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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Staples Center
Capacity: 21,000
City: Los Angeles, California


TV Title Match
Lucas Hawthorne vs Austin Angel (c)

Tag Team Match
Leo Masters & Ace Fox vs El Gigante Enmascarado & Luke Jackson

Singles Match
Remy Dieu vs Jacob Bianchi

Singles Match
Kidd West vs Donald Hammerpunch

Number 1 Contender's Match for the PWC Championship
Shadow vs Dr Nero

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on 6th November 2017 (Monday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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TV Title Match
Lucas Hawthorne vs Austin Angel (c)

AA boasts too much. Someone needs to kick his teeth down the back of this dude's throat.

Tag Team Match
Leo Masters & Ace Fox vs El Gigante Enmascarado & Luke Jackson

Face and Heel on the same team? Ah well, it lets my inner Vince come out. Big sweaty men!

Singles Match
Remy Dieu vs Jacob Bianchi

Jacob's gonna break your face, break your face, break your face! Jacob's gonna break your face and make you into jam. (sing to the melody of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Singles Match
Kidd West vs Donald Hammerpunch

Dude may be inconsistant but when he turns something in, he turns in an absolute classic. It's why he's an ex champion.

Number 1 Contender's Match for the PWC Championship
Shadow vs Dr Nero

It's not that I doubt Owen. It's that Nero is going to eat Shadow for breakfast and then we'll see what happens when a God fights a King

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Imperfection is perfection​


The table, and everything sitting on top it, is turned over and crashes to the floor! Nero’s battered and bruised body is still covered in sweat from his war with Bianchi.

Ellie rushes to his side in order to calm the fire inside of him. His rage-filled eyes stare into hers, his heavy breathing intensifies frightening her. She steps away, scared of the knowledge of what lies beneath the surface, and that it could be unleashed behind closed doors.

He turns not wanting her to look at him. He glares at his quivering hands for what seems like an eternity before clenching them and his eyes closed.
Ellie’s hands shake, but she refuses to not help him. She places her palm on his back and she can feel the heat of his skin. She can feel the rage… subside.

Nero opens his eyes and turns back to her. His look of failure and distress fades away and they embrace. No words are spoken. None need to be.

One week ago
Amway Center
Orlando, Florida

Nero is backstage watching the, PWC Owner and Chairman, Ernesto Clement on his private monitor. Clement announces the number one contedner's match for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship match. A small smile falls across the Doctor’s face, which doesn’t go unnoticed by his beautiful companion.

“I’m starting to think I don’t know you anymore <giggle>”, Ellie says as she strokes one her long brown locks from her face.

“Where has all this emotion come from?”

Nero looks inward for a second, he has always made sure that he meticulously chose his words when speaking.

“I don’t know.”

Ellie is shocked even more by the response. This God of a man, always so sure of himself, so knowledgeable of his direction in life, seems lost. Or does he? His unsure answer was spoken with such confidence.

“Ellie, I don’t know where it came from. But what I do know is that I enjoy it. Ever since I let my anger get the best of me, and I was sent to jail because of it, I’ve bottled up my emotions.

“I’ve ensured I remained focussed. But now, I’m just having too much damn fun,” he smirks.

“I lost to Bianchi, yes, but I felt so alive when putting my boot in his face and stepping on his neck!”

“Whether it was the respect I have for Bruce Thorn or the loathing I have for Bianchi. I feel now is the time to release the fire I have inside. It’s time everyone sees the real Doctor Nero. They will watch me bring unseen fire I possess and witness as I scorch the earth with it!

“Well, you’re finally going to get your chance to take back the world title. All you have to do is beat Shadow,” Ellie explains the obvious.

“Shadow is an amazing competitor, I want his last ten matches queued up for me for the flight home. He is one of the only men on this roster who has actually scored a pinfall over Crowley. There is something inside of him, that maybe he doesn’t even know how to tap inot that allowed him to get that victory. I not only must learn his moves to devise a winning strategy against him, but also so I can unlock the weakness to Crowley.”

“You got it boss.”

“Shadow is the perfect opponent,” Nero says under his breathe. Nero straightens his already perfect tie, but then pauses.

“Why was Jacob Bianchi able to beat me?”, he asks himself.

“I was perfect. I was… Too perfect. Too mechanical. Bianchi holds an intelligence almost equal to my own. Although I was flawless inside that ring, everything was predictable. A picture-perfect strike will always hit its target. Will always land where it will cause the most damage. Which means an opponent will always know what the shot will target and with what amount of force. Ha, well played Bianchi. You were always one step ahead of me, and it allowed you get your hand raised. I have learnt something today. And, I will not make the same mistake twice.”

Nero pulls at his tie and dishevels his hair.

“If I truly am a new man, a new fighter, then I must go all the way and embrace it. I must unlearn everything. Shadow will expect a ground game. A technical shoot strategy from me. I will do the exact opposite and I will win that number one contender's match.

“And then there will be only one man left in the way. I will slap the crown off the head of Crowley and once again take back MY throne.”

“Sounds good boss,” says Ellie.

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Post-Ragnarok - Backstage

Kidd West sits on a wooden bench, easing a pack of ice onto his bruised back as he shudders in pain. The images of the match still flashing fresh in his mind. The moment he almost snatched victory from Sway Archer, and the moment he was brought crashing down to his disheartening defeat, the Ultralight Beam, A move which brought swift defeat onto those who were on the receiving end. He shuffles on the bench uncomfortably as we hear footsteps approach.

Kidd: The backstage area is for PWC personnel only…

We hear the flick of a lighter, and then a few seconds later a large puff of smoke is blown into West’s face. Coughing, West waves his hands to clear it away as the voice speaks in a southern drawl.

???: Don’t you know who I am boy?

West looks up and squints his eyes at the man, everything is still somewhat blurry to him, the back pain certainly not helping with his focus. The man grins, removing the lit cigar from his mouth.

Kidd: Rex Avery?! You bastard!

West laughs, wincing slightly in pain and clutching onto his back

Kidd: What brings you all the way to Iceland?

Avery: Well, to put it kindly. You ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Your record label sent me to try and get this wrasslin’ idea out of your head, they think all this months of training has been a waste of money, they’d rather you were in the recording booth than the ring.

West’s smile turns into a frown.

Kidd: And did you tell them this was how I was trying to handle my writers block? By turning to an alternative form of art with which to convey a story…

Avery: How is this art? How is fighting people like putting pen to paper or words into a microphone!?

Kidd: It is the art of punching people in the face… Rex. The tale of two men who enter, and one man who leaves victorious. Sometimes, like tonight, it’s four men. And as you can see, I handled that pretty fucking well!!!

West snaps at Rex Avery, the white suited man, who backs away slowly shaking his head in disapproval

Avery: I came here to persuade you to pack it in… but, you’ve clearly been drinking the PWC kool-aid. So I suppose it will be my duty then to ensure you don’t hurt yourself too badly… lest the chairman of the record company kill me for not stopping his moneymaker from being injured.

Kidd: See.. that’s the problem. I’m HIS moneymaker. I get fuck all from him in return. The greed of that man is unreal Avery. He makes me look virtuous by comparison!

3 Months Ago…

A man in a pale blue suit stands facing a window inside his big office room. The view outside the window is that of a bustling city, roads stretching for miles with tall buildings either side and cars and pedestrians moving about on their daily business. A digital clock on his desk reads 2:25 PM in vivid green. The man turns around, stroking his small black beard, a few grey hairs starting to show through. There is a sharp buzz from the intercom on his desk as a female voice drones out.

?: James, your two thirty appointment is here to see you.

James hesitates for a few seconds, before pushing the button and in his distinct New Jersey accent speaks up.

James: Send him in.

The doors to this office squeak open, Kidd West strides through confidently, wearing a black yak skin jacket and a gold diamond shaped ear piercing with his hair tied up in a man bun. Taking a seat opposite the blue suited man, James Cannon.

James: Kidd. Good to see you.

Kidd waves his hand in the air sarcastically, as if to mockingly say. You too.

James: So… you requested this meeting? Why?

Kidd: I’ll be honest James. I’m not feeling inspired. I feel like working with Diamondback Records is hampering my creative juices, you dig?

James: I… dig?

Kidd: Great, anyway, I want out of my contract.

James looks at Kidd a mix of confusion and anger

James: Woah woah woah… lets not be fuckin hasty, this is an expensive contract. I’ve already paid out heavily to your demands… and I am not seeing much in the way of profit if we cancel it this early!

Kidd: Well, I could compromise.

James: You fucking better you piece of shit!

Kidd smirks, having agitated James

Kidd: How about this. I take a couple months off to go and pursue some artistic projects to try and gain some inspiration ahead of my next album release. We can just freeze this contract or some bullshit. That way you don’t lose any of my time.

James: Fuck it. Its better than losing out on an investment. You have a deal.

Kidd: Great, I already have a position lined up. PWC, the owner just says I need to take a few weeks to get into proper fighting shape and then I’ll be good to go.

James slams his fist on the table in anger.

James: Proper WHAT!? Fighting!? I swear to christ Kidd, you get hurt doing this thing and I will demand my investment back. I will sue your ass, and the PWC if I have to!

Kidd smiles and shakes the hand of James Cannon

Kidd: I just hope you realise if this goes right, I could be bringing thousands of new sales to Diamondback Records.

Days Before Vortex: Episode 17

Kidd West pants exhausted. Sweat dripping off him as he runs on a treadmill located in a gym not far away from his hotel. Music blasts through his earbuds, one of the newest songs he has written. A song for Donald Hammerpunch. He calls it ‘The First Domino’. West continues to run on the treadmill as the lyrics kick in after the slow, melodic guitar opening. His distinct voice begins.

“The Great Domino
The first one to fall
Chain reaction, to
Help topple all”

West starts to begin lifting small weights in arm curls, the music continually plays as heavy drums begin to batter his ears in an assault of sound.

“The King with his crown
The Lord of the Ring
You will soon go down
Like all the others”

West starts to practice punches on a punching bag

“The Black Belt Master
With kicks and chops
Soon to see disaster
When his body drops”

West pulls out the earbuds exhausted and slumps against the wall panting. He groans and tries to rest his arms at his side. Rex Avery shouts over to Kidd from the entrance to the gym.

Avery: Kidd! Hard at work I see?

Kidd grins and tries to pull himself to his feet, to try and make it seem like he is not even exhausted from his exercise and training.

Kidd: Was just doing my warm up routine, like fine tuning a guitar!

Avery: Well if that is your idea of a warm up, then your idea of fine tuning a guitar must be smashing it off a wall!

Avery cackles to himself

Avery: Anyway, I came to see you about Hammerpunch. Big match at Vortex from what I hear? Hammerpunch is a veteran of PWC and from what I heard from my sources he is a ‘Pure hard cunt like’

Kidd: Who the hell are your sources?

Avery: Young Scottish man, used to be a part of the PWC roster. Honestly, he’s not all there I think… the lights are on but nobody's home

Avery laughs to himself again sharply, before breaking down into a fit of coughs.

Kidd: So Hammerpunch is essentially not a pushover?

Avery: He would kick your ass every day of the week and twice on sundays. He is a disciplined fighter. The man has his own school of martial arts for christ sake!

Kidd: Pfft. So he can pull off a couple flashy spinning kicks and chops. So what? I spent three months of my life touring Japan. I spent time under the protection of the Yakuza, I picked up a few things.

Avery: … I’m not even going to explain how stupid and dangerous that was.

Kidd: Plus there was that night out on town where I got into a fist fight with some drunks who were trying to attack me

Avery: That was a hen party… they mistook you for the stripper

Kidd: Plus while I was in Japan there was this wrestling show going on. One of the guys kept going on about something called ‘Tranquillo’ or something. I assumed it just meant he kept his shit together and tried to infuriate his opponents. Force them into making mistakes y’know?

Avery snaps his fingers and lets out a cheer

Avery: Kidd, you just worked out a strategy! Drive Hammerpunch to anger and he could make mistakes… All you have to do is play up to the crowd.

Kidd: Too easy! Hammerpunch, your days are numbered!

Kidd Smirks as the scene fades.

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Part 1: Amway Center Parking Lot, the night of Vortex #16

Exhilarating. That, is how a young Ace always imagined the evening of his first bout. Somewhere in a perfect dimension, him and his friend Rafiq were now celebrating, and throwing it in the faces of all those bullies who ever questioned Ace's fighting skills. This was meant to be their night, a hard-earned break after years of suffering. Where they could sit down on the couch they used to do when they were kids watching wrestling, and think about everything they gave to this sport, every little inch of their body they sacrificed, and in the end know, that it meant something. But after what transpired earlier on in the week, after he got betrayed by his best friend, and after Rafiq threw away a decade and a half of brotherhood in a second and a half of unwishful thinking, there were only two things Ace could feel or think about. One being shock, and the other being furious outrage. Shock because he knew Rafiq was a good man, and an even better friend. He only insulted Ace a handful of times in the fifteen years of their friendship, and even those were minor jabs, if you could even call them that. So, what would possibly make him hand Ace to the man that promised to kill his friend fifteen years ago? And outrage because he was ready to pay Rafiq back. Thankfully, the latter found to be quite helpful in his match with Flexx Palumbo. Yet still, when Ace entered through the curtain, it was like he entered a whole new world. He felt like he was a child again. Just an innocent child watching wrestling on television with his friend. The roar of the crowd, the fascinating sight of his name on the titantron, a little boy in the first row smiling at him. It filled Ace with so much undeniable joy, he instantly forgot about all his problems. That is until, he went through the curtain again, and the reality kicked back in.

Fred: "Get in the car."

Just hearing Fred utter words made Ace sick to his stomach. But there was no other option. Fred allowed him to live, and in return, Ace was going to be his marionette. Fox cracked open a door of an old Rolls Royce, Fred's favorite car from his rich collection of old school automobiles. Parting ways with his vehicles was just another day at the office for Fred, but not with the Rolls Royce. He loved that car, and the only thing that was going to separate them was his death. Since he never had a wife, you could say the Royce was his spouse. Connors entered the vehicle immediately after, the top of his head pressing against the hard ceiling.

Part 2: Drive from Orlando, Florida to Miami, Florida

Just before their departure, Ace handed Fred a stack of cash, all the while not looking at him. No eye-contact was made between the two since their reunion. But if he looked, Ace would see just how drastically Fred had changed. Connors was now in his late forties, his black beard growing whiter by the day. A lot of other things had changed since they last met, the most radical development being the growing of Fred's hair. Someone who didn't grow a single hair since his birth, now magically became a soccer mom in prison. That might be a slight exaggeration, but even his average length was still pretty damn solid for someone who had been a baldie their entire life. Naturally, he was also shrinking down in size, but even a shortened Fred Connors still kept his place as the largest man in all of Florida. One thing didn't change however. He was still supporting his long brown jacket. If the Royce was his wife, then the brown jacket was his child. Forget about peanut butter and jelly, in a hundred years, people will be talking about Fred Connors and his famous brown jacket. Someone might as well write a book about it. He grasped the money, feeling its satisfying warmth. Rapidly counting, he handed a portion of it back to Ace.

Fred: "It's a good amount that they pay you. There you go. Your ten percent."

Ace snatched the money, doing it with such a look of disgust it almost seemed like he didn't want the dough at all, like he was ready to throw it right back at Fred. Ten percent? Who does this bastard think I am?, he screamed inside, raging with fury he couldn't show. He earned that money. The car engine roared and off they went.

Somewhere around after midnight, Fred began talking again, much to his partner's dismay.

Fred: "You be thankful. You be thankful to me. You be thankful to your friend. He saved you. If it was up to me, you'd be dead a long time ago. But he? He saved your sorry ass."

Ace was intrigued, but his pride wouldn't allow him to open his mouth. So he kept quiet, secretly praying for Fred to tell the story.

Fred: "You see, on the day of my release... I got a phone call. I was shocked, but intrigued at the same time. So I answered. This dude started talking. Arabian accent. And it was your friend. So he started talking about you, this guy told me everything. About your friendship, how you were feared on the streets now... this and that. He said you had become a wrestler. And... he said he was really low on money, that he knew I was gunning after you, wanted your ass dead. So, guy proposed a deal. And that's that."

Hearing this lit some compassion inside of Ace's pot of fury, but it still wasn't enough to extinguish his determination for revenge. At last, he uttered a line.

Ace: "That's good to know."

Fred: "There we go. Lighten up, man. Listen, I may appear as an asshole, but when I'm not angry, when everything's going my way, I'm actually quite a good guy."

Ace, not believing one word Fred had just spoken, calmly declared.

Ace: "Who would've thought."

Fred: "You did good out there. Gotta work on your mat game, though."

A befuddled Ace quickly retorted, so shocked he made eye-contact with Fred. Because whenever wrestling was brought up, you had Ace's attention.

Ace: "What do you know about wrestling?"

Fred: "I suppose we still have a lot to learn about each other."

Then, a sight a young Ace never thought he'd see happen, happened. Fred Connors started laughing. It was a quick giggle, but fascinating nonetheless. Was Fred turning into a better man, an actual human with feelings and empathy for others? Or was he just playing one big game? Ace didn't know what to think. All in all, he won his debut match, and had a meaningful, humanly conversation with a man he thought was the son of the devil. So maybe, after all, this night wasn't so bad. But even with all this insanity happening in a spam of just a couple of hours, when he went to sleep, Ace still only knew about one thing. Revenge.

Revenge was coming for Rafiq Samara. But before then, El Gigante Enmascarado had to be put away, and Ace needed all the rest in the world to prepare for such a dominating fighter.

Ace was preparing for a rest, but at Vortex, El Gigante Enmascarado better be ready to go to sleep.

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“On that day,
He lied to me.
Like Martin Luther,
Like Pericles”​

It was almost gentle, the embrace of death. The pain was intense but it was calming, it reminded you that you were almost free from the struggles and chains of life that were holding you, stopping you from doing anything. They stopped you from thinking about anything but the issue that you were suffering, the thing that was causing you the problems.

His future was over.

That hurt more than people realised. It was perfectly acceptable for people to simply say that you’d get over it but when you focus on one thing for fifteen years and then all of a sudden it gets stripped from you because of some stupid medical condition out of your control. It wasn’t something that would just go away, but no-one seemed to realise that.

The knife clattered softly to the floor, giving a little bounce as it connected with the shaggy, brown and slightly coffee stained carpet. A set of car headlights from the loud, cracked and battered road outside illuminated the room. The road was heavily used, commuters every single day using it as an easy path to cut out the highways that would add a good hour to their journey.

Lazy bastards.

The pale flesh on the arm of Lucas had torn open where the knife had penetrated. The wound felt cold, it felt damp. The knife had felt like ice when it had penetrated the skin, caused the wound and ripped through the layers of nerves that were buried under the flesh.

The wall was spinning. His eyes were watering over. He stood absolutely still, shock setting in, paralysing him. His arm was outstretched in front of him, the instrument of infliction resting at his feet. It would ruin the carpet, there was never any doubt of that. It would stain the carpet and absolutely destroy the floorboards underneath unless the underlay was good.

Then he realised.

He was scared.

It hadn’t hit him, everything he had done was heat of the moment. His life wasn’t over, there were a number of things that he could still do. He could work in the back of KFC or in Burger King, spittin’ on someone’s onion rings. He could work in a shoe store or in Toys R Us.

Lucas Hawthorne: I don’t want to go.

It was too late to do anything, but he was scared of dying. His life flashed before him, every single moment and every single breath. It was terrifying because he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know how to help himself and he knew now that he didn’t want to die.

Crimson, warm blood began to drip from his arm. It stained the pale skin red. It slowly trickled up towards the crook of his elbow and down the sides of his forearm. It was sticky, damp. It dribbled further down his arm, closer to his elbow. The red trails were obvious.

He was really afraid.

He fell to a knee. He was sweating, his face was a white sheet. It was like a regular wedding dress, the white. He had globules of sweat beading to his forehead and his cheeks. His other knee hit the floor, pain shooting up to his hips. He fell forwards, hands on the carpet.

He hit the floor.

The world went black.

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Leo Masters

Facebook live fires up on the PWC page being viewed by thousands and thousands of fans across and the country and the world. Sitting in front of his own gym, the big man, Leo Masters wants to have a conversation.

What’s up everybody? How ya doin’? Look, I just finished my second work out for the day. I was in the zone, and I thought, ya know, I’ll have a little bit of a chit chat. I can see all your comments firing up already on the sides and I probably won’t be able to answer many of your questions right now. I’ll do my best maybe to reply to them if I get the chance. But for right now, ya know I wanted to get some things off my chest. Say a few words out to you great fans out there.

So, ya know, I’m clanging and banging here in the gym. Puttin’ in the heavy sesh and when you’re in the zone all sorts of things go through your mind. Mostly pain, heh heh, but man, I think if I get this video out to you all, you can sort of come with me on this journey.

Man, so many comments here, so great to see so many of you PWC Fans watching. So, let’s get to it.

Over the past few months, ya know, I’ve come into thie company a house of fire. The big dawg Erbesto, what up Boss! He hired me to do a job. He’d seen somethin’ in me that I guess I didn’t. I mean he’s seen this big monster. Ya know. I’m cut, I’m shredded, I got the look. But can I go? Well I showed him what I could do. Unfortunately fighting been part of my whole life. And well, then when your country gives you formal training. You become one scary hombre’ ya know what I’m sayin’?

So big boss man Ernesto calls me up and next thing ya know I’m part of the roster. I’m on TV. I’m in the ring fighting these guys I’ve seen on TV. And to all those dudes out there. These guys are the best fighters in the world. There’s no doubt about it. Ernesto hasn’t screwed around my dudes. I mean you got guys like Austin Angel, who prances around like a peacock. But, he’s faster than a jackrabbit. You try and grab a hold of him, you’re trippin. Next thing you know you got a boot in ya face.

Look I’m drifting away from my point, so I apologise. Anyway, ya know, so here I am. I’m a fully trained U.S. marine. Hand to hand combat specialist. I’m 6’4 300 pounds and not a lick of fat on me. And hell, I can’t get a win. Not one. This place holds the best of the best. I mean, you should have seen that locker room when Doc Nero came back. Jeez man, just when they all thought they were getting that bit closer to a title. This dude shows up and the whole atmosphere changes. Everyone’s like “man, we screwed now” haha… Sorry guys it’s not funny, but the feelings there are real man. When you got the best fighters in the world looking to reassess themselves, it’s a big deal man.

That’s kinda how I feel ya know. No real wins to speak of. Confidence is a little low. Man, back in the day when you played ball. If you aint putting on good performances you get benched. You not putting in, you get dropped, ya know. So I know I got my fans. Much love to you all, and I now Ernesto sees a lot in me. He knows I gots da potential. But I gotta step up. I gotta work harder in the gym. I gotta work on my sparring. Do I, ya know slip a few thumbs n guys eyes? Or pull some tights? Ya know what’s it gonna take?

I see some comments rolling through, there and I gots to a gree with ya. I mean this sport is different to others. If you can get away with stuff behind the ref’s back, man, it’s like it make you more famous. It makes you a bigger star.

This week on Vortex I got a tag match. Teamin’ up with the new kid Ace Fox against the giant and some guy called Luke Jackson. I’m not sure if this is a black thing putting me and Ace together, because to be honest we haven’t spoken one word to each other, but I saw his match last week. The kid did good. Hell, he’s got more wins than me so he’s already doing well.

So, Giant, Jackson. Be ready. Because I’m fired up for this fight. I’m coming to get me a win. If you guys don’t know, I;ve had some dramas with some local scumbags in my neck of the woods. I run a community centre and my focus has been there rather than in the ring. But it’s all in a good place now. So I’m a hundred per cent ready, and I’m going to kick some ass this week on Vortex.

Thanks for tuning into this facebook live video. I’ll do my best to read all your comments and please if you’re near the Staples Centre come and watch the show. It’s gonna be a big one, and hopefully you get to see Leo Masters, the Lord of the Concrete Jungle, kick some tail, take names, chew bubblegum just for all of you.

Much love and I’ll see you in L.A.. Peace!

Leo Masters RP is in.

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“Come on Xavier, keep the pace up! You can’t finish an opponent off if your bumbling around the ring!”

It’s the middle of Xavier’s training, Keith Dawson attempting to encourage him on his task at hand. Xavier, looking focused, continues running the ropes repeatedly.


Keith blows a whistle, and Xavier stops, seeming tired.

“Ok! Good work there Xavier, take a break, I think you deserve it.”

Xavier steps over the top rope onto the ring apron, then steps off, his feet hitting the ground with a slight “thud” sound.

“This training regime, it killing me. Never need to train hard before.”

“Well welcome to the ‘big leagues’ kid, you may have size and strength but it means nothing if you can’t catch the opponent. Speaking of, once this break is over, I got your next exer-”

Keith is cut off by Xavier, who walks over to him and puts his finger to Keith’s face.

“No. I done for day, we done for day.”

Xavier begins to walk back inside when Keith’s phone goes off.

“Hey Xavier wait, just got a notification on your match!”

Keith begins to read the change to the matchcard…..

PWC Tweet

And seems to be slightly disappointed by the change (as well as the fact they had no twitter profile picture. It’s not that hard to change!)

“Oh...Gigante I don’t exactly know how much you’re going to like the change, but I have good news and bad news.”

Xavier turns around, seeming annoyed and walks back over to Keith.

“Out with it puny man.”

“W-Well the good news is that you got booked in a match…”

El Gigante’s face stays the same, looking at Keith patiently

“The bad news is you’re in a tag match with 3 relative nobodies.”

El Gigante looks disappointingly at Keith Dawson, almost expecting the news to be worse than it was.

“That it? That bad news? I seen worse news on NBC. You think I get mad at fight 2 puny baby men? I crush them like Celtics. You disappoint me Keith…”

Xavier gives a look to Keith, and Keith begins sweating a bit, remembering the five strikes rule. Xavier then begins to laugh as he sees Keith fretting.

“Hahaha, puny trainer man think that strike? No friend, that only life, full of disappoint.”

Keith begins to laugh alongside Xavier, and the two share a moment for a few seconds.

“Well, moment has passed and you got me in good mood, back to train then?”

“Sure thing, big guy. What do you want to work on next?”

“Movepool. Need more ways to crush opponent.”

“Alright big man, let’s hit the tapes then. Meet me in the upstairs living room in 15 minutes to continue training.”

“See you there.”

As Keith walks away, the cameraman follows him.

“Hey, no peeking on the next step of his training.”

And with that, Keith shuts the door on the cameraman, with the camera fading to black as Xavier begins walking over to the door..

Exploring Planet Alpha
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Stories From The Road: An Austin Angel RP​

Backstage After Vortex 16: Ernesto Clement's Office

I had just defeated Barney Williams, surprise surprise right? But after the match, I was attacked by Lucas Hawthorne, some nobody who got mad I attacked his little friend and took a cheap shot at me. But that earns him a title match? Oh no I wasn't about to let that happen. I reached the office of Clement and kicked the door open, the champ doesn't have time for knocking and Clement doesn't deserve it. I clearly scared him too when I did that as I could see him jump as I walked in, an added bonus. I walked over to his desk and slammed my fists down on it.

Angel: How dare you! Who do you think you are!?

Clement raised an eyebrow as he looked back at me.

Clement: Last I knew I was your boss, but how dare I what?

I rolled my eyes, I wish I had the power to send this old man to the retirement home where he belongs.

Angel: You granted Lucas Hawthorne a shot at MY title?! Really? You think he's worthy of sharing the ring with me? I AM A GOLDEN GOD! NOBODY IS WORTHY OF FACING ME!

Clement kept his cool as he looked back at me, furious with him.

Clement: Well "golden god", you know the rules of the Television Championship,, it must be defended on every 2nd Vortex after a pay-per-view. As far as your opponent, Lucas Hawthorne has done well for himself since arriving here and he got the better of you tonight, so I don't see an issue with him being your next challenger.

I shook my head in disgust, this was unacceptable.

Angel: I should be the exception to that rule, I'm your biggest star, the main attraction, I shouldn't be defending my championship on free TV! I should be defending my championship in the main event of pay-per-views!

Clement shrugs.

Clement: Well I can give you the main event of Vortex instead. But you will be defending your championship against Lucas Hawthorne next week, unless you'd rather defend it in a gauntlet match and I can find two other challengers for you?

If I didn't think this coward would have me arrested, I'd have jumped across the table and beat some sense into him. How dare he threaten me!

Angel: You know what I have better things to do then stand here and get threatened by the likes of you. You'll get your way I'll defend against Hawthorne next week, but when I beat him quicker than I beat your golden boy Jensen, don't say I didn't warn you.

I walked to the door and was just about to leave, when I stopped and turned back towards Clement.

Angel: Oh I almost forgot, you never did give me that phone number for your Hollywood contact. I'll take that while I'm here unless you wanna give me something else to tell my lawyer when I tell him about your threats.

Clement sighed as he nodded his head.

Clement: I was hoping you'd forget about that.

I smirked as I watched Clement write down a number on a piece of paper, get up and walk over to me and hand it over. I looked down at the number, 626-207-5412. The number that's going to begin my acting career.

Clement: Happy now?

Angel: No, but I will be after I beat another one of your favorites you lined up to try and stop me.

I walked out of the office and headed down the hall, soon I'd be a world famous rock star, wrestler and movie star, and soon Lucas Hawthorne will be just another stepping stone on my path to world domination.

The Next Day: Austin Angel's Home, Los Angeles, California

Finally I was back home, the greatest city in the world, Los Angeles. A break from the hotels, the road, the tour bus, just a chance to be home. Becca and I were in our living room as my camera man, Mark set up a camera. We had already given him the tour of our home for his footage and now we had a special live stream planned. I didn't want to do it but as Becca pointed out to me, it would be a great way to promote our upcoming show and it'd help my future movie make more money, so I guess I could do one nice thing for the fans, even if they don't deserve it.

Mark Matthews: Ready to go live?

I positioned the Television Championship on the table between my chair and Becca's chair, front and center for the camera to see. After all these people need to be reminded who the champ is.

Angel: Ready as I'll ever be.

Mark nodded and counted down 3....2...1 before pointing to us and telling us we were now live streaming. On cue Becca spoke up before I could.

Becca: Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to your first and possibly only chance to talk to the greatest champion in PWC history, and of course me, the fastest rising music star in the world. We have some things to cover first but leave your questions in the comments below and we will get to them later. Austin, why don't you talk to the people about your recent success in PWC?

I nodded.

Angel: Oh you mean like the fact that I've been unstoppable since retaining my championship against Jensen? Yeah that's been good. I mean really I've been unstoppable since I changed my ways and stopped pandering to the fans. But lets not focus on the past, lets focus on the present and the future.

Becca nodded.

Becca: I agree, like that coward Lucas Hawthorne, comes in, takes a cheap shot at you because he's mad you were using his friend to send a message to the locker room, and somehow that earns him a title shot?

I shook my head, I was still extremely annoyed about having to defend my title against him but after sleeping on it I realized this should just be another easy win, just like Jensen and Barney were.

Angel: Well it's just another classic example of Clement playing favorites. His little pets get everything handed to them, title shots, movie roles, and every other opportunity that comes around. While a guy like me who is a PWC original and has busted his ass to make this company a success doesn't get handed anything. I mean let's look at Hawthorne's situation, he's been here for a half cup of coffee, and he already has a title shot! But me? It took me MONTHS to get a title shot, and I had to earn it, I didn't just get to attack a champion and be handed a shot.

Becca nodded in agreement as I shifted the position of the championship a bit, have to get just the right lighting on my favorite possession after all.

Becca: You know what I saw people saying? They were saying that Hawthorne might be a better high flyer than you. Can you believe that?

I started laughing, I mean who wouldn't laugh at the thought of that?

Angel: You're joking right? I am the greatest high flyer in the history of the business and the fact anybody thinks they can dispute that is a joke and just shows how disrespectful some of the PWC fans can be. Thankfully there is some fans who can see the light, and hopefully they'll all be in the Staples Center for Vortex this week, cheering me on as I destroy Lucas Hawthorne. I mean lets face it he probably idolized me and based his style in the ring off mine.

Becca laughed.

Becca: Ha, you're probably right. But at least you and I both know you're better in every possible way. Anyway let's go to the comments! Mark, what do you got over there for questions? Give us some good ones.

We both looked over at Mark, who began scrolling through the comments, before looking over at us with a nervous expression on his face.

Mark: Uhh I don't think you wanna know...

Becca and I both looked at each other confused, what could possibly be so bad?

Austin: Why not?

Mark: Because there's no questions. All the comments are just people saying you aren't their champion, and saying how the two of you are ruining PWC.

Becca and I both looked at each other shocked, we know there's plenty of haters but how dare they go out of their way to ruin our live stream! I looked right into the camera as I stood up and grabbed my title.

Angel: You people think I'm ruining PWC? You say I'm not your champion? Well guess what? I'm not going anywhere and your stuck with me as YOUR Television Champion until I damn well feel like giving this title up!

I held up the title closer to the camera, taunting the haters more.

Angel: Mark, cut the stream these haters don't deserve to see more of us and our home. Besides I have a phone call to make to a very important Hollywood director. That's right people soon you're gonna have to see even more of me when I break into the movie business!

I laughed as Mark cut the stream, and I turned my attention to him.

Angel: You! Why didn't you block those comments from showing up?

Mark shrugged.

Mark: I can't control the comments, and I did warn you that you didn't wanna know.

Angel: Well do your job and go block every single one of them from ever commenting on my posts again.

Becca and I walked out of the room quickly as Mark let out a sigh once we were out of earshot.

Mark: But that isn't my job...

That Night:

It had been a long day, and not a good way to start our time back at home. But our luck was just about to turn around, I had waited all day for it but I finally had a chance to call up that big shot Hollywood producer of Clement's and figure out what my first movie role is going to be. Becca had gone to bed already as jet lag had done her in, so I was the only one awake and I took the piece of paper out of my pocket, dialed it into my cell phone and hit the call button. I had to admit I was slightly nervous, I mean who knows I could be about to speak with Spielberg for all I know! But this phone call had to go right, it would go right, I needed to continue my world domination and becoming the biggest star in the entire world. As the phone rang, and rang, and rang, finally there was an answer....from an answering machine.

Hello, you have reached the rejection hotline. You have been rejected by someone and we feel your pain, and are here for you. Maybe if you were nicer you wouldn't have been rejected. If you need to talk to someone about your rejection press 1 and a representive would be happy to listen to your troubles and see you through them.
I couldn't believe it, Clement tricked me! I knew I shouldn't have believed he actually had any connections to Hollywood! I hung up the phone in anger and didn't know what else to do. But rest assured my lawyer will be hearing about this one, CURSE YOU CLEMENT!!!!

Bring back Gary Oak!
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Two days before Vortex 17
London, England - Jacob Bianchi's Office

Mr. Bianchi, your six thirty is here.

Send him in, Miss Vaughn.

Jacob Bianchi settles back into his chair, a wry smile on his face. For months Sirius Lane had been trying to get his way. He'd been pushing and pushing, demanding that Jacob take up this mantle, and for just as long, he'd fought back. He had pushed back, plotted, lied and hid, but in the end Sirius got his way.

He always got his way.

The door to Lane's old office opens and in walks a fairly unassuming man. His black hair was parted, a briefcase hung at his side and a pair of reading glasses were resting snugly in the breast pocket of his suit. To all of the world he looked little more than a lowly banker, but he'd sought out VESTA.

Mr. Bianchi, I'm pleased that you've agreed to meet me. I hope I won't take too much of your time.

He walks towards Jacobs desk and stretches out his hand. Jacob rises to his feet and takes it, offering a loose grip as he uses the opportunity to scan over the man, just as he knew Sirius would have wanted him to.

The cheap watch, slightly frayed tie and off white shirt seemed to confirm the earlier assessment, but something about the man was unsettling Jacob. His dark brown eyes kept flicking around, looking around Jacob's desk, almost like he was hoping to find something. There was beads of sweat appearing on his brow despite the room being unseasonably cool.

I'm sure we'll be done here quickly enough.

Bianchi points to the chair opposite him and both men settle in, watching the other as they sit down.

How can I help you, Mr...


You've sought me out, so it's clear that I can be of some assistance, Mr. O'Connor. Pray do tell what I can do to help you.

My boss has been diverting funds from our bank. Meaningless sums of money to them so it goes under the radar, but sums of money all the same. I discovered a document that shows a small sample of this, but as you'll see, it's not enough to get him on.

O'Connor unclasps his briefcase and pulls out a sheet of paper which he passes over to Bianchi who scans through it with interest. Doing so confirms exactly what the man had said. There was clearly some errors in the numbers given but this could have easily been a mistake. If this boss was moving money, the police would need a lot more than just this paper.

Bianchi turns his head to the corner and nods, startling O'Connor who turns to see Gareth Walker walking out from the corner of the room where he'd been sat the whole time. Walker approaches Jacob and leans down to whisper something in the Italian's ear before turning and walking out of the room, paper in hand. He closes the door behind him.

My assistant will be back momentarily. He's going to arrange a preliminary check on this paper of yours. If things check out, we'll consider taking this job of yours. Of course, then we'll have to discuss payment, but I'm sure that's no problem.

Oh of course not.

The two men sit still for several minutes, O'Connor tapping his feet against the carpet as Jacob reads through several of the papers on his desk. His workload since taking over VESTA had been monstrous, almost entirely distracting him from his time in the PWC. He was sure that Sirius had planned for this, but before he could consider this too much, Gareth Walker had returned, and was holding a manila folder in his hand.

Walker crossed the distance between the door and the desk in a few seconds and place the folder into Jacob's hands before retreating back into his corner.

O'Conner laughs.

That was fast.

Bianchi looks up at the man sat across from his, a darkened look across his face.

Mr. O'Conner, I'm going to offer you one more chance to tell me who you are. Should you choose to waste this chance, I'm afraid I'm going to have to do something that we will all regret.

Bianchi removes a picture from the folder and slides it across the table. O'Conner quickly picks it up.


Your name is Raymond Scott. You work as a Private Investigator. It seems you're good at your job given that despite meeting you already, I completely forgot that you even existed.

How did you get this?

It was Ernesto Clement's office, if I recall correctly. I'm guessing he hired you to come investigate me, try to find out just who I am. A noble attempt to fight back, and one that would have worked if not the work of Mr. Walker and, if I'm correct, my predecessor.

Bianchi directs this towards Walker whose voice seeps out from within the shadows.


I'll assume my predecessor had someone within the PWC on his payroll. They no doubt take a quick picture of anyone that enters Ernesto Clement's office and forward it. From there it's just running a few checks and then he'd know everything about them.

But that's not important. What is important is the fact that you've been hired by Clement. Correct.

The PI's shoulders slump and he nods, his eyes never leaving the photograph that is in his hands.

Wonderful. Then I believe I have a request for you. Tonight you're going to call Ernesto and you'll tell him that you were unable to find anything that would paint me in a negative light. You're going to forgo the rest of your payment and then you're going to get rid of any file you may have on me. I'm sure I don't need to tell you to be careful with this step. I'd be very upset if you were careless.

Raymond Scott nods again, his eyes now boring a hole through Bianchi, who is returning the gaze with an amused look on his face. Bianchi reaches into the folder again and removes a bulging envelope which he throws over to Scott.

I believe that is double the amount Ernesto Clement was paying you. In three months time, you'll receive the same amount again. And again three month after that, and again three months after that. In fact, this will continue so long as you manage to keep quiet.

A year of that alone should be more than enough to guarantee that your daughter receives the finest possible education. A second will ensure that she and her future family will be set for life.


Because now you will forever remain in my debt. It's not a debt that I intend to call on, but every time you look into your daughters eyes from this day on, you'll remember that it was I that guaranteed her future. Perhaps that will ensure your silence.

Bianchi takes a quick glance at the photograph in Scott's hands before extending his hand. The PI takes it glumly before getting to his feet. He scoops up the envelope and places it in his pocket before making his way to the door and exiting the room.

Back inside, Jacob turns to Gareth Walker who has sat down in Scott's seat and is watching his new boss with interest.

I'm starting to understand what Sirius sees in you, Jacob.


You've returned to this life with aplomb. Sure, you almost cost yourself everything there, but you adapted quickly to the information at hand, and instead of merely threatening the man, you forced him into your debt. Sirius would have played this the same way. I must say that this is a welcome change from the man with his back to the wall that I was working with prior to you making your play.

Sirius was right. I've been making myself a target for too long. Now I have things to fight for, so the fewer enemies I have, the better.

So what now?

Now I have another life to prepare for. Sirius may prefer that I focus my entire attentions here, but for now, I'm content living in both worlds.

I'll leave you to it then.

Walker gets to his feet and leaves the room, leaving Bianchi sat on his own. Before he can begin to think upon what just happened, his phone lights up and vibrates, drawing his attention.

Clement's putting you against Dieu.


There was something about Remy Dieu that unsettled Jacob. Something about a man who refused to enter the real world, someone who rejected society, opting to remain hidden away from the world, plucking the poor souls who fall into his web and making them little more than mindless followers, taking in every word he said like they were a gift from God himself.

It defied everything Jacob had been taught. He knew how to hunt for scraps of information that people may miss, and he knew how to follow money trails throughout the world, but none of this would help him with Dieu. He was off the radar, a shadow hidden within the darkness of his own kingdom. Giving him the house was one way to keep an eye on him, but whatever happened within the walls was a complete unknown.

Bianchi scans his sparse notes, none of which helped him understand just how Remy's mind works. He could dissect his every movement in the ring, but would that be enough?

Bianchi looks around the room, but he's barely paying attention, his mind still stuck on Dieu.

Was this how Champions felt? Everything about this uncertainty was new to him, he'd always felt in control and with VESTA behind him, Bianchi thought he would have been above problems like this.

Bianchi stubbornly shakes his head.

No. No, this is how things work. If joining VESTA guaranteed that all of his problems disappeared overnight he would have been above everything and everyone, but even Sirius fell.

Dieu was going to be problem, but this alone shouldn't be enough. Clement was a problem. Lane was a problem. Nero was a problem. Each one of them stepped in Bianchi's path. Each time Bianchi figured them out. And now here he sat in charge of an organisation that could bring a small country to its knees and in possession of the PWC's Legacy Championship.

Given enough time, Dieu would fall too. All Jacob needed to do was find a weakness. Find something exploitable. From there it would just be a matter of picking his moment to strike.

And that's where the fun begins.

Bianchi rises to his feet and makes his way out of the office. It was time to go to work.

* * *

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The day before Vortex 16...

The room was blank. All beige walls. Sat upon a plain wooden chair amongst a row of more plain wooden chairs. He sat in the central seat - Hands clasped as he stared down at the floor. The expression on his face blanker than the walls behind him.

Matty Elliott's mind was in turmoil. So much going on yet so little happening. When one chapter of your life ends you naturally have to ask yourself: What's next? But he didn't know. He didn't think he would ever know.

To his left was a window from which we can see the Dusk sky cast over a New York skyline. The sky is an intriguing mixture of red, grey and purple as the day turns to night.

In his head he hears nothing but the only sound which echoes throughout this room is the constant ticking of a clock at the opposite side of the room. He follows it round minute by minute. Second by second. He feels the monotonous ticking of this clock more than he hears it but still hears it more than he hears his own thoughts. There are none.

His eyes panned across to his right where the door is situated. There are chairs either side of that too but he wasn't going to sit there. This building was so old and battered that the draft was chilling all over never mind next to the door.

It creaks open and a woman walks in. She is wearing a full business suit. Navy blazer, navy skirt to match. White blouse and a pair of smart black heeled shoes. Her hair was tied but he could see that if let down it would fall to her hips and unleash a blonde glow throughout the entire room as it did so.

She marched towards the centre of the room where he had oberved the clock and stood below it at a receptionist booth. The woman at reception is wearing glasses and her head barely peers above the counter at which she is sat.

They mumble to one another before the receptionist hands this lady a booklet and she proceeds to leave. As she reaches the door her glance shoots to the right and she looks directly at Matty. A shy but comforting smile streches across her face but Matty cannot face people right now and rather than respond in kind he looks back to the floor.

He hears the door go again and looks up to check she is gone. The coast is clear and he has successfully avoided human contact.

Then another fright of human contact as the receptionist calls "Mr. Elliott? Dr. Jones will see you now..."​


Before vortex 17...

We are in the arena and there are crew staff frantically setting up sound systems, lights, the actual ring istelf.

The ropes are not set but the mat is and sat central is the man from the Darkness - Shadow.

He is sat in his full ring gear with a hooded jacket covering the edges of his face and his hair draped down covering everything else besides his mouth and chin.

There is no one in the crowd yet - except a few health and safety surveyors running final checks. The show is around 2 hours from beginning and Shadow is crossed legged, centre stage, taking it all in as he looks around the Staples Center.

There is a camera crew member knelt in front of Shadow. The PWC hero looks straight down the lense and addresses all who are willing to listen.​

This is my last opportunity. My last stand.

Last week I knew I wasn't going to get what I wanted, but I also knew that coming out as I did would garner the reaction that it did and I was more than prepared to take this challenge.

He readjusts his position slightly and takes down his hood.​

The challenge I refer to is of course, Dr Nero. A man for the record who I respect greatly for what he has accomplished in the past. But that is indeed just that - In the past.

The night I took part in my first ever Pay-Per-View here in PWC was the same night that the heralded "God Complex" lost the World Heavyweight Championship. Though that was an unsuccessful night for both of us I believe there can be no arguments that was the beginning of the Shadow era and though a harsh pill to swallow - The END of the Dr Nero era.

Following that event I went on to achieve great heights - The Legacy championship - Number 1 contendership. I have been on the up and striving to achieve more as each day goes by.

Meanwhile Nero has had a tough ride. Forced away from the World Title he lost his purpose and lost his focus. I'm not sure whether it was confusion or desperation but his entire character and psyche seem to have changed. He now embraces the people who he once showed no respect for.

In my experience a leopard never changes it's spots so I am almost preparing for 2 separate competitors this week. The old Nero and the new.

Whichever one shows up, I have the ability to defeat and it will not stop me on my path to King Crowley. I will get that one last shot and that will be the one which takes him down. I know what must be done to dispose of Nero and to take on the challenge that lies ahead of me once I do.

I find it rather fitting that on that night where I made my pay-per-view debut, me and the Doctor both lost our matches. Because what followed was my career rocketting and his declining.

At Ragnarok the same thing happened, we did both come out unsuccessful. But once again following that night I am only going up and he is only going down.

As he utters that phrase he covers the camera lens and we cut to black.​


The day before Vortex 16...

"Mr. Elliott? Dr. Jones will see you now..."

His ears prick up and his eyes widen. This was the moment. He takes a huge deep breath and stands from his chair. The receptionist looks him in the eye and signals to her right where a door leads to another room.

He walks across the room and walks through into a corridor which feels endless. As the door pulls in behind him he feintly hears the receptionist again "Last door on the left".

He begins what feels like the longest journey of his life, yet it was merely a short walk.

He reaches the last door on the left and enters.​

Please, Mr Elliott. Take a seat

Nervously he complies. This room is almost as blank as the reception area. He sat across from this Doctor with only a desk between them. Matty studies the man, short grey hair, he wears a shirt and tie with his sleeves rolled. In his hands is a clipboard and a pen. He lifts up a pair of glasses from the desk to his face, wipes them and places them on. Removes the pen from the board and looks up towards Matty.​

So... Where shall we begin?

Matty takes a huge gulp and sheepishly looks down at the desk where he spies the plaque which reads:

Arthur Jones - Mental Wellbeing Specialist.

Cut to black.

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He walked alone through the Kansas City streets.

There was very little light was visible from the night sky, except the
lone shimmer of moonlight peaking from around a grey cloud.

Most people would avoid this part of town, especially at night. It was the type of area one would stay away from.Donald Hammerpunch was not most men.

He was a walking human weapon, one who was craving the sweet delicious taste of barbeque.

The smell of urine and the offensively themed graffiti which plastered
the streets assaulted the sensen of the former PWC champ with each step he took, but he continued on without ever breaking stride.

Without fear, the 9th-degree blackbelt in Donjitsu continued on with his precious cargo gripped tightly in his hands.

Suddenly, his ears perked up.

He closed his eyes to focus on his hearing.

Through the gust of winds and electric smog, the Donjitsu master heard footprints. Footprints which were coming for him...

Earlier that night…

In a ran down building in the state of Missouri, a small building is dimly lit. On the outside of the building, a neon sign flickers away with the words "DonJitsu Academy.

In the Donald Hammerpunch is seen training with his ragtag group of students. He does a movement; his students mimic it. They aren't really any recognizable martial arts moves, but the team is focused nonetheless.

"Okay. that's enough for today."

The four members of his team soon stand in a straight line. They bow towards their sensei, showing him the respect he has earned as not just their instructor, but as their friend.

If you pan around the room you see why he was well liked by and respected by his students. Scattered across the walls were numerous trophies and certificates from combat, which displayed his fighting prowess to anybody who entered the building.

Despite all his success, including winning the inaugural PWC cup and Heavyweight championship, things had been hard for the Martial arts master. Losses have been mounting up, as well as his second-place trophies he gives himself after each loss, which serve as a reminder that there is always hard work to be done. Things had to change.

HP: "Ok guys, gather around, I have something to show you."

The five students wait around for their instructor, as he goes to a corner of the room to retrieve a box. He brings it closer to his team, who have now taken a seat. He opens the box and removes the item from it.

HP: "Ok, what do you see here?"

Tim: "I don't understand. It is just an apple."

Ross: "It is a red apple, painted blue. It is probably delicious too...

HP: "You are both correct, but you are also wrong. This is a piece of art created by the one and only Kidd West."

Steve: "Wait, isn't that the Jabroni you are supposed to fight?"

HP: "The one in the same. I have taught you many things about fighting, but
tonight's lesson is about getting inside the head of your opponent, Psychology if you will. "

Tim: "What can this piece of art tell us about your opponent."

HP: "A lot actually. For starters, You can see the lack of dedication to his craft. While other artists work hard on their craft, Kidd West slaps this together in a matter of moments and called it art. Even the name of it is meaningless,Cascade of Broken dreams upon the Moonlight River. What this tells me is that he takes shortcuts and he has no real commitment to his endeavours."

Ross: "You can tell all this just from a painted apple?"

HP: "Habits are hard to break, especially bad ones. Contrast the apple with this wooden dummy here. Each mark here tells a story. A well-delivered knee, a tornado kick, all are delivered precisely and with purpose. This is dedication, and it will win every time."

The sensei is soon embarrassed as his stomach begins to rumble.

HP: "Ah, it appears that the call for nourishment has once again come for me. I must now replenish my body and rest. You should all do the same. Dismissed"

The team once again bow to their instructor as they head out the door.


Hammerpunch soon ducks into a dark alleyway, but not before placing his dinner in a safe spot away from danger.

Some threating Japanese is spoken.

Hammerpunch, startled by the voice, readies himself into a fight stance. He squints into the darkness, trying to locate the figure who is hidden in the shadows. But like other places in the area, street lights are out, and the ones that remain do nothing but flicker like a dying sun.

HAMMERPUNCH: "If you intend to attack me, this is a warning to you. I am Donald Hammerpunch. I am a 9th-degree blackbelt Donjitsu. If you wish to challenge me, be prepared to suffer a great defeat. "

Still not able to get a good view, Hammerpunch closes his eyes in an attempt to locate his would-be attacker.

Some more threating sounding Japanese is spoken.

HAMMERPUNCH: "This is your final warning. If you wish to continue, The Living Weapon known as Donald Hammerpunch will strike you down!"

While Hammerpunch was addressing the stranger in the dark, he heard the sound of more footsteps approaching. He was outnumbered! With his attention diverted, two hands grabbed him and held tight in a bear hug. The other man stepped out from behind the shadows and threw an uppercut. Hammerpunch fell to the floor, and both men continued to attack the GCW superstar.

Hammerpunch was calm. Even as both men rained down kicks on him, he was at ease in the turtle position.

HAMMERPUNCH:"Is that all you have? My grandma hits harder than you! But that is because she is also well versed in martial arts..."

Hammerpunch remained on the ground, while both men began to celebrate their victory.It wasn't that a 9th degree Donjitsu blackbelt can be defeated in combat, so the men began to celebrate their victory. Too bad it was a bit premature.

The former PWC champ, now in a kneeling position reaches for his bag which has remained hidden. He remembers the 32 rule of Donjitsu. "Because the world is unpredictable, the only thing we can control is our readiness and ability to adapt". Finding what he was looking for, he throws it upwards towards his attackers.

HAMMERPUNCH: "I hope you enjoy celebrating with barbecue sauce in your eyes!"

Both men stagger backward, rubbing their eyes. Hammerpunch, kip ups to his feet and readies himself for an attack. As both men stumble around, he reaches behind his back and pulls out a bow staff! He screams out as he charges towards his attackers, who immediately retreat.

Hammerpunch smiles as his opponents scramble off. He then sits down and grabs a barbecue rib from his bag and begins to eat in celebration. As he does, a scarlet colored bandana catches his eye. He leans over to pick it up. There is a few drops of barbecue sauce on the scarf, indicating that it was dropped by one of his attackers.

He stared at it intently for a few minutes. He had seen this symbol before, a dragon with no wings, but he couldn't quite place it. He soon bites out another large chunk of beef and chews. Soon, several questions come rushing towards the martial arts master.

Who were these men? What is this symbol? Did the cashier pack any extra barbecue sauce?
Sent by Hammerpunch.

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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Staples Center
Capacity: 21,000
City: Los Angeles, California


Stan Chambers: Welcome everyone! Vortex 17 is here and we are live from Hollywood! We are live from Los Angeles, California!

Sondra Rowe: The action tonight should be amazing! Somehow and someway Shadow begged hard and got one final chance to face Crowley!

Stan Chambers:
That may be so but Shadow can’t focus on Crowley yet! Tonight Shadow takes on the Doctor of the PWC, Doctor Nero to crown the number one contender for the crown!

Sondra Rowe: Doctor Nero and Shadow will do battle tonight, and I hope Nero can finally remove Shadow from the title picture!

Stan Chambers: Speaking of title pictures, what about Lucas Hawthorne? Hawthorne takes on Austin Angel tonight in a battle for the television championship.

Sondra Rowe: Hawthorne doesn’t deserve to be in that spot at all Stan!

Stan Chambers: Let’s see if he can prove you wrong tonight then Sondra.

The camera’s cut from Stan and Sondra to the ring where Emma Mason is stood, microphone in hand with referee Gil Artman to her left. She steps into the center of the ring, raising the microphone to her lips.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentleman! This match is set for one fall! Introducing first! From Sidney, Australia! Weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds! At a height of six foot! He is “The Suicidal Superstar”. He is Lucas Hawthorne!

Voice: Thunderbirds...Are...Go!

***Thunderbirds are Go***​

Lucas Hawthorne bounces out onto the stage, flicking his head back. His hood falls back, revealing his face and the grin on his face. He spends a few moments on the stage, casting his view over the crowd before he begins to bounce on the spot, unzipping his jacket. He allows the jacket to fall backwards into the floor, revealing an Austin Angel t-shirt and a Poppy Appeal wrist-band from the UK. He sprints down the ramp and to ringside, high fiving fans as he goes. He stops rapidly, jumping up onto the apron before front flipping over the ropes. He removes the Austin Angel t-shirt, tossing it into the crowd before he crouches in his corner.

Emma Mason: And his opponent! From The City of angels! Weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds! At a height of six foot! He is “The Best Around”, the Television Champion! He is Austin Angel!

Stan Chambers: What role will Becca play in this title defense I wonder?


As the music kicks up, the lights in the arena go dark minus a single spotlight on Becca who walks out first. About fifteen or so seconds into the music, the lights come back on and begin to flash purple as Austin Angel walks out with his band and bouncer walking out behind him. Angel flips off the hood of his jacket. He offers a cocky grin before he spins on his heels, offering a two sweet to every member of his band. He then faces his fiance, offering her a kiss which she accepts. Angel leads the group down the ramp, refusing to acknowledge the fans who begin to chant towards the villain of PWC. After reaching the bottom of the ramp, Angel runs up the steps and climbs to the top turnbuckle before casually striking a pose to taunt the fans while his band and bouncer walk over to Angel's side of the ring and Becca walks up the steps herself. Angel then sits on the second rope, holding it open for Becca as she enters the ring and the two pose together before Becca takes off Angel's jacket and sunglasses and exits the ring with them as the music cuts.

Match One | Austin Angel vs Lucas Hawthorne - TV Championship

Both men begin to circle as soon as Gil Artman calls for the bell. Neither man makes any sort of move towards the other. The duo complete one full circle, eyes locked on each other. They continue to circle, following the ropes, neither man appearing interested in making the first move of the match.

Stan Chambers:
No height difference between these men, very little weight difference. This should be an extremely even bout.

The duo continue to circle, no movement towards the other from either. They complete a second circle, Angel passing his band and his fiance while Lucas passes no-one. The duo still continue to circle, causing one incredibly brave fan to shout “do something” towards the duo in the ring.

Sondra Rowe: I have to give it to them, this is smart.

Lucas steps forward, reaching out before almost leaping back. The circle continues, obviously boring some fans. Neither Lucas nor Angel seem to care though, they seem more concerned about feeling each other out and learning about the tactic that the other is using in the match.

Stan Chambers: The feeling out process here, neither one of these men want to lose this match.

Becca climbs up onto the apron as the circle continues. She begins to shout towards Lucas. He ignores her however, refusing to fall into the same trap that cost Jensen his TV championship match. The circle continues, neither man showing any sign of making any sort of offense.

Stan Chambers: Neither man wants to make the opening move here.

Lucas eventually steps out, meeting Austin in a collar and elbow tie-up in the center of the ring. Neither man comes out with the advantage however and both back off, starting to circle once more. The circle continues for a few moments, neither man having any obvious advantage over the other.

Sondra Rowe:
This match will begin someday.

The circle continues, obviously starting to bore the PWC fans in attendance. Lucas steps forward again, meeting Angel once again in a collar and elbow tie-up. Neither man can get the advantage though, both Lucas and Angel manage to break any sort of attempt to gain an advantage.

Stan Chambers: Smart here by these two. They’re both limiting their opponents from getting the upper hand.

Eventually the collar and elbow tie-up breaks and Lucas and Angel lock eyes. They meet again in a collar and elbow tie-up which Lucas manages to finally get the advantage from. Lucas transitions Austin into a wrist lock, slapping the wrist gently to check the pressure applied to the shoulder. Austin falls into a forward roll, managing to catch the arm of Lucas and lock the Australian in a wrist lock of his own. Austin transfers Lucas into a headlock, which Lucas quickly fights out of with a leg sweep. Austin rolls across the floor, grinning to Lucas as he rises.

Sondra Rowe: Two athletes showing off. Of course.

Lucas smiles to Austin before running past the man from the City of Angels. Lucas jumps up onto the ropes, attempting a springboard stunner. He gets pushed away by Austin who attempts a roundhouse kick towards the side of the head. Lucas ducks the kick, attempting to sweep the leg from underneath Austin. Austin jumps the leg sweep, attempting a hurricanrana on Lucas. The Australian goes with the hurricanrana, using his athleticism to catch himself in a cart-wheel. Both men land on their feet and Lucas instantly spins, looking for the Black Mass Kick. Austin ducks the kick, aiming a chock block towards the back of the knee. Lucas manages to backflip over the self proclaimed Best Around, landing a kneeling position. Angel kip flicks up, watching Lucas as he does the same. Both men lock eyes, obviously aware that they won’t be able to get the upper hand against their respective opponent.

Stan Chambers:
What a sequence! The quickest ten seconds of anyone’s existence!

The duo begin to circle once again, meeting in the center of the ring in another collar and elbow tie-up. Neither man can find the advantage and so they break, backing off. They meet again, Lucas this time not even attempting the collar and elbow. Lucas aims a roundhouse towards the skull of Angel, which the TV champion ducks with ease. The duo smile towards each other again, both of them appearing as cocky as the other. Austin leaps into the air for a dropsault which Lucas easily steps away from. Austin kip flicks to his feet again, locking eyes with the grinning Australian once again.

Stan Chambers: Do either of these man have an exploitable weakness?

The duo lock eyes again, locking up in a collar and elbow tie-up once more. Austin rolls Lucas through into a side headlock but Lucas easily gets out of it, transferring Austin into a wristlock. Austin rolls through again, locking Lucas in a wristlock of his own. Both men show off a technical aspect as Austin holds the wristlock on Lucas. Lucas eventually rolls through, locking Austin in his own wristlock before he hits Austin with an arm drag. Austin flips through the arm drag, landing the move on his feet. Lucas runs at the champion, Angel sidestepping the Australian. Lucas jumps up on the ropes, springboarding from them in a picture perfect moonsault. Austin steps backwards however, the moonsault obviously destined to miss.

Stan Chambers: This is going to hurt!

Lucas manages somehow, someway to roll through the moonsault and land on his feet. He drops down into a cross legged seating position, grinning up at Angel. Austin attempts to get some revenge for the penalty kick on Vortex Sixteen, attempting a penalty kick of his own. Lucas drops onto his back, dodging the kick. He wraps his legs around Austin’s ankle, tripping the TV champion.

Stan Chambers: Austin fell hard.

Austin hits the mat. Lucas instantly floats over into a bridge, attempting to lock in a really weak figure four style signature. He shows off a more technical style in the ring, locking in the weak submission. Gil Artman crouches next to Austin, checking with the champion if he wants to tap. Austin obviously shakes his head, rolling onto his back. He kicks Lucas away, climbing to his feet.

Stan Chambers: Lucas showing the champion how easy it is to lock in a submission. The Champion should be worried.

The duo glare at each other again. Lucas steps forward, aiming another Black Mass Kick at the champion. Austin grips the leg of the challenger to avoid the kick. Austin forces Lucas to spin before he pokes him in the eye with the left thumb. Lucas stumbles backwards, holding his eye. Austin grins, aiming a chop block towards the front of Lucas’ knee.

Stan Chambers: I felt that!

Lucas falls to the mat, gripping his knee. Austin begins to target the knee, aiming stomps and kicks towards both the front and back of the knee. He continues stomping on the knee as Becca cheers on her man. Austin finally grips Lucas ankle, falling backwards, slamming the knee of Lucas into the mat.

Austin watches the challenger squirm for a few seconds before he pulls the Australian to his feet. Austin pulls the challenger into a headlock before he plants the man with a DDT. Lucas lands head first, not moving. Austin rolls over onto the top of the challenger.




Lucas kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Austin shakes his head, climbing up to the top rope. He sits for a few moments while Lucas rolls about before he jumps, attempting the frog splash on the challenger.

Black Mass Kick!

The Black Mass Kick connects midair. Austin gets thrown across the ring as the foot connects with his jaw. Lucas drops, gripping at his knee. He’s obviously in pain but he knows he needs to make the cover, he knows he needs to get the pinfall on the champion. Lucas pulls his knee pad down, his knee already swollen after the chop block and subsequent attack. Lucas begins to crawl towards the champion.

Drop toe hold from Austin!

The Curse!

Lucas took too long! Austin was playing possum! The champion secures the bridge, applying all of the pressure he can to the injured knee of the challenger. Lucas took too long to make the pinfall. Austin had time to recover and play possum.

Lucas taps. It’s all over.

Winner via Submission - Austin Angel!

Austin quickly dives from the ring as Lucas clutches at his knee. The camera cuts backstage as Austin Angel begins to walk down the ramp, TV championship held above his head with Becca McKay holding onto him as if he were dying. A security guard is seen following a male through a backstage corridor.

Guard: Hey, you there!

Sway Archer stops in his tracks as he’s walking through the backstage area.

Where are you going?!

Sway cocks his head and turns around to see a portly security guard standing a few feet behind him. His hands are on his hips, which are being crudely sucked in by his khakis.

Sway Archer: Hmm?

I said where are you going? Are you supposed to be here?

Sway’s eyes widen.

Sway Archer: Wow. I know I’m new but like, come on!

Enough with the sass. I’m gonna need some form of I.D.

Sway turns to the camera.

Sway Archer: Damn rent-a-cops. Event security, and they don’t even know who’s on the event?

Sway turns back to the security guard.

Sway Archer: Look on the posters. See who’s listed.

He points to himself.

Sway Archer:
Sway Archer. Rising star.

The guard points to a poster and shakes his head.

Yeah, no.

Sway walks over to the poster and stares at it for a second.

Sway Archer:

He scans the poster, realizing he’s not on it.

Sway Archer:
Well shit...

He turns to the guard.

Sway Archer: Alright, just a misunderstanding, that’s all. I can assure you I’m meant to be here, which is why this camera is following me, and I have PWC branded personal merchandise.

He flashes the tag on his shirt.

Sway Archer: So I’m gonna be on my way now...

Sway turns to walk away when the guard grabs a hold of Sway’s arm. Sway immediately drops his duffel bag.

Guard: Then you’ll have no problem coming with me to —

Sway whips around, and snatches the security guard by the back of the neck, before tripping him to the ground. He quickly produces the Prometheus Torch from his bag, and holds it against the downed guard’s neck. Sway leans in close and scowls.

Sway Archer: Don’t touch me. Don’t you ever, grab me. Ever.

Sway’s mouth slowly creeps back to a smile as he releases pressure on the torch.

Sway Archer: This torch, is the first thing I won here. It’s engraved with my name, and it entitles me to a title shot. This is my proof that I’m in this company.

He stands, and extends a hand to the guard. The guard reluctantly takes Sway’s hand, and Sway helps him to his feet.

Sway Archer: See?

Sway gives the guard a kind of side hug.

Sway Archer:
All a big misunderstanding, my man.

He puts the torch back in his bag, and smooths the guard’s shirt.

Sway Archer: You keep on though.

Sway picks up his bag and keeps walking.

Sway Archer: I’m sure you’ll catch someone some day.

The camera’s cut back to the ring as Sway walks off down the corridor. Emma Mason is seen again, another microphone in her hand.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentleman, the following is a Tag-Team Match and it is scheduled for one fall!


***Is She With You?***

Emma Mason: Introducing first, from Brooklyn New York and weighing in at 245 lbs: Leo Maaasterrrsss

The crowd give a strong reception for Leo as he makes his way down the aisle, high fiving a few people as he does and stands in the ring awaiting his partner for the evening.

***I Bring The Darkness***
Emma Mason: And his tag-team partner, from the Neighborhood from Hell, he weighs in tonight at 237 lbs... Ace Foooxxxx!!

Fox makes his way out through the curtain and seems to glide down the ramp. Still clearly on a high from his debut victory the previous week.

Stan Chambers: Listen to the reception from the PWC faithful tonight! This man made quite the impression in his debut match up!

Sondra Rowe: Indeed he did but tonight he will stand across from the giant himself and I don't even want to imagine the fear that would instill in another person!

Stan Chambers:
His partner, Leo Masters has already felt the wrath of the Giant last week so they may have a little advantage by way of game-planning and experience here tonight.

***White Wedding***

The Staples centre erupts with boos for possibly the largest luchadore in the world. He marches out onto the stage and seems to enjoy soaking in their hatred.

Emma Mason:
Their opponents, first from The Rocky Mountains - He weighs-

***Don't Look Back In Anger***

The announcer is stopped in her tracks as El Gigante's partner's music hits and he comes dancing out onto the stage sporting an ultra cocky demeanour and signalling to the giant man as if to infer that they've already won.

Stan Chambers:
The giant does not look best pleased with his partner's actions here tonight.

Sondra Rowe: Whereas I don't doubt there are some cultural differences between them, Ms Page has invested a lot into El Gigante so I'm sure he is intelligently capable enough of coexisting with Mr Jackson to see them through to victory tonight.

Emma Mason: His partner - weighing in at 199lbs - from Leeds, England! Luke Jacksooon!!

Jackson marches down the ramp with his arms stretched out wide as the enormas mass of humanity follows him closely. Both men reach the ring and stand in their corner opposite their opponents.

Stan Chambers:
Looks like it will be El Gigante Enmascarado starting things off for his team whilst Ace Fox starts at the other end. Due in no short part I bet to the beating Leo Masters took last week.

Match Two | Leo Masters & Ace Fox vs Luke Jackson & El Gigante Enmascardo​

The bell rings and Ace Fox begins to circle to much larger man forcing him to constantly pivot around the ring to keep his eyes on the obviously much more nimble competitor. Ace then shoots across the Luke Jackson in the corner but he jumps down to avoid the strike, Gigante attempts to capitalise by colliding with Fox but he reads it perfectly, drops down, slides through his legs and gets back up and hits a shoot headbutt into the giants jaw! He doesn't go down but steps back into the corner and gathers himself.

Sondra Rowe:
Ace Fox had to leave the floor to hit that headbut. That is so telling of the size this man possesses.

This infuriates the Giant who makes a charge for Fox and turns him inside out with a clothesline! He hoists Ace up immediately and nails a powerslam! But he's still not through and he lifts him one more time again for a backbreaker. He makes the cover!




Stan Chambers: You can see the crowd wince as they see the pain Ace Fox is enduring. This mountain of a man is capable of so much devastation!

Gigante tosses Fox into his team's turnbuckle and nails him with an overhand chop! The slap echoes through the arena. As he crumples to the floor we see Luke Jackson practically frothing at the mouth, begging Gigante to tag him in. Giant does not seem so willing but obliges and lets the high-flying Jackson have his moment. Immediately Jackson rains down on Fox with stomp after stomp after stomp into the corner before turning around and posing towards Leo Masters who is having to sit by and watch all of this. Luke turns back around and is nailed with a Bicycle Kick from Ace as he explodes back to his feet! Luke is back up quickly though and ducks a right hook attempt from Fox. He runs at the ropes and springboards off them to hit a moonsault but Fox rolls out of the way and Luke lands on his feet! Both men charge at one another and at the same time hit a clothesline! Both men are down! Ace begins to claw back to his own corner looking for the tag but Luke grabs his ankle! They have a tug-of-war esque struggle as they get back to their feet but all the while Jackson keeps his grasp tight. Fox takes a swing at an enziguri but Luke ducks - Still holding the ankle - Mule kick from Fox!! Both men are on the floor and clawing towards their corners! The fans are on their feet creaming in hope that Ace can reach Masters before Luke gets to the Giant.

Stan Chambers: Both of these men have got to get the tag here!

Luke takes a leap and tags in El Gigante Enmascarado! He charges across the ring and sends Leo Masters off the apron with a huge shoulder block! Quickly he turns to Fox who has reached his feet. The cocky fan favourite urges Giant to come at him!

Sondra Rowe:
That is one man I would not want to get riled up.

The larger man lunges at Fox but he rolls underneath the attempt and backs into the corner then delivers a big boot to the jaw which rocks him! Thinking quickly he ascends to the second rope and jumps with a flying clothesline! He goes to ground but the Giant just stumbles! Ace darts at the ropes and comes flying in again with a clothesline but the Giant will not go down! Leo is now back on the apron so Fox makes the tag and both men start hitting the Giant with stiff forearms and elbows. He does all he can to cover himself but both men are relentless and take him down to a knee. The blows continue and continue as the noise from the crowd grows but he bursts to his feet and floors both his opponent in one swift movement! Ace is back up first but El Gigante hoists him above his head and drops him with a military press slam. But the legal man is Leo Masters who jumps on the back of the Giant and tries to lock in a sleeper hold! Both men struggle with one another with Leo hanging from the Giant and trying desperately to keep his grip! He begins to slow down as the hold seems to take effect. The Luchadore drops to a knee and then onto both knees. He looks out of it at the referee asks for a response but does not receive one. He lifts his massive arm into the air and lets it drop


A second time he lifts the arm and lets it drop


Stan Chambers: A third time and El Gigante will have officially submitted!
The arm is lifted and dropped a third and final time


The Giant resumes consciousness and keeps his arm up. Still on both knees he lifts Leo above his head and throws him - But he lands on his feet and nails a sickening roundhouse kick!! The Giant is on his back as Masters tags in Ace Fox. He ascends the turnbuckle and nails a Frog Splash, floats over and immediately follows with a standing moonsault!

Stan Chambers:
What a beautiful piece of combination offence by this man!
He stays on him for a lateral press.




The Giant bench-presses Fox back up to his feet as he can only look on in sheer horror! Unsure what to do next Fox reaches out to tag Masters but he is ragged off the apron by Luke Jackson who has made his way around the ring! Ace hangs over the ropes as he hurls some stern words at his other opponent but the legal man is right behind him and El Gigante drops Fox with a huge back suplex! The Giant presses Fox into his own corner and delivers repeated shoulder thrusts into him!

Again and again

And again

And again

Sondra Rowe: This man is relentless!

Just as Leo begins to get back to his feet and looks to save his partner, Fox is ragged out of the corner and plants him centre of the ring with a chokeslam! He stares into Leo's eyes as he hooks the leg.




Ace gets the shoulder up in the nick of time! The Large-Lucha just laughs as he brings the smaller man back to his feet and begins to wrench the life out of him as he locks in the Xavier Curse. You can almost feel the air as it espaces Fox's lungs and his body writhes in pain. He nails a quick elbow which rocks the Giant but he keeps his grip! As he stumbles he moves into his corner where Luke Jackson makes a blind tag! The Giant hasn't realised and he's keeping the hold tight. It is not until he hears that the Referee's count reached four that he truly understands the situation and releases Ace Fox who just crumples to the floor. Luke dives on top of Ace Fox's lifeless body.

Stan Chambers: Oh no Luke is going to steal this one!


Two - NO!

With only one hand the 7"5 man lifts Luke to his feet, pulling him up by his tights and questions his actions. The smaller man tries to reason with him but before he can get his point across the Giant nails him with a headbut!!

Sondra Rowe: Oh no, he's attacking his own teammate!

He hoists Luke up and dumps him with a Two-handed chokeslam! Luke's back arches in agony. He's not finished there as walks over the man and drops onto him with a seated senton. Jackson's body almosts bursts under the pressure. He follows this by ragging the much smaller man to his feet and executing The DeVarles Drop

Stan Chambers: The DeVarles Drop!! His version of the double-underhook suplex!

As he gets back to his feet Leo Masters has re-entered the ring and starts raining down blows to his larger adversary! He seems to absorb the pain as he grabs Masters by the head and launches him over the top rope and to the floor! His own momentum takes him down to one knee and out of nowhere Ace Fox plants his skull into the mat with Ace In The Hole!! Curbstomp connects! Showing great awareness, Ace remembers that the legal man is Jackson who is still out cold in the centre of the ring. He drapes across him and hooks the nearside leg.




***I Bring The Darkness***

Winners va Pinfall | Ace Fox & Leo Masters

The show cuts away to an ad break. The ad break contains ads for the PWC PPV Last Rites where information on how to obtain the PPV is broadcast live. The ad break then goes into generic US adverts for twinkies and pop tarts as well as other American treats. When the camera’s cut back to the Staples Center, both Sondra Rowe and Stan Chambers are focused on their monitors.

Stan Chambers: Ladies and Gentleman, both Doctor Nero and Shadow are here, they’re in the building and ready for tonight’s main event match.

The camera’s cut away to Shadow’s changing room. Shadow is seen without a t-shirt on. He is doing burpee’s in the middle of his changing room, obviously preparing himself for his match, the final chance he has to get his hands on Crowley and on the World Heavyweight Championship.

Stan Chambers:
Shadow looks to be in the best condition we’ve ever seen him in. After his beating at Ragnorok, no-one was sure if the man would be one hundred percent. I’ll tell you now, he sure looks to be.

The camera’s cut away to Nero’s changing room. He is sat on a chair in the corner of the room, obviously formulating a game plan with Nurse Ellie who appears to be whispering to the God Complex.

Sondra Rowe: Every good match requires a game plan. I believe Nero has one going into this.

Stan Chambers: I wouldn’t doubt it. Nero is an absolute machine in that ring, he will systematically destroy Shadow.

The cameras cut backstage once again, however this time to a different room. El Gigante is seen storming down the corridor, still streaked with sweat. He pushes through a door leading to the office of Brittney Page. Page looks up to El Gigante, gesturing to the seats.

Brittney Page:
Can I help you?

El Gigante glares at Brittney, dropping his towel to the ground. He kicks the chair over, shaking his head.

El Gigante Enmascarado: I want shot at little man. I would beat Ace if not for stupid tag partner.

Brittney Page:
Look. I understand your frustration and you know that I would do anything you needed, it would only be fair. I can’t give you a match against Ace Fox though, his opponent next week has already been pencilled in. I’m sorry, big guy.

El Gigante shakes his head, kicking the chair again before turning and storming from the room, slamming the door as he exits. The camera’s all cut back to the ring where Emma Mason is stood.

***War Machine***

The fans erupt as the theme of the very popular Don-Jitsu hits the PA system.

Emma Mason: The following contest is set for ONE FALL! First, from the Dragon's Lair, weighing in tonight at 235lbs - Donald Hammerpuuunchhh!

Donald is wielding his regular nun-chucks as he makes his from behind the curtain. He puts on his regular Karate demonstration for the fans atop the ramp before bowing. Hammerpunch then begins the walk down the ramp towards the ring. He stands in his corner awaiting his opponent for the evening.

***Robot Rock***

The adulation in the air quickly switches to disdain as the cocky and eccentric Kidd West makes his way down the ramp.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada - He weighed in tonight at 12 Stone and 5lbs... Kiiiidddd Weeesssttt!

Kidd walks with his arms outstretched as gold and blue lights cover the arena. He rolls into the ring and ascends the far turnbuckle before dropping himself into the tree of woe position and staring across at his adversary. Hammerpunch stares on unphased by these actions as the referee calls for the bell. Immediately as he does, West unhooks himself and stands across from Hammerpunch.

Match Three | Donald Hammerpunch vs Kidd West​

They advance towards each other and enter into a test of strength. Quickly they transition into a collar and elbow tie up. The larger of the two men, Hammerpunch gets the better of West and locks him into a side headlock. Struggling to escape, West pushes Hammerpunch to the ropes and as he does so breaks free then whips the master on Don-Jitsu across the ring. He rebounds off the ropes and ducks under a right hand attempt by West who quickly spins around but is caught by a running fore-arm as Hammerpunch has again rebounded from the other side this time. West is quick to his feet but again a forearm strike takes him down. But again he is up and this time Hammerpunch locks him in a sleeper hold!

Stan Chambers: This is very tactical by Donald Hammerpunch, trying to slow the much smaller and evidently quicker Kidd West down.

Kidd drops to his knees and is fading fast from the pressure applied by his opponent. As the referee checks to see if he wants to quit, West seems to spring to life as he gets back to his feet but as he reaches out in pain his vision is obstructed by Hammerpunch's grip so he catches the referee in the eye - As he turns in pain, Kidd thrusts his leg up into the groin of Hammerpunch!

Sondra Rowe: Now THAT is tactical!

Stan Chambers:
I'm not sure that eye poke to the ref was as accidental as it first seemed!

Kidd West then leaps in the air and drops his opponent with a Pele Kick! He drapes his body over and hooks the leg!




The former Heavyweight champion gets his shoulder up! Kidd can't believe it as he pleads with the referee whose eye is still twitching a little bit from his actions earlier. Kidd is straight back on him and rains down on Hammerpunch who is still gasping for air with wicked looking forearm and elbow strikes to his skull! West springs to his feet and lets out a violent roar as he points down to the floored Donald Hammerpunch, clearly proud of his handy work. Hammerpunch climbs to his feet and advances to West who hits a right hand. Hammerpunch nails a right of his own as the fans cheer! Another from West as the boos rain down upon him. They trade blows back and forth as the fans' reactions change with each strike. Suddenly Hammerpunch blocks Kidd, then he tries with the left but that's blocked too! Hammerpunch jumps up looking to connect his knee with Kidd's jaw but he leans back, picks the larger man out of mid air and folds him up with a German Suplex - He's not done though as West floats over and brings Hammerpunch up and down once more with a bridging Tiger Suplex!




Amazingly he withstands that sequence by Kidd and kicks out just in time! Again Kidd argues with the referee. Adamant that was enough to defeat the master of Don-Jitsu. As his back is turned, Hammerpunch spins Kidd and nails him with a short-arm clothesline! He keeps a hold of the smaller man and lifts him straight up to execute the Russian Leg Sweep! Hammerpunch makes a cover of his own!



West kicks out but from the expression on his face, the former World's champion expected that. He drags him to his feet and starts to lace his chest with Knife Edge chops! Again and again as the back into the corner! Once into the corner, Hammerpunch unleashes his Palm Strike Fury! He takes a couple of steps back then leaps into him looking to hit a monkey flip but he is caught and Kidd flings him up onto the turnbuckle as he lands hard onto the steel bar! West catched his breath for a moment then turns and climbs the turnbuckle himself, placing himself behind his adversary. After steadying himself he hooks his arms around Hammerpunch and launches him backwards with a spider suplex! Immediately he pulls himself back up, leaps up and hits a picture-perfect moonsault!

Sondra Rowe: The Supledelic Moonsault! What a sight to behold!

Stan Chambers:
I must admit that is quite the extraordinary maneuver, but can he capitalise?!

Kidd crawls into the cover!



Three-NO!-Foot on the rope!

Stan Chambers: What ring awareness by Donald Hammerpunch to get his foot on the rope! At such a pivotal moment in this match too!

This just enrages West who brings Donald up and screams at him as he Whips him into the ropes and sets himself off in the other direction! As both men meet in the middle Hammerpunch ducks a clothesline attempt from West - Off the opposite ropes - LIGHTS OUT!!

It misses as West rolls underneath! Both men rebound again and back towards each other-






Winner via Pinfall | Kidd West

Kidd West doesn’t allow his music to be played, raising his hand to signal to the technical guys to stop it the moment it begins. He takes a microphone from a passing camera man before he looks out over the PWC universe who all begin to boo him. Kidd drops the microphone, using his foot to roll Hammerpunch from the ring before he takes the microphone again.

Kidd West: That right there is why I deserve to be the holder of one Prometheus Flame.

The PWC universe take Kidd’s words and begin to chant “Sway Archer” towards the victor. Kidd stands still for a few moments, taking in the chants before he raises the microphone to his lips again.

Kidd West: Donald Hammerpunch is a former World Champion and I just made him look like a bitch.

The PWC fans in attendance at the Staples Center all boo this statement, none of them interested in what Kidd has to say to disrespect a former World Champion like the one and only Donald Hammerpunch.

Kidd West: Somehow, someway Sway Arc---

***Saturnz Barz***

Stan Chambers: Speak of the devil.

Sway Archer steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand. He obviously doesn’t look best pleased with Kidd’s comments. He takes a few seconds to listen to the fans chanting his name before he raises the microphone to his mouth.

Sway Archer: Seriously? I have to go from rent-a-cop’s to Kidd West? Can I go back to the security guard? Least he was fun to be around.

Kidd steps forward, obviously insulted.

Sway Archer: You don’t get to claim you’re better than me Kiddy. Who holds the Prometheus Bolt?

Sway Archer raises the bolt high as if to prove a point.

Kidd West: Who holds the Prometheus Bolt? I’ll tell you something Sway. You hold that bolt because you go--

Sway Archer: Tell me you’re not serious right now? I have merchandise Kidd, what do you have?

Kidd West: Did you not just witness me score a win over a for--

Sway Archer: Former World Heavyweight Champion. Wow, so special. Let me tell you something Kidd, you know me. We fought on the indies, we fought until we couldn’t fight anymore. You know that I’m here to fight any day, anytime and anyplace.

Sway drops the microphone, grinning as he steps behind the curtain. The camera’s pan back to Kidd West who looks furious. Eventually the camera’s cut to another ad break where the same Last Rites advert is shown. Another few adverts are shown for the newest line of PWC wrestling figures as well as an advert for the GCW PPV set for January. When the camera’s return to the Staples Center, they show Lucas Hawthorne lay out on a bed in the trainer's room, Dr. Julian examining his knee.

Lucas Hawthorne: I..I had him.

Doctor Julian Shepherd:
I don’t doubt it, but you couldn’t of continued with your knee is this shape.

Lucas Hawthorne: Doc, just tell me straight. What am I looking at?

Doctor Julian Shepherd: Well, the pain seems to suggest damage to the ligaments although we won’t know until the swelling has gone down and we can do a scan.

Lucas Hawthorne:
Yeah, alright.

The camera’s cut away as Lucas lays back on the bed, defeated and broken. The camera’s focus on Jensen who is in another part of the Staples Center. He pulls at his collar for a few moments, before he sighs. He appears to be on the phone, communicating with someone.

Jensen: I don’t know what I have left. Beating Austin would of meant something, but he caught me off guard by attacking things, people I care about.

The camera’s cut back to the ring to give Jensen his privacy. Emma Mason is again stood in the ring, microphone in hand.


The PWC Legacy Champion’s music hits and the fans rile up in a frenzy. Their despise for this man grows on a level not ever seen before in PWC. The sold-out crowd rejects this man as he walks out on stage, the boos become deafening. His very presence has brought about a continuous thunderclap inside the arena, shaking the Staples Center itself.

Stan Chambers:
It’s literally deafening in here….

Bianchi smugly ignores the noise, steps through the ropes and as he always does, sits arrogantly on the top rope. The thunderclap transforms into a nuclear explosion. The collective hatred is real here tonight. The lights go out and the videotron lets the fans know who Bianchi’s opponent is.

***Damn it to hell***

The fans see the lantern in the darkness and, out of their hatred for Bianchi, the fans start chanting Remy’s name. The lantern is half-way down the entrance ramp, the music blasting when it jerks suddenly and goes out. The Staple Center lights come back on to see Bianchi is standing over Remy shaking his head. When the camera closes up on the Italian genius’ face he simply rolls his eyes and then starts laying the boots to him. An atomic bomb of boos goes off right in the middle of Los Angeles!!!! Bianchi spits on Remy and walks back to the ring turning his back on the swampland cult leader. The referee runs over to check on him. The big man pushes the ref away and slowly gets to his feet. Bianchi much like a matador spins on his heels with a shit-eating grin and twiddles his finger, inviting Dieu to fight him. Remy’s eyes have a fire behind them. He is visually livid with the disrespect this prancy-pretty boy has shown him. He shakes off the kicks and at first stumbles towards Bianchi but ends in a full sprint. Bianchi begs off, feigning fear… before dropping own and toe holding Dieu face first into the ring apron!!! Bianchi gets to his feet sighing. Giggling to himself about how he has manipulated the Master of Manipulation. Bianchi rolls into the ring and perches himself back on the top turnbuckle just like he did before the lights went out. The ref checks on Dieu again. This time, he nods his head, agreeing that he still wants to wrestle this match. The ref rolls in and allows Dieu to enter the ring. The man is obviously dazed from his head careening into the solid and sharp edge of the ring. The ref asks one more time if he’s sure he wants this fight. Dieu starts to lose his patience and the ref almost shrugs before calling for the bell.

Match Four | Jacob Bianchi vs Remy Dieu​


Remy like a wounded animal comes out of his corner, this time more cautious and looks to cut the ring off. Bianchi cracks his knuckles and knows there won’t be a lockup here. It’s going to be a fight. Remy swings Bianchi ducks but Dieu expected this and nails a big back elbow right to the nose! Bianchi is stunned and Remy uses his weight advantage and moves in corralling Bianchi into the corner and looking for some big strikes! Some land, some don’t as the legacy Champ covers up before yelling at the ref for a rope break. Dieu is no mood and keeps looking to land a big shot. The ref tries to break it up and the distraction allows Bianchi nails a big thumb to the eye. Bianchi now sees the opening and lands a few shots of his own. All are targeted at the head. A kick to the gut and a DDT attempt.


Dieu pushes out of it but is nailed by a big clothesline than hits him hard and sends the back of his head crashing to the canvas. Bianchi leaps on him for the cover!


Dieu kicks out, but is clutching his head. The fire in his eyes may have gone out, because the shots to seem to have him dazed. He swivels on his knee to get back to his feet, but is hit with a basement dropkick! Bianchi again makes the cover, but this time it only gets a one count. The fans are booing again. They can’t stand Bianchi.

Stan Chambers: Bianchi is looking for that DDT. Look at his body positioning. He knows that a move like that is going to exacerbate the damage he has already done.

Sondra Rowe: I was looking forward to a straight one-one-one match between these two guys, but I guess there’s no such thing with Bianchi. He has to have the advantage and will use your own hubris against you.

Bianchi grabs Remy’s messy hair and looks again for that DDT, but Dieu hits some body shots, some rabbit punches. The crowd gets behind him. He bounces off the ropes looking for a shot Bianchi is ready for him, but Dieu rolls out of the ring!

Sondra Rowe:
Woah! Remy Dieu now playing his game. His mind games. His kind of match!

Remy strolls around the ring keeping some distance, allowing himself to recuperate from the shots he’s taken.

Stan Chambers:
Dieu is very smart, there’s no question. He has obviously gathered himself and has gone back to his game plan now. He wants Bianchi to play his game.

Bianchi crosses his arms. He won’t go out after him, and the ref starts a ten count. Dieu slowly walks up the steel steps and stands on the apron telling the ref to get his opponent back. He rubs the back of his head and shakes his head to get the blood flowing before finally stepping back through the ropes. The electricity in the building is insane. Dieu circles and looks to pounce. Bianchi drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring. The fans go ballistic.
Sondra Rowe: Bianchi won’t play either. I’m not really sure if this match is going to restart, both men may keep doing this until we have a time limit draw.

The ref starts the count on Jacob. Bianchi checks his nails! Dieu flies over the top rope and crashes down on Bianchi getting a HUGE POP!!!! Remy explodes and grabs the Italian and throws him head first into the security rail! He lays in the boots and then rolls Jacob in. The fans are behind the monster from the swamp! Remy puts his head through the ropes and he pays for it…
Bianchi is up and hooks the head and neck, and while Dieu’s body is halfway through the ropes – he nails that DDT!!!!! Mutha-f-ing spikes him! Bianchi shakes off the damage, stumbles to his feet. Hooks Dieu’s arms – A.W.O.L. connects!!!!!




Winner via Pinfall | Jacob Bianchi

The fans boo again, but the fight seems to have gone out of them. Bianchi has taken the life out of this crowd and he is very pleased with it. He waits patiently for the ref to raise his arm before, like a peacock, walking back up the ramp almost in a skip.

Stan Chambers: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for sticking with us through Vortex to this point. We've had a lot of great matches so far, but this one has the potential to be the best one yet.

Sondra Rowe:
That's right, Stan. Dr. Nero going head to head with Shadow in a fight to see who becomes the next number one contender for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

Stan Chambers:
Both of these men had a rough time of it at Ragnarok. Dr. Nero failed in his attempt to win the Legacy Championship against Jacob Bianchi, while Shadow failed to take the World Heavyweight Championship from King Crowley yet again.

Sondra Rowe: Both men put in incredibly impressive performances though and have rightfully taken their places on the path to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Stan Chambers:
On that we can agree. Over their PWC careers, both Shadow and Nero have proven themselves as top level fighters. Nero is a former Legacy Champion having taken the belt from Muhammad Islami. He then went on to defend his Championship three times against the very best, allowing him the opportunity to face his old foe Xander Black for the World Heavyweight Championship. After winning that match, he embarked on a path of destruction, seeing off challenge after challenger only finally falling to Donald Hammerpunch.

Sondra Rowe: As for Shadow, he is also a former Legacy Champion, having won it in a gauntlet match. He also went on to defend his Championship the required three times before cashing in, but it wasn't enough and he failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship, falling against the might of King Crowley.

Stan Chambers: All of this just shows how strong King Crowley has been so far. He defeated Hammerpunch when he was arguably at his very best. He defeated Shadow who was in the fighting form of his career. He has seen off challenger after challenger and stood tall at the end. You can't even claim he has hidden behind his Ghouls in title matches, as they often don't even accompany him down to ringside.

Sondra Rowe: Which is terrifying.

Stan Chambers: It is. Outside of his matches, Crowley often takes the easy way out, opting to use mind games or his Ghouls to get an advantage, but during his Championship matches, he is all business. He's still standing tall too, so this tactic clearly works.

Sondra Rowe: Both of these men are fighting for a chance to stand against quite possibly the single most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in PWC history, and to get there, they have to see off the only other man to have defended the Legacy Championship three times in succession.

Stan Chambers:
This is going to be an epic.

***Requiem for a Dream***

The lights in the arena dim down as a bright spotlight burst into life and points down at the stage, illuminating Nurse Ellie who is stood in a form fitting powder blue dress. She does a quick twirl to appreciative whistles from the crowd who quickly begin cheering, roaring out their welcome as Dr. Nero walks out onto the stage. Dressed in his usual black garb, Nero walks down to the ring guided by Nurse Ellie who slips in and out of the spotlight which is trained on Nero. The lights turn back on as the two reach the bottom of the ramp and Ellie turns around to face Nero. She removes his shirt and watches as he walks past, climbs the steps to the apron and slips into the ring, arms outstretched so as to not let them touch the ropes. Ellie quickly joins him in the ring and puts latex gloves onto his hands before the two turn and face the stage.


The lights in the arena darken once more, signalling the arrival of Shadow. More cheers come from the crowd as a dim light illuminates the stage and ringside. Shadow's theme drowns out all other noise and a bright white light flashes, followed by two bolts of lightning which crash into the stage, blowing away the smoke that was gathering. Kneeling in the centre of the stage is Shadow whose head is bowed down, completely oblivious to the noise from the crowd. A spotlight shines down upon him as he raises his head, staring down at Nero and Ellie who are looking back just as intensely. Shadow rises to his feet and begins to stalk down to the ring, the spotlight following him as he walks. He powers down the ramp and jumps up onto the apron, ignoring the stairs, before climbing up the turnbuckle. From his elevated position, Shadow stares down at Nero with a determined look in his eyes. He raises his arm and flips down his hood before hopping into the ring and removing his jacket. He drops back into a crouch as the lights come back up and continues to stare down Nero. At ringside Emma Mason gets to her feet and raises a microphone.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is to determine the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd cheers.

Emma Mason: Introducing first! He stands five feet ten inches tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred ten pounds. Fighting out of The Darkness. SHADOOOOOOOWWWWWW!

The crowd continues to cheer and several pro Shadow signs are raised into the air.

Emma Mason: And his opponent! He stands six feet three inches tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred twenty three pounds. Fighting out of Seattle, Washington. DR. NEEEERROOOOOOOOO!

This time it's pro Nero signs that are being hoisted into the air. There's an electric feeling around the arena as Mason puts down the microphone, and it begins to peak as Roger Hains gets in between both Nero and Shadow, calling for a clean match. Realising that his words are falling upon deaf ears, he gives up and calls for the bell instead.

Match Five | Shadow vs Doctor Nero

Ellie leaves the ring and the two men inside start to circle, stalking one another, baiting their foe into making the first mistake. On each circle, Nero strafes slightly in, closing the gap on Shadow with every cycle, but before he can completely close the distance, Shadow burst forwards, and forces the two to lock up in a collar-and-elbow tie up. The two men fight for dominance, Shadow trying to utilise his nimbleness to conjure up an opening while Nero tries to use his height and weight to his advantage, bearing down upon his opponent, looking to lock him in his grip. Neither man comes out of it better than the other, and they lock horns once again, trying to get that earlier show of dominance that could unsettle their opponent and force them to change their game plan. Shadow tires of this constant back and forth early and lashes out at Nero's thigh with a brutal kick that could be heard in the cheap seats. The crowd 'oohs' and 'aahs' in sympathy as Shadow unleashes kick after kick, trying to weaken Nero's base in an attempt to slow the Doctor down. He then pushes Nero into the ropes and whips him across the ring, and as Nero rushes back off the opposite ropes, Shadow races to meet him, crashing the back of his hand into Nero's chest, hitting the Backhand Chop to a chorus of 'WOOs' from the crowd.

Stan Chambers: Listen to the crowd enjoying this one!

Nero hits the ground, clutching his chest as his contorts, showing just how much pain he is currently in. Shadow dives down onto Nero, grabbing the back of his neck and dragging him up to his feet before launching several quick forearms and kicks, targeting any unprotected spot on Nero's body, sacrificing power from each individual hit, and instead looking to do as much damage as he can with the overall flurry of moves. Nero staggers back several feet, trying to withstand the barrage that he is facing, and the second that the smallest of openings appears, he unleashes a brutal Forearm smash, stunning Shadow and allowing the Doctor to take control of the fight. He keeps up the offense, unloading another forearm to the face before forcibly turning his opponent and launching him overhead with a German Suplex. He doesn't let go though and once again Shadow is lifted overhead and brought down with a Suplex. Nero bridges this one and Hains hits the mat for the first pinfall of the match.



Nero is unconcerned by the quick kickout and takes his time to get back to his feet, rubbing his legs as he moves. Shadow stirs, trying to get up to his feet, but Nero wraps his arms around the neck of the downed man and wrenches, locking in a tight neck crank. He leans over Shadow pushing down upon his body so as to maintain the high ground. Shadow uses his legs to power up though, and pushes the two men into a standing position, but it's not enough to break the grip that Nero has on him, and so he once again resorts to the ropes to push Nero off. This time Nero comes back with a head of steam and hits Shadow shoulder first, sending the smaller man sprawling down onto the mat. Nero then rushes off the ropes to his left, but Shadow is already on his feet and leapfrogs the charging man before turning to face him as he bounces off the ropes again, steaming back. The two men collide, smacking into one another and hit the mat, groaning as neither could move out of the way, and neither came out of the impact looking good. The fans show their support for both men, alternating which one they're chanting for, and the two downed men begin to stir, clutching their ribs, which took the brunt of their collision.

Stan Chambers: Here we go, they’re getting up!

They rise and drive towards one another, Nero intending to unleash another clubbing blow to Shadow's jaw, but the smaller man leaps up off the ground and catches Nero off guard with a beautiful looking Hurricanrana, which sends Nero tumbling under the ropes to the outside. There's no time to waste for Shadow who charges off the ropes, bounces off the opposite ones and throws himself through the first set of ropes, smashing into Nero on the outside with a brutal looking Suicide Dive. Shadow quickly throws Nero back into the ring and follows, looking to get a pinfall.



Nero throws his arm up and pushes Shadow away, getting a little space for himself. Shadow follows though and hops over Nero, heading towards the turnbuckle. He clambers up just as Nero is getting to his feet and throws himself off, diving towards the shocked Doctor, hitting a top rope crossbody. Shadow rolls through, sliding under the ropes, landing feet first on the floor outside. He quickly leaps up onto the apron and leaps up onto the rope before, diving towards the rising Nero, this time hitting a springboard crossbody.




Hains' hand barely hits the mat for the second time before Nero kicks out. Shadow nods, showing that he expected that to happen. He picks Nero back up into a seated position and runs off the ropes before coming back and hitting a stiff dropkick.



Shadow pulls Nero up to his feet once mo--KICK TO THE GUT! ANGEL'S WINGS!!! Nero scrambles for the pin.




Nero's face is calm as he rises. His hand is wrapped around the wrist of Shadow and the two men rise as one, Nero dragging the weight of his opponent up. He lifts up Shadow. TIME OF DEA--NO! Shadow slips down the back of Nero, avoiding the Doctor's brutal finisher. Pele Kick! Nero stumbles back into the corner, but Shadow is with him all the way. Enzuigiri! Nero rolls off into the middle of the ring as Shadow takes a moment to recover from the Angel's Wings before heading to the top rope. Shadow launches himself off, feet driving down onto the prone Nero.


Nero rolls out of the way and charges at Shadow.


Shadow rolled out of the failed Darkness Falls and caught Nero as he charged forward, dragging the Doctor's head down onto his knees.




Nero throws his arm up, drawing cheers from the crowd. Shadow's face is pale white. He was certain that he had Nero beat and was already looking toward the match with Crowley, but Nero just wouldn't stop fighting. Shadow rises to his feet, a shaken look on his face. He just saw everything slip through his fingers and that wasn't good enough. He stalks to the top rope once more, looking to finish Nero off once and for all. Before he can even contemplate jumping off, Nero has staggered to his feet and slammed himself into the ropes throwing Shadow off balance as he tried to right himself. The man from the Darkness comes crashing down into the ring, neck first. Nero's slow to get to him, but Shadow's barely moving on the ground, having landed horribly. Nero drags him to his feet, and sets him up once more, as Nero lifts his struggling opponent up onto his shoulders. TIME OF DEATH! Shadow crashes down onto the mat brutally, yet another victim of Nero's monstrous finisher. Hains hits the ground just as Nero drops into the cover.




Just before Hains can count three, a body crashes into him, sending the referee tumbling across the ring. The body in the ring is joined by several more who begin unloading on the prone Nero and Shadow, both of whom weakly try to defend themselves from the onslaught. Fists and boots rain down upon the two as they struggle around trying to defend themselves from as many of their attackers as is physically possible.


The angry boos from the crowd turn into horrible jeers as the World Heavyweight Champion walks down to the ring, watching as his Ghouls go to work decimating the two men who dare call themselves challengers to his crown. At the commentary booth both Sondra Rowe and Stan Chambers are beside themselves. Outraged that Crowley would dare interrupt a match like this just when Nero looked like he could have won. Crowley slips into the ring, clearly enjoying the carnage that is going on within. There's a smile on his face as he looks down at Nero and Shadow who are still being swarmed. A cough echoes around the arena, distracting the Ghouls and Crowley momentarily. The heads of the Ghouls collectively swivel, looking for the man or women who would interrupt this moment for their leader. It's Crowley who catches on quickest as he looks up at the titantron, which is showing a giant image of Ernesto Clement sat in his office, a sombre look on his face. The two look at one another through the screen for a moment before Clement begins to talk.

Ernesto Clement: You've put me in a bit of a bind here, Crowley.
One of the Ghouls yells at the screen demanding that Clement says King Crowley, but he immediately stops shouting following a quick look from the Italian.

Ernesto Clement: Interrupting this match means we don't have a number one contender to the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. Now, I could quite easily have both men fight again on another Vortex, but as I can't guarantee that you'd stay out of it, I've come up with a better solution.
Crowley stares down Clement, almost daring him to say the words that they both know are coming.

Ernesto Clement: As the Owner of the Premier Wrestling Circuit, I would like to announce that the main event of Last Rites will be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! King Crowley will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against both Dr. Nero AND Shadow!

The crowd erupt, some turning to laugh at Crowley, some bowing to Clement and the rest just simply cheering about the news.
Ernesto Clement: Know this, Crowley. If your Ghouls interfere in that match, I will personally see to it that you never hold that belt another day. Thank you for your time. Thank you all for coming out to see us.
The image on the screen cuts out and returns to the PWC logo floating in the center as the crowd cheer once more. In the ring, the Ghouls are howling with rage, but in amongst them, Crowley has turned and is looking at Nero and Shadow with murder in his eyes. With a flick of his hand, the Ghouls descend upon Nero and Shadow once more, the World Heavyweight Champion looking down upon the two men.

It's this image that the camera lingers on for a moment before cutting to black.

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Holy $#*!.

Awesome show, guys. Loved every match, especially the opener (what a sequence tho) and the tag match. The segment with Kidd and Sway was good, I am loving Sway's character, give that man a mega push. Intrigued for this Jensen storyline. Jacob vs. Remy was very good from a storytelling perspective. And of course, the main event. What a match, such a big fight feel. I absolutely hated Crowley for interrupting it. So hyped for the 3-way.

This is awesome.

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Episode was pretty great. Last Rites needed a big main event, and Shadow being Crowley's arch-nemesis needed to be there to bring the gravitas of the match. With Nero not having any real connection to Crowley at this stage, Shadow connects all three men. Now with the beat down on both men... we're off to the races.

I enjoyed all the other matches as well. Great to see Leo Masters get a win! He deserves it the big lug
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