a lot of things, even a little scared I must admit. Scared of the outcome no matter what the result of my match is tonight.

That being said, if you do win tonight, then you get what you made very clear you want during the press conference earlier this week. You get a shot at the World Champion, King Crowley-

Can I just stop you right there? This King Crowley shit is what really grates on me. What he’s done to that belt is a blatant act of disrespect. In my first Pay-Per-View match Crowley showed me just how much he lacks respect. The way he got his drones to attack me the weeks before, and the fashion he went about the match, even ripping my Mask that I used to wear. A huge sign of dishonour. But I got some payback when HE was the man I put down for the 1-2-3 to capture this right here.

Shadow holds his Legacy title above his head. After a moment he lays it back down upon his shoulder.​

Then, the very next Vortex he’s gifted an opportunity at the big one? That doesn’t feel very fair does it? If Crowley had pinned me for this, do you think I’d have been given that shot?

Sondra begins to bring the microphone to her mouth to answer the question.
NO! Of course, I wouldn’t have. Because I have had to fight to earn every damn thing I’ve ever gotten out of life. But that’s not me being bitter or complaining. I like a good fight.

All that being said Shadow, do you not fear that you are over-looking your opponent for tonight, the man who threatens to take your championship, Shio Corin?

Shadow stops and glares at the reporter for a moment as she echoes what Kyle had stressed to him earlier in the week. Was he taking this too lightly? Was his focus all wrong?​


Shadow gives his head a shake and resumes his focus.​

Threatens to take my championship? Oh no Sondra, you’ve got it all wrong. Win or lose, when I walk out of here tonight I’m no longer the Legacy champion. I put out an open challenge, to help me get what I want, all Shio did was decide he was gonna be the absolute idiot to try and step between me and my ultimate goal. And make no bones about it, my Ultimate goal is the World Championship, but the fact I will get to take it from Crowley as I beat some respect into him just makes it oh so much better.

Thanks for your time Shadow. Any final words for Mr Corin?

Shadow thinks for a moment. He remembers everything he possibly can about Shio. Not much is known, but he thinks on his feet.​

Of course. Shio Corin, you’re a man from “the rough streets” right? You think you’re the only one who’s upbringing wasn’t so smooth and that gives you sort of entitlement to fight against everyone and anyone, constantly be out for yourself? I too could be described as this kind of character, but I decided I’d do something productive with my experience. I love to hear the fans as they chant for me, the feeling I get from inspiring millions just as I was inspired so many years ago. Yet you love so much for them to hate you? I feel like you’ve gotten used to the hate, Shio? Well that’s gonna be a pretty good thing because I’ll give you a reason to hate me tonight. And even more importantly, I’ll make you hate yourself.

Shadow thinks to himself. He is prepared, a lot more so than he thought. His head IS in this fight. He remembers the disgust he felt when Shio answered his challenge and how he did so.

Shadow turns to leave but remembering Shio's little speech he stops himself. He turns back to the announcer. He holds his hand out as if requesting something. Sondra Rowe hands him the mic and Shadow proceeds to stare into the camera as he drops the mic, mimicking the actions of Shio Corin when he had answered the challenge laid down by the Legacy champion.

Shadow leaves the interview area, a much cockier Shadow than we usually see, but certainly a man who is ready to fight.​

Cut to black.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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If anyone has the time, a review of my RP would be appreciated. It'd be nice to know if there's still something that needs to be changed up.

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Not gonna lie, I just knew that Shio fucking Corin was gonna no-show. The guy tried to excuse his PPV no show by saying he was a champ in some other fed? I think was his point? That's why my RP was focused mostly on speech and not really any further back story development. But still it pisses me off when I could have just put

Shadow: lol I'm gonna win
Kyle: you go get em tiger

And that as my RP would have still beaten a no show :lmao

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Hell's Judgment

The lights flicker, as my eyelids open and close repeatedly. As I try to raise my head off the mat, I hear the feint sounds of the fans willing me to do so. My body, however, refuses to respond. I stretch out my fingers, as if I was reaching for safety. They fall limp.

I look up towards my opponent. His large frame looks down on me as I struggle to move. My head pounds from the repeated abuse at the hands of the "Healer". Such an ironic name if you ask me.

As, he walks away a shimmer of light reflects off of the gold he now holds in his hands. That is when reality finally sets in: Remy Dieu had just taken my television title. The title I have worked hard to get. The title I have worked so hard to defend each and every week.

I have lost many times before, but this time was different. This is the first time I was defeated before I had even stepped into the ring. The match was a mere formality...

Portland: A few days before Vortex 8

It was a typical evening in Portland, Oregon. Rain fell from the overcast which hid the starlight. In some areas, the only light visible was the tiny sliver of moonlight peaking out behind the cloud.

While most had gone to bed, I was hard at work in the gym. Remy beat me because of my lack of focus. I had lost track of what was important. Too many times I hit the Hollywood scene with my friend Morgan LaClaire, when I should have been training. Not anymore.


Sweat pours down my face as I exert every ounce of energy I have.


Each punch I throws has bad intentions behind them. Each connection making a sickening sound of leather and flesh colliding.


You could hear the pop from half a gym away.

It wasn't just dimpled, durable leather against flesh. It was that sickening sound of ligaments, tendons and bone colliding that can make even the not-so-squeamish cringe.



Had someone been around the gym time of night, they would have been startled by my little outburst. I glance down at my hand and try to move it. I stretch my hand out and feel the pain shoot through. Time to call it a night...

I step outside and take a deep breath. The fresh earthy smell of rain is the reason why I love being home in Portland. People think that water has no smell, But in reality after the drops hit the ground and interact with dirt, the fresh and almost sweet fragrance of rain is let go. You may not notice this in a large city, but in a forested area such as Portland it is impossible to miss.

This is where I needed to be right now. A comfortable place away from distractions. Morgan is great to hang out with, but sometimes her lifestyle can be too much for me. It was about going back to the basics. I didn't need fancy promos directed by Hollywood directors or appearences on Television programs. I needed to wrestle.

As I take in one more deep breath, I hear a familiar voice down the street. I glance over to try to make out who it is, but the poor lighting made it difficult to get a good view. I grab my belongings and head in the direction of the blurry figure.

As I move towards it, the shadowy figure begins to move away. As I speed up, so does the figure. Finally, I am at a near sprint. As I close the distance, the figure turns around.

Back you pervert, or I'll slit your throat and bath in your blood!

Gripping a pen tightly in her hand, she swung her hands wildly back and forth. At that moment our eyes locked and she recognized me.


Jensen, is that you?

She smiled and walked towards me. Realizing she still gripped her pen tightly, he dropped it on the sidewalk and walked towards me with her arms outstretched. She then looked around to get a view of our surroundings. Almost as if paranoia was setting in,

How have you been? I haven't heard from you in a long time. You just straight up vanished.

Yeah, sorry about that. I wish I could explain to you what happened, but I really can't. Just know that it had nothing to do with you.


Please come back to work for me. You were always my right hand and got things done for me. Seems like I have lost track of things since you have been gone.

I really wish I could, but I have a new job now. I work at a local newspaper. At first they just made me work do the crossword puzzle because I am a girl, and i love crossword puzzles, but now I am a writer.

You sure I can't change your mind?

I wish you could. But even if I wanted to, I can't. Trust me on that.

I was disappointed. She could see it on my face, so she avoided eye contact.

Well, ok. If you ever change your mind I will be here waiting. It gets lonely on the road. Morgan tags along once in a while, but even when she is there, its not the same as having you there.

Alison eyes widen at the mention of Morgan's voice. As she does, her face seems to loose a bit of color.

She's not here is she? I think I better go.

No, she is off filming a movie or something. Are you ok, it looks like you've just seen a ghost or something? And not the friendly kind either.

Yeah, I am fine. Listen, it was nice seeing you, but I think I better head home before it starts raining again. I can smell it in the air, it looks like a rain storm is coming.

I nod. She reaches in to give me one last hug. As she does she whispers in my ear.... Don't trust Morgan. As I stand there confused, she quickly scampered away like a frightened squirrel. Soon the rain begins to fall once more.


I finally arrive back at my house. Soaking wet, I walk towards the door. The porch light was out so I stumbled around for a few a few moments while I looked for my keys. Suddenly, a light turned on from the inside. The door opened, and Morgan stood there smiling while she wore one of my button up shirts.

Hello Sweetie. I have been waiting for you. Why don't you get in out of that awful rain. Take a warm bath. If you would like I might join you.

I stood there stunned.

Who the hell wants to take a bath? Bathtubs are nothing more than medieval filth cauldrons. Who in their right mind wants to simmer in a tea of their own dirt?


So what do you say?


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Not gonna lie, I just knew that Shio fucking Corin was gonna no-show. The guy tried to excuse his PPV no show by saying he was a champ in some other fed? I think was his point? That's why my RP was focused mostly on speech and not really any further back story development. But still it pisses me off when I could have just put

Shadow: lol I'm gonna win
Kyle: you go get em tiger

And that as my RP would have still beaten a no show :lmao

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He had an emergency come up, so I gave him a soft extension of 6 hours. Sorry for not posting that here. I did alert the creative team though.

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Shio Corin is sitting in his family's home in Camden, New Jersey. Sitting on the couch with his GCW World Heavyweight Championship. You can hear the TV in the background.

And this is just one example of DIY stepping stones. There are many different patterns you can achieve in just a few simple steps. You too could install your own stepping stones.

--//Shio Corin(thinking)\\--
Hmm... Stepping stones... How ironic. Isn't that what Shadow is trying to use me as? A stepping stone to further his career? I didn't think I would actually take the time to read that damn PWC rule book but now that I have... Shadow gets a shot at their world champ if he defends against me... No wonder he issued an open challenge. He wanted some idiot to come out that he could beat easily... SURPRISE.... This isn't going to be a walk in the park for him. So many doubters in my career. People already don't think I should be GCW Champ... I know they don't think I should have titles in two companies. But I don't give a damn what people think... Never have. I still can't get over the fact that Shadow wants to use me to launch him to the next level. Fuckin' around with me he'll get put exactly where he deserves to be... without a title and trying to fix his career. I'm not a stepping stone for careers... I end them.

Shio's phone goes off. He looks at it... there is a text message from Nigel Alexander, owner of GCW, that reads: GCW HQ... NOW. Shio puts his phone back down and stands up and starts to get ready to leave his house.

--//Shio Corin(thinking)\\--
Dammit. Not this again. Nigel can be so god damn annoying. Where's my keys? Ok got em... Now turn the TV off... Alright... Let me go see what this asshole wants even though I have a feeling that I already know.

Shio goes to his garage to pick out a car. In the garage you can see the wrecked yellow Lamborghini from his accident just before he won the GCW World Heavyweight title. He looks at it and touches it for good luck. Then he goes over to his yellow Porsche and gets in.. He drives off headed for the GCW Headquarters

--//Shio Corin(thinking)\\--
So not only do I have this match to worry about but now Nigel wants to start his shit too. Sometimes i just laugh. Here I am in two companies about to hold two titles. I'm on top of the business and then everyone wants to hate. I mean I get it haters are fueled by success... So I guess I'll keep gassing them up. Damn, I'm starting to get anxious for Vortex. I will get to prove that not only am I the King of GCW but i'm the king of WRESTLING...Period. I wish I could've seen the look on Shadow's face when he saw that I was accepting the challenge. I bet it was hilarious... I hope someone was around to see it. I bet he wishes he kept the mask on so people wouldn't see his shock.

Shio arrives at GCW headquarters and parks in the parking garage. He then heads up to Nigel Alexander's office. Shio blows off the secretary and walks straight in to Nigel's office. Nigel is seated at his desk and Shio sits opposite of him.

--//Shio Corin\\--
What is it now Nigel? You always seem to call me up here at the worst possible times.

--//Nigel Alexander\\--
Well, I was looking over your GCW contract and unfortunately I can't stop you from competing in PWC.

--//Shio Corin\\--
You called me up here for that? You think I ain't already know that?

--//Nigel Alexander\\--
No, I knew you probably knew that. There's more... It seems like every other time you appear on their show you get attacked and can't compete on their show. The last time almost kept you from competing at our Pay-per-view and that was a title match.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Yea... I feel you... but I picked myself up and survived that AND a car wreck and still won the title.

--//Nigel Alexander\\--
Yes, this time, however you have to understand I have to protect my investments and my company. So I am going to need you to sign a waiver.

--//Shio Corin\\--
The fuck? A waiver?! Saying what?

--//Nigel Alexander\\--
Basically, it says that you understand the risks involved with competing in PWC and that if you should become injured from it and unable to compete in GCW then you will have to forfeit your title here.

--//Shio Corin\\--
You think I'm gonna get hurt? The fuck kind of owner are you? Shouldn't you think your champ is the best in the world?

--//Nigel Alexander\\--
Look Shio, I've always shot straight with you so... I've seen Shadow's work. Hell I was trying to sign him. He was penciled in to my original plans to crown the first GCW champion. Instead I got you and he signed with PWC. Now I got you as champ and you're running around being reckless and I don't need that. I told you I was looking over your contract and I'm kicking myself because like I said there is nothing in there that can get me to stop you from wrestling there... but if it were up to me I would rather you not go there and not only embarrass yourself but embarrass the GCW and the GCW World Heavyweight Championship.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Man this is so fucked. I really can't believe what I'm hearing right now.

--//Nigel Alexander\\--
Can it Corin. Let's face it. I won't deny you're the best here but I don't think you're the best in the world. So just please... Make this easier on everyone and sign the damn waiver. Then you can go have your little match and shit who knows maybe you do come back here with the PWC Legacy Championship. But at least if Shadow destroys you I will be able to crown a new champ at our next pay-per-view.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Whatever man... just give me the damn paper and a pen.

Nigel slides the waiver and a pen over to Shio's side of the desk. Shio signs it and shoves it back and throws the pen across the room out of spite.

--//Shio Corin\\--
There... Your friggen paper is signed. Good doin business with you.

--//Nigel Alexander\\--
I know you don't like it Shio... but it has to be done. It's just business... Now go to PWC and try not to get killed. I expect you back in one piece to defend the World Heavyweight Championship. After all I know how much you love it.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Yeah Yeah... Next time I see you I will be carrying two titles.... Then you can suck it.

Shio stands up and leaves. Back in his car Shio takes the time to think about everything that is going on now.

--//Shio Corin(thinking)\\--
Damn. My owner doesn't even think I can win. Poor poor Shadow. He doesn't even know what just happened and how it effects him. Winning a PWC title is one thing but the GCW World title is my baby. Now that is in jeopardy too. Shadow has a world of frustration about to be unleashed on him and he doesn't even see it coming. I want him to forever think twice about ever issuing an open challenge. Can I win? Man now i'm starting to doubt myself.... How much longer can I keep up with this schedule? If I win will I be able to hold on to it? Three defenses of the Legacy title... three defenses and then I am on my way to being their World champ... Shio Corin, King of the WORLD, I like the way that sounds. Be ready Shadow...This is my Legacy....

It's just before Vortex. Shio is backstage with his GCW title. He's getting awkward looks from all the PWC staffers. Shio seems to be looking for someone and he finally comes across the sound guy.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Yo... YO! I'm talking to you... You handle the music right?

--//Sound Guy\\--
Uh... Yeah... I do why?

--//Shio Corin\\--
I need you to play this for me... start it just after the first verse... Can you handle that?

--//Sound Guy\\--
Yes Sir... Will Do Mr. Corin.

Shio walks away as the sound guy listens to the track and tries to get the cues right.
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