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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Talking Stick Resort Arena
Capacity: 18,422
City: Pheonix, Arizona


Singles Match
Shadow vs Donald Hammerpunch

Singles Match - TV Championship Match
Austin Angel vs ???

Number One Contenders Legacy Championship Rumble Match
Jensen vs Kidd West vs Ace Fox vs El Gigante Enmascardo vs Leo Masters vs Flexx Palumbo vs Damien Dawson vs Luke Jackson vs Remy Dieu vs ???

Singles Match
Crowley vs Sway Archer

Singles Match
Doctor Nero vs Lucas Hawthorne

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on 3rd February 2018 (Saturday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Singles Match
Shadow vs Donald Hammerpunch
I'm the big dog. This is MY yard.

Singles Match - TV Championship Match
Austin Angel vs ???
??? is a great competitor but Angel is on a role :lmao

Number One Contenders Legacy Championship Rumble Match
Jensen vs Kidd West vs Ace Fox vs El Gigante Enmascardo vs Leo Masters vs Flexx Palumbo vs Damien Dawson vs Luke Jackson vs Remy Dieu vs ???
How can ANYBODY eliminate the GIANT?!?!?! But for real Jensen is a strong competitor and had a good showing vs Crowley which built up some good momentum.

Singles Match
Crowley vs Sway Archer
Big opportunity for Sway but I don't see Crowley's momentum waning.

Singles Match
Doctor Nero vs Lucas Hawthorne
Big opportunity again for Hawthorne here but Nero is a top top performer and hard to beat (I would know, I've never done it yet ;) )

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Singles Match
Shadow vs Donald Hammerpunch

Someone has to shut Shadow up. Please be Hammerpunch.

Singles Match
Crowley vs Sway Archer

Big win for the kid if he can pull off an upset. I wouldn't be surprised if Crowley wins but heyo.

Singles Match
Doctor Nero vs Lucas Hawthorne

I mean, I have a knee injury so I'm at a serious disadvantage. But hey, this is the biggest opportunity Lucas has had and I didn't even need to pull a Triple H to get it. I'm interested in this one.

What else on this show peaks my interest? I wanna know how AA responds to Lucas calling him out, should AA retain against ???

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Singles Match
Shadow vs Donald Hammerpunch

Someone has to shut Shadow up. Please be Hammerpunch.
Shadow is not a cocky character mate behave.

The guy behind Shadow though, he knows what he's doing ;)

??? will just no show like they always do. I've been here since day 1 and never seen ??? submit an RP.
Don't underestimate ??? his tag team partner !!! may well be on the outside to cancel out AA's crew

Bring back Gary Oak!
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Lets get the predictions out of the way.

Shadow vs Donald Hammerpunch

Shadow is the third best wrestler we have right now, and he'll be looking to use this match to gain momentum in the build to Last Rites. Definitely not a stomp as Hammerpunch is a very effective star in his own right, but I don't see this one ending any other way.

Austin Angel vs ???

I know who our mystery character is, but I don't think he'll bring enough to the table in this fight. It'll be an interesting bout though.

Jensen vs Kidd West vs Ace Fox vs El Gigante Enmascardo vs Leo Masters vs Flexx Palumbo vs Damien Dawson vs Luke Jackson vs Remy Dieu vs ???

Again, I know who this is. If they're not quite as efficient as I know they can be, I think this one will go Jensen's way. Mystery Character #2 should have this one tho.

Crowley vs Sway Archer

Crowley has been ruling over his Kingdom with an iron fist for long enough, but I don't think he has reached the stage of complacency yet. He's looking strong, and he'll be using this bout to prepare for his biggest challenge to date.

Doctor Nero vs Lucas Hawthorne

The final man from the Last Rites Main Event will be using this match as preparation for the match, just like his opponents.

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Any port in a storm​

Two months ago

The heavens open up and drench an already waterlogged Seattle. The streets become undrivable and the city transforms into a ghost town. There are no people on the streets or cars on the roads…. Except for one solitary figure.

He feels at home in the swirling rain and the lightning strikes. Deep in thought, he walks down towards the outskirts of the city. People in restaurant windows stare at this giant of a man get lashed by the elements. Instead of shaking their heads, they seem to watch on in awe, wondering what he is doing at in such a storm.

His perfect posture and long strides make him glide through the pelting deluge like a hot knife through butter. With no one around there is no need for him to break his pace even when walking across roads. Until finally he stops at his destination. And right on cue, a lightning bolt illuminates the sign in front of him, “Seattle Cemetery”.

He has not been here before, yet, as if by autopilot, his feet brought him here. A slight invisible force seems to block his path for just an instant before he breaks through and forges forward into the darkness and the long rows of headstones before him…


“Your loss to Bianchi was just ring rust is all. Nothing more, nothing less. Last Rites is almost here. One year on from the history making event where you lost the Championship, you have a chance to take it back. On the biggest stage of them all, you’re going to once again become Champion of the whole world!”, Ellie reassuring stated to the former Champion of the World.

But Nero knew better. He underestimated the intelligence of Bianchi. Bianchi understood that Nero was a surgeon. Bianchi realised how perfect Nero is. Which meant Bianchi knew exactly where Nero would place his strikes, apply his holds and how much pressure he would assert.

However, sometimes just because you know it’s coming doesn’t mean there is anything you can do about it. Bianchi barely escaped with the victory, and next time they faced it will be a different ending to that story.

Nero sat with his head in his hands pondering his next steps. Last Rites, world title on the line, triple threat match, an invincible Champion and a hungry, no, starving challenger. Crowley has held the title longer than anybody. Something that Nero believed was his destiny. The unpredictability of a triple threat is something that he has never liked. But his new-found philosophy, after the Bianchi loss, will suit this environment he’s about to step into.

He raises his head with a brash grin looking deep into Ellie’s eyes. She blushes as his attention always makes her weak in the knees. She hides it the best she can before she turns her head slightly to the side.

“You’ve got a plan, don’t you?”

“Of course. But first’s things first. All three of us in the main event of Last Rites have a match this week.”

“Yes, and Clement has put you in the main event, not Crowley. Looks like he’s finally realised who the star of PWC is.”

“Don’t underestimate Clement Ellie. Yes, I only wrestle main events. I’ve made that very clear to him. But, this Australian newcomer… “

“Lucas Hawthorne,” Ellie interjects.

“Yes, there is no doubt in mind, he will bring the fight to another level in a main event match that he would in a mid-card bout. Clement is no fool. What he gives with one hand, he takes away with another. It’s all inconsequential to me though. I need to be battle ready for the biggest match of my career. “

Nero rises from his chair and walks up to Ellie. He cups her face with his giant hand before brushing past her and grabbing a crystal decanter form his silver drinks trolley. Dragging two crystal tumblers forward, he pours the whiskey. He doesn’t look her direction but is able to place the glass in her delicate fingers. He sits back down and swirls the brown spirit, almost hypnotised by it, before looking up at Elie again.

“What do we know of this Hawthorne?”, Nero asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, he suffers from ADHD and is nicknamed the ‘Suicidal Superstar’. But he has Olympic gymnast credentials. He’s fast and a real high flyer. Apart from Crowley, he could possibly challenge Austin Angel for the second-best high-risk guy in PWC. Which is impressive as he has got to be 6 feet tall.”

“Australians are built tough. Hmmm… I like the sound of this kid. What are his weaknesses outside of his risky behaviour and mental disorder?”

“Well, let me get the file. Let’s see. He doesn’t use power moves and can be easily overpowered. Maybe he skips the gym <giggle>”.

“Maybe… sounds like I’ll need to catch him, tie him up in knots and rip his knees from his legs.”

“To be honest Jason, it looks like Clement has given you a great practice opponent. Both Shadow and Crowley are high flyers more or less. I think he’s starting to like you.”

Two months ago

The storm is torrential now as Nero walks up to the headstone of Dr Donald Manfree. The man whose death was due to Nero’s inner rage.

Thunder and lightning crash around him as he drops to his knees. His stone face breaks and his tears are lost in the rain. He punches the sacred ground and lets out a primal scream for only a few seconds. The torrent extinguishes the fire inside as quickly as it erupted from his lungs…

A light shines on Nero and he hastily swivels around to see who is behind him!

“I knew I’d find you here,” says the Owner of the Premier Wrestling Circuit, Ernesto Clement.

Nero rises to his feet to see his former boss wearing a trench coat and protecting himself with a large black umbrella.

“When Nurse Ellie said you’d gone for a walk in this storm, I figured this is where you would end up.”

“You think you know me Clement?”, Nero scoffs quickly trying to wipe his tears away that has already been hidden by the storm.

“Well Jason, the short answer is yes. I’ve always known who you are. PWC needed someone like you. And it still does. I want you to come back.”

Nero is instantly cheered up by Clement’s invitation. The man that he has butted heads with since he walked in the door. He almost laughs.

“You want me to come back? Haha... Now why would I do that?”

“I could give you a million reasons. But I’m only going to give you two. Page and Bianchi.”

There’s a silence between the two men as these two men stand almost as if they were about to duel.

Nero cracks first. He sniffs at Clement’s reason.

“Looks like you can’t keep your house in order Clement. The little girl has played you.”

“And Bianchi played you. He pretended to be one of your fancy bodyguards and took you out. And now you’re hiding with your tail between your legs and looking for answers from a dead man.”

Clement has pushed the right button! Nero lunges forward in a fit of rage. He knocks the umbrella out of the owner’s hand and lifts Clement off his feet with one hand by the scruff of his collar!

The rain tumbles down on both men’s heads as Clements struggles to get out his words.

“<Gack> buuuut… yooou can fix it… Come back… Let me fight fire with fiiiiire…<gack>”

Nero drops him to the ground coughing and choking.

“<Cough, cough!> Come back Jason. Come back and take care of Bianchi for me.”

Nero walks off, “No. You don’t control my destiny anymore Clement.”

“I’ll give you a chance to get the title shot at Last Rites!!!!!”

Nero stops in his tracks….​

The giant man turns and picks Clement up and onto his feet. Nero slicks his wet hair out of eyes.

“I guess I’ll see you at Vortex….. boss.”

Nero walks back into the storm leaving Clement grabbing his throat and with a big smile on his face.

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The sirens wailed, blue lights flashing. If there was a speed limit, the vehicle wasn't keeping to it. The vehicle was speeding, foot down. A man watched the vehicle pass by, he assumed the vehicle was travelling about seventy five miles per hour, maybe a little more. Traffic lights meant nothing to this vehicle. Red, yellow or green, they meant nothing. The driver of the vehicle wouldn't stop for them, he had no reason to.

The ambulance was speeding towards the hospital. Behind them, a red sedan was following. The parents of the victim, wanting to protect their baby boy and get answers. The parents of the victim, scared and confused as to why their baby boy would try and take his onw life. Was he being bullied? Was it something they had done? Was it possible that they could of prevented their son from doing this? Had they failed as parents?

Lucas Hawthorne wasn't bleeding anymore, the paramedics had managed to stem the bleeding when they had first arrived. His parents hadn't even tried to help him, shock had set in. They hadn't even phoned for an ambulance for a few minutes, unable to move. Unable to process, unable to do anything but watch as their innocent baby boy bled out in front of them. Once his father had managed to regain his senses, he'd made the call.

The ambulance was loud.

It needed to be loud, it needed to get people out of the way. Their patient had lost blood. He'd lost lots of blood, pints of the stuff. He had lost so much blood, he'd stained the carpet red underneath him while he'd lay there dripping. While he'd lay there, blood pouring from his wrist where he'd made the original cut.

Nee, Naw, Nee, Naw!


Vortex Eighteen was come to a close, amazing ending to an amazing show. Lucas had watched much of the show from the production area, unable to compete due to the injury that he had suffered at the hands of Austin Angel. He was lucky it was only a minor injury, he hated not being able to compete. That ring was his life, not being able to compete was like someone had took his heart and began to cut at the heartstrings. Wrestling wasn't just a job.

He had Austin Angel beat, that much was clear to him. They were on even footing until he had successfully gained the upper hand. The Black Mass Kick should of put Austin Angel away. No, Austin had gotten smart. Austin had targetted the knee, he'd made sure that even if Lucas could hit the Black Mass then he couldn't get a pinfall after it.

He wanted one more shot and he'd gone out there to demand it. Last Rites was the biggest Premier Wrestling Circuit show of the year, the show that was renowned for surprises. Lucas Hawthorne versus Austin Angel in Texas would be an amazing match and it would end in a surprise. It would end with a new Television Champion.

But for that to work, Austin Angel had to successfully defend his championship on Vortex Ninteen. That rule was annoying, Austin Angel needed to defend that belt every two weeks. Lucas didn't want a three way, he wanted Austin Angel in a one on one bout. A three way would add an extra contender, an extra opponent.

No, Angel needed to win.

Lucas knew he couldn't focus on that. He knew his opponent for Vortex Ninteen, he knew that his match was going to be the biggest match of his career. He knew that a victory against this man would cement him as one of the biggest names in the Premier Wrestling Circuit if not the wrestling world as a whole.

Nero had been beaten by Donald Hammerpunch.

Hammerpunch had become a star.

Doctor Nero was the opposite to Lucas, he knew that. Nero was calculated and cruel while Lucas was quicker. He had the speed and technical advantage but in brute strength, Nero would absolutely break him. Lucas would need to outpace Nero, drag the match out as long as he could. He needed to wear Nero down, exhaust the former World Champion and then steal the kill with the Black Mass Kick.

He couldn't let Doctor Nero get ahold of him. The moment Nero got a grip on him, it was all over. Nero would overpower him easily, without even breaking a sweat. Nero would tie him up, break his neck and then pop his knees from their sockets. Nero would tie him into a knot and then continue being on him and trying to break him.

After all. It was only a warmup for Nero, right?

¡Hala Madrid ⛧ Tricampeones!
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What if

Instinctively Crowley slammed his hand on the seatbelt release. It came free but it was too late. The passenger door ripped off, windows shattered and the front end crumpled against the windscreen. Corgan’s head slammed against the wheel and knocked him unconscious.

Water poured in, Crowley tried to lean over to open his door, but, although he was technically free, he couldn’t let his only “friend” there. His seatbelt was still fastened and he couldn’t reach under to release him. He tried to shove him up, but without sufficient leverage he was a dead weight and he was half-buried already in the riverbed. There was no way he could get out. The pebbles were large and water was shooting like a torrent through the smashed windows. The river was normally shallow, but now it was swollen to a depth of nearly a metre by the recent rains and the water rose up in his mouth, closing over him.

He was like a trapped animal fighting to save himself and the detective, but there was no escape. Only inevitability. The water level was settling below the roof of the car. Too far. He couldn’t push himself to reach the air. His brain was starting to reel as the oxygen he gulped in his last moment escaped in small bubbles from the side of his mouth. In his mind flashed a picture of Katherine and her daughter.

“What if things would have been different…?”


At six a.m. the alarm clock ringing dragged Stephen out of a deep sleep. Just another ordinary day. No, today was different. Finally graduation day arrived. His heart pounds in his chest, the sound of a plane buzzes in the background. He sat on his bed, pillows bunched behind him as he stares at the roof. Delicious aromas assaulted his senses. Food. His mother came into the room carrying a platter of food. She stood in the doorway of his room and smiled that knowing smile, her face beaming with pride. She walked over to his bed.

“Today is your big day. I made your favorite food.”

He couldn’t take his eyes from her. It seemed as though he hadn’t seen her for a while, but she seemed her usual self; the lovely mother he remembers. There was so many things he wanted to talk with her.

“Mom, I…”

“Hurry up, we don’t need you getting in trouble today.”

Stephen walked across his room and stood in front of the mirror trying to find any doubts in his eyes and couldn’t. "It’s my opportunity," he told to himself. Directly over the bed, a wood framed poster hung on the wall. He gazed at the poster, sighing nearly unblinkingly. Katherine had discovered before adolescence that her niche was painting and drawing.

One week before she gave to me that poster she painted. It had me standing there with a big, wild grin on my face, holding my guitar high in the air with one hand, and the other arm raised after winning the high school talent show. I wanted to be like Hendrix, Dimebag Darrel or Lennon and that day that fire was fueled even more.


It’s been years since that day. My father now owns a workshop and mom has a bakery.”

The bright, sporadic city lights flashed through the windows with passing shadows. He looked at his reflection in the bus window. He wiped away the remnants of sleep from his eyes.

I hear Katherine enrolled at the university full time as a fine arts major. And me, well…

A smile sliced across his thin beard, a nervous sweat broke out across the back of his neck and chilled his spine. He heard loud cheers and screams coming from the outside. Barricades were holding the crowd back screaming out the names band. Pumped fans surrounded the bus and started rocking it.

My and the band settled into a schedule of nonstop touring across the country. There was almost never a moment’s rest. But it didn’t matter, I was living my dream.

Almost two years later.

The nonstop touring continued for almost two years. Most of the shows were at clubs, music halls and occasionally, we opened for other bigger name bands. But the drugs and alcohol started to take over. Each one of us was totally out of control.

After the show in Los Angeles. The backstage room was filled with the nauseating smell of rubbing alcohol mixed with sweet, enticing smell. The sound of smashing glass, the giggling girls’ heels, alcohol-unsteady legs, pretty faces enhanced with cleverly applied makeup. They were confident in what they had and how to put it on display.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Nick our drummer. He took one last swallow of whiskey and with a fast flip of his wrist he threw the bottle against the wall, and it bounced down on the floor. He watched as most of the whisky gurgled out of the broken bottle. He had anger management issues and he remind us all of his abusive father during his childhood.

In the opposite corner of the room to the entrance door was Tripp a virtuoso bass player. The smoke from his lungs gathered in a cloud above his head and hung there. Three girls wearing the lightest of transparent clothes surrounded him until you could hardly see him. He had never held a girl, let alone kissed one. Now his fingers run over the slimness of their waists making a slight crescendo.

The bathroom smelt of weed and two girls were snorting cocaine off the toilet lid, while Wayne was snorting and licking cocaine off a model’s thigh. His heart was racing and his eyes were as big as tennis balls. He looked at me with a “the hell are you looking at?” face. “You want some, Stephen?” He asked.

We used to make each other’s lives a living hell competing to see who delivered the best guitar solos on stage, pick the most attractive girl or write the best songs. We couldn’t stand each other anymore. Envy and pride. I turned around and said.

“No thanks.”

I walked up the stairs. I could see my reflection shinning off the double-glazed glass door. I swallowed my drink hard, drowning myself in alcohol attempting to divert thoughts I preferred not occur. I couldn’t help inspecting my reflection in the door. I looked petrified, I hardly recognized myself. The drugs and alcohol took a toll on my body. Turned my world to black, lost. Tattoos without any meaning, weak.

"What would they think of me?"

And then two years later.

The cemetery grounds stood groomed and quiet before me. Each tilting stone had its own shadow to cast, its own story to tell. As I stood facing her gravestone. I saw a sudden flash of the scenes I’d missed in the last years: the dinner conversations, the birthday parties, the smell of her homemade breed in the kitchen.

“I wish I had the chance to thank you, but now it’s too late.”

Back on the studio.

“So, you guys are kicking me out of the band?”

Wayne paced back and forth in the studio. His pace erratic, he lowered his face and nuzzled his neck. His eyes were dull and moved slowly. By all appearances, he was a drug addict in need of a fix.

“Yes, yes we are. Call it, personal and musical differences.” He said with a smug smile on his face. And that’s how my musical career ended. But they say nothing can’t be that bad, right?

Years later…

He could taste the musty air as he maneuvered about the room. A dingy sign on the wall exclaimed “Bless this mess” A visible smile sailed across Stephen’s face. He stepped closer, and carefully, he removed the tarp, exposing the front. As his excitement grew a cloud of ancient dust hovered in the air. The tarp was off and he paced around it with his hand surveying every detail, staring down at the line of the hood. He could feel the energy of the car. "I work in a workshop building this old black Camaro. My girlfriend is pregnant, I’m about to be father. I heard Katherine is married now and my father owns a church."

The TV was blaring and the light was still on, giving the room a depressing hue. Stephen was lying on his back on the couch, legs hanging over the end, eyes closed, the voices on the TV news surrounding him, so loud they were almost tangible.

“That was Chief of police Corgan addressing the capture of most dangerous criminal band.

On other news drunk man put his wife on the trunk of a car before the car fell of bridge. The woman is now stable in hospital her name is…”

Cecilia turned down the volume and approached him.

"Hey you, wake up. The baby’s kicking.”

I placed my hand on her baby bump.

“He kicks hard.” I said.

“Yeah, he will be a footballer or perhaps a wrestler.”

Those were her last happy words. She had a miscarriage and my hopes of a baby with her were finally sent to a dark place. She was angry and began to blame me. I hated everything and it hurt so much to see the pain in her eyes. For months, we would sit together quietly talking but she would end up drowning in tears in my arms. One day she left me a short letter. I would read it for weeks and months as I tried to understand why she left me. I was ready to drown myself in alcohol but I didn’t instead I went back to my town to help my father with the church.


Two years later

"The landscape is breathtaking, isn’t?"

She was standing there – pale skin, white dress, long flowing black hair, and large blue eyes. Her voice was sweet and sad, and so beautiful that it seemed to paralyze my heart.

“Sorry.” I said. You see Katherine was in an abusive relationship. She was still in pain, dyed her hair, put away her paints and washed her hands. I guess, the world turned black for her too just like mine. But here we are outside of the church over the hill in the same place we met the first time. Two lives entwined to become just one…

"Even the best of all dreams can turn into a nightmare but that nightmare won’t last forever."


City lights filtered through the blinds, casting a low glow throughout the room. Crowley paused for a moment listening to the sounds of the heart monitor and the respirator. He looked at Corgan lying in a hospital bed so pale and unmoving. Tubes were stuck in both his arms and nose. Saline solution flowed through his veins. A series of images flashes in his mind.

“…and that’s what happened. Yeah, I feel like I needed to tell you what I saw in that dream. Maybe I’ll tell you how I saved your ass once you recover.”

Sirens yowled outside, then, the siren ceased with a loud chirp, but the lights still spun, red, blue, red casting garish reflections across the window. Crowley’s dark shape came into view emerging from the shadows of the room.

"You should have seen my match against Jensen. It was tough.

I have another match at Vortex EP 19 in Phoenix against Sway Archer. The guys’ a high flyer like me. A crafty, good technical wrestler with moves that my old self would have admired. I know what you would tell me. I’m not gonna lie, I’d have loved this match in the past. But now, I don’t wanna waste stamina after all we have went through, and I know, my match at Last Rites would be toughest match I would ever face in that ring.

But I want to go in that ring before the PPV and let everyone in that dressing room know, let Swayer know who the King is.


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OCTOBER 26TH, 2013


The crowd erupted into cheers as the spotlights fell on to the three men in the ring. The announcer, Gary Valiant, looked to the two competitors and smirked.


The crowd roared.

GV: “Introducing, the challenger, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 220 pounds, ‘The Ace’, Simon Spade!”

GV: “And to my left, from Marietta, Georgia weighing a staggering three-hundred-and-forty-two pounds, he is YOUR, WPW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, ANDREAS LANZA!”

The large bearded man stepped forward and raised his title into the air. His massive arms flexing as he rolls his shoulders, staring down Simon Cade. Sway Archer kneeled beside the ring, only 15 years old, this was his opportunity to experience something spectacular. He was too young to train with his local wrestling academy, but they’d have him helping out with all their shows. So when the time came to do something bigger, they gave him a chance. Tighten the ropes, smooth out the canvas, all the standard stuff. He had his wrench that he carried that entire time. He’d use it to tighten the ropes in between the matches. He’d been helping as a ring technician throughout the WPW’s Caribbean Tour. This was the last night, in Port-Of-Spain Trinidad, right near his hometown of San Juan.

LK: “This is great, isn’t it?”

Sway looked over to Louis. Louis Knight was a wrestling student, maybe 18 years old. He was following in the footsteps of his dad, Lionel Knight, who wrestled throughout Canada in the 90s.

SA: “Pretty cool, yeah.”

The two men in the ring locked up, and started forcing each other around.

LK: “I love wrestling man. There’s nothing like this in the world.”

SA: “The excitement, the athleticism, I love it.”

Andreas knocked Simon down with a shoulder tackle, and roared to the crowd.

LK: “I can’t wait to be in there, you know when I was in 5th grade--”

Sway wasn’t paying attention to Louis anymore. He was slowly becoming more and more frustrated, as Andreas continued to dominate Simon. He hated Andreas.

LK: “--so I went up to him, and I was like ‘What the fuck is up, Kyle?!’”

Andreas was everything Sway wasn’t. Naturally muscular, overtly masculine, ruthless. He was the champion. He was cruel, and hostile. In Sway’s eyes, he was someone that needed to be stopped.

LK: “--everyone was yelling and shit, and like, my buddy goes into the laundry room, looking for shit--”

Andreas continued to beat down Simon. He shot a look over to Sway and smirked cockily. Sway gritted his teeth.

LK: “--so I’m standing over Kyle, he’s like, groggy on the floor, there’s Tide pods everywhere--”

Simon started to take control, and Andreas looked exhausted. Sway was getting excited! Maybe Andreas would finally lose!

LK: “--at this point, everyone’s cheering and shit. When that happened, I knew I wanted to be a pro wrestler!”

Simon went for a crossbody, but Andreas caught him out of mid air, and hit a massive powerslam. He dropped to a knee, by the ropes, just a few feet away from Sway. The announcers were going ballistic, proclaiming that Andreas was definitely going to win. Andreas started getting back to his feet. He poked his head through the ropes, and looked towards Simon’s girlfriend, who was seated at ringside.

LK: “Damn man, Andreas is just going at it!”

Andreas began hurling profanities at Simon’s girlfriend.

AL: “He ain’t shit! You’re gonna watch me pin your boo--”

Sway’s hands tightened around the wrench.

AL: “--then he can go back to the indies, and y’all can--”

Sway sprinted across beside the ring, and cracked Andreas in the side of the head with the wrench. Security grabbed Sway, and started dragging him to the back. But as Sway watched on, Andreas staggered back into the ring, and Simon rolled him up.


The bell rang as Sway was dragged behind the curtain. A smile crept across his face, and his mind went blank as he was put into handcuffs.



Sway Archer sits at a large, ornate mahogany desk. The room is dim, a small chandelier, hanging from the roof, about 20 feet overhead. The walls are adorned with various African artworks. The bookshelves that stand behind the desk, filled with dusty tomes, most with red x’s on their spines. He appears nervous, an uncommon trait for Sway. He repeatedly peers behind him, looking at the door. He looks over to the camera, and shudders.

SA: “It’s been so long.”

He wrings his hands together in his lap. With jittery hands, he reaches over, and rests a hand on the Prometheus Torch, leaning against the front of the desk. It slowly puts him at ease.

SA: “I haven’t been here in a long time, but it’s necessary now.”

He picks up the torch, and rests it in his lap.

SA: “The threats, from this company, are much more numerous than I imagined. Look at a guy like Crowley, yeah? Man leads a cult. Who does that? It’s 2018. This isn’t Jonestown…”

He shrugs and leans back in the chair.

SA: “I’ve never been organized enough to lead a cult or anything like that, not that I’d want to. I barely have a plan for most of my matches. I know a guy like Crowley is gonna have a plan though. He’s gonna zip around that ring, and be bouncing all over the place. Without a plan, I’m not gonna be able to catch him.”

Sway sets the torch back down, this time atop the desk.

SA: “He may have some tricks. He may try to cheat. I don’t know yet, I don’t know him that well. I don’t know, really at all, what Crowley is capable of.”

SA: “So that’s why I’m here. An old friend. One of the smartest men I know. He knows how to plan, how to research, how to strategize.”

Sway taps his head, in a sort of “I thought of that” motion.

SA: “And for when I’m done with Crowley? He knows Kidd West pretty well too. Yeah, eh? Don’t think mans forgot about you, Mr. West.”

He smiles and leans back in his chair. The gargantuan double doors behind Sway open up, and a large man saunters into the room, still shrouded in darkness.

SA: “WE, haven’t forgot about you.”

The man passes Sway, dressed in an all black suit, with a folder tucked under his arm. He chucks the folder onto the desk, and we can see a picture of Crowley peeking out from inside it. The man sits down, and unbuttons his blazer. He leans forward into the light, revealing himself to be Darius Seeiso.

DS: “Let’s get this started.”

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The Night Of Vortex 18:

Death surrounds, my heartbeat's slowing down. Never more could Ace relate to the lyrics of his favorite song, as he now laid almost motionless in the hospital bed. That night, he had learned what it truly meant to be a professional wrestler. But unlike most people, Ace wouldn't let his injury sidetrack him. He had went through much worse stuff than cracking some simple ribs in his life. It was a game of survival, and only the toughest could prevail, and Ace was as tough as they get, so for him, this was just an another opportunity to further prove himself to both his fans and fellow peers. That is until, the same doctor who informed him of his grandmother's death fifteen years ago, opened his ugly mouth again. Even before he spoke, Ace knew something was wrong, he felt like a criminal who was waiting to be executed.

"I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. Your awkward landing on the concrete floor didn't just cause a cracked rib. The scan results show a severe shoulder separation and a fractured collarbone. You said you were a wrestler. I don't think you'll be doing headlocks for at least a month or two."

Ace froze. A month or two meant that not only would he miss that week's Vortex, but also Last Rites. Last Rites was PWC's biggest show of the year, their version of the Super Bowl (Ace would tell you that the Super Bowl was NFL's version of Last Rites). This was the motto of Ace's life. Every time it looked like he was moving up, something would sent him right back crashing down. Something he worked for years of his life, taken away in one simple moment. Like a snowstorm to a hiker who has almost reached the mountain top. When he found a love in wrestling, he lost his biggest love in life. His grandma. When he found a job as a wrestler, a way for him to earn himself some much needed money while living his dream, he lost something worth much more than a couple of dollars. A life-long friend. It was a vicious cycle and he was trapped in it, but there was no key. The nightmare of all nightmares, only there was no waking up from this one. He wanted to feel angry. He was ready to stand up from the hospital bed, start swearing at and punching the medical staff, break prescription bottles, destroy the medical equipment, smash through windows and tear the doors off of the hinges. He wanted to feel angry, but he couldn't. Emotionally, he was drained like a bottle of water on a hot summer day in Somalia. All he could do was sit there expressionless, hands on his legs, unable to move, black skin turning gray. If he wasn't blinking, you'd think he was a deadman.

"May I?"

Fred Connors had arrived and his sheer presence was enough to turn an ice cold Ace red hot. This man wouldn't even let him suffer by his lonely self.

"Who are you, exactly? A relative?" - the doctor cautiously proclaimed.

"I'm his father."

It wasn't just the fact he said it, it was the shameless way he said it in, that truly lit a fire under Ace's skin. How could anyone be so downright cruel? Did he have a bad childhood? Ace didn't even want to think about that, because he had a horrible childhood too. This, however, transcended all levels of inhumanity. Fred Connors had outdone himself. No broken bone or injured body part could compare to the pain he felt inside at that moment Fred Connors called himself his dad. And the worst part was, all the medical personnel around him thought he was the bad guy in all of this. Fred was the caring father looking after his baby boy, and he was the spoiled son, not even bothering to say 'thanks'. If Fred was a wrestler, his middle name would be "Manipulator". His greatest skill and tactic? Hiding in plain sight.

"We're gonna leave you two alone." - the nurse said calmly, still looking awkwardly and somewhat disgustingly at the spoiled brat that was Ace Fox.

As she exited, the youngest (and prettiest) of the nurses shut the door. That was all Ace needed. If there was one positive thing from spending all this time with Fred, it was that Ace had learned a lot about his nemesis. Namely, his weaknesses. Throughout his well-documented life of street-fighting, Fred had developed an impressive list of head injuries, which thinking about it now, may have played a big part in his unstable persona. As Fred was now approaching him, the venom in Ace's face grew larger by every step Connors took. Fred would take a step, a new vein would bulge on Ace's neck. By the time Fred finished walking, Ace's neck mimicked a root of an average garden plant. As he finally went to take a seat next to his fallen nemesis, Fred saw the look in Ace's eyes. He knew something bad was about to happen, but for maybe the first time in his life, he couldn't do anything about it. The executioner was the one getting executed. Using his God-given ability of quickness and precision, Ace pulled out a glass bottle from under the hospital bed and walloped his enemy right over his head. Now that he had lulled his only remaining obstacle deep into dreamland, Ace had a free road to safety. Quickly, as quickly as he could with all the sustained injuries, he put on some clothes he found on the bed next to him. A sky blue colored shirt and some nice gray trousers. It looked expensive, more expensive than anything he ever wore. Fortunately for him, the medical team left all his personal documents on the drawer beside his bed, so now he had all he needed. After laying one more kick into the fallen carcass of Fred Connors for good measure, he rushed out through the hospital window. He was heading to the airport.

On his long, tiresome journey, he finally had a chance for some free time. An opportunity to reflect on his wrestling career. With all the trouble surrounding him and Connors, he sometimes forgot he was living his dream. Wrestling was all that was left for him, the only family member he had. Sure, Jensen may be a movie star. But in Ace's eyes, that was what was going to be Jensen's biggest downfall. Jensen didn't just have wrestling. If he failed in this career, he could always go to Hollywood. To his opponent, this was just another match, but to Ace, it meant everything. To Ace, this was the biggest match of his career. The opportunity of a lifetime. While Jensen was a highly-experienced, highly-skilled veteran, he didn't go through what Ace went through. He didn't have to fight nearly as hard. While Jensen would play a role of a struggling man on the big screen, Ace was living in the movie. Jensen was doing this to make his family proud. Ace lost his to get here. If Jensen were in Ace's position, he'd sit this one out, live to fight another day. Jensen had the brain. But Ace wasn't Jensen. Ace wasn't going to be like anybody else. Ace had the heart.

"One ticket to Phoenix, Arizona, please."

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Stories From The Road: An Austin Angel RP

The Day After Vortex Episode 18: Austin Angel's Tour Bus

Vortex 18 had come and gone, sure I lost to Bianchi but he's a great competitor and one of the few in this company who I actullay respect, so losing to him is nothing to be ashamed of and I had bigger fish to fry anyway. I had been given the news that appartantly I had to defend my championship AGAIN on the next Vortex, this time against a mystery competitor, because of course Clement knows I'm unstoppable when I know who my challenger is so this is his latest attempt to screw me over. I knew the odds were against me, simply for not knowing the latest threat to my reign, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I was laying on the bed of my luxury tour bus, trying to figure out who Clement could have possibly lined up to face me, and it was beginning to drive me nuts. Who could it be? A brand new signee? A returning competitor? Clement's own daughter? Hell, could it be Clement himself? Sure he's older than dirt but maybe I stirred up a fire in the old bastard. Suddenly my train of thought was interrupted by Becca knocking on the open door. I sat up and looked at her.

Becca: Are you still dwelling on that mystery opponent you have next Vortex? Babe, I told you, our lawyer is working on finding out who it is and if he does, and you deem them to be too big of a threat to face, that's when Axl, Riley and Bret can make sure they "have an accident" and don't make it to the ring. And you know if they do make it to the ring and are coming too close to winning, all 4 of us will do what it takes to protect the championship.

I sighed and nodded, Becca was right. Despite the fact I had grown to close to Riley and Bret, and Axl made for a great head of security, they were also great for handling things I didn't want to get my hands dirty with, and making sure I stayed champion. After all this championship was everything I've been working for and I couldn't lose it now, not this close to the biggest show of the year.

Angel: Yeah I know, but think about it, there's a ton of people from the past that old bastard could have convinced to come back with the promise of an instant title match. I mean who wouldn't want that? There's glory hounds like Xander Black and Kyle Elric, or some of my biggest rivals of all time like Darius Black and Freddie Vos, not to mention the countless other options, for all I know he could have convinced Daniel Reese to come back and face me! You know how annoying that guy was?

Becca laughed at the last part, before she could say anything Riley and Bret walked in.

Riley: Man you worry too much, you make it sound like any of those guys are even good enough to lace your boots.

Bret: Yeah, don't sweat the element of surprise there's nothing you can do about it right now anyway. And don't worry about those idiot fans either, with their stupid #NotMyChampion thing, acting like what they think matters.

Angel: That shit is still happening?

I shook my head in disgust.

Angel: I swear the fans of PWC are the most ungrateful, disgusting idiots in the world. Don't they realize all I've done in the past for them? I sacrificed my body countless times just to try and entertain them but how'd they respond? They always chose someone they liked more than me. This hashtag of theirs is just their latest disrespect towards me. I can't wait for the day they realize how god damn good I truly am, and line up to bow down at my feet and worship me. Anyway what's the next hell hole were going to anyway?

Becca: Pheonix, Arizona

Angel: Ugh great, a trip to the freaking desert. We better stock up on sparking water before we get there, I don't drink cactus water.

Three Days Later: A 5 Star Hotel In Pheonix, Arizona

It was mid afternoon, I had gotten the news this morning from my lawyer that there was nothing he could do about the mystery opponent, I was stuck not knowing who I was facing until they came out for the match. I wasn't happy about it but after thinking about it I realized that being angry about it and dwelling on it wouldn't do me any good. So instead, I paid off the hotel manager to close down the hotel pool to the public, and would spend the day relaxing with Becca, Riley, Bret and Axl. Riley, Bret and Axl were swimming in the pool while Becca and I were sitting in the hot tub, each of us enjoying a glass of fine wine as we relaxed.

Angel: You know what annoys me more than having to defend my championship again this week?

Becca: What's that?

Angel: The fact that ANOTHER person is just getting handed a free title match. First it was Hawthorne, then after beating him with ease he's out there whining for a rematch acting like he deserves anything but going to the back of the line, and now some mystery opponent who might not have even wrestled a match in this company before? It's pathetic. This company will be a better place once Clement gets sent to the retirement home where he belongs.

Becca nodded as she took a sip of wine.

Becca: Ugh you're telling me. It's like he thinks he's Oprah or something, he goes back to the locker room and goes "you get a title match! and you get a title match! and you get a title match! oh so and so wants to return to the company or just debut? guess what? THEY GET A TITLE MATCH! EVERYBODY GETS A TITLE MATCH!".

I watched her shake her head in disgust but couldn't help laughing. She just compared Clement to Oprah, and that image in my head of the two combined into one person was hilarious.

Angel: Well everybody except those who refuse to kiss his ass, i'm surprised it didn't kill him to give me the match with Jensen when I was destroying everybody who stepped into the ring with me. But then again it was still the lowest championship he had he gave me a shot at, but thanks to me I've raised the prestige of the TV Championship and now it's easily the most important championship in the entire company, if not the entire wrestling industry! I mean sure the World Title matters, but I think everybody is sick of Crowley as champion, and can anybody even name the Legacy Champion off the top of their head? I know I can't, because they are irrelevant.

We both laughed and clinked our glasses before taking a drink of wine, I placed down the half empty glass on the side of the hot tub before contuining to talk.

Angel: I'm getting sick of the crap this company pulls Bec, it's about time for things to change and if they don't, I might take my talents to brighter pastures.

Becca: You did have quite a few offers out there when you were having the contract dispute, you could become the hottest free agent in wrestling if you wanted to leave. And imagine if you did, and took the TV Championship with you, put it on the line in other promotions, that'd get Clement going good wouldn't it?

I smirked and chuckled, that did seem like a fun way of getting Clement going, the thought of someone not even employed by him possibly winning one of his championships might give the old bastard a stroke.

Angel: Ha, that would be fun. But I'm not sure if the money would be worth the hassle of the extra travel, I mean those companies would have to do pony up a lot more money than they were offering if they wanna get the hottest star in wrestling. But I'm still pissed off at Clement, he acts like he's this great person but after making an agreement with me to give me the number of his hollywood contact for retaining my championship against Jensen, what's he do? He gives me a fake number to that stupid rejection hotline instead!

I shook my head.

Angel: If he ever pulls anything like that again not only will I sue him for the very little he's worth, but I'll punch him right in his wrinkly face and not give a damn what the repercussions would be.

Becca: And nobody would blame you. In fact he'd probably deserve it. But for now, let's stop talking about Clement and PWC in general, this day is supposed to be relaxing.

I nodded in agreement, we had talked enough about how much of an awful person he is and I did need to relax, after all a stressed out champion isn't a successful champion.

Angel: You're right, forget him. What do you say we get out of here and go for a swim?

Becca: That sounds good to me.

We finished off our glasses of wine, and climbed out of the hot tub, taking a moment to stretch our legs after sitting for awhile before jumping into the pool which was mere feet away. Normally I try to take a lot of time to train for and prepare for my matches, study my opponents and figure out the best way to beat them, but I couldn't do that this time. So instead I planned to take the rest of today and all of the next few days to relax and do whatever I wanted to that sounded fun. Could it cost me my championship? Absolutley. Do I think it will? Of course not, I'm the best around. It doesn't matter if it's Daniel Reese, Xander Black, Freddie Vos, Kyle Elric, or anybody else, they're standing in my path to greatness and I'm going to steamroll them, use them as just another stepping stone. I'm the best around, nothing's gonna ever keep me down.

An Unknown Day: Unknown Location

Austin Angel appears on the footage, standing in a hallway on the phone as he paces the length of the hallway.

Angel: Are you serious? That's great.

Angel nods as he listens to the person to talk before responding himself.

Angel: That's exactly what I've been wanting, and it'd be a great way to really raise the value of the Austin Angel brand.

Angel has a grin on his face as he stops pacing and leans against the brick wall.

Angel: Yeah we'll get together to discuss the money soon. It'll have to be when I have an opening in my very busy schedule.

Angel pauses before talking again.

Angel: Yeah I'll talk to you later.

Angel hangs up the phone and opens a near by door, walkking through the doorway and the door closes shut just as quickly as it opened.

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Donald Hammerpunch:

Out of the Shadows

A cold gust of wind blows through the Missouri night. With a touch of frost in the air, the wind bites out at anybody willing to face the elements.

It was late Combined with the rather unfavourable weather conditions, the streets were rather deserted and lifeless. Through the abandoned streets,
a lone ligh shone from the outsided. It was the Donjitsu academy, and for just the second time in its existence, it had a fresh coat of paint.

Despite only having one soul moving about from the inside, the building was full of life.

Grunts echoed out.

Strikes against a hanging bag rung out and vibrated through out the building.

The man inside took long deep breaths. Shaking his arms out to try to get some feeling back in them, he soon approaches the poor old bag and immediately gets back
to work on it

He lets out a scream.

He checks his hand and immediately shakes his head. Using the other hand, he wipes the sweat away from his brow. A single drop makes its way towards
his open eye, the martial arts master grimaces

Kneeling in the center of the Dojo,the former WHC of PWC examined his fist. His hand looked bruised, with several chunks of skin ripped out from the knuckles. He then ripped
of a part of his shirt, and wrapped it around the damage. Just as he did back when he began training.

With his hand bandaged he, layed back onto the mat and closed his eyes. With his eyes closed, he took in the scent of the newly refurbished arena. It was more than just a new paintjob. Mats were knew, weapons were upgraded. Gone were the holes in the wall. Absent were the dents in the wall from Steve running head first into it. The building had lost its charm.

This should have been a time for celebration, but with the way his PWC career had fallen of a cliff, things had been rough. Being a former champion can only get you so far to where you want to go, and right now he was going nowhere. Not to mention, the repairs and upgrads had not come from the Donjitsu brand. The Hammerpunch Dojo had no become the best womens self defense class in the midwest, which was taught by his 47 year old body building student, Daryl Bishop.

Donjitsu had taken a big hit, and Winning is like shaving. If you don't do it for a while, you end up looking like a bum. And right now, at least in the hand to hand combat world, Hammerpunch needed a shower.

He had an upcóming match against a great competitor. A man who has been in the title scene for a long time, but has yet to capitalize on the many chances given to him. With his eyes closed, the 9th degree blackbelt began to fade away...


A loud sound from outside woke up the Donjitsu Master. Rustling from the once empty streets continued. Hammerpunch was now standing and was fully alert. Tightening his belt, he headed outside to investigate.

A rattling sound contiued. He looked up and saw a shadow. With his andrenaline pumping, the fight master readied himself for battle. As he moved closer towards the figure, he began to sigh in relief. Every Shadow is a false hood. A trick created from light and darkness. Cast a light on it, and its true form will emerge. It was nothinng more than a hungry dog amonst the trash cans. The once monstrous figure had been reduced to its true form

You can't hid in the shadows forever. Sooner or later, you have to leave the darkness to return to the light.

Smiling, hammerpunch kneeled down to pet the stray.

His smile soon disappeared when he looked at his dojo. Smoke was coming from the inside. The building was on fire....
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Arthur Jones

Lectured. That’s what this felt like – Lectured. A man with all his fancy qualifications who has never felt pain beyond his pen running out of ink was solely trusted with determining Matty’s mental state. He didn’t have the burdens he had. He hadn’t felt the torture he had. He hadn’t felt any of it. What does he know.​

So Mr Elliott, we’ve been here for nearly an hour now and this is of course my first time of meeting you. What is your diagnosis?

What? Really? An hour of sitting by and explaining his life story. The highs, the lows. The good times and the bad times. The successes and the failures. And he asks that?!​

Look Doctor, one of us is new to this and it’s certainly not me. I’m spending money to be here right now and it was an extremely tough decision to make to come here today – How on earth can that be what you come up with?

Well Matthew let’s look back through my notes:

You’ve been struggling to sleep lately and when you do have been experiencing an odd form of nightmare within which you’re not entirely sure what’s going on. You’ve tried pills and other form of sleep medication and so far nothing seems to be the solution so you’ve come to seek my expert advice.

Yeah so I was hoping for a diag-

Please allow me to finish. You’re a travelling performer whose body takes constant physical toll as a result of your line of work and is often replenished with in honesty a weak diet not instilling enough energy for how much you put out.

So it’s like a general lack of-

On top of this you’re currently chasing the main accolade within your industry and have put a huge burden on yourself to achieve that but for this to happen you have to overcome an adversary who time and time again you have struggled to defeat and subconsciously you link this to how time and time again in life you have struggled to maintain a father figure in your life as your own has left you multiple times with no explanation and the gentleman you tried to replace him with passed away at possibly the most important time of your life. This was then superseded by that man’s son – your former best friend rekindling his friendship with you and rebuilding trust that had been lost almost 8 years prior before you swiftly found out he was potentially involved in his father’s untimely death – Right in time for him to be involved in an attack which has now meant he is sat unconscious in intensive care and you don’t know what to believe and even if you should feel sorry for him, yourself or anyone around you anymore.

There is a long and awkward silence between both men.

So, Mr Elliott, I ask you again. What is YOUR diagnosis?

My head is a mess. I have far too much going on and have lost all sense of direction.

I believe you knew this before coming to me today. You just didn’t want to admit to yourself the issues which you are facing. You needed a second opinion. A qualified opinion – To validate your own diagnosis.

Again, there is a long and drawn out silence.

Young Matthew I may be an expert in Mental Wellbeing but it does not take an expert to merely diagnose your issues, you had done that yourself long ago. What it does take an expert to do is help you through these issues so that you may overcome them and live a happier, fuller life and enjoy that for what it is.

So how do we do that?

I suggest for now baby steps. I am going to prescribe you some medication and I want you to return to me in 2 weeks’ time – I take it you will have competed again by then?

Yes of course that will be right before the biggest match of my career.

Arthur shines a grin at his patient.​

Perfect timing. I look forward to seeing you return.

Matty takes the slip from the doctor and begins to leave the room. As he leaves he thinks about what he said right at the end – baby steps. One problem at a time. His next problem is Donald Hammerpunch.

Donald is a former World Champion but therein lies his problem. Former. Matty – Shadow was a future World Champion.

Donald’s fall from grace has juxtaposed Shadow’s rise perfectly but for him to believe that fact entirely he was going to have to make an example of him on Vortex.

Matty reached the prescription desk and handed the slip over.

The pharmacist looked up at him and headed to the back. She returned and passed him a small box of pills.

Matty hadn’t even checked the slip so he looked down ready for another round of slightly stronger sleeping pills which probably would work again.

The label read: “Antidepressant Medication”

This only built the emotion within him. Antidepressant. He saw this as a sign of weakness for himself but there was nothing he could do. He had to use this emotion and harness it in the ring against his opponent.

Crowley has built a career on making examples of people, Nero did the same before him. Shadow needs to find his mean streak if he was to defeat these two men. Donjitsu had to be dissected – The master had to be maimed. Darkness must fall.

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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Talking Stick Resort Arena
Capacity: 18,422
City: Pheonix, Arizona


We pan around the arena as a huge display of Pyro opens the show. The Phoenix fans scream at the top of their lungs all kitted out in merchandise of their favourite stars such as Shadow, Hammerpunch and Jensen. We even see some fans embracing the other side of PWC’s top talent with signs heralding the more evil superstars like King Crowley and Jacob Bianchi. Eventually we pan down to the commentary desk where Stan Chambers and Sondra Rowe address the television audience.

Stan Chambers: Welcome everyone, we are coming to you live from a sold-out Talking Stick Resort Arena right here in Phoenix Arizona!

Sondra Rowe:
We have a huge night tonight in which we will see all 3 of our Last Rites main-eventers in competition and we will see one lucky contender punch their ticket to Last Rites and earn the right to challenge for Jacob Bianchi’s Legacy Championship

Stan Chambers: That’s right Sondra! Running down the car we have Shadow vs Donald Hammerpunch, the world’s champion Crowley taking on the Prometheus Torch holder Sway Archer in a non-title bout and our main event will see Dr Nero go toe to toe with the up-and-coming Lucas Hawthorne.

Sondra Rowe: And as I alluded to we will see 1 men enter an elimination gauntlet-style rumble for the change to take on the PWC Legacy Champion - Jacob Bianchi


Stan Chambers: All that and more to come folks but right now we’re kicking off the show with one of the Number 1 contenders for our industries’ top prize!

Shadow bursts out of the curtain and marches straight down the aisle. The look in his eye is one of extreme focus.

Stan Chambers: I got a minute to catch up with Shadow earlier on today and I asked him what this match means and he told me it’s much more than just a momentum builder. Every time you claim the scalp of a former champion - and better yet a former Heavyweight champion here in PWC it is so important as solid proof that you are in the upper echelon of this business.

Shadow climbs into the ring and raises his arms for the fans who greet him with a roar of excitement before he crouches in the corner and awaits his opponent.

***War Machine***

Hammerpunch begins his walk down the aisle, never taking his eyes off his opponent.

Sondra: You know I myself spoke with Hammerpunch today and much the opposite to Shadow this is a man who right now has no road to Last Rites and so he told me if he has to forge that road by potentially spoiling Shadow’s then sobeit. Hammerpunch still considers himself in the top bracket here in PWC and he was a little disappointed I think not to have been in that Rumble later on so how good would it feel for him to but a block on Shadow’s momentum here.

Hammerpunch steps into the ropes and gives his Nunchucks over to the referee before stepping back into his own corner.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and Gentleman the following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first weighing in at 210lbs - Shadow!!

The crowd roars again for their hero from the Darkness.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, he weighs in at 235lbs - Donald Hammerpunch!!

An equally strong reaction for Hammerpunch - Though no longer the champion his popularity with the PWC faithful has never waned.

Match One | Shadow vs Donald Hammerpunch

The two men approach the centre of the ring at referee Roger Haines’ request and as he outlines the rules they shake hands and give one another a nod of respect.

Stan Chambers: These are two of the PWC fans’ all time favourite superstars and both hold the utmost respect for each other as shown here tonight.

Sondra Rowe: Respect? This is a competition these men should be ready to rip each other limb from limb not playing best friends.

Stan Chambers:
I wouldn’t call them “best friends” just yet Sondra - These men are definitely ready to get it done in the ring.

The two back to their corners - Shadow gives the ropes a quick test as the bell rings. They circle one another for a few moments as Shadow lunges in to sweep a leg but Hammerpunch clocks it and avoids him with ease. The larger man grins at his opponent as they ease into this bout.

“Lets Go Shadow!”


The fans voices are heard around the arena. Both men are incredibly popular and a win for either would be absolutely crucial on the Road to Last Rites. Finally they begin to enter a test of strength but before both hands are locked up Shadow wrenches in a wrist lock and quickly transitions to a hammerlock. The master of Donjitsu looks to slip out of the hold so quickly Shadow locks him into a side headlock.

Stan Chambers: Very unlike Shadow is this slow methodical start - Not sure what he’s hoping to gain from this approach.

Hammerpunch lifts Shadow off the ground looking for a back suplex but he flips over and slides out of the attempt. Again Shadow looks for a headlock but immediately Hammerpunch lifts him again with the same outcome as Shadow avoids the suplex!

Sondra Rowe: This is what happens when you try a style other than your own. You get made to look like an idiot.

Realising chain wrestling was not working for him Shadow darts towards the ropes and flies at his opponent who ducks a clotheslines - Then avoids the rebound with a leapfrog and then catches Shadow into a sleeper hold!

Sondra Rowe:
Shadow tried to win this with holds and now he’s going to be embarrassed!

Thinking quickly Shadow drops to his knees and flicks his opponent over his head - Hammerpunch rolls through and quickly retorts with a chop to the chest! And another! And another! The chops echo throughout the arena! Shadow backs into the corner followed by his opponent who continues with the chops - Lighting up the chest of Shadow!

Hammerpunch back up and charges at Shadow looking for the Monkey Flip out of the corner - But Shadow lands on his feet! He darts at the opposite corner and nails Hammerpunch with Whisper in the Wind!!

Immediately Shadow is back to his feet - charges at the ropes and back across the ring he flies landing a lion sault! He stays on for the cover!


Two- Kickout!

Easy work for the former World Heavyweight Champion Donald Hammerpunch - It will take much more than that to beat him!

Shadow is not one to rest so he drags Hammerpunch up and rocks him with an elbow to the head! This only serves to infuriate him as he comes back with a straight right jab - a kick to the gut and the spins and knocks Shadow to his knees with a mule kick!

Off the ropes now and comes at Shadow with a brutal knee strike! He collapses to the floor! He’s hoisted back to his feet and Hammerpunch feigns an irish whips before nailing Shadow with a short-arm clothesline and turning him inside out!

Stan Chambers: Shadow looks to be in serious trouble right now - This would be a huge win for Donald Hammerpunch!

Hammerpunch tries to stay with his opponent but Shadow drags him into a small package!

It’s broken up before the referee can get there and both men are back up. Shadow rocks Hammerpunch with a forearm and he goes to a knee. Now he hits the ropes and flies at Hammerpunch with a drop kick sending him across the ring and onto the apron!

He climbs to his feet on the outside but is nailed with a vicious enziguri by Shadow sending him back down and this way all the way to the mat outside.

As he begins to stand Shadow sees this as opportunity - he runs at and dives straight through the ropes!

Not giving any rest time Shadow bring shim back to his feet and climbs up to the apron - Just as Hammerpunch has time to assess the situation Shadow dives at him with a hurricanrana! Straight into the steel steps!

The fans go crazy for this fast-paced, high-flying sequence!

Shadow slides back into the ring allowing the count to begin. But as Hammerpunch stirs on the outside Shadow decides he has not done enough and so jumps straight back to the floor to meet his opponent with a thrust kick! Then a mongolian chop!

Shadow looks to counter instantly and leaps up looking for a hurricanrana but gets caught! It looks as tho Hammerpunch is going to throw him into the barricade just as Shadow pops over his head landing behind hammerpunch and as he turns to meet Shadow he’s nailed with a Pele Kick!!

Meanwhile the referee’s count has already begun and he is at a count of 5!



Both men are trying to reach their feet - Hammerpunch’s head was shook and Shadow had the wind knocked from him as executing the kick landed him hard on his spine!



Both men dive into the ring!

Just inside the ring they begin exchanging blows as both men are on their knees!

Hammerpunch is throwing Jabs and Elbows with Shadow replying with Forearm strikes to the temple!

As the exchange continues they slowly rise to their feet - Constantly striking each other as they do. It is Hammerpunch who begins to get the better of the exchange being the Master of Donjitsu his striking is where he excels but Shadow nearly slices him off his feet with a shin kick! And another, followed by a spinning back fist and as his back his turned he head to the ropes - leaps up to the second and flies back at Hammerpunch connecting with a springboard tornado DDT! His head is literally planted into the canvass and the former PWC champion is down.

Seeing his moment Shadow climbs out onto the apron and begins to ascend the turnbuckle. He’s looking to put Hammerpunch away with Darkness Falls! His version of the diving double foot stomp! As he steadies himself on the turnbuckle Hammerpunch has rolled away just out of range.

Sondra Rowe: Shadow is furious with that! He can’t get that far across the ring.

Shadow lowers himself and studies his opponent as he clambers back to his feet before flying through the air nailing his opponent with a missile dropkick!

Hammperpunch is prone again this time in perfect position at the opposite corner so Shadow darts across the rings and now climbs that corner! This time he flies towards Hammerpunch not even giving it a second thought but the master of Don-Jitsu has rolled back towards the turnbuckle underneath Shadow’s trajectory. Shadow rolls through and turns back - LIGHTS OUT - NO IT’S DODGED! Hammerpunch follows through and ends up in the corner and is met with an Enziguiri!!

He is rocked in the corner and Shadow is spent down on the mat. He drags himself back up and advances on Hammerpunch who nails a boot to the jaw rocking the opponent. Pele Kick!! Again Shadow has an instant responses but it’s another high energy move and takes a lot out of him! This time Shadow is to his feet quicker and Hammerpunch is rocked harder! Shadow takes a moment to assess the situation and think about what to do next - You can almost see the cogs turning in his brain!

Shadow snaps back to life and begins to lift his opponent up onto the turnbuckle. As he is seated on the top rope Shadow climbs to the 2nd rope and takes a look back at the canvass.

Stan Chambers: What on earth is this man thinking now?

Sondra Rowe:
Whatever it is it needs to be stopped. This looks far too dangerous!

As he considers his options he is nailed with a headbutt from Hammerpunch - And another! Shadow is knocked to the mat but stay on his feet. He runs at Hammpunch and leaps to the second rope but collides straight with a thrust kick! Shadow is knocked down hard and collides with the mat spine first after having the air kicked right out of him. He slowly gets to his feet whilst Hammerpunch steadies himself on the corner - Glaring at his opponent with serious intent.

He leaps from the corner - LIGHTS OU- CODE BLACK!! CAUGHT IN MID-AIR!!!

The impact is such that Hammerpunch springs up to his feet and collapses backwards out of the ring! Shadow scrambles after him but it is futile as Hammerpunch has landed on the outside.

Enraged with this and not willing to accept a countout victory Shadow pounds the mat before rolling out of the ring to his downed opponent.

He hoists the larger man up and forces him under the bottom rope.

Shadow takes a brief second to catch his breath and climbs in after him before making the cover.



Thre- NO!

Hammerpunch gets the shoulder up just in time! The time it took to drag him into the ring was too much for Shadow to capitalise on the move he’s used to put so many men away!

With no time to lose Shadow lifts Hammerpunch back up - Looking to his Code Black again! He leaps up but is hurled away by his opponent before he can bring him down! Shadow quickly jumps back up but straight into LIGHTS OUT!! - No it’s dodged! - CODE BLACK! - He catches the legs! - Hammerpunch rolls it over into a Boston Crab! Really putting the torque on the lower back of Shadow!

Stan Chambers: This is smart work by Donald Hammerpunch - Even is Shadow escapes this hold the work done to his lower back may prohibit his high-flying ability.

Sondra Rowe: Without his ability of flight Shadow is practically helpless! Most of his Move-set relies on his agility and quickness but if that’s taken away I’m not sure what he has left.

Shadow cries out in agony as Hammerpunch really wrenches back.

Stan Chambers: He is not a regular submission specialist but when contests get this heated the pressure causes superstars as great as Don-Jitsu’s master to pull things out of the bag he may have not thought himself capable of!

Sondra Rowe: As a former World Champion I’m sure Hammerpunch has many tricks up his sleeve just like this one that he knows to only use when it is absolutely needed.

The hold is still locked in with the man from the Darkness trying his all to scratch and claw to the ropes. But the longer this is locked in the weaker his back becomes and the less he has any ability to drag Hammerpunch’s 20+lbs large frame anywhere.

Trying to think quickly Shadow manages to slide one arm through his opponents leg, releasing the pressure of the hold a little before he then gets his whole body free and holds Hammerpunch’s head down with one hand whilst throwing strikes with the other.

Hammerpunch then hooks Shadow’s arms and lifts him up to his feet before slipping behind, hooking in the full nelson - DonPlex!




After being planted on his neck and head Shadow just kicks out in time!

Shadow rolls over the ropes to aid him getting back up and Hammerpunch stalks him as he does so - Waiting for him to reach his feet. Shadow senses this so climbs up outside the ropes - Anything Hammerpunch does cannot lead to a pin out there.

Donald advances at his opponent looking to bring him back in the hard way but utilising the ropes Shadow lunges at him with a forearm strike! Though he is stunned Hammerpunch immediately charges back LIGHTS OUT!! Shadow crashes and burns to the outside!

Stan Chambers:
I’m getting a sense of deja vu here

Sondra Rowe: Are both of these guys idiots - You can’t pin a man on the outside! Leave him to be counted out!

Out of pure pride Hammerpunch follows his opponent to the floor.

Sondra Rowe: This is why these men are both on Crowley’s list of victims - Idiotic things like this will get you nowhere in the PWC.

Stan Chambers: Both these men have far too much pride to take a victory by countout - Especially at this late stop on the Road to Last Rites - Each have so much to prove and momentum to gain.

Donald Hammerpunch stares down at the fallen Shadow. The lights are on but there is nobody home as he stares up at the lights dazed and confused. Shadow has no choice as his body is ragged back onto the apron and pushed into the ring. Hammerpunch begins to ascend onto the apron. Shadow is already stirring slightly.

Stan Chambers: That man has so much heart and determination! He refuses to stay down.

Sondra Rowe: He doesn’t have extra heart he just severely lacks brains.

As Hammerpunch begins to step through the ropes Shadow is up to meet him - INFAMOUSER!

Hammerpunch is down after his skull was crushed between Shadow’s leg and the canvass but he’s not done!

Shadow powers himself up to the top turnbuckle. Struggling with every step but Hammerpunch is going nowhere fast. Shadow reaches the peak and stares down at his opponent.





Winner | Shadow via Darkness Falls

We cut backstage to see a group of people crowded around a table. As the people move a little we can see Sway Archer at the table watching one of the interns fiddling with some cards.

Yeah, so if your card is on the top I win, right?

Sway Archer: Yes, yes, you win. If you got it right.

The intern flips over the card and it’s the Ace of Clubs.

Intern: That’s your card?

Sway nods and smiles and the audience applauds. He extends his hand.

Sway Archer: Let me see the deck, watch.

The intern hands over the deck, and Sway quickly begins shuffling the cards.

Sway Archer: So you know there’s 52 cards in a deck.

Intern: Yeah.

Sway Archer: 26 Red.

Intern: Yup

Sway Archer: 26 Black.

Intern: As it would be.

Sway Archer: So every card is different, but many cards are also slightly the same.

I guess you could say that.

Sway Archer: See that’s how the people in PWC are. All of them are different, but they’re all pretty much the same.

Sway separates the cards into two piles. He takes one card and places it in the centre.

Sway Archer: But you see, PWC isn’t a standard company. It has perks. As does this deck.

He slides the card to the intern.

Sway Archer: This card, represents me. It’s the only card of its kind. Take a look at it.

The intern flips it over. A black and gold joker.

Sway Archer:
Me, I’m pretty talented, if I do say so myself, right?

The small crowd voices their agreement.

Sway Archer: So that means this card should be pretty talented too, right?

Intern: Oooookay…

Sway takes the two piles and puts them together.

Sway Archer: So I want you to choose a card…

Intern: Any--

Sway Archer: Any card. Choose one.

Intern: Just -- just say it?

Sway begins shuffling the cards.

Sway Archer: You’re catching on…

Sway continues shuffling as he stares at the intern and the crowd leers on.

Uhh, the 3 of spades.

Sway Archer: Good.

Sway hands the deck to the Intern.

Sway Archer: Take out the 3 of clubs.

Intern: But I chose the 3 --

Sway Archer: I know what I said, brother. Take it out, watch.

The intern riffs through the deck, and finds the 3 of clubs. He takes it out and sets it on the table.

Sway Archer: The 3 of spades represents Kidd West. Fitting you chose a black card, to signify his black soul, and fitting you chose a low number, because he’s small minded.

Sway picks up the 3 of clubs and puts it face up on top of the deck.

Sway Archer: The 3 of clubs represents my friend. Me and Kidd used to be inseparable, two of the same.

Sway puts the Joker on the bottom of the deck, and offsets it, so looking at the deck, you can only see the 3 and the Joker, with all the other cards face down.

Sway Archer: PWC has done a great job. They brought me here, and I brought my friend. Together, we are going to make a difference here.

With a flick of the wrist, Sway throws all but 3 cards from his right hand to his left. He sets down the deck, and holds the three cards up. In his hand, are the 3 of spades, the Joker, and the 3 of clubs. The crowd gasps as Sway smiles.

Sway Archer:
We, are going to separate Kidd West from the pack.

Sway sets down the 3 of clubs and the joker, holding on to the 3 of spades.

Sway Archer: And we --

Sway tears the 3 of spades right down the middle.

Sway Archer: Are going to tear, him, apart.


The cameras return to ringside just as Austin Angel’s music starts thundering out through the arena speakers, drawing heavy boos from the Phoenix crowd. The boos get heavier as Angel himself walks out onto the stage, flanked as always by his fiancé Becca McKay. Behind them are Axl and the Elliot Brothers, both of whom are almost bouncing with joy, their eyes darting between Becca, Austin and the mics that the Los Angelean superstar is holding. In Axl’s arms lies Austin’s TV Championship, which the bodyguard raises into the air, giving the entire crowd a view of the golden belt.

The group begin to meander down to the ring and Angel raises his microphone.

Austin Angel: In a typical show of cowardice from Ernesto Clement, he has decided to force me to defend my TV Title mere weeks before Last Rites. Not only that, but he decided to force me to face off against some mystery opponent, offering me no opportunity to prepare for whoever dares step into the ring with me.

Becca pouts at his side, looking out to the crowd with baleful eyes, clearly trying to win them over. They’re not having it though and boo heartily, showing their clear disinterest for his excuses.

Austin Angel: Fear not though, Phoenix. I may not know who this man or woman is, but as far as I am concerned, it doesn’t matter. I am the greatest Champion in this company, I am the biggest star that the PWC has ever had, and I am the best wrestler that any of you have and will ever see. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who steps into that ring tonight, because I will be ready for them. I may not have had the preparation time that they did, but for a man of my talent, that is not an issue.

The group reach the bottom of the ramp and make their way into the ring. Angel holds the ropes for Becca, the Elliots climb a turnbuckle on either side of them and clap, and Axl simply steps over the ropes. In the ring, Angel and Becca look out to the hard-cam as Angel raises his microphone once more.

Austin Angel:
So send out your best, Clement. Send out whatever pathetic fool you brought back and watch as I send them back to you in pieces. I’ve fought, I’ve bled and I’ve caused immeasurable pain, all for my Title. Tonight you’re going to get another taste of the greatness that my return promised. This is just another stop on the TV Title Tour and I fully intend to see this ride continue long past Last Rites.

Angel turns to the stage, his arm wrapped around the waist of Becca. Axl keeps the title raised above their heads as the two Elliots stare at the stage, both brothers unable to keep still.

At the commentary table Stan Chambers and Sondra Rowe are talking quickly and excitedly.

Sondra Rowe: So who do you think it’s going to be, Stan? I’ve been racking my brain all week and I’m still not convinced that I know what idiot Clement has chosen to face Austin.

Stan Chambers: My only guess would be someone from Angel’s past, but like you I have no idea. He’s had quite a lot of history with some of the greatest stars from the PWC’s past, so this could realistically be anyone. A betting man would suggest someone like Derek Jacobs as he has caused Angel all number of issues, but I’m not entirely convinced that Jacobs would return simply because Ernesto Clement asked.

***Not Gonna Die***​

The crowd look around confused, not recognising this theme. The Titantron is completely blank, matching the looks from within the ring as Austin, Becca and their cronies look on confused. A smirk begins to appear on Angel’s face as he raises his microphone once more.

Austin Angel: Really, Clement? Sending me some no name wrestler really isn’t the smarte-

Angel cuts himself off as a distinctly Scottish accent echoes around the arena.

---: Did you miss me, Austin?

The titantron blazes into life, finally revealing the name of Angel’s opponent, much to the joy of the Phoenix Crowd who begin to cheer loudly anticipating the return of a foe of Angel’s from time gone by.

They don’t need to wait long for the superstar to appear, as he walks out onto the stage and throws back the jet black hood that was covering his face to reveal Daiko, who is looking down at Austin with an amused grin, enjoying the venom that is being thrown back his way.

Daiko makes his way down to the ring, making sure to clap as many hands as he can on his way.

Sondra Rowe: Daiko? Really!?

Stan Chambers: It makes sense that Clement turned to Daiko in an attempt to get through Angel, especially with the history these two have. These two men have never been the best of friends and have come to blows many a time, but they’ve also teamed up together before as The Fallen, a team they created out of necessity as Freddie Vos and Derek Jacob’s Regime was reaching its peak. Their partnership ended at Desolation back in Season One, and they’ve been fighting ever since, only stopping when Daiko was let go following a short stint with me at the commentary booth.

Sondra Rowe:
It looks like Clement is trying to make this one personal for Austin. Picking a familiar face from his past, and not one that is going to draw much love.

Stan Chambers:
No, this isn’t going to go down well with Austin.

Daiko reaches the bottom of the ramp and explodes forward, leaping up onto the ring apron and slingshotting himself over. He rolls out of the dive and remains on one knee just in front of Becca, drawing a disgusted look from her. Angel steps forward, putting himself between his fiancé and the laughing Scot.

Daiko laughs at Becca for a moment more before getting to his feet, standing toe to toe with Angel who has taken his TV Title from Axl and is raising it high above the heads of the two men.

Roger Haines pushes his way in between the two men and calls for Becca, Axl and the Elliots to leave the ring. His request is ignored though as they remain steadfast, staring down Ernesto Clement’s chosen challenger with similar looks of disgust.

Angel breaks the staredown and turns to his allies with a smug smile on his face. He waves them out, stopping them only so he can kiss Becca and hand her his Title. The Los Angelean then backs off into his corner just as his Scottish foe does the same.

At ringside Emma Mason gets to her feet.

Emma Mason: Ladies and Gentlemen, this following match is scheduled for ONE FALL and is for the PWC Television Championship! Introducing first, THE CHALLENGER! He stands five feet nine inches and weighed in tonight at one hundred and ninety pounds. Fighting out of Perth, Scotland. DAIKOOOOO!

The crowd cheers once more.

Emma Mason: And the CHAMPION! He stands six feet tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred and ten pounds. Fighting out of The City of Angels, I give to you your PWC Television Champion. AUSTIN ANGEEEEELLLLLL!

The crowd boo heartily as Axl raises Austin’s TV Championship at ringside. Haines waits for the crowd to calm down a little before signalling for the bell and getting this match underway.

Match Two | Austin Angel vs Daiko

Angel and Daiko don’t bother wasting any time and drive forwards, colliding with one another, throwing punch after punch, not bothering with tactics, but instead looking to deal as much damage as they possibly can in as short a period as possible.

Angel takes advantage quickly as he ducks under a wild swing from Daiko and jams a thumb into the eye of the Scot, momentarily blinding him. He follows it up with a DDT, spiking Daiko’s head down upon the mat.


Angel’s early pin gets and equally early kickout as Daiko throws up his shoulder, pushing Angel off of him. He rolls away and rises to his feet, but he’s not quick enough as Angel throws himself at Daiko’s right leg, which buckles in response to the brutal chopblock.

Not wanting to give his opponent a moment, Angel begins stomping on the leg he just chopped, driving the heel of his boot down upon the thigh of the downed man, drawing cheers from his entourage at ringside. He continues to bring his boot crashing down upon his opponent, savouring the boos and jeers coming from the Phoenix crowd as they try to rile him up, hoping to force a mistake. Angel looks out to them with a shit-eating grin on his face though and taps the side of his head, showing to them all that they can’t get inside his head. His grin quickly turns to shock though as he tumbles backwards, caught in a roll-up attempt!


The two men race to their feet, but once again Angel is the first up as Daiko struggles to get his leg working properly following the abuse it had taken. Daiko finally gets upright only to be sent sprawling back, having been hit by a picture perfect Dropkick. Angel flips backwards, landing knees first on the mat and rolling forward, closing the distance between the two men once more. Once again he brings the heel of his boot down, this time choosing to strike the exposed back of Daiko, which gets a smattering of sympathetic groans from the crowd.

Austin grabs his opponent’s jaw and drags him up to his knees slowly, revelling in the opportunity to talk some smack to his former foe before winding his hand back and smacking it across Daiko’s face. He raises a finger to his lips and shushes the crowd before winding up and slapping Daiko again, listening with a sadistic grin on his face as the slap echoes around the silenced arena. He watches with joy as members of the crowd subconsciously flinch at the sound, several of them raising hands to their faces, almost feeling the sheer force behind Angel’s strikes.

Angel walks over to his entourage who are laughing and smiling, looking every bit as confident as their TV Champion, who is leaning against the turnbuckle across the ring from Daiko with a smug grin on his face. So far the two men have looked a world apart in term of talent so far and the look on Angel’s face shows that he’s aware of this fact. He turns to look at Becca who has sidled up to his side and the two both turn and watch as Daiko struggles to his feet, smacking his leg trying to bring life back into the weakened limb.

Angel pushes of the buckle nonchalantly and strolls over to Daiko, stalking the struggling man like a predator hunting its prey. He plants his foot in the Scot’s face and pushes lightly, laughing as his opponent topples over and immediately tries to get back up. Again he walks forward and then pushes, sending Daiko tumbling back.

Daiko tries to get to his feet once more only to be sent tumbling back by another push, but he won’t let this stop him. Once again he pushes up, using his arms to get himself upright and in position as Angel plants his foot on the face of the Scot, but this time Daiko is ready and waiting, having had enough time to recover from Angel’s earlier onslaught. He grabs at the leg of the Los Angelean and pulls just as he explodes up, smashing the shocked Angel with a clothesline.

Not wanting to let up, Daiko stomps on Angel’s chest before charging at the opposite ropes and bouncing back. Angel rolls over onto his chest, forcing Daiko to jump over him and continue running. The Los Angelean quickly springs to his feet and attempts to leapfrog over his opponent, but he’s caught as Daiko shows some veteran guile and predicts Angel’s next move, plucking the Champion out of mid-air and slamming him back down onto the mat back first.

He hops around on his ‘strong leg’ for a moment, a big smile on his face as he mocks Angel for falling for what might be the oldest trick in the book, before launching himself into the air, hitting a beautiful moonsault.


He continues his assault, picking up Angel and the launching him overhead, hitting a German Suplex!


Refusing to let go of the hold, Daiko rolls over, dragging Austin with him and the two men rise to their feet slowly, their legs shaking a little. Daiko plants his feet on the mat before launching Angel overhead, hitting a second German Suplex!


Angel’s faster this time, despite the follow up move, and the two men rise once more, with Austin struggling to break free of Daiko’s vice-like grip. He’s unable to do anything before Daiko launches him overhead for the third time, but Angel’s definitely not helpless here as he rotates in mid-air and lands on his feet, stumbling a little before righting himself. He charges forward, just as his unsuspecting foe turns. Rolling Yoshi Tonic!!

Daiko hits the mat back first, the air escaping his lungs as Angel rolls off, looking to keep the momentum moving in his favour. The Los Angelean steps forwards and hits a mesmerising Standing Corkscrew Moonsault, much to the crowd’s delight as they ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the agility, only to boo soon after as Angel cockily raises a finger to his lips and shushes them, much to Becca’s delight as she giggles at ringside and joins in, shushing the crowd some more.

Angel rubs his back as he makes his way to the turnbuckle, clearly still feeling the effect of Daiko’s offence, but it’s not enough to stop him from slingshotting himself up to the top rope. He turns to face his former brother-in-arms with a look of disgust before throwing himself into the air. FROG SPL--NO! Daiko rolls out from under Angel’s diving body and turns to move towards Ange-- SMASH H-- NO! Angel managed to roll out of his Frog Splash, fully expecting Daiko to try to counter and was on his feet every bit as quick as his opponent, but his Superkick attempt was caught by the Scottish Superstar, who spins Angel, looking to unbalance him.

Headbutt from Angel! He ducks an attempted elbow and launches himself forward, crashing his skull into Daiko’s jaw, sending the Scot tumbling back.


Daiko ducks under the second Superkick attempt from Angel, but the man behind him wasn’t so lucky as Roger Haines falls back, his lights kicked clean out. Angel looks on in shock, not quite sure how this happened, but that shock doesn’t last long as Daiko recovers and grabs him. IMPALER DDT!! Daiko drives Angel’s face straight into the mat, drawing a massive cheer from the crowd. He rolls Angel over and goes for a pinfall, but when he doesn’t hear the mat being slapped he turns, finally registering that Haines had been the victim of Angel’s second Smash Hit attempt.

He shakes the referee in vain, trying to get him to wake up, but Haines is out cold and nothing Daiko can do seems to work. The Scot looks down at Angel in frustration, feeling like that could have been his title winning moment. He watches his prone opponent for a moment before backing off into the nearby corner, signalling for the end. The fans get riled up despite the referee being down-and-out, as they sense the oncoming end to the match and potentially Austin Angel’s reign. Daiko raises his arm and points at Angel, waiting for him to rise, but a screech from ringside gives him momentary pause.

Becca McKay: GET HIM!!

Axl’s arm wraps its way around Daiko’s neck, almost lifting him up off the ground as Angel’s bodyguard takes control of the situation, saving the match for his client. The bodyguard and the Scottish Superstar are separated by the ropes, and Daiko attempts to use that to his advantage by putting some distance between the two, but he can’t loosen Axl’s grip enough to take any more than a step forward. The crowd boos mercilessly, but it doesn’t phase the big man as he continues to try to take what remains of the fight out of Daiko.

Suddenly a body crashes into Axl, and he loosens the hold on Daiko who falls forward, clutching his throat and breathing deeply, trying to refill his lungs. Out on the mat the two Elliots and Axl are attacking the Lucas Hawthorne who is giving just as good as he is getting, having bloodied the lip of one Elliot and landed a string of strikes onto the other. Axl proves to be too much for the high-flyer though and the threesome continue to lay into Hawthorne who stops throwing punches, opting to defend himself instead.

The camera pulls back, acting on orders from backstage and focuses on the ring, watching as Daiko looks down at the group fighting on the outside. He glances back at Angel, making sure that he’s still down-and-out before springboarding himself up onto the top rope and diving off down to the quartet on the outside, rotating as he does, hitting a massive Shooting Star Press!!

Daiko is the first to his feet, and he looks through the mass of bodies for a moment before dragging Hawthorne up and slapping the chest of his apparent saviour. As Daiko is assisting Hawthorne, Axl rises up and begins to slowly stalk towards the Scot.

Hawthorne spots Axl and throws the Scot to the side before charging at the big man, ducking under a punch. The then turns and uses the apron as a makeshift springboard just as the lumbering bodyguard turns around to face him once more. DISASTER KICK!! Axl is stunned by the brutal kick that has just landed on his jaw and drops to a knee--BOMA YE!!!

The crowd erupts as Daiko drives his knee into the temple of the downed giant, knocking him clean out. Hawthorne begins to walk over to Daiko, but he’s dragged off by Riley Elliot who is throwing punches, looking to separate the two fan favourites from one another and get the numbers back in his group’s favour.

As for Daiko, he’s getting an earful from Becca McKay, who is screaming bloody murder.


As she’s shouting Bret Elliot slips up onto the apron behind him, looking to take advantage of Becca’s distraction. Angel’s fiancé is playing her part, screaming at the top of her lungs, drawing Daiko’s full focus as he laughs at the pitiful show from her. Elliot begins to run at the unsuspecting Daiko, but Becca gives the game up as her eyes dart up to him, causing Daiko’s to widen before the Scot throws himself to his right, leaving Bret to crash into his bandmate to a chorus of cheers from the crowd, which gets louder as Daiko comes flying back into the camera view, hitting a second BOMA YE! Another cheer echoes around the arena as Hawthorne sees off Bret with a brutal looking Black Mass, taking out the final member of Angel’s entourage.

The man himself has recovered though and launches himself through the ropes, hitting Daiko with a Suicide Dive. Angel looks down at Becca momentarily before throwing Daiko back into the ring, fire blazing in his eyes as he spots Hawthorne watching from the other side.

Austin Angel: Get up you son of a bitch!

Angel watches as Daiko staggers to his feet, stumbling closer as he rises. SMASH HI--DAIKO ROLLS ANGEL UP...BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE! Daiko lets go of the pinfall as he realises, and the two men race to their fe-- SMASH HIT!!! ANGEL CATCHES DAIKO WITH A SUPERKICK! He races over to the slowly recovering Haines, drags him up to his feet and props him against the turnbuckle, looking to fully revive the currently useless official. As Haines begins to come around, Angel turns to Daiko once more and watches as Clement’s surprise rises, seemingly out of it.

SMAS-- Lucas Hawthorne interferes, grabbing Angel and causing the Superkick to miss wildly, sparing Daiko what would have surely been the match ending manoeuvre. Austin crashes his elbow into the jaw of Hawthorne, stunning the man before hitting a SMASH HIT, sending Lucas tumbling down to the mat where he joins the growing numbers who have been taken out during the course of the match. Haines comes to just as Angel is rounding on Daiko once more.

Angel grabs the slowly rising Daiko, looking to hit ‘Hail to the King’. He lifts Daiko up, attempting to set him up for the Small Package Driver, but the Scot rolls through before flipping backwards, hitting a Hurricanrana, sending Austin tumbling forwards. Angel gets to his fee--SMASH HIT!! DAIKO HITS AUSTIN ANGEL WITH HIS OWN MOVE!

Angel drops to his knees, a dazed look of shock on his face, clearly not expecting Daiko to turn one of one of his most dangerous weapons against him. Daiko backs off quickly before charging back in and drilling his knee into the Los Angelean’s face, smashing him with a sickening BOMA YE!!! Haines drops down and begins to laboriously count the pinfall.


Daiko rolls off Angel, exhaustion clear on his face, but there’s also something else there that the camera can’t quite spot. It’s not until he gets up and watches as Roger Haines approaches holding the PWC Television Title that the look of self-pride becomes clear. His hands shaking, Daiko takes the title from Haines and then raises it, taking in the moment as the crowd erupts in joy.

Stan Chambers: I can’t believe it! He did it! Daiko has won his first Title within the PWC!!

Sondra Rowe: He cheated! Hawthorne cheated!

Stan Chambers: I don’t think any competitor in that ring can claim to be completely innocent after that match.

Sondra Rowe: This is a disgrace! Austin should still be the Champion!

Stan Chambers:
Austin paid the price for his own dastardly ways. His bodyguard, his band-mates and even his fiancé got involved in this match, but it wasn’t enough to save his own skin. I don’t know if Daiko came prepared or if Lucas Hawthorne decided that enough was enough, but it doesn’t matter. Daiko beat Austin Angel at his own game, and now just a week before Last Rites, he has become the new PWC Television Champion! This has changed the entire dynamic of the Television Championship scene and I can’t wait to see how things move on now that Angel no longer holds the Title!

In the ring, Daiko is up on top of a turnbuckle, his new Title held up high for the entire world to see.

Emma Mason:
The winner by pinfall and NEW PWC TELEVISION CHAMPION! DAIKO!!!

The crowd cheers again as Daiko looks down from the turnbuckle, surveying the carnage with a weary grin on his face. His gaze falls upon Lucas Hawthorne who has propped himself up on the ringside barricade and is laughing, seemingly enjoying his rival’s failure. Hawthorne notices Daiko watching him and gets to his feet slowly before making his way into the ring. Daiko drops down from the turnbuckle and meets him, both men standing at opposite sides of Austin Angel’s prone body. Hawthorne leans forwards and extends a hand, looking to shake hands with the man he’ll soon be gunning for, but shock ripples across his face as the new Champion shakes his head disappointedly before making his way out of the ring and walking up the ramp.

The cameras linger for a moment on Daiko as he admires his new Title before cutting to commercials.

Winner - Daiko via Bome Ye

The camera’s cut to the titantron where Kira Wells is seen, microphone in hand, obviously ready to conduct an interview.

Kira Wells:
Ladies and gentleman, today I have been given permission to explore the gym of a man who claims to have big news. Today, I sit across from one of the most successful Mixed Martial Arts gym owners to ever exist. Now, after being a lifelong wrestling fan, he's even decided to come to talk to us today Mister Ben Barnes , you've called us here today for something you told me was groundbreaking. Now, what exactly is the reason you've called us here today? You've kept kind've quiet since the crew began setting up."

The camera pans to Ben Barnes, wearing a black tracksuit with his gym’s logo on the left side of his chest and the stripes going down the arms and legs are colored white. He looks a little miffed already - of course he is. The man has nothing to do but be disgruntled in old age.

Ben Barnes: Well, Kira - I'd like to start off by letting you know that when it comes to interviews, I want nothing but facts to be used when speaking about me. Are we clear on that? I mean, sure but I don't kn- As an interviewer, you should probably let the guy people sent you to get to talk talk. You said I was a 'lifelong' Professional Wrestling fan, and you're wrong. If I was a lifelong fan, I would subject myself to a majority of the garbage they show today. And honestly? I'd rather gouge my own eyes out. I mean, to see some of the stuff these guys do out there? It's disgusting - it's why I decided to venture into Pro Wrestling. And.. now that I think about it? That's.... that's actually why I brought you all here tonight. It's why I've invited PWC cameras into my gym after hours, it's why you guys are special. How does it feel to be special, everybody?

Nobody in the room responds, even as Barnes looks around all excited. He seems genuinely disappointed when nobody responds, but doesn't let it carry over into his speech.

Ben Barnes: Now I know it’s short notice, but I've made a few phone calls - I'm ready to shock the world

Now..Barnes stands up to his feet.

Ben Barnes: I want you all to welcome PWC's Newest Signee and a man who have asked me specifically to guide him to success - I want you to stand - STAND for the man who is going to either make Professional Wrestling great again or destroy it in the process. Please welcome, Masaru Ugaki.

The room is absolutely silent as the aforementioned man walk into it. Masaru Ugaki strolls in wearing a black and white tracksuit and a devilish look on his face. There are lines throughout his what-would-otherwise be a buzz cut, and you can see his teeth have yellowed over old age. It only adds to the terrifying image that is Masaru Ugaki, He walks like a man who knows his rep precedes him, a man who has terrorized Japan for 20 years. A man who has won countless championships and even more careers. A man who has taken part in the most brutal fights Japan has ever seen. There’s a seat laid out for him, but he doesn’t take it, instead? He eerily eyes around the room, making sure to look at every single person with that same mischievous look that sends chills down people's spines. Eventually, he takes his sit in the middle of Barnes and Kira.

Kira Wells:
Mister Bar...

Ben Barnes: Oh, what? Is something wrong. Haha, I mean come on - it's just the most dangerous man this business has ever seen! That's right, folk - Ben Barnes made this possible. I've brought to you a LEGENDARY top tier talent from Japan because I'm going to do my best to be able to love Professional Wrestling again. And this guy? This guy is the embodiment of everything I love about it. This guy is the master of MMA, Kickboxing. This man is without a doubt the top Submission wrestler - not in this company and not in this business - in the world. I have personally watched him bend a man whichever way he wanted to for a good 20 minutes before finally being 'bored' of it. He didn't get tired, he didn't run out of holds - he got bored, ladies and gentlemen. he's got the ability to stretch parts of the human body that haven't even become acknowledged by anatomists yet! He will stretch you as much as he wants and he will brutalize you as much as he wants to. He's been knocking people out and breaking limbs for the last twenty years in Japan!

Barnes would smile and the silent but terrifying Ugaki would smile as well - and it's even worse than his regular expression of mischief. Ugaki would nod, beckoning his interpreter forward so she'd be able to translate while he spoke. Subtitles would play on the screen for the viewers at home. While you may not be able to hear what he's saying in English, his voice comes off as an evil overlord of sorts. Very sinister, yet calming. Almost eerie to a point.

Masaru Ugaki: Barnes earlier told all of you to stand up for my arrival but that is not what I want you to do. I want you all to bow, bow to me because I am your King. Many of you in this room may not know who I am, but those that do understand why I say what I do with such confidence. I will tear this company, it’s roster apart. Take the time out of your day to prepare them for what's coming - I like challenges. There's something about having someone fight their way out of a hold two or three different times before finally you break them with it that makes me feel... home. Tell them to quit all of their highflying and running, that's not what will help them against me,-I'm from an era of Wrestling where the goal was to damage your opponent, and your opponent only. You put your body on the line by standing across from another man and doing your best to not get hit by the other man, who is doing everything he can to break you before you break him. There were no flips, there were no bullsitt gimmicks or anything like that. Nowadays they shame technical wrestling, they spit on what the sport they love originally was. People say that joint manipulation, that submission wrestling and trying to inflict lasting pain on someone who is attacking you - they say it's wrong. I have finally made my arrival to the United States permanently, I will claim PWC as my own. Just another stepping stone.

The cameras pan away from the gym and titantron and towards the ring where Emma Mason is stood, microphone in hand.

Emma Mason: This match is an over the top rope elimination match to crown a new number one contender to the Legacy Championship!

The Premier Wrestling Circuit fans in attendance all begin to chant for their favorite superstars. The name “Jensen” can be heard from a majority of fans although there are also fans chanting for underdogs such as “Leo Masters” and superstars such as “Ace Fox” and “El Gigante Enmascarado”

Emma Mason:
The rules for the match are as follows. Two superstars will begin the match in the ring. Every one hundred and twenty seconds, another challenger will enter the match. This will continue until all ten men have entered and there is only one man left standing! To be eliminated, you must be thrown over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor!

***Jesus Glue***

Emma Mason: Introducing first! From Strong Island, New York! At a height of six foot one and at a weight of two hundred and fifteen pounds! He is The Alpha, he is Flexx Palumbo

Flexx charges out onto the stage, glaring out into the crowd at The Talking Stick Arena. He flexes his biceps once before he storms towards the ring, ignoring fans who attempt to get a high five from their favorite superstars. He slides under the bottom rope, stepping firmly into the centre of the ring before flexing for the fans once again.

***The Pines***​

Emma Mason: And introducing! From Portland, Oregon! At a height of six foot two and at a weight of two hundred and seventeen pounds! He is Jensen!

Jensen is obviously a fan favorite, the fans in attendance all beginning to chant for the Portland native. He steps out onto the stage, pausing to grin and look towards the fans for a few moment. It’s clear that Jensen is ready to secure a victory. He sets off towards the ring, high fiving his fans as he does so. He slides under the bottom rope, raising his arms at his sides to show off his jacket.

Match Three | The Rumble Match

Senior Referee Gil Artman steps into the middle of the ring. On the outside, Roger Haines and Gwen Jeffers are all ready to watch the action and make the call to eliminate a superstar should they need to. Gil Artman looks to both men, Jensen and Flexx both nodding. Both men are ready to get underway, ready to become the number one contender.

Gil Artman calls for the bell and climbs from the ring. Jensen and Flexx instantly lock up, both men initiating a collar and elbow style lock. It’s clear that Flexx has the strength advantage but Jensen refuses to let that become a factor, using his more athletic nature to transition into a back waist lock on Flexx. Flexx instantly bends over, using his strength to flip Jensen over the top of him. Jensen successfully lands on his feet however, spinning on his heels quickly as Flexx backs off.

Flexx Palumbo initiates the next lockup, quickly transitioning into a headlock. He attempts to lift Jensen into the air, possibly looking for his delayed vertical suplex. Jensen uses his knees effectively, wrapping his legs and knees around the leg of Flexx to prevent the suplex. Flexx stops attempting the suplex but it costs him, Jensen pushing The Alpha of PWC against the ropes.

Flexx uses his fists effectively, a well placed punch to the skull of Jensen gets him out of danger. Flexx looks up, instantly eating a dropkick from the favorite to win the Rumble. Flexx falls onto his back, rolling quickly towards a corner. Jensen grins as he gets back to his feet, watching Flexx climb to his feet in the corner. Jensen backs off to the opposite corner. He sprints towards Flexx, hitting Flexx with a perfect corner dropkick. Flexx smashes against the turnbuckle, falling into a seated position, obviously either stunned or hurt. Jensen backs off to the opposite turnbuckle again.

Jensen builds up a head of steam as he sprints towards Flexx, attempting another dropkick. Flexx shows impressive ring awareness however, pulling himself aside at the last second. Jensen’s dropkick connects with nothing but turnbuckle. He hits feet first. His knees compress as he connects with the turnbuckle.

Stan Chambers: Ladies and gentleman, according to the countdown on the titantron we are bu…

Stan Chambers is interrupted by the fans in attendance in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fans: Ten!

Jensen rolls onto his back before Flexx pulls him to his feet. Flexx is quick, a simple snap suplex to take Jensen back down. Jensen rolls onto his front, looking up at Flexx Palumbo above him. Flexx flexes his bicep towards Jensen before he pulls the Portland native to his feet.

Fans: Five!

Fans: Four!

Fans: Three!

Flexx lifts Jensen into the air, successfully hitting the delayed vertical suplex that he attempted earlier. Jensen crashes to the mat, bouncing slightly as he is driven down by the stronger athlete. Flexx climbs to his feet, looking towards the stage area as the countdown on the titantron shows the number one.

Fans: One!

***Damn it to Hell***

Remy Dieu walks out, lantern in hand and grin plastered onto his face. He makes his way slowly down the ramp, eyes fixed on The Alpha Flexx Palumbo the entire time. Flexx begins bouncing on the balls of his feet, ready to clash with the ghostly self proclaimed healer of the Premier Wrestling Circuit.

Jensen from behind! Jensen from nowhere!

Jensen lifts Flexx quickly, attempting to tip the man from the ring as Remy Dieu stops at the bottom of the ramp connecting ringside and the stage. Flexx frantically tries to kick Jensen away, Jensen determined to get the powerhouse from the ring. Eventually, a kick from Flexx catches Jensen correctly, Jensen stumbling back. Flexx doesn’t even wait, he runs right towards Jensen and hits him with a picture perfect one handed bulldog.

Stan Chambers: Beautiful attempt from Jensen the..! Watch out!

Remy Dieu!

Remy wants a go at eliminating Flexx. Remy runs behind Flexx and attempts to tip the man over the top rope, the opposite rope to last time. Flexx manages to use his feet, kicking and struggling from the elimination attempt. Remy and Flexx lock eyes, Remy with a grin plastered across his face.


Double Diving Crossbody! Jensen takes both men down, all three colliding with the mat. Jensen rolls from the top of Remy and Flexx, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He steps forward, looking between the downed Healer and the downed Alpha before he looks towards his own elbows. He lines both men up for a double snap elbow drop, both men receiving an elbow to the heart.

Both Flexx and Remy roll, Jensen connecting with canvas. Both Remy and Flexx make eye contact before they pull Jensen to his feet. The two men forcibly drag Jensen to the ropes, beginning to attempt to tip the Portland native from the ring. Jensen attempts to fight off the duo, kicking and gripping onto the ropes although it can’t save him. Jensen is thrown over the top, both feet clearly connecting with the ringside area.

Elimination - Jensen

Remy and Flexx make eye contact again before they lockup. Flexx easily transitions Remy into a snapmare takedown, placing Remy on his backside. The Alpha then follows up his snapmare with a picture perfect kick to the spine. Remy falls onto his back, rolling in pain for a few moments before Flexx pulls the healer to his feet. Flexx quickly and easily plants The Healer of the Premier Wrestling Circuit with a snap suplex, clearly not even breaking a sweat.

Remy rolls into a corner and Flexx turns to the crowd in attendance at The Talking Stick Arena. He begins to flex his biceps, show off and try and get those numbers from those females. He finally turns around into midsection kick from Remy. Remy plants Flexx with a suplex, the move that Flexx has been employing for the entire match. Remy looks up, grin still plastered on his face as he laughs.

Fans: Ten!

Stan Chambers:
Here we go! I wonder who’s going to be next!


Fans: Eight!

Fans: Seven!

Remy pulls Flexx back to his feet, lifting him into the proper position to hit the brutal looking Fall from Grace. He walks over to the ropes, obviously planning to hit the Fall from Grace over the top rope to eliminate The Alpha, to eliminate Flexx Palumbo.

Fans: Four!

Remy Dieu tosses Flexx forward from his shoulders, face first over the ropes. He turns around, looking towards the stage area and to see who the next competitor will be. However, he raises an eyebrow when he doesn’t hear a bell, he doesn’t hear the elimination bell. The cameras all move to focus on Flexx who is stood outside the ring on his hands, a handstand. He uses his hands to walk back onto the apron, rolling back into the ring.

Emma Mason: Flexx Palumbo successfully re-entered the ring! His feet did not touch the floor!


***I Bring the Darkness***

Ace Fox, the man who has been head to head with El Gigante Enmascarado in recent times steps out onto the stage. Ace has his pink hoodie zipped up and he tosses the hood down as he looks towards the crowd. He sets off towards the ramp and ring slowly, casually watching as Remy Dieu looks between him and Flexx Palumbo in shock.

Flexx grins and flexes towards The Healer as Ace Fox climbs up onto the apron. Ace offers a grin of his own towards Flexx. The Alpha charges towards The Healer, forcing Remy back towards the ropes and towards Ace Fox. Ace grabs at Remy and succeeds in pinning the ghostly man to the ropes while Flexx takes quick, simple jabs towards the midsection.

After a few seconds, Flexx and Ace nod towards each other. Ace releases Remy and steps aside as Flexx charges towards The Healer with a clothesline. The clothesline successfully tips Remy out onto the apron. Ace grips The Healer, hitting him with a stunning German Suplex onto the apron. Remy rolls from the apron to ringside, clutching his back.

Elimination - Remy Dieu

Ace Fox climbs into the ring as Flexx steps back, allowing the newer Premier Wrestling Circuit member the chance to remove his zip-up hoodie. Ace unzips the pip zip-up, sliding the item of clothing from his shoulders and arms. He tosses the hoodie from the ring and out into the crowd before he looks at Flexx and grins. Flexx flexes towards Ace who in turn charges towards The Alpha.

Ace Fox hits Flexx Palumbo with a stiff bicycle kick. Flexx hits the mat hard, almost attacking the mat. Ace mounts Flexx in an MMA style ground and pound mount. He grins towards Flexx as he aims a sharp headbutt towards the head of The Alpha. Flexx falls back, holding his head ace Ace rolls from Flexx. Ace runs his hand through his hair before he grips Flexx Palumbo’s legs, raising them and holding them in the shape of a Y.


Ace Fox quickly attempts to get his sharpshooter locked in. Flexx tries to fight back, to resist. It does nothing, Ace locks in his variation of a sharpshooter, not to eliminate Flexx but to begin to attempt to wear him out. Ace leans back, applying as much pressure as he can to the back of Flexx. The Alpha begins to scream, the pressure too much. He tries to tap out but it does nothing. Ace releases the hold anyway, quickly pulling Flexx to his feet.

Flexx is obviously hurting but he refuses to be made a victim of Ace. The Alpha begins to throw furious shots towards the midsection and the ribs of The Fox. Ace stumbles back, eyes locked on Flexx who begins to try and massage some sort of feeling into his legs after Foxshooter, the sharpshooter that Ace Fox applied to wear him down.

Fans: Ten!

Both Ace and Flexx look at each other as the countdown on the titantron strikes ten. Both Ace and Flexx lockup in the middle of the ring, a collar and elbow tie up. Flexx is beginning to become exhausted, red faced with sweat dripping from his forehead. He pushes Ace Fox against the ropes, attempting to tip the MMA styled athlete from the ring.

Stan Chambers:
Flexx Palumbo has been in this match for six minutes. That may not seem like long, but when you’ve been going all out like Flexx has, you get tired quickly.

Eventually Flexx breaks the hold he has on Ace and they both step back. They lock up again and this time Ace easily overpowers Flexx. Ace moves his arms down slightly before he tosses Flexx over the top of him in a picture perfect german suplex, one of the cleanest german suplexes ever seen in the Premier Wrestling Circuit.

Fans: One!

***Robot Rock***

Kidd West makes his way out onto the stage, arms outstretched as the lights begin to flash gold and white. He does his curtsy to the crowd before he slides his jacket from his shoulders. He bounces on the spot for a second or two before he sets off down the ramp towards the ring.

Ace looks towards Kidd, the two men with their eyes locked on each other. Kidd West sprints the last third of the ramp, diving straight under the bottom rope. He goes right after Ace, gripping Ace for a german suplex. Kidd throws Ace over the top in a german suplex, however Ace lands the move on his feet. Ace locks up with Kidd West once again, pushing the Canadian against the ropes.

Flexx Palumbo climbs back to his feet in the corner, watching Kidd struggle against Ace for a few moments. Flexx runs up behind both men, attempting to tip Ace and by extension Kidd over the top and to the floor below. Ace keeps a firm base however, not being moved even slightly by Flexx. Kidd reaches around the sides of Ace and attempts a double german suplex, taking both men out.

Ace quickly realises the situation he is in and begins to rain punches down on the face of Kidd. All three men break their respective holds and stumble away from each other. Kidd runs his hand through his hair, rubbing his forehead lightly. Flexx begins to slap his leg, obviously still feeling the effects of the Foxshooter from earlier in the match.

The three men begin to circle each other, neither man seemingly wanting to make the first move. Ace and Kidd both look at each other before they turn to face Flexx who in turn looks between both men. The Fox and The Canadian both begin to move towards Flexx, both men seemingly having formed a temporary alliance to eliminate The Alpha.

Flexx attempts to clothesline Kidd, darting from the corner with his arm outstretched. Kidd ducks under the outstretched arm, hitting Flexx with a picture perfect pele kick. Flexx stumbles backwards into Ace who grips him and hits him with another German Suplex. Flexx is out in the middle of the ring, Ace moving towards him like a lion moves to eat a dead Gazelle.


Kidd West from behind with a belly to back suplex on Ace Fox. Kidd begins to shout towards a downed Ace Fox before he turns to Flexx. Flexx is on his feet once again and he connects with a vicious forearm shot to the face of Kidd. Kidd stumbles back as Flexx moves towards him. Flexx grips Kidd and hits the man from Canada with a brutal looking suplex.

Flexx falls to a knee from exhaustion. Ace rolls onto his stomach, eyes open but glazed over. Kidd West hasn’t moved, eyes closed. Flexx forces himself to his feet, stumbling slightly and hitting at his leg. It’s clear that The Foxshooter messed up the leg of Flexx, the leg of the Alpha.

Stan Chambers: What a match! Flexx Palumbo may just win it!

Flexx grips at Ace Fox, attempting to lift the man and deposit him over the top rope to secure his second elimination in the rumble. Ace allows himself to be pulled to his feet before he connects a sharp headbutt to Flexx. Flexx stumbles back, hands closed over his head. Flexx appears to have crimson blood dripping between his fingers, the headbutt obviously busting The Alpha open.


Ace uses his speed to charge towards Flexx. He hits Flexx with another bicycle kick to the chest. Flexx falls onto his back, rolling onto his front quickly. Ace turns to look at Kidd and receives a Magnum Opus running knee strike for his troubles. Ace hits the mat hard as Kidd looks down upon him.

Flexx runs from behind Kidd, one hand on the back of the skull and one on the base of the spine. Flexx continues rushing, pushing Kidd towards the ropes to attempt an elimination. At the last second, Kidd grips the ropes and brings himself to a stop. However, Flexx has momentum which means he flips over the top of Kidd and out onto the arpon. Kidd grins towards a bleeding Flexx before he hits The Alpha with a Magnum Opus to eliminate him.

Elimination - Flexx Palumbo

Fans: One!

***White Wedding***

El Gigante Enmascarado makes his way out onto the stage, eyes locked on the fallen body of Ace Fox, the man who has caused him so much trouble for weeks upon weeks in The Premier Wrestling Circuit. He sets off towards the ring, slowly down the stage. He ignores the boo’s and the chants of “Lucas Hawthorne” that are directed towards him, a reminder of his loss to The Australian.

Kidd West keeps his eyes locked on the larger male, the masked Mexican. Ace Fox pulls himself to his feet using the ropes opposite the ramp and stage area. El Gigante climbs up onto the ring apron before stepping over the top rope and into the ring with very little effort.

Bicycle kick!

Ace Fox from out of nowhere with a bicycle kick. El Gigante and sent tumbling over the top rope onto the apron. Ace and Kidd both look at each other and hit the giant masked man with punch after punch, both men trying as hard as they can to eliminate the biggest threat in this match, trying as hard as they can to eliminate El Gigante Emascardo. Eventually Ace lands a lucky shot which sends El Gigante stumbling from the apron and to the floor below.

Elimination - El Gigante Enmascarado

Kidd and Ace look at each other for a few moments before Ace falls to the floor. El Gigante has climbed back up onto the apron and used his massive hands to punch Ace in the side of the head. Kidd looks in shock towards El Gigante before he begins to kick the downed and obviously disorientated Ace Fox. Kick after kick lands, Ace unable to defend himself after El Gigante rocked him with the punch to the side of the head.

El Gigante reaches over the top rope, shouting at Kidd to lift Ace. Kidd does as instructed, pulling Ace to his feet. El Gigante grips Ace, pulling him over the top rope. He drops a lifeless Ace Fox onto the apron before he uses his large hands to connect with a chop to the chest of Ace. Ace falls from the apron to the ringside area below.

Elimination - Ace Fox

El Gigante pulls Ace to his feet before hitting him with a knee trembler. He leaves Ace Fox lifeless at ringside with Gwen Jeffers checking on him. El Gigante makes his way to the back, a look of pure hatred on his face. Kidd West looks down on Ace and Gwen, shaking his head.

Kidd steps back, sitting down in the corner to rest and recuperate after the german suplexes received. He runs his hands through his hair, sweat beginning to form on his forehead. A clear sign of the amount of effort that superstars put into winning number one contenders bouts.

Fans: Ten!

Ace climbs to his feet out in the ringside area. He slaps the apron out of frustration, holding his head with his spare hand. He’s clearly that El Gigante cost him his shot at the Legacy Championship, eyes full of annoyance.

Kidd looks up, eyes scanning over the crowd. He has the ring to himself and he’s clear he’s using that to his advantage. He pulls himself up to his feet, leaning back in the corner. He runs his hands through his hair again, looking towards the stage area with a grin on his face.

Fans: Three!

Fans: Two!

Fans: One!

***Is She With You?***

Leo Masters walks out onto the stage, wasting no time. He charges down to the ring as quick as he can, shaking his head towards Ace as they pass on the ramp. Leo dives straight under the bottom rope, standing up in the ring quickly. He locks his eyes onto Kidd as he lets out his signature rawr.

Leo and Kidd lock up, Leo with the obvious strength advantage. Leo pushes Kidd against the ropes before he irish whips the man across the ring. Kidd hits the opposite ropes, bouncing back towards Leo. Leo Masters catches Kidd with a picture perfect roundhouse kick on the rebound.

Kidd goes limp as he falls to the side. Leo wastes no time as he pulls Kidd back to his feet, hitting the man with a snap suplex. Kidd attempts to display ring awareness by rolling away from Leo. Leo however catches Kidd before he can get away, pulling him back to his feet.

Leo Masters glares at Kidd, kicking him gently in the thigh as if to remind Kidd that he’s still there. He grabs Kidd in a headlock, lifting him into the air. He waits for a few moments, looking around the Premier Wrestling Circuit fans who turned out in force in Phoenix.


Kidd hits the mat hard as Leo plants him with a Jackhammer. Kidd rolls onto his stomach, gripping at his back. Leo pulls Kidd to his feet, hitting the man with a hard roundhouse kick. Kidd stumbles towards the ropes, Leo running behind the Canadian to try and eliminate the man from the ring.


Fans: Nine



Kidd manages to fight away from Leo, backing off into a corner. He runs his hand through his hair, both Kidd and Leo turning to face the stage and take out the next entrant to the match.


***Don’t Look Back in Anger***

The British “top boy” makes his way out onto the stage as the fans start singing along with his theme song. He walks down the ramp, jumping up onto the apron quickly. Kidd stumbles from the turnbuckle as Luke Jackson jumps up onto the top rope and hits him with a springboard forearm smash.

Kidd hits the mat hard. Luke climbs back to his feet, locking up quickly with Leo. Both men begin trying to push against each other, make some sort of movement towards the ropes and towards an elimination, a movement towards victory. The overall goal, victory.

Leo and Luke break the lock they have just as Kidd dives in from aside. He takes both men down with clotheslines, grinning to both of them as he does. Kidd pulls Leo to his feet, hitting him with The Magnum Opus. Luke catches Leo with ease, throwing him over the top rope and to the outside floor below.

Elimination - Leo Masters

Luke and Kidd begin to circle, eyes locked on each other. They lock up, Luke nailing Kidd with a thigh kick to break the lock. Luke then grips the arm of Kidd, beginning to manipulate the elbow and the wrist, both parts of the body making a sickening noise.

Fans: Ten!

Kidd drops to a knee as Luke continues to manipulate the elbow, twisting and bending the arm into ways that an arm should never be bent. Luke begins to manipulate the shoulders, twisting the shoulders into sick, cruel positions as Kidd begins to scream and try and tap.

Fans: One!

***Beyond The Veil***

Stan Chambers: This must be the mystery entrant!

Annalise makes her way out onto the stage, eyes locked onto the ring with a sick grin on her face. She is obviously weird, scary. She makes her way down towards the ring slowly, grin still on her face. Annalise looks ready to hurt someone, she looks ready to kill a person.

Stan Chambers: Thats... Annalise! Why is she here!? She's a god damn indie sensation and she's scary as hell! Watch out in there!

She slides under the bottom rope, running right at Kidd West with a Chikage, her version of a V-Trigger. Kidd falls backwards, Luke letting go of him in shock. Annalise looks towards Luke, who looks back with fear in his eyes. He pulls Kidd West to his feet, throwing the man over the top rope with ease, his lifeless corpse just falling over the top.

Elimination - Kidd West

Annalise doesn’t give Luke a single moment to process. She hits him quickly with a spinning hook kick, watching his corpse fall to the floor. She pulls the corpse to its feet, tossing Luke Jackson over the top rope for the victory.

Elimination - Luke Jackson

Winner | Annalise via Elimination

The cameras cut backstage to Nero’s locker room. He is jumping on the spot as he warms up, Nurse Ellie sat besides him. She appears to be coaching him, preparing him for his match with Lucas Hawthorne later in the night.

***Saturn Barz***​

The lights dim, leaving a dusty stage light as the sole source for the entire arena. It shine down upon the ramp, showing a single button. The camera's race towards it, showing the letters ‘U.L.B’ emblazoned in bright red just before a hand snakes it way out of the darkness and presses down, causing the cameras to collectively cut to a bunker door. Behind the door is a shadow which grows larger as it closes in. Just before the shadow completely envelops the door it opens, revealing a purple-blue starscape. Outlined by a giant galaxy which is hovering just behind the, illuminating the mystery man. It dims just as he turns, revealing Sway Archer who spins and looks directly into the camera before everything cuts back to the arena.

In the heart of the stage light stands Sway Archer, a confident grin on his face as the fans cheer and light floods around the arena once more. He swaggers down to the ring, laughing joyously and slapping the outstretched hands of his fans, seemingly unfazed about his upcoming opponent.

He hops up onto the apron, nodding in time with his entrance theme before slipping through the ropes and making his way around the perimeter of the ring, pumping his arms, looking to gee up the crowd.


The Phoenix crowd boo wholeheartedly, showing their ‘respect’ to the King of the PWC, raising their voices as the lights go down once more, completely unimpressed by the Champion’s usual entrance. Images of Crowley flash upon the screen, drawing even heavier boos, which get worse as the Champion’s music kicks into gear and he walks out onto the stage, trailed by a purple light. The light shines oddly on the Crown upon Crowley’s brow, giving both it and its bearer an almost otherworldly feel to them as the stalk through the shadows, making their way to the ring.

Instead of slipping into the ring, Crowley decides to walk around, his eyes never once locking with those of Sway, who is ushered around by Gwen Jeffers as she tries to keep the two men away from one another until the match starts. Eventually Crowley stops walking around and slips into the ring which is suddenly engulfed in a blood red light. The World Heavyweight Champion looks up to the skies momentarily, basking in the light before finally dropping his head and staring into the eyes of Archer. Crowley removes his Crown gently and puts it into the hands of a waiting ring hand, uttering several threats too low for the camera to pick up. The flustered ring hand backs off, handling the Crown as if it were a venomous animal waiting to strike.

Jeffers explains the rules of the match to the two men, but as is the norm, her words fall upon deaf ears as the two men watch one another from their respective corners of the ring, trying to figure their opponents out before they begin their bout.

Outside the ring Emma Mason gets to her feet and begins introducing the two men.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is a non-title match. Introducing first, standing at six feet four and weighing in tonight at two hundred pounds. He hails from Port-of-Spain,Trinidad. SWAY ARCHEEEERRRR!

The crowd applaud wildly, cheering on Sway who raises his hands in appreciation.

Emma Mason: And his opponent! Standing at six feet one, he weighed in tonight at two hundred ten pounds. Fighting out of Sicily, Italy, he is the Premier Wrestling Circuit’s reigning World Heavyweight Champion, KING CROWLEEEEYYY!

Boos for Crowley once more, but the Champion ignores them, content to continue watching Sway who is laughing in his corner, enjoying the venom being thrown Crowley’s way.

Content that all of the formalities are out of the way, Jeffers calls for the bell and gets the match started.

Match 4 | Crowley vs Sway Archer

Crowley and Archer circle around the ring, getting closer with each rotation. Eventually the two men get within reaching distance of each other and dart forward, locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie up, both high-flyers fighting to establish early dominance over their opponent.

Back and forth the two go, Crowley taking temporary control one moment only to immediately lose it to Archer who is attempting to utilize his extra height and bear down upon his opponent, but the self-proclaimed King shows his technical prowess, negating that small advantage and keeping himself in this fight for control. Before too long, Crowley manages to plant a foot on the back of Archer’s knee, forcing the bigger man down to a kneeling position, allowing the Champion to take full control, utilizing both height and technical superiority in order to lock the downed man in a headlock. Crowley wrenches on Sway’s neck as he rises back up. The Italian tries to wriggle around the back of Sway, grabbing an arm as he goes, looking to lock in a hammerlock, but Sway shows his own ring smarts by darting forward as his neck is freed, putting half-a-yard between the two, forcing the Champion to adapt and change his hammerlock into a simple armlock, seeking to hyperextend the elbow.

Sway, realising the potential peril of his situation, drives back in at his opponent, looking to drive his free elbow into Crowley’s jaw, but the move is telegraphed and Crowley ducks under, trapping Archer’s arms behind his back, bringing the two back together once more. Crowley takes a moment to plan his feet before heaving upwards, lifting Archer overhead and slamming him back down to the mat with a picture perfect Tiger Suplex.


Archer throws his body to the left, breaking Crowley’s grip, allowing the two to roll away from one another and rise to their feet, sizing one another up again. Sway massages his shoulder, still feeling the landing, and Crowley uses this as a chance to strike, but Sway was anticipating this and arcs his hand overhead, bringing it down on his opponent’s chest, landing a slap that rightfully earns sympathetic winces from the crowd. Crowley falls backwards, clutching his chest and groaning in pain, not having had the time to even begin softening the blow.

Sway watches for a moment as his opponent writhes on the ground, but he’s quickly on the move, not wanting to leave any chance of a counter-attack. He charges at the ropes nearby, but instead of bouncing back first off of them, he dives onto the middle rope and uses it as a springboard, launching himself backwards, flipping as he goes before landing on Crowley stomach first, connecting with the Lionsault!


It’s Crowley’s turn to throw his shoulder up, ensuring that the match keeps going. The crowd don’t respond, fully expecting the World Champion to power out. He rolls towards the ropes, looking to use them to lift himself up quickly, but Archer grabs a leg and drags him back, keeping him in the centre of the ring. He drags the Champ up to his feet, laying in punches as the two rise, forcing Crowley to continue defending himself before he gets whipped across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and running back towards Sway who has leaped up into the air, landing on Crowley’s shoulders before falling back, sending the Italian flying forwards with a Hurricanrana. Crowley rolls out of the ring and lands on his feet, looking to get back into the ring quickly, but before he can take more than two steps, he has to cower backwards, anticipating a dive from Sway that never comes. The Champion drops his arms slowly, looking around, thinking that his opponent had just missed, but he spots Sway in the ring, laughing along with the crowd and realises that the tricky aerial superstar has just faked him out.

Crowley roars his disapproval at the crowd, telling them to shut up, before trying to get back into the ring once more. He doesn’t bother defending himself as Sway charges forward, expecting another fake out, but his overthinking is to his own detriment as Archer dives through the ropes and hits a modified Suicide Dive, driving his head into the chest of the Sicilian World Champion. Sway rolls Crowley back into the ring and goes for the pinfall.


Crowley throughs his shoulder up once more, taking a little longer now, having taken a beating since then. The crowd sense that momentum is in Archer’s favour now and they cheer loudly, hoping to push their man on to victory. Sway gets to his feet and pumps his arms, urging the crowd to get even louder. After a few moments of this, the cheers turn to cries of warning, but by the time Sway realises this and turns to look for the threat, Crowley’s boot is on path to his gut. The kick lands to a chorus of boos, but it doesn’t phase the Champion as he continues to lash out, kicking at the exposed stomach and chest of his opponent, the sound of his kickpads striking flesh chorusing around the arena. Crowley lifts Sway up into the air, looking like he is about to hit a Suplex, but turns his body before slamming Sway down, hitting the Falcon Arrow!


Sway’s arm powers off of the mat, pushing Crowley away momentarily, but he’s not to be denied as he gets right back to his feet, sets himself up and then hits a beautiful looking Standing Corkscrew Moonsault!


Sway kicks out quicker this time, his wits quickly returning to him after the Falcon Arrow almost knocked him loopy as the back of his head hit the mat. He tries to roll out of the ring, following Crowley’s earlier lead, but he doesn’t get far before a boot hits the small of his back. Crowley continues to stomp down on Sway, watching with a sick smile as his opponent drags himself towards the nearby turnbuckle, looking to drag himself back up to a standing position.

Sway reaches the turnbuckle and uses it to drag himself up, but before he can even turn around to face Crowley, he’s back on the ground, clutching his face in pain, responding to the King of the PWC’s Enzuigiri, which caught him clean on the jaw.

Crowley doesn’t bother going for a pinfall, opting instead for a little showmanship! He climbs up to the second rope and looks out at the crowd for a moment before launching himself backwards, aiming to hit his trademark Phoenix Splash, LoveCraft, but he misses as Sway rolls inwards, leaving the Champ to overshoot the mark. Not willing to accept a miss that easily, Crowley rolls through impressively and quickly turns to catch Sway as he looks to throw a knee. Sway’s arm is locked behind his back as the Sicilian looks to hit a Devil Lock DDT, but the crafty Trinidadian falls back, using his other arm to bring Crowley crashing down with him. Sway doesn’t miss a beat, bringing his legs up quickly and wrapping them around the head of the Champion, locking in a Koji Clutch!!

The crowd cheers, almost begging for Crowley to tap, but the Champion is stubborn, gritting his teeth, refusing to yell out in pain, instead focusing on keeping himself awake and aware as Archer uses his legs and arms in an attempt to choke him out. Crowley, a master of submissions himself, rocks from side-to-side, looking to gather momentum. After a few back and forths, he tries to flip Sway over, pinning his shoulders against the mat, but Archer is prepared for this and leans forward just a little, putting more pressure onto the windpipe of the King as he pushes forward. Crowley stops his attempt, instead opting to use the forward leaning Archer to his slight advantage as he pushes down with all his might and then throws himself backwards, straining with his feet, looking to touch one of the ropes and force Gwen Jeffers to break the submission attempt. The referee isn’t needed though as Crowley’s feet fall inches short, and no amount of blind straining is enough for him to cover that final distance.

Sway, perhaps fearing the rope break, adjusts himself and drags Crowley back into the middle of the ring before dropping back down, looking to get the hold back in place, but Crowley spins and lashes up with his foot, bringing the toes crashing down upon the bridge of Sway’s nose, forcing him to stop the attempt in order to roll off, his eyes watering from the pain. Crowley is finally free from the hold, but he can’t take advantage of the stunned Archer as he’s massaging his potentially bruised windpipe, trying to breath in as much oxygen as his lungs will allow.

The two eventually rise worse for wear and Crowley charges forwards, looking to take control once more, but he’s met with another Hurricanrana. This time he remains in the ring, but he’s soon made to wish he hadn’t as Sway’s knee comes scything forwards, crashing into his head as the bigger man lands a V-Trigger!!


Jeffers’ hand had barely lifted following two when Crowley throws his shoulder up, breaking yet another pinfall attempt. Sway, unconcerned by the kickout, rolls out of the ring and gets up onto the apron, slapping his elbow as he goes. The crowd get riled up, anticipating one of Archer’s signature moves!

TOUCH THE SK--NO! Sway springboards up onto the top rope, but Crowley dives forward, pushing into it, causing the big man to lose his balance and come crashing down onto the mat, landing shoulders and neck first to a chorus of boos from the crowd who are furious that Crowley would dare try and save himself.

Crowley climbs to the middle rope for the second time. LOVECRAFT!! Crowley hits his Phoenix Splash, landing directly onto the stomach of Sway who doubles over in pain. The King of the PWC isn’t done though as he rolls off of Archer and launches himself up to the top rope, looking out to the crowd for a moment before turning back to face the downed man.


Crowley throws himself into the air, spinning around while flipping backwards, hitting the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press that had fast become the single most dangerous move in the PWC.


Jeffers calls for the bell, signalling another victim falling to Crowley’s incredibly finishing move. The man himself rises to his feet, looking a little shaky, but still having done exactly what he needed to in gaining momentum ahead of Last Rites. The crowd deflate, unhappy that they’ve had to watch another man fall to their supposed King.

Emma Mason: Your winner by pinfall. KING CROWLEY!

Winner - Crowley via Static-X

Crowley raises his hands in victory, savouring the boos raining down upon him. Jeffers takes his crown from the ringhand that Crowley threatened earlier and brings it over to the Sicilian who inspects it for a moment before placing it upon his brow, seemingly content with the way it was handled.

The cameras cut just as he makes his way out of the ring. An ad break is shown, adverts for Last Rites live from Texas and The Road to Last Rites also live from Texas. The camera’s cut back to the ring where Emma Mason is seen, microphone in hand.

Emma Mason:
This match is set for one fall!

Voice: Thunderbirds. Are. Go.

***Thunderbirds are Go***

Lucas Hawthorne makes his way out onto the stage, obviously hurting after his beating by Austin Angel earlier in the night. He refuses to let that stop him though, grinning as he throws his hood down. He runs down towards the ring, sliding under the bottom rope quickly. He kick flips to his feet, tossing his jacket out into the crowd before he sits in the corner.

Emma Mason:
Introducing first! From Sydney, Australia! Weighing in at One Hundred and Ninety pounds and at a height of Six Foot! He is the Suicidal Superstar, Lucas Hawthorne!

***Requiem For a Dream***

Nurse Ellie makes her way out onto the stage, offering a twirl for the crowd in attendance. Nero follows her out, determination in his eyes. The duo make their way down to the ring, slowly. Lucas locks eyes with Nero for a few seconds before he looks away. Ellie removes the shirt of Nero before he climbs into the ring. Nero walks over to the corner, removing his gloves with the help of Ellie.

Emma Mason: And his opponent! From Seattle, Washington State! Weighing in at Two Hundred and Twenty Three Pounds and at a height of Six foot Three! He is The God Complex! He is Doctor Nero!

Match Five | Doctor Nero vs Lucas Hawthorne

Gil Artman looks between the two competitors, the two men. He beckons them forward, nodding to both of them. Artman brings his hand down before he calls for the ringing of the bell as they move.

Nero and Lucas begin to move closer, locking up quickly. Lucas is clever enough to know that Nero has the strength advantage. Lucas breaks the tie-up, stepping backwards from Nero and towards the corner. Nero also backs off, running his hand through his hair.

The duo meet in the middle of the ring, locking up again. Lucas is quick to transition into a wrist lock, being pushed away by the Doctor. They lock up again, Australian and American both battling for control. Nero breaks the hold this time, hitting Lucas with a forearm smash for his troubles.

Lucas backs off, rubbing his face softly. Nero locks up with Hawthorne again, both men attempting to successfully gain control from the hold. Lucas transitions Nero into a wrist lock once again, this time beginning to manipulate the shoulder gently before the Doctor pushes The Suicidal Superstar away.

Nero moves to lock up with Lucas again, but is surprised when Lucas manages to catch him with an arm drag. Nero hits the mat back first but doesn’t stay down. He looks towards Lucas with a look of surprise on his face, shocked that the newcomer managed to outsmart him.

Lucas offers a cocky grin towards the veteran. Nero moves towards Lucas again and eats another arm drag for his troubles. Nero locks eyes with Lucas again, the look of surprise fading and being replaced with annoyance. Lucas offers yet another grin, eating a high knee strike for his troubles.

Lucas stumbles backwards as the knee connects with his nose. He knows that the duo have very different styles, Nero would like the match to remain slower while Lucas wanted the match to speed up. Nero locks eyes with Lucas again, both men meeting in a collar and elbow tie-up.

Nero is quick to transition into a belly to back suplex hold. He attempts the suplex on Lucas. The Australian lands on his feet, launching a forearm towards the head of Doctor Nero. Nero ducks the forearm shot with ease, his ring awareness on point. Nero ducks the forearm but eats a pele kick for his troubles.

Nero stumbles back, surprised with Lucas. The Australian doesn’t care, launching himself up onto the second rope. He twists in midair, hitting Doctor Nero with a springboard cross body. Lucas rolls off of Nero, climbing to the top rope. Lucas looks down at Nero, grinning before he jumps into a twin leg drop.

Nero rolls from the landing zone, watching as Lucas hits the mat hard. He shakes his head, pulling Lucas to his feet. He hits the man with a forearm smash, Lucas stumbling backwards. Nero comes towards him again, another forearm smash. Lucas falls to a knee and gets hit with yet another forearm smash by the Doctor, by Nero the veteran.

Nero drops to a knee as Lucas falls onto his back. Nero offers a grin as he extends the arm of Lucas. The Doctor locks The Lunatic in an armbar, applying torque onto the elbow and shoulder. Lucas’ face is overcome with pain but he refuses to tap, he refuses to show weakness to Nero.

Lucas forces himself onto his stomach, crawling to position himself. He throws himself at Nero, hitting the veteran with a forearm to the face but bending his own arm at the same time. Nero releases the armbar, gripping his face while Lucas grips at his arm, trying to regain feeling.

Sondra Rowe: Look at them!

Stan Chambers: The knee of Lucas can’t be one hundred percent. That’s the best place to target in this one.

Both men climb back to their feet, Lucas slower than Nero. They lock eyes again, sharing a moment before they lock up. Lucas slides between the legs of Nero, kip flipping up to his feet once he clears the legs. He flips backwards, locking his own legs around Nero’s head before he hits the Doctor with a hurricanrana.

Lucas hits a dab, a grin plastered on his face. Lucas rolls backwards, climbing to his feet. He then climbs up onto the top, watching as the Doctor gets to his feet. The Lunatic throws himself from the top rope, hitting Nero with a top rope forearm. Both men attack the mat, Nero hitting harder.

Lucas rolls back to his feet, shaking his head. It’s clearly suiting him having the match at this speed. He rolls onto the chest of Nero, using his hands to pin down the shoulders of the Doctor for a pinfall.



Nero kicks out with little effort. Lucas is well aware that it wasn’t a three count, pulling himself to his feet. He shows respect to the veteran, allowing Nero to climb to his feet as well. They lock up again, Nero’s strength forcing Lucas into a corner. Gil Artman dashes forward, forcing Nero to step backwards.

Lucas hits a jab on Nero from the corner. The smaller man slides behind Nero, the speed advantage obviously on his side. He hits the Seattle native with another jab from behind before he follows up with a dropkick, picture perfect. Nero hits the mat as Lucas kick flips to his feet.

Lucas leans against the ropes, grinning from ear to ear. An arm appears between his leg, pulling the man onto his back. Nero slides underneath Lucas, a perfect rollup pinfall against the high flier.



Lucas only just breaks the rollup. Both men climb to their feet, Lucas with a look of shock on his face. Nero follows up with a dropkick to the front of the knee, sending Lucas back onto the mat. Nero begins to slow down, slowing the match down to a pace that much suits him.

The Doctor begins to pick apart Lucas with stomps. Nero focuses on the knee, aiming stomp after stomp onto the knee before he moves to the hand. He moves back to the knee, the knee injured by Austin Angel only two weeks prior. Lucas is obviously hurting but obviously refusing to quit. Gil pulls Nero away, crouching down to check on the Australian star.

Lucas waves Nero away, crawling towards the turnbuckle. Nero allows Hawthorne to climb to his feet, allows him to test his knee. It’s clear that the knee is having to strain to keep Lucas on his feet, but it’s clear that Lucas refuses to allow that to stop him.

Lucas moves towards Nero. Nero has a plan however, using a drop toe hold to drop Lucas onto the mat. He then rolls over onto the knee, locking in The Amputation on the already injured knee of Lucas. The Australian is obviously hurt, he can’t tap out though. He refuses to tap out.

He has to, he has no choice. Nero continues to torque the knee in the knee bar, continues to torque the knee in The Amputation. Lucas continues to squirm, he doesn’t want to tap. Ellie begins to cheer on her man, cheer on Nero. Lucas tries to fight out, he wants to fight out.

He taps.

Nero climbs to his feet, shaking his head. Lucas rolls onto his back, grabbing at his knee. Lucas is hurting, Lucas is hurt. Nero crouches next to him, patting his shoulder before he gets back to his feet.

WInner - Doctor Nero via The Amputation

Nero looks out to the celebrating crowd as sweat pours down from his brow, showing just how much work he’d done in order to finally put Lucas Hawthorne to rest. He nods his head in approval, enjoying the crowd’s recent turn in his favour, but he can’t sit and enjoy it long as his head and neck snap forward, responding to a clubbing blow from behind, which draws loud boos from the crowd.

Standing above Nero is King Crowley and two of his Ghouls, all three of whom are stomping down on Dr. Nero, looking to cut out the competition ahead of the World Heavyweight Championship match at Last Rites. The Champion continues to stomp mercilessly, oblivious to the crowd’s responses as he drives his boot into the chest and skull of Nero, striking any opening that he can find. Crowley fails to notice a change in the crowd’s reactions, as they cheer loudly, roaring their approval for the incoming Shadow.

It’s one of the Ghouls who notices Shadow first, catching sight of the troubled Vigilante as he slips into the ring. The Ghoul breaks off from Nero and charges at the newcomer, but Shadow is too quick! CODE BLACK!! The Ghoul’s face comes crashing down upon Shadow’s knees, knocking him loopy. Shadow quickly gets to his feet, rising just as Crowley and the second Ghoul finally acknowledge his arrival. The Ghoul darts forward, charging at his Master’s foe, but he meets the same fate as his companion as Shadow drops back, bringing a second face crashing down upon his knees.

The King of the PWC is onto the exposed Shadow in a flash, not allowing him to get back up, as he begins to stomp once more, driving the heel of his boot into every exposed bit of flesh on Shadow’s body.

Behind Crowley, Nero begins to stir, but before he can even begin to rise, he’s being attacked once more as another of Crowley’s Ghouls appears and dives down, clubbing away at Nero’s skull. The Doctor manages to take several crushing shots before giving up on the attempt at getting to his feet, instead opting to turn and face the Ghoul, not allowing any more shots to the back of his head.

Crowley turns to watch as Nero struggles with the third Ghoul, but that split-second of hesitation is what Shadow was waiting for and the man from the Darkness dives at the Champion’s legs, tackling him, and the two collapse down onto the mat, throwing punches at one another, each trying to roll the other onto their back as they fight for leverage.

The Ghoul moves towards his Master, but can’t take a shot as the two men roll back and forth, so he chooses to turn back towards Nero, but like Shadow, all the Doctor required was a split-second without attention going his way. Before the Ghoul even realises that Nero is up and moving, he’s being lifted into the air, helplessly kicking his legs as he is planted with a brutal Paralyser!!

Nero stumbles forward, still feeling the combined effects of his match and the subsequent beat down, but it’s not enough to stop him from bringing his boot down upon Crowley’s skull just as the Champ managed to fight his way into the dominant position over Shadow. Nero drags the self-proclaimed King up to his feet and grabs his arms, looking to hit the Scalpel, but Crowley has other plans as he fights back, looking to remain in the fight he had started. The numbers may no longer be in Crowley’s favour, but as he swings his now freed fist into Dr. Nero’s skull, there’s not doubt that he’s still just as dangerous as always.

Shadow gets to his feet behind the Champ, but before he can do anything, he too receives a punch, which sends him back a few steps wincing in pain. Crowley doesn’t stop though and turns back to Nero, unloading another punch as he does. He turns back to Shadow again, striking another heavy right, and then again to Nero! He turns back to Shadow once more, but the challenger to his Crown was waiting for it. CODE BLACK!!!

Crowley stumbles back, stunned but by no means defeated following the Facebreaker, but he’s not getting any respite as Nero spins him around, victory blazing in the Doctor’s eyes. The crowd are on their feet, sensing what is about to come.


Nero launches Crowley from his shoulders, bringing him crashing down to the mat with a loud huff as the air is pushed from the lungs of the World Heavyweight Champion. Nero roars victoriously, savouring the adulation that the crowd is pouring on him for striking down the man that had been tormenting them for months. To his side Shadow rises to his feet once more, nursing the bruise that was quickly forming on his jaw.

Nero tears his eyes away from the limp body of Crowley, choosing to focus on the other man that he’d be facing at Last Rites. The two men stand watching each other, now ignorant to all the bodies lying in the ring, oblivious to the crowd’s roaring, clueless to the commentators who were excitedly talking about the upcoming Main Event. They only have eyes for each other until a glint of gold draws their attention, dragging their eyes down as one of the arena lights focuses on Crowley’s Crown which lies abandoned between the two men, almost daring them to pick it up.

The lust and hunger in the eyes of the two men is clear, but neither is willing to step up and risk taking it only to be lain out ahead of Last Rites.

The last image the camera sees before cutting out is Nero and Shadow standing like a pair of gunslingers at noon over the World Heavyweight Crown as it’s bearer lies on the mat looking vulnerable for the first time in a long time.


Bring back Gary Oak!
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Fallen No More

Perth, Scotland

A camera flickers into life, showing a man sitting in an office chair, looking calmly into the lens. He scratches at the stubble growing on his jaw before beginning to talk.

You know, when I was asked me to return, I didn't think I'd bother. Sure, I've loved this business since I was a boy, and I'd love to be holding a title in the Company that gave me my big break, but there was always a niggling feeling, one that was almost begging me not to return.

I lost myself to this business. I reconnected with my family, and almost lost them in a misguided attempt to defeat Bruce Thorn Jr, a man who no longer even wrestles in the PWC. I used this business as a crutch to prop up my own mind, and the second I lost hope, my mental health declined rapidly, leaving me a sad, broken wreck. I couldn't see two feet ahead of myself as I was busy arguing with something that was locked in my own mind.

I have every reason to turn back, to hide myself from this world once more, but this time I can see things clearly, and this is much bigger than me. If I've got to jump back into the fray, I will.

Daiko leans back in his chair for a moment, looking at a spot behind the camera before continuing.

Austin, what you're doing and what you've become is wrong. This greed, this self-absorbed hunger for greatness is what sent me spiralling down, and I fear that now it no longer has its grips on me, it’s going to drag you down into the spiralling abyss that I barely escaped.

Let's not pretend you and I were ever the best of friends. We've fought more times than two people ever should and even when we teamed together, we did so not because it was something that we both wanted to do, but instead because we were outnumbered by 'The Regime' and had to band together just to survive.

We've never been friends, we've barely even been allies, yet I know you enough to say that your new-found hunger for greatness has changed you, and it’s definitely not for the better.

I've always known you to be the happy-go-lucky fuckwit who would have died before taking the easy way through a match, often coming close to that death, but always doing it with the crowd behind your back. Now you’re just a fool hiding behind some cronies, and quite frankly, I’m embarrassed for you. This would have been beneath even me. I, the man who happily killed off the career of Sam Dancer, can take the high ground against you now, Austin.

I can look down upon you, my Fallen brother, but I won’t. I intend to be your saving grace.

So yes, I’m going to return. As I hear it, you’re going to be holding an open challenge to find yourself some competition, so I think it’s time we rip open a few old wounds. In advance of this call for an opponent, I officially accept your challenge, Austin. I will see you in that ring once more, and I fully intend to show you just how far you’ve fallen. I’m going to leave you with the same doubts and fears that once plagued me, and once our battle is done, and I stand above you and your nearest and dearest holding my TV Championship, I’ll extend a hand and save you from your own demons, just as I was once saved from mine.

Good luck, Austin. I’ll see you on the other side.

Daiko reaches forward and turns off the camera, cutting the entire scene to black.

* * *

Three Months Before Vortex
Perth, Scotland

For Daiko, loneliness had been the worst part of his departure from the Premier Wrestling Circuit. The crushing feeling that he was being let go had multiplied over the months since his contract had ended, so much so that even the voice that had plagued his mind was silent. Daiko didn’t know if that meant he was free from it or if it was just biding its time once more, but he almost missed it. Even the constant abuse he was taking from his own psyche would have been a welcome companion, but even that had chosen to abandon him.

Walking through the streets, watching as the world moved by him had become his latest crutch. He could see family after family as they moved through life together; young adults taking their first steps into the wide world, finally free from their parents, and finally ready to move on to the next phase of their lives. Seeing live move on without him had helped Daiko to continue, but it also served as a reminder as to just how little he meant in the grand scheme of things. He had no one who relied on him, hell, even the company that he had given everything to was moving on without him. They’d picked up new stars while the older ones had forgotten that he even existed. He still loved the business, but it was clear that the business had no love for him, and no matter how much he pushed and tried to be memorable, no matter how much he punished the fans or himself for their actions, it didn’t matter. In the path he had chosen, he was always destined to be a nobody. To be alone. His path wasn’t a shared one, it wasn’t one of support or comfort, but instead one of torment. Torment that he would suffer in silence as the world pushed past, ignorant to the pain that he had felt inside.

Before he had even realised he was there, Daiko turned into his local bar, only snapping out of his self-pity as the heat washed over him. It was a familiar heat, one that signalled the imminent arrival of his second crutch.

He’d reached the bottom of his third bottle before he even registered that the bar was filled with other people, several with their own hopes and dreams that had been dashed in time gone by. It was a loathsome place, one that made the former superstar sick to the pit of his stomach, but before that bile could rise and force him to leave, it was pushed down by the contents of his fourth bottle.

His misery and pain all washed away, leaving little but bliss behind as he drank more and more, but inside he knew that this was only temporary. It would come back and it would hit him just as hard as always. This was his curse to bear, and come the end of the night, he would bear it alone. He always did.

You look like you’re enjoying yourself.

A lilting voice came from the Scot’s left, jolting him out of his shell momentarily. He jerks his head to the left, knowing that this voice wasn’t one of his own creation. His vision is greeted by a young woman with bright red hair, no older than her mid twenties, who was beaming at him, ignoring the sullen look he was giving back.

Had he been in any fit state, he may have noticed her nose crinkling a little at the smell of alcohol washing off of him, or the eyes which were betraying her smile, showing clear concern for her fellow patron. His eyes only saw the smile though. It was a rare sight for him these days, but it was definitely a welcome one and was enough to lift him out of his foul mood momentarily, as he sat up a little and took notice of the woman who had taken time out of her day to speak with him.

I’ve seen you in here a few times, but you never really do much other than drinking. I hope I’m not getting in your way here or anything.

Daiko shakes his head, welcoming the momentary interruption from his own self-pity.

No, not at all. Happy to talk with you.

His voice is weary from lack of use, but he manages to flash a quick smile that appeases his companion, who grabs a barstool and drags it closer so that she can sit next to him.

So, what are you drinking.

Daiko looks at his bottle, not even sure himself.

Something foreign I think. Westmalle.

A Belgian beer man? I’m already a fan.

A warmth was coming from her that almost shocked Daiko. She seemed genuinely excited about talking to some random that she found at a bar, one who was clearly wallowing in their own misery. It was something he hadn’t experienced in a long time, but it was a welcome change. He could feel a little of his old self peek through, pushing him on, encouraging him to keep talking with her.

That’s another Belgian in your hands then, right? Timmermans I think it was.

Her eyes widen excitedly as she wags the bottle and takes a sip.

Good spot. I was giving this one a try, but it’s a little too much for my liking. The cherry is nice, but I’m one for things that are a little spicier. Do you mind if I take a quick drink of yours?

Daiko shakes his head and pushes the bottle over to her just as she pushes hers into his hands. He takes a quick swig of her beer, immediately getting hit by the wave of cherries that she mentioned. The shock of the new beer entering his system wakes him up a little more, bringing him further out of his shell. He watches as his companion puts down the bottle she was drinking from with a satisfied sigh. Daiko was almost shocked at how interested he was in hearing what she thought of the beer.


She sits for a moment and thinks, crinkling her nose and pouting as she considered what she’d just consumed. This time Daiko noticed all of it.

It’s terrible.

She glances at Daiko out of the corner of her eye, watching as his shoulders slump a little before laughing. The sound was like a shock to the system of the Scot who looked at her in surprise before joining in, his hoarse and throaty laugh meeting her light and infectious giggling.

Suddenly it was like there was light again for him. He’d said little more than five words to this woman and yet life no longer seemed so bad. Things momentarily felt right again. He wasn’t afraid that he might go home and drop back into his usual state. As far as he was concerned, he could sit here and talk with her for the rest of the night without issue.

I’m just playing with you. It’s basically everything that I love.

She watches as a smile lights up the once sour look on his face.

How was yours...or mine, I guess.

Daiko considers this for a moment.

I thought the sweetness of the cherries would be a bit much at first, but it’s a welcome change. After your fourth...or however many of those I’ve had, a little sweetness is always appreciated.

The two smile at one another, happy that the other had enjoyed their drink.

I’m Aaron.

Samantha. Sam works too though.


Samantha groans, mockingly putting her hands over her ears and scrunching her face in disgust. Daiko laughs, this time regaining more of his old voice.

Sam it is then.

The two continued talking well into the night, enjoying the other’s company, completely ignorant to the world around them. Daiko explained his past work in Wrestling to the amusement of Sam, who had figured that it was some fake American only sport. She listened intently as he talked about how it felt diving off a 15-foot cage against Sam Dancer and how high his emotions were when he finally managed to drive his knee into the skull of Leo Kruger, finishing his old South African foe off.

She in turn told him about how she’d worked as a hairdresser while trying to save up money for medical school. She talked about nights where she’d sat by a patient’s bed who couldn’t sleep without her there. She also talked about the sheer elation she got when she’d managed to save someone after a long night of work.

The two discussed several of the injuries that Daiko had suffered with great interest, talking in depth about the recovery times, failing to notice that the bar was almost empty as the first light of a new day was beginning to shine outside. It wasn’t until the barman came up to the two of them that they began to feel the fatigue that had been held at bay the whole night.

As much as I’d love to keep selling to you two, it’s closing time. My wife will have my head if I’m still here by the time she wakes up.

The two look at the time in shock, completely unaware just how long they’d been talking. They turn to look at the barman and laugh, apologising for keeping him so long. He shakes his head and smiles, grabbing the two recently emptied bottles and putting them under his counter. Daiko and Samantha get to their feet wearily, wobbling a little as the lack of sleep coupled with the alcohol in their systems finally takes effect.

They say their goodbyes to the barman who waves them off and begins to lock up. The two protect themselves against the cold wind that hits them as they leave and begin to walk down the streets, still chatting animatedly about any topic that catches their interest. Eventually they make it to Samantha’s house, and she turns to face Daiko who is looking around with interest, realising just how close their two houses actually were.

Samantha takes her phone out and paws at the screen for a minute before pushing it over to Daiko who takes it with a confused look on his face.

Put your number in.

He does so before handing it back over. She presses at the screen some more and moments later Daiko's phone vibrates in his pocket. He fumbles around, struggling to remove it in his drunken haze, but eventually succeeds, holding it aloft in victory. Sam giggles, and once Daiko is preoccupied with getting his phone to work, she stumbles in and plants a kiss on his cheek.

Daiko takes a second to register this and, once he does, raises a hand to his face before looking at Sam who has opened her door and turned to face him once more.

Text me tomorrow, okay?

Will do.

Daiko’s reply is barely a mumble, but Sam smiles as he responds. He heads home in a daze and for the first time in months, he drops off to sleep without issue, her smile still on his mind.

* * *

Perth, Scotland

You finished in there?

A lilting voice echoes from the other side of the door as Daiko turns of his camera. He gets to his feet and paces across the room, opening the door to reveal the very smile that had burned its way into his mind three months ago.

I am now.

* * *

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RP SENT IN: @Makise Kurisu

Annalise of the Old Blood

A Huntress is Born

The Beasthood ravages the lambs that follow the herd. No matter how many times she read those words, Annalise formally of the Del Soros name felt a shiver tingling up her spine. She admittedly found amusement that a girl who was once treated like royalty had succumbed to seeking another unknown, potentially dangerous cult for help. But the Del Soros name was no more, she had lost all rights to that name and heritage years ago....all but one of her siblings were gone.

Like she had done many times before on a typical cold wintery night, Annalise walked down the dark ominous steps towards the cryptic underground tomb of the Old Blood. With torch in hand, she studied the carvings on the wall, each of them told a story of ravenous beasts that roamed the world during a different time. Annalise knew that they were mythological, each with a lesson for the reader to part with but it fascinated her nonetheless.

Once down the stairs, she approached the incredibly wide door which leads to the altar of the wolf, a place of prayer and communion to commemorate the blood of old. Truth be told, it wasn't a place of sacrament which promised divine rewards or an official religious monument. It was more pomp and circumstance, a sideshow to this mysterious cult....yet Annalise had taken to the altar, a place where she hoped her cries for help could be answered.

Yet she had also known this was no place for the weak. The Church of the Old Blood prided itself on individuals with both physical and mental strength. Any sign of vulnerability could be used against her and prohibit her from entering the Covenant. As desperate at times as she had felt, she knew she could not afford to appear fragile...If they knew I was praying for my frail sister and I...for the aid we so greatly need.

Annalise knelt before the altar, deep in both self reflection and prayer.

Father of the Old blood, grant me the strength that resides deep within me. Release the beasthood thou shall unleash with vengeance and wrath. Cleanse thyself of all purity and virtue, as thou shall covet the riches and treasure that this world has for the taking. Strike down those who have wronged me with fury, let them fear what they not know or understand. As a budding daughter of the Old blood.....

Annalise from her jacket pocket takes out a small swiss army knife and cuts open her finger just enough so that blood starts dripping from her skin. She lifts her finger up over the fountain and lets the blood drop into the water as they mix together. Just as she is about to get up, she feels a gentle tap on the shoulder.

Still here young one? I thought I told you to leave....

Annalise looks over her shoulder to see a familiar old man in a hooded robe who she had encountered a few times before, his face covered by the darkness surrounding the dimly lit room.

I'm not so easily dissuaded old man....I wish to become a Huntress of the Old Blood.

Really? And what is it you wish to gain from the power of the old blood?

You must have heard my reasons yourself....I wish to covet all that is on offer in this world, I seek vengeance for those that have wronged me and claim back what should be rightly mine.

For just yourself? Or for someone else too?

Annalise let out a sharp sigh and reddened, surprised by what the old man had asked. How can he possibly know? He laughs at her surprised look and smiles wearingly

How could he know you must be thinking hmm? Nothing gets past me little one, I've seen you come into this chamber...this underground tomb. Every day you have come to pray at this fountain....the fountain in honour of the beast blood. I've heard you mention her....you have someone to protect no?

Annalise frowns at the old man in anger, though truth be told she was more angry at herself for revealing too much. He again laughs at her reaction.

It is amazing what one can reveal when left alone in their own thoughts and prayer. This is no place for a little girl and you are far too kind hearted my dear. Go home.

The old man puts a seemingly compassionate hand on Annalise's shoulder. But as he goes to turn away, she grabs him by the arm.

Do you think I am fucking with you sir?

The Old Man flinches in shock by the sudden grab as Annalise's cold icy eyes stare a hole into him. He watches her for a second, waiting as neither are batting an eyelid until he puts her arm down and smiles at her.

You just don't know when to quit when you are ahead.....But I must admit, you are the most interesting case we've had in a long while. It's mostly the same type of people who come here..."I want treasure, money, fame, women"....you must have known the standard answer considering your statement about coveting no?

Annalise looks down, not being able to look the Old man in the eye as it was exactly why she mentioned it. As she thinks about how to answer...memories start flooding back to her as she fights back the tears building up inside her.

We used to have everything. A family name, heritage, a legacy to build upon. And that was stripped from us. They took everything from us. I want to take it back....no, I want to build a dynasty that will last for generations to come and spit in the face of those who have wronged us.

Us? So you're finally stripping away that cloak you've been hiding under young one. And you expect to find answers here?

I didn't know where else to turn to....

Whilst it was only one old man, Annalise felt utterly exposed and naked to the world. All of her deficiencies unveiled for the Church to see. They know the truth and now I'm damned to be closed off from this place forever.

Hmmm....well we better get to work then. Wrestling was it? The Premier Circuit no? I can see you have rage to let out.

How did y-

As I said...nothing escapes me....

The Old man finally lifts his hood up revealing his face.

I better formally introduce myself now that we will be acquainted....I'm Vessemir, The Priest of this Church. I can't promise you everything budding Huntress, but I can guide you on the right path. Fear the Old Blood.


Two Days Before Vortex 19

Are you sure you have to do this Annie?

Annalise was packing up her suitcase ready for her debut at the PWC, the biggest opportunity in her young life .....until a feeble youthful voice stopped her dead in her tracks. She paused for a second looking at her case before turning round to meet the tender eyes of Joyce, her wheelchair bound little sister who was so often the pride and joy of her life. Annalise smiled at her faintly, as gentle and kind hearted as Joyce was, Annalise knew she had to be firm with her.

I've told you before little sis, we can't be living on food stamps forever. Look if you are worried about being left alone the-

That's not why I am asking. Listen Annie....I know we can't be this way anymore, but to go to the PWC? To be fighting and being beaten up for a living? You're going to be in a battle royal against 14 other people in your debut....I just don't want.....

For me to get hurt?.... I'm the toughest person out of anyone in that roster....hell, we're the toughest people to walk this earth as far as I'm concerned. How many people can say they were tortured and beaten by a bunch of sadistic psychopaths and live through it? I've been through a lot worse than what those 14 men have to offer....and deep down you know it....don't you?

Annalise crouches down on to her knees and puts her hand on Joyce's cheek, caressing her as she senses her concern. Joyce gives her an approving and understanding nod as Annalise gives a sly wink making Joyce let out a little giggle.

Plus, I'll be facing off against Jensen in that ring come Vortex....isn't that exciting?

Haha yeah, I have to admit...Jensen is one of my favourites....

Annalise gets back on to her feet as her expression turns into a more serious mood. Deep in thought, she paces round the room analysing the fight that is ahead of her.

Jensen is the man to beat in that battle royal...not to take anything away from the other competitors....but he is a veteran in the company and whilst he is inconsistent, when he is on his A game he can go with the best of them.....I have a feeling the crowd is not going to be on my side for this one....

I don't understand....why wouldn't they like you little sis?

You know this as well as everybody else does, Jensen is a fan favourite among the PWC crowd. And whilst I am not going to go out with the intention of playing dirty, I'm not going to be playing nice either. Other than inconsistency, the one weakness he has is that he lacks a killer instinct. Not only will that not be a problem for me but I will exploit his fatal flaw to the fullest. If he makes any mistakes....if he gets too flash and plays up to the crowd, I will not hesitate to send him to his funeral.....

Joyce, there is far too much at stake to hold anything back. This is our chance to start taking what the world has been stealing from us. It's time we claimed what is rightfully ours...our birthright that was snatched away from us.

She could sense her little sister was getting both uncomfortable and upset at her mentioning about their family past again.

Why do you keep mentioning this Annie? Why do you keep reliving what has already happened to us? What's done is done, let it go. Can't you be happy with what we have now? This is the first time in the last several years that we've been finally free living our own lives....together. Isn't that enough?

Have you so easily forgotten little sister? We were abandoned, left hung to dry like worthless cattle. Our home ripped away from us, our fortune and inheritance discarded, our name losing all the prestige and royalty that comes with it. Forced to turn to a sadistic cult when no one else would touch us. Abused, both physically and psychologically. No Joyce, don't get me wrong, I am so grateful that we are still together and that we are finally free but I will not so easily forget what we once had. Not only am I going to take that all back for us, but I promise you little sis...we will be stronger than we've ever been.

Is that why you joined another cult?! The Church of the Old Blood was it? And you want to talk about forgetting the past?! Have YOU forgotten what happened to us the last time we dragged ourselves into a mad house?!?!

Annalise's eyes widened, shocked by the revelation that Joyce had known all this time what she had been doing....where she had been going. She had never seen her sweet sister this angry or upset before....she knew how Joyce must have felt about all of this...the concern, the confusion, the fear that something untold would happen again. But this level of fury? She had no idea that her gentle and kind sister, in many ways her opposite, was capable of it.

It was a risk I was willing to take. I knew how dangerous it could potentially be....but I had to seek avenues in order for us to gain our strength. This is a different time and place Joyce, we are not children anymore. I know that it may have lead to a dead end or more of the same but this.....this is different...the church of the old blood....it is everything they say it is....individualistic, unrelenting, merciless...cold, but it's not a movement that brainwashes people to join out of control. Hell, the priest at first turned me away and wanted nothing to do with me....said I was too kind hearted. Can you believe that?

But at the same time, I think my sincerity also moved him as weird as that sounds. I went to the heart of the old blood for very different reasons than most but ended up taken under the wing of the very man who tried to turn me away. Don't you see? I wasn't persuaded by a priest to join a cause, I joined because I believe in what it has to offer.

Turning away from her still simmering sister, she picks up the red jeweled pendant that Joyce had picked out as present for her before they had their lives turned upside down. The one piece of memorabilia left from their old lives. She walks towards her, holding her hands forward gripping the pendant. She places the pendant in Joyce's hands and cups them together, gently holding the jewellery in Joyce's arms.

I don't expect you to understand....but for now, just trust me okay?

Annalise gazes into her sisters bright blue diamond eyes staring back in contrast to Annalise's cold white almost blank pupils. They are at a standoff for a number of seconds until finally Joyce leans over and kisses her big sister on the cheek.

Okay Annie, I'll trust you. Just don't do anything too dangerous alright?

I promise I won't. Now help me pick out an outfit will you? I need to look good while I'm kicking some ass.

Joyce chuckles to herself as she turns round and wheels herself out of the door. Annalise breathes a sigh of relief as she goes back to trying to organize her things. As frustrating as it was to try and get little Joyce to understand, she didn't want to upset her or cause any rifts either. It was at that moment she realized that the pendant was still in her hand. She lifts it up towards her eyes and stares intently at it, and whilst she was used to memories flooding back in mind whenever she had it in her hand, this time it was the priest Vessemir she thought of and the unofficial welcoming into the old blood. She stared back through the door frame to see her sister looking through her gothic inspired gear that she had ready for the PWC. I have the Old Blood and Joyce by my side.

For the first time since she had left the family home, Annalise was filled with optimism and even happiness. Finally there seemed to be a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Thinking back to the tomb, only hearing the immortal words of those inducted into the ranks of the old blood could have made this moment better....

Tonight, Annalise joins the hunt.

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This was a very good show guys. Big shock there with Daiko returning and becoming the TV Champion! Boma Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Daiko and Bianchi now with Championships...

I liked the elimination match. It was fun and had some great wrestlers in it. New addition to the roster gets another surprise win.

Ending was action-packed as it sets the scene for the Last Rites main event.

Adrenaline fuelled episode guys! Well done!

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This was a very good show guys. Big shock there with Daiko returning and becoming the TV Champion! Boma Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Daiko and Bianchi now with Championships...

I liked the elimination match. It was fun and had some great wrestlers in it. New addition to the roster gets another surprise win.

Ending was action-packed as it sets the scene for the Last Rites main event.

Adrenaline fuelled episode guys! Well done!

Not happy with our match tho. It's one of the shorter matches on the card and while I feel it captures both men perfectly and makes Lucas look like an actual threat of some sort, it should of been longer and shown more Nero dominance.

What happened is that I went all out on the rumble which means by the end of the rumble and then our match I was burned way out. Took me five or six different sittings to nail the rumble so yeah, I was a little burned out.

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Incredible show, definitely the best one I've read so far. Amazing opener with Hammerpunch and Shadow, than an extremely fun overbook for the TV Title Match. Sway's little segment was cool, I love him as a personality. The Rumble was also really great. At first, I was bummed out I didn't make the final two, but at the end I saw you clearly meant to show Annalise as an incredibly dominant figure, so I'm glad I didn't totally job out to her. Finally, the main event segment was just pure hype throughout, especially the final staredown between Shadow and Nero.

Also, that Daiko RP was perfection.
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