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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Taco Bell Arena
City: Boise, Idaho


Singles Match
Angel of Fear vs Hugh Reynolds

Triple Threat Match
Shio Corin vs Aaron Kendrick vs Leo Masters

*Winner is awarded a spot in the Prometheus Match

Singles Match
la Pantera vs Remy Dieu

Pick Your Poison Match
Dr. Nero vs ????

Pick Your Poison Match
Bruce Thorn Jr vs ????

As always Card is Subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on Sept 20th(Tuesday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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DR. NERO -The Interview​

Dr. Nero walks into the PWC studio. Dressed immaculately in a three piece light grey suit, Nero checks his cufflinks when the PWC staff rally around him quickly welcoming him. Dany Eriksen is sitting in a chair with all sorts of lighting and backdrops behind him. The staff act like scared mice, quickly ushering the God Complex to the empty chair sitting across from Eriksen. Dany immeidatly stands up when he sees Nero and offers his hand to thank him for joining him in the studio. Nero pretends to not see the handshake or hear any of Eriksen’s words. A young girl with a headset on offers Nero a glass of water, which is rejected.

Nero finally speaks and tells Eriksen to hurry this a long he has a very busy schedule. Eriksen, as always on edge when he talks to the former Heavyweight Champion, tells the producer to start the interview.

Eriksen: Good evening everyone, I’m Dany Eriksen and I’m here today with the former Heavyweight Champion of the World Dr Nero. Thanks for joining us today. In ten days at Hell’s Judgement, you and Bruce Thorn Jr will collide in a grudge match of the ages. Also this coming week on Vortex, you and Bruce Thorn Jr, in an attempt to keep you both a part have been given the opportunity to pick the other man’s opponent leading into the ppv match. This could be a big opportunity for both of you to gain some sort of advantage on the other. Can I get your comments please Doctor.

Nero checks to see if his tie is perfectly straight, which it is, and then clears his throat before giving a response.

Nero: You know something I’m beyond sick and tired of how really stupid the wrestlers in the back truly are. Especially someone like Bruce Thorn Jr who should really know better. The guy is from a wrestling family and he has an old school manager giving him advice. Either his Uncle Tommy is dishing out the worst advice possible, or Bruce is too stupid to take what would be logical. And that is... Don’t. Challenge. Me.

When will you all get it through your thick skulls? I’m a genius. Before I stepped foot into this ring I was creating new surgeries to help repair someone’s broken body. Do you idiots in the back there have the brain power it takes to even comprehend the genius to do that? Can you even fathom how a brain like mine works to conjure up ways on how to do a revolutionary style triple bypass surgery? No your feeble puny minds can’t. You’d all have aneurysms.

My peers in the surgical world would conduct a tired textbook surgery to try and heal someone. I would redesign the very fabric of that surgery and bring that person back from near death to being 110%. Better than they had ever been before in their life. I’m doing the very same here. And now that I destroy people for a living, it’s all about reverse engineering these surgeries into strikes and holds. I am an expert in the human anatomy. I know where the muscles meet veins. Where the weakest part of the muscle is connected to the bone. I know everything. Those idiot commentators have no idea what to call what I do in the ring because they’ve never seen anything like it before.

Stan Chambers would call what I’m doing a heel hook, or a knee bar, or a “European uppercut”. I’m rewriting the book here. Everyone in the back has no idea how to tackle me, because they don’t understand how I’ve evolved attacks and strikes. How I’ve gone beyond perfecting holds and submissions. I’ve reinvented this sport.

I understand that PWC will pay someone a lot of money to get in the ring with me. But there is the old saying, “you can’t put a price on your health”. But obviously these idiots can. They are willing to risk their ability to walk, feed themselves or wipe their own asses just for some money. At least those idiots are doing it because they are too stupid to work anywhere else. What do you call Bruce Thorn Jr who wants to fight me and not get paid for it? He dares to fight me with no crowd, no money and one around to see him fall? Beyond stupidity.

Bruce Thorn your hate has blinded you. Your jealousy and ego has made you reckless and a danger to yourself and your family. You attacked me and look what happened. I took your knee. I’ll give you three reasons why I didn’t take your life. Because believe me, with all the witnesses, I could have done it and claimed self-defence.

One – I wasn’t getting paid to. Two – You were lucky enough to have twenty guys get in between you and I. And three – I wanted to leave just enough left of you, so I can destroy you in front of the world to send a message. A message so loud that even the stupid cretins in the back will finally understand. Will finally wake up to the fact that - you do not challenge me. If you have to face me, you lay down, or tap out immediately. Because I am the God Complex Dr Nero, the ring is my operating table and I am the surgeon.
So now the PWC office has put the poor career in the hands of Bruce Thorn Jr. On the next Vortex Bruce and I have been told to pick the other’s opponent. Bruce, who are you going to put on my operating table? Who in their right mind is going to fight your battles for you, only for me to end their career? Think carefully Bruce. Think long and hard before you send someone to a wheelchair, sentence them to a lifetime of eating their food through a straw.

And whom shall I send after you? What “poison” will I pick for you? Does it matter? I don’t respect you. Maybe I’ll send Sam Dancer to fight you. What about that buffoon Flexx Palumbo? Maybe I’ll expose that leg of yours I almost tore off your body last week. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll send the mighty and noble Hammerpunch or what about your little friend Jensen. I’m going to keep you guessing until Vortex Thorn. All you need to worry about who is the poor soul you’re going to put in the ring with me. Just so I can dissemble them in front of your eyes. The blood will be on your hands Thorn. And then at Hell’s Judgment, I’m going to take your leg, and splatter your brain matter. Because you challenged me, and it’s something you... just... don’t... do.

Nero stands up out of his chair and walks off as Dany Eriksen is left looking into the camera stunned to silence by perhaps the emotion called fear.

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The vibration of steel is heard from every which angle. Jennifer jumps out the car, the trials and tribulations of the day is behind her. Her babies make her happy, right? Wrong.

From the backseat of the car, the door of which Jennifer has just slammed, Up slides the Angel of Fear. The look on his face is sinister, yet still vacantly blank.

“Within the realms of darkness we create moments of happiness.”

Jennifer gulps in a big breath of air. For this women her happiness is like a painted smile. For one shift of life had ended, her work. Another begins, the kid’s she barely believes she is giving the upbringing they deserve. In one swift motions she turns herself from dead-end-job Jennifer, to Single-mother-Jennifer and turns the key in the lock. She hears the elation of her children, her mind frame instantly changes.

“Twisted to suit our evolution. Happiness comes in many forms…. The only question I ask, is this truly happiness?”

The Angel of Fear opens the car door, closing it ever so quietly behind him. He approaches the house, but instead of approaching the door he heads for the window. Peering creepily from the outside, he watches as a play known as “the family” unfolds before his eyes.

“Mother dearest has given all she has got. She paints on a smile, yet the paint still cracks. Happiness is begotten her as she has responsibilities. Her happiness forgotten about, yet the doubt still lives on.”

Through the window we view, a child runs up to the mother. She half heartedly pulls the child up into an embrace.

“The child who comes into question is viewed, from the mother’s perspective, as almost from another dimension. Yet still she plows on, she has meals to cook and young minds to entertain. Nobody envies the position she finds herself in, but many, myself include, feast up on it.”

Placing the child down, Jennifer heads to the kitchen. Her first port of call is the wine rack, which she places before the needs of feeding her Children.

“Broken and battered, it feels only right one would intervene. Stick between a rock and a….. Rock. She want’s more, yet it's unobtainable, so far from her reach. This is her life and she has no option to change. She’s spiked her flag, laid her mast. Here she will stand, and here she will die….. What a time upon this earth…. It’s merely wasted”.

The Angel of Fear begins to move, he slowly makes his way across the grassy lawn he has been kneeling on… been observing on.

“Only one end to this story puts all at rest.”

He takes another pre-planned small step, the glow from the house window is still very much present.

“All seemingly having one common goal.”

He now stands outside the door to the unsuspecting house.

“This house scene is yours Reynolds.”

Slowly turning the doorknob on the handle, he creaks the door open without actually walking in. His tone lowers to a whisper.

“It’s symbolic…. While you may have no bloodline ties to this family scene, you still lay in wait. The mother is you, Hugh. You feel like you may be from another dimension, in fact many people feel this. Much like the single mother does. She is laced in doubts, and the questions people ask about your existence…. You too, are laced in doubts. You see no viable end, no true option.”

The Angel of Fear takes his first footstep inside the house, carefully being ever so quiet.

“You’re guided in your head by “another voice”..... Much like Jennifer. Whilst everything inside of Jennifer tells her to run away….. She stays.”

He takes another step. The light of the kitchen we seen from the outside window is slowly creeping into the corner of our camera.

“Those voices inside you are in conflict. They know not which way to turn, yet you are compelled to follow them. Ultimately you always decide against it though. You feel you know best…. Well let me tell you, the voices you hear, they come from beings like me.”

The Angel creeps open the kitchen door. We see our “Jennifer” now standing with her back to us, preparing something generic like Pasta and chopped tomatoes.

“You should always listen to them.”

On the final word, he flips the light switch and plunges us into darkness. We hear the muffled scream of a woman before it all falls silent…. The final words linger on us….

“Not all angels are from heaven.”​

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It feels short to me, I apologize for that. I'd still love any feedback from any of you lot, hit me with what you've got.

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Got this in my Mailbox.

Leo Masters RP said:
The streets of Brooklyn seem to empty just before dusk. It’s as if everyone is called to dinner and the neighbourhood can finally calm down. The calm before the storm I guess. For once the night arrives the streets fill up again. This time though it’s not the families and the laughter of children that fill the streets. Or that of Old Jakey who sits on his stoop, telling stories to anyone who’ll listen. Nah, it’s those leeches, who bleed the neighborhood dry of what used to make this place good. But then again, maybe it’s always been this way. I was just too young and all wrapped up in my blankets fast asleep to know better.

I know better now, and I know this place isn’t gonna fix itself. It means some of us have to stand up, be lions, and push these jackals outta here. Kick out the pushers and the gangbangers. Bring back hope, so the kids can keep playing in the streets, instead of running home to safety before the sun goes down.

Last week I lost my match to go into the final. But life’s full of second chances and it looks like I got mine. First match in I got beat by that giant Angel of Fear. No excuses, I tried hard, fought hard and I just wasn’t good enough. But life teaches you things. Life provides lessons. Every week I’m gonna get better, this week no exception. This time triple threat match. Once again a new challenge.

I got Shio Corin. Haven’t seen what he can do yet. So I’ve got to be ready for anything. All I know is it seems he doesn’t sit back and wait, he’ll take his shots. He’s just like me in that fact, so I know I’m up against it.

The other is that slime ball Aaron Kendrick. This guy’s been around the block though. He’s got the experience to pull out some sneaky victory no doubt. I’m going to want to punch him in the mouth as soon as that bell rings, but I know I gotta be smarter than that. That’s the sort of thing that put me down last time. It’s all about being ready, like a lion, have the patience to know when to strike. Like I’m doing right now, because here he comes.

His black Bentley pulls up at the street corner adjacent to where I’m standing. Out he steps like he thinks he owns the neighborhood. Johnnie Parks – calls himself the Priest now. His entourage follows him into the bar. Looks like he only brought Giant Freddie, Papa Romeo and Vic Blanco with him. Shouldn’t be too much trouble. What I don’t know is how many guys he’s got working for him in there.

Parks has asked to meet with me. I know why, maybe I should have asked PWC for a mask. My face was all over tv. What I don’t know is what he has in mind, and that I might just have to fight my way out of that place. I know there’s a back door. Maybe I should have brought one of the PWC camera crews with me. Keep this public. I’m a public figure now, whether I like it or not.

I walk in the door and I keep an eye on just about every brother in here. Everyone watches me walk in and the chatter switches to whispers. That’s cool, everyone knows me just like they know Johnnie.

Yo Big Mike, over here my man. Or should I call you Leo Masters? Hahahaha... You doin’ all right brother?

All right Johnnie, you got me all the way down here. I’m meant to be on a plane to Idaho in the morning, so can we make this quick.

Hey Mikey, you been on TV one time and already you think you some big star eh? No need to talk to us little people like that man. We all just friends man, Do you remember when we were kids when we...

I didn’t come down here to reminisce about old times Johnnie. You left a message at my community center to come see you so here I am.

You want to cut to the chase Mikey, no problem. I love whatcha doin’ man. You now meeting up with big time TV producers, big time fighters, Hollywood types, ya know maybe some big after parties. I want access Mikey, I want it and you’re gonna give it to me.

Like you said Johnnie, I’ve been there one week. And I lost. I don’t know anyone, and I don’t plan on making friends.

Well for your little community center’s sake Big Mike. You better make friends because you off flying to where’d you say? Ida-ho? Yeah, yeah. You just don’t know what’ll happen. Accidents man. You know how it is. Especially when you’re away. Not watching things. You hear me? You understand?

Freddie and Blanco stand up trying to put the exclamation point on Johnnie’s “request”. I gotta play this smart, I can’t have the community center burnt down. Not now. But I can’t let this scum think he can waltz on in here, just because I’m not here every day of the week.

Did you just threaten me Johnnie? Did you just threaten my place? You know what good that place does for the neighborhood. Your neighborhood brother. What you’re asking me to do I can’t do it. And even if I could the answer would still be no.

I’m trying to keep that junk out of this place man. You running around here, I don’t like. We stayed on each other’s side of the street. But you come near my place you’ll answer to me. You think because you pay Freddie, Vic and Papa some money that’s enough for them to stop me? They know better. Especially you Vic, don’tcha.. Yeah that’s right.

I wasn’t happy you stuck around the neighborhood Johnnie, but until now you were smart enough not to cross the street. Problem for you now, is that ya did. So here’s my request. You and your business, you’re out. You take your junk or your whores and you take them someplace else. You’re not welcome here. Not anymore.

You stupid mutha fu..

Wrong Johnnie. It’s you who’s stupid. I got eyes all over this neighborhood too bro.

You better be gone before I come back. Otherwise, well, just ask Vic.Bye bye Johnnie. Don’t come back.

I walk out, I put my back to the. Probably the stupidest thing I could considering the stupid shit I just pulled. But I had to show them no fear. This is my jungle. I just hope my lion’s roar was loud enough. I’m going to be away for two days. I hope I just didn’t just start a war...

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I got a few requests for extensions, so I am moving the deadline for everyone.

Deadline is now tomorrow at 11:59 pm.​

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The scene begins in a run down garage in the wilderness of Lafayette, Lousiana.. Though the sun is bright, and the garage, has medium sized windows, the room doesn't shine at all. It's dark, its unsettling. Though its a garage there are no tools on the walls, there are no cars, the room is practically empty.

This run down garage, has been built long before most people alive on this planet today, ever existed. It's been a place of sadness and sorrow. A place where slaves use to sleep after a long days work, a place where many of those slaves died from being overworked, and malnourished. This little garage was the place where many rituals took place, some of those rituals were meant to bring about good and peace. But many of the rituals that took place here were demonic and frightening. The blood of countless animals stains the floors and the walls. You can still see some of the markings of goats, the symbols of demons, a place that became the place where little Remy Dieu use to come to play in. Little Remy Dieu was a boy who was just like all of you. He loved superheroes, wanted to grow up and make the world a better place, but just like many helpless kids around the world. Remy Dieu was bullied in school, just for merely existing. Remy Dieu was beat by his own daddy. His mom his shining light, the one who made him feel safe, the one thing Remy Dieu used to hold dear, dies suddenly. Not in an accident, not from old age, she just one day dropped dead, like many do, without rhyme or reason, and left Remy Dieu alone in his world.

With his momma gone the only place Remy Dieu had left for solitude, is this little garage, where he can run to away and hide from the rest of the world, from the beatings, the bullying, and the beatings. Where Remy Dieu can think of all the ways he can make himself and the world better, and not be the powerless wimp he was destined to be.

In this room, which Remy Dieu has grown up in, has only two items currently situated in there.

One of these things was an empty rocking chair, which constantly would rock back and forth even while empty. Remy Dieu believed this was the ghost of his momma, watching him play, watching him grow. As she sat in that rocking chair, causing it to rock back and forth.

Back and forth..

Back and forth..

Back and forth..

A chair, an inanimate object, an outdated piece of furniture to most people. But this rocking chair has seen many births, and many deaths. This Rocking chair is where he sits... Where he thinks.. Thinks about all the trials and tribulations in the world. How people are lost, and need a hero.. A savior. But they just don't know it yet. This rocking chair is where for many, many years, "He" would sit. And think...

Another item in this room, is an old camera. Which sits on a stand, pointing at the chair. Considering the area in which this garage is located, its safe to say, the camera is the only piece of technology in many miles.

A Camera that at first, captured harmless things, Remy Dieu playing around as a kid. But as Remy Dieu begin to grow older, and his hatred for the world began to boil over. The Camera would capture the transformation from the weak helpless little Remy Dieu, to the powerful man that he is known as today.

That Camera which sits on a stand pointing at the chair.. The chair that continues rocking.. Rocking...
Back and forth

Back and Forth..

Then the man that attacked Jensen last week appears on camera, turns around, with his dark brown eyes, and looks dead at the camera... And smiles.

Hey there world. My name is Remy Dieu, and I'm the man that's going to save all of you. Now since the beginning of time, there have been false prophets, false idols, leaders, rulers, politicians, that all have claimed to be able to help this world. And promised to lead this world the promise land man... All the while.. It continued and continues to burn to the ground.

Now you may be asking yourself what makes I, Remy Dieu different from all this men. What gives me the idea that I'm the one that's going to make this world better... Well its simple, I've seen the truth man. And I know what I have to do. You see a lot of these past leaders, and rulers, and prophets, they will use these positive, peaceful methods in the hope that they will be able to change everything.

But I promise no such thing, but what I do guaranteed is simple... No Mercy..

You see this world is decaying right before your very eyes ladies and gentleman. And I'm not going to mince words with any of you, but the world decaying is... Your fault man.
You people are weak, and you need someone to lead you, to make you all strong. And that's where I come in. You see have the power, the strength, to change you. To make you stronger.. Physically, mentally... Spiritually. I can show you all the truth man. My goal is to eradicate those who don't seek the truth, those who choose to stay weak. As we are only as strong as our weaklink. And I say why don't we get rid of the weaklinks, keep getting rid of them, until only the strong remains man. And as the strong, we can make this world better.

And you know what the best part about this is.. We all have a choice. We can all choose to be strong. You don't have to be weak, you hear me.

There is not much to truly make you all understand right now. But let me assure you, you all will truly understand soon, you all will see the light.

And for those who don't.

Remy Dieu stands up and walks towards the camera, he bends down, and with his eyes locked dead center to the camera.

"Will Suffer in Darkness..."

Remy Dieu smiles and lets out a slight laugh...


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The camera man picks up Shio Corin arriving in the arena. He is carrying a suitcase with his name on it. He walks down the hallway as various PWC staff just stare his way. Shio sees them all staring and decides to give them something to stare at. He stops, open up his suit case and grabs a title belt out of it. The camera pans to the PWC staff backstage and their jaws are on the floor. The camera pans back to Shio revealing that he now has the GCW World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. A random staffer approaches him.

Hey.. um... Shio... sir... I dont think you can have that here.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Have what? This? The GCW World Heavyweight Championship? Why not? The powers that be know who i am and what i about. What is PWC worried about? People seeing what a real champion look like?

I just don't...uh... I don't think that the PWC wants to promote that title.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Does it look like I care what PWC wants?

Well I mean... I suppose not but what if they take away your chance to be in the Prometheus match?

--//Shio Corin\\--
What's yo name man?

It's Ted sir...

--//Shio Corin\\--
Ok Ted, you must think the powers that be here in PWC are stupid.

No Sir I don't think that.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Then why would they take that chance away from me? They smarter than that. They know me being here with this title is where the money is at. They know me getting in to that Prometheus match is best for business. What they don't know is that not only am I going to get in the match I'm going to win it. Then go on to win the title. From there who knows. Maybe I show up on GCW TV with a PWC title. Maybe I unify them and go home. Who know's. The powers that be dont even know. They willing to take the risk though because I will make this company better.

With all due respect sir that's a lot of confidence from someone who couldn't even compete last time out.

--//Shio Corin\\--
Don't piss me off Ted. That is exactly my point. What kind of company are we in where the only way a guy can beat me is to keep me from competing? You see Ted... The PWC ain't never seen nothin like me. I'm here to make history. Years from now everyone will be talking about how the GCW champion came in to PWC and ran over the whole place. First stop Vortex, then the Prometheus match... then the title... you get the picture?

I think i got it sir... sorry.. have a good day.

Ted rushes away quickly sensing that Shio was getting aggravated. Shio continues down the hallway with the GCW title on his shoulder wheeling his suitcase. Now wrestlers are starting to see him and looking angry that he would bring this title here. Shio sees them and just smiles. He knows he's in their heads right where he wants to be. Shio reaches the locker room and goes inside. He picks out a locker and starts to put his stuff in it. He opens the suitcase again and inside is a pedestal he quickly puts it together and puts a velvet blanket over it. He places the GCW title on it and sits in front of his locker. Then he looks in to the camera.

--//Shio Corin\\--
You see this title? This title means the world to me. I saw everyone in the hallways. Y'all can be as mad at me as you want. I know it's just jealousy. One has to wonder.... Why would PWC want to bring in an outside champion? Is that what y'all are mad about? Or is it that no only did they bring in an outside champion but they want to put him in the position to become a champion here? I see you lower card guys getting mad. Let's just face it though... I'm just better than you. The hottest pro wrestler on the planet. A world champion. This is a notice to everyone here. I'm in the locker room with MY title. You don't like it? Do something about it... I dare you... I'll be right here. If not then just sit back watch as I take all the title here too.

Shio stands up and turns around to start getting his gear out of his bag as the scene fades to black.​

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Two days before Vortex 7, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tommy Thorn’s residence

Tommy made another face as he drank the water Bruce handed him and gulped down the medication.

Nasty stuff this, I’d love some whiskey to wash it down with.

Bruce shrugged and handed him the rest of his pills.

Go tell your doctor you want whiskey with your medication, because I’m not giving it to you.

Tommy seems dismayed, he held on to his bed post as he slumped back down. Bruce had been back at home for a day and had made sure that his uncle had been following his doctor’s orders. He had been in hospital since Nero’s kick to the head at Vortex 6 and needed his rest. Tommy leaned over his bed and opened his bedside draw pulling out his stash of Cuban cigars and put one to his lips. His nephew grabbed the cigar from the mouth of his manager / uncle before he could light it.

Hey! He didn’t say anything about not smoking.

No he didn’t, I’m saying it now. You’ve been coughing all day; just lay off the usual debauchery until you’re over the concussion, Uncle Tom.

Debauchery? It’s just a damn cigar, Bruce. And you’re one to talk aren’t you?

Not this again.

Bruce sighed deeply; he hadn’t heard the end of it since he returned from Vortex 6 with a bruised ego and a limp in his step.

Why wouldn’t I bring up the fact my nephew legitimately has a death wish again?

The bitter taste of defeat still lingered fresh. His fingers curled up into a fist, his heart racing as he remembered Nero wrenching down on the Scalpel submission hold as the former World Champion looked to punish him, break his leg and his spirit. He remembered the dismissive smirk etched on Nero’s face as he walked away, how he looked down on Thorn and everything he achieved. That hurt more than any of the dull pain shooting through his leg after the attack.

I told you already. If you or anyone else thought for one second I was going to let Nero get away with what he did last week.

I know that, but there were smarter ways to do it, easier ways to confront Nero that don’t involve trying to get your very own empty arena match going.

Those aren't solutions for me, not solutions I would’ve been satisfied with. There still isn’t.

Listen to yourself, Bruce. You’re obsessed with this. He’s completely gotten into your head now. You can’t let that happen, not with someone like Nero, he’ll exploit that weakness until there’s nothing left of your damn leg your and your wrestling career.

Bruce shook his head incredulously. He knew Tommy was right in this, but he didn’t care. He despised Nero and everything he stood for. He hated how he looked down on people. He didn’t know he could feel the level of contempt he did for another human being until now, but he did. he needed to beat Nero, shut him up like he needed air to breath.

You don’t think I can beat him, do you.

Bruce, I never said that.

Tommy went to put his hand on his nephew’s shoulder but Bruce brushes his hand aside.

No. It’s true. All I’ve heard since the last Vortex is how I can’t beat Nero, that I’m an idiot for even trying. Well I’m sick of hearing that from you and everyone else.

Bruce, I’m just trying to help you here. Remember what I always said about thinking things through and picking your spot, especially with someone like him. We need to come up with a game plan, just give me a few days, we’ll take on Nero together.

Bruce could feel the anger boiling up inside him. He saw it in Tommy’s eyes. He knew that look. His uncle didn’t believe he could beat Nero, it was just lip service to try and save him from himself. He didn’t need saving, he needed to beat that smug look off the good doctor's face and in this moment, looking at Tommy, he needed the truth….about everything.

Who’s Antonio Bruno?

Wait what?

Who’s Antonio Bruno to you Uncle Tom?

Bruce gazed at his uncle, looking deep into his soul. This was a man he trusted his entire life. He needed to know, he couldn’t let it slide another day, not after everything. Tommy's face went pale as his nephew looked at him with cold dead eyes. He shook his head and then looked away.

I….I know who that is, everyone in this town does. What does Bruno have to do with Nero.

Bruce snorted in contempt.

I’m going to do what I have to do with Nero, on my own if I have to. I don’t care if no one in the entire planet thinks I can beat him and maybe he ends my career if I carry on this way, that’s something I’ll have to live with. This is about you telling me the truth for the first time in my life.

Bruce stood up from the bed and looked down at his uncle who as frail as he’d ever seen him.

Who’s Antonio Bruno to you Uncle Tom, I want the truth, please.

Tommy rubbed his forehead nervously, still looking away from his nephew.

Is this about that Cassie girl. I knew you should’ve stayed away from her when I found out…

How did you find out? No. I know how you found out. You have to control everything I do, don’t you Uncle Tom. But you can’t even tell me the truth about this? Who was Bruno to you when you still ran your wrestling company, when my parents were still alive.

Tommy took another deep breath, he went to his box of cubans and pulled out another cigar before lighting it with his nephew looking down at him and not protesting this time. As a puff of smoke ascended up to the ceiling Tommy took another deep breath.

Let this go Bruce, I’m begging you.

Tommy finally looked up at his nephew with tears in his eyes.

Your parents wouldn’t have wanted this. Focus on your wrestling in PWC and making them proud that way, just please leave this alone.

If you can’t even tell me this, how do I trust you with anything else?

This isn't about trust, this is about protecting my nephew.

Bruce turned his back on his uncle and begun to limp away.

Please don’t go.

I’m going to find out the truth about the Brunos Uncle Tom, whether you want me to or not. I’m done being protected from the truth; I’m done listening to anyone but myself. I’m going to Vortex and then Hell’s Judgement to face Nero and I’m doing it without you, on my own.

Thorn left his uncle there, never looking back.

The day of Vortex 7, Backstage at the Taco Bell Arena, Boise, Idaho

Bruce Thorn limps his way into the backstage area of the Taco Bell Arena. He looks around the room and saw different people noting the trouble he had walking. He could feel the eyes searching him, the whispers as he passed them by.

They don’t think I can beat Nero do they. I’ll show them, I’ll show all of them.

Thorn gritted his teeth as he slung his bag full of gear over his shoulder. He looked down at his watch noting the time when one of Brittany Page’s assistant’s wearing a headset grabs his attention.

Mr. Thorn, there you are. Ms. Page has been trying to get a hold of your manager Tommy but he hasn’t seemed to be answering his phone.

Tommy won’t be joining us tonight, what can I do for you.

Ms. Page wanted to confirm who you picked as Nero’s opponent in the “Pick your Poison” match tonight.

Oh, I have exactly the right person in mind.

Thorn took out a notepad and pen from his bag, wrote down a name, ripped out the piece of paper and handed it to Page’s assistant. The assistant looked down at the name with wide eyes and then a smile.

You like that match huh, I’m sure our fans and Nero especially are going to love it too.

Thank You Mr. Thorn.

Page's assistant scurried away to find her boss with Bruce continuing his journey to his locker room when his phone ringing in his pocket. Bruce pulled out the phone to see the name Doug Ramsey on the caller id.

Doug, what’s up?

Bruce, we have to talk, I…I found something….something huge in those Bruno files.

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RP said:
The Biose City Convention Centre was abuzz with activity. La Pantera scanned the room from his seat, peaking through his mask at all the faces he knew so well. He saw Buzz Coco, a former rival who he had many a battle with on almost every single continent in the world. He saw Danny Flintstone, a former tag team partner and even Cien Mascaras Sr., his greatest rival and a man long since retired. Cein had lost his mask in a mask vs mask match against his own son Cien Mascaras Jr. a few years ago and had never been the same man since. Pantera remembered a strong man, a great and fierce warrior in Cien, but now all he saw was a broken man who lost everything that ever mattered to him. The masked legend wondered how he would feel if he lost his mask oneday. The thought sent shudders down his spine.

I won’t let that happen, I’ll retire with dignity well before then.

Pantera shifted in his seat, uncomfortable at the thought.

Dignity? Do I even have that left now?

He saw it in the faces of the ones he once called friends. All had hung up their boots and masks long ago but here Pantera was, getting ready to face another young man making his PWC debut, a monster of a young man named Remy Dieu. Pantera had seen the cruel and violent attack on the PWC Television Champion Jensen from Remy at the last episode of Vortex. Remy was a huge man, a dangerous man who seems divorced from any sort of reality.

There was a time I would have relished the thought of putting a rudo like that in his place.

But Pantera wasn’t sure if he felt the same way now. His body still ached from his last battle in PWC against the ruthless Aaron Kendrick. Would this end the same way. Lost in his thoughts La Pantera almost didn’t hear his name being called out on stage. He stands up to answer the call, looking out through the crowd applauding him, nodding his head in appreciation to all the peers he respected so much as he takes the stage and walks up to the podium. La Pantera felt a slight sense of embarrassment. He was one of the honoured guests. All these men who he respected him so much thought that he was worthy to be put into the Idaho Wrestling Hall of Fame here today and they had all come out in droves to wish him well and honor him. And here he was with the only thing on his mind his match with Remy Dieu. The masked legend steadied himself and looked to give this award the respect it deserved.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, luchadors and luchadoras. Thank you so much for that warm welcome.

Pantera picks up the glass of water conveniently situated next to the podium and took and long sip.

Apologies, I must say that standing up here in front of so many I love and respect makes me more nervous than the first time I had a match as a young luchador.

That draws laughs from the crowd.

To think of all the battles I once had with so many of you.

Pantera looks across the room as many of his former opponents nod their heads in agreement, all but Cien Mascaras, who sits unmoved holding his walking stick to his chest.

And here we are amigos. I would like to thank all of you for those times. You made my career and life something I can be proud of, even if I still have aches every morning because of it.

The gallery laughs again and gives the legendary wrestler warm applause. All except Cien. Pantera looks directly at his old rival now, his dark eyes looking at the grey bearded man.

Sometimes we fall down. Take me in my new career at PWC. I know many of you think I’m a fool for continuing to wrestle.

A murmur goes up around the gallery.

No, no friends. We all know it to be true. I’ve had a hard time in PWC. I’ve lost so much. I’ve fought all these young luchadors who are bigger than me, or stronger than me, or faster than me. And truth be told I’ve found it hard to keep up. And many of you and other people have asked me why I continue to do this to myself and my body.

Again Pantera takes another sip of his water before gesturing to his old rival Cien now.

I do it because of people like Cien Mascaras who I fought all over the world with. A man I’ve bleed buckets with, a man I’ve battled hard against and a man I once said I hated, but always respected. The battles I had with him and others fostered my love for Lucha Libre, a love that will never die and as long as my body can take me, as long as I can keep going, I will continue to fight. Because of great men and women like Cien Mascaras and because of great men and women like all of you. At Vortex 7 in my next match against a young and talented luchador like Remy Dieu, I will take the spirit of each of you, amigos, and use that spirit to battle and win! I thank you for this great honor.

The entire gallery stands up and gives Pantera a massive ovation. The old Luchador can’t wipe the smile from his face as he waves to his brothers. Pantera looks across the gallery one more time and sees Cien Mascaras standing up, leaning on his walking stick and clapping along with them with a smile on his face.

I won’t let you down amigos, I will defeat Remy Dieu.


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OOC: Hey guys, I had no match this round, but I thought I would turn something in anyway. Just a bit story progression here....

Donad Hammerpunch


“Hey Tim"

A disturbing voice haunts Tim daily. The voice of Damon Creed. As Tim stepped out his classroom, he shakes his head in order to wake up from the nap he just took. Barely awake, he slowly peers through the congested hallways. Since his locker room had been moved, his usual path to home economics had been complicated.

Today, Tim brought a towel with him to dry his hair off from his daily swirly from Jerry and he thought this time he could use the towel to hide his face from Damon. As hallways continue to fill up, Tim takes a deep breath and steps out amongst the student bodies. Slowly he walks, only slowing down to throw his gum into the trasch can. He slowly begins his dangerous journey towards his next class.

“WHERE YOU GOING TIM?” Damon donates another wedgie to Tim....

Hammerpunch Headquarters

The sun is shining down on the city of Kansas City. The streets are filled with families on their way to baseball games, music festivals and yogurt eateries. As families make their journeys, occasionally they pass by a shoddy looking building where an oddly dressed man stands outside.

Steve Marinello stands outside the dojo handing out fliers to all ladies passing by, ignoring every male that reaches for one. As, he attempts to hand one over to a busty blonde in yoga pants, he takes a bite of his hot dog. As he bites into his pre-workout meal, a few drops of relish and mustard drop onto his cutsom gi top composed of 75% fax leather. The Kimono top perfectly covers his beer guy, but perfectly reveals his ample chest hair. The blonde woman walks away without ever slowing her stride.

Inside the dojo Tim and Ross practice jump kicks on punching bags. Each time the boys make contact, the bags of leather swing back and forth like a church bells. Both boys jump and attack at the same time, but Tim loses concentration and lands incorrectly. Ross executes perfectly and smiles. On the opposite side of the room, Hammerpunch watches.

HP:"Take 5 minutes Ross."

The Donjitsu master strolls slowly towards his team favoring one side. His slight limp was a gift from Nero, a man who had been in war with many times.

HP:“Tim I would like for you to step into my office”

HP points into the corner at a small coffee table with papers scattered on top. An opened box with gis and belts still in plastic surrounded by similar boxes unopened make up Hammerpunch's work station.

Hp:"Tim, Donjitsu is only as good as the man executing the maneuvers and techniques. If a man is undisciplined and lacks focus, Donjitsu is rendered useless. Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."

Tim explains his bully situation to his instructor as the reason for his lack of focus. As Tim details every noogie, swirly and wedgie he has recieved, Hammerpunch listens. He nods his head as each word comes into his ears.

HP:"Tim you must understand that many men, woman and children have not learned the ways of Donjitsu. They do not understand that physical force should not be used unless necessary."

Tim:“But Sensei, if a person does not know our way, how will he understand that bullying is wrong? I must learn the Twirling Morton Maneuver Xtreme to defend myself. That is the only way I can teach these guys the ways of Dojitsu”

HP: “I'm sorry Tim but that skill is too advanced for you. After all, what you don't realize is you are executing another technique by doing nothing. A technique so advanced only few Donjitsukas have mastered it. It is called the ‘Tee Em Deraku’. Eventually your attacker will grow tired of always defeating you, he will eventually stop because the thrill will go away.”

Tim: “Whoa.”

Tim stands there as he takes in the information from his sensei. While he does, a large man and his son barge through the door holding a flyer.

???:"Is there a Hammerstein here! I am looking for a Sensei Hammerstein."

Hammerpunch steps forward and approcahes the large man cautiousy.

HP:"I am Sensei Hammerstein. Everyone calls me Sensei Hammerpunch though. What business do you have in my Dojo?"

Bishp:"My name is Bishop Creed. You teach people martial arts right? My son Damon needs something to keep him out of trouble. I figure this donjitstuff could do the trick. Teach him discipline and whatnott."

Tim looks around nervously as his bully is now in his dojo. A place meant to keep him safe.

HP:"I am sorry sir, but unfortunatey I am not accepting students at the this time. I already have 3 students and my time in the PWC prevents me from taking too much on at the moment.

Bishop: "PWC eh?

He looks around and sees all the trophys, including the PWC cup and the empty spot where the title once was. The muscular man is visiby impressed by the accolades of the Donjitsu Master.

Bishop: "I can make it worth your while. In fact, I woud like to join myself. I have fighting experience too." He rips off his t-shirt and walks over to the area with the wooden boards. With his muscles bulging out, Bishop Creed breaks a board in half with his head.

Bishop:"If you want we can spar. If I win you accept me and my son Damon as students."

"I cannot fight unless it is a sanctioned fight in the PWC, so Tim will defend our Dojo against your son. If victory is yours, you may join our ranks as white belts"

Damon smiles at the thought. The two boys step onto the mat and young Damon Creed balls his hands into fists and charges at Tim. The long serving Donjitsu student immediately remembers HPs words from earlier: “do nothing Tim” “nothing” “you will win eventually”.

Tim turtles up and Damon punches him in the arm repeatedly.

"Good job son!”

The proud father screams as his son is triumphant in battle.

"Welome to team Hammerpunch. We do have a few rules here, however. It is not a fun and games. We work hard here."

The Creeds and the former PWC champ shake hands and discuss the terms of being in Team Hammerpunch.

“See you tomorrow,Tim” Tim gets another wedgie as the newly recruited Damon and Bishop leave the dojo. He holds his newly bruised arm as the donjitsu team waves goodbye.

Hammerpunch throws his gi top on, mimicking the wedgie movements he just witnessed. “Ahh yes, this must be what I need for my next match!”

He looks up at an empty space on the the wall with a plaque that says: 2nd Championship.

As he imagines taking back his world title, the thoughts pop into his head:




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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Taco Bell Arena
Capacity: 15000
City: Boise, Idaho




The pyro explodes and engulfs the stage as the fans in the Taco Bell Arena let out a huge roar to welcome PWC to town. The cameras pan across the arena sweeping across the cheering fans before settling in on Stan Chambers and Daiko. PWC's lead announcer Chambers greets the television audience.

Chambers: Welcome to PWC! We're in Boise, Idaho tonight in the packed Taco Bell Arena. Please welcome my new commentary partner, former PWC wrestler, Daiko.

Daiko: That's right, the best color commentator in pro wrestling today, yours truly, Daiko is here to stay.

Chambers rolls his eyes at that but Daiko keeps going.

Daiko: Don't roll your eyes at me, Stan. Of course tonight is not about me, it's about a stacked card with a number of incredible matches.

Chambers: During the week we found out that Brittany Page ordered both Dr. Nero and Bruce Thorn to pick each others opponent in "Pick Your Poison" matches.

A graphic pops up at the bottom of the screen with a social media update from STan Chambers over the weekend.

Stan Chambers took to social media over the weekend!

I just heard from PWC officials about two big matches on this week’s episode of Vortex!

Dr Nero and Bruce Thorn Jr. will have pick your poison matches this week!

In the interest of keeping these two separated before the ppv, each man will have the power to choose each others' opponents. I can't wait to see who each man chooses!
Daiko: Not only that, but we also get to see some debuting stars tonight, including Remy Dieu who left such a huge mark on the Television Champion last week.

Chambers: We've also got another round of the Prometheus Torch tournament to look forward to and let's not forget the return of PWC's Owner, Ernesto Clement.

Daiko: Let's get this show on the road.

We head to ringside with the beautiful Emma Mason joined by Referee Roger Hains. Mason is ready to introduce the first match.

Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall....

The arena lights go out and the sold out crowd can’t see their hands in front of their faces. The music begins and the fans are abuzz.

***Creepy Music Box***

A spotlight lights up different sections of the crowd. The fans watch to see which one of the spotlights will reveal one of the new breed of wrestler here in PWC. The spotlight illuminates a huge hooded figure at the edge of the barricade! The spotlight as it did last week disappears putting the arena in complete darkness, until all the lights come back on and the Angel of Fear is found standing in the ring!

Mason: Introducing first weighing in at 245 pounds, from the Unreachable... The Angel of Feeeaaaaaarrrrr!

The Angel removes his hood and stares intensely out to the crowd, baring his teeth and letting out what only can be described as a hiss...

Angel of Fear’s music fades away.


The giant screen starts showing footage of shootings, war, explosions and general destruction with the name ''Hugh Reynolds'' appearing and then this message.



''TARGET FOUND: Angel of Fear''




The big screen then begins a countdown with the crowd in the arena counting along with it

''3, 2, 1, GO''

The pyro explodes and out storms Hugh dressed in his SWAT gear. The pyro keeps going off like gun fire!

Mason: And his opponent, from Buenos Aries, Argentina, weighing in at 232lbs, Hugh “The Madman” Reynnnnnnolds!

Reynolds steps through the ropes and then steps right into the face of the Angel of Fear. These two men are huge bulls and neither wants to back down from the other. The ref gets in between the two men and the Angel takes a couple of steps back before removing his cloak.

Daiko: You know what Stan. I’m going to love this match. These two new guys are going to really try and beat the living hell out of each other and I can’t wait to see it. Hurry up Hains, ring the damn bell!

Chambers: Two young studs here in PWC, both debuted last week and both impressed. Tonight they want to continue their momentum going into the Prometheus Torch final at Hell’s Judgement.

Daiko: Who do you think will win this one Stan? I’m going with that freak the Angel of Fear.

Chambers: Both men like to play the power game and both men will not want to lose their second ever match here in PWC.

Daiko: Of course Mr Fence sitter, you didn’t answer my question. How’s your arse? Pretty sore I’m sure with a fence post stuck up it!

The ref finishes checking both men and then calls for the bell.

Match #1
Angel of Fear vs. Hugh Reynolds
The two men lock up and jockey for position. Reynolds leans into the hold and starts pumping his huge legs. He pushes the Angel into the corner. The ref signals for a release and Hugh complies. The Angel sees the opening and swings with a big right hand but misses! Angel of Fear ends up back in the corner and Hugh unloads with a vicious knife-edge chop! The hit sounds like a gunshot and the mysterious figure grabs his chest in pain. Reynolds pushes up his opponent’s chin and nails another shotgun chop!

The Angel staggers out of the corner. His white chest is now bright red. Reynolds stalks him and looks to unload another chop, but the Angel drops to his knees and begs for mercy. Reynolds looks out to the fans asking them what they think. Reynolds winds up a big closed fist, only to be poked in the eye. The Angel nails a big right hand and Reynolds drops to a knee. The Angel of Fear hits the ropes and comes off with a big boot to the face.

He drops into a cover and hooks the leg!



Reynolds kicks out. Angel grabs the ex-SWAT team commander by his hair and brings him to his feet and then drops him with a big belly-to-belly suplex! Reynolds is hurting, but the Angel seems to be just getting started. He grabs the waist of Reynolds from behind and with all his power delivers a German Suplex!

Reynold’s head, neck and shoulders are driven into the mat! The Angel stands up and gives the slash his throat with his thumb sign. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle as the fans boo. SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

The pool’s empty!

Reynolds has rolled out of the way and The Angel of Fear has crashed and burned!

Daiko: What an idiot!

Chambers: It’s amazing that someone his size can pull off that move, Daiko.

Daiko: Well he didn’t really pull it off because he missed. Now he has basically lost the match.

Reynolds, trying to shake the cobwebs from the German suplex, quickly rolls up the Angel of Fear...



NO! Angel of Fear kicks out! The Madman slaps the mat in frustration and then starts laying the boots to the fallen Angel. Reynolds has gotten a second wind and hits a basement dropkick to the back of the head! He rolls into another cover, hooking the leg.


2.... Angel kicks out again!

Reynolds pulls Angel of Fear to his feet and lifts him high in the air.... Brainbuster!!!!

The Angel of Fear’s skull is drilled into the centre of the ring and the six foot five inch frame of the Madman floats over into another cover...



Angel kicks out again!!! Reynolds says it’s over and he tries to pull the Angel to his feet again but, the monster pushes him off and nails a spinning heel kick! Reynolds is caught by surprise and falls backwards into the ropes. Angel kicks him in the gut doubling him over and spikes him with a piledriver!

Reynolds looks to be out, but The Angel of Fear this time is not taking any chances. He lifts the dead weight of the big man and drives his face into the canvas with Paranoia!




Winner: The Angel of Fear

***Creepy Music Box***

The Angel of Fear gets his hand raised in victory.

Chambers: That was as physical as they come. As predicted, these two heavy hitters wanted to show their dominance. Although The Angel of Fear was victorious both men kicked out of numerous pinfall attempts.

Daiko: These two are tough, I’ll give ’em that. Two big guys who can give and take a punch. My pick one though so I’m happy.

The PWC cameras switch to Dr. Nero entering the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho for Vortex with Nurse Ellie on his arm. Decked out in a fine grey suit and with Ellie wearing another tight black short dress, Nero rolls into Vortex wearing a content look on his face. Danny Eriksen is waiting outside the entrance with mic in hand and a nervous look on his face.

Eriksen: Mister, I mean Doctor, Dr. Nero, may I please have a word.

Nero’s looks down at the nervous Eriksen, frowning at PWC’s resident reporter.

Nero: Must you always show up at the most inopportune time, Eriksen.

Danny shakes his head nervously and tries to apologize but Nero waves a dismissive hand.

Nero: Just ask your question, you foolish little man.

Danny tries to catch his breath as he addresses the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Eriksen: Dr. Nero, tonight as we discussed earlier this week at PWC studios, you and Bruce Thorn will be facing opponents chosen by the other man in a "Pick your Poison" challenge sanctioned by the office of Brittany Page ahead of your match at the next PPV. Who have you chosen as Bruce Thorn’s opponent?

Nero lets out a smirk as he looks at the smiling Nurse Ellie next to him. He turns back to Eriksen and draws him closer with the mic.

Nero: I don’t like or appreciate most people in this company because simply put I’m better than all of them but sometimes I can be surprised, even I can be impressed. And last week someone showed that they were not as worthless as I first thought they were, someone Thorn knows well from his past and someone with more momentum than anyone else on the PWC roster right now, well except me of course.

Nero begins walking again with Danny trying to keep stride with the long legged wrestler and his companion as he holds up the mic.

Nero: That man is Austin Angel.

Danny raises an eyebrow with Nero smirking once more.

Nero: So Thorn, let’s see how that leg holds up tonight after I almost ended you last week. And if by some miracle you do survive the night, after I annihilate whoever you pick, I’ll see to it that at the PPV I destroy you and put you in your place once and for all.

Nero brushes aside the mic and continues his journey with Ellie leaving Eriksen behind.


We return from the commercial break as a graphic for the Prometheus Torch plays on screen. The graphic shows the majestic golden flaming Torch that holds so much power to the man who will eventually wield it. It lights up bright and then fades as a replay of last week's matches with Angel of Fear, Hugh Reynolds and Flexx Palumbo all advancing to the final round at the PPV plays. We head over to our commentary team

Chambers: That's right folks, we have a real treat for you next, another round in the all important Prometheus Torch tournament. Daiko, you were part of the locker room when the last Prometheus Torch match took place, can you give the audience some insight into the mindset of all the competitors tonight.

Daiko: This match is huge, Chambers. It's a career making opportunity for the person who wins it. When you're come to a place like PWC or any other wrestling promotion, you have to climb a ladder and beat those around you so you can move up the ranks until you finally show enough to get a title shot. Of course they should have given me a title shot straight out of wrestling school, but I digress. With the Torch, you get to bypass the ladder and take an elevator straight to top.

We head to ringside with Emma Mason introducing the wrestlers alongside Referee Gwen Jeffers.

***Perfect Strangers***​

Mason: Introducing first, from Star City, weighing in at 235lbs, “The Franchise” Aaron Kendrick.

The lights turn golden as the organ plays at the start of the “Perfect Strangers”. When the electric guitars come in, sparklers begin shooting down over the entrance as the lights turn dark blue. Kendrick walks through the sparks, as Jade follows close by filming everything on a camera. Kendrick shows off as he walks down the aisle with his nose in the air. He tells Jade to get his best side as he gets into the ring. The first chorus kicks in when blue and white strobes flash across the Taco Bell Arena. Kendrick opens the ropes for Jade and lets her into the ring and asks her to make sure she gets him doing his signature taunt as he gets up on the middle rope and stares off into the crowd.

Chambers: You have to believe Kendrick is the favourite here.

Daiko: Well I don't know about that. Didn't your unemployed friend CC think he was favourite to win the entire thing and then he got beat last week?

Chambers: Surely his experience must count for something.

Daiko: It does, but you also have to factor in the hunger his less experienced competitors will bring to this match.

***Is she with you?***

The crowd’s attention now turns to the entrance ramp!

Mason: And his opponent. From Brooklyn New York! Standing six foot three and weighing 250 pounds – Leo Masters!!!

The fans let out a roar for the likable Leo Masters who won many people over last week after his great performance. The powerhouse of a man storms down the ramp seemingly absorbing all the energy form the fans. The fans love Masters as most of the front row hold out their hands for high fives as Masters stomps his way down the stage towards the ring.

Chambers: Leo Masters put on a great performance in a losing effort last week. He'll hope for a far better outcome tonight.

Daiko: Yeah last week I thought he was very impressive, great size, great athleticism but he still lost and at the end of the day it's what on the results section that matters.


Phenomenal starts playing and Shio Corin slides through the curtain. He stops at the center of the stage with his head down as he slowly raises both arms stretched out to his sides so he can give the crowd the finger. When he hears their boos he looks up and smiles then walks down the ramp. Masters and Kendrick stand ready in the ring looking unimpressed by Shio. Once at ringside he climbs up on the apron and in to the ring, bumping in-between both his opponents before getting on the middle turn buckle and flipping off the crowd again. Referee Gwen Jeffers has to stop Masters and Kendrick from attacking Shio before the bell ring. He then drops down and waits in the corner for the match to start, gazing at both his foes.

Daiko: Now here's a man who attitude really impresses me. He made a huge statement smashing that gigantic idiot Flexx only for the said to totally ruin his debut match last week.

Chambers: Yes, Flexx allegedly trapped Shio in his locker room last week making him miss their match and allowing Flexx to advance to the finals. Now we've heard that Shio actually went looking for Flexx in the locker room earlier today, looking to exact some retribution.

Daiko: But of course the pumped up fool was no where to be found.

Chambers: I heard he had an energy drink protein shake sponsorship event he had to attend.

Daiko: More like hiding and trying to save his skin from another Shio beating. But really all Shio has to do is win this match and there'll be no where for Flexx to run in the finals at Hell's Judgement.

The fans aim a "Flexx Palumbo" chant at Shio with the man none too impressed.

Match #2 - Promethues Torch - Last Chance Qualifier
Shio Corin vs. Aaron Kendrick vs. Leo Masters

The bell rings and the three competitors stand their ground as they stare daggers towards each other. A few seconds pass by before Shio and Kendrick both exit the ring. Albeit on different sides of the ring, both men start mouthing off to each other, leaving Masters in the ring, contemplating his next move. The two superstars begin to get closer to each other as they continue the trash talking. Masters sees that they’re close enough and whips himself off the ropes – baseball slide connects on both Shio and Kendrick! Masters gets a pop for finally getting some offense into the match. He grabs Shio by the trunks and tosses him into the ring. Shio whips himself across the ropes as soon as he’s tossed in but is caught by a Spinebuster by Masters – BAM! Masters goes over to shoot the half.



….KICKOUT! As soon as Shio kicks out, Kendrick inserts himself into the match. He reigns down a flurry of punches to Masters, getting him down to one knee. He then lands a knee that connects perfectly on Masters’s face. Kendrick lets out a fit of rage – not to the delight of the crowd for sure. Shio tries to calm the momentum of Kendrick with a clotheline but he misses! Kendrick ducks and has a waist lock around Shio before throwing him over for a German Suplex! Shio gets up right away but he eats another German Suplex! Kendrick then goes for the cover. Referee Gwen Jeffers makes the count.




Kendrick goes for the pin attempt once again.




Kendricks screams at Jeffers saying to count faster but Jeffers retorts by saying Masters kicked out on time. After all that complaining, both Shio and Masters are sitting at opposite corners. Kendrick bolts towards Shio and scores with a Stinger Splash. But when he goes to do the same thing to Masters, he gets caught with a discus clothesline! He quickly picks Kendrick up and parades the ring – before dropping Kendrick down with a powerslam! But after Masters performs this move, he gets his feet swept from under him by Shio. He grabs both of Masters’s arms and floats over – Cattle Mutilation! Screams coming from Masters is picked up by the camera, Kendrick has it locked in good! Referee Jeffers asks Masters if he wants to quit but Masters yells out no! Masters tries to inch towards the side to touch the ropes with his legs but Kendrick is preventing him from doing that. He has it locked in good! This might be it – before Shio stops it all by hitting a standing moonsault to the exposed abdomen of Kendrick. All three men are down!

Referee Jeffers gets to a count of seven before Shio finally gets up using the help of the ropes. Masters rolled to the outside to try and catch his breath after being put in that submission hold. Shio gets Kendrick to his feet and begins punching him into a corner. Kendrick tries to block as best he can but is left sitting at the corner. When Shio sees this, the crowd goes crazy because they know what’s next. Shio runs towards the opposite corner. He points to the crowd before running full speed at Kendrick – Bronco Buster! The crowd gives Shio a pop after that move.

But here comes Masters back into the match. He hits a clothesline – but Shio gets up quick. He hits another one – Shio gets right back up. This time, Masters tries a kick, but Shio catches it – BAM! Roundhouse kick right to the side of Shio’s head. This is enough for Shio to roll to the outside. Masters is pissed that he can’t capitalize after that big move. After taking a few moments to breath, he sees Kendrick about to get up. Mustering up what strength he has left, he runs towards Kendrick – but Kendrick pop him up and slams him down with a Sitout Powerbomb! The crowd oooh at the sequence as Kendrick puts his arm over Masters for the pin.




Kendrick doesn’t waste anymore time. He grabs both arms again and floats over for the Cattle Mutilation! Masters has no where to go. You can see Kendrick locking in the submission harder and harder each time Masters tries to struggle. But the crowd gets him hyped. This time, Masters is able to use his strength to get his right arm free. He then begins punching at Kendrick as he lets go of the other arm. He lands a vicious right hand right to the kisser which forces Kendrick to take a knee. He runs towards the opposite ropes – but he falls as Shio pulls down the ropes. Nasty fall there by Masters. Shio quickly enters the ring and walks towards Kendrick, who’s still trying to recover from that right hand. Shio turns him around – RAPPERS DELIGHT! Kendrick’s head bounces right off the mat as Shio floats over for the pin –




Winner: Shio Corin


Chambers: That was an incredibly good match with all three men showing how good they really are. Shio wins and advances to the finals.

Daiko: A really good match but in the end Shio showed that he was a cut above the rest with that win. Now on trying to win the Prometheus Torch to beating the hell out of Flexx, I can't wait.

Shio stands on the top rope flashing the crowd with middle fingers and shouting loudly that Flexx was a deadman at Hell's Judgement and that he'll win the Torch.

Danny Eriksen and the PWC cameras are outside the trainer’s room in the backstage area of the Taco Bell Arena. Danny knocks on the door and enters to find Bruce Thorn Jr. on the trainer’s table having his left leg taped up by the PWC doctor, Dr. Julius Shepard.

Eriksen: Dr. Shepard, Bruce Thorn, do you mind if we come in for a word.

Dr. Shepard shoots Danny a dirty look but the smiling Thorn ushers PWC’s roving reporter in.

Thorn: Yeah why not, Danny. I actually have a few things to say. Well, if Doc doesn’t mind of course.

Dr. Shepard steps aside as Danny pushes in with his microphone. Bruce Thorn smacks his taped up leg with the palm of his hand.

Thorn: All good as new, Doc.

Dr. Shepard: I wouldn’t say that Bruce, you have a long way to go before you heal.

Bruce has a sad smile on his lips as he then addresses Danny Eriksen.

Thorn: So Danny, I’m sure you’re here to find out if I can compete tonight with all the rumours floating around about my leg and me not being at one hundred percent.

Eriksen: Well yes. I think all our fans would appreciate an update on your condition and the man you’ve chosen to battle Nero in the "Pick your Poison" challenge.

Thorn: The fans don’t have to worry about me showing up, if I’ve shown anything over the time I’ve been in PWC, it’s that I’m willing to keep fighting no matter what.

Bruce points to his taped up leg again.

Thorn: They’d have to cut this damn thing off for me not to show up and even then we all know I’m stupid enough to try and fight with one damn leg.

The former TV Champion stands up and jumped up on the balls of his feet, he winches for a moment when his feet hit the ground and the impact shoots up through his legs but then regains himself and waves the concerned Dr. Shepard away.

Thorn: Besides the obvious condition of my leg, I’m sure our fans want to know something else.

Danny nods.

Eriksen: We’d also like to find out who you’ve chosen as Nero’s opponent, especially after we found out that Nero has chosen one of your long-time rivals, Austin Angel.

The smile disappears from Thorn’s lips. He stands up straight and leans on his left leg as if to show that any pain he might experience isn’t affecting him.

Thorn: So Nero decides to pick the man with the hottest win streak going in PWC at the moment, a man that’s going after the Legacy Championship at Hell’s Judgement. It’s a good choice. But I expected nothing less from Nero. Angel is one of the best PWC has to offer and he’s proving that more than ever recently even if I don’t like this new attitude of his.

Thorn picks up a hooded jacket from next to the table and puts it on, this time he looks directly at the cameras.

Thorn: Tonight I go to war with Austin Angel one more time, and quite frankly I can’t wait. But for Nero I decided to really put that theory of him being so great to the test. I decided to pick a man, no a champion all our fans love and for good reason. I chose one of the best wrestlers in PWC and the world. A man unlike anything Nero’s faced before, a man that won a match with the both of us in it to win the title he now holds.

Danny Eriksen eyes go wide as he realizes who is being spoken about as the smile returns to Thorn’s lips.

Thorn: Tonight, Dr. Nero has to face the Legacy Champion, tonight Dr. Nero faces Shadow!

Bruce Thorn nods to the Dr. Shepard and Danny Eriksen before taking his leave.

Eriksen: Wait Bruce, there’s also been talk about your uncle Tommy Thorn not being here with you tonight. Can we have comment about that as well.

Thorn turns around and looks at Eriksen for a moment before limping away without another word.

As we head back to the arena floor the cameras go to the ring where Becca McKay, the fiancee of Austin Angel stands, looking gorgeous in a low cut black top and tight black pants and a smirk on her face.

Becca: Ladies and Gentleman allow me to introduce to you, the man who will beat Shadow for the Legacy Championship, my future husband, Austin Angel!

The fans boo loudly as Austin Angel's new music hits and the lights all go out in the arena.

A single spotlight shines on the stage where we see Angel kneeling with his head down for a moment before standing up and soaking in the boos from the fans. Angel now walks down the ramp as the lights turn on and Becca can be seen clapping for her man as he reaches the bottom of the ramp and slides into the ring. Angel grabs Becca by the waist, pulls her in close and gives her a kiss to loud boos from the fans before pulling back and letting her remove his trench coat while he takes the mic out of her hand. Becca now stands in the corner as Angel walks into the middle of the ring and waits for his music to cut, which gives the fans a chance to get louder with the boos and begin a YOU SUCK! chant as Angel begins talking.

Angel: I suck? Really?

Angel chuckles.

Angel: I've been destroying anybody who gets in my way and soon I'm going to be the Legacy Champion and there's not a damn thing any of you fat, stupid hicks can do about it!

Angel grins as the fans get even more riled up and the boos get louder.

Angel: Anyway I came out here to address those of you who have been whining and crying all week, asking why I changed, asking why I laid out Shadow last week...well the fact of the matter is I changed because showing off for you idiots got me nowhere! I was a joke, I was the guy who couldn't win the big one! But now look at me, I've beaten former world champions like Donald Hammerpunch and Kyle Elric, two people all of you said I could never beat! And I have one person to thank for helping me realize my true potential, for helping me realize that I don't need any of you, and it's the most gorgeous woman in the world, my fiancee Becca.

Becca walks over to Austin, and kisses him on the cheek as Austin puts an arm around her waist.

Austin: Shadow it was nothing personal taking you out last week, it was just a matter of finally taking what I want, and what I want is that Legacy Championship. So I did what I had to do to send a message, I smacked you right in the face with your own title belt! Enjoy your last few days with the championship, because when I get my shot at it, it's coming home with me.

Austin drops the mic and leaves the ring with Becca as his music kicks up again and the couple quickly exit up the ramp.

The scene opens up with a dark deserted house in the middle of a swampy overgrowth. An alligator quickly sinks back into the water as a snake curls it’s body around a tree and it coils around itself ready to strike. Flies buzz around the thick humid air. A rocking chair appears in the porch of the house, moving from one side to the other. The scene flashes and as if from out of thin air, Remy Dieu appears gazing at us all.

The truth will set you free, man. They all come and go and go and come but the truth remains for those who truly seek it.

The rocking chair and Remy disappear again with his laugh filling the air until he reappears in another flash with a close up angle with the camera. Remy eyes pierce through the lens as he looks deep down into your soul.

I am the bringer of truth and tonight at Vortex, La Pantera finds out what that truly means.........just like Jensen did.

He laughs again before fading away.

I will heal them all.

Tonight......Remy Dieu is here.
Back at ringside Official Roger Hains checks in with the timekeepers and Emma Mason as we ready ourselves for the next match.

Chambers: Get ready ladies and gentleman, this one is going to be big.

Daiko: The first time we can agree on something, Chambers. The Legacy Champion against Dr. Nero, it doesn't get any bigger than that.

***Requiem For A Dream***

Nero's music hits and the atmosphere inside the Taco Bell Arena changes as a big spotlight shins on stage. Nurse Ellie walks out first does a bit of twirl before ushering in Nero. She stays a few feet in front of him as he slowly strides out extremely focused. The pair walk regally down the ramp as the spotlight follows the power couple with the fans in the Taco Bell Arena booing loudly for one of the most hated men in PWC. As they stride down the spotlight expands until it lights up the entire arena.

They finally make their way up the steps to the ring apron where Ellie leans on the bottom rope and opens them up for Nero. The God Complex raises his hands in the air as not to touch anything as he enters the ring. Once in the ring Ellie removes his shirt for him as Nero stands upright and ready for action. Ellie slowly slips Nero's rubber gloves into his hands as the fans continue jeering.

Mason: Introducing first from Seattle, weighing in at 223 lbs, Dr. Nero!!!

Daiko: Too bad these fools in Boise can't appreciate true greatness, the man called Nero standing right in front of them, I know the feeling.

Chambers: I think most of our fans appreciate how great Nero is, it's just actions like last week when he tries to break Bruce Thorn's leg that make them feel the way they do about him.

Daiko: Might I remind you that Thorn attacked first, the man was just defending himself, like he'll do tonight against the Legacy Champion.

Mason: And his opponent from The Darkness, weighing in at 210lbs, the Legacy Champion, Shadow!


The lights go out as Tyrants begins to play. The eerie intro echoes throughout the Taco Bell Arena. A very dim light illuminates the stage, ramp and ring area as smoke fills the stage. Suddenly the song kicks in. It is so loud not a single person can hear their self think. A huge bright white light flashes and the smoke is blown away as two bolts strike the stage. Shadow is knelt down on the stage facing the floor. Boise welcomes the PWC Legacy Champion.

A sole spot light shines upon him. He slowly raises his head as he rises to his feet and begins to pace menacingly towards the ring. Though he is not a large man this entrance is enough to strike fear into most men. Shadow points to his waist with the golden Legacy Title sits, he taps it once for luck and continues on his way. He walks around the ring to the far right ring post and climbs up it from the outside. Shadow stares off into the raucous crowd nodding his head to the beat of his song and the massive ovation he is getting.

His eyes make their way to the ring where he gazes at Ellie and Nero staring a hole into them. Shadow lets out a slight smile. He knows the challenge Nero poses and wants to meet it head on.

He takes down his hood, unbuckles the Legacy title and raises it in his right arm slowly, before hopping into the ring. He removes his jacket and drops it out of the ring and hands over his precious prize to the referee with Nero eying Shadow and the title he once had suspiciously. The lights come up and he stands in the middle of the ring ready to meet Nero.

Chambers: The fans just love the Legacy Champion and what a champion he has been, taking on all comers and fighting for what he believes in.

Daiko: Yeah, I can't believe the not so bright Thorn was smart enough to pick Shadow as Nero's opponent, it's not fair to Nero, he needs time to prepare for such an opponent.

Chambers: It's not like Thorn had extra time to prepare for Austin Angel, and if Nero is as good as he says he is, he can adapt.

Daiko: I'm sure he will, but this is the Legacy Champion we're talking about, hmm, in fact this is a battle of Legacy Title past versus Legacy title present.

Chambers: Yes Nero is one of the pioneers of the Legacy Title and someone like Shadow has taken the title to a completely different level. This is truly a huge match, a main event anywhere.

Match #3
Non-Title - Pick Your Poison Match
Dr. Nero vs. Shadow (Legacy (c))

Ellie exits the ring and the bell rings with referee Roger Hains instructing both competitors to fight. Nero is looking unimpressed with the Legacy Champion. Nero laughs that his opponent is Shadow and walks towards the champion. Shadow meets him half way when Nero pushes Shadow’s face away from his sight. The crowd immediately boo Nero after his gesture. He again begins laughing at Shadow. Shadow stays in that position for a bit before firing kicks to Nero’s shin! Another kick to the shin! Then to the ribs! Shadow keeps this combo up for a few moments as Nero tries to block them before finally rolling out of the ring.

The crowd boo even louder as he stares menacingly at Shadow. Shadow takes a bow – only enraging Nero even more much to the delight of the Boise crowd. Nero kicks the steel steps to show his frustration. Referee Hains instructs Nero to get back into the ring before he starts counting him out. Nero pays no attention to this and shrugs off Hains’s request. The referee begins counting – ONE! TWO! THREE! Nero is pacing around trying to get the advantage over Shadow but the agile Legacy Champion covers his ground well and is ready for any attack that Nero is planning. FOUR! FIVE! Nero goes to ringside and gets the chair that Emma Mason was sitting on. He again looks for an opening. SIX! SEVEN! Nero throws it into the ring right next to Hains and Shadow. This forces Hains to dispose of it and momentarily distract Shadow long enough for Nero to slide back into the ring and push Shadow right into Hains – who falls out of the ring. When Shadow turns around, he tries for an enziguri but Nero catches it and performs a dragon screw to Shadow’s right leg! With referee Hains on the outside, Nero quickly goes back out to retrieve the chair.

The Boise crowd rain down boos directed at Nero who doesn’t care and basks in the hate. He walks side to side stalking Shadow as if giving him a chance to defend himself. Before long, Nero lands a chair shot on Shadow’s right leg! ANOTHER ONE FOR GOOD MEASURE! Nero then disposes of the chair and sure enough, that’s when referee Hains is able to slide back into the ring. Nero sees this and immediately turns Shadow over for the pin – ONE! -- -- --

TWO! -- --

KICKOUT! The slow count by Hains enrages Nero yet again. As soon as Nero’s weight is off of Shadow, the Legacy Champion begins holding onto his right knee after being on the receiving of those chair shots. Despite being angry at Hains, Nero doesn’t complain too much as he knows he has this in the bag after the damage he has done to Shadow. Without his legs, Shadow can’t mount much offense.

Nero begins telling Shadow to quit now or he’ll just do more damage to his knee. So much so, that he’ll end Shadow’s career right then and there. Shadow tries to kick away at Nero as he gets closer but Nero lands a boot right to the top of his head that floors Shadow. Nero looks to the Boise crowd and smiles – looking pleased with the work he has done tonight. As he does this, Shadow tries to get to a vertical base using Nero as his stand. The doctor is salivating at what he should do next as he watches Shadow struggle to his feet. Nero gets Shadow to his feet but again picks up his right left – DRAGON SCREW! Even the Chambers and Campbell can’t bear to watch this anymore as they beg for Shadow to just quit right now as he has a bright future ahead of him. The crowd groans at the sight of Nero connecting with another dragon screw. Hains slowly goes to check on Shadow who is writhing in pain. Nero can do nothing but laugh. He walks towards the cameraman who is on the apron and holds the camera still right in front of him. He screams into the camera that “This is gonna be you soon Thorn!” as he instructs the cameraman to get a good shot of Shadow lying on the canvas.

The Boise crowd is not happy at all and show it by booing Nero – who does not care. Nero goes back to Shadow in the corner, brushing passed referee Hains. He places Shadow in the corner where Shadow has both arms on the ropes to get to a vertical base. Nero walks to the opposite corner. He puts a square right in front of him to get a clear picture of where to exactly land a move on Shadow. Nero is satisfied with his taunting before he bolts towards Shadow and connects with a high knee! Shadow crumbles forward unto the arms of Nero who has a big smile on his face. Nero has Shadow in a bulldog position – which Nero motions the cameraman to get a good look at. When Nero runs forward, Shadow doesn’t follow. Nero runs towards Shadow – CRACK! Shadow has the wherewithal to land a Pele Kick right between the eyes! Shadow uses what strength his has left to crawl towards Nero and drapes his arm over him, here’s the pin.



KICKOUT! Nero kicks out much to the chagrin of the crowd. Nero rolls out of the ring to gather himself which draws more boos from the Boise crowd.

Referee Hains is again checking on Shadow. Nero is down to one knee on the outside as he tries to find his bearings. However, Nero isn’t down for long. So much so, that referee Hains hasn’t even begun to count him out yet. In the ring, Shadow is now up to a vertical base thanks to the ropes. But Nero goes over to where Shadow is standing and pulls his feet from under him! Nero slides back into the ring. With Shadow on his stomach, Nero gets a waist lock in and lifts Shadow. Nero lifts Shadow for the German Suplex – but Shadow blocks it! Nero tries again – Shadow blocks it again! With all the momentum from the German Suplex attempt, Shadow is able to score with a snapmare. With Nero in a seated position, Shadow connects with a dropkick right on the kisser! Shadow quickly goes for the pin –



KICKOUT! Shadow gets on top of Nero and begins reigning down forearms to keep Nero down. Each forearm that connects gets the Boise crowd to count along. The crowd gets to14 forearm shots before Shadow lets up. He gingerly limps to the corner and begins making his way to the second rope. All the while the viewers at home can hear the commentary team saying this is a bad idea as Shadow is clearly not able to fly around as much as he’d like. Nero groggily gets back up and when he turns around – TORNADO DDT! NERO’S HEAD CONNECTS WITH THE CANVAS! The Legacy Champion shoots the half – ONE! TWO! TH – KICKOUT! The Boise crowd can’t believe Nero kicked out of that devastating looking tornado DDT! Nero’s momentum from that kickout now has him lying on the canvas on his stomach. Shadow somehow finds the legs power to quickly scale the top rope.

He leaps off – DARKNESS FALLS CONNECTS! THE DOUBLE FOOT STOMP CONNECTS TO THE SPINE OF NERO! But the damage has been done to Shadow’s right leg. As soon as Shadow hit Darkness Falls, he begins holding his right knee as he crumbles right next to Nero. SUDDENLY – NERO ROLLS THEN FLOATS OVER TO SHADOW’S RIGHT LEG – AMPUTATION IS LOCKED IN! THE KNEE LOCK IS LOCKED IN! NERO WASTES NO TIME AND PULLS THE SUBMISSION MANUEVER AS FAR BACK AS HE CAN! Shadow tries to fight the pain. This only angers Nero even more who pulls it back even more – SHADOW TAPS!

Winner: Dr. Nero

***Requiem For A Dream***

Chambers: Shadow fought bravely there, but the Amputation is just too devastating a submission. It was either snap or tap for Shadow, he had no choice in that situation.

Daiko: That was way too close for comfort for someone like Nero, Shadow looks to have him beaten on so many occasions, and if it did happen it would've disastrous for the God Complex heading into Hell's Judgement.

Nero exits leaning on Ellie up the ramp feeling the effects from the brutal war with Shadow. Shadow gingerly finds his feet in the ring with the fans giving the bitterly disappointed Legacy Champion a standing ovation.

Chambers: Shadow has to pick himself up after this disappointment, he has a huge Legacy Title match at Hell's Judgement against Austin Angel.

Daiko: Well both men get to see their opponent's at Hell's Judgement face off later tonight.


It’s the afternoon of Vortex 7 from earlier in the day and PWC’s newest reporter Sondra Rowe is outside the Taco Bell Arena in Boise with PWC fans streaming in, in their droves. Sondra spots many different fans, some Jensen fans, some Hammerpunch fans, some fans wearing Bruce Thorn t-shirts and even some fans of the World Heavyweight Champion Crowley all dressed in black.

Sondra: Ladies and Gentleman, we’re outside the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, Idaho taking in the electric atmosphere as thousands of rabid PWC fans head into the arena to watch some of their favourite wrestlers compete here tonight.

Sondra turns around as a screaming fan leans over her shoulder to speak into the microphone.

Fan: I came to see him. We believe in him, we all need him.

Sondra is taken aback as the fan stands beside her with tattered clothes and a gap tooth grin. Suddenly more fans dressed in wore down clothes, one wearing a old straw hat, another with a dirty Hawaiian shirt appear around her all smiling eagerly.

Sondra: Ah, we were going to do fan interviews for the show but I guess we could start now.

The fans can’t wait and one pulls the microphone towards himself.

Fan: We just want the world to know what his message has done for us. Finally he can show the world how much he can help them, how much he can help all of us.

Sondra Rowe isn’t sure what to make of these fans. She composes herself and tries to get to the bottom of who these people are talking about.

Sondra: Sir, who might you be talking about.

Fan: Oh you silly girl, we’re talking about Remy Dieu.

Fan 2: The man who saved us.

The other Remy fans all laugh and nod in unison and agreement.

Fan: He saved us, his message helped us. He changed my life.

Another fan steps in.

Fan 3: And mine too.

Fan 4: And mine as well.

One by one more of these Remy Dieu fans step forward proclaiming him as their savior.

Fan : His words bring life, they illuminate every facet of your being if you just listen, won’t you just listen, won’t Jensen just listen?

These strange fans start converging on Sondra who says her farewells and tilts her head to the cameraman for them to leave. As they walk away the strange fans all wave, again all in unison.

Fan 3: Remember he can save you too; all you have to do is listen. Tell Jensen, tell Jensen he has to listen.

We get a black and white shot then hear loud booming sounds fill the screen as the camera pans a shot of shelves filled with hot sauce. The shot seems to be in a supermarket as it gets some shots of the various spices and hot sauce that fills the shelves.

The shot continues to do this and it actually replays the same animation three times – confusing the crowd. Just then the shot cuts out. A new animation fills the screen. It starts out the same way the first time but this time – in color. Again, the shot replays three times much to the confusion of the Boise crowd.

Just then, we get a different shot. When the camera pans to the right, we see a figure with a red vest and a name tag. The camera pans back to the right as we get a better picture of the name tag, it reads “Jalapeno.” The shot then pans downwards where we see the man wearing some funny looking shiny red pants with yellow and orange mixed in there as if he was on fire. Now we pan upwards – we see the man sporting a mask again colored with red, yellow, and orange. The shot pans downwards again. However –

“Oh c’mon!”

The man speaks and holds the camera still right on his face.

“I’m trying to make a cool vignette here dude, geez.”

The man coughs as he gets ready again. With the camera shot right on his face, he speaks.

“As I was saying – I’m going to be making my debut in the Premier Wrestling Circuit...”

“Hey! You don’t work here!”

The man looks towards the voice and sees the manager glaring at him menacingly.

“Damn it. Well, I guess I gotta go. But I’ll see you at the Premier Wrestling Circuit. Ciao!”

The masked man salutes at the camera before bolting out of the supermarket as the foot steps of the manager can be heard going after him. We go back to the same aisle the man tried to cut a promo in. We see he dropped his nametag and again it reads – “Jalapeno.”

Match #4
Remy Dieu vs. La Pantera
Chambers: And now it’s the in ring debut of Remy Dieu, as he takes on the legendary luchador, Pantera.

Daiko: What do you know about Dieu, Chambers? Because A. I didn’t read up on him and 2. Until he impresses me, I won’t care.

Chambers: Well it’s funny you say that Daiko because my notes here states he’s from parts unknown. So your guess is as good as mine.

Daiko: Parts Unknown...always hated the traffic there.

The lights go out and Remy’s music hits...

***Damn it to Hell***

The crowd is restless, not knowing what is to come when a ghostly lantern appears atop the ramp and makes its way down to the center of the arena. The lantern lights up the bearded and grinning face of the latest PWC wrestler. The lights of the arena come back on and Dieu is on his knees in prayer before standing up.

Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from parts unknown, weighing in at 285 pounds, Reeeeeeeeeeemy Dieuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Remy looks straight at the camera, and reaches his hand out.

Chambers: The one thing I do know is that Dieu holds his hand out to the camera, wanting people to connect with him through this televised event from all over the world.

Daiko: I don’t think I would touch that hand even if it was just by my screen. I mean look at that beard, has he showered lately?

Chambers: Have you?

Daiko: That is the musk of a manly Scotsmen, Chambers. A mixture of old spice and whiskey. I’d get used to it quick smart if I were you.

Dieu puts his hand down and backs into a corner and slouches against the turnbuckles awaiting his opponent.

***Mexico Lindo Y Querido***​

The crowd get on their feet!

Mason: His opponent, from Guadalajara, Mexico, weighing in at 240 pounds... La Paaaaaaant –E RAAAAAAAH!!!

Pantera steps out on to the stage with his back turned towards the sold out Idaho crowd stage, showing off his name emblazoned in gold and silver on the back of his robe.. He turns around to a huge pop from the fans as he punches the air while striding down the entrance ramp. He acknowledges some of his adoring fans before walking up the ring steps and carefully climbing into the ring. He nods at both the ring announcer and referee.

He jumps on the second rope and does a moonsault landing on his feet! Only to turn into Remy blasting his face with the lantern!!!

The buzz from the crowd turned to silence before erupting into boos. The lantern has exploded into shards of metal and screws. Pantera is down and Remy stands over him laughing. The ref gets in Remy’s face, who at first ignores him. Remy then grabs the referee and throws him over the top rope to the floor!

Remy slowly circles Pantera who is slowly stirring.

Daiko: Haha... well you’ve impressed me Remy Dieu! That was great! Right Chambers?!

Chambers: That was despicable Daiko. Pantera is a legend of this sport. He could have a concussion. He could be bleeding under that mask! What’s Dieu doing now?

Remy grabs Pantera by the mask ripping at it and tearing into the eye holes before and slowly brings him to his feet. Dieu gets his opponent into position for a Swinging Reverse STO, but instead lifts his hand to the sky, with a big dramatic pause, and then brings his hand down with a giant hammerfist to the face! Pantera falls to the mat again.

Security come running out but they aren’t prepared and enter the ring one by one. Remy clotheslines the first one out of his shoes! The second almost has his head taken off by a Yakuza kick! The others stop, realising they need a plan. But in this hesitation, Dieu grabs Pantera again and applies the Torture Rack!

Security finally enters as a team and tell him to put the luchador down. Remy keeps racking Pantera and laughing while looking deep into the souls of the referees. He finally stops and gorilla presses Pantera off his shoulders and onto the security team!!!! All five men are bowled over by the limp body of Pantera.

**No contest**

Chambers: Remy is completely out of control.

Daiko: He's a monster is what he is, a dangerous monster at that. If I was Jensen I'd be very very worried right now.

The storm of boos from the fans is deafening as Remy rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp backwards.

The chaotic scene fades to the backstage area in front of the office door of Ernesto Clement with his name emblazoned in bold letters in front. We head inside the room where we see Clement sitting at his desk going through a pile of papers. Clement is decked out in one of his signature suits, this one is pale blue, trimmed with a tie pink and a green shirt when a knock on his door draws his attention.

Clement: Come in.

In steps Brittany Page in her own signature black business suit, her hair pinned back and holding a clipboard with tonight’s schedule on it. Page strides in with a beaming smile painted on her face as she addresses Ernesto.

Page: Mr. Clement, I have the other documents you wanted.

Ever the gentleman Clement stands up to greet Ms. Page as she steps into the room with a smile of his own.

Clement: Thank you Ms. Page.

Page nods her head and goes to leave once more but Clement stops her.

Clement: Miss Page, we didn’t have a change last week, but we need to talk.

The smile leaves Brittany’s face as she adjusts her glasses with Clement pointing to a chair for Page to take a seat.

Clement: Don’t you want to know how she’s doing?

Ms. Page: How who’s doing, Sir?

Clement: Are we going to play this game, Ms. Page?

Brittany places her clipboard on the table in front of her.

Ms. Page: How is Cheri doing, Sir?

Clement looks at Brittany impassively.

Clement: Look I understand what you did, and I actually agree with you.

Brittany takes a deep breath, stunned at what Clement just said.

Clement: I never wanted my daughter to get into the wrestling business and I read Dr. Shepard’s report. She couldn’t compete even if I wanted to.

Ms. Page: I’m glad you understand…

The owner of PWC lifts his hand to let Page know that he wasn’t finished.

Clement: But that did not give you the right to expose her secret that publicly. I never wanted that. You had no right Ms. Page, no right at all.

Brittany Page hangs her head almost in shame, her eyes are filled with sadness as she lifts her head to meet Clement’s gaze.

Ms. Page: I’m sorry….

Clement: And then there's that situation with Charlie Campbell last week, I understand wanting to get fresh blood on the commentary table too but again do we have to do these things oh so publicly.

Ms. Page: I just thought we’d want to introduce Daiko with a splash….

Ernie raises a hand again to stop Brittany.

Clement: Beyond all the issues I have with the way the situation with my daughter was handled, and Charlie, what I can’t argue with is the results you’ve proven you can achieve for PWC. I’m always about doing what’s best for my company and our employees and when I look at these numbers, the numbers never lie and these numbers are great.

Ernie gestures towards all the papers spread out across his desk.

Clement: Whether it’s that PPV we finally held in Las Vegas after trying for so long or all the exciting new blood you’ve injected into the talent pool, PWC was in good hands while I was away and for that I thank you.

Ms. Page: No, thank you, Mr. Clement. I just wanted a chance to prove myself.

Clement: And you did Ms. Page. Although I’ll be taking a more hands on approach with my return, I still very much want you to be a big part of running a successful PWC.

Ms. Page: Thank you Mr. Clement, you won’t regret this.

Clement: Just no more public outbursts.

Ms. Page: Oh no, Sir. Not me.

Clement: Uhmm, Uhmm.

Page lets out a happy smile as she nods along with Clement.

Ms. Page: I do have one more surprise for you, Sir. One I think you’ll really enjoy.

Clement: Another surprise, hey.

Page stands and heads over to the door before opening it and ushering in her guest. In steps a tall man with tanned skin and pale blue dead eyes, wearing a fine grey suit. The man steps in and extends his hand out to the PWC owner.

Bianchi: Mr. Clement, I’m Jacob Bianchi.

Ms. Page: Jacob is one of our latest signings Mr. Clement, one of the ones I’m probably most excited with.

Bianchi stands up straight nodding to Brittany for paying him the complement.

Clement: Well when can I expect to see this Mr. Bianchi in a match.

Bianchi: Very soon, I hope Sir.

Ms. Page: Jacob is actually scheduled to have his first match at the PPV, Hell’s Judgment.

Bianchi: I can’t wait to get started and introduce myself to you and your audience in a big, big way. I'm sure we'll enjoy doing business together.

Ernie Clement looks pleased with Jacob Bianchi’s confidence.

Clement: Well I look forward to seeing you compete young man.

Brittany Page and Jacob Bianchi say their goodbyes and take their leave. Ernie Clement pours himself a glass of whiskey as he turns on the monitor to catch the rest of Vortex, his hopes for the future of PWC revitalized.

It’s earlier in the day in Boise, Idaho and Sondra Rowe is at a local coffee shop with her camera crew getting ready to interview the Television Champion, Jensen. Sondra checks that everything is ready for them to go online with the TV Champion arriving with the belt slung over his shoulder, wearing a button down white shirt and sunglasses.

Sondra: Hi Jensen, I’m Sondra Rowe.

Jensen: Pleased to meet you, Sondra.

Jensen walks slowly into the shop and removed the sunglasses to reveal a black eye. Sondra makes a face when she sees it, with Jensen waving it off.

Jensen: A gift from Remy Dieu from last week.

He lets out a deep breath after saying Remy’s name. With the interview set up Sondra asks the cameras to start rolling.

Sondra: I’m Sondra Rowe and we’re joined by the PWC Television Champion, Jensen.

As the cameras roll Jensen acknowledges Sondra and the audience at home.

Sondra: Now Jensen, after your Television title match last week you were brutally attacked by the debuting Remy Dieu without any provocation.

Jensen: Hence this little gift.

He points to the black eye.

Sondra: What everyone has been asking is why Remy chose you as his target last week.

Jensen leans back in his seat.

Jensen: He says he wants to save me apparently.

Sondra: Save you, by brutally attacking like that?

Jensen: That’s what he said, but…..

Rowe looks at the TV Champion as he taps his fingers nervously into their table.

Jensen: That’s what he said, he said he wants to save me, from all this.

Jensen gestured around them and then to the TV Title belt.

Jensen: I don’t know, he’s so different. There’s something about him, something terrible. Have you ever been in the presence of a true monster, Sondra.

PWC’s newest investigative reporter shakes her head.

Sondra: No and I hope I never am.

Jensen: You may have to be, someday soon when Ms. Page or Mr. Clement ask you to interview….that man, no….that thing. Remy is unlike anything I’ve ever faced before. He has this presence about him, this unnerving presence that makes you doubt everything that makes you who you are, you question everything and nothing makes sense anymore.

Sondra isn’t quite sure what to make of what Jensen is saying.

Jensen: I have to be ready to face that head on, no matter what………….I just have to.

Jensen picks up his PWC Television Title belt and gets up to leave. Sondra tries to stop him but the Champion uncharacteristically doesn’t say a word as he makes his way out of the coffee shop as the scene fades out.

The fans in the Taco Bell Arena in Boise are on their feet as Gil Artman is joined in the ring by the resplendent Emma Mason dressed in a red evening grown with mic in hand. Emma brings the mic up to her lips to announce the next match.

Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a “Pick Your Poison” match as chosen by Dr. Nero and Bruce Thorn Jr.

Chambers: After the intensity of the last “Pick your Poison” match between Nero and Shadow you have to believe that Thorn and Angel are going to want to bring their own “A” game to the table.


Austin Angel’s music hits as the Boise crowd falls lets out a huge chorus of boos from the sold out crowd to greet Austin Angel, a former favourite after his actions from last week with the Legacy Champion Shadow and his words earlier tonight.

Out comes Becca, Austin Angel’s singer girlfriend, the extravagant young lady has had a wardrobe change since Angel first addressed the crowd earlier in the night. Becca is now dressed in a leather jacket, black dress and high heels. She strides up the ramp with her mouth forming a feral smile. Becca waved a dismissive hand at a bemused Emma Mason in the ring and points to herself. The music stops for a moment as Becca begins to speak.

Becca: Listen up folks, I’m out here tonight to deliver to all of you a precious gift; to the wrestling world at large and to the entirety of human race because that’s what this man is, a gift that keeps giving. Just ask the soon to be former Legacy Champion, Shadow.

The Boise crowd continue jeering Becca who leers at the people and continues with her introduction putting a hand up to silence the masses.

Becca: So let me introduce to you, your next Legacy Champion, my man, Austinnnnnnn Angel!!


Austin Angel comes out from behind the curtain with a smug look on his face as the cameras pan around the number one contender for the Legacy Title. As the music hits, the lights in the arena go dark. He looks over at Becca and takes her by hand before twirling her around in circle. The new number one contender for the Legacy title leaves Becca who steps away to the back as a single spotlight hits the stage where Angel takes a knee with his head down before heading down the ramp. After getting in the ring, as he takes off his trenchcoat and he squats in the corner waiting for Thorn to arrive. Angel's eyes flick across the confused and angry faces of the people who once loved him. Boos fill the arena as he takes it all in, almost reveling in the hate he receives.

Daiko: How long have I been telling you people about the kind of man Austin Angel really is? No one believed me, in fact they booed me for it but now you all see it, don’t you?

Chambers: I just can’t get my head around it, what happened to Austin. I know a lot of his fans are pointing the finger at Becca for being a bad influence here.

Daiko lets out a hardy laugh.

Daiko: I don’t know what to tell you if you honestly believe that this is all down to Becca. This is who Austin Angel has always been, he just denied it for the longest time but quite frankly even if this was all on Becca he should be thanking her for this. It's the best period of his career by a long way.

Chambers: Well, this definitely isn’t the Austin Angel we all knew so well.

Angel leans against the turnbuckles gazing out at the ramp awaiting his opponent Bruce Thorn Jr.

The Boise crowd erupts as Thorn’s music hits. The former TV Champion steps out from the behind the curtain with a wide camera angle from behind showing us Thorn’s view of the arena. Thorn strides down to the ring with a grimace on his face as he winces with every step not showing any of his normal energy.

Daiko: The man can hardly walk, just look at him.

Chambers: There’s no doubt about it, Nero absolutely did a number on him last week.

Daiko: And what must he be thinking after Nero defeated Shadow earlier in the night, dissect his leg. He sent a clear message to Thorn and everyone else with such a huge win against the Legacy Champion, Shadow.

Thorn looks directly at Angel who has a smirk on his face as he eyes Thorn’s heavily taped up left leg.

Emma Mason: And introducing his opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 238lbs, Bruce Thorn Jr.

Chambers: Well it looks like the rumours are true and Tommy Thorn won’t be appearing alongside Bruce Thorn tonight.

Daiko: A rat abandoning a sinking ship perhaps?

Chambers: Tommy has done many things, but abandoning his own flesh and blood? I just can’t see him doing that.

Daiko: Well where is he then, Chambers? His nephew can hardly walk and is in a match with the man with the hottest win streak in PWC right now and who also happens to be the number one contender to the Legacy title, if this isn’t abandoning Thorn, what is?

Thorn gingerly entered the ring and heads to the center to meet Austin Angel as both men stare each other down.

Chambers: Daiko, you and these two men have had many a battle over the Television Title, in fact all three of you were involved in the match to crown the first ever champion at Last Rites. All of that was under very different circumstances though.

Daiko: In a straight up match with both men at 100%, it’s a very close match as seen every time they’ve fought. But with Thorn clearly injured and Angel on a roll, there’s only one winner in this match.

Referee Gil Artman raises his arms to signal for the start of the match and then points at the timekeeper to ring the bell.

***Ding, Ding, Ding***

Angel is like a shark smelling blood in the water immediately jamming the bottom of his boot into the left knee of Thorn who goes down clutching his limb in pain. The fans let out a massive boo in outrage but Angel isn’t concerned with what anybody in the arena thinks and quickly continues his assault with another boot to the face and then completely knocking his opponent down with an elbow strike to the jaw. Thorn is down and Angel hops up smiling at his handy work. He circles his fallen foe for another moment and then proceeds to smash Thorn’s prone left leg with a barrage of knee drops as he looks to pile on the pressure. A “BTJ” chant fills the arena as the PWC fans try to will Bruce Thorn on, as he looks to be in deep trouble after Angel’s vicious attack. Angel springs back up and looks out at the crowd in dismay. He shakes his head dismissively almost insulted that the crowd think they can help save Thorn from this. The dastardly Technical High Flyer, turns ground and pounder and looks to press home his advantage as he runs the ropes and comes jumping back in with a leaping knee drop to his foe’s damaged leg. Thorn agonizes over the attack grabbing his leg in pain as the veins on the side of his head pop out and his face turns red. Angel paws Thorn’s head away scornfully. He catches the man with another hard right hand to the head and then begins to rip at the tape around Thorn’s damaged left leg. Gil Artman immediately tries to stop Angel as he gets inbetween both men. Angel lifts his hands up and walks backwards for a moment while Artman tries to check on Thorn but the wily PWC original comes pushing back, much to the displeasure of the official.

The crowd aren’t happy either and let Angel know exactly what they think of his actions with a huge “Angel sucks” chant, a chant no one would thought possible towards the former beloved star at any PWC event. Artman is incensed, he threatens to disqualify AA if he doesn’t let him do his job with the number one contender for the Legacy title again lifting his arms and stepping away but this time with a hand full of the tape that was covering Thorn’s leg. Angel drops the tape behind his back and out of the ring and winks back at the crowd in the front row who try to alert the referee. Artman sees Thorn’s leg now exposed and immediately heads over to Angel, admonishing the man. Angel arrogantly smirks at the official with an exacerbated Referee Artman shaking his head. Suddenly Bruce Thorn explodes into life. He comes flying in knocking past Artman and smashing into Angel using his good right leg to push himself up off the floor. Thorn mounts his foe and begins to go to town with heavy right and left hands, pounding on his downed opponent as the Taco Bell Arena explodes into life. Thorn hops back up with Angel back peddling looking to regain his footing but the bruiser Thorn comes barrelling in with another crude attack, lunching himself on one leg yet again with the forearm shot to the bread basket. Angel goes down clutching his midsection in pain. Thorn has a savage look in his eyes, a man looking to survive as much as win. He drops to his knees and drives another elbow to the back of Angel’s head, then fires off a sharp right hand to the face as he looks to punish his villainous rival. Thorn gingerly lifts himself back up, keeping Angel close in hand as he pulls him up by his long dirty blond hair. Angel tries to fight back with a shot of his own to the midsection, but Thorn shrugs it off and buries the side of his hip into AA’s cranium, sending him into a daze.

Thorn looks to the sold out crowd who let out another huge roar. He drags AA to his feet by the hair with Artman admonishing him in kind. Thorn sets his foe into the vertical suplex setup position with AA again trying to fight back with rapid punches to the midsection, but Thorn again overpowers him, muscling the man up into the air. AA looks to break up the suplex attempt up by driving his knee while in the air into Thorn’s skull with the powerhouse almost losing his unsure footing for a moment but again the bigger man uses his immense strength by deadlifting the two hundred plus pound wrestler and then falling over with the vertical suplex. Thorn holds on to the move as the crowd hold their breath, then flips over, making sure to land on his good foot, before transitioning into the Northern Lights Suplex position and then hitting the move in one fluid motion before transitioning into the cover and bridge!

Gil Artman slides in to count the pin.


Thorn’s face turns pale as he gimances in pain.


He lifts his bad leg up to relieve the pressure.

Kick Out! AA kicks out at two with Thorn unable to hold down a proper bridging pin with his bad leg. The former TV Champion lifts himself back up and heads over to the other side of the ring. He sets himself up on the corner looking down at his groggy foe. The crowd find their feet, immediately recognizing Thorn’s set up for his finishing move, the Spear. Bruce looks down at his leg and then shakes his head. He now realizes he won’t be able to make the run across the ring to connect with the Spear. Instead he heads back over to the grounded Angel, looking to inflict more damage. Angel crawls over to the corner, looking for some respite. Thorn looks to pull his foe back towards the middle of the ring but again the intelligent ring general, Austin Angel sees his chance and grabs his foe by the tights and pulls him neck first into the middle rope. Thorn hits the rope with his head snapping back. He goes down clutching the back of his head and gasping for air. AA lets out a sigh of relief and then a slight smile as the Boise crowd boo down the Legacy Title number one contender.

He stands up, full of confidence now having abruptly stopped Thorn’s momentum. He jumps up and down on the balls of his feet over Thorn, smirking down at his handy work. Thorn valiantly tries to fight back, throwing a wild swinging right hand from the mat but Angel easily sidestepped before sending a boot to the head that knocked down his foe and then another swift kick to the injured leg. Thorn immediately grabs the leg in pain with Angel’s eyes zeroing in on his target. The former fan favourite launches himself in the air and comes crashing down with a diving elbow, dropping all his weight down on the bent knee of Thorn, who writhes around in pain after the sickening blow. AA wipes his mouth with the back of his hand before standing up and pointing down at Thorn and mocking the crowd again. He violently pulls Thorn by the left leg to the middle of the ring before sending down a barrage of hard stomps to the back of his leg. Thorn tries to fight out of AA’s grasp but that’s to no avail with his foe showing a vicious streak like never before. Angel pulls Thorn into position and signals for the end before wrapping his legs around that of his foe and locking in the Cloverleaf. Thorn is trapped in the middle of the ring with Angel wrenching down on the pressure. Angel sits back and puts as much pressure as he can on his foe’s venerable leg. He tells Senior Official Artman to ask Thorn if he wants to give up with Bruce immediately replying with a defiant “No”. Thorn sees his salvation on the other side of the ring. The gravely concerned Boise crowd see the danger and immediately go to help Thorn find a way out of this predicament. A huge “Let’s go Thorn” chant goes up with the crowd firmly behind him. Angel shakes his head in disgust, letting the crowd know that there’s no way out of his grasp now. Thorn bites down on his hand, his eyes fills with pain. He sees the bottom rope on the other side of the ring, from this position it looks like a mile away. Thorn grits his teeth as Austin leans all the way back, looking to extract every bit of pressure he can. Senior Official Artman asks Thorn once again if he wants to give up but Thorn replies “no” this time so loud his voice echoes loud throughout the packed house, with the crowd again reacting in kind and trying to will Thorn towards the ropes. Thorn starts pulling and dragging his large frame along with AA on his back with him. Austin Angel can’t believe it, he tries to plant his feet and keep Thorn away from the ropes but the powerhouse wrestler uses his massive power advantage and upper body strength to drag himself and his rival towards the bottom rope. Inch by inch Thorn goes with Angel in utter disbelief as his foe is only finger tips away. AA tries to pull one more time but Thorn is already there, Artman calls for the release. Angel looks on at the Referee in disgust replying “No” as emphatically as Thorn before him. Artman again warns Angel with the threat of disqualification with the crowd shouting for the hold to be broken. Artman starts the count, one, two, three, four, with Angel releasing the hold at the count of four and three quarters.

Thorn looks spent as he holds on to the bottom rope, his body heaving with pain with Angel stomping towards and then kicking the bottom turnbuckle on the other side of the ring in frustration. He can’t believe the Cloverleaf was not enough. Thorn is pulling himself up, first from the bottom rope, then to the middle rope with his left leg dangling on the floor. Angel eyes Thorn's injury and lets out another sinister smile before leaping into action pushing past Artman and smashing Thorn’s leg with a Superkick! The crowd gasp in horror as Thorn screams out in pain. Angel isn’t done there. He rebounds off the ropes and comes flying in looking to hit chop block this time. Thorn sees Angel coming from the corner of his eye and in an act of desperation, pulls himself through the middle rope to the apron and his leg out of the way. It’s Angel turn to hit the middle rope neck first this time as he can’t stop his momentum. He bounces off and comes crashing back, himself gasping for air now. Thorn pulls himself together, he grits his teeth fighting through the pain and pulls himself into the ring. Angel staggers back up and comes wobbling in to the waiting Thorn who smashes the man with a huge lariat that sends his foe inside out! Angel staggers back up again but his opponent is waiting for him. Thorn limps around and pulls AA into position, he lifts him up on his shoulders, his left leg almost buckling under the weight but he knows this is his only chance. The crowd can’t believe it as Bruce fights through the pain sets him into position and plants Angel with the One Winged Angel but he doesn’t hit it perfectly because of his injured leg. Thorn falls into the cover. Artman makes the count.



Thre..Kickout! Angel kicks out at the very last second. The crowd let out a groan of disappointment with Thorn pulling at his hair in frustration. He pulls himself back up as the pain shoots through his body. Thorn pulls him up and into position and locks in the setup for the Thorn in your Side, his other finishing move. The crowd urge Thorn on with the man readying himself to strike, but No! Angel counters as the jet-heeled flyer blocks the move, drops down and hooks his legs around Thorn's as he locks in The Curse, his spinning Inverted Figure Four leg lock. AA wrenches down on the pressure with the devastating submission hold. Thorn tries to fight it off again but it’s locked in too tight. He goes to grab the ropes and misses with Angel spinning around again and locking in the hold. Thorn is too far away from the ropes, he can’t break the hold that way. He only has one other option, turn around and somehow reverse the pressure. Thorn uses his upper body strength again and turns Angel over but his foe has not relinquished the pressure, instead Angel modifies his hold and keeps it locked in this time with a more traditional figure four with Thorn on his back. Thorn tries to pull himself away as the fight fades away with every passing second. The crowd try to will him on one more time but all the strength seems to have left Thorn as his body goes numb from the pain with nowhere to go. Thorn has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Austin Angel


The crowd is in stunned silence but then start booing the man they’ve grown to despise as Angel gets up for a moment to celebrate but then drops right back down to his knees in exhaustion. Artman looks over Thorn who is clutching his leg in extreme pain. Becca runs out from the back and into the ring pushing Senior Official Artman and planting a kiss on her man’s cheek before rising his hand to the heavens in victory.

Chambers: What we saw tonight was a different Austin Angel, a more vicious Austin Angel, a more brutal Austin Angel, a man willing to do whatever it took to earn this victory.

Daiko: An Austin Angel I wish was around when we were tag team partners. But yes there’s no denying it, he took his game to another level.

Chambers: What must the Legacy Champion think looking at this. At Hell’s Judgement he must face a man with the hottest win streak in PWC today.

The cameras pan to the back with Shadow standing and watching the match unfold with a towel over his head. Shadow looks down at his Legacy Title on a table in front of him before looking at the screen again with Angel looking directly at the camera and Becca making the belt sign around his waist. Angel mouths the words.

Angel: I’m coming for my Legacy title Shadow.

The cameras pan back to Shadow who’s still looking at the monitor nodding his head.

Shadow: You’re not taking this away from me, no one is.

Shadow picks up his belt and lays it across his shoulder before walking away.

The cameras pan back to the arena with Angel and Becca taking their leave. They smirk at the downed Thorn as he looks on in abject disappointment. Thorn pulls himself up and leans his head against the bottom rope. The mood in the arena changes again with the crowd pointing to the top of the ramp and there stands the statuesque figure of Dr. Nero with Nurse Ellie on his arm. Thorn and Nero lock eyes with Nero looking down at the fallen Thorn with contempt.

Chambers: It seems like Bruce Thorn’s injury was just too much for him tonight and I hate to say this, but heaven help him at Hell’s Judgement when Nero’ gets his hand on that leg.

Daiko: Thorn’s obsession with Nero actually cost him this match when you think about it, come Hell’s Judgement that obsession may just cost him his career.

Nero turns his back on Thorn, again in utter contempt before beckoning Ellie towards him and taking his leave. Thorn looks on helplessly before taking his leave.


Chambers: This Sunday is our next pay per view extravaganza Hell’s Judgement! And now that Ernesto Clement has returned to helm PWC, once more, this will be, as far as we know, the last show that Ms Page will have promoted on her own.

Daiko: You know something, Chambers? I can’t wait for this show. And all of you out there in TV land should too, because this will be my first PPV broadcast call and I’m going blow the roof off this thing. I mean is there a better colour man out there than me?

Chambers: Umm... yes, Charlie Campbell, but I digress. Let’s run down the super card!

Daiko: I’ll run you over with a knee to the face if you keep getting lippy with me Stan-o.

Chambers: With Barney Williams cashing in the Prometheus Torch, the flame is now back in play! At HELL’S Judgement we’ve got a fatal four way match to determine who will be the next holder of the Torch!

Daiko: But Ms Page, my personal favourite GM to be quite honest. Man she’s hot, has made the Torch even better by having the Torch holder being able to pick any title they wish to fight for. The catch is if they choose the TV or Legacy titles, they can get the match at any time. If it’s the World title, the Champion gets time to prepare. It’s a game of strategy and one that only the smartest will know how to win.

Chambers: The winner of this match may very well be our next TV, Legacy or World Champion!

Daiko: This Sunday at Hell’s Judgment it will be the Alpha Male Flexx Palumbo vs. The Angel of Fear vs. The Madman Hugh Reynolds vs Shio Corin.

Chambers: Who’s going to win is anyone’s guess!

Daiko: These guys will fight, scratch and claw to get the Prometheus Torch, Stan.

Chambers: Speaking of Champions, we have all three Champions defending their titles at Hell’s Judgement. TV Champ Jensen is sick and tired of being everyone’s punching bag. He is surely looking to turn the tables on his challenger at Hell’s Judgement!

Daiko: That pretty boy Jensen is a sook. You wanna be Champ, you’ve got the big old target on your back. It’s all part of being at the top. You can’t handle it Jensen, take a walk brother, because you ain’t cut out for the big time. Go back to Hollywood and get a stunt man to do the tough stuff, because at Hell’s Judgement I think you‘ll drop that belt. And at Hell's Judgement after seeing the Monster that is Remy Dieu, I think Jensen's days are numbered.

Chambers: Jensen is one of the very best here Daiko, and you should know.

Daiko: What did I tell you about your smart mouth Chambers? What’s next?

Chambers: Well it’s the blockbuster Legacy Championship match. Shadow our new Champion who won the Legacy Gauntlet recently defended the title when he retained against Barney Williams who ignited the Prometheus Torch. But now he’s got a new opponent.

Daiko: Oh yeah he does, and ya know what, it’s Austin Angel. That geek has finally figured out that him going around helping people doesn’t help him one bit. Good for you Austin, it’s about time your balls dropped and you’re taking your career seriously. Some people like Stan Chambers say it’s your girlfriend who’s actually grown a pair and you’re just doing what you’re told.

Chambers: I never said that.

Daiko: Whatever the case, I like it.

Chambers: Shadow’s ability to improve in every single match has been amazing. He has gone from rookie sensation to the Legacy Champion beating out just about everyone on the roster for that belt. I mean former and current World Champions were in that Gauntlet match and it was Shadow who won it. Austin Angel may just have to resort to dirty tactics if he is to lift the title from Shadow this Sunday.

Daiko: Angel is a vet. He may have only just figured out that he needs to put everyone behind him to get ahead, but hey, better late than never, and his experience edge will give him the win this Sunday. And you know what I can’t wait to see what level Austin will lower himself to, to take out Shadow and finally get some gold here in PWC. And can Shadow overcome the disappointment of losing to Nero tonight?

Chambers: We've also got some new stars to look forward to, with the much hyped Jacob Bianchi already confirmed and this new star Mister Jalapeno also in.

Daiko: What kind of a name is Mister Jalapeno?

Chambers: Then all hell will break loose when the co-main event is a grudge match of all grudge matches. Some say this fiery hatred came out of the aftermath of the Gauntlet Match, but many I talk to in the back believe it stems from much further than that. From all the way back to when Nero and Thorn tagged with each other before Last Rites!

Daiko: This is going to be war. And there’s nothing I like better than two guys just punching each other in the face! These two can flat out go and I can’t wait to see these guys kill each other. But considering the condition of Thorn's left leg, I wouldn't be surprised if Nero came out with a very one sided destruction here.

Chambers: Hell’s Judgement will certainly come for one of these two gentlemen as Bruce Thorn Jr and Dr Nero will face off to finally put their feud to rest. Someone is going to hell...

Daiko: And then finally we’ve got the big one! The most dangerous doofus on the planet Donald the dork Hammerpunch gets his title rematch against the Man, the King, the baddest mutha on this planet or any other, the Demon Crowley!

Chambers That so called dork was one of the best World Champions PWC has ever had, a true great professional wrestler. We’ve come to expect the unexpected in PWC and coming straight out of a huge title defence against Ivory, Hammerpunch was forced to defend his title less than 24 hours later in a triple threat match against Bruce Thorn Jr and Crowley. It looked like that Thorn was going to finally make his late father proud and take home the gold, but Crowley became the new Champ.

Daiko: The Champ, don’t you mean the King! He melted down the title belt and turned it into a crown. That guy is one bad ass crazy bastard and I love it!

Chambers: Hammerpunch was disgusted by the disrespect Crowley showed by melting down the title and now that he is fully rested, he is ready to retake the title he lost. Crowley better be ready because the true Champion of PWC is fired up! This is going to be an instant classic!

Daiko: World Champion Crowley vs. Donald Hammerpunch. The Demon vs. The Dragon. If this isn’t the match of the year I’ll quit and put Campbell back in this chair.

Chambers: Really?

Daiko: Of course not. This match is going to be epic!!!

Chambers: Wait I'm getting word that something is happening outside the arena as we speak between the World Heavyweight Champion and self-proclaimed God King Crowley and the number one contender to the title Hammerpunch, our cam........


Stan Chambers voice distorts and fades away and so does our picture as we head to the car park of the Taco Bell Arena.

As a voice-over begins “there, right there.” A wildly shaking camera races across the ground the sound of exertion and stir penetrates in the ambience. The camera closes in on under a blue-orange tinted shot capturing the chaos that were dimmed by bodies flailing and pummeling each other smashing into the closest parked car. Car alarms sounded their strident wail, but the fight was in full swing before the electronic squeal was complete. A vicious hunt on through the night. The camera pans back, showing Tim sprinting towards two hooded figures as his shadow fades rapidly in the car windows. A close-up shows one of Crowley’s followers standing on top of a car as mist rises from the ground pointing back at the darkest place in the parking lot as the frame shifts to a pan shot where more dark faceless figures emerge from the darkness.

Then a close up of Steve Marinello gazing expectantly flexing his shoulders carefully to adjust the arrangement of his kimono. They run directly at him viciously but he throws his weight forward and leaned down low, effectively tossing two of them over his shoulder causing one of them to land in the front windshield of the car with shard of glass flying in slow motion. The camera starts to move tilting down and away as we see Tim dispatching more figures one by one, he then captures the arm of a hooded figure and hits him with an elbow strike and a roundhouse kick to another one. The shadowy figures start off circling Tim like vultures and besiege him. Out of nowhere Ross pops up to make the save. One shadow throws a kick which Ross counters immediately with a ridge hand to the throat, low kick, and a firm palm strike to the jaw sending him to the ground. Both Crowley’s followers and Hammepunch’s students began to unleash dozens of blows and kicks. Mayhem breaks loose. A sea of uniformed men comes out forming around the combatants to control the havoc outside of the arena.

On the left side of the frame a shaped black shadow jumps in on the car with a preternatural speed as soon as his feet touch the metal however he jumps in again and connects to Steve with a running knee causing the student to slam his shoulder on the heavy car door. The man takes the hood off to show the face of World's Heavyweight Crowley smiling as he watches Steve lying on the pavement. Time slowed to a dead stop like if frozen when suddenly out of nowhere Hammerpunch using all of his energy jumped through the air, and lands all over his enemy, kicking with fury and lightning speed. The martial arts warrior gives Crowley a nice shove, one that lifted him off of his feet. His back slammed against a parked car, knocking the breath out of him. Two more black figures emerge from the darkness and began to attack Hammerpunch, he however shifts sideways, evading any attacks and counters with a downward left palm strike to one's knee joint, breaking it. He then grabs the other by the hood to slam his face on the rear window who burst under the pressure of the blast, and glass went flying into the air smashing into pieces.

Security now jumps on an enraged Hammerpunch pulling him back. The image once again moves rapidly, as if uncertain where to go. The prophet however managed to compose himself and spring over the pile of men grabbling Hammerpunch, he pulls him out and then moves forward lifting his opponent’s body into the air for a double leg takedown exchanging blow after blow. A mosh pit of security run toward them as the camera tilt abruptly showing for an instant the cameraman lying on the floor and a close up of a faceless goon holding it, “Show’s over” turning the image into a blackened frame with sound of doors, glasses and screams in the background.

The scene switches back to the announce desk with a shocked Stan Chambers and Daiko looking on.

Chambers: What did we just witness?

Daiko: Hammerpunch with his students and Crowley and his followers trying to destroy each other.

There's a buzz around the arena as the video of the brawl in the parking had played for the live audience when suddenly an eerie slience descends on the Boise crowd.


Crowley's music hits and the ground seems to swell for a moment before the top of the ramp fills with mist. Out from the mist steps Crowley wearing his crown and blood trickling down his nose and mouth. Crowley is dragging something behind him with the shocked silence of the crowd turning to shrieks of terror when Crowley exposes what he has to the world, an unconscious Donald Hammerpunch!

The security from the parking lot emerge from the mist as well with Ernesto Clement and Brittany Page close behind trying to save the main event of their PPV. Clement orders the security to restrain Crowley who pushes them away and places his boot on the fallen Hammerpunch's chest.

Crowley: Here lies your last hope and at Hell's Judgement, that hope will finally fade into nothingness.

The mist seems to fill up the stage once more and engulf Crowley with all the security and Clement and Page surrounded by it. Finally the smoke clears with Crowley disappearing and leaving behind Donald Hammerpunch who seems to be regaining his senses as Vortex ends.

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Shadow's RP:

The gym was quiet today. Of course it’s only been running a few weeks now, but this was a rare occasion.

Shadow’s newly found star power had gathered so much recognition for the gym that it was usually full, today was not that type of day.

Of course, there was a reason for this, the reason being that part-owner, Shadow himself, had closed the gym for today.

Kyle is sat in the office staring at the ground in what seems like pure disappointment as Shadow paces back and forth hastily.

I really don’t understand any of this Matty. I’m your best friend. How can you sit here and question me like this? The past 5 years or so haven’t been great, we haven’t been getting along, we’ve had fall outs, fights. You’ve told me that for a while you felt like you hated me. Or at least wanted to. But I AM your best friend, you can count on me for anything. So are you really telling me that you believe this?

Earlier that day…

Matty is sat in his apartment on the phone to Tony.

Tony, I don’t know what to do. It’s all a little much to take in.

I don’t care about how hard it is to take, I’m convinced that it’s the truth.

But why should I be convinced? Because you are?

No, I’m not telling you to be convinced, I’m saying you should ask him.

“Oh hey Kyle, how’s your day? By the way did you kill your dad?”

The two stop talking. That is the severity of the situation they face. They have all lost somebody, and they believe one of them may have caused that.

Look kid, you do what you gotta do. See ya

With that said, and no chance for a reply, Tony hangs up.

Matty is at a cross-roads. Steve and Tony got him to where he was, but it was Kyle that added that one final push which saw Shadow achieve stardom. Kyle was the one who added the first push as well, isn’t it funny how everything comes full circle?

The phone rang, Matty vaguely recognised the number, it was a PWC official.

Hello, is that Shadow?

Yeah, what’s up?

I’m calling to inform you that Ms. Page hasn’t booked you onto the card.

And to what do I owe the luxurious week off?

Oh you don’t have the week off. You’re gonna be showing up just like all the rest. See you around, champ.

And once again the phone was put down on Matty before he had a chance to react.

A week off. That means a day of no competition, which means harder training to keep it up until the next week. That’s if he was in the plans of Ms. Page next week.

Later that day

Matty is in the gym. He’s sparring with one of the regulars. A much larger guy, but still so young and naive.

Matty keeps looking over at kyle, there’s a window into the office, Kyle is just on the phone, probably running his two businesses like a true professional. But Matty couldn’t shake the feeling. Maybe Tony was right.

He walked over and went into the office. Kyle put the phone down, he could see Matty needed to speak.

I want you to send everyone home, we need to talk.

Kyle, looking confused, obliges and closes the Gym for the day.

So Matthew, what can I do for you.

Shut up and listen.

This was serious.

Tony has kept quiet on this, but he told me the other day. The day that Steve – I mean your dad, you know… The day he died, someone had tampered with the life support.

What!? And I’m only just finding this out now?

Well, that’s why I wanted to speak to you. Is this the first you’re finding it out?

What are you getting at?

Well, from what Tony knows, and what the doctors said, there’s not a lot of options for the last person in there when what happened happened.

You sick mother fucker.

Kyle, don’t-


Kyle stands up and lunges at Shadow, straight into a swift right hook back into his chair.

The room stands silent and still for a few minutes…

I really don’t understand any of this Matty. I’m your best friend. How can you sit here and question me like this? The past 5 years or so haven’t been great, we haven’t been getting along, we’ve had fall outs, fights. You’ve told me that for a while you felt like you hated me. Or at least wanted to. But I AM your best friend, you can count on me for anything. So are you really telling me that you believe this?

I don’t honestly know what I believe. But I know someone messed with Steve’s life, and that hurts.

What’s to say Tony is even telling the truth?

Oh for crying out loud.

What now?

I worked so hard my whole life, with input from you 3. All of you helped me to where I am, and now you and Tony going at it is gonna pull us all, and my life apart.

Hey. This is not me against him, but if he’s gonna plant ideas like that in your mind, what’s to say it isn’t covering his tracks?

I can’t do this right now. I’m just a few weeks into my first major title reign, and I’m facing my biggest challenge soon, a legitimate star in Austin Angel. I’m not having any of you jeopordize it.

Matty, I’m here to help you, you know that-

No. What I know is that all good things come to an end. Tony helped me reach the big leagues, you helped me get this belt. Maybe now it’s my turn. Maybe now I help myself, shut all this bullshit out and embrace what I always wanted to be. I’m supposed to be the Darkness, the one who captures the power brought with it and utilize’s it in a way no other man can. I’m the vigilante, do you know what that means?

You’re over reacting massively.

No I’m not. I have taken all your training and advice on board, but I was meant to do this on my own, and now it’s back to the old ways. I’m on my own, and I’m gonna cast my Shadow over the PWC. Whether I get a chance this week or not. I’ll show them all that I am focused, no more distractions. Thanks for everything Kyle. I’ll see you later.

No Matty, wait please-

Matty storms out of the room, and out of the building. He’s heading to Vortex and one way or another, Darkness is going to fall upon PWC and someone’s going to know about it soon as Shadow is ready to blow.

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Austin Angel's RP.

HollywoodNightmare said:
OOC: Sorry I didn't get this in earlier guys, ended up having a busier week than I originally thought I would and rushed to get this done before I went to bed tonight. Hope you enjoy.

Austin Angel RP: The Dark Side

During The Main Event Of Vortex Episode 6: Los Angeles, California

As the scene opens we see Lauren and Josh, Austin Angel's sister and nephew,sitting and watching the main event of the show.

The crowd can’t believe it, with the entire arena fills with jeering from the fans. Standing over Hammerpunch is Crowley with a smirk painted all over his face. Shadow can’t believe it either with the World Champion pulling Hammerpunch to feet, hooking the arms and then dropping him to the mat with the Devillock DDT! Referee Roger Hains tries to get Crowley out of the ring with Shadow himself going after his old rival, but the Champion simply slides underneath the bottom rope, grabs his crown at the timekeeper’s area and leaves the ringside still wearing a sick demented smile.

Chambers: Crowley had absolutely no intention of even making this match fair.

Daiko: Why would he. This is Crowley we’re talking about. He's has a match against one of most dominate Champions in Hammerpunch we've had. In what world would that man even consider having a “fair” tag team match with Hammerpunch as his partner. Crowley cares about that crown and being the World Champion.

Shadow shakes his head in disgust and walks over to his corner when Austin Angel makes the tag. Shadow has a stunned look on his face and asks Angel what the hell he thinks he’s doing. Angel motions for Referee Roger Hains to get Shadow out of the ring with the PWC star scaling up the turnbuckles to the top rope. The fans in attendance can’t believe it, with Shadow powerless to stop it. Angel points down at the helpless Hammerpunch, leaps off the top rope and comes crashing down on Hammerpunch with the Fall from Heaven! The boos are deafening as Angel covers Hammerpunch and demands Referee Hains make the count.


Shadow considers breaking up the pin.


But it’s too late now.

It’s Over!

Winners: Shadow & Austin Angel​
We pan from the tv back to the mother and son watching the show and see a look of confusion on the young boy's face with his mother looking a bit surprised.

Josh: Why are they booing Uncle Austin mom?

Lauren: I don't think they're happy he didn't just pin Hammerpunch instead of hitting him with Fall From Heaven.

We now pan back to the tv for the post match.

***On My Own***

Daiko: What did I say, this is the real Austin Angel, I’ve been telling you people this forever and finally he shows his true colours for the world to see.

Chambers: I can’t believe Angel did that.

Angel celebrates the win, punching the air and raising his hand for all to see. Roger Hains helps Hammerpunch out of the ring with Shadow making sure to check on the brave warrior as he does. Angel climbs the turnbuckle letting everyone in attendance know that he beat two former World Champions in his last three matches. The disgust on Shadow’s face is plain to see as he pulls Angel off the middle rope and demands to know what he thought he was doing with Hammerpunch defenceless like that. Angel lets out a cocky grin. He throws up his arms and points to the exit, indicating he wants no part of Shadow. Referee Hains brings in Shadow’s Legacy title and the split second of hesitation is all AA needed, as he decks Shadow with a hard right hand to the jaw. Shadow goes down in a heap with Angel dusting his heels off behind him on the fallen Champion. The crowd are in shock with Angel spotting the Legacy title in Roger Hains hands. He pulls it from the official, looks down at it for a moment and then lifts it up to a torrent of boos before throwing it on a groggy Shadow and taking his leave.

Chambers: Well it looks like this new Austin Angel is after one thing, the Legacy Title.
We once again pan back to the mother and son watching the show as Josh looks shocked at his uncle's actions and Lauren still has a look of surprise but now with a look of disappointment added in.

Josh: Wh-Why did he do that mom? Why did Uncle Austin turn on Shadow?

Lauren simply looks over at her son and shakes her head slowly.

Lauren: I don't know hun, I don't know.

The scene fades out at that as the two sit there in confusion and shock.

Backstage At Vortex Episode 7:

As the scene opens we see the inside of Austin Angel's locker room. Inside the locker room we see Angel sitting in the corner with his head down avoiding the cameras as his fiancee Becca, dressed in a short sleeve low cut black shirt and tight black pants, talking to a crew member who looks nervous.

Becca: This room is NOT to our standards, what is so hard about only blue M&M's?! And I said only sparkling water, this is plain old bottled water, we are FAR too good for that!

Becca picks up the bottles of water off the table and throws one at the crew member, who quickly runs out of the locker room as Becca whips another one at him and from the hallway you hear "OW!" as Becca shakes her head in disgust before turning her attention to the camera man.

Becca: And you! What do you want? You want the next Legacy Champion to give you some talk about his match tonight where he claims another victim in the form of Bruce Thorn Jr?

The camera man sheepishly nods his head.

Becca: Well that's just not gonna...

Before she can finish, Angel stands up and walks over to her, lifting his head up and pushing his hair out of his face.

Angel: I'll handle this babe.

Becca simply shrugs and takes a seat in the chair her future husband was sitting in as Angel gets a grin on his face as he looks into the camera.

Angel: Last week I sent a message to the whole locker room, hell to the whole world, that Austin Angel is done pandering to the fans, he's done shaking hands, he's done playing nice. Not only did I pin a former World Champion in Donald Hammerpunch but I laid out the Legacy Champion in Shadow! And now I finally get what I want, a shot at the Legacy Championship!

Angel nods in approval.

Angel: It took long enough didn't it? I mean look at the result of my last few matches I have been unstoppable! But before I get to destroy Shadow and take his championship, I find out I've been chosen as the mystery opponent for Bruce Thorn, a man who ever since I returned to this company I've been wanting to put in his place, behind me.

Angel chuckles.

Angel: Thorn I may not have beaten you yet but tonight I right that wrong and I continue my winning ways by pinning you right in the middle of the ring, 1-2-3! See I've been watching and you're not the same badass Bruce Thorn you used to be, you're too distracted dealing with Nero. But me? I'm more focused than ever and since I have to wait before adding Shadow to my list of victims, nothing would make me happier in the meantime than beating the hell out of you!

Angel smirks.

Angel: Thorn tonight I use you to send a message to Shadow and if that means hurting you...

Angel shrugs.

Angel: Then so be it I guess.

Angel begins to turn away from the camera, but stops.

Angel: Now you get the hell out of my locker room, I have a match to prepare for.

Angel grabs the camera man by his collar, and leads him to the door before shoving him out and slamming the door in his face as the scene quickly fades to black.
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