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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Videotron Centre
Capacity: 18,000
City: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


> The return of Austin Angel! <

Singles Match
Ryan Barron vs Donald Hammerpunch

Singles Match
Ivory vs Flexx Palumbo

Tag Team Match
Remy Dieu and Jacob Bianchi vs Jensen (c) and Mr. Jalapeno (c)

Singles Match
Shadow vs Bruce Thorn Jr.

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on Apr 21 (Friday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we'll extend the deadline to Friday, April 21 (Already been changed in the OP as well). Seems everyone is still in Easter weekend mood, understandable. Until then, get hyped guys! With what we're planning, this could be one of the better Vortex's we've posted in a while. If you have any questions, message me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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Scene starts in the familiar living room of the Dieu home.

The light from the laptop that Hunter had bought is the only thing illuminating the dark room at the moment, and sitting in the chair in front of the laptop, is Remy himself...

Remy Dieu is all alone in his house at the moment, with no Hunter Jackson around, and no Television Championship

Remy is hardly moving in his chair, as he stares blankly at the screen, this being one of the first times, since he was a little kid, that Remy Dieu has felt voiceless.

Remy knows deep down he needs to send information to his followers, considering that the few that he managed to get to believe in him, must be experience doubt and true despair after Jensen emerged as the victor in the Steel Cage match.

The match where Remy was supposed to be the hero of the story, and become the role-model kids look up to, like their superheroes and their once in life time athletes, but now Remy would be soon as just another mere mortal.

Though distraught, Remy reaches for his mouse, and begins to click on the live feed icon to begin recording, when a loud *Ding Ding* was blurted from the laptop speakers. Looking around the screen Remy noticed a little message icon appear, immediately Remy clicked on it. And popped up a message from an old "friend" in Jacob Bianichi.

In the message Bianichi was mentioning how even though we lost our previous match together that we have once again have been put together. And now he wants to spend some time together, helping me. He has apparently found a place where Remy can obtain a new place for his operations. And that if he was interested, they can go together.

Remy was taken a back. After his previous attempt to leave the compound didn't go well, he had originally decided to just stay put. But with the help of someone like Jacob, who understands how society works, this time around maybe I actually have a chance to move to the city, and doing so open up a much bigger possibility to gain even more followers, considering not many are willing to come to the middle of nowhere.

Remy then clicks on the respond button, and begins to type a return message.

"Jacob Bianichi, it appears fate has brought us together again, it's almost as if the universe wants us to together. You say you can help me leave my home, and though I don't know you well at all..

I accept your offer. When would you like to get together."


A short message, Remy then pondered how long it would take Jacob to response.

*Ding Ding* Apparently not long at all.

Remy opens the message, and it reads "How about right now."
Remy's eyes shot wide open, but then the realization set in that this must be a simple joke.
Remy responds to the message with "Very funny, I'm serious, when do you want to meet up.."
The message is sent and almost as quickly as the message was sent, a reply is right back in Remy's inbox...

"I'm waiting, Mr. Dieu."

Remy let out a chuckle. When... *Knock Knock*
Remy turns towards the door... "It can't be... It has to be Hunter... But he isn't here right now."
Walking towards the door as slow as possible, Remy has a hand in his pocket, gripping a pocket knife just in case this is all a set up.

Standing in an awkward position, Remy opens the door and standing outside is actually Jacob himself.

"What.. What the hell are you doing here so late... "

"Well, It's actually 5 in the morning, so technically I'm early. Looks like you haven't been sleeping. You know, lack of sleep leads to a lack of motor skills, probably the reason Jensen beat you for the title."

"Wait... How where you messaging me when you're not at a computer. "

Jacob reaches inside of his coat and pulls out his cell phone...
All Remy could do is shrug his shoulders.

"Ok hold on.." Remy says as he goes to go back into his house, Remy then grabs a pair of keys off his kitchen mantle. When Jacob spots him and says "Wait, we're not taking that car. If we have to go together, we might as well do it in style."

All Remy could do is agree, and at 5 in the morning, Jacob and Remy are off to the city, bonding (Or at the very least attempting to bond.)

One hour later.

Remy and Jacob arrive to a old Victorian 2 story house. Much bigger than Remy's home. The home while beautiful, let out a slight sinister vibe that Remy could not put his finger on. There is also not much of a backyard so to speak, behind the big house seems to be nothing but forest. The leafs on a few of the trees surrounding the home have turned brown, so one can't help but thing what would happen when the season changes, and everything is back going to be green. But for right now the grass is brown, the leafs are brown, making the Victorian house actually feel older than it already is. The house is white, pure white, with a giant green double door at the front, large windows everywhere, with a nice patio in the front.

One thing Remy also took note of was a lack of garage. At first Remy thought that may be a problem. But looking at the size of the building reassures him that he'll probably have enough space to do more than what he wants on the inside. After spending sometime admiring the house, Remy realized that just moving into the house, doesn't seem like the correct process that is required before moving into a new home. Remy turns to Jacob,
"Wait, we're not going to the Real Estate Office."

"No need, Mr. Dieu. I'm sure that once we've spoken with the current home-owner, he'll be happy to sell to us."

Both Remy and Jacob get out of the car, and walk up the stairs, Remy has fallen in love with the building already, it's old style, reminds him of his own compound.

Jacob and Remy walk up to the house, Remy looks around on the patio. It's dirty, but that doesn't bother him. Jacob knocks on the door, and in a short time, an Old man opens the door, and though Remy wasn't staring directly at his face, he saw a distraught look on the man's face.
"Hey, sir, may me and my friend come in."
The Old man without saying a thing, just turned around, as Jacob followed, then finally Remy.

"Wow, I haven't been here in a long time. Haven't seen you in a long time actually... You remember me don't you."
Before the man can even speak, Jacob interrupts... Haha of course you do. It's funny that you remember me, but it seems you couldn't remember to pay the debt you owed me and a few of my people, and I'm just here to take what you owe back... With interest of course." Jacob spoke calmly. ."
Listen don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you. Hell I'm not even going to ask you for money, or anything like that.

"Well, what do you want?"

Well uhh, I kinda need to borrow your house for awhile... A long awhile. Now I know this may be rough on you, seeing you've stay here for so long. But hey, maybe you can use the money that was supposed to be owed to me and my people, and you can find something decent. So it'll work out for everybody. You leave here, no one will follow you, your debt will be cleared, all you got to do is leave, and never look back.. Do you understand what I'm saying to you. Cause honestly I want what's best for you as well.

How much time do I have to leave..

Hmmm, how about 10 mins... Get whatever you need and can carry, take it with you. And when you find some place, give me a call and I'll make sure all your personal belongings will be sent to you.... Well everything except the furniture..
The Old man with eyes tearing up, left the room and from the sounds of footsteps, seemed to be upstairs.

Why don't you look around for a bit, Remy?

Remy agreed, and began walking around the first floor of the home, though it's so big and nice, it might as well be a mansion. The floors are wooden, the portaits on the walls where all old, some were pictures of old women, others were just simple drawings of trees, and one that caught Remy's eye was a drawing of what appears to be the mansion itself. One can't help but wonder who was the person that drew that picture, and how long ago was it made.

Remy continued to move through the first floor, and then he found himself standing in what appeared to be the living room, in which he noticed all the small detail in the room, as well as the amazing technology it had. Nice lighting, a flat screened television, a brand new telephone, such a striking difference between the look of the home from the outside. Though it was nice on the inside, with leather furniture, and expensive tables, if Remy could take some of the furniture from his own home, and put it here... Maybe as a way of preventing him from getting totally homesick.

As Remy continued to ponder to himself, the old man came down the stairs, crying.. On his shoulder seemed to be a laptop bag, and in his hands he was holding some kind of picture frame. As the Old man ran towards the door, and a quick moment occured where he and Remy made eye contact. And in that quick moment, Remy felt sympathy for the old man, but before he could say anything he was gone

Jacob then comes from the kitchen with a smile and says, "How'd you like your new home. Now it's not some advanced townhouse in the city, but I thought this would fit you. You got basically a forest for a backyard, and look at all this, I mean it's move in ready... I mean the only thing you need to bring is your rocking chair."
Dieu looked at him with a serious stare, but for the first time in a long time, Remy let out a genuine laugh.

"Hey wait, can you give me a second." Jacob leaves Remy alone in the living Room. Remy looks down and see's a black remote on the table. He picks it up, and begins pressing random buttons on the remote, when all of a sudden he hears a loud "ahhhhh" from a women. Remy looks up and sees on the TV, a women running through the woods. The women being chased, is covered in blood, and after a little bit, the camera turns to a big man wearing some kind of sheep mask, and holding a giant hatchett. The long hair and the build of the man, as well as the background being very swamp like caught, Remy's eye as the man almost looked just like him, and the background looking very similar to the outback near Remy's old home. "So is this how the media sees me."
After another minute of watching, Remy hears footsteps coming from the hallway, and in a hurry Remy tries to fiddle with the remote, when he finally finds the power button. And just as he does, Jacob appears with a big black bag.
Jacob then places the bag on the living room table and pulls out a laptop, a camera, and a cell phone.
"I know you already have a laptop and a camera, but it's time you stepped into the present, Remy. I've watched several of your broadcasts myself, and I couldn't focus on your words due to the static and you cutting in and out. With this new equipment you won't have any issues with that anymore."

Jacob I appreciate all of this. In one morning you've changed my life with all this. But why are you helping me out. Last time we met, you seem to have a lot of disdain for me..
"Clement has had a habit of putting us together, and I'd like to avoid a repeat of our previous failure."
Both Remy and Jacob's eyes flash with anger as they recall the result of their previous match.
"And besides that, I've now done you a favour, Mr. Dieu. I hope that when I see fit to ask you to return this favour, you'll be happy to acquiesce."
"Well it's time for you to do what you do best, Your laptop is connected to the house's Wi-Fi, so now I want you to sit there and do what you do best. Talk to your people.

As for me, I'm going to sit back and relax. My job is done."
Jacob sunk into the couch in the living room, leaving the Laptop open. Remy walks over to the laptop, sees the same broadcast button he had on his old laptop, and presses the record button..
The laptop webcam light shined bright, and on the computer screen, Remy got to see his face Clearly. All the scars, his bright blue eyes, the difference between this laptop's clarity and his old laptop's is astounding.

Remy then clears his throat and begins to speak.
"Ladies and gentleman, I know after what happened at Desolation, that you all are starting to doubt me. And if I can be honest, I was beginning to doubt myself. I went into that match with a game plan, and a backup game plan, and when both of those plans fell through I panicked, and I lost. And you know what, I'm man enough to admit, maybe I underestimated Jensen, and in that match I could see, that's he not the man I thought. Jensen does have heart, Jensen has no fear, and I'll even go as far as saying that in a world of wolves and sheep, Jensen is a wolf. But the only problem now is, Jensen is a wolf that has what's mine. No not just the television title, but he has my heart and he has my soul. My heart and soul which was ripped from me when Jensen beat me. And until I pin, until I beat Jensen, I'll feel empty. That's why Jensen, I have to fight you again, I have to beat you again, because I need my heart back, and my soul, you see I have nothing right now. So now the world is going to see what happens when I have nothing left to lose, when I Remy Dieu is surrounded by despair, and what happens when my back is against the wall Jensen. Jensen when we see each other again, the world is going to see what happens when the two big bad wolves collide, and we will see who's truly the baddest wolf of them all. And once I tear you apart, my followers will believe in me again, and the prophecy shall continue... Jensen, as well as Mr. Jalapeno, and my followers, I'll see you soon."

Remy closed the stream, and turned back around to Jacob. Who seemed to be sleep. Remy realized that his words may not be as strong as they use to be, but as soon as he beats Jensen again, people will have no choice to believe his words again..

End Scene.

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Nice work guys. Unfortunately, I probably will never be able to RP regularly again, so I won't re-register or submit a new character but the fact that PWC is still going strong is great to see.

And JamJam's back too :lol

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The House of Dieu - Two Days Later

Jacob Bianchi's eyes dart across a piece of paper, scanning for the information he seeks. He sighs in relief as he finds it, and then sinks back into the chair that had quickly become his safe haven in the new House of Dieu.

This was the part of the deal that Remy hadn't forseen. Transitioning into the new house had seemed so easy for him, but Jacob knew that he had to be incredibly careful. If a single word about a Cult being in town had been uttered by anyone, this whole plan would have been for nought.

Looking around from his chair, Bianchi took in the room, as he had found himself doing constantly over the days since he arrived. He was half expecting the respectable decor to have been replaced by mscribblingsing, but things looked normal. Creepily normal.

Just as he was starting to lose his composure, the front door opened, and the sound of feet echoed through the house. Only there was an extra pair walking than there was when Remy left earlier that day. Bianchi's eyes flickered towards the door as he watched his newest ally, Remy Dieu, walk past the door with a new friend in toe. Bianchi got to his feet and quickly followed the pair as they made their way through to the kitchen.

By the time he caught them, Remy's new friend was sat by the table, blinking awkwardly up at the Cult Leader, who sat across from him, his eyes never leaving the face of the young man.

Bianchi followed suit and began to watch the young man, who was fidgeting under the gaze of Dieu. His long blond hair was damp and matted, clearly unwashed in several days, but it was the eyes that Bianchi focused on most. The look in them was almost feverish. A quick look at the man's hands and arms showed no track marks, ash, or any form of drug use. Bianchi fully expected that to be Dieu's first move when it came to acquiring followers, but instead, it seems like this man had followed Remy willingly. Perhaps even happily.

Brother, I think you know why the Universe has seen fit to arrange this meeting.

Remy's voice breaks Jacob out of his musings as he flicks his head up to watch the Cultist work.

I think I do.

Looking into the eyes of the young man was a shock for Bianchi. He was expecting the almost terrified shifting to continue, but instead, there was an almost euphoric look on the blonde's face. Remy Dieu was looking at this man like he was just another face in a crowd, but the look that he was recieving was that of a saviour.

Bianchi's face remained neutral, but internally, he suddenly understood just how dangerous a man Remy Dieu could be, and it frightened him. Bianchi could make any man do whatever he asked, but this came as the result of threats and bribes. Remy couldn't have had the time to do much more than speak to this man, and yet he was staring at the Cultist like Remy was his only hope for life.

There was none of the distaste and distrust that Bianchi was so accustomed to. None of the anger that he thrived on. Instead there was nothing in that eyes that gave Jacob any hope of turning him back. This man couldn't have spent more than half a day with Remy, and yet he looked like he was ready to die for the man.

Before things could go any further, Jacob slid out of his chair quietly, and moved from the room. As he was leaving, he turned back quickly to look at the two men, but they hadn't moved from their spot. As far as they were concerned, they were the only two men in the world at that point of time.

Turning his back on them for the final time, Jacob made his way through the house's hallway and entered the living room before slumping back into the nearest chair.

He reaches under the table and grabs a bag, from which he drags out a folder and opens it. The picture that greets him is that of Jensen, which is surrounded by a sea of notes, all of which are dedicated to the Television Champion's previous exploits.

As he was scanning over Jensen's numerous victories, Bianchi's mind began to focus on another of the folders in his bag. The one that he knew contained the constantly scowling picture of Dr. Nero. Nero... A man who had managed to build a legend like so few in the PWC had ever managed, and yet all it took was ten minutes and all that effort, that build, that talent... All wasted so that a message could be sent to Clement.

Bianchi head dropped a little. There shouldn't have been any need for any of this. Retiring Nero, brutalising Jalapeno, collaborating with men like Remy Dieu. All of this was brought on to the PWC by the man who claimed ownership of them all. Clement's stubborness had forced his employees into the line of fire, and now even his own assistant was showing defiance to his rule.

A laughs slips through Jacob's almost grim exterior as he thought about this. While he'd played a massive part in causing this rift, Clement had taken his work and magnified the effects a thousand fold. He'd sacrificed all ability to actually recover from this solely on the grounds of his own aggressive stupidity. If he'd only taken the hit and released the news early, he might have recovered. But now? Now Jacob had Clement exactly where he needed him to be. Back against the wall, making hopeless choices as his company crumbled one brick at a time. Everything was on track.

A cough to his right brought Jacob back into the present and he snapped his head up to meet the eyes of Remy Dieu, who seemed oddly at ease with whatever happened in the kitchen.

If you're done reminicing, dear Jacob. I think it's time you and I discussed just how we'd be seeing off the challenge that has been put in our path.

The honeyed words of Dieu toyed with the head of Jacob, but he managed to shake off any hold that they had and power on with the plan.

We need to focus on Jalapeno. He may be holding the Legacy title, but he's the weakest link of the two by far. The kid's faster that both of us and he can definitely take a beating, but he doesn't even scale when it comes to a show of strength. Cutting Jensen out of the fight as much as possible while targetting Jalapeno's back and legs will be enough to slow him down while also opening him up to my finisher.

Tell me, how do you suggest we keep Jensen out of this?

Divide the ring into our side and theres, split diagonally through the middle. Once Jalapeno crosses that line, we make sure he doesn't get to go back across. Taking the legs should slow him enough so that we can move at the same pace as he does, and if needs must, we can utelise Mr. Jackson as a timely diversion to draw and maintain Jensen's attention.

Remy's mouth opens, but Bianchi continues talking, refusing to give the Cultist even a moment.

Yes, I'm sure you're desperate to get back at Jensen for taking your Championship, Remy. I haven't planned for that because it's a meaningless distraction, and one only a fool would persist on. Right now we both need this win. You to maintain your image to the masses, and me to continue to pressure our dear leader, Clement.

Dieu nods in approval and stands up, extending his hand. Bianchi follows suit and accepts the hand, as the two men shake. However, as Remy turns to leave, Bianchi grabs even tighter, forcing Remy to turn back and face the slightly larger Italian.

Know this though. I've brought you into this City and given you the tools you need to make it your own little paradise, but if you think you're now beyond my power, you're in for a rude awakening. I can break this little gathering of yours just as swiftly as I made it possible.

Dieu glares into the eyes of Bianchi, neither man even daring to blink, each refusing to be the one to stand down.

Remember that you owe me, Mr. Dieu.

Bianchi lets go of Dieu's hand and turns to leave the room, mildly unsettled by the fact that Dieu didn't flinch during his threats. He realised that he needed to maintain his composure though, so as he was making his way through the door, he turned to face Dieu once more.

Oh and do take care of the house, Remy. It was very dear to its previous owner, and I'd hate to have to let him know that it's a mess.

With that, Bianchi finally made his way from the house and entered his car before driving off down the road.

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A Childs Mind

Australia - 12 Years Old​

The small, delecate hands closed around the hoops above him. The legs came up first, the young child executing the flip almost perfectly. Lucas Hawthorne felt like the odd one out, a male in a group of girls doing gymnastics. He didn't mind the gymnastics so much, it was the feeling of loneliness, being the only male in the room made him insecure. He never even wanted to come to this stupid class, it was his mother's fault. She couldn't put up with his ADHD and she wanted him out of the house. It was either gymnastics four times a week or cricket.

He hated cricket. He was pretty sure everyone but his grandmother hated cricket. He couldn't see what was enjoyable about hitting a ball across some dirt and then running a few yards. Then again, his grandmother had always been strange. Mother had said that she had a mental illness, much like his but much worse. He would argue with her, mentally and physically. ADHD was torture to his family but somehow it was father who remained the most postive. Father who would comfort him when he wanted father to. It was always father to the rescue while mother stressed about how they would cope with his condition.

He heard clapping slowly. He realised mere seconds had passed since his flip. He didn't understand why they were clapping, it was a rubbish flip and they all knew it. It wasn't the perfect rotation and he'd lost his grip half way through the rotation itself. He felt foolish, knowing that he'd made a mistake of one of the easiest gymnastic moves of all time. He made a mistake in messing up the easy move, they weren't clapping for him, cheering him. No, they were clapping to humiliate him. They had to be, it was the only logical excuse for the clapping.

"And well done to Lucas"

Wait, his gymnastics instructor was congratulating him? What for? Why did he deserve the well done when he'd made a fool of himself and failed to do one of the easiest flips known to mankind. He wasn't sure if he deserved it at all. Instead the young boy shook his head, remaining silent as he sulked towards the back of the room. He wasn't paying attention, the instructor was mumbling about something that he didn't care about. He wanted to hide, make sure no-one would find him to laugh at him.

"That was really well executed Lucas"

He hadn't seen her walk up, not really. He wasn't paying attention. The ginger hair hung from her shoulders as she tilted his head up to look at her. The girl was a year older than him and he had to admit that he'd always liked her. She smiled at him softly, and he turned away. He still hated that he messed up the flip and he wasn't about to let anyone laugh at him for it. He was always making mistakes and they always clapped for him. He wanted to know why they clapped for the worst person in the class.

"I couldn't of done better myself. You're really good, you just need to work on your confidence. Believe that you can do it and you will do it, that's what I was always told"

He shook his head. She was lying like everyone else. He knew how much she hated his work, he knew she knew how bad he was. She was trying to make him feel better, not feel like the worst in the room. She was failing and she knew it. The ginger girl turned away slowly before looking back towards Lucas, shaking her head. He didn't know what to think, he felt like a mistake.

"Someday you will believe"

She walked off, leaving Lucas alone. He preferred to be alone, the quieter the better. He could think more about his failures, everything he did. It came with the insecurity, thinking everything was a failure. He hated it but he had learned to live with it. It wasn't so bad when you learned how to live with it and how to cope with it. It was more something you got used to, believeing everything you did was a failure like yourself. You sort of learned how to handle it.

"I couldn't of done better myself. You're really good, you just need to work on your confidence. Believe that you can do it and you will do it, that's what I was always told. Someday you will believe"

"Someday you will believe"

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I know this is super short, but I figured I'd save the real material for later and just set it up for now and introduce the new characters. Plus you know the deadline snuck up on me as I originally planned to do more than this.

Stories From The Road: An Austin Angel RP

Two Weeks After Hell's Judgement: A Hotel Room In Japan

Becca and I were hanging out in our hotel room after one of her concerts, she's really starting to gain success in her career now that she has focused more on it and less on my sister and nephew, I mean it's about time Lauren stops relying on others to take care of her kid. After my loss to Shadow I stormed into Clement's office and told him I was leaving, I had enough of the stupid fans who don't respect a legend like me, enough of being disrespected by everybody backstage, I was gone. So leave I did, in fact I left to Japan with Becca for her upcoming tour. Just as Becca and I were about to sit down for some late dinner, a steak dinner ordered through room service, there was a knock on our hotel room door followed by a large man opened the door, it was Axl, our bodyguard.

Ms. Mckay, Riley and Bret are here. Did you want me to tell them to wait until you're done eating or should I send them in?

Becca looked at me as I took a bite of the steak and nodded at Becca to signal I was fine with them coming in if she wanted them to.

That's fine Axl, send them in.

Axl nodded as he closed the door for a second, then the door reopened a few seconds later as Riley and Bret Elliot, Becca's band members walked in and sat down at the table with us. After another bite of the steak, i tossed it in the trash, never eat hotel room service steak in Japan, it's not worth your money.

That was a great show Becca wasn't it?

We keep having shows like that and soon we'll be the biggest thing to happen to music since The Beatles!

Becca nodded in agreement with the brothers.

It was good yeah, and that duet I did with Austin is a smash hit.

We recorded a rock ballad together, and it truly was a smash hit. #1 on the charts in Japan ever since it was released. But as much fun as that was, I knew I still had something more to prove in wrestling, something more to accomplish. Besides I'm a better wrestler than I am singer. After all nobody is a better wrestler than me.

It really is babe, and this tour has been fun but I think we're gonna have deal with Clement soon. I keep getting calls about a breach of contract, who does he think he is? Telling ME of all people where I should be and when to be there?

I shook my head in disgust as Becca gave me a quick peck on the lips before shaking her head.

No we don't have to worry about any breach of contract, our lawyer has already found a few loopholes to get you out of that contract. But you are right we'll be dealing with him soon, after all this tour is ending soon.

And when it does, I present Clement with my contract demands for a new contract, and either he agrees and gets the biggest and best star around in wrestling back, or we leave and make his biggest competiton boat loads of money.

The group of 4 share a laugh.

But for now, this hotel food is trash, what do you guys say us 4 and Axl go to that japanese steakhouse we saw on the way here and go have a real steak dinner?

That sounds like a great idea babe.

The 4 musicians stand up and walk out of the room, Austin and Becca walking behind the two brothers as they inform Axl of the plans, and together the group of 5 head down the hotel room hall as we fade to black.

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The Adventures of Jalapeno and Jensen - Los Conquistadores Azules: Part Uno​

“Hmm, that’s weird. This place looks sketchy as hell. Did Jalapeno give me the right address?”

Jensen looks to his watch and it tells him that it’s 8PM on a cold, starry night. He doesn’t even know why he came. We’re supposed to be on our way to Canada but we’re still in the States because Jalapeno said he wanted to do some team building exercises. Curse his curiosity. He’s not that lost though. He knows this is a bar. He can tell by the loud music and drinks clanking against one another. Plus, we’re in freaking Spanish Harlem aka East Harlem. Jensen looks up and sees the name of the bar –“Los Conquistadores Azules.” He walks towards the door and a section of the door pulls open. Here, he sees the dark brown eyes of a pretty intense man.

“Uhm hello? Is Mr. Jalapeno in there?”

He was staring daggers into Jensen. What the hell was he supposed to do? However, the starry night came to his rescue as I instructed Jensen to wear his newly won PWC Television Title across his waist. The intense man saw the title glisten in the starry night and shut the section of the door that only showed me his eyes. He opens the door and Jensen reluctantly walks through. The intense man was actually a small, stout guy with a beard that looked longer than he was taller but boy, his eyes were intense. As soon as he stepped through, I immediately spotted Jensen.

“Ahh there you are Jensen. So glad you could make it.”

“I didn’t really have a choice, did I?”

“Ayyy mi hermano. Don’t be like that. This’ll be fun. Trust me.”

“Look, I know you’re a fun dude but don’t you think this is a bit much? We’ve got Remy and Bianchi to worry about. Two of the baddest dudes in PWC right now. We have to prepare man.”

“Jensen, my boy. Relax. This is the exact reason I brought you here. You’ve been acting differently lately. You’re not the same Jensen as before.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you can tell as well, Jensen. Lately, you’ve just been a bit freaked. A little too freaked out. Even for you. C’mon, I’ll get you something to drink.”

Of course I was donning my mask in public, blue in color along with a blue suit. I dragged Jensen to the bar. As soon as the bartender saw us coming, he already knew what drinks to get us. Probably helped that we were flaunting our titles in public. I mean, why not right?

“Look, alright. I might be a little paranoid at some things but I’m still the same Jensen. Did you see my match at Desolation? What I had to go through to become Television Champion? If that doesn’t prove to you how focused I am, then I don’t know what will.”

“I won’t argue with you on that. But the emotional toll you took. After all that Remy put you through. Don’t tell me you still don’t think of Hunter Jackson. The guy was like a brother to you. That’s why I brought you here, mi hermano – to loosen up. Just release all tension that you’re feeling now. C’mon, follow me.”

I put my drink down and so does Jensen. Wait, Jensen drinks? I didn’t even know. Thought he’d put up more of a fight to be honest. Guess he does need the stress reliever. I get on the dance floor and immediately, a woman dressed in a tight, red dress comes into my arms. I hold her on her hips and begin swaying mine. I look at Jensen, who is still at the bar as I shake my head. I turn my attention back to the beautiful brunette in front of me. Her dark brown eyes were highlighted by the freckles underneath them. We were swaying our hips before I dipped and teased her for a kiss. Before long, I twirled her around and guided us towards the Jensen.

I kicked Jensen in the shin, which he felt for sure. He grimaced a little and looked angrily at me. I used my eyes to communicate to him that a beautiful woman was staring at him if he could just look to his right. He sees me motioning to look to his right and there he sees her – clad in a silver dress, her hair in full length, but it was her eyes that absolutely sold the deal for Jensen. Her eyes were of emerald but seemed to change to a brighter shade of green in the light. I nod my head as the woman made the move and forced Jensen away from his seat at the bar. We were now next to each other with beautiful ladies in front of us. By this time, Jensen consumed two drinks. Geez, talk about weak constitution, am I right? But I digress. I took the lead with my partner but that didn’t seem to be the case with Jensen and his partner. In fact, Jensen stepped on her foot more than one time already.

“Jalapeno, I don’t think this is a good idea. I think I’m just gonna leave and plan for Remy and Bianchi.”

“No, stay! Hold on.”

As if he had any choice. I excused myself from my partner and told her to wait for me and did the same for Jensen and his partner. I dragged Jensen to the bar and gave him a pep talk.

“Jensen, get it together! Look, I promise you, we’ll do whatever kind of planning you want after we enjoy the night. Tomorrow, we’ll do what you wanna do. I know you’re worried about Remy and Bianchi, but you can’t let them take over. We’re champions for a reason. These guys have thrown everything they can at us but look who’s standing tall as champions. Us!”

Jensen began nodding his head. As if he had just witnessed an epiphany.

“This is about having fun. You see, when we both have fun, we’re absolutely tough to beat. It’s what we feed off of. We bust our asses out there in the ring to have fun. I’m telling you man, when this stuff isn’t fun anymore, there’s no use being in PWC anymore. So get yourself together and let’s have some freaking fun!”


“There we go! But first, a toast.”

The bartender already had our drinks in front of us. Jensen reaches for the glass but I slap his hand away.

“To us. May we have fun and remember this night forever.”

Before we pick up the drinks, I turn Jensen’s head towards the woman he was “dancing” with to distract him. While Jensen was in a trance, I take something out of my pocket, my special hot sauce of course, and pour it into Jensen’s drink and mix it with my index finger. Before long, I snap my fingers in front of Jensen’s face waiting for him to pick up his drink. We clank our glasses together and drink it all in. And well...

It’s as if something inside of Jensen came alive. He jumped out of his seat and ran towards the woman he was dancing with. He began doing some dance moves. Before long, Jensen let his feet do the talking. I guess drunk Jensen is actually a professional dancer. Who knew? The bartender looked at me as if saying that this is a bad idea. But I simply wink at him. I make my way towards the woman in red again as we danced the night away.

Remember when I said that this was a night we’d all remember the next day? Yeah, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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The Adventures of Jalapeno and Jensen -
Los Conquistadores Azules: Part Dos

A few hours prior...

I really hate dressing up for meetings, but as usual Morgan insisted that as I do so. As she put it, “it is less embarrasing if I don’t look like a hobo”. I agreed to do so if I was allowed to wear my own shoes. As I always say, you can take the man out of Portland, but you cant take the recycled deer skin moccasins off of his feet. So the two of us were seated at the table in a fancy Manhattan restaurant dressed in the finest clothes money can buy. Two big shot studio executives sat across from us pitched an idea they would have liked me to sign on to. I was a bit confused about the plot of the film and whether or not it made any sense, but I alllowed the men to continute because they were really enthusiastic about their ideas. I didnt have the heart to tell them that I lost focus 10 minutes earlier.

Studio Executive 1:
So what do you think? Im ready to answer any questions you might have regarding the property.

Jensen: I guess my first question is, what exactly is the appeal of this? And my second question is, can you break this story down into something a child can understand? In case there are any listening.

Studio executive 2:
Well, like we said earlier, this is based of a beloved British sci-fi program. THE CONTRABULOUS FRABTRAPTIONS OF DOCTOR HORATIO HUGNUFFEL is loved by all in canada, and even has a bit of a cult following here in America. Basically it is about a time traveling alien who travels through time and space fighting space monsters and robots. It should not be confused with a less popular British imitation.

I took as sip from my orange juice and took a few seconds to think about it.

Jensen: I see. So you want me to play Doctor Horatio?

Studio Executive 1:
Absolutely, Jensen. You are the perfect storm of sex appeal and aloofness which can really nail the part of Doctor Horatio Hugnuffel. So are you interested?

I looked over at Morgan and she smiled at me. She nodded her head as if to encourage me to say yes. My eyes lingered on her for a second, but that isnt something out of the ordinary for me. With her perfect hair, hypnotic eyes, it was extremely hard to say no to her. So I didn’t.

Gentlemen, you are looking at the next Doctor Horatio Hugnuffel!

The movie executives extend their hands and I did the same to them. The men in suits hung around for a bit longer as we celebrated together. Soon after, they left me and Morgan by ourselves. Sipping a glass of wine, she turned to me with her ruby red wine stained lips.

Morgan: You should be happier sweetie. You just signed onto a a big multi picture deal. You have your title back. Not to mention our little news.

Morgan pointed at the ring on her finger.

Jensen: Of course, I'm happy. Just a bit worn out from this continued nonsense with Remy. Its all very draining I'm not looking forward to this tag match against him and Bianchi. I don't even know a lot about my partner.

Morgan: "Well, you two are meeting later to get to know each other. He seems like he is a fun guy, so promise to have a little fun when your out."

I'll give it a shot, but no promises....

::: ::: :::

I don't know whether it was the smell, the sound of a blaring horn from a passing car, or the wooden plank jammed into my spine, but I immediately woke up. I tried to stand up but the sudden urge to vomit and pass out overcame me, so I decided to remain seated. Not knowing where I was, I looked around to get a good look at my surroundings. The decrepit buildings, garbage and sight of taxis let me know that I was in an alley somewhere in New York, which was a relief. Looking over to the left buried under several wrappers of tacos, I noticed Mr. Jalapeno asleep with a giant teddy bear in each arm. I slowly got up and walked towards him and I notice his mask is halfway off his face.

: Mr. J! Wake up man.

The hot sauce loving man sits up at the call of his name, and immediately begins adjusting his mask to fully cover his face. He attempts to stand up, but like me, quickly sits back down after as sudden hit of nausea.

Mr. J:
Mi Amigo, what the hell happened last night? I remember dancing, women, and drinks. After that it is all black...

Jensen: "Same here, I have no idea what went down. Based on what you look like and how I am feeling, it must have been quite the shindig. Anyway, lets find a taxi and get back to Manhattan."

As we walk away from the alley, I glimmer of light blinded me.

Jensen: Geez man, what the hell is that?

Mr. J: Oh, probably just my Legacy title. Even covered in taco sauce and god knows what, it is still a sight to behold.

Jensen: I still don't understand why we had to bring our titles last night. They are really heavy and sometimes annoying to carry around."

At that moment, I stopped dead in my tracks. I reached around my waist and noticed my television title missing. I run towards the pile of garbage that took the place of my bed last night, and began looking around frantically for the title I put my body through hell for.

Mr. J:
What are you doing Amigo? Lets get out of here.

My title is gone! Get over here and help me find it.

My future tag team partner comes over quickly and helps me search the the pile of rubbish. After several minutes, we both give up. I gasp for air, and lean over as I attempt to catch my breath. Mr. J sits back down."

Mr. Jalapeno: OK, lets think about this for a second. We have no idea what happened last night, so the best thing would be for us to is start back from the beginning. We must return to Los Conquistadores Azules!

::: ::: :::​

After stopping at a local bodega for several gallons of water, aspirin and some food, we finally make our way towards the bar. Mr. Jalapeno walks up slowly and shouts several words in spanish. At that moment he is greeted at the door by the employees at the bar. I followed closely behind and noticed the wall lined with pictures. At the end of the wall there was a photo of myself from last nightriding the mechanical bull. Around my waist sat my television title.

Jensen: Hey, last night do you guys remember me ever taking off my title?

Raul the Bartender: "Nope. You didn´t even take it off to dance the tango with that fine Chicha! She was all over you too, but you kept shouting something about loyalty and honour. And then you ranted for 30 minutes about the plague of loose women and the cause of societies ills. But never did you once take off your belt."

Jensen: Yeah, that sounds about right. It looks like the case has gone cold.

Mr. Jalapeno:
Not so fast.

He walks over to me and shows me a ticket stub which reads Trenton's Poetry Slam Festival.

Jensen: I believe you found our next clue. But that brings up a couple of questions, How did we get to New Jersey so late at night, and why we would even think about going to New Jersey?

Knowing where we were headed next, we head outside in the blistering New York heat and hail for a taxi. Only a few days away from our big match and I already felt comfortable with this chili pepper loving luchador. I was ok knowing that he would be by my side against the ever dangerous Remy and the scheming Bianchi. We would have to be on top of our game. I already know what Remy brings to the table, but Bianchi is a wild card to me. He is always up to something, scheming with the next big power play.At that moment my phone began to hum my familiar ring tone.

....I'm never gonna dance again

Guilty feet have got no rhythm

Though it's easy to pretend

I know your not a fool...

I pull out my motorola flip phone to hear the lovely Morgan LaClaire. The first thing I notice is a hint of annoyance in her voice. I have gotten good at detecting it since it is a common occurance.

Morgan: Hey, somebody dropped off your championship belt at the door. I don´t know who dropped it off, but there was a note taped to it which said, You can thank me later.. It was signed with a happy face.

Jensen: Oh thank god for that. Hey Mr. J, my title mysteriously appeared at my hotel in Manhatten. Talk about luck, eh?

. J walks over and the two of us high five each other.
Morgan doesn´t say anything for a few seconds, so I begin to get worried. Finally, I hear her sigh over the phone.

Morgan: Loren, I thought I asked you to keep yourself out of trouble and not to embarass us.

Jensen: What do you mean. I stayed out of trouble, I think...

Morgan: Then why is there a video on the internet of you and a masked man riding a donkey on the freeway. Get back now.

She hung up on me. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the my title was safe. But now an even bigger mystery was in front of me. A mystery that would have to wait for another time.I turn to face Jalapeno.

Jensen: I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I better get home. Morgan sounds like she is going to kill me. The good news is I figured out how we got to Trenton!


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Barron, Hammerpunch, Shadow, Ivory and Bruce Thorn Jr are all still missing. I have heard from HP and Barron, and they are trying to get something in. We will accept any RP turned in tomorrow, but please get them in ASAP, so we can get this show on the road. We have lots of fun stuff planned

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Donald Hammerpunch:
Return of the Fist.

Hell´s Judgment.
Many weeks ago.

Taking in another loss is not easy. Donald Hammerpunch stands alone in the wrestling ringa as the man who took his title walks away with a grin on his face. Soon After the thousands in attendance begin to file out, leaving Hammerpunch alone in the center of the ring. He hangs on the ropes looking out at the empty seats. The lights turn out leaving him in total darkness. Soon after he heads out of the Arena where he is met by his enthusiastic students.

“Good Job Sensei”

“You’re still the best!”

“I’m hungry”

His students shout at him. No matter what he still has his team. The recent trials have united the Donjistuka more than ever. They are loyal not only to Donald Hammerpunch, but also to each other and most importantly—The System of Donjitsu. He knew that in order to continue he must get stronger, he must do all it takes to reestablish the Donjitsu system as the greatest fighting style in the PWC.

Don smiles as he gets into his car, in the background the building lights fade out. He knew what he must do.


A week before Vortex 12
Kansas City, Missouri

It had been months since Hammerpunch had stepped foot in the dojo. He had let the PWC heirarchy know that he needed time away, but kept the reasons to himself. Not even his students knew of the reasons. Being the former PWC Champ and winner of the PWC cup, he had a high standing with Clement and company, so his sabbatical was quickly granted.

He stood outside the walls of the Hammerpunch Dojo with a smile on his face. Despite the loss of his championship, the Dojo was packed full of would be Donjitsuka. The kicks, the knee strikes, the ninja star demonstrations, and sword play all were at a level that impressed the 10th degree blackbelt. Soon the children class ended, so Don decided it was time to reenter the kingdom he has created. He kicked off his shoes and entered the building


Tim was the first to greet the returning martial arts master. He ran up and did a ceremonial bow as a sign of respect. Soon he was followed by Ross, Steve, and Damon. They followed the actions of Tim Drake and did a bow of their own.

Hammerpunch: "The dojo looks fantastic. I am proud of all of you for continuing the ways of Donjitsu. You all look fantastic. Steve, even looks like he has some 2-pack abs underneath that shirt!

Steve: "You wouldn't be wrong Sensei!"

Tim: "Damon's dad has done a great job of runing things. Our biggest selling class is the 7:00 pm women's class on friday night!"

Hammerpunch nods in approval. He had made correct decision in appointing Karl Bishop as temprary leader of the dojo. Despite being somewhat of a novice, the dojo needed someone who appeared credible as the face of the company. The 6'3 240 lb former college linebacker was good enough for this role.

Hammerpunch: "Now has there been any messages for me in my time away."

Ross:" There were a few, but I accidently deleted them off of the machine when I hit it with my bow staff on purpose."

Tim: "Jenni from PWC did call this morning and you have a match if you want it. A young scottish guy named Barron. He is new, but dangerous. You should have seen him in that Toronto street fight against Flexx!"

Hammerpunch: "I will inform the PWC that I will accept this match. Though he may be a skilled brawler, the techniques of Donjitsu are finely crafted to display the the true spirit of the warrior. Because of this, a man like Barron has no chance against me."

"Now, where is Bishop. I need to congratulate him on a job well done."

Team Hammerpunch walks towards the room where a session is being held by Mr. Bishop. The shirless man has all eyes on him, as he is bent down on one knee. His deep voice resonates in the walls and vibrates the room.

Bishop: "Dropping low to avoid any attack of the advancing enemy, the Donjitsu fighter grabs fistfuls of sand as his weopon. Rising quickly, he uses an underhand toss to thow missiles into the enemies face. WIth very little practice this can be an incredibly effective technique for even the most novice of student. There is hardly a man alive that can block the handful of sand to the face. This important as it allows you flee. Remember you are not warriors. You are not ninjas. You are regular people looking to survive another day in the streets. Remember this and you will survive another day on the streets!"

The crowd of women cheer as the charismatic teacher finishes up. The donjitsu master is shocked at what he has just witnessed.

To be continued....

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This doesn't count obviously, but here's an RP from this shameful no shower -_-


He’d never felt it before, the rush of heat that came when he saw the light from across from him. It broke the darkness and burst through with hot burning embers and streams of lights piecing across the room. He watched carefully, never moving, almost entranced by its beauty. It was so close, so near he could touch it, taste it, feel it’s strength and it’s warmth. But then it slipped away again, lost within the darkness.

No. He said. Don’t go he said.

But it went. It left him again. It was so close, so near he could almost touch it, but he never did.

The darkness came again, in the form of two heaving warring bodies. It enveloped what he sought, covered it with their hate, battling to take it for their own. Corrupting it’s beauty.

I won’t let you take it from me, he shouted. Not again.

He run towards it and them, fearless, unafraid and ready to battle for what he believed was truly his. He could win the light and take it to the people. The dark entities wouldn’t let him near it. He fought with all his strength and all his courage but they were too strong, too powerful. And he was weak, his strength left him, his heart wasn’t strong enough.

I’ve failed again. I’ve failed again.

The light fades away, all that was left was the bright red glowing eyes of the dark ones. They took it for themselves and away from his grasp.

I wasn’t strong enough.

The sadness was almost too much for him to bear. As it faded away to a place he would never see it again, never feel it’s warmth again.

Bruce Thorn opened his eyes, the sweat pouring from his brow.

Are you okay, Sir.

Oh, I’ll be fine thank you.

Thorn smiled at the Air hostess as she continued on her way. She looked out through the window as the stunning Vancouver skyline came into view. He was here for Vortex, he was here to fight.

Bad dreams or not, I’ll bring it home, I will….I have to.

His heart was pounding. The doubt seeping into every fibre of his being.

The World Heavyweight Title is all Bruce Thorn ever wanted. Vortex in Vancouver was where he would take the first step to trying and making those dreams a reality again. But would the darkness be too much for him. Would he fail, again. For maybe the first time in Thorn’s life, he wasn’t sure.

Bruce Thorn's residence, 3 days earlier, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bruce Thorn and Doug Ramsey searched the stack of papers in front of them. Doug’s eyes scanned every inch, looking for something, anything they could use. Thorn did the same. Frustration growing with every passing moment. He stood up and then paced from one end of the room to the other, all the while still reading the documents, before finally tossing that one aside and digging into the stack once more to continue his search. Doug let's out an exasperated sigh.

We’ve looked and looked, Bruce.

Then we have to look some more.

We have. There’s nothing about the boy in any of these.

Thorn looked at his friend, hopelessly. He collapsed in a nearby chair and dumped the papers on the floor.

Bruno’s files helped us put him away, yes, but there’s nothing about any of this other stuff in them, not the boy, not these people.

I know. But we have to….we have to try. All of it is connected, Doug. Cassie, the boy, those men at the docks and the girl who following me.

Doug shook his head at that.

Well you know what I think we should to do, right?

We can’t call the police.

Why the hell not. This has gone too far already man. This entire thing could come down all around us at any point. What those men find us….they could.

They won’t, I’ll make sure of that. For all he has done, Bruno’s right about this. Don’t you think he’d let them know about his daughter being missing in a heartbeat if he thought it would help. No, this goes way deeper than that. We can’t risk it.

Thorn measured his situation once more.

What about Vortex? You know that gigantic match with Shadow you’re leaving to Vancouver for in a few days.

I know. But none of this has any bearing on my work in the ring. And besides you’ll take care of things here while I’m gone.

Doug gave Thorn a sideways look.

Of course I’ll take care of things here but are you sure about that? Are you sure that your performances are still at the level they should be.

Come on, Doug.

Bruce you never review tape anymore, you’re always late for training sessions and you always leave early because so you can have more time to do this. You don’t think Tommy isn’t starting to notice either.

I won at Desolation, I beat Ivory.

Come on, Bruce. I’ve seen you compete, we both know you haven’t been at your best in a long time now.

Don’t hold back.

It’s the truth and we both know it. How do you expect to compete with the likes of Crowley and Shadow. You want a World Title match don’t you, that’s your dream, sometimes we have to sacrifice other things that are important to us for our dreams.

His friend’s words were cutting but Thorn knew them to be true. How was he going to compete with two elite competitors when he could barely get his head into training, let alone a high level match with the former Legacy Champion Shadow? A shiver run down his spine. How would he choose what battle to fight?

Backstage Vortex – Vancouver

The air was thick and dry, filled with anticipation, with worry, with fear, with excitement and with Thorn lost in his own mind. He closed his eyes once more, took a deep breath and calmed himself. It didn’t work. It usually didn’t work these days. The faces back home flashed across his mind’s eye. They tore through his soul, ripped open his heart. How do he do this?

He saw it again. The dark entities that stood in his way. The fear wrapped around his heart like a snake coiling around its prey. The light was far away, the light he craved, the light of the World Heavyweight Championship.

You must step out from the shadows into to find the light.

Could he do that tonight? Thorn wasn’t sure, how could he be now.

Are you ready Mr. Thorn?

The bright lights of the arena await, so did Shadow.

And so it begins.


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So sorry guys. Life has been shit and I've legit only been home to fucking sleep for the last like 2 week. I don't have shit all and doubt I'll be able to before you do the show.
I'm gonna be working late again rest of this week, I'm away at the weekend so you see my problem.
I will make sure I turn something in next time and since it's a bank holiday Monday I will see if I can whip up some dialogue for this one. Don't postpone the show for me, if it's out before Monday then that's my own fault and whatever I put together I'll use for the next RP.
Sorry again, work has been hectic.

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So sorry guys. Life has been shit and I've legit only been home to fucking sleep for the last like 2 week. I don't have shit all and doubt I'll be able to before you do the show.
I'm gonna be working late again rest of this week, I'm away at the weekend so you see my problem.
I will make sure I turn something in next time and since it's a bank holiday Monday I will see if I can whip up some dialogue for this one. Don't postpone the show for me, if it's out before Monday then that's my own fault and whatever I put together I'll use for the next RP.
Sorry again, work has been hectic.

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No problem man, real life sucks sometimes. I'm glad to see you checked in with us though.
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