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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Amway Centre
Capacity: 18,500
City: Orlando, Florida


Tag Team Match
Lucas Hawthorne & Sway Archer vs Remy Dieu & Kidd West

Singles Match
Jensen vs Tristan Kist

Singles Match
El Gigante Enmascardo vs Leo Masters

Singles Match
Flexx Palumbo vs Ace Fox

Singles Match
Barney Williams vs Austin Angel

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on 14th October 2017 (Saturday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Lucas Hawthorne & Sway Archer vs Remy Dieu & Kidd West
Both men coming off big PPV wins.

Jensen vs Tristan Kist
Both men veterans in fedding - Kist new here in PWC and took his first L at the PPV meanwhile Jensen needs to get the ball back rolling

El Gigante Enmascardo vs Leo Masters
Big man needs to get back on his big feet.

Flexx Palumbo vs Ace Fox
Newbie momentum? I guess?
But Flexx's streak should totally come back.

Barney Williams vs Austin Angel
Only title holder competing on this show and Barney couldn't buy a win lately.

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Barney Williams vs Austin Angel
Only title holder competing on this show and Barney couldn't buy a win lately.

Barney beat Damien Dawson to get into the Flame match thank you very much.


Lucas Hawthorne & Sway Archer vs Remy Dieu & Kidd West

Me & Archer have a plan. No idea if it's a good plan, but we'll find out. We've just come off some super big wins so you know, if we lose this I'll be just a little upset.

Jensen vs Tristan Kist

We'll call the PPV RP a one off. Kist is a veteran and he can turn out some killer stuff if he really wants to. Saying that, I wouldn't be surprised if Jensen can knock off Kist but.

El Gigante Enmascardo vs Leo Masters

I made this guy look strong, but I've done all I can. El Gigante needs to step into his own, and a victory over Leo Masters is needed so he can regain his streak.

Flexx Palumbo vs Ace Fox

If Flexx wins this I'll be surprised. Ace needs the win to cement himself here

Barney Williams vs Austin Angel

Never bet against myself yet. We'll see though.

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Part 1: Streets of Miami, Florida

March 17, 2002. Usually, by this time of night, the streets would be fully empty. There would just be Ace with his mop, thinking about what his grandma told him about his parents. But on this particular evening, the streets were filled with so much rowdiness, he couldn't even hear his own thoughts. A large group of mostly men and teenaged boys were standing nearby the local restaurant. Must be another Marlins game, he thought. Ace wasn't too fond of baseball. He didn't hate it by any means, but he didn't find it incredibly entertaining as all of his schoolmates did, either. He actually didn't like any sports at all. But that would all change on this faithful Sunday night. Something just told him to go there tonight. Some mysterious voice inside of his bony chest, some uncontrollable, unknown entity. So he went. His child's body helped him get through the crowd pretty quickly. He looked up at the TV. No, it wasn't a Marlins game. It wasn't a Dolphins game either, nor was it Florida Panthers or Miami Heat. It was wrestling.

Ace had heard of wrestling before, but never got a chance to actually see it. With his solitary income being his granny's pension, which had to be mostly spent for her medical treatment, having a television were only a wet dream for Ace. It was WrestleMania 18. Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock, some would say the biggest moment in wrestling history. And he got to see it live. The boy's blue eyes sparkled, the little hair he had on his arms ascended in groups of hairy mountains, he had never felt happier in his entire life. It was like a whole new fantasy world. Only this world wasn't cruel. It looked like something out of a dream, and Ace didn't want it to ever stop.

Man: "Move it, kid! Your bitch mom's probably worried for you!"

Ace didn't like this. He didn't have a mom, nor a dad for that matter. He was raised by his grandmother, one of the shortest women in all of Miami. Anna, or Anny The Granny, as he would love to call her was additionally diagnosed with lipedema, but even her looking like a human meatball didn't stop Ace from loving her.His mom died when she gave birth to him, or so his grandma told him. On any other night, he would've just ran away and took this. But no. It was at this moment, that Ace Fox decided he was never going to take shit from anybody in his life again. A loud moan echoed through the crowd.

Man: "You little son of a bitch!"

Ace connected a kick to the man's left leg. He still ran away. Only this time, he ran away happy. He ran away fulfilled. He ran away proud.

Part 2: The Fox Apartment

That night, Ace wasn't able to sleep. Minutes... hours went by... faded away like a figure in the background of an old picture. He wasn't dreaming, but he was living in a dream world. That image of Hulk Hogan and The Rock breathing in the atmosphere of 68,000 rowdy fans going ballistic was piercing through his mind, riding waves of happiness like he never felt before. Only other time he felt close to this was when the other kids allowed him to play steal with them two summers ago. But this was something even better. He remembered how his grandma told him about sex, and how it was the best feeling in the entire world. Of course, Ace couldn't understand it back then, he was only a little dwarf. Yet still, now he thought he knew what his granny was shooting about on that cold November night of 1998. He knew that you were naked while having sex, and these wrestling fellows sure matched the description. Even today, he would still tell you that seeing a half-naked man on TV was better than seeing a naked woman live. But what about the kick?

Wrapped in his own deep sea of thoughts, the little boy lost all memory of what transpired earlier tonight. Like you forget about some little thing; like losing a penny, or a toy. But this was no little thing, and it certainly wasn't anything to play with. This was as about big as you can get, especially in the hard streets of Miami, where beating up children sometimes felt like a chore for the adults. After a hard day at work, they were who you took your frustrations out on. The kids. Oh, the poor little kids. Ace's case was even worse, he wasn't just getting stomped, he was actually getting stomped for a real reason. And he had no parents, so no one would care to protect him. After all, the entire world saw that he kicked Fred Connors. And Connors was a big man, too. When you needed help with carrying, you called Fred Connors. That guy could lift an ambulance. But what scared Ace more than anything else was that Connors was also a professional ass-kicker. There was a rumor going around that he once kicked the shit out of the Mayor and even threatened to kill him because he got fired from a karate school, (you guess why) where he was the head trainer. You'd expect he'd be punished. Well, Fred Connors got rewarded. Not only did he get his job back, he also got a raise of 2,000$ and a public apology from the Mayor himself. Pretty crazy, huh?

Thus, the frightening thought suddenly occurred to the boy. Sweet Lord, was he going to get killed?

Part 3: The Fox Apartment, 15 years later

What happened to my father? A thought unanticipatedly rose in Ace Fox's mind. If he ever had a life mission, it was to meet his Dad. Here, standing in his freshly renewed apartment, was standing a man. Not that scrawny black kid with long, messy hair because he couldn't afford a barber, but a six foot two, ripped to shreds fellow supporting a short navy cut, now almost mirroring the image of his late father. And the only things he was mopping the floors with these days were people. What happened to my father? He asked himself again. His grandmother told him that Arnold died in the Gulf War as a national hero, but Ace never believed her. He was a smart kid. Them two wouldn't be struggling as they were if their family member had shed blood for the good old USA. No old cracked-up apartments, they'd be living a happy life somewhere else, somewhere leaps and bounds more magnificent, free of all the bedbugs, which Ace had a phobia of, thus making all of his nights a 3D horror movie. Save for that night of 18. He could be having a good childhood, and she could be writing her poems while enjoying herself a nice cup of coffee in their warm living room. That was a thing about Anna. The gray-haired, chubby old lady liked three things in this world more than anything else: Ace, coffee and her poems. She always told everyone her only dream in life was to release a book. She didn't ask for a lot, 50 pages would be good, a 100 was a dream. They were wonderful poems, too. It is no secret many thought she was the Sunshine State's equivalent of Maya Angelou. He always told her, that one day, he would release her a book, and each and every time, she would cry her heart out and wrap her hands around him like an octopus, not letting him go for minutes. One Sunday in March of 1999 (ironically also the night of WrestleMania 15), when she was out collecting Ace's paycheck for mopping, (a truly humiliating act for the former head teacher, even more humiliating the fact her former worst student was paying her) Ace noticed she left her notebook on the desk.

Anna would never let her grandson read her poems, and that was what made this just all the more exciting. He grabbed the notebook, opened it at a random page and saw a poem about a son who lost his father in The Gulf War. At that time, he was swearing himself for not trusting his granny in the first place. But now, 18 years later, he knew that in reality, she did it on purpose. Because just a few weeks ago, he found the notebook in the back pocket of his old teenage pants. He had been trying to find it for years. Curiously shuffling through the dusted pages, he spotted something interesting. The same exact poem was written on each of the pages. A lyric entitled "How They Took My Dad". He bursted into tears.

Today was the 15th anniversary of Anna's death. At the age of six, Ace had promised to grant her one last wish, even if it meant him taking his own life.

"Don't go searching for your father." - she said, before taking her final breath.

"She died of breast cancer." - the doctor explained.

"But why was her head bloody?" - a sobbing Ace uttered in a squeaky voice.

He never got an answer. Until the following week. Walking with trembling feet, he left the hospital. Outside the building, waiting for him was none other than Fred Connors. Instead of battering him like Ace suspected, the big man just laughed and then sarcastically proclaimed.

Fred Connors: "My condolences, kid."

More evil laughter ensued. Laughter that would haunt Ace for the rest of his life.

7 days later, Frederick Connors was held up in court for second degree murder of 68-year-old Anna Fox. He was sentenced to 15 years in Miami Correctional Facility. Today was the day of his release. Suddenly, all those emotions Ace felt laying in his bed the night he punted Fred Connors came back at once. The doorbell rang its ugly tone.

Hesitant, his big hands shaking like a leaf, the terror-stricken Fox reached for the door switch and slowly opened the door.

Part 4: The Fox Apartment

No. It wasn't the bald-headed, seven-plus-footer that would make most of the Miami Heat squad look like a bunch of Mexican mosquitos. Hell, Fred Connors was such a gigantic freak, they had to make special outfits just for him, which justifies why he was always witnessed with the same brown jacket. A brown jacket which in addition to his barren head, made him appear like an October tree. These are all massive reasons why Ace never liked seeing giants in the ring, and always turned the channel when he heard Big Show's theme song. That song was like a fire alarm for the traumatized child, a mortifying string of instruments playing in his head, gradually massacring his brain.

Resting on the doorstep was Ace's only friend from childhood, Rafiq Samara. Rafiq was a muslim child. He had moved in from Yemen with his mother Aysha around the time of Anna Fox's tragic murder. Just like our hero, Rafiq was also bullied in school. The "International Outcasts" a.k.a. The I.O. as they referred to themselves were the embodiment of a brotherhood. They used to spend hours upon hours with each other, and when they were really lucky, Rafiq's mother would let Ace stay the night. They once stayed up all night watching wrestling shows from the past. That was their escape from the real world, the couple of hours during which they could forget about all the bad stuff that happened to them. To their families.

Rafiq: "Is everything alright? Only time I remember you looking like this was when you dreamed Fred Connors got out of jail."

Ace: "I'm fine. Don't worry about me, I've been through a lot worse than this. Come in."

As he started walking into the revitalized apartment, Rafiq looked around, saw the calendar on the wall and remembered what day it was.

Rafiq: "Oh I know what it is."

Ace: "Yup, it's his release day. He's probably already out and gunning for my ass. I mean, he's gonna kill me. He's gonna stomp me to the death, and then he's gonna feed me to his dogs! And you know what, maybe I deserve it. Maybe I shouldn't have kicked him. Maybe I should've just walked away, and everything would've been fine, and none of this would've happened! Maybe, just maybe!!!"

Rafiq: "Listen to me, Ace. What you are saying right now is complete nonsense. Back then you were just a little child. Anybody can beat up a little child. Just look at yourself. Take a look in the mirror."

Ace took the smallest of gazes, then sighed deeply.

Rafiq: "See, you're no child. You're a man. Dude, you're the most feared guy in this city."

This made Ace chuckle. He felt proud of himself and his life suddenly didn't feel like a waste of time anymore.

Rafiq: "That's what I'm talking about. As long as you're confident in yourself, nothing and no one can stop you. Remember that."

Ace stood up from the sofa and put his black motorcycle jacket on.

Rafiq: "Where you goin'?"

Ace: "We're going to welcome our prisoner."

They looked at one another with deep eyes, smiled in affirmation and left the apartment.

Part 5: Miami, Florida / Orlando, Florida, the day before

Ace and Rafiq were just casually walking along the streets, when Rafiq saw an advertisement for a PWC show on the hood of a red Cadillac.

Rafiq: "Hey, Ace! Feast your eyes on this! PWC running a show nearby!"

Ace: "Oh. Cool. Yeah."

Rafiq: "Don't you realize? This is your big chance!"

Ace: "Nah. You know I'm not the violent type."

Rafiq: "You sure didn't look like a peace-maker when you wiped the floor with that kid from Tampa. I'll tell you what you looked like. You looked like you were a veteran in mixed martial arts. Just think about it. You know how to fight, you're not doing anything right now and this wrestling deal could make you a ton of money, plus you would be working your dream job. Think about it."

Ace: "You know what? I underestimate you sometimes, Rafiq. Maybe you're right. I mean, I have a good physique, I can throw it down with just about everybody, I have years of experience from fighting on the streets... I can be a superstar! Pack your bags, my Islamic friend. We're going to Orlando!"

Rafiq: "Wooooohooooo!"

Rafiq was a lot smaller than Ace, almost like he never managed to grow out of his childhood body. He sometimes reminded Ace of his grandmother. His oval head covered with curly dark hair and his bushy eyebrows along with his pitch-dark eyes made for a face that was at the same time ugly as hell and pretty as heaven. He was a big religion practitioner and always believed that God would make everything right in the end. And for someone who learned English only through his less-than-literate black friend, he was a damn good speaker. Finishing the school with all As, he had gone on to work as a web designer for an international company. And throughout all of that, Ace was always there. He helped him learn the language, explained him everything about the country, was basically his life leader. As of recently however, things weren't going as smooth for Rafiq and his mother. The company he was working for went bankrupt and all the other ones were already overwhelmed. Rafiq needed a solution, and he needed it quick.

After 5 hours of depleting car travel (it would have been depleting for anyone else, but they were too ecstatic to even feel it), they finally arrived in Orlando, 2 days before the show.

Rafiq: "So Flexx Palumbo. He shouldn't be a hard opponent for you."

Ace: "Are you fucking kidding me!? My odds... are insurmountable. Did you even see what he looks like?"

Rafiq: " Did you ever see what you look like? How many times will I have to tell you? As long as you're confident in yourself, nothing and no one can stop you.

Ace: "Being confident lost you your job!"

This hit Rafiq right in the heart. He looked at his friend with disbelief, almost bringing himself to tears. But then it had come to him, that maybe his friend was right. He did lose his job. And where was God when he was getting hammered in school? It was a short thought, broken up swiftly by apologetic words from his buddy.

Ace: "Alright, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. So, what's the strategy?"

Rafiq: "Strategy? What the hell are you talking about? Do you even hear yourself? You don't need strategy. Who cares about strategy? Remember what Tyson said about strategy. Yeah, he was right. Listen, dude. He came up from the same background. He was also bullied, he's one of us. Wake up those emotions inside of him. His biggest weakness is his cockiness, and you are the master of taking chances of a cocky opponent. You have the killer instinct, and he doesn't. This is basically a perfect matchup. So I'll tell you what's the strategy. You keep on him. You don't let him free for a millisecond. He wants to be cocky, you make him pay. The strategy is... there is no strategy."

Part 6: Streets of Miami, Florida

Something seemed odd about Rafiq today. His green eyes were fixed on Ace the entire time. He was constantly glancing back and forth between him and the ground, and whenever Ace would look back, he would just offer a smile. He was hesitant, unsure, had a look of forgiveness. It looked like he was almost about to weep. But why? Every time they would walk, they would stand right next to each other, their bodies perfectly parallel, but today, Rafiq was a step behind Ace. As they drew nearer to the destination, Rafiq became more and more apprehensive. It's okay, he told himself. Just think about your livelihood. From out of nowhere, Rafiq pulled a baseball bat out of the back of his jeans.

Swinging it with immense force, he struck Ace right in the kidney.

Rafiq: " Desperate men do desperate things. I'm sorry brother. It was me or you."

Fred Connors: "Whoa! You're a professional! You deserve every penny. Here."

Fred Connors, who was hiding behind a bush (quite a tricky task for a man of his size), handed Rafiq a silver briefcase, who opened it to reveal 100, 000$, all in 100s.

Rafiq: "You're not gonna kill him, will you? He's my friend after all."

Fred Connors: "Don't worry about him. Now, get lost!"

Rafiq looked at Ace with the saddest and most heart-breaking expression you will ever see. Ace had a look of total disbelief. Rafiq was his only friend, his only soul mate on this world, the only one who truly understood him, and now he had betrayed him. Rafiq delivered a one last "I love you" before dying out of sight. Right there, Ace Fox had learned a powerful lesson, possibly the most powerful lesson of them all.

Never trust a human.

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Australia - 2007 - 15 Years Old

The breeze blew through the open window lightly. The curtains swayed ever so gently. Every creak of the house just added to the atmosphere, they just mixed with the gentle whoosh of the wind. The light flickered ever so slightly down the hall, casting the black shadows through the crack in the door.

The steel blade sat on the window ledge, still stained with Chorizo oil. The orange oil glistened across the blade. The empty eyes of Lucas cast down onto the blade, and he offered just a little grin to the blade. His eyes scanned across it, fingers stroking across it slowly.

He closed his fingers around the blade, the cool metal against his fingers. He hated feeling like he did, he hated feeling empty. For months after he’d been told he could never successfully achieve his dream he’d just felt lost, no real direction or future ahead of him.

Then the depression had set in. The depression had nearly killed him. He just felt empty, like everything had been ripped away from him. He’d been skipping school, skipping out on his education because he couldn’t face anyone. He didn’t even want to look at anyone, people were just noise.

Background noise.

He tightened his grip on the metal blade. He’d been the target of mass bullying ever since he’d admitted his life’s ambition was to be a gymnast. Now he was just simply referred to as “special” because of his ADHD. The bullies had been given a weapon and they were wielding it rather effectively against the target, against Lucas Hawthorne.

He gulped. That trip to the GP has ruined his life. He cursed the place to every flame of hell. Every warm flame to every burning pit, that GP was cursed for ruining his life. He had plans, he wanted to go be a gymnast and that bloody doctor ruined it for him.

He couldn’t blame her though. He knew that. It wasn’t her fault he was broken. It wasn’t her fault he was damaged, he was wired differently to every other human on the planet. He couldn’t blame anyone for it, he knew that it was just a thing that happened, it couldn’t be controlled.

He looked down at the blade again. A single, solitary tear ran down his face. It was salty, cold. His knuckles had gone white, he hadn’t even noticed. He believed the only way to end the pain he felt was to vanish, vanish for good. It wasn’t like anyone would miss him.

The guys that bullied him would probably have a party.


Lucas glared at the knife again, pressing it lightly to his wrist. He knew how wrong it was but it was the only way to move on from the stress and the pain that had been caused as his future was crushed before him with what, six simple words? He sigh.

And cut.

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Stories From The Road: An Austin Angel RP

After The TV Title Match At Ragnarök:

I had just retained my championship against Jensen and was walking back to the locker room with Becca. I hadn't even broken a sweat, it was that easy to win. Finally I had put Jensen behind me, proved who the bigger star was and was ready to move onto bigger and better things. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name, and then I spotted her, Kira Wells was walking down the hallway from the opposite end with a mic in hand, of course everybody wants an interview with the greatest champion in PWC.

Kira: Austin, you just defended the Television Championship against Jensen, albeit by questionable methods. What's next for you?

I chuckled, question methods? How could anybody say that after I won without the help of Axl, The Elliots, or even Becca! Just furthering proving that everything I say is true about this company.

Angel: Well first off, it wasn't questionable methods. Jensen simply isn't on my level and I finished him off once and for all. As for what's next? I'll just keep defending this title until I get sick of carrying it around, then I'll vacate it and go for a bigger prize. And as for who my next challenger will be, well I guess we'll have to wait and see who proves themselves worthy to step into the ring with The Best Around won't we?

Kira slowly nodded, not sure how to respond. I guess I took her next question away from her.

Kira: Right...umm Becca, you had a physical altercation with Morgan out there tonight. We all know tensions have been building between the two of you for weeks, what made it get to a boiling point tonight?

I looked over at Becca, who pulled the mic in Kira's hand closer to her so she could answer.

Becca: Morgan is simply a terrible person, she wanted to keep running her mouth and getting involved in our business, so I had to handle her. She's lucky things didn't get worse than they did. Maybe now she'll learn to stay in Hollywood, but if she comes back around looking for round 2 she knows where to find me.

Kira nodded again, and moved right into her next question, she better wrap this interview up quick we have celebrating to do.

Kira: Last question, what's your prediction for the main event tonight? Who's walking out with the World Title?

Becca and I looked at each other, rolling our eyes in stereo before looking back at Kira.

Angel: Who walks out with the World Title? Who cares I say. Neither one of them is on the Austin Angel level and they should just feel lucky I'm not coming after the World Title because if I was that baby would be going home with me tonight. I hope they both destroy each other and neither one can walk out of Hell In A Cell honestly.

Becca and I laughed as we pushed past Kira, and headed for my locker room. As we were walking away we heard Kira saying "thanks for your time..." and mumble something else. But who cares about that, for now it was time to sit back, watch the rest of this show, and then go out and celebrate yet another win, because all I do is win.

A Week Later: A Few Days Before Vortex: Orlando, Florida

Finally, we were out of that terrible third world country and back in the US and we couldn't be happier to be back. Becca and I were walking through a park, our new camera man for our reality show, Mark Matthews in tow. As we were walking through an empty part of the park, my phone buzzed, a message from PWC with the card for the next show, and big surprise they put their biggest draw on the card once again, me.

Angel: Looks like Clement found me a new person to beat.

Becca looked over as she stopped walking.

Becca: Oh yeah? Who?

Angel: The second biggest loser in the company, Barney Williams!

I laughed as Becca made a confused face, which caused me to stop laughing.

Angel: Why the face?

Becca: Who the hell is Barney Williams?

Angel: He's been around off and on for a long time, loses a lot, got beat almost as quick as Jensen did at Ragnarök, used to wear a mask and call himself Whisper?

Becca nodded, realizing who he was now and laughed.

Becca: Ohh yeah that guy, no wonder I didn't know who he was, the only thing he's famous for is wearing a mask and pretending to be someone else!

I nodded in agreement and laughed, sure Barney's had some success, but these days he's nothing but a loser. He's almost not even worth my time to step into the ring with, but who am I to complain about Clement wanting to give me an almost guaranteed win?

Angel: Yeah there ya go, I don't know what his performance lately has done to earn himself a match with the best, but it should be pretty fun to get a little warm up in and beat him up. That is if his ugly face doesn't scare me too much, I mean let's be real there's a reason he used to wear a mask.

We both laughed, as Mark set up his video camera on a tripod to record our conversation.

Becca: Oh yeah he should put the mask back on. But even if it should be an easy win, you don't wanna overlook him and leave an opening for him to pull off an upset. It's bad enough the fans gave you crap for losing to Hammerpunch recently but at least he's a former world champ. But Barney Williams? Babe, you gotta beat him.

I nodded in agreement, as much as I was pretty confident I could beat Barney with no problem, Becca was right I couldn't look past him, that's cost me victories before. I needed to bring my A game against Barney and show the idiot fans once again why I'm the best around and the television champ, shut them up once again. Barney might be an ugly coward who hides behind a mask and he might have a terrible record lately, but I've gone through long losing streaks myself and I know the best way to snap those are against bigger names in upset wins.

Angel: You're right babe, I can't look past him, in fact I'll use Barney to send a message to him and everybody else on the roster. If you wanna step up and challenge me, you better think again because the TV Championship isn't going anywhere until I feel like letting it go. No matter how much Clement tries to conspire against me and look for new ways to screw me over, I'm still coming out ahead of him. Clement thinks if he throws enough people at me that eventually, someone is going to be able to stop me, but nobody can stop me, not Clement, not Jensen, and damn sure not Barney Williams.

Becca nodded.

Becca: And don't forget Clement's promise, you beat Jensen and now he owes you a movie deal.

I nodded, I had briefly forgot about that, it has been a long week after all. But now that Becca mentioned it, it did come right back to me. Looks like I have something to collect on at Vortex this week.

Angel: Oh yeah that's right, Clement conviently forgot to come find me after I beat his golden boy. Well it looks like I'll have to pay him a little visit while we're at Vortex this week, make him keep a promise for once in his life. That is if he doesn't want a lawsuit and me to end up owning PWC.

I grinned as we started walking again, and Mark tried to keep up with the video camera while trying to fold up the tripod while jobbing to keep up with us, we planned to go to Disney tomorrow to take advantage of the last couple days in Orlando, but for today we were just going to enjoy a quiet day in the park. Come Vortex, we collect on a debt of Clement's and show the world once again why I'm a champion and a winner, and why Barney Williams is nothing but a coward and a loser.

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Leo Masters RP said:
Leo Masters
Slave to the music

My plane ticket says Orlando, Florida. I guess I’m heading to the theme park capital of the world. Some sort of fantasy land. I keep my head down with my hoodie covering as much of my face as possible. I play make-believe in front of the fans – as “Leo Masters” the King of the Concrete Jungle. But here in the airport, when I’m waiting for my plane, I’m just Big Mike. I don’t want anyone recognising me, or talking to me. This is just a pay cheque and not some cry for attention or some attempt to be famous like half the guys and girls in the PWC locker room. At least I’m staying on the East Coast. Those long-haul flights are starting to wear me down.

I pull my Beats headphones over my ears in an attempt to drown out the noise of the planes taking off, and the incessant chatter of the people coming and going. Music pours into my ears, into my soul. Between you and me, I would cease to breathe without music. It’s the life source, the life force. It’s my drug of choice ingested by my ears. And all different types of music have different effects. It’s helped me through all sorts of times of my life. It’s helped me push forward, build my community center, helped others pick themselves up. It helps me train, get bigger, get faster. In this instance, helps me hide – as much as a six foot four, 300-pound man can hide in an airport.

I tap the other attachment on my phone next to my flight tickets. El Gigante Enmascarado. Some big kid they want me to fight. That’s cool, I’ll fight anyone. It keeps the pay cheques rolling in. I don’t think the PWC brass think much of this kid. I mean they don’t put me up against the top guys, they don’t want their precious meal tickets beaten up by a guy like me. I read through Page’s information on when my match is, what time I need to be at the Amway Center etc etc. But there isn’t really much on the giant. The office isn’t too high on me neither. I don’t get any background or if this kid is any good. That is if he is a kid. Not much I can do when this is his debut match with the company. No YouTube vids to watch on him and see what I’m up against.

My tunes though, they keep me positive, excited for this match. All I gots ta do is roll over the top of him. He might have a little stage fright in him. Big crowds the PWC pulls. Catch the kid by surprise. Really put him down with some big shots. A few suplexes, one of my big spears and a jackhammer to put him away. I’ll have to size him up when he comes out. He could be fast, he could be a giant. Whatever the case, he’s a paycheque. That’s all he is. Time to board my flight. Let’s crank up the music.
This was sent to me sometime last week. Been too busy to post it.

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“I fail her...I had title shot lined up, and I fail her.”

It’s been 3 days since Ragnarök, and Xavier has spent almost the entirety of it either training or praying, even forcing himself to shoo away any “advances” onto him in order to dedicate himself to getting ready for the next challenge.

“Lucas is not better than me because he won, I better than him because I brought him to limit and onlyitchecause Barney Williams distract me like little baby man do. Barney not better than me because I beat him before, made him pass out. Flexx Palumbo not better than me because I squash him like little ant.”

The entire time whilst talking, Xavier has been throwing blow after blow to a reinforced punching bag, the punches seeming to get harder and harder as he ticks off names from a proverbial list of who he is better than.

“I can beat anyone on PWC roster, give anyone and they fall to The DeValres Curse.”

The punches continue to fly, and the punching bag looks like it’s unable to take much more, and Xavier realizes this. He throws one more punch, aimed right at the top of the bag, and it hits. The bag gets knocked off the chain and goes flying across the custom gym. Xavier yells in anger, walks over and picks up the bag and gives it another punch, before throwing it into the ring and beginning to practice moves on it, including an elbow drop and the DeVarles Drop before locking the bag into a bearhug, eventually squeezing the bag so much that it pops, the sand inside the bag spilling all over the ring. El Gigante goes to get a broom to clean it, but sees a man standing at the entrance to the gym, watching him.

“Hey buddy, this private property, MY private property. Get out before I make you leave.”

“Whoa, Whoa, relax dude. I just saw what you did and… damn dude, you need someone like me to help you.”

“What the hell you talk about, puny man?”

The newcomer walks up to Xavier and outstretches his hand.

“The name’s Keith Dawson, I’m here to train you from your match with Leo Masters and onward, ordered by Ms. Brittany Page herself.”

Xavier stares at Keith for a few seconds before shaking his hand, trying to not be too forceful with it.

“Look, I know you may not exactly like being bossed around by a guy about 2 and ½ feet shorter than you, but I saw your work and, well, you need a bit more...polish in your work.”

Xavier gives Keith a glance, one with painful intent shrouding it.

“N-Not that you aren’t already really good in the ring, after all. It’s just that she thought you could put on some better matches if you get better in the ring, and maybe cut a bit of weight?”

“Okay little Keith bug, you train me, and I try to get into better physical shape, but I give you 5 strike, like baseball. Once 5 strike up, you go away permanently, deal?”

Xavier this time is the one who outstretches his hand, and Keith takes it. The two men shake, with Keith looking confident in his new “student” as the camera fades to black.


AN: Guys I am so sorry for not submitting at the deadline, Junior year of high school is already quite the bitch.

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Sway is sitting in a hotel, just down the road from the arena. Shuffling a bit, Sway pulls his legs up on to the bed, now cross legged, with the hotel phone resting in front of him. He looks down at the phone, then up to the camera.

“I’ve never been good with phone calls...”

He looks down at the phone again, and then to a note beside it, with a phone number.

“However, this is the only way I’ve been given to contact Lucas... So here goes nothing.”

Sway looks to the note again, and dials the number. After a few dial tones, Lucas picks up.


Sway looks a bit confused. He shakes his head and carries on.

"Hey, yeah, I'm looking for Lucas Hawthorne."

"Huh? Who're you?"

"It's Sway, Sway Archer. I just got signed, I won the Prometheus Flame, man!"

"Oh! Sway! I never got round to congratulating you for that. Well done. Anyway, what can I do for you?"

"Thank you, thank you. Well, we're supposed to be teaming together, I thought I'd reach out, man. We've got to get together sometime. You like sushi? I'm bout some sushi."

"Sushi, huh? You know of any decent sushi bar's in the area?"

"Well -- no... We'll find somewhere. Now, I know Kidd is new, but what do you know about Remy? I can't go into this blind, so you, being the veteran, this is on you my man."

"I hardly know him. He's dangerous, did you see what he did to Hammerpunch in Iceland?"

"I know I should be studying tape, and all that shit, but like... No. I prepped before my match, I partied afterwards..."

"Fair enough, least you could party. I had to go get stiches. Anyway, he defeated Hammerpunch before he even made it to the ring. He's a violent creature is Dieu"

"You've got stitches, Hammerpunch got ambushed, is this regular?!"

"Not always, I got headbutted a few times during my match. Dieu is just uncaged, I wouldn't wanna try and control him"

"Why do I feel like I've come to a company that should be giving me health insurance, but never will..."

"I second that one. Least none of us suffered the same fate as Shadow. Ah well, I don't know how much of a threat that Kidd is, I don't really pay attention to the indies"

"Ummm... Alright, well I'm gonna go look for that sushi place... If you could look into Kidd, get your bearings on him, I'll do the same. We'll get together, uhh, some other time..."

"Alright. Stay safe Archer"

Lucas hangs up the phone, as does Sway. He shakes his head, and shrugs.

“I’m still gonna have to call him...”

Sway puts his head in his hands.

“I haven’t thought this through...”


Sway is talking to Kira Wells backstage, recounting a story from earlier in the week.

“I told them, I tried to let ‘em know... There’s so much power, man. So much power.”


Sway is sitting at a table, across from a man at a café. The duo has amassed a small crowd around them. The man, opposite Sway, smiles and nods as Sway speaks. The crowd watches with anticipation as Sway takes a sip of his tea. There’s an international football game playing on the screen. Sway points at the screen, and then looks to the camera.

“I told them, put the football game on. Took ‘em four tries before they realized I was talking ‘bout real football...”

Sway shakes his head, glancing over at the screen.

“Sad, really.”

Sway turns back to the man.

“There’s 3 minutes of stoppage time left in this game, yeah? Trinidad winning 2-1 against the US. Trinidad wins this game, USA is out of the World Cup...”

A few people begin to mumble. As Sway holds his hand up, they all stop. He turns the crowd and wags a finger.

“This is no point of contention, so I don’t want any. Let me say this though, Trinidad will win, and it will be a good thing.”

Sway shrugs in his suit.

“The USA has qualified for every World Cup since 1986. Even though their team is never too strong... Their potential is amazing, yet they never capitalize. Maybe losing will bring them down a peg.”

Sway chuckles and puts his hands on the table. He wiggles his fingers slightly, his rings tapping off the table as he does.

“In the hands of every man, there is an immense amount of power. Potential power. Power to destroy, to create, to tear and to mend. When a child builds a sandcastle, smoothing our the edges, forming the sculpture. He creates. When a man swings a hammer, and shatters concrete, he destroys. When one throws a punch, the form he uses, the twisting of the hips the pivoting of the foot: it adds to the power. This — this generation of power, it’s phenomenal.”

Sway laughs, before taking a sip of his tea.

“Generation of power. We, us young people, we can generate a lot of power. It’s as if we’re all windmills. The slightest motivation, that little gust of wind, and we are set in motion, doing everything and anything we set our minds to. Generation of power...”

He pauses, and nods. Sway extends his arms to the crowd.

“We, are the Generation of Power.”

Sway points to the screen once more, smiling as the final whistle blows. The Trinidadian team celebrates triumphantly.

“They, are the Generation of Power.”


Sway smiles down at Kira. He slowly points to himself.

“I, am the Generation of Power. I’ve won the Prometheus Flame. When the time is right, I will capitalize, and use that flame to secure my first title here. The potential power, that the flame entails me, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever had before.”

He backs up a bit, and raises his hands.

“Pray it don’t corrupt me.”

He winks at Kira, and turns to walk away, singing as he does.

“Windmill, windmill, for the land,
Turn forever, hand in hand.
Take it all in on your stride,
It is ticking, falling down...”

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Thoreau Pond

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life . . . and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. "

I read this in a book once, though can not quite recall when and where. It may have to with my unusual upbringing. With my mother passing away at an early age, and my father losing his mind, times were tough for a young kid in Portland having to raise himself .My Haleyand I managed to have some fun together under such dire circumstances, including the times I would stare at the painting of a boat and imagined I was somehow inside the painting of a boat. "Ahoy," I would say, nautically.

I was shaped a certain way, and it wasn't until I reached my 18th birthday that I began to find out who I was. That was when I discovered the art of professional wrestling. Unfortunately, my hometown was short of wrestling schools, and the nearest one to me was outside of a comfortable biking distance.

Desperate to learn the craft, I applied to an online school of wrestling. I should have known something was wrong when the first lesson I received was how to properly spell "wrestling", but I told myself that everything was fine and everyone had to start with the basics. I was so naive at the time.

I eventually come to realize I was being ripped off when I finally received my wrestling diploma in the mail. A suitcase full of shredded newspaper really brought me back to my sad reality.

Since my rocky start in the wretling world, I made a vow to never let wrestling bother me. It had been hard, but for the most part I had been successul in shaking off my defeats. My loss to Austin Angel at Ragnarök was another story. It hit me hard.

I was silent on the plane ride home from Iceland. Even with the beautiful Morgan LaClaire by my side, the agony of defeat was too much for me to handle. When we arrived in Portland, I needed an escape from everything. I tell Morgan of my plans, and reluctantly she gives me her blessing. I soon pack up and head out to towards the forests of the Pacific Northwest to find myself...

Day 1:
I arrived at my desired location, it was a cabin located right in front of a pond. Although it was late at night, I still went ahead and did a check up on the survival supplies I had stashed here years agi. I noticed that my machete was getting dull and this canned corned beef is about to expire. I’m starting to think Y2K isn’t going to happen...

Day 2: Not much has happened since I arrived, which was why I came out here in the first place. A nice quiet place to reflect on my life and where it is going. I have upcoming marriage to Morgan and several films being offered to me. Was it time to hang up my wrestling boots? Was I even happy wrestling?

Each morning I wake up I go for a walk through the woods towards the pond, which quite a way to relax. Walking around in the woods barefoot has always been one of my favourite past times Sometimes on my daily walks you can catch me breathing on trees. I know our relationship is reciprocal, they need me as much as I need them.

Day 3: I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. Solitude is the only time you can reflect on who you are without the distractions. A message soon arrives via Raven telling me of an upcoming match against Tristian Kist. Without hesitiation I toss it aside.

Day 4: Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth. With that being said, I am feeling a bit hungrier than usual. Going to go look for berries in the woods....

Day 5: I really shouldnt have eaten those berries. At this point I can feel death approaching. If I die tonight, my biggest regrets would be never winning the GCW heavyweight title and never making power play in my quilting circle. If this is goodbye, I want to apologize for my failures and to let you know that I love you all. Oh God, I am going to die alone here arent I? Why did I think this would be a good idea.

Day 6: I can barely move. As I lay in my bed, I slowly open my eyes and realize that I am color blind. I fall asleep thinking of all of the old black and white films I have enjoyed--and will watch again. Rain begins to fall as I fall into a slumber.

Spoiler alert.
I didn't die. But I am severly dehydrated and also very hungry. All I find are berries in my pocket...

A few more days past and I continue to live out here in solitude.It's a welcome escape from the burdens of society. For example. if I walk outside without pants on, it can cause problems in the community. Not out here, not at Thoreau pond. I am free to be myself for as long as a I wish, or until I decide to wrestle again.

When that will be, I don't quite know. But do I even care?

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Remy Dieu is sitting backstage alone after his match with Hammerpunch. Up to the match, everything had gone according to plan, though Remy was only planning on pinning him, he could not help but take advantage of Hammerpunch's weaken state, and knew that he had to inflict and immense amount of punishment to make up for his past failures when dealing with Jensen.

The way he had beat Hammerpunch would ensure that the world would take notice, and though Remy had originally wanted to gain his followers through the use of hope, he has now realized, that through fear one can accomplish one's goals and do so even faster.

After the high from the victory, Remy had many things going through his mind, one of them being who was the man that decided to aid him in his victory.

Also another thing crossing the mind of Dieu is the fact Hammerpunch decided to attack Remy before the ppv even began. Dieu than begun to realize, that though he had thought of himself as the villain in this situation. To the audience, he wonders if some people would see him as a hero, overcoming an onslaught of the former world champion, and managing to emerge victorious later on in the night.

If Remy had decided to attack Hammerpunch, he would have seen as a true bad guy, and Hammerpunch the innocent victim. Not only that, if Remy had attacked Hammerpunch and Hammerpunch would have ended up victorious, Remy would be seen as a coward who cannot win his battles fairly, and Hammerpunch would be seen as more of a hero than ever before.

"This is brilliant." Remy began to speak to myself. "With what's happen tonight, I can expose the hypocrites in the PWC audience for who they truly are."
Remy begins to laugh to himself, happy with how things had turned out tonight.

When all of a sudden, a knock is heard at the door.
Who is it," Remy yells out, though his throat is a little scratchy and sore, as some of the chops Hammerpunch had managed to hit his neck.

"Mr. Dieu, we have a visitor who really wants to see you, says he is a huge fan of yours." A male voice could be heard coming from the other side.

Remy at first was hesitant to let the person in, as in Remy's tired state it would be very easy for someone who is a fan of Hammerpunch or one of his peers to come in, and take him out. Though Remy knew he did not want to waste this chance, this opportunity to talk to someone who could potentialy actually be a fan and a follower to Remy's cause.

"Send them in." Remy responds after a long pause. And as soon as Remy says this, the door opens and end comes a small boy, who looks to be no older than 10. This small Caucasian boy, with a blonde bow-cut hair was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt, and on the middle of the shirt is a weird design, with Remy in the middle.

"I didn't know I had my own merchandise" Remy thought to himself, wondering if this shirt had been released through PWC, as to why he had not been notified or been sent some of the merchadise money.

"Hello Mr. Dieu" the little boy says nervously. Remy being just as nervous as the boy, took a deep breath to keep his composure responds, "Hi, just call me Remy. What's your name kid."

"My name is Andrew" the kid responds, this time with a little less nervousness in his voice.

"Hehe, well hello Andrew, I see you are wearing a shirt with me on it. Are you a huge fan of mine." Remy asks the boy, though he knew the answer was obvious.

"I am your biggest fan" the boy replies, which brings a huge smile to Remy's face.

"Well, since you're such a fan of mine, I take it you enjoyed what I did to Hammerpunch right." This question, Remy had considered not asking, considering the boy is around the same age that many of Hammerpunch's fans are.

"Yeaaaa" The kid responded with a big grin. "I don't like Hammerpunch, he got he deserved."

The response was shocking for Remy, as in the back of his mind, the viciousness that Remy used on Hammerpunch tonight was over the top. And he had assume that turn most away. But here's a little kid, who actually enjoyed what Remy Dieu did.

"Why don't you like Hammerpunch, kid." Remy asked.

"Because in school, I am always bullied by tougher kids. And they would hit me and make fun of me for being weak, and Hammerpunch reminds me of the kids that would beat me."

"How is that," Remy asks trying to prod for more and more information.

"Cause, he has a lot of friends, just like the kids that beat me in school, and seeing him makes me sad." The kid says with a few tears swelling up in his eyes.

Remy understood the kid very well. Remy had been bullied when he was a lot smaller too, by kids that were supposed to be what society felt were more ideal. Popular kids, Atheltes, all would call him names, and beat on him, so Remy understood exactly where the kid was coming from.

"Listen here kid, I know exactly where you're coming from. Just like you I was bullied by bigger kids, popular kids, but unlike you I really didn't have many folk to look up too. My mom was the only one there for me." Remy felt that by bringing up his past that he could really connect to the kid.

"How did you handle the bullies" the kid asked, Remy actually could see a bruise under the kid's eye. Though the bruise could have been from anything, he had followed his instinct in that the bruise was from being punched by one of those kids.

He reached out and touched the kid's bruise and said "I did nothing for a long time. Until I got a lesson from someone very special. And one day, I prayed for the help of a higher power. And I heard a voice inside me tell me what I should do. So I went to school, went to the bully that was the biggest and strongest, and I punched him right here. (Remy went from touching the bruise, and poked the nose of the little kid) and he went down. And after that none of the kids ever messed with me again.

"Woow," the little kid said." It really really worked, but I am small, that won't work."

"Oh, it'll work" Remy said. "If you, learn to believe in yourself, and put your heart and soul into it, there can be no person big enough that you can't defeat. And after you put him down, you'll feel stronger than ever, and no matter how small you really are on the outside, on the inside you would truly be a wolf surrounded by sheep.

"Thank you, Remy." The boy said with a smile.

"No problem, Big... Andrew." Remy said with a slight laugh. "Just make sure when you go home tonight, before you go to bed, you pray, that a higher power will give you the strength you need, and also give thanks that you have a hero like me. And after everything works out, and after you do what I tell you. After the bully goes down, you'll have more respect and friends then you would have ever imagined. And make sure when that happens, make sure to tell them about me, okay?

"I will" Andrew said with a huge smile.

"Come on, give me a hug" Remy said to the kid. And just as he said that, the kid came in with a huge hug, and once again thanked Remy.

"Well kid, you have a bully to handle." And after what I did to Hammerpunch, I got two more to deal with, at the next show. Make sure you pray for me, and cheer me on.

The kid nodded, and then got up, waved goodbye and left.

Leaving Remy alone. To sit back, and smile. First a new follower, the next, the world.

End scene.

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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Amway Centre
Capacity: 18,500
City: Orlando, Florida


Stan Chambers: Welcome everyone to Vortex! We are currently in the midst of all the fallout from our Pay-Per-View Ragnarok!

Sondra Rowe: That's right Stan and what a night it was! We saw a man win a PWC contract, one man win the right to face our Legacy champion any time he wants and best of all we crowned that very champion! Jacob Bianchi is your NEW Legacy Champion after a hellacious battle with Dr Nero.

Stan Chambers: Whereas I do not share your enthusiasm towards Jacob Bianchi the man I must admit he is a brilliant competitor and thoroughly earned his victory against the formed Champion of the World last night.

Sondra Rowe: Speaking of World Champions, our King of the PWC - Crowley defended his crown inside of Hell in a Cell against an admittedly valiant but ultimately unsuccessful challenger in Shadow.

Stan Chambers: As we understand Shadow is in such a condition that he has not been medically cleared to compete tonight and there is a huge cloud of worry about his physical state in general right now so we do not believe he will be here tonight.

Sondra Rowe: But a man who will be here is our wonderful Television Champion who also put in a strong showing at Ragnarok as he retained his title against Jensen! And better yet we will be graced with his presence as he performs in tonight's main event when he takes on Barney Williams!


The crowd absolutely explodes for the arrival of Shadow. Many begin to chant “Hero” towards the man.

Stan Chambers: After what this man underwent at Ragnarok nobody expected him to be here!

Sondra Rowe: What a stupid man, showing up in this condition.

Shadow limps out from behind the curtain, lacking his usual charismatic demeanor. He is dressed in his street clothes, but as usual wearing all black. His regular march to the ring tonight is replaced by a steady walk as he holds his mid-section clearly still feeling the effects of King Crowley. Holding the ring post, he drags himself up the steps and enters the ring before grabbing a microphone. As he lifts the microphone up to his mouth a chant of his name begins


Sondra Rowe: These people are cheering for a man who can only seem to fail at the moment.

Stan Chambers: Sondra, this man represents a fighting spirit which a lot of these people look up to and idolise.

Shadow: Thank you, thank you. But I don't deserve that right now.
Last night, once again, I couldn't get the job done against Crowley.

The crowd boos at this statement.

But, I know that I CAN beat the so called King. I HAVE beaten the so called king and I will stop at absolutely NOTHING until I take down PWC's current "Monarch" and I stand here as your PWC Heavyweight Champion of the World!

The crowd screams, some of them getting behind the man they class as their hero.

Shadow: Now I've been watching and I've been analysing and I've been game planning - I know just what I have to do in order to take down the king. So far my whole career here in PWC has revolved around this rivalry and I cannot move on to my next step until I have taken him down once and forall. I NEED to defeat King Crowley.

More cheers erupt and another Shadow chant begins

Shadow: So I stand here before you tonight, battered and broken. But I stand here a man with a fire inside of him and more fighting spirit than anyone else on this entire roster.
So here's what I propose: Shadow versus King Crowley - One last time to crown the Heavyweight Champion of the world...

The roar of the fans is now deafening as Shadow stands and soaks it all in.

I want that tonight!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any louder it does, the fans making as much noise as they can. Suddenly the lights go out and for a few seconds the fans fall completely silent in anticipation...

Voice: Not so fast...

The lights come back up as we see Brittany Page herself marching down to the ringside area. Suddenly the silence fades up into a chorus of boos. She steps into the ring and Addresses the would-be Number 1 contender

Brittney Page: Shadow, I have it on good authority from PWC officials that you are not medically cleared to compete tonight and are even a big "maybe" for next week's vortex...

The booing intensifies, louder and louder.

Brittney Page: And putting that aside, what on earth merits you another title match anyway?

Shadow hangs his head. The moment he wanted has been ripped away.

Brittney Page: Mr Shadow, I am afraid that I will have to ask you to vacate the ring right now, as I have a show to run and due to your injuries, you are not scheduled to be a part of that.

Just as with the cheers moments ago, it's astonishing that the fans booing doesn’t tear the roof from the arena.

Shadow: I deserve one more shot at Crowley. I'm the best you've got to challenge him and you damn well know that. And these people know that. Give them the match they want, give them the champion that they deserve.

The noise quickly switches to cheers as the man from the darkness stands his ground with the authority figure.

Brittney Page: Those statements may or may not be true, but the fact of the matter is that you've received two shots now and lost them both and you are currently in no fit state to compete whatsoever. Myself and Mr Clement have a lot of deliberating to do as pertains to the Number One contender situation. Now please, Shadow - Vacate this ring before I have to call upon security.

The fan favourite stands and thinks for a moment before deciding the best choice is to acquiesce to the demands of his boss and begins to exit the ring. The camera’s cut away for a few seconds as Emma Mason climbs into the ring.

Emma Mason: This match is set for one fall!

***Is She With You?***

The guitar riff and drums of Leo Masters' theme bounces around the Amway Centre and the crowd cheer, many craning their necks to get a glimpse of Masters as he makes his way out onto the stage.

The Brooklyn born man powers down the ramp, slapping a few hands as he goes. Without missing a step he bounds up onto the apron and darts in between the ropes. He strides to the middle of the ring and removes his hooded jumper and raises his head to the sky before bellowing out a guttural roar. His challenge for anyone who dare oppose him.

***White Wedding***

The crowd boo as the monstrous El Gigante Enmascarado walks out onto the stage. Several of the younger audience members cower in fear as the giant makes his way down the ramp, striding menacingly towards Leo Masters who is staring back, no trace of fear on his face.

Gigante reaches the ring and climbs up onto the ring apron, but instead of slipping through the ropes, he climbs over them.

Now in the ring, the two men stride towards one another, and it's finally clear just how much of a size difference their is between the two. The two men have to take a step back so that they're able to look into each other's eyes without contorting their necks. Gigante raises his arms into the air, the tips of them rising almost ten feet into the air.

Masters looks unconcerned by Gigante's show and turns to referee Gwen Jeffers who gets between the two, trying hopelessly to push the large Mexican back into his corner.

Gigante almost looks shocked behind his mask when he eventually notices what Jeffers is doing and takes a step back. Jeffers stumbles forward before adjusting herself, almost falling into the space that Enmascarado had just been occupying. She quickly turns to face Masters who has retreated into his own corner. She then nods to Emma Mason who raises a microphone.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York! He stands six feet three inches tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred forty five pounds. He is the King of the Concrete Jungle! Leo MASTEEEEEERRRS!

The crowd roar their approval.

Emma Mason: And his opponent! Fighting out of The Rocky Mountains, he stands seven and a half feet tall and weighed in tonight at four hundred seventy six pounds. He is EL GIGANTE ENMASARAAAAAAADOOOO!

The crowd switch to boos, but Gigante completely ignores them, unfazed by their dislike for him. Jeffers calls for the bell and the bout begins.

Match One | Leo Masters vs El Gigante Enmascardo​

Masters drives forward, exploding into Gigante, trying to knock the giant luchador off of his feet, but he doesn't even stagger the larger man, who just looks down, almost daring Masters to try again. Leo complies, rushing forward once again, driving his body weight right into the chest of Gigante, but it doesn't do anything more than the first one did. The Brooklyn man charges back, bouncing off of the ropes before rushing back, putting everything behind a shoulder tackle that pushes Gigante back a step, getting a roar of approval from the crowd. As the big man rights himself, Masters comes charging off the ropes again, gaining another step as he drives his shoulder into Gigante's ribs. Motivated by the ground that he is now gaining, Masters bursts off the ropes again, steaming towards Gigante, but he's plucked up off of his feet with the utmost ease.

Both of Enmascarado's monstrous hands are wrapped around the throat of Masters, holding him seven feet in the air. Gigante stares into the eyes of Masters before bringing him slamming down upon the mat with a picture perfect two-handed Chokeslam, driving Leo's back into the mat with incredible force.

The Giant bends over to pick Masters back up, but the Brooklyn born man was ready for it and uses the Giant's position against him. Masters lifts Gigante up onto his shoulder, straining as he does before bring the big man crashing down with a Front Powerslam.

Masters is quick to take advantage, laying in several heavy strikes with his forearm, targeting his opponent's jaw. Each hit draws yet another cheer from the crowd, and another grunt of mild discomfort from the downed man. With one last hefty blow, Masters bounds to his feet and grandstands for the fans, who applaud him before calling out and pointing behind him, motioning towards the rising form of Gigante who is looming over Masters, hatred burning in his eyes.

Gigante waits for Masters to turn before unloading a brutal right to his chin, then a left, then another right. He grabs Leo's head and crashes his own into it with a thud, sending Masters sprawling backwards into the ropes. The Brooklyn born man bounces back, looking to ram into Gigante, but is met with a Sidewalk Slam.

Gigante is no longer playing and rips Leo back up onto his feet, before lifting him up and driving him down onto the Giant’s knee, hitting a Backbreaker. He doesn't let go though and picks Masters back up before driving him down again.

And again.

And again.

And again!

Masters begins to go limp as Gigante continuously drives him down onto his knee, hitting sickening Backbreaker after Backbreaker, driving Leo's spine right into his knee, time after time.

After the 10th successive Backbreaker, Leo is just dead weight in Gigante's massive arms, but it's not enough for the monster.


El Gigante Enmascarado wraps his arms around Masters' waist and hoists him up, wrenching and ragdolling him around, all while maintaining his vice like Bearhug.

After a few moments Masters taps and Gigante throws him down onto the mat in disgust. He stares down at Masters for a few more moments before leaving the ring and making his way backstage.

Winner | El Gigante Enmascardo​

The camera’s all pan over to the titantron to show a vignette for the newest PWC star. It’s obvious that no-one knows what to think about him, they give a lukewarm response to the image on the screen.
Ace is shown sitting in a dark room. This, in addition to his dark skin tone, makes him appear almost invisible. He starts getting flashbacks about his childhood. These flashbacks appear to the fans as children acting out the scenes.

Bully: Go cry to your mommy. Oh right, you don't even have one.

Ace is standing in a schoolyard, his back turned against a group of laughing children. They all look alike, except one boy, their leader, who can easily be singled out as the biggest kid in class.​

Bully: I'd tell you to go cry to your daddy, but nobody even knows who your dad is.

The laughter starts getting louder, almost unbearable. Ace is visibly getting more and more angry.

Bully: That's right. I mean, heck, Fox, I may even be your brother for all I know.

Ace is now almost exploding with frustration. The laughter slowly quiets down. The child who just insulted Ace looks uncertain, and whispers.

Bully: Why is he not crying yet?

Ace finally turns around. He looks the boy right in the eye and stands his ground. The boy begins laughing, but quickly stops when he sees the look of concern on his friends' faces.

Bully: Come on. Do it. Punch me in the face.

At first, Ace appears reluctant, thinking that the others kids may rush him right afterwards, or that the boy may simply block his shot. The boy smirks.

Bully: You little pussy.

This sends Ace into a fit of rage. Not thinking about the possible consequences, not even caring that he might get stomped, he starts pummeling the boy, eventually busting his nose.

Bully: Get him. What are you standing around for?

The kids go to grab Ace, but suddenly stop, thinking better of it. Ace grins right in their faces, winks at one of the girls and proudly walks away. Now we see Ace back in the slightly more bright room. He sees a poster with Flexx Palumbo on the wall. He looks at his fist, the same one that sent a plethora of kids and adults to the emergency room, looks at Palumbo, and then just gives a nod.
***Jesus Glue***

Flexx Palumbo saunters out onto the ramp, flexing his muscles. He grins to the fans as he walks down the ramp, sliding under the bottom rope. Sway turns to Emma Mason in the corner. He casts a grin to her, backing off into a corner slowly.

Emma Mason:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Emma Mason: Introducing first, weighing 215lbs - Flexx Paaalumbooo!!

Stan Chambers: I'm very excited about this next contest folks as we see the latest new superstar here in the PWC in action!

Sondra Rowe: But is he gonna have what it takes to beat Flexx Palumbo who has been known to pick up a few convincing wins himself.

Stan Chambers: Convincing?...

***I bring the darkness***

Emma Mason:
Hailing from the Neighborhood from Hell, he weighs in at 237lbs, making his PWC debut - Aaaaaccceee FOOOOOOOOXXXXX

The crowd cheers as the new PWC superstar makes his way out onto the stage! Fox enters with his head down and hood up and on his way down the aisle removes the hood to reveal his face. He studies the capacity crowd as he walks down towards the ring.

Match Two | Flexx Palumbo vs Ace Fox​

Once both men are in the ring they lock eyes and referee Gwen Jeffers calls for the bell. They step up and lock up in the centre of the ring. Flexx quickly gets the upperhand and transitions into a headlock but he his forced back into a corner and must make a clean break. As they separate Flexx goes for a thumb to the eye whilst Gwen’s back is turned but Fox catches his hand, shakes his head and nails him with a spinning kick in the corner causing him to slump down. Palumbo is then lifted to his feet and irish whipped all the way into the next corner where is he also met with a huge lariat!

Stan Chambers: Flexx collapses out of the corner! Ace Fox seems to be on fire here early on!

Fox rebounds off the ropes and nails Flexx with a running elbow drop to the mid sections, he rolls across the ring in pain. He brings his opponent to his feet but Flexx quickly regains his thoughts and hoists his opponent up only to bring him down with an atomic drop! He quickly follows this up with a spinebuster! Flexx covers him.

One - NO!

A kick out at one

Stan Chambers: That was never going to be enough to put him away!

Sondra Rowe: But Flexx has the momentum now - He is rolling!

Palumbo places Fox in the corner and gears himself up to hit a corner splash but as he lunges, Ace moves leaving him to collide with the turnbuckle and collapse in front of it. Seeing an opportunity, Ace Fox ascends to the top rope and flies through the air nailing a Frog Splash! Before the fans can even process that he rolls through to his feet and hits a standing moonsault!

Stan Chambers:
What a sequence! That's gotta be it

The cover is made...



Sondra Rowe: No way is Flexx finished yet - That man is resilient!

Fox takes a moment to collect his thoughts and makes a decision on what to do next, he takes a few steps back and urges his opponent to get up. As Flexx begins to stir he is on his hands and knees, just as he starts to plant his feet and stand he is nailed by the ACE IN THE HOLE!!

Stan Chambers: That ladies and gentleman is a Curb Stop which he likes to call Ace in the Hole! Absolutely nailed him!

He hooks the outside leg…




Winner | Ace Fox​

Emma Mason:
Here is your winner - Aaaaceee Fooooxxxx!!

The show cuts to an ad break. After the cut, an advert for the next PWC Pay-Per-View is shown. Last Rites is announced as the next Pay-Per-View and it is announced to be taking place in five weeks. Once the Last Rites advert is finished, there are some cereal adverts and some other basic adverts. Eventually, the camera’s cut back to the Amway Center.

A rapping at his office door startles Ernesto Clement. The PWC Owner raises his head, a confused look on his face, clearly unsure who is standing outside. The lack of announcement from Jenny was unnerving him.

Ernesto Clement:
Come in.

His voice wavers a little, and he immediately regretted that as Dr. Nero walked into the room, his face a blank slate. Nero might not be his greatest enemy right now, but Clement wasn't about to relax around the Doctor.

Ernesto Clement:
How can I help you?

Dr. Nero: I think we can help each other here. If you're a smart man, you want to get rid of Crowley.

Ernesto Clement: And you're the man to do this? The last time I saw you in the ring, I had to hold the Legacy Championship across Jacob Bianchi's waist.

Nero's face remains neutral. Clement's reluctance clearly expected.

Dr. Nero: One loss and you've suddenly forgotten who I am?

Ernesto Clement shakes his head.

Ernesto Clement: No, I know exactly who you are and what you're capable of. But you underestimated Bianchi. You thought he was beneath you and it cost both of us. I can't have this happen again.

Dr. Nero: Beating Bianchi would have been business, but this. I need this belt, Clement. I need the gold around my waist, I need to be the best and if that means I have to carve this self proclaimed King apart to get it, I'll do it. I will leave nothing but blood and bone in that ring and nothing will matter beyond that. Bianchi? A grain of sand in a hurricane. Meaningless. He can talk and jeer all he wants, but no one will remember him. My name will be on the fans lips, my song ringing in their ears, my legacy on their mind. You want them dealt with, this is how I do it. I'm going to make them little more than footnotes in the God Complex story.

Clement ponders on Nero's speech for a moment before responding. It's clear that he had a general plan already, but needed a push before he acted on it.

Ernesto Clement: Right now I have two men that want to get their hands on Crowley, but I can't trust either to deal with him. I'll have to finalise a few details, so for now I'm keeping this close to my chest. Once I've got this figured out, I'll make sure you hear my decision.

Nero's brow furrows, but he nods. He doesn't look happy with Clement's decision, but doesn't speak up, clearly seeing that Clement's not going to be convinced here and now. The Doctor turns and makes his way out of the room as Clement pulls out his phone and begins typing, firing off a text before the camera cuts back to the ring.

Emma Mason: Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a tag-team matchup set for one fall!

The fans all chant “One fall” as Emma makes the announcement.

Emma Mason:
Introducing first! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Weighing in at twelve stone and five pounds! At a height of five feet and ten inches! He is Kidd West!

***Robot Rock***

The song begins as the lights around the arena begin to flash a mixture of blue and gold. Nothing happens for a few moments until Kidd West runs out onto the stage, arms outstretched. The fans obviously aren’t sure how to react to him as they haven’t seen much of him. He takes a slight bow before he stands tall. He winks at the camera, placing his hands behind his back.

Emma Mason:
And his partner! From Parts Unknown, weighing in at two hundred and eighty five pounds! At a height of six feet and three inches! He is The Healer of PWC! He is Remy Dieu!

***Damn it to Hell***

The lights all go out in the arena. Remy walks out from the backstage position with his lantern in his hand, casting a shadow over his face. He offers a grin to Kidd West who stalks the healer down to the ring. The duo slowly walk down the ramp, shadows being cast over both of them by the lantern of Dieu. Eventually they reach the bottom of the ramp and Remy steps aside. Kidd rolls under the bottom rope, climbing up onto the turnbuckle. He glares at the crowd for a few moments, before allowing himself to fall backwards into the tree of woe. Remy then slowly climbs the steel steps before he clambers into the ring. He places the lantern down in front of him, dropping to his knees. He prays for a few moments before climbing to his feet, arms outstretched. The camera focuses on his face as Kidd rolls from the tree of woe to his feet. He stands besides Remy, waiting patiently, arms behind his back.

Emma Mason: And introducing their opponents! First, from Sidney, Australia! Weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds! At a height of six foot exact! He is The Suicidal Superstar! He is Lucas Hawthorne!

The titantron goes black before it begins to flash. The number five appears in the centre, a number that begins to count down to one. Once the number hits one, everything goes both dark and silent for a few moments as every light in the arena turns off.

Voice: Thunderbirds! Are! Go!

***Thunderbirds Are Go***

The lights around the arena all begin to flash, drowning the PWC fans in a mixture of colours. The Australian athlete sprints out onto the stage, his hood flying backwards, revealing the bandage on his head. He unzips the red hoodie, tossing it aside to reveal a Sway Archer t-shirt, obviously from Sway's time on the indie scene. He begins bouncing on the spot, glaring at both sides of the crowd as they cheer and chant his name.

Emma Mason:
And his partner! From The Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad! Weighing in at two hundred pounds and at height of six foot and four inches! He is the PWC Prometheus Flame Holder! He is Sway Archer!

The lights around the arena dim once again. The titantron lights up with a button on a podium. The fans all begin cheering, obviously excited for the imminent arrival of Sway Archer.

Voice: Press the button to begin!

***Saturnz Barz***

A hand comes down onto the button as the image fades. The image of a bunker door is revealed to the audience. A silhouette begins walking towards the door as it opens. The doors reveal a space-like landscape, littered with stars and smaller galaxies. Sway swaggers out onto the stage as the bass of the song drops, the fans all going mad for their Prometheus Flame holder. Lucas steps forward and slaps it up with Sway as the duo turn to face the PWC fans who begin to chant their names. The duo share a fist bump as they begin the walk down the ramp. Once they reach the end of the ramp, Lucas nods to Sway, who slides under the bottom rope and grins the PWC fans in attendance. Lucas jumps up onto the apron just after, front flipping over the top rope. He grins to Sway once again, sliding the Sway Archer t-shirt over his head. He offers the t-shirt to Sway, who tosses it out into the audience, grinning wider than Lucas. The duo step back into their corner as Remy and Kidd climb back into the ring. Lucas plays with the wristbands he wears as he climbs from the ring, patting Sway on the back. Remy glares at Sway, stepping from the ring.

Match 3 | Remy Dieu & Kidd West vs Lucas Hawthorne & Sway Archer​

The bell rings as Sway and Kidd glare at each other. They begin to circle each other, arms outstretched just incase the other makes a move. Eventually they meet, centre of the ring, locking up in a collar and elbow style tie-up. Sway easily transitions into a front headlock. Archer whips Kidd against the ropes, who uses them for momentum. West runs back at Sway, arm out for a clothesline. Sway ducks the clothesline attempt with ease, grinning to Kidd West. Kidd turns around, glaring at Sway with a look of annoyance in his eyes. Kidd attempts another lockup with Sway, who instead rolls underneath, landing in a very showboaty pose.

Sway smiles up towards Kidd as he climbs back to his feet. Kidd attempts to lockup with Sway once again. Sway simply steps backwards from the lockup attempt, smiling even wider. It’s clear to everyone that Sway is enjoying the game he is playing. Kidd glares at Sway, shaking his head. The winner of the prometheus flame shrugs casually.

Kidd steps backwards and Sway takes his opportunity for offence. Kidd receives an amazing running hurricanrana from Sway, landing on his back hard. Sway watches as Kidd West rolls into his own corner, propping himself up on the turnbuckle. Remy shakes his head, reaching over the ropes, slapping Kidd on the chest.

The powerhouse steps into the ring, glaring at Sway. Kidd rolls under the bottom rope, pulling himself up to his feet. Sway and Remy stare at each other for a few moments before they meet in a collar and elbow tie-up of their own. The inhuman power of Remy allows the powerhouse to come out on top. Remy transitions into the setup for a German Suplex.

Remy Dieu pushes Sway away, waiting for him to turn around. Sway stumbles for a few moments before he turns around to face Remy. The healer grips Sway for a simple DDT, driving the head of Archer down onto the mat. Sway rolls onto his back. Remy bends over, gripping the shoulders of the leader of The Sway Archer Galaxy Tour. Remy pulls Archer up to his feet, setting him up for a Pumphandle Suplex.

Sway lands the suplex on his feet!

The crowd begins to cheer as Sway nails Dieu with a forearm. Sway Archer backs off slowly, against the ropes before he runs at Remy. He nails Remy with a Running Busaiku Knee. Both men fall, both men lie there for a few moments as Lucas begins to stamp on the apron, doing anything to will Sway on.

Sway begins to crawl as Remy rolls onto his back. Sway makes the dive, catching the hand of Lucas with a hot tag. Sway Archer rolls onto the apron as Lucas dives through the ropes. Remy crawls over to his own corner, tagging with Kidd West. Kidd climbs into the ring, running towards Lucas.

Kidd attempts to lock up with Lucas. Hawthorne shakes his head, catching Kidd with an arm drag. Kidd bounces back to his feet into another arm drag from Lucas. Kidd bounces up to his feet once again as Lucas uses his athleticism to hit a picture perfect dropkick on Kidd West. Kidd rolls out of the ring and to the mat down below. He rolls onto his back, coughing.

Lucas nods, grinning to the fans in attendance. He backs up to the opposite end of the ring, sprinting towards the ropes. Kidd crawls to his feet as Lucas throws himself over the top rope. The Australian catches Kidd in a headlock, pulling him down into a spike DDT. Kidd West bounces before landing on his back. Lucas kick flips up, taking a bow to the fans at ringside.



Lucas rolls into the ring, smiling. Remy climbs down from the apron, lifting the dead weight of Kidd West. He rolls West into the ring to break the countout and save himself in the match. Lucas picks Kidd up, tossing him into his own corner. Lucas tags in Sway Archer and then backs off, bouncing on the spot for a few seconds while he waits.

Sway Archer climbs into the ring, nodding to Lucas. He pulls Kidd from the corner, irish whipping him towards Lucas. The Australian nails Kidd West with a leaping high knee. Kidd stumbles back towards Sway who turns him around and hits him with the high angle backstabber.

The Ultralight Beam!

Remy dives into the ring to try and save his partner. He attempts to clothesline Lucas, who ducks and nails Remy with a Pele Kick. Remy stumbles back for a few seconds into a Ultralight Beam from Sway. Sway pulls Remy back to his feet, pushing him towards Lucas. Lucas grins, spinning around for the Spinning Heel Kick!

Black Mass!

Remy Dieu hits the mat hard. Sway Archer rolls on top of Kidd West. The referee slides down to his knees, checking the shoulders of Kidd for a few seconds before he begins to count. Lucas rolls Remy from the ring, jumping up onto the ropes, obviously excited.




Winners: Sway Archer & Lucas Hawthorne​

Emma Mason: And your winners! The team of Lucas Hawthorne and Sway Archer!

The cameras cut to another ad break where the same Last Rites advert is seen as before. The fans at home also get at an advert for cheetos and twinkies as well as some cheap microwave from some company.

The cameras eventually return to the Amway Center. The camera comes up on Sway sitting on a production crate backstage. He’s holding the Prometheus Torch in his hands, a towel around his shoulders. He looks happy after his victory earlier in the night.

Sway Archer: This thing, is gonna open a lot of doors.

He hops down off the crate and hold it almost like a baseball bat.

Sway Archer: I wonder if it could crack some skulls open too…

He slowly swings it, with expert form.

Sway Archer:
I mean like, what’s this even made of?

Slowly, we see Jenny Scott walk into frame. Sway lowers the torch, and stares at her as she walks by. Just as she is about to leave, Sway calls out.

Sway Archer: Hey! My girl, where you going? I was supposed to talk to you, no?

She turns around, and almost scowls at Sway. She walks back over to him, and puts her hands on her hips, still clutching her clipboard.

Jenny Scott: Can I help you?

Sway Archer: Depends on how you plan to.

Sway smiles cockily and holds out the torch.

Sway Archer: You seen this before?

He motions to it.

Sway Archer: Take a look.

Jenny reaches out for it, but Sway pulls it back slightly.

Sway Archer: Fair warning. It’s heavy, and I don’t know if you’ve had anything this big in your hands before.

Jenny scoffs, and crosses her arms. Sway lets out a little chuckle as he sets the torch down beside him. He turns to the camera.

Sway Archer: Guess how many times I’ve had to say that?

He turns back and raises his hands. He straightens out his expression.

Sway Archer: I’m sorry, that may be against some HR policy or something.

Sway smiles and shrugs. Jenny shakes her head and hands Sway a sheet from her clipboard.

Jenny Scott: This is your merchandising contract. Please read it over and return it to Clement's office as soon as possible.

Sway looks over the contract and tilts his head a bit.

Sway Archer: I— I don’t have PWC merchandise…

Jenny rolls her eyes and points to the contract.

Jenny Scott:
This is so that we can use your likeness and quotes in PWC merchandise. It goes over the percentage you’d receive; how you’re mandated to promote the merchandise.

Sway raises his eyebrows.

Sway Archer: Y’all are gonna pay me to have shirts of me?

Jenny Scott: Yes, that is the plan.

Sway nods. He snatches the pen from Jenny and quickly signs the sheet. He hands it back to her. He stands up and smiles, picking up the torch on the way.

Sway Archer: Watch those numbers go up. Sway Archer merchandise? Top seller, imma call it now.

He walks away swinging around the torch. He looks back to Jenny and points with the torch.

Sway Archer: You lookin’ at the man of the year. All time, the one and only.

He backs up out of the room, grinning. As he does so, the camera cuts to the beautiful Emma Mason who is standing in the ring.

Emma Mason: The next match is scheduled for one fall!

***Plug in Baby***

The music begins as the lights fade to black, and a simple spotlight follows Tristan Kist into the ring. Despite receiving a negative reaction from the crowd, Trist flashes a cocky smile as the boos continue to rain in.

Emma Mason: Introducing first from Manhattan New York, weighing in at 213 pounds – Tristan Kist!

Kist smiles at the crowd and enters the ring, carefully removing his tie and top and handing it to the ringside assistants. The fans boo him as he nonchalantly waits for his opponent in the corner.

***The Pines***

The fans are on their feet! Arms outstretched to the crowd, the box office movie star greets the sold-out crowd and high fives them all as he makes his way down the ramp.

Emma Mason:
From Portland, Oregon, weighing at 220 pounds, he is Jensen!

Jensen rips off his jacket and points at Kist with intent!

Match Four | Jensen vs Tristan Kist​

The bell rings, and the fans chant Jensen’s name over and over. There is a distinct female fan base that can be heard over all the other cries out for the wrestler turned movie star.

Kist, the newcomer to PWC, smugly smiles at the veteran Jensen. His disdain for PWC’s resident “pretty boy” is obvious. The two men start to circle with Kist lowering his center of gravity and reaching out looking to maybe grab a leg. Jensen defensively does the same and the two swat each other’s hands away, looking for an opening. Kist then stands up straight and waves Jensen away. Almost dismissing him while he walks to the ropes. The fans boo as they were anticipating some action.

Kist again smugly smiles, but this time it’s to the audience… which leaves the door open for a vicious shotgun dropkick from the former Television Champion!

Stan Chambers: Oh my! Never turn your back on an opponent!!! That shot was direct on target!

Jensen’s shot connects point blank to the chest sending Kist through the top and middle rope, crashing onto the apron and then to the hard floor. The fans pop as Jensen jumps up on the second turnbuckle to survey the damage, but all the camera flashes go off lighting up the arena. Jensen fires up the crowd before jumping down to grab his opponent. Kist is still on the floor and pushes Jensen’s hands away. He looks to be very hurt.

Sondra Rowe: I think Kist has been knocked loopy Stan.

Stan Chambers:
Just watch the replay here. Oh yeah, the back of Kist’s skull hit the apron and then again on the floor. Those pads aren’t much protection when you fall from that height on the top of your head!

Kist holds the back of his head and tries to crawl away. Jensen grabs Kist’s ankle trying to stop him from escaping. The fans pop again that Jensen has him in his clutches. Kist, still holding the back of his head, is forced up onto his feet hopping, but then hits a mule kick, knocking Jensen down!

Sondra Rowe:
Kist has got his second wind! He’s looking to shake off the fall and get back into this match!

Kist is not happy and crawls up onto the apron and then drops an elbow off of it under the chest of Jensen! Kist gets up but he seems to be a bit wobbly. He is still holding the back of his head while he brings Jensen up. He looks to Irish-whip the movie-star into the steel steps, but it’s reversed and Kist goes face first into them instead!

Jensen rolls Kist back into the ring who looks to be really hurt.

Stan Chambers:
The cameras are focusing in, and you can see a trickle of blood coming from the back of Tristan's head. He is very unsteady on his feet and I’m not even sure if he knows where he is!

Kist backs away and uses the ropes to get to his feet but is hit with another shotgun kick sending him hurtling into the turnbuckles! The whiplash effect looks brutal.

Jensen brings Kist up looking for a powerslam, but Kist escapes out the back and lands a kick to the quad. And then another, and then another. Jensen holding his leg turns around only to be nailed with a brutal heavy forearm to the face! Jensen drops to a knee form the force of the blow! Kist though looks dizzy and swings - but his shot is ducked.. PELE! The fans pop again! A kick to the gut doubles Kist over. BUCKLE BOMB!

Kist grabs the back of his head now and he doesn’t look to be getting up. Jensen punces in quickly and goes for a quck cover.

1…2… Kickout!

Jensen covers Kist again and pushes all his weight onto the head and shoulders.



Winner | Jensen​

The crowd pops for the fan favorite. The ringside doctor, Dr. Shepard, quickly slides in under the bottom rope and checks on Kist. He calls for a stretcher. Jensen actually looks distressed that he has hurt a fellow wrestler but the doctor keeps him back as the stretcher quickly appears at ringside.

Sondra Rowe:
I think Kist is really hurt Stan. Jensen needs to be more careful with his wrestling style. It’s very dangerous!

Stan Chambers: Dangerous? The guy turned his back and…

Sondra Rowe: That’s right. Kist turned his back, Jensen attacked a guy from behind! Now, look at the consequences.

Stan Chambers:
Kist underestimated Jensen and paid the price.

Sondra Rowe: Well, if he wasn’t hurt, the result would have been different.

Stan Chambers: While the medical staff help Tristan Kist, we’ll cut backstage where I’m receiving word our General Manager has an announcement to make.

The cameras cut to the titantron, showing Ernesto Clement sat in his office, a smile on his face. He looks into the camera. The crowd cheer as they notice Clement on the screen, and heads quickly turn to see what he has to say.

Ernesto Clement: Ladies and gentleman, I apologise for taking some time away from the show, but I have an announcement to make.

Clement takes a second before continuing.

Ernesto Clement: As of this moment King Crowley, our PWC World Heavyweight Champion is without an opponent. Now, Miss Brittany Page and I have been accosted by several individuals, all looking to be his next opponent, so I have decided upon a solution.

The crowd boos at the mentions of Crowley and Page, but they get excited at the sound of a new contender being announced.

Ernesto Clement: Next week on Vortex, we are going to have a Number One Contenders match for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of this bout will go on to face King Crowley at our next Pay Per View, LAST RITES!

The crowd cheers.

Ernesto Clement: Neither man involved in this match is a stranger, so without further ado, let me introduce them. At Vortex, SHADOW will go one on one with DR. NERO!

The screen changes to show a picture of Dr. Nero and Shadow stood side by side. Clement's voice can be heard talking over it, but he's fighting to be heard over the crowd who are cheering heartily at the news that two of their favourites will be going head to head just so they can get at Crowley.

Ernesto Clement: Good luck to both men involved in this match. With that, I'll bid you all farewell for the night. I hope you enjoy the rest of the show.

The screen cuts to another ad break. The fans at home receive a mix of haribo adverts as well as a random mix of car adverts and and other random popular adverts. When the show return, Emma Mason is seen in the ring, microphone in hand.


Emma Mason: The following bout is your Main Event and it is scheduled for one fall! First, from San Antonio Texas, he weighs in at 253lbs - Baaarneyyyy Wiiiilliammss!!!

Stan Chambers: Barney was the first victim in the prometheus bout, but he looks for redemption here as he takes on out Television Champion and in the main event no less!!

Barney walks down to the ring as the cheers rain down on him - And despite his loss at Ragnarok he is still soaking in the fans adulation, ready for a fight with double A himself.


As the music kicks up, the lights in the arena go dark minus a single spotlight on Becca who walks out first. About 15 seconds into the music, the lights come back on and turn purple as Austin Angel walks out with his band and bouncer walking out behind him before Angel flips off the hood of his jacket.
Angel has a cocky grin on his face as he turns to his bandmates and bouncer and too sweets them, then turns to Becca and shares a kiss with her. Angel leads the group of 5 down the ramp, ignoring the fans who boo him as he goes.

Emma Mason: His opponent, from the City of Angels - He weighs in at 210lbs and he is the PWC Television Champion... AAUUUSTINNN AAAANGEEEELLLL

After reaching the bottom of the ramp, Angel runs up the steps and climbs to the top turnbuckle and strikes a pose to taunt the fans while his band and bouncer walk over to Angel's side of the ring and Becca walks up the steps herself. Angel then sits on the second rope,, holding it open for Becca as she enters the ring and the two pose together before Becca takes off Angel's jacket and sunglasses and exits the ring with them as the music cuts.

Referee Gil Artman checks both men are not concealing any weapons and lays down the rules of the bout before calling for the bell.

Match Five | Austin Angel vs Barney Williams​

The two men circle the ring - Both veterans of the PWC at this point in their careers. As each men urges the other to make a move the crowd begins to chant


This catches the attention of Barney who walks over and stands on the second turnbuckle as the crowd rains down cheers! He gets down and chuckles as Austin mirrors this ascending to the opposite corner but is met with thunderous boos from the audience in the Amway Centre.

Austin Angel: I'm the real star here!

Sondra Rowe: This is just pure unacceptable disrespect being shown to our great TV Champion right now

Angel jumps down and charges to Barney but he is nailed with a huge right hand! He spring back up but another right knocks him down again! He springs up a second time - Ducks the right - Rebounds of the ropes - Into a third right hand!!


Austin Angel rolls out of the ring.

Sondra Rowe: That's right champ, take a breather. Collect yourself.

Stan Chambers:
What a coward Austin Angel is. These fans deserve a better man to represent them.

Sondra Rowe: That is such biased commentary Chambers.

Angel quickly consults his crew for a pep talk. As they huddle together they don't notice the man in the ring setting himself up, bouncing of the ropes and leaping out the ring to nail a huge suicide dive taking them all out minus Becca who stands by and screams.

The man formerly known as Whisper gets up to his feet and gets the crowd psyched up! He hoists the TV champion to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Some smack talk comes from one of Angel's team and as Barney turns around to figure out which it was he is nailed with a baseball slide to the back of the neck! Angel quickly follows Barney to the floor and rains down on him with forearms and and elbows to the head.

Gil Artman begins a count:



The strikes continue as he is willed on by the ever-faithful Becca at ringside.



Austin drags Barney over to the barricade and drives his knee into the side of Barney's head as it is rested up against the barrier. Barney cries out in pain as his skull is crushed between knee and steel.



Austin lets Barney's body crumple as he rolls into the ring and out again to break the count.

It restarts…


Angel holds Williams by his head and lifts him from the floor but as he does so he is nailed with a huge headbutt! Rocking both men!



Barney stumbles back and shakes himself before delivering a picture perfect dropkick to the TV Champ!


Quickly he gets back up to his feet and runs at Angel who is slumped against a ring post - But Angel is dragged out of the way by his bouncer! Barney's skull collides with solid steel!

Stan Chambers:
Did you hear that! Barney Williams skull must have just been fractured upon impact!

Sondra Rowe: Thank god our champion is still in one piece!




Angel is aided back to the ring by his crew as Barney still hasn't moved..


Barney is stirring, dragging himself up with the apron as an aid..


He is on his knees but he is rocked! He's not gonna make it!



Barney just jumps into the ring in time and Angel is shook. He pleads with senior referee Gil Artmann. There's no way Barney made it inside of the count. He regains his focus and marches across the ring to his opponent - And forces him up just to nail a sickening DDT! Skull meets mat with such impact!

He is rolled over and the cover is made




Williams gets the shoulder up! A sigh of relief from the crowd!

Angel it on his knees and lifts his counterpart to the same position

Austin Angel: Just stay down! For the love..

He screams in his face but is quickly met with a European Uppercut!! Angel is sent flying across the mat!

Both men meet again in the middle of the ring as Angel is nailed out of nowhere with a Meathook clothesline! Barney covers him!





Angel kicks out but he has clearly been taken by surprise at this flurry from Barney Williams! Austin tries to escape his clutches but Barney lifts him onto his shoulders!

Stan Chambers: He's setting him up for the aim the please! If he connects with this then it's gonna be a strike in the loss column for the TV champion!

As Angel writhes and struggles on the shoulders of his opponent, Barney stumbles over to the ropes allowing Angel to be pulled down onto the apron by his bandmates! Quickly Gil Artmann intervenes and starts ordering Austin's ringside guests to stay out of the action. As they bicker back and forth Angel has slithered up behind Barney Williams and nails a Low Blow!

He rolls him up and Gil Artmann turns around!




Barney gets a fingertip to the ropes!

Stan Chambers: Amazing ring awareness! And great resiliency to take a blow like that and survive!

Sondra Rowe: I've got a feeling it's too little too late for Barney Williams, Chambers.

As if he expected such an act of defiance, Angel just laughs before quickly ragging his opponent into the centre by his legs and locking him up in the Curse! Barney screams out in agony! He reaches out to all sides but he has no way of reaching the ropes. Absolutely nowhere for him to go whatsoever!

He has no choice but to tap.

Winner | Austin Angel​

Austin keeps the submission locked in. Gil Artmann is powerless in this situation as the TV Champ has no intention of letting up whatsoever.

Stan Chambers: What is the need of all this? You got your win. Let the man go.

Sondra Rowe: He's proving a point. He's showing Barney that you don't mess with the rockstar.

Voice: Thunderbirds. Are.. Go!

***Thunderbirds are Go***

As if planned, Lucas Hawthorne sprints from backstage. He hits the ramp at full speed, diving straight under the bottom rope. He runs right at Austin, hitting the TV champion with a soccer kick to the skull. Austin Angel releases the hold on Barney as he gets kicked and he rolls from the ring as Lucas begins to bounce on the spot, glaring at Austin who backs off into the arms of his fiance. Lucas crouches next to Barney, shaking his head slowly.

Lucas Hawthorne: Austin! Is that what it comes to? Just because you have a point to prove, you continue to hurt people who don’t deserve it?

Austin and Becca begin backing up the ramp. Austin clutches the TV title to his sweaty chest, breathing hard.

Lucas Hawthorne:
Next week you need to defend that TV title Austin! Here’s what I offer. You and me Angel. You and me over that TV championship. You beat Jensen easily, but you know something? Jensen is nothing compared to me!

Lucas drops the mic and crouches next to Barney, obviously checking on him. The show closes with Austin Angel and Becca McKay on the stage with the TV championship.
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