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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Royal Arena
Capacity: 12,500
City: Copenhagen, Denmark


Singles Match
Jacob Bianchi vs Donald Hammerpunch

Singles Match
Ivory vs Remy Dieu

TV Title Match
Austin Angel vs Jensen (c)

Singles Match w/special guest referee
Crowley vs Bruce Thorn Jr.

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on May 25 (Thursday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Title match already? Huh thought that would be saved for the next PPV.

Guess beating the local jabroni not worthy of a name was really impressive.

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So this deadline totally snuck up on me and I've been busy with a few things including writing an RP for another fed. If possible could I get a 48 hour extension? I will need 24 if nothing else.

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Us vs Them



They drove for a moment without speaking, the lights of passing traffic flashing at them through the windshield. “Is that why you never married?” She asked. “Because of your parents’ divorce?”

“It was one reason. The other is that I’ve never found the right woman.” He glanced at her as she smiled. “Why didn’t you married?”

She shrugged. “Never the right man.”

“There must have been someone in your life.”

“There was. For a while.” She hugged herself and stared out at the darkness rushing past.

“Didn’t work out?”

She managed at laugh. “I’m lucky it didn’t.”

“Do I detect a trace of sadness?”

“Disillusionment, really. When we first met, I thought he was quite extraordinary. He was a surgeon about to leave on a mercy mission to Africa. It’s so rare to find a man who really cares about humanity.” She paused.

“And what happened?”

“We were together for a while. And then I came to realize how he saw himself. The great white savior.”



While everyone was enjoying the feast and having a good time, Crowley was sitting in his throne with his hands crossed holding his chin. He organized a banquet for his victory at Desolation and for the dauntless bravery of his ghouls in order to appease their thirst and bond for a while, and they would relax and drink exquisite wine and food. He knew that this was the last meal before going to a cruel war.

“Congrats, my King, for the bravery proved on the battlefield.”

Everyone took their glasses with wine and toasted. “Hail, hail, King Crowley.”

Crowley stood there, unmoved, only moving his head in a sign of approval of everything that was being said or done, and observed the movement of each one of them trying to perhaps burning their faces into his mind that only he knew, faces that even the same hell would feel terrified to see. The doors burst open and two guards peered inside, using their burning torches to light the dim room. Eyes peered out. They widened a little at seeing the pale shadow before them. Soon enough the noise cut immediately and the sound of glasses and rowdy men faded in her presence.

Black was Katherine’s favorite color. From head to toe she was clad in black semi-aniline leather her preferred choice of clothing line. The pants were tucked into knee high boots with stiletto heels. To enhance her look, her lips sported a glossy fire red.

She stepped forward with her head high as everyone stood up to greet her. She had yet to utter a single word, but her presence held authority.

“All hail the Queen.”

The Queen walked slowly and solemnly as the ghouls bow their heads. She nodded at them as she placed herself near the king. Before her stood a glass with wine, almost to the top, she lifts her glass in a salute, steadily, her diamond bracelet followed the glass.

“Our King opened his veins for your soul and turned his blood into wine. To forge a new destiny in accordance with your will. Drink of his power, share his vision and walk by his side through eternity.”

She brimming glass to her eager, red lips and paused, prolonging for one delicious instant more the anticipation of drinking.

Crowley’s eyes glassed over as he was lost in thought. The sound of Katherine’s voice booming out near him caused him to stiffen, his shoulders locking in place as he sat up straight in his throne. She looked at him steadily, so piercingly, that he had no choice but to meet her glance, and fixed his eyes upon the glass of wine. He stood up lifting his drink higher proudly.

“All hail the King.”

As dozen of Ghouls roared in unison. Katherine looked at the dark figures celebrating and then Crowley who turned around and left immediately leaving her concerned.


After Vortex episode 12.


The castle courtyards and stairways were lit by lined up wrought iron wall torches glowing red.

The room begin to light up with a bluish silvery glow while a fog formed at Crowley’s feet. An abrupt winking out… and the room was pitch black again. One by one the torches came alive. The shadows within danced in the flickering, and as he passes by the torches a ghoul with a unique red mask can felt the heat emanating from them. The throne began to lighten up Crowley opened his eyes with the darkness surrounded him like a shell. The ghoul kneeled. He announced, “My King, I came to report myself.”

Tell me Corvus.

We have not found them yet, my King. It seems like they vanished from the face of the earth. The king sighed and nodded. He replied,

“I see, it’s time to mobilize the imperial guard. Send them to the north, west, south and hunt them down let the enemy shiver to the core. He came threatening my family, he…I need to end him.

My king shouldn’t the Queen know about this?


But she needs to…

I said no! Are you going to disobey me now?

After a threatening look from Crowley, the ghoul bowed his head.

No sir!

Crowley stood up and began to walk behind his throne slowly.

Even though she’s strong and fierce, it’s like there’s something behind it something that brings out the protector in me. And I can’t bear the thought of seeing the fear in her eyes again. Not anymore.


Tears welled in Katherine’s luminous eyes and her hand trembling in mine and I saw her look apprehensively toward the door but there the man in white trench clothes waited for us.

I had anticipated this situation. It would be foolish to hope that a man whose wife had been “stolen” would not seek a way to rescue her. Eventually, you would surely find a way to take her back. However, even though we had anticipated it… truly, this is cause to celebration my white knights. It doesn’t matter how many times you two watch at this door you can’t escape. You’ve already been caught in my spider’s nest.

Who are you?

“How many times do I have to tell you? You already know my name.

Stephen paused a moment, looking down, doubtless to see if he could remember.

Whatever you plan to do with US I will stop you.

“Why do you speak of stopping me? Dou you honestly don’t remember me? What am I to you? Let me tell you this, I am not your enemy. But I’ll take her with me.

Stephen slowly moved his feet defensively ready to attack scanning for a way out as he tightened his grip on her hand. He was surrounded by dozens of men in white clothes.

He turned around and whispered at her ear.

Only one of us should leave and that it should be you. I want you to run as fast as you can.


The white figures moved abruptly.

Now run…


*Note, text in Dimgray is crowley's voice in off to avoid mistakes.*


He lumbered across the room to his left side and parted the curtains. He stood at the window with that doubt in him listening to the pattering rain, once more looking out into the black darkness.

I’ve been thinking about what happened at Desolation. Something’s not right…

The darkness forced his mind back upon itself, and set his memory at work, reviving vividly his confrontation with Shadow and Bruce Thorn Jr. at Vortex. Their faces seemed to be hovering out in the middle of the darkness, confronting him through the window, with their features growing larger and moving closer, till they seemed to fill the window. The sound of a voice woke him up.

My King!

You don’t have to waste more time with Shadow anymore. We can deal with that roach. He has not seen the imperial guard in action, he won’t stand a chance.

Don’t underestimate him. Even if he doesn’t stand a chance he’ll keep rising from the ashes stronger than ever.

But what about Bruce Thorn Jr.?

He closed the curtains and turned his back to the window with a deep breath of joy and consternation. That moment steadied him, calmed him, restored him, mind and body, to himself.

We fought back to back, Bruce and Crowley against a common foe like brothers in arms. We could hear the boos of the crowd and felt them in our bones. But know his boos turned into cheers and now I can’t barely see his face in that ring under bright starburst flashes of light.

He hold his daughter, his only daughter caressing her features with deep emotion wishing her goodnight. He’s already dressed ready to leave. He returns to his bed kissing his sleeping wife goodbye. Alone he stands in the doorway his family still asleep gazing at the starlit horizon. When dawn comes he must leave them his home his family. For his match, beyond those waves, on course to far off Scandinavian lands heading for glorious wars.

His pride is lethal and so is his spear.

But I got the darkness as my shield.

Our fight has just begun. Let shall see what is more powerful.

The wind howls like wolves at the moon. One hundred men prepared to war their hearts pound like never before. Their cloaks fly in the wind.

My King I’ll go and tell the rest of ghouls to prepare themselves to go with you.


All of you will stay here. Stand firm against all odds guarding the most sacred home. Protecting the realm of its King. My wife and daughter.

He walked behind the throne where the elegant gold crown sat and took it and left through the curtains behind the throne where his frame disappeared.

But Bruce is…

I know. But before being a King I was a warrior…

He stepped out of his kingdom and headed to his car. He grab the door of his car and sees her reflection on the window with a slightly smile on his face.

And I’ll fight like one at Vortex 13.


Kathrine could hear sounds of struggle and a vicious snarl reverberated her door before it was replaced with the distinctive sound of a body hitting something hard. Her breath turned to deep gasping breaths. Grabbing the twisted metal frame of the door she opened it. Soon her face turned white with terror. There he was again the man in white clothes.

I like that face. That face that hates being alone, and fears solitude its unbearably endearing.


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Trying lots of different stuff with Thorn going forward. Bear with me if you can lol



The snow clung tightly to his boots as he waded his way through. He legs felt like lead weighing him down, restricting his movement. Every step felt harder, more of a struggle than the last. Every breath became a battle, a battle he wasn’t sure he could fight anymore.

Where am I?

The winds gusted all around him pushing him from one side to the other, his only way to stay upright was the snow that weighed him down. It cut deep through to his bones. It all seems darker now. His salvation further away than he ever imagined. The bitter cold was painful.

I need to leave this place.

If he repeated the words enough, maybe he could make it be true, but he couldn’t. There was nothing around him. Just cold, just distance, just darkness.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 4 days before Vortex

Bruce Thorn pondered his situation as they drove.

I need to beat him. I need to defeat Crowley.

It was all he could think about. He lived it every moment since he found out that the World Heavyweight Champion was his next opponent. He remembered the first match he ever had here. In that match he had faced Crowley. He remembered the times they had teamed together. Both men had almost parallel journeys here in PWC. The biggest difference between them, besides the fact that Crowley was an absolute psychopath bent on destruction, was that the so called King had actually done it. And he was different now. There was an aura about him now. Crowley had actually won the World Heavyweight Championship. Thorn clinched his fist into a ball. His face flushing with anger. Crowley had done what he couldn't do.

But I haven’t. I haven't even come close.

It ate away at him every moment of everyday. Piece by piece. Was he even good enough? Could he compete with the Champion, one of the most dominate Champions PWC has ever seen.

I……I can.

He had done it before, fought Crowley and stayed on his level. But could he do it again. And then there was Shadow to take into account. Another volatile variable in this situation. Shadow came as close as any man before him to defeating Crowley for the title. Last week he took Thorn to the limit, pushed him as far as anyone has ever done before. Shadow was the real deal, a true great wrestler. Thorn remembered what his friend Doug Ramsey had told him.

You’re getting soft Bruce, this entire thing with Cassie and that kid we found has messed with your head. It's distracted you from your training.

It tasted bitter in his mouth, but the honest truth was Doug was right. His focus was split. He needed to find Cassie, uncover the truth behind her disappearance and put all of this behind him.

We’re here, Bruce.

Right, let’s get to it.

They made their way from the car to the doorstep of Doug’s old family home. It was a quiet neighborhood, the only noise the sound of joyful children playing on the streets. The gardens were well kept and there were parks to play in.

She didn't sound like herself when she called.

Really? I hope everything's okay.

Doug gingerly tapped the door to his childhood home. His mother was at the door in a second. She smiled a warm friendly smile.

Mrs. Ramsey, it’s really good to see you again.

She showed them in and they took a seat in the Ramsey family’s spacious living room. Old family pictures hung all around them from the walls. Doug seems like he had a great childhood. Thorn felt guilty for a moment, knowing that he hadn’t really made an effort to get to know his friend’s Doug's past.

Mom, you said it was important. Something about Jake.

Doug’s mom had taken to calling the little boy they found Jake, after her now diseased husband. The little boy seemed to like the name and the old lady who looked after him. He didn’t remember what his name was or anything else prior to the night they first found him. This seemed to be the safest place they could leave him, away from danger and safe with Mrs. Ramsey. The old lady had a weary look on her face.

Is everything okay, Mrs. Ramsey.

Yes….I…I mean to say no, it really isn’t.

What do you mean Mom? Is Jake okay?

He’s……you’ll have to see for yourselves.

She stood up nervously and ushered them upstairs to his bedroom. She pointed to the door of Doug’s old room and told them go through. Thorn and Doug looked at each other gravely concerned.

Mom, just tell us what’s going on.

No, you need to see this for yourselves.

The pair opened the door to the bedroom slowly when a shot of blinding pale golden light hit them. They closed their eyes for a moment to let them adjust and then walked through. Bruce Thorn and Doug Ramsey were stunned.

What the…

I….don't know.

He’s been like this the entire afternoon, I don’t know what to do. He doesn’t respond to anything I do or say.

They both look at each other, words failing them. It was Jake, sitting on his bed in a meditation position, bathed in a warm golden light all around him……levitating.


The cold gnawed at his bones. He felt their eyes all around him. A low growl as they stalked his every move. He turned to his left and then his right. He needed to run. He needed to get away from the danger. He looked at the dark edges of the wilderness. They looked at him with blood red eyes. They were beasts, ready to devour him. Their hungry eyes watched him. They moved fast and quick, ready to attack. He saw the biggest one. He moved quicker than the rest. He was more fearsome and bold. He hungered for Thorn’s flesh. His mouth wide as he bared his sharp teeth, blood dripping down from them and staining the snow covered ground.

I have to run. I have to escape.

Every fiber of Thorn’s being wanted to run, wanted to escape. The beast and his pack were so close. Would this be his end?


Thorn stood still and straight.

I don’t fear you.

He closed his eyes, feeling their warm breath all around him.

I won’t let my fear guide me. I’ll fight to the end.

When he opened his eyes……

Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark, Vortex

The Arena felt cold but the fear he felt was long gone. In only a short while he’d meet the most dangerous beast in the land, PWC's baddest predator. He would meet the Champion of the World, a man who styles himself a King, Crowley.

Tommy Thorn enquired if his nephew needed anything. Bruce said no.

The only thing I need is Crowley in that ring standing in front of me right now.

The fear of failure was gone. All he needed was the thrill of the fight. Tonight he would show the world that he wasn't just as good as Shadow, just as good as Crowley. He would show the world he was better than both.

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Would anyone mind if I got an extra 24 hours to finish mine off? Thought I had a lot more time on my hands than I actually did.

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Would anyone mind if I got an extra 24 hours to finish mine off? Thought I had a lot more time on my hands than I actually did.
An extra 24 on top of the current extension?

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A Few weeks have passed since Jacob has helped Remy Dieu find a new home.

In the past few weeks Remy has spent most of his time watching TV, watching the news, as well as watching Old Horror movies from the past, the man that moved out of the house had a giant tv with apps built into the TV, it took a few days, but Remy eventually learned how to get to Netflix and access the man's account. One thing that Remy couldn't help but notice is how messed up the mind of the old man was, as under the recommendations was a bunch of gruesome horror movies, and torture porn.

Though Remy had felt a little bad about the old man losing his home, the more that Remy saw people's body parts being torn off their body, the more he saw people's eye's gouged out, all the sympathetic feelings that Remy had for the guy faded away.
Though Remy had scene at his old home, the slaughtering of animals, very real and graphic scenes in person. Even having his own hands covered in the blood of lambs, among other animals. the scenes he saw on the TV felt more disturbing to him, no matter how fake they really are.

On this day in particular, Remy had finished watching another horror movie that had murderous hillbillies hacking up teenagers. And all Remy couldn't help but think is how the way he dressed resembled a lot of the killers in the movies.

"No wonder, people were so hesitant about coming to my home in the outback" is all Remy could think about. And though the scenes he had watched were gruesome, it made him even more grateful for his new home.

Growing tired of seeing people dying all day, Remy picked up the remote and turned off the TV. And afterwards the house was errily silent. As opposed to where Remy use to live, in which you can always hear something, whether it be the sound of coyotes, or the constant sound of birds chirping, but the walls in this home were so thick, any noise being made from the outside was being blocked out, leaving Remy Dieu alone in silence.

*Beep Beep

Remy shot off his couch, stunned at the sudden noise that echoed throughout the house. Looking around he saw his Laptop sitting open on the kitchen table. Though he is in a new home, Remy had yet to put it to good use since he first moved in, no communicating with anyone, no videos, he almost forgot that the laptop was even there.

Quickly Remy moved to the open laptop, and saw that he had an email notification from PWC. Remy opened up the email, and saw a photo-shopped image of Ivory and Remy Dieu on the same screen with a "Vs" in the middle. There was text in the bottom that read "Ivory will face Remy Dieu at the next Vortex, as he looks to get revenge on Remy Dieu after the unprovoked attack he suffered."

"Heh" Remy let out a slight chuckle.
"Of course they would make me out to be a bad guy," he thought to himself. Though yes, Remy did attack Ivory and Flexx unprovoked, they had 2 man advantage.. Any other man would be revered as vigilante, or a hero, to get into the ring by himself, confronting two men, and still manage to walk out on his own two feet. All he wanted to prove to the audience that even though he had lost to Jensen, he was still as strong as ever, and he could still be their hero, their savior, but somehow someway, he was still made out to be the bad guy.

Remy's blood was starting to boil, as all he could do was keep rereading the message, and how he kept thinking that the PWC higher-ups want to keep making these false heroes, and how they could keep making him out to be the villian. All he could think about is all the movies he kept watching, which showed people who look just like him as savages, killers, people who hurt others without reason, and how PWC wants to put Remy in that group, and put the label of savage, of evil, of a villain on him.
As Remy continued to look at his screen, his eyes moved to the bottom of it, and he noticed a camera icon... In that quick moment, Remy knew what he had to do.

He has to fight the powers that be, he has to reach the masses, and expose them to the truth, that he is a hero, and the savior that they need, and how they just don't know it yet.

Remy clicked on the camera icon, and in less than a second, a white flash went off in front of Remy's eyes. After few seconds passed, and Remy's eyes could focus, he noticed a camera starring back at him, with a white light shining, along with a red light. Remy knew at that moment he was recording....

"Hello, my children.. I know I've been quiet for the past few weeks, and these past few weeks, the PWC officials have been spewing propaganda and nonsense about me. Trying to twist my heroic actions around last week, and make me out to be some sort of evil monster. But I trust and I pray you all don't fall for their words. You all need to use your eyes and see the truth. You saw me standing in the middle of the ring, and though it was a split second, Ivory the man, who's supposedly the victim in all this, made a quick movement towards me, and I reacted. I feared for safety, and I attacked him first before he could get to me. Now Flexx, some may say was trying to leave the ring, and from your guys angle that may seem true. But I know Flexx, I know the man he is.. I know he was trying to leave the ring and get some kind of weapon, to come in and attack poor incident me.

Now let me ask you all a question. When a police officer, enters a bad man's home. And there's a stand off, and the criminal makes a sudden movement, and the police officer makes the decision to shoot. You know what usually happens, the police officer is always hailed as a hero, the world will continue to praise that officer's decision, to protect himself.. So my question is, why the fuck am I being treated differently. Is it the way I look, the way I talk huh. Ivory is a punk, a self-admitted cocky asshole, while I try to stay as humble as I can be, and he's the one that is made the victim in this...... What?

You know what that's fine. I was never told this was going to be easy, so Ivory you want to be the victim in all this, and the higher-ups all want, Ivory to be the hero, to conquer the big bad Remy Dieu... Well after this Vortex, Ivory we will see who the real hero is.. And let's see if you can be the hero that the world wants you to be, the world loves seeing the cocky asshole turn into the lovable hero. Or are you going to be just another, false idol. You see Ivory, I'm fighting to change everyone's opinions about me, I don't want to be seen as a monster, I want and I will be the hero this world needs. And for me to do that, at Vortex... I must expose you for who you truly are... Ivory, I'll see you soon."

Remy reaches for the stop button, the red and white lights off the camera turned off, and Remy Dieu was one again sitting alone in silence.

Now all Remy could do was sit and wait, soon the world will accept him as the hero he knew he could be.

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London, England
1430 Hours, 3 Days Until Vortex

Mr. Lane, sir. I have a Jacob Bianchi outside and he claims he has an appointment with you. I don't have any record of this th...

It's fine, Angela. Send Mr. Bianchi in.

Sirius Lane leant back in his chair, completely unsurprised by the sudden appearance of his former pupil. Despite their lack of contact in recent years and Jacob's claim to be done with the intelligence game, Lane knew that both he and Bianchi had been keeping close tabs on the other, each playing their own little game.

The doors to his office open, and in walks Angela. She had proven to be a perfect acquisition for Sirius, having shown absolutely zero interest in his business, despite being the closest person to him in the company.

Bianchi walked into the room behind her, his eyes flickering around the room. Despite the almost bored look on his face, Sirius knew that Jacob was taking note of everything he saw, looking for something that would give him the advantage he needed.

Without a word, Angela leaves the room, leaving the two men on their own.

Feel free to grab a seat, Jacob. There's no need to stand on ceremony with me.

As Bianchi sits down, Lane withdraws a manila folder from within his desk and places it carefully down in front of him.

We're both busy men, Jacob, so lets skip the reminicing of old times and get straight to business. If I'm correct, you're here to see me about something related to your newest line of work.

Can't I check in on you? Seems unfair that Walker sends you constant updates on me, but I get none in return.

Lane chuckles at this.

Are you honestly pretending that you haven't been keeping tabs on me, Jacob? I'm pretty sure I've found a new microphone in my car every week since we parted ways. I'm not even going to ask how you're managing to get in there.

Bribes mostly. Honestly not sure it's worth what I'm paying.

I don't doubt it. Now, why are you here.

Ernesto Clement.

Your boss. Quiet unassuming sort, but as you and Mr. Walker uncovered, he seems to have a bit of a past. I'll admit to being a little shocked that you and he have had a bit of a falling out. As I said, he's an unassuming sort, so you definitely had to be the one to poke this bear. I'm curious as to why.

I'll keep my reasons to myself. All anyone needs to know is that he's unfit to remain in charge of that company, and I think its high time someone did something about it.

And what of this Miss Page? Not only has she been your biggest supporter barring myself, but she has remained remarkably outside of your crosshairs, despite having close access to Clement himself.

She brought me in. It wouldn't be smart to bite at the hand that gave me this shot. For now she's out of the dark enough to not be a threat, though it seems Clement no longer trusts her.

Mhmm. From what Mr. Walker has told me, Clement thinks you and Miss Page are in cahoots. I believe this is why he has been growing so desperate lately.

He's been making a few calls to numbers that I've had a hard time tracking. So he's definitely up to something, but I'm not entirely sure what.

I'll have Mr. Walker keep a closer eye on you if that's the case. I can't have my star pupil getting hurt before his schemes come to fruition.

Bianchi dips his head in appreciation. His eyes fall onto the folder which hasn't moved since Lane placed it on his desk.

You going to tell me what's in there, or do you want me to guess?

This is everything I have on you.

Bianchi thumbs through the folder nonchalantly.

Why do you have this? You know everything there is to know about me. What use is keeping a folder around?

Jacob dear, this is everything I dug up with the most basic of searches. You've sat around in this company dealing with men like Ernesto Clement and Remy Dieu, and as a result, you've grown sloppy. Borderline lazy even.

I'm not entirely shocked by this. You've always performed better when you're being challenged on all fronts. Until now, you haven't recieved that challenge in this Wrestling company of yours.

And now?

Now you're stealing homes from old men and handing them to cultists and you're piling pressure on a man who has shown his willingness to throw body after body in you path just to ensure he remains in charge of his own little world.

These are small time gambits compared to what you and I did. With me you ruined companies and bankrupted millionaires. As far as your targets were concerned, you didn't even exist.

Now you're the target though, and you have no idea where the attacks will come from.

What are you getting at Lane?

Come work with me again. I'll hide you and your past. I'll even help you rid the PWC of Clement.

And if I say no?

Jacob, you came to me asking for my assistance. This is the price of that aid.

Then forget I asked. I'm done with this business, Sirius.

For now, Jacob. For now.

We'll see.

The air in the room seems to drop several degrees as the two men stare each other down from across Lane's desk, neither willing to shift from their stance.

Mr. Lane, sir. Your 3PM has arrived.

Lane reaches down and presses a button on his desk.

Thank you, Angela. I'll see him immediately. It seems Mr. Bianchi and I have finished our meeting just in time.

Okay, sir. I'll send him in once he's ready.

Bianchi gets to his feet and makes his way to the door.

Oh, Jacob.

He turns back.

Do reconsider that deal. I think it's time you and I resumed our partnership.

Bianchi shakes his head and leaves the room.


Copenhagen, Denmark
1600 Hours, The Day of Vortex

The low growl of an engine fills the car that Jacob Bianchi and Gareth Walker are sat in. Bianchi is focused intently on the road that they are speeding down, while Walker's eyes are solely focused on a manila folder that is sat in his lap.

Donald Hammerpunch, born Donald Frehley in Kansas City is a Martial Arts Teacher who has performed in many Underground Fighting Tournaments worldwide. He is the leading expert on Donjitsu, the Martial Arts Discipline that he created, and has been teaching it for several years.

Donjitsu is also the only discipline that he holds a Black Belt in.

Wait, really?

Surprisingly, yes. This idea that he's the ultimate martial artist has been wildly overblown. Hell, he gave himself the nickname, 'The World's Most Dangerous Man'.


Cocky. While he's not this ultimate fighting machine, he's still a danger. A former Champion in the PWC that has fallen on his luck as of late.

Why him then?

No other Champions. Vos and Black have left, Elric is a shadow of his former self, Nero's been dealt with, and I've steered clear enough of Crowley that he wouldn't care to target me yet. Hammerpunch won't be the only name willing to stand with Clement, but he's the only one that fits Clement's requirements.

A former Champion, or someone who has proven to be a star?

Correct. If Clement wasn't so focused on the so called glory his Champions have brought, he would have accepted my suggestion that Jalapeno be the one to face me.

You've come a long way from barely acknowledging his existence.

Don't confuse this for a sudden love of this spicy fool. Jalapeno remains beneath me, but it's undeniable that he has got the better of myself and Mr. Dieu on multiple occasions now. He may not know how he's doing it, but the man has proven to be an annoyance, and it's one that I would need complete focus to remove.

Walker nods.

So how do you deal with Hammerpunch?

Fight him. He's a hand-to-hand fighter with proficient grappling abilities, but he's off his game. I'm going to take the fight exactly where he wants it to go, and I'm going to beat him regardless.


Because that's what will hurt Clement the most. Not some sneak attack, or a distraction. He can recover from those. If I beat his newest Champion at his own game, he'll get desperate. I need to push him over the edge. Force him into making a move that shows the world exactly the kind of man he is. This is how I win.

You think he'll crack?

The cracks are already showing, Gareth. All it needs now is some pressure before he finally breaks.

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