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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Ericcson Globe
Capacity: 12,500
City: Stockholm, Sweden


Singles Match
Ryan Barron vs Jensen

Singles Match
Barney Williams vs El Gigante Enmascarado

Singles Match
Tristian Kist vs Leo Masters

Singles Match
Damien Dawson vs Luke Jackson

Singles Match
Jacob Bianchi vs Shadow

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on july 27 (Thursday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Gonna get some activity flowing via some predictions:

Ryan Barron vs Jensen
I will seldom bet against Jensen cos he is a quality and consistent player. And Ryan Barron ain't even that lad he wishes he was ;)

Barney Williams vs El Gigante Enmascarado
He's a giant godammit he can't lose!!!!

Tristian Kist vs Leo Masters
Veteran. Will likely get off to a hot start.

Damien Dawson vs Luke Jackson
Two newbies, two British characters at total opposite ends of the spectrum. Dawson did a voice promo to introduce himself which was interesting. I personally don't think you can beat a good bit of writing but it showed initiative, liked the idea.

Jacob Bianchi vs Shadow
Never bet against myself yet... plus I feel my planned RP is solid if I do say so myself

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Ladies and Gentleman. This is a creative public announcement.

Due to the lack of RP's currently we can't form a show. Therefore we are giving everyone an extra 24 hours to complete their RP's. If you need any longer swing myself a PM with the reasoning and I'll get back to you.

We were hoping to properly get the ball rolling so.

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Don't think I've ever been first to turn in. Get me.

We fade in at the exact moment Matty was confronting his dad outside of the gym.​

You should not have come here.

Look, son-

WHAM. Matty lays his dad out with an almighty right hook.

Dazed and confused on the floor, Dave holds his left cheek and gives his head a shake trying to focus his sight.​

Okay, now I probably deserved that.

He slowly gets back to his feet.​

I think we need to talk. Iron some things out.

If you don't back away and get out of my space then I'll fatten up your other cheek too.

The swelling is almost immediately apparent on Dave's face as if he has a golf ball in his mouth.​

No. You're still my son and I gotta be a man for admittedly the first time in my life and sort this mess out.

This mess? What are you referring to my life?

No, no i didn't mean...

Dave sighs.
I didn't mean that kid, you know that.

Dave talks with a rather peculiar accent, having grown up from his late teens in the New York area his accent mixes between Italian-American as he grew up around a lot of these people and British as his parents and he were originally from the United Kingdom.​

Look, I've lived for 10 years without your bullshit, why you gotta bring it all now when I'm just making something of myself?

Because I'm proud of you. I didn't know nothing about this professional wrestling crap, and now my sons the big man of it all!

Hardly dad, this is only a small promotion.

But that Steve fella he tells me about you. The success that you've been and that you still have a long ways to go. He says he was in some big company back in the day, something like the WWW? I don't know, the Wrestling Wide World? No that's not it...

Matty rolls his eyes. Not sure how to react when he's so angry but the man is so hilariously clueless.​

World of Wonderful Wrestling? No...

Anyways, he tells me that you got all the right stuff to make it there. You're gonna be a star.

Does he also tell you that he makes me imagine punching bags are you to motivate me in training?

What? Well-

Does he tell you that occasionally I imagine my opponents are you and nothing gives me more pleasure than leaping off the top and driving my feet through their sternum, and making believe it's you?

If that's what gets you goin-

It is dad. That's what gets me going, and that's what keeps me going. My motivation in life is to make sure I'm as far away from becoming a scumbag like you and get rid of anyone in my way who reminds me just what a scumbag you are.

Dave just stares at the ground. He was a broken man before he came to speak to his son but now he's been reduced to nothingness.​

I didn't realise you felt that way. You're right, I shouldn't of come here.

Dave puts his hands in his pockets and begins to walk down the side of the building, as he reach the corner, he turns to Matty.​

I'm sorry, son.

Matty doesn't move an inch. Totally emotionless to his father.

He turs back around, walks round the corner and leaves.

Matty then paces a little, trying to take in all that's just happened. Suddenly a huge gust of guilt catches up to him and he runs to the corner trying to catch his dad. But when he get's there, he's already gone. Out of sight and no trace of where he went.

Suddenly there is a huge crack of thunder and the heavens open up with rain pouring down.

Matty just stands and stares off into the distance, he walks back along the side of building and just as he reaches the door he burst out of earlier, it opens with Steve stood bearing a less-than-pleased expression across his face.​

There you are, get in here.

He grabs him by the shoulder and drags him in before slamming the door shut.​

Inside the mind of Shadow:

Things have gone further now with Crowley than I had ever hoped. It began with the darkness, it soon shifted to legacy, became about the world but now... now it's just one guy kicking another guys ass.

Not saying I don't care about being the Champion of the World because I most certainly do, it's what I have lived for, my whole life has been one big journey towards this moment. But that man has consumed me. He has terrorized me, the PWC fans, other superstars and personal friends of mine and also a man I consider a brother in Kyle. Crowley has taken all of this way further than I bet even he anticipated.

I don't even feel like I want to beat him anymore, I don't want to be "the victor"... I want to hurt him. I want him to feel the pain he instills onto others, I was to see the grimace on his face as I pick him apart in such a violent fashion that he just wants to lay down and never get back up. I want to feel the soul - if he has one - ooze from his skin as I tear away at him and break him down til he is no longer a "demon" or a "king". Til he is no longer even a man and is rendered barely ellegible to be considered a broken and empty carcus. A mere vessel which once contacined the live of a man so evil that only the greatest of heros could step up and take him down. And that's me.

No longer is this a fairytale, they're not real. This is real and I am going to dismantle Crowley til he is no more.

But I cannot look too far ahead, this week i face Jacob Bianchi, a fast rising star here within PWC. I do not know much about this gentleman as he showed up around the same time my attention shifted solely to Crowley. Oh no, I've done the unthinkable. I've become so worked up in my obsession to take down the king that I have let my guard slip and I no longer understand my landscape of opponents to the extent I would like to. I donn't have much time but I will study this Jacob man and identify and single out any and every weak point he may have. All I know so far is he is quite the unknown, rather mysterious and keeps himself to himself but he has been heavily involved in the ongoing power struggle between our owner and Ms Page. Another situation I have been able to pay very little attention to as I've had a power struggle of my own to attend to.

Right. Focus. I have a match this week against and up and coming young man. I've been him, I know what a win here would mean for him. But I know what it would mean to Crowley if I made an example of this man. I'm by no means a dirty fighter but this week I may have to show my meaner and more vicious side to show people what I am capable of. I'll keep the young man in check and send a loud and clear message to the champ that I can not only play his games but I have mastered them too. It's perfect.

I am sorry for that man, so early in his career and surely so much looming over this match for him, but I can show no mercy. Enough talking about the darkness, I have to unleash it. I won't just ensure I harness the darkness, that I utilise the darkness. I will ensure that darkness falls upon Jacob Bianchi.


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Copehagen, Denmark
Three days before Vortex 14

I'm starting to grow tired of this, Walker.

For the third time that week, Gareth Walker was stood in Jacob Bianchi's hotel room relaying a message from Sirius Lane.

He knows. It's not going to stop him asking though.

Bianchi sighs in frustration.

I know.

So why not just appease him. It really can't be all that bad if he thinks you can Wrestle and work for him.

Because it's just a beginning with him. In six months time he'll be pushing for me to give up Wrestling, in a years time I'll be his right hand man and in five years I'll be replacing him. I've neither the patience nor the interest in doing any of this, so until something changes, I'm going to keep turning him down. Which is exactly what he expects me to do.

So you think he has another game going here?

It's Sirius. I've worked with him long enough to know that if he has even bothered to ask, he has something hidden up his sleeve. He tried coming to me open handed years ago and I turned him down then. There's no chance he makes the same mistake again.

So what's he up to?

Annoyingly, I don't think this is his plan. I think Clement has done something stupid.


Not a clue. But if he has, Sirius is going to do everything he can to hide this from me until it blows up in my face. He knows if Clement gets even a glimpse of the work I've done for him I lose this battle.

And he's hidden?

Of course. I hid him.

Bianchi looks up at Walker, catching what almost appeared to be admiration on the man's face. What hurt was that he knew that Walker wasn't wrong to admire Sirius' plan. This was played to absolute perfection from the day that both Bianchi and Lane had met. Jacob may be Lane's equal in ability now, but back then he was nothing more than a pawn that Lane had played to perfection.

This game needed to end. Jacob couldn't allow someone to have any kind of hold over him. Especially not a man like Sirius who would turn on him when the opportunity best served him. He had to strike, and he had to do it fast.


Walker looks down at Bianchi, his face neutral once more. Whatever the order, he was ready to follow.

I need you to keep an eye on Clement. Keep your distance and only update me when you have something worth noting.

Walker nods and makes for the door straight away. Back in the room, Bianchi smiles to himself. He knew that Gareth would have to go completely dark for the next few days so as to ensure that Clement didn't catch on to him. He'd let Sirius know what he was doing, but after that, both men would remain completely oblivious to his actions. This move had bought him the time that he required.

Bianchi jumps to his feet drawing out his phone as he goes. Immediately he books a flight to Sweden using an account that he knew Sirius was aware of and with a hidden account, he books a second flight, this one landing in London.

It was time to finally take control back from Sirius Lane.

* * *

Stockholm, Sweden
The Day of Vortex

This message is being recorded for one, Shadow. Please ensure that he sees it.

The camera, which began recording mere moments before Jacob Bianchi started talking, sits on a desk, facing the man himself who is sat in a chair with his elbows on the desk and fingers bridged under his chin. Bianchi is almost looking tired, with bags under his eyes which contain little of their usual coldness, and instead shift quickly from one spot to another on the wall behind the camera.

You, my friend, have come face to face with me at a less than fortuitous time. My attentions have been shifting from place to place as of late, and as a result, I haven't had a chance to truly give your file the time that your talent would suggest that it deserves.

Bianchi's eyes hover over one spot for a moment, almost seeming to read something before he continues.

But, alas. Time is rarely a gift we possess in this industry, so I thought I'd take a break from the norm and talk to you directly.

In your time within these company walls you've prided yourself on being the man shrouded within darkness. A man who remains shrouded within mystery, hidden behind a wall of immeasurable darkness, to thick for the light of the world to pierce through. Even your name is a direct sign of what you are. A creature lurking within shadow, luring your prey into your web of darkness until the time comes to strike.

The problem with the dark however is that some of us no longer fear it. You've been having that problem with our dear King Crowley. You're a vigilante playing games within these shadows, sowing fear among the minds of your foes, but when someone walks in, head held high and is willing to play you at your own game, you lose your edge.

Bianchi drops his gaze to the camera's level.

This is where you will fail against me too. You may have caught me at my least prepared, but won't matter tonight, for I am more than prepared to face you and your precious Darkness. You wish to play your games and remain in the shadow? Be my guest. My game is intelligence, and because of this, there is no hole you can crawl in to that is beyond my reach, and there is no place so dark that I can't see you hiding in it.

I am the greatest threat you have ever faced, not because I'm stronger or faster, and not because I have an army filled with allies willing to stand in your path.

Daiko picks up a folder and holds it up for the camera to see.

No. I'm your greatest threat because the light I hold in my hand pierces through every nook and cranny of your very existence. I may not have done my due diligence when it comes to you, and that could very well be my undoing, but it doesn't matter. You can retreat back into this Darkness of yours all you want, but to me, you and your secrets will always be a beacon of light, and because of this you will never be able to hide from me.

I see you for what you truly are, Matty. Never forget this.

Bianchi leans forward and turns off the camera before sighing and leaning back in his chair.

His eyes drift back to the wall he was looking at earlier and they scan over the same piece of paper they were looking at during the recording.

"Clement has ordered a P.I. to investigate you. This guy is legit. If there's anything you need hidden, now might be the time to talk to Lane."

Not a moment later, Bianchi's phone vibrates.

My offer remains on the table, Jacob, but it won't be there for very long. Come see me sometime soon.


Bianchi groans. He couldn't crack down on Clement, because that would make it clear that he was worried about something. He couldn't turn to Lane because that would just end in him being little more than an errand boy, sent out in whichever direction Sirius Lane saw fit.

The original plan was to remove Sirius from the game and then let VESTA die off on its own, but with Clement's PI on the horizon, Jacob might need their resources more than ever.

He takes a moment to think before picking up his phone and sending several texts out to contacts of his.

If Bianchi was to ever be free from everything and everyone that was closing in on him, he was going to have to go to war with Sirius Lane himself.

He grabs the camera and throws it in his gym bag, which he slings over his shoulder. After taking one quick glance back at the sheet of paper, Bianchi heads for his hotel room door and leaves the room.

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Everybody, the creative team has decided that with this being our first official show as a team, we would like the show to be as good as possible. With that being said, the deadline has been pushed to Sunday night. This will allow anybody who has yet to RP to get one in. This will have no little to no effect on the show, as we fully expect the show to be out on time.


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The heir thin as the mist...
seeping through the doors...
Not long the heir had been dormant;
Why did the weather change?
Why did the heir move walls, just to change everything?

Just to reign, to pour his purpose on the vain soil.

Lightning quick and a crack of a limb caused disorder in the world.

"OOOOWWWW!" shrieked the man. The focus became restored and a body drops from the abyss onto the floor of the Kist Manor. The door swung open as thunder sounded and the a chorus of crickets sound.

A true symphony of the night.

Moans escaped the man's mouth but his lips remained sealed, footsteps echoed the halls...


Flash of light...

A figure collapses into the red leather armchair in front of the near vanquished fire.

The rattle of the vodka rocks clinking and clanking against the glass, two, if we are counting. The sweat of the glass matched that of its sponge. Simple beads formed but none fell, there will be no reign that falls tonight.

And evermore, now that the king has returned to his throne.

The shadow remained seated as the body of the broken man began to crawl towards the darkness...

All he could do...

All that was allowed.

The King controlled the climate.

Where he reigned...

Where his lightning struck...

Where his thunder sounded...

The shadow's hood fell as he stood.

The King has risen and the hood has fell.

Lightening became our light...

It fell on the face of the shadow...

All was clear...

The lines of his face told the story...one of a man who had saw death, and stood strong. The cream of his skin a glowed fluorescent. The only color left was the light dark beard left on his face, and his eyes eyes were the tunnel to the soul of chaos.

Frustration set and the hood returned and what left was a foot to the face of the fallen.

A howl shook the night.


Only a whimper escaped him.

"Have you made it? Have you truly reached the peak? Is all lost? Or, are you just weak? Are you just a plaything for me? It's time...time to rise again. Time to take charge of the wagon, to steer the horses, to be again."

The man rose and fell to the chair.

Kist smiled.

"Mold me..."

The man spit blood to the floor and looked up at his master. Kist couldn't help but smile, "I shall, I shall."

The man, whose face was hidden, began to laugh.

"What becomes of Leo Masters?"

Kist smile fades and the true terror hits him in the face...

"Unforgivably...he must be cut, the tree can only take so many bad limbs..."

The man looked at his broken arm.

"Life will be restored, for the greater good."

The man looked up with a tear.

"We are...the last hope."

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The scene opens up in an old country home, with Xavier Devarles sitting in a custom-made rocking chair on the porch, the house being almost entirely custom-made due to his massive frame.

“People wonder how I live so tall, how I drive, how I eat, how I get girl, well puny camera guy, I answer questions.”

Xavier stands up, and motions to the cameraman to follow him. They comply, whether it be in fear or otherwise we will never know, and Xavier heads over to a garage and opens it. Inside is a custom-made Fila edition 1985 Ford Thunderbird, big enough to be used by Xavier.

“Some people convert little Toyotas and BMWs into faster versions, think they Fast and Furious… no, this Fast and Furious. People see this, they do two take. This isn’t only car, though.”

Xavier tells the cameraman to pan over, and it reveals he has 14 more garages. Audibly, the cameraman says “holy shit…” and Xavier begins laughing.

“I like cars, and I like having lot of cars.”

Xavier once again motions for the cameraman to follow, and he complies. They enter into Xavier’s home, and surprisingly enough it looks relatively normal, as nothing too extravagant is on display.

“I like simple home, not rich enough for big home.”

The cameraman shows the house off, before he places the camera down on a table near an urn


The cameraman complies, lifting the camera up causing the camera to shake, losing focus.

“Sorry, urn very important to me, contain father. It alright though, I put urn somewhere else, put camera there so interview can begin.”

Xavier walks over to the table and picks up the urn, being careful not to drop it. He walks over to the fireplace and sets the urn on top of it before signalling to the cameraman that it’s ok to place the camera down. He points to a seat for the cameraman to sit in as Xavier sits down in another custom-made chair

“Ok puny camera guy, what you want to know?”

“Uh..right, sorry, first question: Why did you decide to join PWC?”

“Money tight these days, all need some way to earn living, yes?”

“Fair enough… next question: I remember watching your father wrestle live a couple of times, how do you wish to live up to his reputation in the wrestling industry?”

“By doing something he couldn’t, win world title.”

“Again, fair enough point. Uh, final question: How did you wind up with your...disease?”

“Not disease, disorder.”

“Ok, how did you end up with your disorder then?”

“Dad’s side of family, great grandfather had disorder, didn’t work in dad, worked in me.”

“Ok, and sorry about this but the actual final question: What exactly happened between you and your brothe-”

At the mention of his brother, Xavier stands up, grabs the cameraman, and pins him against the wall with his forearm.


The cameraman spurts out a “Y-Yes…” and Xavier lets him go. The cameraman falls down and breathes heavily, being on all fours after the sudden anger burst from Xavier.

“Glad you understand. Interview over, I go do better things.”

Xavier walks off and heads upstairs, and faintly a couple of voices can be heard

“No worries girls, Xavier back.”

“Giggling Oooh Xavier come over here, we got to make up for lost time…”

“Yeah Xavier, we got work to do.”

“Girls, girls, don’t worry, I do work…”

“.....That gigantic lucky bastard…”

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????? said:
Leo Masters – Taking the weight

I got the call from the big boss man Clement last week. He wanted me back in action. I paused at first, but the Community Centre is back on track and the brothers and sisters are being looked after. Things have turned around the last few months for us. And well when big Ernie told me how much my fight fee will be, and what the winners bonus was, hell, I couldn’t turn down that sort of bread.

He did warn me though that this Trist cat he has put against me is a really good fighter. Some veteran. Famous even. Probably built his rep while I was in Afghanistan trying to keep this country safe for guys like him. Whatever, it makes no difference to me. I’m going to show him what I’ve got. That money can help this neighbourhood, and I’m gonna do what I do best to make sure I get it. I’ll take the weight and them some to get the job done.

Big Ernie told me a bit about Trist. He just sounds like another white asshole to me. It’s not like PWC needs another one, the place is full of them. These dudes keep poppin’ up like weeds thinking the world owes them something. Not like here. You turn your back for second around here you end up in the trash, after two weeks of the cops looking for your stupid ass. No rules down here. If this Kist cat thinks he’s gonna play mind games or try and play the system against me, he’s dead wrong. I grew up watching my own back. I was born to fight against what the world threw at me. Yeah I got in trouble, but the army helped me sort it all out. If Trist thinks he’s gonna get one over me, hell, he’s obviously not as smart as he thinks he is.

But if he’s gonna underestimate me, then I got to make sure I don’t give him the same favour. If he is famous, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of footage of him online. I’ll check him out. See if what he can do is any threat to my strength. My power, that’s my advantage over everyone in PWC. He’ll have another coming if he thinks that my muscles is all this black man has to offer.

My Community Centre’s gym is the best in the city. Well I think so anyway. It keeps these kids off the streets and safe to go home to their families after school. So right now, it’s time to get a workout in, because you gotta never stop training. Never stop fighting. Tristan Kist sucka, ya better watch out. Because helping these people, protecting my neighbourhood, that’s what I do best. And if dropping you like a bad habit in front millions of people allows me to make my world better. To save another life. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do.
Got this from my email.

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Won't even try and hide the fact I wrote this. Barney Williams is simply filler for when Lucas Hawthorne isn't on the card, or when creative run out of faces.

Edit: I didn't send the wrong one in the first time! Not at all!

Chicago - USA​

Barney Wiliams rolled the suitcase towards the security line in Chicago O'hare. He thought for a while as he walked, the changes that had happened in his life. He was a father, a son. It was weird to him that Clement had asked him back. He'd debated it at first, he'd left the company to be a father but he was bored. Wrestling was in his blood, without it he was just bored.

He'd penned a part time deal. He wasn't full time like all the big boys, he was simply around to fill the gap. He wasn't fond of that gap being in the middle of no-where Europe, but he admitted that could of been so much worse if he wanted it to be.

Australia. Too many spiders. North Korea. Too many grumpy arseholes who'd shoot you for not agreeing with their regime. Barney shrugged as he dropped his bag at check-in. Austalia had very few perks, one being that it had produced one of the most flippy bastards in the world.

Lucas Hawthorne. The ADHD kid. He was solid, rebel from what Barney could tell. Didn't agree to how Page was running the company so kept trying to get in, to wrestle. That was always the kid's dream, ever since Barney had met him. Scouting, that was the offical title. Looking for new talent, new blood for the company.

And now he was trying, and failing, to get his shot. Barney shook his head as he stepped through security. Next stop was the plane, then Stockholm.
One place he'd never been, Sweden. He'd packed thermals after hearing it was a bit chilly. He shook his head casually, shrugging again. He realised how much he shrugged.

And he didn't care.

Stockholm - Sweden​

He stepped from the plane, shaking his head. He was back to wrestling, back to the same grind. He remembered back to his last time in a ring. Jake Masterson, the victory resulting in a beatdown. The week before Lucas debuted, the week before Lucas kicked Masterson in the skull. That was fun to watch, Masterson getting kicked in the skull. Then the week after with the bullshit tryout match.

That match was stupid.

That match was one of the worst ideas that he'd ever seen. Page screwing his best friend, his brother. Clement hadn't stepped in, he was weak and foolish, feeble. He was bullshit, he tried to control a company and he was failing. Secruity was lacking and the company as a whole was lacking. One day Clement would get his stuff together, but whenever that happened it'd be a good day.

Barney grabbed his suitcase from baggage claim. He'd brought his special trunks, the one's he'd won the Promethous Bolt in. God that was a while ago,
the bolt he'd cashed in instantly because he wanted to go be a father.
He wanted to go be a father to his little girl.

He ordered an uber. He enjoyed that #spon. He joked to himself, shaking his head. If uber could sponser PWC with free travel he'd love it. Free travel would make the entire wrestling thing so much easier and so much easier. Paying for travel was stupid.

Saving up loyalty points for free travel. The life of a wrestler.

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Stockholm. A few days before Vortex.

I have lost many times before and I can tell you it is never a nice feeling. Even though I left it all on the line in Denmark, there is a part of me that felt I coul have done more.

If I had put in a bit more effort then it wouldn't have given Austin Angel's goons the chance to involve themselves in the match. If I had finished the job, I wouldn't be here in Sweden complaining...

Stop being so miserable sweetie. You will get your belt back, so please try to enjoy yourself.

...I certainly wouln't be complaining with a gorgeous woman standing across from me.

Sorry, I just can't shake this loss.

Stop being so grumpy. You can't even smile? Even after the wonderful day of shopping we had? I'll tell you what, Ill go put on those "special" items you wanted for me.

Morgan then walked into the bedroom to get changed. A smile began to form at the corner of my mouth. I knew what was coming, and I have to say it excited me. A few minuts later Morgan walked out. And she looked glorious.

I do have to say, you look great in those moccasins.

Recyled deerskin leather, you sure know how to spoil a girl. Now, put yours on and lets get comfy. You have a match tomorrow against Ryan Barron.



Bring back Gary Oak!
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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Ericsson Globe
Capacity: 16,000
City: Johanneshov, Stockholm, Sweden


Fireworks explode onto the stage of the Ericsson Globe as the Swedish crowd rise to their feet and cheer. The camera pans through the crowd, lingering on several fans who are holding up signs with messages like 'Austin Angel's band is the worst Backstreet Boy reunion yet' and 'Make me your Queen, Crowley!'. It then lingers on another sign which reads 'Which one is Hawthorne?' before moving on.

***The Pines***

The Pines starts blaring across the Ericsson Globe and soon Jensen appears from behind the curtains. His jacket then lights up revealing an assortment of colors. He walks down the ramp a bit faster than usual, bypassing the crowd on his way to the ring. The crowd let out a roar but again Jensen doesn’t strike his usual pose instead removes his jacket, throwing it towards a ringside assistant and then nodding towards Referee Gwen Jeffers.

Stan Chambers: Jensen appears to be all business tonight. No fuss at all from him as he looks ready for action tonight.

Sondra Rowe: Barron better be ready for a war here. It looks like Jensen is ready to come out swinging here tonight.

Emma Mason: Introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds. He comes to you from Portland, Oregon. Ladies and gentleman, JENSEEEEEEEEEN!

***Scotland the Brave***

As the bagpipes begin we see Ryan Barron step out with his arms spread out, he then makes an X above his head as the guitar kicks in with pyro shooting off to create a white X-shaped cross. He marches down to the ring, stopping to pull a can of Irn-Bru from his windbreaker jacket pocket. He opens it up and begins to drink it on his way to the ring. He walks up the steps and into the ring. He looks over at Emma Mason and gives her wink.

Mason: And his opponent, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds. He comes to you from Aberdeen, Scotland… Ryan BARROOOOOON!

Jensen stares across the ring towards his opponent as referee Gwen Jeffers calls for the bell.
Barron swaggers out of his corner still sipping from his can of Irn-Bru. Jensen moves towards his opponent, but Barron is busy trying staring at Jeffers. He turns around and walks straight into a Slingblade! Out of instinct he gets to his feet only for him to hit by falling over head kick! The back of Barron’s head bounces off the canvas and Jensen slides into position making the cover!

Stan Chambers: Baron needs to get his mind on the match! Otherwise it is going to be a short match here!

One! Two!

Barron barely kicks out! The crowd seems to be a little disappointed that Jensen didn’t dispose of the cocky Scotsman just yet.

The former Television champion picks up the modern day lad from the mat and delivers a series of strikes to his opponent. One final spin kick from Jensen catches Barron in the gut, and the Scotsman bends forward in agony. The Portland native grabs hold of his opponent and sets him up for Censored Colours! The Swedish crowd is on their feet as Barron’s head bounces off of the mat! Jensen hooks a leg and referee Gwen Jeffers makes the count.

One! Two! Three!

The bell rings immediately, and the crowd erupts.

Winner via Pinfall: Jensen

Chambers: And just like that folks it is all over! Barron had no chance tonight.

Rowe: Make no mistake about it, this was a statement match. This was a message to Austin Angel….

Jensen stands in the center of the ring as Barron stumbles away. The crowd are still cheering him on when all of a sudden music hits the arena.


Stan Chambers: Well, it looks like that message was received!

Austin Angel walks out from behind the curtain clapping sarcastically. Soon he is joined by The Band. Jensen, who is now outnumbered four to one, readies himself for a fight.

A few moments pass by, but Austin Angel and The Band have yet to make their move. Jensen’s eyes remain locked on the danger in front of him, while the rest of his body remains in a fighting stance. Angel takes a step forward, but stops only to lift the Television Title up high.

With a smirk on his face, he motions for The Band to leave. He follows them back, still smirking as the camera cuts out.



The lights in the arena dim as Shadow walks out on to the stage. No pyro this time as he has a microphone in hand and his music quickly cuts out so that he can speak.

Shadow: Crowley, our ever graceful King. For too long now you and I have been hiding, both sticking to the Darkness and both playing our own little games, each of us trying to get one step ahead of the other. Sometimes you get an advantage, sometimes I do, but in the end it never matters. We both just keep coming at the other.

He gets into the ring before continuing.

Shadow: So I propose a fight. Just you and me. This ring is as close to neutral ground as you or I have ever had, so get out here and we can finish this once and for all.

Silence falls over the arena as everyone waits for a response.


They don't have to wait long as King Crowley comes walking out, his Ghouls in tow. He tells them to wait on the stage as he makes his way down to the ring, clearly interested in what Shadow's newest game is.

As soon as he slides into the ring the lights go from dimmed to jet black, and the only sounds that can be heard are the screams of Crowley's Ghouls who are clearly incensed.

When the lights burst into life once more, Crowley and Shadow are stood in the middle of the ring which has been surrounded by a twenty foot tall cell, trapping both men inside. Crowley turns, completely thrown by the sudden appearance of the cell, and spots his Ghouls rushing down to the ring screaming furiously, but before he can even register what has happened, his head is smashed forward as Shadow explodes from behind him, smashing the back of the self proclaimed King's head with a brutal forearm, which drops him.

Shadow takes a moment to laugh at the Ghouls some of whom are trying to rip into the door as the others climb the cell, hoping there's an opening up top. He turns just as Crowley is getting back to his feet and HITS THE CODE BLACK, bringing the World Heavyweight Champion's face crashing down upon his knees. This isn't enough for Shadow though as he flips Crowley onto his back and slingshots himself over the ropes onto the apron. He then climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle and, stopping only to wave to the outraged Ghouls, he leaps down onto Crowley, hitting DARKNESS FALLS!

He looks down at his handiwork for a moment before flashing a grin at the Ghouls who are hurling insults at him from above. The lights go out in the arena and when they come back on moments later, Shadow is gone and Crowley remains crumpled up in the center of the ring, clutching his chest and jaw. The door to the Cell has been opened too, and the Ghouls pile in to the ring.

The cameras cut backstage and catch Donald Hammerpunch talking to Danny Eriksen who just looks confused.

Hammerpunch: Mr. Dieu has caught my attention with his attacks, Danny. He has been a proverbial thorn in my side as of late, and with his companion Mr. Bianchi, I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm honour bound to fight Mr. Dieu, but even a master of Don-jitsu would be a fool to take on multiple challengers at once. And so, I would like to officially make it known that I am going to challenge Remy Dieu at the upcoming pay-per-view, and once he and I are in the ring, I will once again show the world just how capable I am in that ring.

Hammerpunch puffs up his chest and smiles down at Eriksen who has noticed the camera.

Hammerpunch: Could you see to it that Mr. Dieu gets my message? I'd appreciate it greatly.

Eriksen coughs and nods his head to the camera. Hammerpunch's head twists to face it and he smiles awkwardly.

Hammerpunch: Ahem, well then. Yes. Remy Dieu, you have been challenged.

He bows and then walks off the screen.

Eriksen: Back to the ring.

The camera pans around the arena, catching the faces of many PWC fans in attendance. It then pans over a group of avid wrestling fans at ringside, one of whom appears to be the backstage hand Jimmy who was fired a week prior by Brittney Page. Eventually one of the men in this group makes a move with his wrist, flicking a hood up over his head and face. This young man jumps the barricade, obviously quicker than the feeble security who try and stop him. He forcefully takes a mic from a cameraman as he rolls under the bottom rope on the ring. He stands, flipping his hood down slowly.

Chambers: That’s Lucas Hawthorne!! He’s not even employed by this company but he seems willing to take some risks tonight!

Rowe: What does he think he’s doing!? This is a live broadcast!

The fans begin to chant 'He’s got balls' and 'Let’s go Hawthorne' and the young Australian stands in the centre of the ring, placing the mic to his lips.

Hawthorne: This show is made for the fans, right?

Lucas allows a cocky grin towards a camera as security start climbing over the barricades and swarming from the backstage area out towards the ring, all of them obviously with the goal of getting Lucas from the building.

Hawthorne: I’m not here to play games! Brittany Page has used me for weeks and finally it’s time to get what I want. I came here, like everyone else does. I came here, was respectful. I protected a young backstage hand from a mugging by Jake Masterson.

Lucas pauses for a moment to allow the fans to kick up their chant of “He was stupid” before he begins to talk once again.

Lucas Hawthorne: I earned my tryout match, which I won. Page screwed me yet again and I ended up where I began. Being forced from the building by some gruff security guard named Steve.

Lucas pauses once again to allow the fans to take in what he said, absorbing the “Fuck you Steve” chants.

Hawthorne: So tonight I screw Page. Tonight I get the contract I deserve with the PWC! Tonight I become the newest member of the PWC roster!

Boos echo throughout the Ericsson Globe and Hawthorne turns to the stage to see Brittany Page walking down to the ring flanked by several security guards. The guards stop at ringside as Miss Page herself makes her own way to ringside. She obviously looks busy and obviously looks impatient. Slowly, she raises her mic to her lips. She scowls towards the ring, shaking her head before she talks.

Page: Mr Hawthorne. Taking over my show is certainly a way to get noticed. I should have security remove you from this ring. Hell, I should even have you arrested Mr Hawthorne. But no, you’ve gone to lengths to see through my games. So, perhaps I ought to listen.

Hawthorne: Finally some sense from you. I won my tryout match in seconds, I destroyed that bodyguard. I proved I can hang with the big boys. Tonight Miss Page, tonight I want the contract I deserve.

Page pauses, obviously deep in thought. A security guard behind her mutters something to her and she smiles as she raises the mic to her lips once more.

Page: I’ve just been informed your best friend Barney Williams is backstage, ready for a match. Why don’t we let him earn your contract. If Mr Williams loses tonight against PWC’s newest signing, you can face this newest signing at Ragnarok for a contract. However, here’s the catch. If Mr Williams wins tonight, he becomes the Number One Contender to the Legacy Championship.

Lucas drops the mic, glaring at Page. She has obviously one upped him again here tonight and he is furious about it. She raises her hand however, clearly not done yet.

Page: This signing goes by the name of El Gigante Enmascarado! If Barney loses this match Mr Hawthorne. You are in for one hell of a beatdown. Please, everyone. Give a PWC welcome to the newest signing, The Masked Giant!

***White Wedding***

El Gigante Enmascarado steps out from backstage, his 7’5” frame dwarfing the security guards and Page herself. Lucas steps back as the camera’s pan to him, obviously not expecting that to step out from behind the curtain. The camera’s pan back to the stage, where Miss Page is scanning what is presumably her new weapon

Page: Yes... He is perfect. Mr Hawthorne, I would suggest going back to your seat. If I were you, I would want to watch this match with interest. Have a goodnight.

Page leads the security guards as the cameras cut to Lucas climbing back over the barricade, careful not to ruin the black skinny jeans he’s wearing.

Emma Mason: Introducing first! From The Rocky Mountains. He is seven feet five inches, weighing in at four hundred and seventy four pounds! He is EL GIGANTE ENMASCARAAAAADO!

Some of the fans boo the big man for siding with Brittany Page, others cheer him for his height. Everyone knows that he’s the biggest guy on the PWC roster and that he will send waves through the company.

Chambers: The Masked Giant. He’s a monster, he’s huge.

Rowe: I hope Barney loses this one Stan. Let the big guy get his hands on Lucas.


Barney Williams steps out from the back as the song heads into the first verse. He begins high-fiving fans at ringside, ignoring one particular fan however. He refuses to look towards Lucas Hawthorne, the man sat at ringside. Barney rolls under the bottom rope, grinning to the fans, obviously ready to enjoy himself.

Mason: And introducing his opponent! From San Antonio Texas, weighing in at two hundred and fifty three pounds! He is Barney WILLIAAAAAMS!

Chambers: Ladies and Gentleman, Barney Williams is back and he has a choice to make. If he wins this one it’s a shot at the Legacy Championship. If he loses this one, his best friend Lucas Hawthorne finally gets to fight for the contract he believes he deserves.

The bell rings and Barney steps from his corner, obviously trying to get a feel for the big man. For a few moments neither man seems willing to make the first move, but Barney steps out and attempts a basic wrestling takedown using the legs. The bigger wrestler looks at him without even moving. He uses his amazing strength to lift Barney with one hand, tossing him across the ring as if to prove a point. Barney lands on his back, grunting as he clambers back to his feet.

Obviously realising that his tactic isn’t working, Barney looks to change it up, keeping some space from the bigger man. The Masked Giant steps forward, attempting to nail Barney with a powerful blow to the midsection. The smaller wrestler narrowly avoids the shot with his speed, aiming a roundhouse kick towards the giant’s skull.

Two things happen. The first is that Barney’s leg doesn't reach the skull. The second is that El Gigante manages to catch the leg, using his strength to lift Williams into the air and nail him with a back body drop. The smaller athlete bounces, being caught by El Gigante Enmascarado once again. The larger athlete throws Barney into the turnbuckle, following him. The Giant nails Barney with two shoulders to the midsection, causing the smaller man to stumble from the corner and onto one knee. El Gigante Enmascarado follows this up with a Military Press and slam combo, lifting the smaller athlete into the air and forcing him to the ground with authority.

Chambers: I can’t once remember a time when a superstar dominated a match quite liked the masked monster in that ring.

Barney crawls up to his feet using the turnbuckle, using his speed to narrowly avoid more turnbuckle thrusts. The Giant turns to face Barney, becoming victim to an amazing dropkick which sends the big guy into the corner. However Barney’s momentum doesn’t last long as the much bigger athlete runs from the corner with force, knocking Barney to the ground with more force. El Gigante closes both monstrous hands around the throat of Barney Williams, picking him up and dropping him with a two handed chokeslam.

Barney attempts to roll from the ring but instead gets grabbed by the giant. The big man pulls Barney to his feet and nails him with “The DeVarles Drop”. The bigger man knows it’s all over, however he isn’t done yet. He takes his time walking around Barney, toying with him. He gives the smaller athlete a kick to the arm, then rolls him over and kicks him in the ribs.

He lifts Barney again to lock in the bearhug, however Barney uses his knees to fight out. He hits the larger man with several knees to the midsection. El Gigante bends over, stunned and winded. The veteran knows he has a chance, turning towards the ropes. He builds up some speed, using the ropes to add more momentum. He nails the bigger athlete with a knee to the face. The larger man falls down, and Barney uses everything he has to roll the giant over.

He slides down, knees to the back. He rolls back for the Bow and Arrow. The giant falls on top of Barney, the larger man obviously too much for him to lift. The giant rolls away from the texan, both men crawling to their feet. The giant runs in, Barney sidesteps and nails the larger man with a chopblock, sending him down.

Barney looks out towards the crowd, catching eyes with Lucas. The Australian shakes his head as Barney locks El Gigante in a chokehold. The Giant however has no plans that involve staying down, using his strength to climb to his feet. He falls backwards, crushing Barney under his weight. The Giant then flips his eyes to Lucas he picks up Barney Williams, locking the bearhug in once and for all.

Stan Chambers: That bearhug folks, he calls it “The Xavier Curse”.

Barney begins to struggle in the hold but everyone knows it’s too late for him. He eventually stops struggling. Only a few seconds later, he finally passes out as the move becomes too much to handle. The ref sees this, finally calling off the match.

Winner via Ref Stoppage: El Gigante Enmascarado

Mason: And the winner, El Gigante Enmascarado!

The Giant man locks eyes with Lucas Hawthorne one last time as he drops Barney Williams. He rolls from the ring, standing in front of Lucas, obviously attempting to intimidate the smaller Australian. Ringside security step forward, keeping the two men apart. The giant prepares himself to fight them off but he is eventually grabbed from behind by a few other members of security. They drag the big man to the back, Lucas being pushed away by the team at ringside. The camera cuts to a shot of Lucas’ face as the Australian grins, obviously prepared for one of the hardest matches of his career.


The ring ropes are covered in gold as a red carpet covers the ring mat, we're set for the championship celebration of Austin Angel. Inside the ring sits a throne, on ether side of it stands Riley and Bret, the Elliot Brothers who are the bandmates of Austin and Becca, who herself stands in front of the throne with a mic in hand. Outside of the ring, Axl stands in front of the ring with a velvet rope in front of him. The fans boo loudly upon seeing Austin Angel's crew and only get louder as Becca raises the mic to her mouth.

Becca: Ladies and Gentleman, rise to your feet and welcome your NEWWWWW Television Champion, The Best Around and my future husband, Austin Angelllll!


The fans boo even louder as Austin Angel walks out onto the stage, dressed for the occasion in a fancy suit. Austin holds up the Television Championship with a smug smile on his face as he walks down the ramp soaking in the boos from the fans. Half way down the ramp Austin spots one perticular fan, who's holding up a sign that says Austin Angel Is Not My Champion! Austin shakes his head in disgust and motions for Axl to come forward, and he does, yanking the sign out of the fans hands and ripping it up into a bunch of little pieces! The fan starts yelling and Austin laughs at him, before moving on down to the ring, stepping through the open velvet rope and climbing onto the ring apron, before stepping into the ring and holding up his championship again much to the dismay of the fans as the music cuts. Austin shares a kiss with Becca, before taking the mic out of her extended hand.

Angel: Listen up you fat idiots, you can boo me all you want, but the fact of the matter is I beat your little hero Jensen! In fact not only did I beat him, I destroyed him! And now I am YOUR Television Champion, and there's nothing any of you stupid swedes can do it about it!

The fans boo louder as Austin, Becca, Riley and Bret laugh at the fans, who now begin chanting NOT OUR CHAMPION!

Angel: That's funny, but guess what? I don't care what you think! None of us care about what you idiots think! Tonight is my championship celebration and you idiots aren't gonna ruin it.

Becca now gets handed a mic from a crew member as Austin takes a seat in his throne in the middle of the ring. Becca now speaks up.

Becca: That's right baby this is your championship celebration and there's one thing missing that's needed for any great celebration, a cake!

Becca motions towards the stage, where Axl is wheeling a cake down to the ring. As he reaches ringside, Riley and Bret help Axl bring the cake into the ring, and place it down on the table as Axl takes his place back in front of the ring behind the velvet rope.

Becca: And before you ask, of course it's your favorite, double chocolate.

Austin smiles and mouths to Becca that she's the best, and they share another kiss as the fans start chanting WE WANT JENSEN! Which causes Austin to speak up.

Angel: You want Jensen? Well how's it feel to want? Jenen is BANNED from the arena! Besides he might be dumb, but he's not dumb enough to come out here and try to fight all of us, he'd be lucky to ever be able to get his rematch for MY belt if he did that! Now show some respect and let my beautiful girlfriend continue with the surprises.

Austin laughs as the fans only chant louder but this time Austin ignores him and lets Becca continue.

Becca: Thank you babe, the cake isn't the only surprise, in fact this next surprise is one that as you know our lawyer has been working very hard on, but now it's official. Starting next week, we begin filming season 1 of our brand new reality show as Clement finally came through with getting us a camera man!

The fans boo again as Austin nods in approval, as do Riley and Bret, knowing they'll be a big part of it.

Becca: And to keep the surprises rolling....

Becca walks over to the corner of the ring, and pulls a cover off a picture that shows a framed picture of Austin Angel holding up the TV Title with his foot on the chest of Jensen.

Becca: What better way to always remember your first championship win than with a framed picture? And now before we get into the next surprise, I think it's time for a toast.

Becca motions for Axl to get into the ring as she pours champagne into 5 glasses, taking two as Bret, Riley and Axl each take a glass for themselves. Becca hands a glass to Austin, who takes it and Becca uses her other hand to pick up the mic again and raise it to her mouth. But before she can continue talking, familar music hits.

***The Pines***

The fans pop HUGE as the former champion's music hits. Austin puts the champagne glass down on the table next to his throne as do the rest of his crew. Axl, Riley and Bret stand on guard looking for Jensen, but no sign of the former champ, much to the displeasure of the fans. Austin begins laughing and stands up as he brings his mic to his mouth.

Angel: Oh are you disappointed? Did you guys really think Jensen was gonna come out?

Austin laughs again.

Angel: I told you he wasn't a fool, besides I told security to kick him out of this arena already!

The fans keep booing, but suddenly turn to cheers as the music hits again.

***The Pines***

Angel and his crew aren't sure what's going on now as they look around, and the fans explode with excitement as this time Jensen walks out onto the stage! Angel looks furious as he and his crew stand ready to fight. However Jensen holds up a hand, and pulls out a champagne glass from behind his back and holds up his hands as he walks down the ramp, causing the champ to look confused as he picks up his belt and stands in front of his girlfriend. Jensen reaches the steps and calmy walks up them, and stares into the ring as Riley, Bret and Axl dare him to get into the ring. Jensen shakes his head and asks for a mic as his music cuts.

Jensen: Whoa guys, relax I'm not here to fight! As your leader said, it'd be foolish of me to try and fight all 4 of you at once wouldn't it? I'm here to send my congrats to the new champ!

Jensen holds up his empty glass, and asks for it to be filled but his request is denied. Angel does however tell his crew to take a couple steps back, closer to him and they do, as Jensen steps through the ropes and enters the ring, taking it upon himself to fill his own glass as Angel steps forward in front of his crew.

Angel: Did I hear that right? You're here to congratulate me? Well well it looks like you've finally realized who the better man really is!

Angel smirks as Jensen takes a sip of the champagne.

Jensen: That's right I even come with my own toast! But we can't toast if you're not holding champagne...

Austin continues to look confused but before anything can happen, Becca pushes her way forward and speaks up.

Becca: Hey nobody invited you here and nobody said you can drink our champagne! If your here to congratulate Austin then do it and get the hell out of our ring!

Jensen shakes his head and grins.

Jensen: Whoa someone's fiesty. But if that's the way you want it, I'll just get to my toast, to Austin Angel, the man who was known as the biggest choke artist in PWC history, losing title match after title match after title match after...

Before he can continue, he notices death glares coming his way and cuts himself off.

Jensen: Sorry, got sidetracked. But yes you finally proved the haters wrong and became a champion! So here's to you Austin, it took 3 lackies and a woman holding your balls in her purse helping you, and plenty of other cheating tactics but you finally didn't choke!

Jensen takes another sip of the champagne, then tosses it into the face of Austin! Austin goes down to a knee, blinded for a minute as Jensen shoves past Becca, taking down Riley and Bret with a double clothesline! Axl grabs Jensen by the collar now, but Jensen slips away and hits a kick to the face of Axl, then clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! The fans are going nuts as Jensen is getting fired up, but he turns around right into a double superkick from Riley and Bret! The fans boo loudly as Austin gets up, wiping the champagne off his face and helps Becca to her feet as Riley and Bret drag Jensen to his feet and restrain him. Austin smirks as he picks up the half empty bottle of champagne, oh no this is gonna be bad! Angel smirks as he flips the bottle over, spilling champagne all over the mat and swings at the head of Jensen....NO! He pulls Bret in the way and Bret goes down as the bottle smashes over his head!

Angel looks on in dismay as Jensen shoves Austin away, knocking him into Becca, and both fall face first into the cake! Riley tries to grab Jensen, but Jensen elbows him in the jaw before kicking him through the middle rope, moving swiftly to kick Axl away from the ring as he tries to get back in, and he sees Austin stumble backwards, face covered in cake, and he grabs him by the head, Censored Colors! Austin Angel goes down and Jensen picks up the Television Title, and holds it up high to cheers from the fans! Jensen throws the belt down and bails from the ring, hoping the guard rail as he sees Axl and Riley getting up. Jensen looks back to the ring and grins, having gotten the better of his rival and his crew.


We return from commercial and the lovely Emma Mason is standing in the middle of the ring.

Chambers: Next up we have a couple of Brits looking to make a name for themselves. Their PWC journey begins here tonight!

***God Save the Queen***

Mason: Coming all the way from England, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, Damien DAWSOOOON!

PWC debutant Damien Dawson emerges from the back and stands at the entrance ramp. The crowd is unsure how to respond to the Posh Englishman. He walks down to the ring, waving politely at the crowd while using his cane. Once he is in the ring, he bows to the audience, smiles and then hands over his hat and cane to an outside official.

Rowe: This Damien Dawson looks to be cut from a different cloth than most here in PWC. What a classy looking gentleman.

Mason: And his opponent, all the way from Leeds England. Weighing in at one hundred and ninety nine pounds, he is the “Top Boy” Luke JACKSOOOOOOON!

***Don't Look Back in Anger***

Music blares across the Arena but there appears to be no movement from behind Gorilla. Damien Dawson remains in the corner of the ring, awaiting the arrival of his first opponent. Suddenly, a man dressed in a plain grey vest, a pair of black Gymshark shorts and a pair of Nike flyknits comes stumbling from behind the curtain.

Chambers: Folks, that is Luke Jackson we see coming down the ramp. I’m not quite sure what is going on but he looks like he has already been in a match.

Rowe: That is a bit of an understatement. He looks like he has been in a war already…. And I think I know why!

The camera cuts back to the front of the ramp and out comes the monster known as Remy Dieu! Like a lion out in the African Savannah, the self proclaimed God looks to cut down his prey. Within a matter of moments he closes the distance and grabs Luke Jackson by the head. He is looking to set up the Healing Touch!

Chambers: It looks like Remy Dieu is looking to continue his path of destruction here in Sweden! He has been on a rampage as of late and nobody looks like they can stop him!

The crowd begins to cheer as they see somebody make their way towards Remy! It’s Donald Hammerpunch, one of Remy’s victims from last week.

Rowe: Hammerpunch is out for revenge, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Remy Dieu sees the Donjitsu blackbelt charging towards him, so he lets the beaten down Englishman escape. He readies himself for battle against the martial arts master, and soon the two men collide! Remy Dieu is throwing haymakers at Hammerpunch, and the usual calm presence of Hammerpunch is returning the favor with Haymakers of his own. Remy throws a stiff uppercut that catches Hammerpunch flush on the jaw. Hammerpunch stumbles backwards but shakes it off. Remy charges in but the Donjistu man jumps high in the air for a roundhouse kick. Dieu’s head snaps back from the impact. He stumbles backwards and nears the edge of the stage!

The former PWC heavyweight champion readies himself in his patented martial arts stance. Remy Dieu looks on as a drop of blood trickles down his face. Hammerpunch reaches from behind his back and pulls out a pair of nunchucks! The Swedish crowd is on their feet as they ready themselves for a weapons demonstration from the 10th degree blackbelt.


Hammerpunch lets out a huge scream and charges toward Dieu. He leaps forward while swinging his nunchunks at the Louisiana native. The crowd is in awe at his technique with his weapon of choice. The former champ crashes right into Dieu and both tumble off of the edge of the stage and through a table. Both men are barely moving as medical personal make their way towards the fallen PWC stars.


The cameras cut back to the ring just in time for the next match to begin.

***Is She With You***

Leo Masters swaggers out from behind the curtains without a care in the world. The crowd cheers as he strides forward, a cocky grin on his face. He slaps a few outstretched hands on his way down the ramp before rolling under the bottom of the rope. Once in the ring, he strides to the centre and unleashes a guttural roar, synced perfectly with another high note of his theme. Several members of the crowd try to imitate the roar, but they're feeble attempts in comparison.

Mason: Introducing first, coming to you from Brooklyn, New York! He weighed in tonight at two hundred and forty five pounds! He is Leo MAAAASTEEEEERS!

The crowd cheers again.

***Take a Bow***

The lights in the Ericsson Globe fade to black and a spotlight shines down upon the stage illuminating the figure of Tristan Kist stood in a suit. Kist begins to make his way down to the ring, loosening his tie and top buttons as he walks, too focused on his attire to slap any extended hands.

He slides into the ring, passing his shirt, jacket and tie out to the waiting hands of the ring side assistant.

Mason: And his opponent, coming to you from Manhattan, New York. He weighed in tonight at two hundred and eleven pounds. Ladies and gentleman, Tristan KIIIIST!

Hains waves to the timekeeper who rings the bell, getting things moving.

Kist drives forward and catches Masters with a quick right hook to the jaw followed by two more to the gut, driving the wind from Masters' lungs. He then lashes out with a kick to the leg staggering the Brooklyn man. It's followed by a beautiful Fishermans Suplex which Kist rolls through, following it with a quick second which he turns into a pin.


Masters shows his strength and powers out, pushing Kist a good distance away. He's a little slow to his feet though and Kist catches him with a brutal kick to the jaw, sending the big man back to the ground.

Kist drags Masters back up to his feet and slips behind the big man. He wraps his arms under the armpits of Masters, forcing the Brooklyn man's arms up and hits a quick Dragon Suplex which he rolls out of too, this time hitting a huge German Suplex to Master, who already looks out of his depth.

Once again Kist has Masters on his feet, this time hitting a brutal brainbuster that draws sympathetic groans from the crowd. Kist bows to them and they respond with a spattering of boos, getting even more behind Masters as Kist nails him with a Northern Lights Suplex which he follows with another German Suplex.

This time instead of picking up Masters, Kist rolls him over, locks his arms and then flips over, locking him tight in a Cattle Mutilation.

Chambers: Kist calls this one Crucio and he was particularly descriptive about the horrible pain this submission causes in both the shoulders and back of his opponents.

Rowe: I'm sure his earlier suplexes were just setting this up, Stan. What fantastic ring work from Mr. Kist.

In the ring Masters gives a few more cries of pain and reaches feebly for the ropes before bowing his head and tapping out.

Winner via Submission: Tristan Kist

Roger Hains rushes in, but before he has even reached the two men, Kist has released the submission and is standing, arms outstretched basking in the glow of his win. The boos from earlier are beginning to get louder as the crowd slowly begins to turn on the debutant. He ignores them though and gives one last bow before making his way out of the ring and up the ramp with a smug look on his face.

The cameras cut backstage one more and Kira Wells can be seen jogging towards a distant Jacob Bianchi. As the cameras follow her, Becca McKay and Austin Angel can be spotted moping in their dressing room, still covered in frosting from the cake. Axl moves in to close the door before anything can be seen. He's not quick enough to drown out Becca's voice though.

Becca: We have to do something, Austin! He RUINED my dress!

The cameras carry on and Becca's voice quickly drowns out as they reach Bianchi who is stood by a man dressed in a pale blue suit. Spotting the cameras approaching he quickly takes his leave and Kira approaches, microphone extended.

Wells: Jacob, you've got Shadow in tonights main event. After the message you sent earlier on today, is there anything you'd like to get across to your opponent?

Bianchi looks into the camera before talking.

Bianchi: Tonight another former Champion in this company falls by my hand. See you soon, Matty.

He walks off, leaving Wells looking disappointed. She nods to the camera and it cuts off.

The cameras cut to the announcers table where both Chambers and Rowe are sat looking at the camera. Chambers has a big smile on his face, but Rowe is scowling.

Chambers: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the Main Event of the evening. Shadow has had a great night so far, getting one over King Crowley earlier tonight.

Rowe: A cheap trick from a cheaper superstar. Tonight has been a mess, with everyone from Shadow to Lucas Hawthorne showing the utmost disrespect to great people like Ms. Page.

Chambers: Sondra at some point you're going to look back on this and realise just how hypocritical you have been.

Rowe: And some day you're going to realise just how right I am about people like Ms. Page and Mr. Bianchi. They are this company's future.

Chambers: A nightmare created in a twisted little mind.


Rowe: Talking of twisted little minds...

The lights suddenly go out in the arena as the crowd explode. A dim light shines upon the stage, showing a pale white smoke billowing around the stage. A blinding white light flashes and two loud cracks are heard just after two bolts strike the stage.

In the centre of the stage Shadow is kneeling, head lowered down facing the ground. He raises his head and a light shines on him, following as he gets to his feet and begins to pace towards the ring. He climbs up the nearest turnbuckle and removes his hood before raising his arm up, staring out into the crowd.

After a few moments he jumps into the ring and takes off his jacket and drops it out of the ring into the waiting hands of one of the ring hands. He crouches back into the corner and stares up at the stage as the lights come back up.


Jacob Bianchi walks out on to the stage, refusing to acknowledge the boos that are pouring in from the crowd. His eyes fall upon Shadow who hasn't even bothered to move from his corner. Bianchi walks down towards the ring, a smile beginning to play on his face.

He slides into the ring and takes his corner immediately. He passes his necklace down towards the waiting ringhand and pushes off the turnbuckle.

Gwen Jeffers gets in between the two for a moment as Emma Mason begins talking from ringside.

Mason: Ladies and gentleman, this is your main event of the evening!

The crowd cheer.

Mason: Introducing first! He weighed in tonight at two hundred and ten pounds. Coming to you from The Darkness, SHAAAADOOOOOOOOW!

The crowd erupt as Shadow raises his arm once more.

Mason: And introducing his opponent! He weight in tonight at two hundred and forty pounds. Coming to you from Brescia, Italy. Jacob BIAAAANCHIIIII!

The crowd boo Bianchi heavily, but the Italian remains locked in on Shadow, following his every move.

Jeffers gestures to ringside, calling for the bell, which is immmediately rung.

Bianchi and Shadow drive forward and immediately collide, both men look to take control of their collar-and-elbrow tie up. Bianchi's size advantage proves to be too much for his opponent though as he quickly bears down upon the smaller man, pushing him down onto the ground, driving his elbow into Shadow's temple.

Bianchi keeps drilling his elbow into the head of his opponent, looking to finish things up early. He pins Shadow's shoulders to the mat as Jeffers drops onto the mat.


Shadow pushes Bianchi away and quickly gets to his feet, staggering off towards the nearby turnbuckle. Bianchi follows suit, charging towards him looking to unleash a brutal clothesline, but the quicker superstar ducks underneath, leaving Bianchi to collide with the buckle chest first.

Shadow immediately kicks into gear, swinging his foot at every part of Bianchi that is within reaching distance, every loud kick drawing an even louder cheer from the crowd.

Shadow backs off to the other side of the ring, raises his arm to the crowd and then charges back in, driving his forearm straight into the jaw of Bianchi, who staggers forward into the middle of the ring, stunned by the brutal shot. Shadow climbs up onto the top of the turnbuckle and just as Bianchi turns back to him, regaining his sense a little, the man from The Darkness dives off of the turnbuckles, taking down Bianchi with a picture perfect crossbody.


It's Bianchi's turn to throw his shoulder up, pushing Shadow away from him, looking to gain himself some space in the ring.

Shadow doesn't give the big Italian a second though as he immediately locks in a headlock and drags him up to his feet. Bianchi pushes back though, and the two hit the ropes, giving Bianchi enough momentum to shove Shadow forward, driving him off of the opposite ropes. He comes charging back with increased speed, but he's cut off as Bianchi drives forward and smashes his elbow into the onrushing skull of Shadow.

Bianchi hits the ground soon after Shadow and starts driving his fist into the chin of his opponent, drawing 'oohs' and 'ahhs' from the sympathetic crowd, who quickly begin a 'Lets go Shadow' chant, hoping to give him a boost. Bianchi ignores this though and continues striking Shadow who is bringing up his arm, absorbing some of the damage.

Realising that he's not doing as much damage as he'd like, Bianchi slams the downed man's head off the mat before rising to his feet, taking Shadow with him. Bianchi wrenches Shadow's head back, wrapping an arm around it as he locks in a tight Dragon Sleeper. Shadow immediately kicks his legs out, hunting for the ropes, but it's to no avail as the two men are sat in the middle of the ring.

Bianchi wrenches on Shadow's neck and smiles sadistically at the cries of pain from the downed man.

Digging his feet in, Shadow drives down on the mat and pushes up into the air and twists his body, falling back down. He grabs Bianchi and rolls over, dragging the Italian down with him, breaking the hold.

The two get to their feet quickly and Bianchi rushes forward, but Shadow leaps up and grabs his head. CODE BLA--NO! Bianchi catches Shadow before he can hit the double knee facebreaker and throws Shadow up, looking to powerbomb him, but NO! INFAMOUSER!


Shadow holds three fingers up to Jeffers who ignores him and gets to her feet, raising two fingers to ringside.

Shadow slingshots himself over the ropes, onto the apron. From there he runs over to the nearby ring post and climbs. He poses for the crowd, who are getting excited, before getting Bianchi in his eyeline.

DARKNESS F-- NO! Bianchi rolls out of the way! Shadow rolls out and charges back at the Italian, but Bianchi explodes up, catching him with yet another elbow!

Shadow doesn't even hit the ground before Bianchi grabs him, wrapping his massive arms around the waist and wrenching upwards, launching Shadow above him with a beautiful Belly-to-Belly Suplex, which sees the man from the Darkness arc over Bianchi's head and come crashing back down onto the mat back first, drawing a half-hearted 'oooh' from the crowd, who resume booing straight afterwards, unwilling to remain impressed by anything Bianchi does.

Bianchi takes a moment to recover, still clearly feeling the effects of the Infamouser. He shakes his head a few times before pushing forward and picking up the still downed Shadow, leaving the man from The Darkness standing back first to him momentarilly before wrapping his arms around Shadow's waist and lifting him in the air and bringing him back down with an impressive german suplex. He doesn't let go though, and rolls out, dragging Shadow with him as he goes and lifts him up for another german! And another! And another! And another! And another, but this time, instead of keeping his arms locked around Shadow's waist, Bianchi lets go once he reached the peak of the throw, and launches his opponent behind him, watching with the crowd as Shadow lands awkwardly on the mat. Bianchi rushes in for the pin.


Shadow throws his shoulder up before Gwen Jeffers can even strike the mat for the first count. Bianchi doesn't miss a beat though, and he down the body of Shadow pinning him in place. He reaches out and grabs Shadow's ankle before sliding back, locking in his hold tight between his hip and armpit, using both to wrench on the ankle. He plants his foot on the chest of the downed man, pushing him down as Bianchi falls back, dragging the trapped leg with him.

At the commentary booth, Chambers is excitedly talking.

Chambers: ACHILLES LOCK! Bianchi has a tight grip on Shadow's achilles tendon here, and he's wrenching up on it, which is no doubt causing immense pain to Shadow.

As if on cue, Shadow cries out and frantically struggles to get to the ropes, his arms flailing at air as he uses his other foot to try and drive himself closer to freedom.

Chambers: This is an awful situation for Shadow as the longer that this hold remains locked in, the higher the chance that his movement becomes limited.

Rowe: True, and for some like Shadow whose strengths are build around his movement and the power of his kicks. Weakening them is a smart move by Bianchi.

As the commentators explain the situation, Shadow continues to drive towards the ropes, as Bianchi ignores any opportunity to stop him, instead choosing to focus solely on doing as much damage as is currently possible.

After several heart-wrenching cries of pain, Shadow finally manages to grab the ropes, and Jeffers immediately springs in to action, demanding that Bianchi let go of the ankle. He does so, but only after one more wrench, drawing another cry of pain from Shadow and a torrent of boos from the crowd.

As Bianchi lets go and gets to his feet, Jeffers pushes him back into his corner and starts telling him off, reminding him that when she says he has to release the hold, he has to release it. Bianchi's ignoring her though, staring over her head at the struggling Shadow, who is dragging himself to his feet, using the ropes as a crutch. It's clear just how much damage has been dealt by Bianchi's achilles lock, as every time Shadow applies pressure to the leg, his face scrunches up in pain.

Jeffers finally stops her tirade as she spots that Shadow is back to his feet and back into the middle of the ring, waving the two men on once more.

Bianchi takes full advantage of his slower opponent as he drives in at full speed, grabbing Shadow before he could even move a few feet, and throws him over his head with yet another belly-to-belly suplex. Bianchi's already moving by the time Shadow lands, gets a hold of the weaker leg and drops back, driving the sole of the foot into the mat with a modified DDT.

Shadow writhes on the floor clutching at his foot, his face contorted in pain as Bianchi presses forward once more. Shadow seemed to be bluffing slightly though, as he dives at the Italian's feet, bowling him over. He rolls over onto his chest, and Jeffers dives down to the mat once more.


Bianchi throws him away and charges forward, BUT HE'S MET WITH A PELE KICK!! Bianchi staggers backwards, crashing into the turnbuckle behind him as Shadow gingerly gets to his feet. He slaps himself a few times to distract from the pain elsewhere and charges forward, achilles be damned, and hits a MASSIVE Enzuigiri to Bianchi, using the ropes to get as much leverage as possible.

Once again Shadow struggles to get to his feet, putting even less pressure than before on the weakened foot. He climbs the turnbuckle and stares down at the grounded Bianchi and rises to his feet shakily as the crowd rise to their feet, sensing that the end is coming! Shadow powers down, looking to get as much as as possible off of the turnbuckle, but as he does so, his weakened ankle gives way and collapses from underneath him, sending him tumbling down into the ring, where he lands awkwardly.

Bianchi staggers to his feet just after Shadow lands and picks him up, laughing at the crowd as he does. They boo him back, but there's less to it than before. He lifts Shadow up. A.W.O.L! Shadow tries to fight back, but after the fall he doesn't have much left, which lets Bianchi drive him down on to the mat neck first, hitting his monstrous Tiger Driver. With Shadow's shoulders flat on the mat, Jeffers begins her count.


Winner via Pinfall: Jacob Bianchi

Jeffers calls for the bell and leaves the ring as Bianchi gets to his feet, standing over his finished opponent. He seems to be savouring the boos that are raining down upon him from the crowd who look like they just had a victory stolen from them. There's several chants for Shadow that pick up, but none stick for too long.


The crowd groans as King Crowley comes striding out onto the stage flanked by several of his Ghouls. The Ghouls surround the ring following a quick flick of the wrist from their master who slips under the ropes, his eyes locked in on the downed Shadow who has begun to stir behind the hulking form of his opponent. Bianchi turns to face Crowley.

The crowd sit watching with bated breath as Crowley's dark brown eyes lock with Bianchi's ice blue ones and the two men glare at one another, each daring the other to make the first move.

Shadow has begun to move from behind Bianchi, and he's finally registering exactly what is happening. From the outside of the ring, several of Crowley's Ghouls are calling to him, pointing out the moving Shadow. As Crowley's eyes snap to the moving form, Bianchi instantly draws them back to his face as he takes a step towards the World Heavyweight Champion, drawing a subdued cheer from the otherwise quiet crowd.

Bianchi stares down at his fellow Italian, seeming to momentarily enjoy the power that he currently holds over the current situation. He then takes another step forward, drawing several hisses from the Ghouls, but Crowley doesn't even blink as the taller man walks past him and leaves the ring. The Ghouls begin laughing amongst themselves, watching as Crowley bears down upon Shadow who is trying desperately to get to his feet.

The crowd boo mercilessly, but this cuts out quickly as they spot a shadow from above fall upon the ring as the Cell that trapped Crowley earlier in the night descends upon the ring. As it locks into place, Shadow drives forward, throwing a forearm, but Crowley sidesteps it with ease and watches as Shadow falls down onto the mat completely spent following his match.

Having taken a second to appreciate the downed Shadow, Crowley moves forward and traps the injured ankle before falling back and grabbing his foe's head, locking in a vicious looking C'est La Vie. Shadow's laboured cries of pain echo throughout the arena and before long, he begins tapping out, hoping that Crowley will take that as enough.

It only serves to amuse the Champion some more though as he wrenches back even harder. Several security guards rush in from backstage, but the Ghouls get in between them and the cage, and the two sides stand in stalemate, the guards unwilling to fight, and the Ghouls daring them to make the first move.

In the ring Crowley wrenches back one more time before letting go of the hold and getting to his feet, where he stands above Shadow.

The last shot that the camera sees before fading out is King Crowley stood above Shadow, a sadistic grin lingering on his face.

* * *

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A shorter show than we are used to, but the important thing is the show is on time.


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Grade A stuff. I like the summary format of the show. Especially if it means they will go up on time. Good work, lads.
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