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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: MTS Centre
City: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Singles Match
Ryan Barron vs Flexx Palumbo

Singles Match
"Primetime" Jake Masterson vs Barney Williams

Singles Match
Hunter Jackson vs Jensen

Singles Match
Jacob Bianchi vs Mr. Jalapeno

Singles Match
King Crowley vs. ?????

Singles Match
Shadow vs ????

Singles Match
Nero w/Nurse Ellie vs Bruce Thorn Jr.

As always Card is Subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on Feb 15 (Wednesday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Jacob Bianchi vs Mr. Jalapeno
Double pass.

Holy shit Barney Williams! Back from the grave!

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The scene opens as PrimeTime walks out of his room with boxers on. He looks at the camera and shrugs. He then walks to the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of milk. Once again he looks at the camera with a expressionless look. He sits at a table. On the table is a bowl, spoon and a box of cereal. He takes the cereal and drops some into the bowl. Then he pours the milk in. He picks up the spoon and starts to eat the cereal. Spoonful after spoonful, mouthful after mouthful. Finally he gets to the last piece of cereal and eats it. He tips the bowl over and drinks all the leftover milk. PrimeTime wipes his mouth then looks at the camera.


With that the scene fades to black with the words 'HAMMERCOCK...LEL' ending this weeks promo.

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Bianchi is a Ms Page signing back when she was in charge of the PWC during Clement's time off. On Clement's return, he signed Mr Jalapeño. Clement is no dummy. After last week when Page and Bianchi walked out together to interrupt his man to man chat with Dr. Nero, the PWC owner knew his antagoniser had to be connected with Page. Everything is starting to unravel.

The match is made. Jalapeño won his match last week, while Bianchi lost. Even though strings are being pulled Clement's match making pen still has powerful ink....

Tune in for the next Vortex coming soon.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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After last week when Page and Bianchi walked out together to interrupt his man to man chat with Dr. Nero, the PWC owner knew his antagoniser had to be connected with Page. Everything is starting to unravel.
Playing bodyguard as she speaks with a monster like Dr. Nero is little more than a favour in return for her allowing him a chance to pursue his dream of wrestling in the PWC. This Bianchi & Page conspiracy is an awful attempt to discredit two people loyal to the PWC, and I take great offence from the accusation.

Exploring Planet Alpha
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Well if my opponent is 3 question marks I think I've got this one wrapped up ;)

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I don't know ??? is a tough son of a bitch, but he often refuses to compete and finds someone to fight his battles. If ??? competes I don't think Shadow has a counter to the ? slam. But the betting odds say ??? finds someone to compete for him.

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I don't know ??? is a tough son of a bitch, but he often refuses to compete and finds someone to fight his battles. If ??? competes I don't think Shadow has a counter to the ? slam. But the betting odds say ??? finds someone to compete for him.
AA? ;)

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Indie Wrestling Life Magazine
A Barney Williams Interview​

"I always enjoyed wrestling for PWC, but even I knew it had to end eventually. You see, I had my final push but it failed. I have to give Shadow his due, of course. The man beat me fair and square to retain his championship and I have to blame myself for cashing in too soon. I know people judged me after that situation. I know people thought I left the company in shame but I didn't, of course not. I lost more than I won, and I never once complained. I never once pulled an AA and complained that things were not fair.

I left because I was due to become a father. After everything my own father put me through by faking his own death, I wasn't about to loose it all. No, I left because I wanted to be a better dad than what I had. I left because I wanted and I still want to give my little girl everything I never had. I want to be there and actually care for a child. I left because I wanted to actually be there for my child and not be off touring the globe. Yes, I enjoyed it but I think I'd enjoy spending time with my kid more.

I returned under a one night deal a few weeks ago, I had one apperence left on my contract and then that was it, I wanted out. I let Clement bury me and make Nero look strong. Me and Nero have had our problems, yeah, but I still wanted to make him look decent as a final thank you for planting the seeds to one of the best stories that PWC could of told. I never expected him to actually kill me but yeah.

I wouldn't change any of what happened in PWC, I had a blast of a time and I loved every minute of it. I lost constantly but I had fun. I had fun and that's all I really cared about. The management were perfect and even the talent helped me tell some great stories and taught me to cut some hella promo's on the show. I started life by attacking a man who I adored, Jensen was and still is one of the best and I ended life in PWC by having the best match of my career with Shadow.

I know you gave me one topic to talk about this and that is simply "where does PWC go from here"?. I like that question and the answer I can give is up. They have some amazing talent and while I can't stand that Masterson guy he knows how to tell a story inside of the ring. I checked out the indie scenes a few months ago on a talent search and I approched this one dude who turned me down. He was a former gymnist turned wrestler who has one of the most insane in ring styles I've seen in a while.

Lucas Hawthorne, he was an Aussie. He turned down PWC's offer but invited me to stick around and watch his match. I was blown away by him, his speed and ferocity shocked me. I know PWC can do wonders if they sign talent like that. If they sign talent who can make an impact then the only place they can go is up. Someday they will be global and I know it for a fact."
San Antonio - Texas
Vortex 10 - One Week Away
Vortex 11 - Two Weeks Away​

It was my girlfriend who told me about the call. I had no idea they had even called until my girlfriend told me. The chat we had afterwards wasn't fun, she was heavily pregnant and wanted me to stick around and help her. I couldn't turn down the offer though, not one this big. I packed my bag and headed to the airport. The argument we had wasn't fun but she understood what this meant to me. I always promised I wouldn't return but they wanted me back. They wanted me back for one more night and I was going to give it to them.

PWC had called. I said I was never going back but one more show just seemed so cool. I loved the job, the industury and the passion and if I wasn't expecting a kid I would of gone back sooner. PWC was a home to me and I wanted to go back and enjoy one more night. That's all I wanted, was to enjoy one more night of action. I was up against Jake Masterson, a man who could tell a great in ring story and a man I wanted to work with badly. It was a win win, plus it put some money on the table for my girlfriend and kid.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vortex 10 - Two Hours Away
Vortex 11 - One Week Away​

Canada, oh Canada. I was excited for Vortex 10, my meeting with management had gone well and I'd snagged some front row seats to enjoy the show. The talent was good, even without any AA the talent was still amazing. Plus, some new talent had just signed and I was interested to see how they adapted to PWC standards. I'd also heard rumors of a very special person backstage talking with management and I was interested to see why, even though I already knew.

I liked people I met, many were talented and many worked with me to tell amazing stories or just have fun. I'd raced cars (again), got lost in London and met my girlfriend and moved in with her and made a little Barnetta Williams. Well, we were calling the little one Sandy Williams but you know, the point was there. It was still a mini proto-human that was half me, or 23 chromosomes, one of the two.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Vortex 11 - One Hour Away​

A call forgiving me and wishing me luck. I knew my girlfriend would forgive me eventually, she understood why I wanted one more chance to make a statement while providing food for her and the little one. I'd be home by her due date anyway...probably. Unless I got hooked on professional wrestling again, then maybe not. No, I promised myself this would be the last time I wrestled, at least for a while. I'd been in and out for too long now. It was time to finally step back for good.

Being in wrestling trunks felt weird. I'd dropped down quite a few pounds and my old trunks hardly fit, much too wide. Instead the lads in costume set me up and made me an entirly new set that fit me perfectly. It felt strange, lacing up wrestling boots again, wrapping my hands in tape and sliding on the oh so familiar hoodie. My entrance was much the same and I didn't mind that, I liked my entrance, it was fun and fulfilling. I grinned carefully as I text a simple " <3" to my girl, hoping she was watching the show.

I heard Masterson and me get called. I had no idea where Jake was but I know I had this match planned. I'd been watching PWC while I was away and I knew the tatic that "Primetime" would play. I needed to counter him, that was the worst thing. He could easily outwrestle me, I was rusty so all I could do was keep moving, allow him to tire.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, turned. It was him, I hadn't seen him in months and he simply wished me luck.

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Dr Nero

versus Bruce Thorn Jr. 2

6 Years ago


Nero pushes the defibrillator paddles onto the chest of the dying man. A large metal pole is sticking out of the man’s side as nurses frantically rush around the stoic surgeon. Nero as always stays calm while he attempts to save a life.

“Clear!”, Nero continues to work, not noticing his white coat is now covered in blood. He pushes down probing for a heartbeat. A blip is heard. A nurse relays the message to Nero, who immediately throws the paddles down and demands a scalpel.

“There’s no time to transfer him to a theatre. Bring the light closer and….”

4 years ago​

… “Move!”

Nero swings a barbell into the tattooed giant’s chest! Other inmates circle around the two men. Eager to watch or perhaps get involved themselves to help the man which whom their allegiance falls with. Nero stands over the prison’s current big fish holding the barbell. He scans the circle for any movement from the blood thirsty crowd. “Big Fish” is holding his chest in pain, almost helpless to get up. Nero squats down so he can whisper in his attacker’s ear.

“Next time I guess you’ll move.”

Nero stands up and again quickly scans the crowd. “Big Fish’s” little guppies look eager to pounce. But Nero gives them a glance, discouraging any such course of action. His message is seemingly relayed and he throws the barbell away.

“Someone better help your friend to the infirmary, he’s going to need medical …

2 Years ago​

… “Attention!”

“You know it and I know it Clement. There is no one on this planet that is better than me. Be it in the ring or outside of it promoting PWC to a worldwide juggernaut. Who do you think is going to do it? Xander Black? The guy refuses to talk to the media, and by the looks of him haven’t had a shower in years. It certainly isn’t fragile Kyle Elric. He can’t handle the pressure. He’ll leave the moment it gets too tough. I want that title shot Clement.”

Clement loosens his white and green striped tie. He nervously clears his throat before looking up at the wild eyed Legacy Champion.

“Jason, you only have to retain your Legacy Championship one more time before you have earned your title shot. You are making the legacy Championship very prestigious every moment it sits around your waist. PWC is a bigger and better place already because we have two main events. The World title and the Legacy title matches are bringing huge amounts of revenue that no doubt your accountant has seen a large portion of it transferred to you.”

Clement takes a breath. He slinks over to his desk and sits on it trying to act casual, almost friendly. He wipes the sweat from his top lip before continuing.

“PWC is in a building phase, you’re a big part of it. Establishing a Championship that is not the World title is very difficult, yet your high profile and meteoric rise has elevated the Championship to levels not even thought to be achieved. Especially at this stage of the game.”
Nero still isn’t happy. “Clement, you can spin this as much as you want. But whoever holds the
“World’s Championship, symbolises they are the very best. I’m the best, but I’m not recognised as such due to your incompetence.”

Clement has had enough of this conversation and wants Nero to know his place. “Look, it’s very simple. Defend the Legacy belt one more time and you’ll get your World title match. No one will be able to dispute your number one contender status, because you had earned it. Earned it in front of the world. Please Jason, it’s one more match. If you’re as confident as you are that you can become World Champion, then defeating a Legacy Championship contender should be no problem…. Should it?

“I’ll jump through your hoops”, says Nero. “But you’ve just left a lot of money on the table. One of these days you’re going to…”

3 months ago​

“Wake up!”

Ellie backs away, she can see how frustrated Nero is. He has just lost the World Championship on the grandest stage of the sport. And due to a stipulation, is unable to compete for it as long as the man who beat him remains Champion.

“It doesn’t matter anymore if I’m the best. Clement has blocked my right to be seen as such. What’s the point!?!?”

Ellie tries to calm her companion with a kiss, but he refuses her advances.

“The embargo on your rematch will lift as soon as Hammerpunch is no longer Champion… All we have to do is make sure he loses the belt. You’ll get your rematch as soon as we take it away from him. Clement will want to follow up on the success of his new Champion as soon as possible. Whoever it is Clement gets to take the belt from Hammerpunch, we have just got to make sure it happens.”

Nero is still unhappy he is no longer the Champion. He is less enthused that his nose has been broken in the war with the man who has taken his belt. Nero calms himself. He thinks to himself that the time it will take for his nose to heal should be about the same time it will take to ensure Hammerpunch loses the title to the next challenger. Nero will be ready then to get his title rematch and once again become…

7 weeks ago​


Nero stands in front of the interim PWC General Manager Ms Brittany Page. The old saying “It takes one to know one”, rings true in every sense Nero says to himself. He is standing in front of a master manipulator, who hides herself behind her pink blouses and reading glasses.

“It’s been weeks since Hammerpunch lost the World Championship. MY World Championship. You will give me what is owed, MY rematch."

Page looks frightened, intimidated by the former Champion. She looks away hunching her shoulders together so her cleavage becomes more prominent in Nero’s direction.

“I’m really sorry Dr Nero, I mean Hammerpunch also deserves a rematch. I don’t know what to tell you. There’s…”

“Cut the scared little girl act Page,” Nero snipes. “Don’t play innocent with me. You might be able to fool idiots like Clement and the Board and anyone else you want to get this position of power. I don’t really care what you’re doing or what you’re up to. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my title shot. Do you understand me?”

Page cuts the act. She sits back in her chair and removes her glasses. She takes her hair out. As her golden locks fall over his shoulders like a waterfall, her green eyes stare up at the God Complex with true intent.

“While Mr Clement is away Doctor, I’m in charge. Hammerpunch getting his revenge on Crowley and trying to get back the title is box office gold. I’m striking while the iron’s hot. This match is going to make it rain money around here. So you’ll wait your turn like a good little boy. When it’s your turn, I’ll letchya know.”

Nero straightens his back, checks his perfect tie and smirks.

“Very well Ms Page. I’m just going to have to destroy everyone one on this roster until I get what I want. By the time it’s done, you’ll have no one left to headline your precious main events. Remember, this is all on…”



Nero sits in the backseat of a stretched limousine. Ellie sits beside him in a tight pants suit. Her hair is up and she is taking notes. Nero is on the speaker phone with Ms Page.

“I don’t speak to underlings Page. You’re not in control any more. Put Clement on the phone immediately.”

The sharp, cold tone of the PWC Chairman’s assistant spits back over the speaker.

“Nero, the match will not be changed. You WILL go one-on-one with Bruce Thorn Jr on the last Vortex before your match with Jacob Bianchi at the pay per view event. It’s funny how you think you can throw your weight around demanding whatever you want. Reality check Doc, you have no power here. Like I told you months ago, you just be a good little boy and do what you’re told. Oh and if you anything but go to WAR with your new BFF Thorn Junior, that World title rematch of yours you keep barking about… It’ll be ripped up, and you can start from the very bottom again like when you first came in!”

As always Nero’s facial expression doesn’t change. He keeps cool and calm. He’s been in higher stressful situations than dealing with this petulant child.

"So what is it Ms Page that Bianchi holds over you? He has something big he’s blackmailing Clement with, that was obvious from last week. Too bad he just wasn’t good enough to beat Thorn. But you.. what does he have over you… or are you just some lovesick puppy that just does what he says. I thought more of you than that Ms Page. I guess you’re nothing but the bimbo we all thought you to be. Hang up Ellie, I no longer wish to converse with this… disappointment.”

Ellie happily hangs up her. Nero’s valet has said time and again that she would love to get her hands on Page’s neck. That might soon become a reality. In the meantime, Nero’s focus is split.
Bianchi has proven himself an excellent fighter. He took Bruce Thorn Jr to the limit last week. Only a handful of men on this planet can boast to doing so. Nero smirks that he is not only one of them, but at last meeting he bested Thorn. Nero’s new found respect for Thorn was born out of the war these two men had. This time Nero imagines Thorn’s ego will not allow this contest to be an easy one. In fact quite the opposite. Thorn will be wanting to even the score in the win/loss column between them. They have each other’s respect, but they are far from “BFFs” as Page termed their relationship.

“This is obvious Bianchi’s doing Jason.” Ellie only just now realises. “He has got Clement over a barrel and wants Thorn to soften you up for the pay per view.”

“Yes,” Nero agrees. “My preparation for Bianchi is not only interrupted, but I will have to put my body through a match with one of the best fighters in the world only days before I face Bianchi.”

Nero pauses, he is lost in his thoughts for a few moments. Something Ellie is very much accustomed to. She knows not to disturb him while he calculates the various options open to him.

“Looks like Clement wins this round. He always wanted me to “earn” my opportunities. This time round I am going to. Thorn Jr and I will go to war on Vortex. Ellie, you and I will go through our Thorn Jr. game plan from last month. We will re-write counters to the counters. We know each other too well now. Muscle memory will become critical to ensuring I not only win this match, but come out of it uninjured for the match with Bianchi.

As for Bianchi...”

7 weeks ago – Nero standing over Interim PWC Chairperson, Brittany Page – “… I will be the man who…

3 months ago – Nero standing over Ellie in his dressing room at Last Rites – “…. humbles him, for there’s nothing he can do…

2 years ago – Nero standing over PWC Chairman Ernesto Clement – “… for I am unbeatable…

4 years ago – Nero standing over his attacker in the prison exercise yard- “… this is my world now, so…

6 years ago - Nero standing over a dying man in the emergency room - “… he can’t be saved. I’m calling his time of death.”

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The Adventures of Mr. Jalapeno and the Day of the Shushers​
I wasn’t in my usual setting but for some reason, I was in the mood for some light reading. Luckily I had found a nearby library here in Manitoba where Vortex will be held. Even luckier is that they have the entire set of my favorite book series – Captain Underpants. Yes, you read that right, Captain Underpants. I drew a few looks of bewilderment as I entered the small library since I still had my mask on but the librarian didn’t seem to care. I don’t know, it’s just been super stressful with Masterson plotting God knows what against me and now, I’m pretty sure I pissed off Remy Dieu. Typically, not the kind of guys you want to piss of. But I’ve got help in Jensen so that eased my mind a bit. But yeah, it’s been a bit too stressful lately so why not do some light reading right?

“Ahh, here it is. Captain Underpants and the Perilous Professor Poopypants. Classic.”

My giggle could be heard loud enough that someone shush’d me. Ooops. I went to where the couches were and began to read. Reading Captain Underpants somehow relaxes me. When real life gets stressful, I just pick up a copy of Captain Underpants, pick up some red jalapeno peppers, and that pretty much describes my entire high school life. Oh boy.

But anyway, this story was great because of the villain, Professor Poopypants. Totally reminds me of Jacob Bianchi, my opponents this week on Vortex. Now, I don’t know if he’s a poopypants but he’s the clear cut definition of what a villain is. You look at the definition of “villain” and you’ll probably see Jacob Bianchi’s picture right next to it. Not a good dude at all. But that’s not the reason I chose this story. You see, Professor Poopypants wasn’t always a bad guy. And for Jacob Bianchi, I don’t think he was always a bad guy either.

As I was reading the book, my giggles got louder each and every time. I’ve read this book a million times but it always gets me to laugh because of how silly it is but also teaches me a lot of stuff despite it’s goofiness. I took a few moments to compose myself as I probably was going to get kicked out if I got shush’d again. Before I pick the book back up, I saw someone. In some ripped up jeans that covered the longest legs ever, a simple blue t-shirt that had a butterfly on it, some Ray Bans sunglasses, and a denim hat, yup, it’s gotta be her – PWC’s ring announcer, Emma Mason. But wait, she’s picking out a Captain Underpants book, no way!

The book she picked up was called Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot. Ooooh that was a good one. It was the latest book the author, Dav Pilkey wrote, so hmm. Maybe she hadn’t read it yet? I used my book to cover my appearance as she was looking for a place to sit. And well, she sat right across from me. I slowly pull the book away from my face and she notices me instantly.



Me and Emma had gotten along as soon as I got signed to PWC. It’s no secret that anyone who laid eyes on Emma Mason would instantly get a crush on her. It took every thing in me to keep my composure. Sure, we were pals but my goodness, Emma looked great no matter what she wore. She showed me the book she picked out.

“I had no idea you were a Captain Underpants fan.”

“Of course. Who doesn’t like heroes in underpants right?”

“You silly. Well, I just picked this one up. I know it’s been out for almost two years but I just haven’t found the time to read it yet.”

“Oh you’ll love it. Especially when… oh wait, nevermind.”

“Right. Let me read it first before we discuss it, dude! Anyway, what are you reading?”

I pick up the book to give her a better view.

“Ahh. Classic. One of my favorites. But hey, what brings you to the library? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for your upcoming match with Jacob Bianchi. Tsk tsk tsk. Heard the guy is bad news. Please beat him.”

“That’s exactly why I’m here Emma. In my story, the villain is… well, he wasn’t always a villain. And that’s what I think of Jacob Bianchi right now. Sure, he’s a bad guy right now but he wasn’t always. I know he’s my opponent but I think that the more I understand my opponents, the more equipped I am to defeat them. So I’m technically doing my homework on them by reading. Ha!”

“Oh Jalapeno, you’re such a silly guy, you know that? Seriously though, be careful out there. You’ve made a lot of enemies lately. I don’t see how anyone can hate you though. You’re so positive and so full of joy. We definitely need more guys like you in PWC.”

She flashes me her pearly whites. Dang, I could stare at that smile forever.

“A guy like Jacob Bianchi probably does better homework on his opponents than me but I don’t care what he finds out about me. What he’ll find might even make him re-think his ways. Might even make him, well, happy.”

“That’s one way to look at it. Wait, in your book, wasn’t Professor Poopypants just trying to help save the world by introducing an invention but was just laughed at because of how silly his invention was despite being helpful?”

“Story of my life Emma.”

“Ha! Good one. You’re a good guy Jalapeno. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“Yeah, well. I’ve got Bianchi in a match tonight. Remy probably has some plans for me as well. Then I’ve got Masterson breathing down my neck. Lovely right?”

“Meh. Nothing you can’t handle. Plus, aren’t you forgetting about the way your book ends?”


“Captain Underpants’s story here just seems fitting to your situation right now. Despite how nice Captain Underpants is, he had a weakness. When that weakness was exploited, Captain Underpants rose to the occasion to defeat Professor Poopypants. So what I’m saying is, Bianchi, Remy, and Masterson are all fighting you when you’re this happy and you have the strength to combat them all. Just wait til they see your angry side. I sure wouldn’t want to be part of that.”

Emma had just said what was going through my mind the past few days. I was taken aback because she read me like a book on that one (ha!). It was true, the last time I was angry, it didn't end well. My wish is that no one ever sees me angry. This trip to the library should do the trick to calm myself. Because, I knew that if I had lost it, it wouldn’t just be bad for my opponents, but it’d be bad for everyone around me – friends, family, the whole nine yards.

“Ha, you’re crazy Emma. I’m always cool, calm, and collected.”

“Sure you are ;)

She winks at me.

“Now shush, let me read this book and after, we can grab some food.”

Wow! A date. Or well, it probably wasn’t a date but I wish it was. Meh, don’t be weird Mr. Jalapeno, act natural.

“Yeah, I’d be down for that. Food is another thing that solves many of my problems.”

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