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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: T-Mobile Arena
Capacity: 20,000
City: Las Vegas, Nevada


Triple Threat
El Gigante Enmascardo vs Remy Dieu vs Luke Jackson

Singles Match
Ace Fox vs Sway Archer

Singles Match
Leo Masters vs Kidd West

Singles Match - Champion vs Champion
Austin Angel vs Jacob Bianchi

Singles Match
Jensen vs King Crowley

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on 4th December 2017 (Monday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Part 1: The Day After Vortex 17

It was the day after Vortex 17, and Ace was now living in his new home for more than a week. A home given to him, by his new "owner", Fred Connors. Yes, this was a present from his dictator. You could say Ace was the world's most well-treated slave. That night, Ace had a rare dream. He dreamed about his grandma. It was pitch black, just a single spotlight placed carefully upon Anna Fox.

Anna: "Ace, my son." A smile flashed upon her face, a face doused in blood, just like when Ace last saw her. "It's so good to see you. I am here to warn you. Whatever happens tomorrow morning, don't go searching for your father. Because if you ever find him, you'll wish you never even heard of him. Remember, you promised me, Ace." She now peaked a sympathetic, old-lady grin. "I hear that Connors is out of prison. Do you remember what he did to me, what he did to you? Avenge me, Ace. Avenge your family."

Just as those final words were spoken, Ace was waken up by somebody's footsteps. He immediately spotted something on the table. There was a bag filled with white bread and produce, but that wasn't what caught Ace's attention right now. Lying there, it's haunting eye pointing at the kitchen door, was a pistol. Suddenly, he heard someone singing in the kitchen.
It was a familiar voice, one of Fred Connors. He must've left it on the table thinking I was deep into sleep, Ace thought to himself. Clearly in high spirits, thinking nothing could possibly go wrong, Fred exited the kitchen.

Ace: "Drop to your knees." - said a determined and stoic Ace, grabbing the pistol with full force.

Fred: "Listen, Ace, let me explain..." Fred was clearly shaken, and who wouldn't be with a pistol to their forehead?

Ace: "Drop to your knees!" Ace was now visibly angry.

Fred: "Alright. Whatever." - A kneeling Fred still didn't have to look up to see Ace. He was trying to look as relaxed as he possibly could in this situation. He wasn't used to this. Usually, he was the one holding the weapon.

Fred: "You don't want to pull that trigger." Fred smirked in an evil way.

Ace: "You kill my grandma, you ruin my life, you ruin my dream. And you tell me I shouldn't kill you?" Ace opened his mouth in bewilderment.

Fred: "I know where your father is."

Ace froze, like an icicle on an Alaska roof.

Fred: "Not so sure about killing me now, are you boy? Because, if I get killed, so will your good ol' daddy." Fred was now looking confident on the outside, but praying for his life in the inside.

Ace: "How do I know you're not lying, like you always do? How do I know you won't just end up using me, and kill him anyways?" Even though in shock, Ace was still careful in his thoughts and actions. "How can I trust the mighty Fred Connors?"

Fred: "I guess you can't."

They both stopped for a good half a minute. This was one of the more stressful situations in both their lives, especially for Ace.

Fred: "So, what's it gonna be? You gonna kill me, have yourself a go for a few days, be proud of yourself. Oh yes, I avenged my grandma! I'm a hero! And then spend the rest of your life regretting you ever pulled that trigger, because you were responsible for killing your father. Or will be smart and work with me, and maybe someday, get to see who you've spent your entire life thinking about? It's on you, Ace. Make the right decision." Fred was now at his manipulative best, delivering an ice-cold speech.

Ace: "You tell me how you know my father. I let you live." Ace flashed a confident smile, which was barely a grin.

Fred was looking uncertain, and sighed.

Fred: "Alright. You asked for it. You see, Ace, why I have always been so feared, how I convinced a doctor to hide my murders. It's because, I know how to be a dictator. Some people say I'm the Illuminati of the crime business. You see, I have built an entire empire on weapon manufacturing. All those gangs you see on the news? I gave them their guns and knives."

A look of intrigue could be seen in Ace's eyes. He was intrigued, but also scared. Scared of his father's involvement in all of this.

Fred: "And while I was away in prison, there was a man who stepped in my spot. A loyal soldier."

Ace's eyes flashed with horror, he could see what was coming.

Fred: "Arnold Fox."

Ace started shaking his head.

Fred: "By the way, when I killed your grandma, who do you think created the gun?"

Ace Fox didn't know what to think. The man he cared about for so many years, his entire life, the man he was staying up late because of, thinking about him in three in the morning. The man who was his last hope, his last and only friend, the man who gave meaning to his life, helped kill his grandma? Helped kill his own mother?

He started shaking, arms and legs trembling uncontrollably. Gun still in hand, voices of Anna Fox started yelling and screaming inside of him, telling him to pull the trigger. Palms were so sweaty, the pistol was almost slipping from his hand. Heart wasn't beating, it was producing thuds like heavy footsteps ready to break through the floor. Eyes started watering up, the face entirely in red, it looked like a child squeezing an apple. Then, just as he was about to do it, he collapsed. Dropping the pistol in the process, he went down to a knee, like some bigger force was controlling his body. He bundled up and started crying hysterically.

This was it.

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The Leo Masters RP that I just got sent

Leo Masters
This Kidd don’t play

PWC Youtube channel - Post Vortex interview

Well there it is. Just like that. I put my one hundred percent laser focus on the job, and I come up with a win. That Ace Fox is one hell of a fighter. We made a damn fine team and we got the win. This is the turning point now and there’s no looking back. No looking back. I’m going to keep this momentum rolling and rolling. More pins, more wins brother. I am Leo Masters, I am the king of the concrete jungle and there’s no stopping me now.

One week later
PWC Youtube channel - Before Vortex interview

Here I am!!! Jacked, stacked and ready to clash. Tonight in the ring out there in front of our awesome fans, I got this puny punk Kidd West. He’s got a big mouth for such a runt. I mean grab that camera get a look at these legs of mine. See that quad muscle? Do ya? Yeah ya do…. That’s the size of Kidd West’s whole body. I’m gonna roll right over the top of that punk ass he’s gonna think he was hit by a bus.

Man I’ve been training harder than ever. My head’s in the game and now I’ve got that winning feeling. No scrawny loud mouth is gonna derail this freight train brother. More pins, more wins. Last week’s win keeps rolling on tonight and Kidd West I hope your insurance is paid up son, because I ain;t going lightly on you man. I was special forces dude. I’ve never under estimated anyone in my life. Even if they as small as you. You probably got a coupla trick shots up ya sleeve. I know, I gotchyu. But listen up. You wanna play with the big boys, you’re in for something big, bad and mad. And when you wake up in the hospital Kidd, well you tell them the name on the bus that hit you was Leo Masters baby. See you soon!

¡Hala Madrid ⛧ Tricampeones!
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Hell Awaits


After Ragnarok

After his plane landed Crowley scanned through the underground parking lot amidst several cars until he finally spotted his black Camaro at the far end. But before he could get in.

“Hey, I saw your match.” The voice said, slowly walking on the cold pavement. The car created a barrier between them. Crowley looked up and knew right away who the person standing on the opposite side was. Detective Corgan.

“We need to talk,” Detective Corgan said as Crowley raised an eyebrow. “Your place, it’s all burned down. We couldn’t find your wife and daughter, I’m sorry, but...” Crowley’s face went pale. Fear twisted his stomach in knots. He reached into his pocket and took out his car keys; the door of the car swung open and then jammed violently. “Wait!” Corgan said. The motor thundered back to life. The car roared like a freight train as his emotional restraints broke loose. He let go, and the Camaro fed off him, matching the intensity of his fury with a deafening howl. He looked at the crown on the passenger seat.

“A crown made of pride will always glitter.”

The brakes squealed as Crowley stopped the car. His hands still shook, even when he grabbed the wheel and held on tight. Familiar landmarks became unrecognizable. He put his hand on the door handle and stepped out looking around. He wiped at the sweat that trickled down his face, covering his hand with slim black soot. Another river of sweat cursed down his back.

A blackened stones foundation remained, grim testimony of the grand old castle’s existence. Charred beams lay scattered throughout the debris. Here and there a few embers still glowed orange in the dawned light attesting the behemoth that took it all down.

Defeat sat heavy on his shoulders.

Crowley looked down at his hands, they were coated with blood – red blood. Suddenly his vision blurred everything into vague and unrecognizable shapes. Incredulous boos filled his ears. His thoughts were fuzzy until a loud voice called his name. His vision started to get clearer as he regained his thoughts. Those endlessly thoughts tormenting him over and over.

“Why I’m not powerful enough yet to beat you?”

But Isn’t your crown evidence of your mighty power?

And for a moment it was just all too real. The urge to break free from the restraints.

“I am a king, a king. Look at me Jugram!

They all are cockroaches I can step in and crush it.”

The urgency in her voice, the solid grip of her hands on his shoulders pulled him out of the trance and back to the now. But the terror came with him. Silence and shock rippled through the crowd. Crowley lifted his head, and saw the expressions on their faces shocked by his violence and the haze of anger swirling around him. Shadow’s body there on the mat curled into a ball, powerless. He looked down again at his hands, almost red with blood running down the edges of his fingers.

“You are a prisoner of your own doing. And he knows it.”

His heart thudded against his ribs, his mind was trapped in those steel walls. He wanted to stop but he couldn’t he was just a monster in a cage. There wasn’t a sound in the air. Everything had turned black.

The dead silence was obliterated by a violent, crushing chaos of a roaring engine, brakes and skidding tires on the gravel ground. The car door slammed shut behind him awakened him from his slumber.

“Crowley, I’ll do everything I possibly can to bring your family back. Detective Corgan said.”

Crowley picked his head up and turned around to face the detective. There was hatred in his eyes. You would have thought his face would split apart from the intensity in his expression.

“He’s a dead man.”

“Wait, what?

Detective Corgan said watching Crowley walking toward his car as he tried to grab his arm to stop him.

“That is what he wants, don’t you see?

He is drawing you into his web. Look, I’d be furious if that happened to me but if we are not careful he will spin his web around us."

“You better take your hand off of me.”

Crowley replied as he pulled his arm away. The detective stood there petrified, barely breathing…

“I will make his blood pour like rain onto the sea. A king knows no pity and no mercy.”

…Crowley’s voice made his feet turn cold. It was the voice of a predator. The detective took a deep breath as he attempted to pull the handgun out of his waistband.

“Everything you’ve worked so hard for can come crashing down if you make a bad decision here. The streets you’ve helped to clean of crimes, all the evidence we have gathered so far to catch him. You are the reason why Paul would be in a maximum security prison for the rest of his life. This doesn’t have to end like this, Crowley. How will you be able to support your daughter when she needs you most if you end up in jail again?

Crowley put his hands on the roof of his car and shook his head. He pushed the feeling away, willing himself to breathe deeply to calm himself. He struggled.

“You saw my match at Ragnarok, Corgan? He asked.

“Yes, I did.”

“Something went wrong there, I couldn’t control myself. I was like one of those monsters I met in prison.


Days Later

Crowley sat on the damp floorboards of an old apartment. His black jeans were dirty, torn at the knees. The bottom were dark with wetness, and a black od and faded t-shirt that had the logo of his favorite band on the front. His eyes looked baggy, as though he hadn’t slept much in weeks. The sleep was very slow to come and not surprisingly, he had woken uncountable times with thoughts. Each short sleep will bring the picture of his wife and daughter.

"I will bring you two back, just wait."

He was staring at the mobile phone that sat on the floor in front of him. The digital clock on the face of the phone said 3.59 a.m. He glanced over at the wall with all the photographs on it, his gaze falling on one suspect; Peter Blake who worked as Jugram’s layer in the past and now as a drug lord outside the city. When he looked back at the phone, the clock said 4.00 a.m.

The sound of birds cheerfully singing echoed off of the walls of the bedroom. Quiet snoring could be heard coming from a sized bed. Only the glow of a nearby streetlight brightened the room. Loud ringing of the telephone snapped Detective Corgan out of his dream. Though the darkness of his bedroom he knocked several things off of his night stand before finally reaching the cordless phone.

“Hello,” He said in a sleep-filled voice

“Corgan, this is Sid. I’ve got the information about your case. He’ll make contact with Inspector Severson at De Rossi’s Pizza.”

Corgan, barely awake, fell into his clothes he had worn the day before, sprayed a little cologne on his white undershirt, and stumbled out his apartment, and into the darkened third floor halfway. While trying to buttoning his shirt he gripped the rail near the stairs tight. He tried to always keep his car within view of the street, just in case. He unlocked his red Mustang and slumped into the front seat. He took his phone out, and dialed a number.

“Crowley, I’ve got information about Peter Blake… and you were right Inspector Severson is part of the whole thing.”

Some weeks earlier.

A ten-by ten room filled with files and reports packed onto bookshelves. Several partitions on one wall had been allotted to write-ups, and photos of suspects and witnesses. On the floor cardboard boxes full of old bureau files. Marked on the sides of the boxes were the names of the investigations. The boxes came from various cases open and closed. Corgan sat at the table, his eyes fell on the police badge he had dreamed of doing all his life. Facing him on the other side of the table sat Crowley. Suddenly, loud explosions broke the silence.

“Pyro, pyro.”

A small television sat in the far corner of the room next to Crowley’s bag and crown.

“I’ve been wondering all this time why you picked me, Crowley?
You barely know me…

"I know who you are. You were that kid when the orphan caught fire that choose to stay and help others to escape.”

Loud chants on TV

“Shadow, Shadow…

“How do you –

“I was there, I was one of those kids that you helped that’s why I trust you.”

Loud chants on TV

“Hero, hero…

Corgan leaned back and looked at the people on the television screen.

“They call him “hero” now while you’re seeing as the devil himself. How can you carry the hate thousands of people put on your shoulders?

“When you are also a hero.”

Crowley leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head.

“After many fights, I’ve been waiting for him to crack but he never did. Never buckled, instead he showed real heart. People idolize a man they can look up on to fight for what is right. You know my followers. They are willing to die for me, but they aren’t peons without a voice. They had families and friends the kind of feelings that makes you sacrifices yourself but they failed to do it that’s why they trusted me to do what they couldn’t. Save this world.” He said watching intently at the TV.


I turned on the radio.

Here Dan Ackles of radio station WHKC – Your life your music.
Some of you may know her for being the co-star of the huge success film, “Special OPS: Thundergun Protocol”. And some for her gorgeous look and sultry demeanor. Well, she’s now listed as one of the hottest celebrities in 2017 according to Maxim. And according to our listeners she sure is. For now let’s go with Alter Bridge and their song; Calm The Fire . I’m sure this will make…

Crowley leaned over and turned off the radio.

"That Jensens guy is sure one lucky man. Movie star, millionaire and dates the hottest chick in Hollywood."

“Well, he’s luck is about to end at Vortex ep 18.”

“Are you worried of losing control, again?” Corgan asked as he scanned the streets outside.

Crowley looked at the road ahead.

Yes, I am. Jensen’s a damn good wrestler that will push me to my limits. I have seen him before he's a former Television Champion. But if I can’t control myself I won’t be able to save my family. I can’t let that happen again."

Crowley pointed at Peter Blake, who was just emerging from his building one hundred meters further up the street, setting off toward his local restaurant.

“It seems like your informant wasn’t lying.” Crowley said. Peter walked into the pizzeria forty seconds later, said hello to the owner and sat down on a stool at the bar.

“He must know something we don’t.” Corgan said. While he switched the engine off.

“Now we wait. Surveillance is mainly about sitting and waiting.”

“Just like hunting.” Crowley said with an evil smile affixed on his face.

We sat in the car and waited for almost an hour and a half. Crowley sat motionless, staring fixedly at the man sitting at the bar inside the pizzeria, fifty meters from the car. He said nothing at all barely responded to when spoken to. His watchful, eyes were like narrow arrow-slits protected by the bulging eye-sockets; there wasn’t a blink, not a single movement of his set face, as he started at their prey.

Peter Blake looked at his watch increasingly often, made a call on his mobile after five minutes, put it back in his pocket thirty seconds later, finished his glass of red wine. He ordered another glass, made another attempt with his mobile five minutes later. He looked agitated now. Worried, impatient. Then he stood up.

I looked around at Crowley, with a frightened expression. I felt the impulse to ask if he was alright, but the overture was interrupted by a black Mercedes. It glided to a stop right smack in front of the diner. The streets were almost barren and looked around and counted the occupied seats of the few customers in the restaurant. They were busy having their meal to notice anything unusual.

The three Mercedes men entered the restaurant. One man stationed himself by the door looking outside. Suddenly…

“You.” Crowley said. And for a moment he could only stare incredulously as if he could not believe what he saw. I looked at that man and for a moment I thought he resembled Crowley. But who was him?


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Sway sits in a small cafe in Reno. He sees a young man practicing guitar.

Sway: I don’t know why I come to places like this. I don’t drink coffee, I prefer to make my own tea. I guess it’s the little cakes and stuff.

Sway shrugs as the young man plays a classical riff.

Sway: Maybe it’s just the atmosphere. Thinkers, writers, creators, entrepreneurs. They all congregate in places like this. They are the future. As am I.

The young man smiles as he plays. Sway turns to the camera and smiles.

Sway: I love the guitar. Acoustic or electric, you can make beautiful music using just a guitar.

Sway looks back to the young man playing. He stands and extends a hand.

Sway: May I?

The young man nods and hands Sway the guitar.


Sway begins to play, attracting a crowd. As he sings and plays the guitar, people begin to throw money into the young gentleman’s guitar case. Sway finishes the song, and the crowd applauds. They disperse as he lowers the guitar. He looks to the young man, and to the case. There’s easily a hundred dollars in the case now.

Sway: Go buy yourself something nice. Maybe a Sway Archer t-shirt!

Sway hands the guitar back, and stands. He grabs his sandwich off the table, and walks out the door, slipping his headphones on. He looks to the camera and shrugs.

Sway: I'm a man of many talents. You’ll see in due time.

Sway walks down the road, rapping along to his music.

“I'm about to do it way different
I am just an icon living.”


Sway looks up at the wall where the card is posted, and puts his hands on his hips.

Sway: Who the hell is Ace Fox…

Sway turns to the camera and shrugs.

Sway: I mean, like, I’m up to face anyone, but after last week, I expected Kidd West…

Sway turns back towards the card and shrugs.

Sway: Who would I talk to about Ace? I wonder…

Sway begins to saunter through the backstage area, heading towards the locker room.

Sway: Wait a second…

He stops in his tracks standing in front of the locker room door. He nods and smiles.

Sway: I wonder if he’s related to Dante Fox?

Sway bursts in through the door, expecting there to be a bunch of people in the locker room. However, it’s just Lucas Hawthorne. He’s sitting in the corner, browsing his phone. His knee is in a thick black brace, no doubt a result of the attack he suffered from Austin Angel.

Sway: You alright man?

Lucas looks up from his phone and shrugs.

Lucas: I’ve been better.

He slowly stands and moves towards the door.

Lucas: I should probably get ready to go out there.

Sway: Wait, wait! What do you know about Ace Fox?

Lucas continues out the door:

Lucas: Absolutely nothing.

Sway stands alone in the locker room. He yells after Lucas.

Sway: We still have to do Sushi!

Sway pauses for a second, thinking.

Sway: Ace Fox… A new mysterious competitor…

He looks to the camera, clearly excited.

Sway: A new mystery! It’s just like that old gypsy woman said! You know what the funny thing is, after she said that, I went home, had a movie night. You know what I watched?

Sway smiles cockily and extends his arms.

Sway: The Fox and The Hound. Although I wouldn’t be a hound. More a —hypoallergenic poodle. The curly hair and all that, you know?

Sway shakes his head and composes himself.

Sway: Main point — Ace Fox, my guy, it’s me and you. I don’t know you, and if you haven’t heard of me yet, you will tonight. Il the future of this company. I’m PWC’s Rising Star. Sway Archer, Galaxy Tour. Next stop? Foxcatcher.

He turns back to face the door, and nods, as the camera fades to black.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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11:37pm - 4 Years Ago

What the hell!?

A heavy set men quickly rises to his feet before rushing off, ignoring the angry cries coming from the woman that he had just crashed into. Soon after he rushes off, another large man charges past, panting and heaving, trying with all of his might to close the gap between the two.

It was rare for Jacob Bianchi to be on the streets running around like this, but this was no common case. The man he was chasing was Alex Hanlon, a former coworker of his who had been undercover, feeding information from Sirius Lane's Organisation to a rival Organisation. Bianchi had been alerted by a curious lab tech who discovered that Hanlon had just made off with a cover list. Knowing the severity of this, Bianchi had wasted no time giving chase, looking to stop Hanlon from giving the information about every VESTA agent to whoever it was paying him.

Bianchi didn't know if his name was on that list, but Hanlon had to be stopped. If it was on there, everything that Bianchi had done could be exposed worldwide and even if it isn't, the names of people that he'd worked with and for would be, leaving a chain that could always be linked to him.

The two men raced across the street, Hanlon leading them towards a small side street. Bianchi smiled, slowing down a little. Escaping into a dead end might not have been the worst thing that he'd seen someone do, but it was definitely high on the list.

Hanlon realised his mistake just as Bianchi entered the street, blocking off the only escape. He turns to face the hulking Italian who has stopped to regain his breath.

You weren't meant to find out.

Our entire business is built on finding things we're not meant to, Hanlon. Like everyone else, you got careless and it left you vulnerable.

So what now... Do I die?

Bianchi shakes his head, almost disgusted by the question.

I might think you're scum, but I'm no murderer.

So what happens?

We go back. After we hand that list to the tech guys, you get given a new name and threats get made to you and yours. Following that you get handed good money, get a new home and then begin a new life under surveilance. After that it's all down to you really.

And if I don't want anything to do with that?

I knock you out. After that things just go the same way except you're probably concussed for the first half.

Hanlon nods, a defeated look on his face.

Bianchi hits a number on his phone and dials. Minutes later a car pulls up and pops open it door. The two men walk towards it and get in, no sign of struggle from Hanlon.

* * *

Two Days before Vortex

Are they allies of yours?

Jacob Bianchi was sat in his hotel room looking at a small laptop screen which had Gareth Walker's face on it. With Jacob on the road so much in the build towards Last Rites, Gareth had taken temporary control of VESTA and the two had taken to giving one another daily updates, looking to see if one could spot something that the other missed.

Not directly. Page went over Clement's head to bring them in, so they're loyal to her. Beyond that there's no real connection.

So there's a chance that they'll play dirty?

Bianchi scratched the stubble on his jaw, quickly debating with himself over the answer to that question.

I wouldn't think so.

Walker looks stern through the monitor. He's clearly unhappy with that answer from Bianchi.

You're not going into a fight unsure on the outcome, Jacob. What's the actual answer?

The answer should be no, but there's always a chance. Angel's a veteran in both the business and the PWC. However he has become a lot more cynical over time and now he's the type to take any advantage that rises.


But Page. Angel's no slouch when it comes to understanding how business goes, but his fiancee has taken to it like very few before her. If he doesn't, she'll remember who brought the two in, and she'll see that the tides are turning in the Company. As a result, she'll know that picking a fight with Page and I now is tantamount to career suicide.

If this were a title match I'd be a lot more cautious, but this is the equivalent of a sparring match. We both have bigger problems within the company and we both understand that in-fighting just harms our respective causes.

So there's a chance.

But it's an infinitesimal one.

Gareth seems content with that.

At least you've put thought into this.

Bianchi smiles cautiously.

I have to. From here on out nothing can go wrong. Every step, every word and every action must be perfect. That starts with Angel and ends when Clement's gone.

Walker nods in agreement.

Good. Keep your head about you and things will go right.

Now that we've got this dealt with, it's time to get back to business...

By far my worst RP as Bianchi. This is just pain.

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Kill Me. The King

The last few weeks have been hard on me. Losing my title match against Austin Angel, and then following up that shit show with something I never thought would happen: I injured a fellow wrestler.

I lost control and failed to see that Kist had had hit his head when he landed to the outside of the ring. So I pushed forward relentlessly, with little regard for my opponent. A low point in my career.

Ms. Page was not happy that I injured one of her main attractions. Hence me punishement. It seems as if Ms. Page hopes the King will bring a guillotine to my head in name of justice. With all this going on I needed a break, so I went to Morgan for advice. This is where I am now.....

It was a wonderful evening out here at woods. Although it was cold and windy on this late fall evening, the bullfrogs were out to sing in unision. The closest cabin to mine was situated on the other side of the forest. I have yet to hear a peep from them, which is to my liking.

Although, I am alone out here, I have three chairs situated on the inside of my cabin in case I have any visitors. There are those out there who know where I am and where I am headed, so it is best to be prepared. I would have very little to offer them though. I had a limited supply of savory snacks, so the only thing I can offer them was a great conversation and spiritual discourse. My favorite topic would have to be the trouble with modern society. I still cant get over the fact that I have to spend time memorising my social security number when there are so many Black Eyed Peas songs to learn.

Time passed particularly slow this evening. I looked outside and the only thing I could see was a small bluiesh hue of light peeking out from behind the clouds. In additon to the ground, covered by a blanket of fallen snow.Feeling a bit anxious, I began doing some push ups. It is always good to be prepared in case of an emergency.

I lost count but as I approached what may or may not have been 267, there was a sudden but violent knock at my dwelling. I stopped immediately and headed towards the door. Along the way I passed the cracking of the fireplace. I reached for the door.

Jensen: Oh its you, I didnt expect you tonight.

The shaggy bearded man stepped through my door and took a seat at one of my empty chairs.

Old Man: So, what brings you out here again?

Jensen: I just need some time to reflect on things again. Nothing like being out here to do it though. Nature is where it is at

The man smiled and nodded.

Old Man: As I always say, “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”

Jensen: What a great saying. I might have to steal it.

Old Man: Perhaps you do!

The old man then hoped on the floor and did some push ups of his own. He was soon finished, as the physical exertion began to take a toll on his body.

Old Man
: Man, I was able to do a lot more back in my prime, still it is always good to be fit. You never know when someone is going to say, "do a 100 pushups or this kid gets a punch in the face." I can imagine in my old age though, alot of kids get knocked out.

Jensen: Say, would you like to step outside with me? I know it is cold out here tonight, but nothing like a cold shiver to get your blood flowing.

Old Man: That doesn't sound right, but I'm in.

We both headed out towards the front door and took a seat. I shivered as a cold breeze blows past me from the North, with the trees rustling as if they were alive.The evening sky had cleared up and a lot was more visible. We sat and began to discuss life, the universe, and what it is to be happy. As we did, moths flew by me adding their breeze to night. Light bounced off he frost covered trees, this place really was like a dream.

Snow began to fall. The old man got up as if it was time to go, but before he did he turned back one last time

Old Man: I didn't want to mention it earlier, but you look a bit worried. Something to do with your upcoming bout against the King?

Jensen: Is it that obvious? I mean this man is PWC royalty. He will be remembered in history because of the amount of destruction. At this point I am nothing more than a footnote in the history books.

Old Man: You know that is not true. Your chapters have yet to be written. And remember, all kings will fall sooner or later. Now is your time to strike and caim the thrown for yourself.

Jensen: I know I can do it, but my mind isn't where it needs to be right now.

Old Man: Your mind is exactly where it needs to be, otherwise, why would you be here.

He then gave me a huge grin and began to walk away, and as he did, he began to sing a song...

Basking briefly in this overeating indulgence of insides
But I fear he's lower than before
Though he's stronger than he looks
He's made of feathers mixed with oil and small servings
Of hands and feet ....

Old Man: He can be beaten Jensen. Just accept who you are...you did before.

He continued to walk before disappearing into the wilderness....




"Peter-Jens Schaefer!"


I woke up to find Selene and Morgan standing across from me.

Jensen: How long was I out this time?

Selene: Only 10 minutes, but that is very good for somebody so new to their studies.

I then stand up slowly. Still feeling light headed, I take my time and position myself upright against my bed post.

Selene: So... did you enter the pleroma?

Jensen: I'm still not entirely sure what that means, but I saw him again.

Morgan: What did he say?

Jensen: He said a lot, and also suprisingly very little. But he told me I can defeat Crowey if I accept who I am. I don't know, all this is making me crazy.

Selene smiled.

Morgan: What does that mean?

Selene: It means Jensen here is ready for the next step of his training. Jensen, I would officially like to welcome you to the Church of the Inner Light. And no, you are not going crazy. Your mind is safe here.

Bad couple of weeks for me guys. Turned in the best effort I could to move my story along.
Also, I introduced Selene a while ago. She looks like this:


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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: T-Mobile Arena
Capacity: 20,000
City: Las Vegas, Nevada


The camera pans around the T-Mobile arena for a moment, focusing on individual fans. Some are wearing Doctor Nero merch while others are kitted out in Jensen t-shirts. Some of the fans in attendance are holding signs, one of which says “Love me Bianchi” and another which reads “What a three way”. The camera pans around to another sign which reads “Welcome to Vegas, Shadow”

The lights shut off for a moment before the show has even begun. The camera’s all pan to the titantron where a countdown begins to show. It counts down from five, stopping for a moment at three before continuing to countdown until it gets to one. Once the countdown reaches one, everything goes dark for a few moments.

Voice: Thunderbirds...Are...Go!

***Thunderbirds are Go***

Lucas Hawthorne makes his way out onto the stage, knee wrapped tightly in a brace. He grins towards the crowd before he begins to limp towards the ring, offering high fives and fistbumps towards his fans and those wearing his merchandise as he does so. Once he reaches the ring, he stops for a few seconds before making his way over to the metal stairs in the corner. He walks up slowly, rubbing his knee as he does so before he climbs into the ring, taking a microphone.

Lucas Hawthorne: Well, I have to admit. Angel did me good.

The PWC fans in attendance, all those live in the crowd begin to boo once Austin Angel is mentioned. It’s clear that they don't appreciate the Television Champion, the man who injured Lucas Hawthorne at Vortex Seventeen only one week ago.

Lucas Hawthorne: I have to admit that Austin Angel is one tough son of a trucker.

Lucas slowly bends his injured knee for a few seconds, a look of pain shooting across his face. He shakes his head, raising the microphone to his lips once again, the pain leaving his face.

Lucas Hawthorne: Here’s the deal though. If not for this knee, if not for Austin targeting my knee then hell, I’d be the Television champion right now. The thing is, I’m not mad I lost. I’m not even upset I lost. Austin, you’re a formidable bloke, a top star in the ring. I just think I’m better.

The fans in attendance all cheer as Lucas claims that he’s better than Austin Angel, most of them obviously agreeing with the statement that the Australian superstar is making in the ring.

Lucas Hawthorne: Yeah, you beat me after you took it upon yourself to injure me, take me out of action. However, unlucky for you this isn’t a major injury. I’ve been told that next week I’ll be perfectly fine to wrestle even though I probably shouldn’t. That means I’ll be cleared to compete at Last Rites.

The fans in attendance all cheer as Lucas mentions Last Rites, the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, the biggest PWC show of the season. They all know that the superstars will go all out.

Lucas Hawthorne: Austin, I’ll be cleared to compete and you don’t have an opponent. I know I’m better than you and all I want, all I need is to prove it. Me and you, once again for that Television championship. I promise you one thing Angel. I promise you that title will leave Texas with me.

The camera’s quickly cut backstage without even giving Lucas Hawthorne a chance to leave the ring. The moment they get backstage, a large bang is heard and camera men begin running to the source of the sound. Once they arrive, they see El Gigante Enmascarado throwing Luke Jackson against a wall, repeatedly throwing him against it and watching him bounce off. They turn to see Remy Dieu rolling around on the floor with a steel pipe bent across him. El Gigante hits a Knee Trembler on Luke Jackson before turning to the camera, rage in his eyes.

El Gigante Enmascardo: I want Ace Fox!

The camera's cut to an advert break where an advert for Last Rites is seen. It shows the members of the Premier Wrestling Circuit roster in action, holding title belts and looking ready to fight.

The camera’s cut back to the ring where Emma Mason is stood, microphone in hand. She spends a few moments looking at the crowd before she raises the microphone to her lips slowly.

Emma Mason:
This match is set for one fall!

The fans all chant along with Emma Mason as says the words “One Fall”

***Saturnz Barz***

The lights dim and the familiar button labelled "U.L.B." appears on the titantron.

Voice: Press the button, to begin.

A hand slams down onto the button and the camera cuts to a view of a bunker door, with a silhouette walking towards it. The door slides up, and reveals a purple, blueish space landscape, littered with stars and galaxies. The silhouette turns, and reveals himself to be Sway Archer.

Voice: All my life!

Sway saunters out in front of the crowd as they applaud and cheer him.

Emma Mason:
Introducing first, from Trinidad - Weighing in at 200 pounds - Swayyyyy Archeeerrrrr!!

Sway laughs as he walks down the ramp, occasionally high-fiving fans. He steps onto the apron, and looks out to the crowd. Sway nods along to the music and then steps into the ring awaiting his opponent.

***I bring the Darkness***

Ace Fox marches out with his head down and his hood on. He dramatically takes it off to reveal his ever-mean looking face. He walks to the ring with his head up high as he looks over the crowd.

Match One - Ace Fox vs Sway Archer
Singles Match

The bell rings the the two link up. It’s Fox who gets the advantage first pulling Sway into a side-headlock but this is quickly and swiftly countered into a Hammerlock. Traditional wrestling is not Fox’s specialty so after rolling his way out of this hold he nails a short-arm clothesline!!

Immediately he goes on the attack looking to mount Sway Archer - the two men struggle for position as they roll around the mat laying in punch after punch to each other. Though it was Fox who turned this into a brawl, Sway has the upper-hand and has worked himself into a headlock.

Using the bottom rope Fox slides out of the ring to afford himself some breathing space. Now he has a moment, Sway Archer removes his jacket as he sizes up Ace on the outside. He bolts for the ropes as Fox flinches but Sway tucks his head under and his arms over the ropes so just rebounds where he was stood! Laughs are heard from the fans at Ace Fox who is still stood flinching awaiting the impending attack.

Wasting no time Sway slingshots himself out of the ring at his opponent but is met with a wicked uppercut!!! The referee begins his count


Sway is out on his feet as Ace Fox grabs him and hurls him into the ring steps!


Archer is stirring so his opponent advances but is met with a mule kick!


This time Archer returns the favour and hurls Ace into the barricade! Spine first!


Now Sway lifts his slightly smaller opponent up and drags him towards the apron.

Ace attacks with a vicious elbow to the gut followed by a spinning backfist which rocks Archer! He follows this up with a roundhouse kick totally flooring his opponent!


Fox rolls back into the ring and gloats as his opponent is down on the outside and the count continues.



Sway is back to his feet and has climbed onto the apron! Fox comes to meet him but Arches grabs him round the neck and jumps down to the floor bringing Fox’s throat down across the rope!


Stan Chambers: Sway Archer must be careful not to get counted out here!


Sway is back up but Ace again there to meet him - And Sway hurls Fox over the top rope to meet him on the apron! The referee must restart his count. Rather than restart the Referee pleads with both men to return to the ring - Giving them benefit of the doubt for being on the apron not the outside. Both are oblivious though as they go punch for punch on the apron. Out of nowhere Sway hits a V-Trigger!! It echoes around the arena.


Immediately Ace Fox nails the maneuver whilst reeling from the knee - Both men collapse to the floor. Now the referee counts



Both men begin to stir on the outside - They glare at one another from across the floor!


Clawing at the apron they both fight to reach their feet


Sway looks for another V-Trigger but Fox avoids it by trying to climb back into the ring! Sway has hold of his tights and will not let him go anywhere


Ace throws a foot out at Sway which rocks him but rather climb back in the ring he looks like he’s setting him up for a springboard move to the outside


During his hesitation Sway has leapt up to the apron to meet Fox! On pure instinct he throws a right fist at Arches who ducks it leaving Ace to follow through and end up with his back to his opponent!


Seeing his opportunity - Sway jumps up and hits the Ultralight Beam!! High Angle Backstabber connects on the apron! The only thing worse than the sound of Sways back cracking upon the apron is the thud of Ace Fox’s body crashing against the outside!


Sway’s lifeless body just flops down to the floor as both men now lie motionless



Both Ace Fox and Sway Archer are down at ringside, the referee having called the match a double count-out, neither man having walked away with a victory. Ace Fox rolls onto his side, rubbing his arm as Sway Archer coughs a few times. They both look hurt, both of them look beaten and bruised.

***White Wedding***​

El Gigante Enmascarado makes his way out onto the stage, grinning underneath his mask. He cracks his knuckles as he begins to make his way down the ramp and towards ringside. Upon reaching the end of the ramp, he turns to face a downed Ace Fox. The giant man walks over to the PWC newcomer, lifting him to his feet with one hand. El Gigante then lifts the PWC newcomer into the air with ease, dropping him in a double handed chokeslam. Ace Fox is down as El Gigante picks him up once again, this time in a fireman’s carry, The giant superstar carries Ace Fox to the stage, glaring at fans as he does so before he eventually drops Ace on the stage. Ace begins to climb to his feet and gets planted with a Knee Trembler. El Gigante then lifts Ace to his feet once again, launching the smaller man from the stage and to the concrete below. El Gigante takes one look at his work before storming backstage as EMT’s rush out to assist Ace Fox.

Stan Chambers: What carnage. What man would ever do such a thing.

Sondra Rowe: El Gigante isn’t a man, he’s pure chaos.

The camera’s cut backstage while Stan and Sondra are talking. They cut backstage to Crowley’s locker room where he is shown jumping on the spot. He is surrounded by the ghouls who appear to follow his every jump with their eyes. Crowley is obviously ready, warming up for his main event clash against Jensen later in the night.

The cameras in the arena all turn to the stage, drawing the attention of the crowd as their heads follow. At the commentary table, the pair of Stan Chambers and Sondra Rowe talk excitedly about the upcoming match.

Stan Chambers: This could be an interesting one, Sondra.

Sondra Rowe: That’s right, Stan. Up next we have two men that owe their current situations to Brittany Page.

Stan Chambers: Bianchi was signed up by Ernesto Clement’s assistant a few months back after she discovered him. While many will point to the animosity between him and Ernesto Clement as a downside to Bianchi’s hiring, his recent victory over Dr. Nero has done a lot to prove that he was an impressive find by Miss Page. While Bianchi hasn’t dominated in the same fashion as the likes of Xander Black in years gone by, he has proven to be a very impressive competitor here in the PWC and as a result of that is our current Legacy Champion.

Sondra Rowe: And after months of back and forth troubled negotiations with Ernesto Clement, Austin Angel owes his current contract to Brittany as she saw what Austin and his supremely talented fiancé could offer the PWC. She had to go over Clement’s head to renew Austin’s contract, but it’d be hard to argue that it wasn’t worth it. Austin has seen off competition for his TV Championship and with each match seems to gain even more momentum.

Stan Chambers: Angel has proven himself upon his return. Before he was struggling in a world with Derek Jacobs, Darius Black and Freddie Vos, but he has taken full advantage of them not being around and is moving up in the rankings here.


The lights dim down, leaving a lone spotlight shining down upon that stage, bathing Becca McKay in a halo of light, drawing ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the crowd. She strides forward as the lights blaze back into life and then turns to face her fiancé, Austin Angel, who is walking out onto the stage flanked by his bouncer and Riley and Bret, his fellow bandmates.

Riley and Bret are each holding a strap of Angel’s TV Championship above their heads, raising the title as high as they can.

At the front of the stage, Angel has thrown his hood back and is sharing a kiss with Becca to the dismay of several fans in the audience. Angel grins cockily out at them before leading the quintet down towards the ring with a swagger in his step. The group saunter past the fans who are booing and acknowledging the rare fan who offers support to Angel or Becca. As the reach the ring, Riley and Bret hand Austin his title as he rushes up the turnbuckle and stands with his arm raised in the air, hoisting the title up for the whole arena to see. The rest of his entourage slip into the ring with the sole exception of Becca who doesn’t enter until Angel hops down and sits on the rope, lowering it for her.

The group move towards Angel’s corner as one and take their places as Angel and Becca share another kiss and watch the stage in one another’s arms.


The crowd boo as Jacob Bianchi walks out onto the stage. He begins to stalk down to the ring, but stops himself quickly, looking out at the crowd as he does. He unfastens the Legacy Championship from around his waist and hoists it into the air, laughing at the crowd as he does.

Jacob walks slowly down to the ring, his eyes darting around the arena, watching the abuse that several members of the crowd throw his way. Inside the ring Austin Angel looks out at the crowd, shaking his head.

Bianchi slides into the ring and heads for his corner, avoiding the gazes of Austin Angel and his companions, opting to climb the turnbuckle and raise his belt once again. It’s not until he drops down to the mat again does he glance at his opponent, watching as Axl and the Elliots leave the ring, which leaves Bianchi stood alone as Becca and Angel watch him, each person waiting for the other to do something.

Gwen Jeffers is the first one to make a move as she slips into the ring and gets between the two Champions. Bianchi hands the Legacy Championship to the waiting hands of a ring hand as Angel hands the Television Title to Becca.

At ringside Emma Mason gets to her feet with a microphone in hand.

Emma Mason: Introducing first, from The City of Angels! He stands six feet tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred and ten pounds. He is the PWC’s Television Champion! AUSTIN. ANGEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL!

There’s a few cheers for Angel, but they’re drowned out by the rest of the crowd who are booing as Angel races up the turnbuckle and poses cockily for the fans.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, hailing from Brescia, Italy! He stands six feet four inches tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred and forty pounds. He is the PWC’s Legacy Champion! JACOB. BIIIIIAAAANCHIIIIIIII!

The crowd boo heavily which is ignored by Bianchi who is focused solely on Angel.

Jeffers waits for Mason to return to her chair before calling for the bell and getting the match started.

Match Two - Austin Angel vs Jacob Bianchi
Singles - Champion vs Champion

Angel and Bianchi nod at one another before locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie up, both men vying for control, but it’s the Italian who comes out strongest, quickly taking control of the smaller man and wrapping him in a tight headlock. Austin quickly pushes Bianchi back into the ropes, trying to use momentum to break Bianchi’s grip, but as the two men bounce off, Bianchi hits Angel with a forearm, stunning him before locking in the headlock again.

Angel tries to adjust and use a different tactic, digging the toe of his boot into the back of Bianchi’s knee, bringing the big man down onto a knee before driving his elbow straight into the Italian’s jaw. Bianchi’s grip drops as he recoils, grabbing his face in pain as Angel rushes towards the opposite set of ropes and comes flying back with a head of steam, diving forward and nailing Bianchi with another elbow to the face.

Bianchi is dragged into the middle of the ring.



Jeffers’ hand barely leaves the mat before Bianchi’s shoulder is up, breaking the pinfall. Angel turns and half heartedly raises three fingers to Jeffers, trying to claim that he’d won the match already but the referee is having none of it and ignores him.

Angel turns back to face Bianchi only for his head to be thrown right back round to face Jeffers as he’s rocked by a solid left hook from his freshly recovered opponent. He pushes past the referee, trying to put distance between the two competitors, but Bianchi’s after the Los Angelean and drives him into the corner at pace, throwing punches and driving his forearm into his chest and face, looking to deal as much damage as he is physically capable of in a short flurry of blows.

Bianchi lifts Angel up and carries him into the centre of the ring. He flashes a quick look towards Angel’s posse before dropping him back down, connecting with an Inverted Atomic Drop. He immediately follows that up by lifting Angel back up and spins, driving the man back down onto the mat with a vicious Spinning Spinebuster.

Bianchi rolls over onto Angel, taking his turn to go for a pinfall.



Angel kicks out just as quickly as Bianchi did, but remains on the back foot as the Italian unleashes several clubbing blows, trying to keep Angel’s speed out of the match. With his hands over his head, Angel does what he can to protect himself from the worst of the blows, but several shots to the ribs wind him, causing some very audible groans of pain.

Bianchi drags Angel up to his feet and throws him against the ropes, using his momentum against him, hitting a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, launching him overhead. Bianchi chases after Angel again and brings him back up to his feet, this time opting to hit a German Suplex, releasing the hold at the height of its arc, launching Angel across the ring, leaving him spread out on the mat.



The fans still aren’t sure how they want this one to end. Both men have been a thorn in their side for months now, but they clearly want to pick a side.

Bianchi and Becca both try to make the choice an easy one for the crowd as they yell out, but it just increases the volume of the booing for both competitors instead of turning them against one. The two look at one another, frustrated that the other robbed their chance of turning the crowd.

As the two stare each other down, Angel storms up to his feet and as Bianchi turns, he hits a Rolling Yoshi Tonic, slamming the big man down onto the mat. Angel rushes to the ropes, looking to bring an end to the fight.

He rushes up just as Bianchi stirs, flipping over onto his stomach, trying to drag himself to the ropes just as Angel gets into position, his eyes locked on the downed man, watching like a hawk.

Becca cheers on delightedly as her fiancé dives towards Bianchi, but the cheers die in her throat as Bianchi rolls out from under the shadow of his opponent, rises to his feet and turns, just as Angel lands, rolling out of his dive. Austin charges back at Bianchi who ducks again, this time avoiding the raised elbow and spins around to face his opponent just as Angel goes for the SMASH HIT, but no! Bianchi was anticipating this and drops back, the smaller man’s outstretched leg in hand, drawing the two down to the mat. Bianchi adjusts and locks in the Achilles Lock!!

Angel writhes around in pain as Bianchi locks in the hold, ripping away at Austin’s heel, trying to force the smaller man to submit. Angel reaches out his hand, trying to scrape his way towards the ropes, ignoring the intense pain, as Becca reaches out to Austin, looking to offer whatever support she can. The Elliots and Axl are at her side shouting encouragement to their man as he drags himself closer and closer to freedom. Bianchi wrenches back the hold, drawing a cry of pain for Angel who is just a foot away from freedom. Inches! Centimetres!! HE HAS THE R--NO!!! Bianchi drags Angel right back into the centre of the ring and drops down, locking in the h--NO! Angel lashes his boot out desperately just as Bianchi drops down and his heel crashes straight into the Italian’s nose, stunning him.

Angel rolls away from the loosened grip of his opponent and hobbles into the corner, clearly suffering from the submission attempt. He hobbles back action, but he’s not quick enough as Bianchi drives a boot down into his ankle, causing Angel to drop to the ground, crying out in pain as Bianchi rises to his feet, his eyes still watering from the pain of Angel’s last strike.

Bianchi doesn’t let up and lifts Angel up to his feet, grabbing the American’s strong leg, and lifts him up into the air, looking to hit a Fisherman’s Suplex. However, at the peak of the Suplex, Bianchi brings Angel crashing back down upon his knee, hitting a brutal modified Backbreaker!

Bianchi drags the limp Angel back up to his feet and hoists the high-flyer up onto his shoulders, signalling the end to the fans who are still struggling to pick a side.


Bianchi brings Angel crashing back down to the mat to a mournful cry from Becca McKay who is looking at the pair in the ring miserably.


Emma Mason: And here’s your winner, JACOB BIANCHI!!

The crowd boo as Bianchi rolls away from the prone Angel, massaging his jaw. He looks out at the crowd with a smug look on his face, clearly happy to have got one over them. He turns to face his downed opponent, watching as Becca and the rest of the group surround Angel, trying to bring him around after Jacob’s devastating finisher.

Bianchi takes one final glance at Angel who is beginning to recover before making his way out of the ring.

Winner - Jacob Bianchi via Lost in Transmission

Stan Chambers:
That was a strong win for Bianchi there. Angel didn’t seem to get out of the blocks outside of a few short bursts.

Sondra Rowe: Yeah, it’s clear that Jacob is still riding a wave of momentum following his defeat of Dr. Nero at Ragnarok. It’ll be interesting to see how far he can take this.

Stan Chambers: We’ll have to watch and see over the upcoming weeks and months, but for now, it’s time we took a few minutes and went to commercial. Stay tuned folks, there’s more to come after this break.

The cameras cut to an ad-break where an advert for Last Rites is shown. Once the advert for Last Rites is finished, some regular American style adverts show for McDonalds and KFC. Once the cameras return to the live broadcast, they cut backstage to Sway Archer, who is sat on a box, still looking beaten up from his match earlier in the night.

Sway Archer: Honestly, I don’t understand Kidd’s animosity towards me…

He lowers the torch into his lap.

Sway Archer: I was always, nice to him. Sure, I beat the ever-loving hell out of him every now and again, but he hit me with a sledgehammer, so we’re even, right?

He looks down at the torch. His mouth morphs to a sly smile.

Sway Archer: I mean, we could be more, even…

Sway shakes his head and calms himself down.

Sway Archer: No, no, that’s okay. What’s done, is done. I am not the savage that Kidd West is, or even worse, the one he was. I’m past all that. But Kidd, please, my man, don’t underestimate me.

He puts out his hands, as if to plead with Kidd through the camera.

Sway Archer: I like you! Honestly! You have so much potential, and every fight we have is an honor. You and I have pushed each other to the limit in past bouts.

Sway lowers his hands, and hardens his gaze.

Sway Archer: But let me make one, thing, clear. This is a new company, a new endeavour for me. Here? We may have some good matches, but know that I will gladly put you down like the dog you’ve shown yourself to be if you try to get in my way.

Sway’s mouth slowly curls back into the smile he’s known for.

Sway Archer: Until then, I think we can have some fun.

Sway waves his hands in a sort of “I don’t know” motion.

Sway Archer: Whenever management allows us to, that is.

He shrugs, and waves to the camera.

Sway Archer: See you soon, Kidd. Don’t go soft before I get there.

***Is She With You?***

Emma Mason: Introducing first, all the way from Brooklyn New York. It’s Leo Masters!

The crowd gives out a lukewarm reception to the PWC superstar, who walks out as soon as his music hits. He takes a casual stroll through towards the ring. Once inside, The King of the Concrete Jungle lets out a huge roar to announce his arrival.

***Robot Rock***

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is the Eccentric Artist.. KIdd West!

As soon as the drums start, Kidd West steps out to a flurry of blue and gold lights. His arms outstretched, he curtsies before the crowd and then stands up straight immediately after. He makes his way down the ramp, following the camera as he winks and points to himself. Rolling into the ring, he leaps onto the far ringpost and extends his arms out wide before leaning back, his legs wrapped around the top turnbuckle, and hangs there in a tree of woe position.

Referee Roger Hains takes the center of the ring and calls for the bell


Leo Masters shoots out the blocks quickly rushing at West and pushing the Eccentric Artist into the corner before throwing a series of wild, left and right hands to face of Kidd West. The artist from Calgary frantically covers up, trying to avoid the heavy shots from the Brooklyn native . With Kidd West desperate to protect hsi face from further damage, Masters attacks the body, throwing a hard right hand to his foe’s rib cage that doubles West over in the corner.

Gust goes down clutching his midsection in pain with Masters stepping back and admiring his handiwork. The King of the Concrete Jungle pulls Gust out of the corner and delivers a quick suplex to West in the center of the ring.



Kickout! West kicks out with barely a one count. Masters shakes his head, as he thought that he had already done enough to get the win, Masters gets to his feet and grabs a hold of his smaller oppenent. Masters locks up West and throws him quickly into the rops. Kidd west ducks underneath a huge clothesline, and bounces quickly off the ropes. He leaps into the air and delivers a beautiful leg lariat! It connects with Masters, who is quickly taken off of his feet. West stands up and throws his hands up in the air to celebrate! Suddenly, loud cheers begin to overtake the boo birds! West lets out a huge smile, until he realizes that the cheers were not for him. He turns around and recieves a huge discus lariat from Masters. Masters casually pins his opponent.




Winner: Leo Masters via Pinfall.

Several of the cameras in the arena turn to face the titantron as we get a look into the office of Ernesto Clement. The man himself is sat at his desk, hands clasped and cream suit pristine. The crowd cheer at the sight of their owner, and several make bowing motions with their hands.

Ernesto Clement: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you are no doubt well aware, we currently have no Number One Contender for Jacob Bianchi’s PWC Legacy Championship.

Clement grimaces as he says Bianchi’s name, clearly still struggling with the idea that Bianchi is holding one of his company’s Championships.

Ernesto Clement: As we’re fast approaching Last Rites, this will not do, so I’d like to officially announce my plans to deal with this problem. We have many members of this wonderful roster all champing at the bit, begging for an opportunity to become the next Legacy Champion, so I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution to this problem.

The crowd wait with bated breath, not sure what Clement is about to announce.

Ernesto Clement: Next week on Vortex we will have a Battle Royale to decide who Mr. Bianchi will face in his first defence.

The crowd cheers.

Ernesto Clement: This match will contain the likes of Jensen [the crowd cheers], Donald Hammerpunch [another cheer] and more, potentially including a few surprises.

The crowd murmur amongst themselves, trying to figure out who he means. A few fan favourite names are picked up by the camera as the fans try to explain how the returns of former stars like Freddie Vos, Kyle Elric, Xander Black or Cheri Hayven would make sense.

Ernesto Clement: Thank you all for your time, but I think it’s time I handed things back over to the PWC Roster. Good luck to everyone involved in the Battle Royale and best of luck to both men who are no doubt finalising their preparations to compete tonight.

The titantron cuts out and the camera's center on the stage once more, preparing for the main event.

***The Pines***
The crowd roars in anticipation!

Emma Mason: The following contest is the Main Event and it is scheduled for One Fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Jensen makes his way out onto the ramp and looks out into the audience.

Emma Mason: First, from Portland Oregon, weighing in at 217 pounds… JEEEENSEEEEENNN!!

He walks down the ramp and high fives the fans. Once Jensen steps into the ring he pauses for a few seconds as the lights dim to a blue/purple hue. His jacket begins to light up revealing an assortment of colors as he poses in the center of the ring - Awaiting his opponent.


The cheers stop as the fans start to boo, continuing as the King of PWC makes his entrance.

Emma Mason: His opponent - From The Casalesi Italy, he weighs in tonight at 210 pounds. He is the reigning PWC World Champion - KING CROOOOWWLEEEYYYY

As he enters the arena, a thin purple light follows the champion down the the ring who slithers under the bottom rope - never taking his eyes off of Jensen. He slowly removes his crown and kisses it as he hands it over to the referee. The two men stand across from one another as referee Gil Artmann takes the King’s crown and passes it to the ringside crew.

Sondra Rowe:
The King of PWC is burning a hole straight through Jensen with his glare right now - You can feel the tension!

Stan Chambers: Maybe so, but Jensen is no pushover. This is going to be a serious fight between two of PWC’s longest standing competitors.

Match Four - Jensen vs Crowley
Singles Match

The bell rings and both men advance to meet one another. Both men stand at almost equal size and shape with Jensen having a very minor physical advantage over his opponent. Crowley decides the stare-down has gone on too long and throws a right at Jensen who block and immediately starts raining down forearm strikes to the champion who seemingly has no answer for his opponents speed. Jensen throws blow after blow after blow until Crowley is on his knees holding onto the ropes as his only way of not collapsing. Jensen hits the opposite ropes and comes flying back with a dropkick sending the champion out to the floor!

Stan Chambers:
I do not think that Crowley was ready for this early onslaught from Jensen here tonight!

Crowley drags himself back to his feet just as Jensen again hits the ropes and looks to rebound with a basement dropkick - But Crowley lifts the apron and catches his opponent in it.

Sondra Rowe: Look how intelligent and cunning our King is!

Crowley now attacks Jensen with a series of punches and elbows as he has no way to defend himself being wrapped in between the ring and the apron cover. Eventually he collapses below and rolls out from underneath the apron but the King wastes no time ragging him up to his feet and rolling him into the ring. As Jensen is motionless his opponent ascends onto the apron where he uses the ropes to him a slingshot swanton bomb-like maneuver and he quickly makes the cover




Crowley grins a sadistic grin - He knew that wouldn’t put Jensen away but this is all part of his mind games for which he is possibly the best in the business. Again he rags Jensen to his feet and this time throws him into the turnbuckle where he uses the ropes to steady himself as he plants boot after boot into the midsection of his counterpart. After deciding he has taken enough of the King’s boot - Crowley takes some steps back and runs at him looking to hit a forearm but Jensen gets his foot up and catches him square in the jaw! This only infuriates the champion who quickly nails his opponent with a step-up enziguri in the corner! The impact is sickening and echoes through the arena. He’s not done there - Jensen collapses to his knees but before he fully falls to the floor Crowley plants his skull with a DDT! Jensen’s feet fly into the air as he does so, the impact causes his body to complete a full flip as he lands on his back and Crowley rolls ro make the cover again.




Stan Chambers: Jensen kicks out again - So much resilience!

Crowley is a little more frustrated this time, two huge blows to the skull in a matter of seconds and he still survives. Again the champion begins to lift his opponent, maybe looking for the blow to end it this time? But Jensen nails a wicked elbow connecting with his jaw!!

Stan Chambers: Did I just see a tooth?!

Out of instinct alone the champion looks for a right hook but it’s ducked and Jensen hooks him up and nails a half and half suplex! Momentum brings Crowley to his knees where Jensen is quick to lift him up and this time hits a picture-perfect northern lights suplex! Stays on him for the cover!




Sondra Rowe: That last combination clearly knocked the wind out of the King - But there’s a reason we call him the king!

Stan Chambers: That reason is because he defaced the most prized possession in our business.

Sondra Rowe: Stan, please. He merely made it more… Majestic.

Meanwhile in the ring Jensen has ascended to the top rope as his opponent claws himself up. Before he has chance to register what's happening he is knocked off his feet with a missile dropkick. In the ultimate act of defiance Crowley rolls backwards and straight back to his feet. As he snarls at his opponent he is nailed again with a dropkick this time crashing him against the corner! Crowley has no defiance this time as he crumbles into the corner and rests against the bottom turnbuckle. This isn’t enough for Jensen who runs against the opposite turnbuckle and back towards Crowley again this time landing a hesitation dropkick!!

Stan Chambers: What a variety of dropkicks Jensen has in his arsenal - Can he capitalize?

Jensen pulls Crowley away from the corner and hooks the inside leg as he makes the cover.



Thre-Foot on the rope!

Sondra Rowe: What ring awareness by our king!

Jensen stares at Crowley’s boot against the bottom rope in pure disbelief. Not allowing himself to be frustrated, the fan favourite goes right back on the attack.

Stan Chambers: He’s setting the champion up for Censored Colors! This could end the match right now!

Just as Jensen is going to hoist Crowley into the air, the champion spins out and looks to run back in with a clothesline - But he’s caught and taken down as Jensen locks in the Fujiwara Armbar!

Stan Chambers: Centre of the ring! And it’s locked in deep! What’s the champ going to do?!

Crowley growls in pain, seemingly more frustrated at himself getting caught than in agony from the submission hold. He scratches and claws towards the ropes but is not able to advance anywhere and it becomes clear he will have to find another way to break the hold. Steadily, Crowley slides his opposite arm under his body giving him more freedom and he swiftly escapes the grasp and rolls Jensen into a Crucifix roll-up pinning combination!




At the last second Jenson rolls backwards out of the pin and immediately to his feet! He lunges at Crowley looking for another dropkick but it’s dodged and immediately Crowley flys past Jensen and hits the ropes with a handspring and back to the opponent with a beautiful backflip tornado DDT. The champ doesn’t finish there as he lines Jensen up and hits a standing corkscrew moonsault! The cover is made!




Crowley slaps the mat in frustration. Jensen is beginning to stand, noticing this Crowley decided to kick it up a gear once more. He rebounds off the ropes but as he approaches Jensen he leapfrogs over the champion who rebounds off the next set of ropes but this time Jensen drops to the deck and Crowley has to leap over him. Again Crowley comes off the ropes and this time Jensen looks to nail a huge desperation clothesline but Crowley dips his head under the arm and nails a standing spanish fly!!

Not satisfied that this will put Jesen away he urges him back to his feet. Jensen is using the ropes to climb as he is running on fumes at this point! Crowley grabs a fistfull of tights anf pulls Jensen onto his shoulders in the electric chair position!

Stan Chambers: This does not look good for Jensen!

Suddenly, Jensen spins around and looks to launch Crowley with a hurricanrana but Crowley goes with the momentum of this move and gets back to one knee while Jensen is still atop his shoulders! Jensen stares down in utter disbelief at this in-human ability on display. The crowd all gawp in amazement as Crowley ascends to both feet and before Jesen has time to properly react he is spun back around and planted with the Electric Chair Driver!!!




Sondra Rowe: No that was three!

Stan Chambers: Well let’s there’s throwing unbiased journalism out the window folks but oh my god what a sequence and what heart from Jensen to withstand that!

Both men are in the centre of the ring. Jensen still out layed by Crowley who is sat up staring on in disbelief. Crowley grabs the face of Jesen and barks at him

Crowley: Stay down. You are nothing. You are nobody. Stay. Down.

Crowley now drags Jensen’s lifeless body by the corner.

Sondra Rowe: He’s going to end this right now.

Crowley climbs the corner but as he does so Jensen leaps to his feet!

Stan Chambers: Where is this energy coming from?!

Jensen hits the ropes and Crowley collapses onto the turnbuckle - Landing the hard way!

Immediately Jensen nails a rope-assisted gemengiri, knocking the champ into next week. Jensen looks up at the champion and then down at the mat. You can almost see the cogs turning in his mind! He hoists Crowley's legs over to the right side of the turnbuckle to that he is facing away from the ring and the begins to climb up behind him. On the second rope he hooks the Champions head from behind and takes one last look down

Stan Chambers: Jensen’s looking for Censored Colors from the top rope!

Sondra Rowe: He can’t do this!!

Jensen closes his eyes and takes one last deep breath before climbing all the way to the top rope and lifting his opponent but Crowley springs to life and as the two tumble he stays on his feet while Jensen still hits the mat hard! Straight up though he pounces at Crowley and ducks a forearm attemp and nails a falling overhead kick! But Crowley stay on his feet - stunned! Jensen intertwines their legs and rolls through looking for the Calf Slicer! As the reaches out to grab the ankle of Crowley and apply the pressure, the champion is up to his feet - spins around which also rolls Jensen over as their legs are still intertwined and he drops down locking in C’est La Vie!!

Sondra Rowe: Centre of the ring, Jensen has nowhere to go!

The fan favourite reaches out and screams in pain - He’s nowhere near any ropes and this maneuver totally locks him up unable to drag Crowley to any of the ropes! Slowly the scratching fades down and the screams become mute - Jensen’s eyes fall shut and the referee has no choice but to call for the bell!

Winner - Crowley via C’est La Vie!​

Crowley rises from the prone body of Jensen, a victorious look in his eyes. He turns to face his Ghouls as they crowd around him, all watching happily as their master stands tall. At the commentary table, Stan and Sondra are chatting animatedly.

Sondra Rowe: That was a strong performance from both, but as always, King Crowley stands tall.

Stan Chambers: Jensen refused to stay down for the longest time, but there’s very little that can stop Crowley once he gets going. There’s a reason he’s our World Heavyweight Champion despite the constant competition from some of our best and brightest.

Sondra Rowe: Best of luck to anyone who dares step into the ring against him. King Crowley’s looking like he’ll be Champion for the foreseeable future.

Crowley and his Ghouls have slipped out of the ring, and are making their way to the back, heads held high, ignoring Jensen’s slowly rising body. The Champion turns just as the camera slips behind him and the show ends on a shot of the self proclaimed King looking down upon the ring, his crown resting snugly upon his brow.

* * *​

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Really good show guys. I enjoyed it. There were a few stars missing today but that's ok. We are moving into Last Rites. The Battle Royale next week with all guest stars will be a heap of fun.

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Liked the show a lot, especially the fantastic main event. Sway and Ace kicking the holy hell out of each other was a ton of fun, as was the continuation of Ace vs. Gigante. Sway's promo was actually was actually really neat too. Really good stuff, again, the main event brought it up a big notch.

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Liked the show a lot, especially the fantastic main event. Sway and Ace kicking the holy hell out of each other was a ton of fun, as was the continuation of Ace vs. Gigante. Sway's promo was actually was actually really neat too. Really good stuff, again, the main event brought it up a big notch.
*pretends Lucas got mentioned so he can feel important*
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