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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Rodgers Arena
City: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Debut Match
Ryan Barron vs La Pantera

Debut Match
Hannibal Howard III vs Leo Masters

Singles Match
Jensen vs "Prime Time" Jake Masterson

Singles Match
Remy Dieu vs Mr. Jalapeno

Singles Match
Jacob Bianchi vs Bruce Thorn Jr.

Also Featuring
Shadow enters the Dark Kingdom

As always Card is Subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on Jan 15 (Sunday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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Sounds like Super Mario and Batman have joined forces and invited me over for dinner.
But srs dafuq is this?

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It's going to be a featured segment on the show. Don't want to spoil much which is why we kept it vague.

Also note that you and @Demon Hunter can submit an RP this week if you want to progress the storylines in your RPs heading into your big Championship match.

Crowley is gonna kill you so he doesn't have to defend the title against you.
Very plausible scenario actually.

Bruce Thorn vs. (Enter Daiko Character here) is the Orton vs. Cena of the PWC.
No one ever gives up. We're just missing someone punting someone's father in the skull.

EDIT: Wait actually I'm pretty sure Daiko beat up Uncle Tommy at one point :confused:

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It's going to be a featured segment on the show. Don't want to spoil much which is why we kept it vague.

Also note that you and Demon Hunter can submit an RP this week if you want to progress the storylines in your RPs heading into your big Championship match.

Wait. So nothing to do with Batman or Mario? Well that's a fucking let down if I ever saw one

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Bring back Gary Oak!
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2300 Hours - Somerset, England

A low thud continuously echoes throughout the car as it makes its way over a cobbled road, which winds its way towards a mansion, half shrouded by the night's darkness. A single light is on just outside the house, and it illuminates the front door in its warm glow.

Inside the car, Jacob Bianchi smiles uneasily. Even without the signs that they had driven past on their way here, he knew exactly where he was.

Looking towards his driver, Bianchi speaks for the first time since he left his home several hours beforehand.

What happened to this houses last owner?

The driver looks at Bianchi in her mirror for a moment before responding.

Early retirement. Mr. Lane acquired the house a fortnight ago, and has been working from it ever since.

Bianchi nods at her response. He knew that this house belonged to one of Sirius Lane's cohorts. The previous owner, Malcolm Barnes, was the man that Jacob had targeted when he was looking into Sirius Lane's Organisation.

Does this mean Lane was the cause of the leak?

Before Bianchi can dwell on it any further, the car pulls to a stop, just in front of the front door, which looks to be carved from the finest mahogany.

Bianchi shakes his head, trying to clear it just as the driver gets out the car and holds open Jacob's door. As he gets out, she points to the front door.

It's open. You're to meet Mr. Lane in the dining room. Straight down the hallway. Second on your left.

Bianchi is already on his way to the door as she talks, determined to get the answers that he was looking for. As he opens the door, the driver gets back into the car and drives off down the cobbled road.

Bianchi strolls through the hallway, not even bothering to take in the decorations that adorned the walls, his eyes fixed on the door that contained Lane.

He pushes open the second door on the left, and is greeted by a sudden blast of warmth, coming from a fireplace to his left. He hadn't even noticed the cold beforehand, but once he was back in the warmth, he found he appreciated it more than ever.

The sound of metal clinking off of china catches his attention as he flicks his head to the right, and catches sight of his quarry, who was cutting away at a slab of steak with gusto.

Without even looking up, Lane points to the seat across from him, which Bianchi quickly takes. A minute passes, in which Lane chews at his steak slowly, seeming to savour the taste before putting his cutlery down. He reaches for the napkin sat on his lap and drops it down onto his plate.

Only then does he look up at Bianchi.

You've been busy, Jacob. Three weeks since our first meeting, and in that time, you've been hunting relentlessly for anything that you can link to me. All the while, you've ignored the easy option. Merely asking.

Without missing a beat, Bianchi fires back.

We're in a business that requires lies and secrecy, Mr. Lane. How could I guarantee that you'd answer my questions truthfully?

Lane laughs.

You can't. The truth is earned. Through respect or hard work matters not, but if you want it from me, you're going to need equal measures of both.

Bianchi almost yawns pointedly, but he manages to restrain himself.

I'd like to think I've done both at this point.

Lane raises an eyebrow.


If I'm not mistaken, I'm the one who is to be thanked for you acquiring this mansion.

Again, Lane laughs.

Are you taking the full credit for that?

Bianchi shakes his head.

No, it's clear that you played your part in this. My guess is that you were the one who was the cause of the original leak. The one that caught my attention.

Lane shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly.

It wasn't specifically your attention that I sought, but you're the one who took full advantage of the situation at hand. For which, I commend you.

What was this all for?

Control. I grow tired of answering to a group of equals and saw a chance to enhance my own position.

And why not just do that yourself? You didn't need me if you already the leverage you needed.

We'll call that recruitment.

Recruit.. You're telling me that was some kind of a job interview.

Lane winks.

If I can be less than modest for a moment, I think that may have been one of my more brilliant ideas.

Bianchi scoffs.

You risked being discovered all so you could do what? Find yourself an assistant?

Risked? Jacob, you've spent three weeks scouring every resource at your disposal, and you still know nothing more about me than you did during our first meeting. If you with your considerable talents couldn't get anything about me, what makes you think a group of crusty old executives could? Most would struggle to set up a game of Minesweeper, never mind gain any information about me.

And no. I have no interest in an assistant. If you choose to accept this position, you're going to be in the field like any of my operatives.

What am I choosing to accept?

Your first assignment is to London, where you will be putting pressure on a local business owner.

Reaching under the table, Lane produces a slim manila folder and pushes to towards Bianchi, who is staring incredulously back at him.

While not brimming with information, what is in there will be more than enough to get this man's attention. From there, it's just a matter of ensuring their support.

Bianchi holds up his hands, leaving the folder untouched.

Hold on a second. You're asking me to blackmail someone just so they agree to some demands of yours?

Lane looks smug as he replies.

I'm glad you're following along.


If you succeed, I'll tell you.

That's not good enough.

The smug look fades from Lane's face and is replaced by a frown.

How about this then. When you complete this task, I'll permit you one question, which I swear to answer to the full extent of my abilities.

What use is that to me?

Lane laughs again.

Well how else do you expect to learn anything about the mysterious Sirius Lane? Come on, Jacob. Where's your sense of adventure? Complete this task and you begin to unravel the shroud that covers your mysterious new boss.

Bianchi considers it for a second.

Fine. But if any harm comes from this, I swear to god that I'll use every bit of information I have to end you and your Organisation.

Lane nods approvingly.

That's the spirit.

He then raises his hand mockingly.

Upon my own word, I swear that I have no nefarious goals at play here.

Bianchi rolls his eyes and stands up, grabbing the file as he does.

How am I getting there? Your driver left me high and dry, so I'm currently stuck here.

Lane flicks his hand and a small card flies across the table into the outstretched palm of Bianchi.

Call that number and she'll pick you up and drive you anywhere you need to go.

Bianchi nods and turns to leave.

Oh and Mr. Bianchi. Should you threaten me again, I will personally see to it that the reason for your departure from the armed forces is broadcast on every television channel in the country for the next six months.

Bianchi continues walking as calmly as before, but internally, he froze at the threat. In his hubris, he'd forgotten that Lane was the one in control here.

By the time Bianchi had made his way out of the front door, he'd come up with sixteen different ways to fight back against Lane, but the second he put any pressure on these ideas, they all crumbled. For what felt like the first time in his life, he was at the complete mercy of another human being. He didn't like it.

* * *

1600 Hours - Los Angeles, United States

If this is your best move, I'm incredibly disappointed, Clement.

Sat at his desk, Jacob Bianchi flicks through several thick folders, stopping every so often to write something down on the pad that he has on his lap.

I'm probably stood at number one on Thorn's hit-list after he was attacked, but even he can't be so dull as to think I'd waste my time with that. You're just setting him up for failure.

Pausing his not-so-inner-monologue, Bianchi grabs another folder and begins looking through it.

Anthony Bruno... Potential murderer of the elder Thorns. Hmm..

Bianchi's finger begin to drum against his desk as he considers the options in front of him.

Bruno's a definite pressure point for Thorn, but I'm not entirely convinced he's one worth pressing. Getting access to Bruno will be difficult enough, and I doubt he'll play ball.

His daughter is an option, but again, one that is beyond my reach. Raising a false flag on a potential sighting might be enough to drop Thorn's guard for the quick finish.

Writing as he talks, Bianchi grabs a highlighter from the desktop and runs it through the word 'Cassie'.

As for pressure points, none are going to hit harder than the Uncle.

Bianchi flips through several pages of his folders until a picture of Tommy Thorn glares back at him. He glances at the picture for a moment before devouring the information, much of which he had read several times prior. In every available space, there were more notes, hastily scrawled down in Bianchi's handwriting, all of which focused on Tommy's actions since Bianchi received the files.

No doubt he's going to be by Thorn's side, so it'd be a waste of time trying to divide and conquer. I'd never have the time.

Bianchi frowns at the folders, almost willing a plan to formulate.

Right, c'mon...think.

The finger drumming reaches a fever pitch as Bianchi tries to power his way through the block and work up a solution to the problem at hand.

Is he even worth it? I can take him down, but all that will do is push Thorn in my direction even more. If the worst is coming, I'll lash out at him, but until then, I don't think I need Thorn as an enemy. Not after my meeting with Clement.

So that leaves one major option. The injured arm. While not enough to cause a drop of the guard, reducing his defences will be more than enough to gain a workable advantage. My armbar is best weapon against him, so I'm going to need to get some work in.

Bianchi reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone, into which he punches several numbers before bringing it up to his ear.

Set up the gym and find me someone to spar with. I'll be there in an hour.

Without waiting for a response, Bianchi hangs up and puts the phone back into his pocket. He then gets to his feet, throwing all of his writing material onto the desk..

He stretches for a moment before making his way out of the room.

* * *

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Everyone, I will be extending the deadline by another 24 Hours due to the lack of RPs turned in so far.

Final Deadline is tomorrow 11:59

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Leo is walking off the plane when his cell phone vibrates. He sees it’s one of his friends from the neighborhood, pauses for a moment, and then rejects the call. The world he fought so hard for, to help, just doesn’t seem want to help itself. He tells himself that he has always known this, it was about fighting the good fight... but now that he travels away from his home every week, the escape pushes him to curse them.

How many times does he have to fix his community, pick his neighbors up, give everything he’s got to no avail. For his and his loved ones to become targets for helping those in need, who reject the help every chance they get.

He grabs the keys for the rental car and thinks to himself, “Are these the keys to freedom?” Will he be thought of as a sell out? He has given his all for 12 years, and how many people has he really helped? He was always scared to ask himself this question.

Driving to the arena, Leo thinks about his latest opponent. Another new guy just like him. Everything that’s been happening at home has been a distraction. He has yet to get a win even though he has pledged to put all his winnings into the community. Are they holding him back from victory?

The security guard waves him through the fans as the parking garage roller door rises for him. He pulls into a vacant spot and turns off the engine. Almost in a trance he stares at the steering wheel. Like a vicious circle, he tries to rebuild the neighborhood, but it keeps getting knocked down. He tries to take those kids off the streets only for them to be shot by some other kid he couldn’t help.

He bashes the wheel and then sits his forehead on it. Once again he knows, he doesn’t have time to think about such things, he has a match.

Leo opens his locker room for all the new faces around him. The likes of the World Champion Crowley or big stars like Dr Nero and Austin Angel are nowhere to be seen in here. However across the room he sees the guy he is to fight tonight, Hannibal Howard the Third. The man walks out of the room turning his back on Leo. Unsure if it was intentional, Leo ponders what sort of fighter is he. There doesn’t seem to be any information on this new fighter and if he’s honest with himself, no one really talks to him since he arrived. His loner status has made it difficult to prepare for his opponents. When he is was in the army and was sent in against an enemy he was always briefed. He and his team were given all the information they needed to complete their mission. Ever since he arrived in PWC he seems to always be going in the ring blind. He has to win tonight. There is too much going on his head

But who is this Hannibal cat? What are his strengths and weaknesses? Leo smirks to himself that Nero or that new guy Bianchi would probably have a full dossier on him, right down to what his favorite color is. But for a guy from the streets, he doesn’t have those resources. He’s got a weight room and punching bag. What does Hannibal the “Third” have?

Leo turns to the full length mirror to make sure he is wearing the costume PWC gave him, the way they specified. Can’t go out in front of thousands of people if his fighting under wear isn’t on correctly... “King of the Concrete Jungle”... whatever...

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Five days before Vortex, Thorn’s Gym, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Maybe try not falling on the back of your neck next time.

Doug Ramsey hands Bruce Thorn the ice pack again as the PWC wrestler places it behind his neck, savouring the cool, soothing sensation as the pain slowly numbs away.

That’s hard to do in my line of work, Doug.

Well you’ve been doing that a lot more often lately, haven’t you Bruce? Can’t you see how much worse you are in these sparing sessions?

Thanks Doug.

You know what I mean; it’s because of this all of this.

Ramsey points despairingly at the computer screen in front of them as Thorn leans over his chair.

We should be focusing on getting better and refining your game like Tommy wants. You know the thing you two actually pay me to help you do but instead we’re stuck doing this. Can’t you see Bruce…

Doug pauses for a moment.

I know what you’re going to say.

But you won’t listen anyway.

Thorn throws his head back and looks up at the ceiling. It might all be true but he just can’t take that chance. He needed to know for sure. It was supposed to be over, Anthony Bruno was in a prison cell after all these years but after he told Thorn that Cassie, his daughter, was in danger, Bruce had to find her and make sure she was okay. All of this was his fault after all, he owed her that much at least.

Of course I know that Bruno might be playing me here but I need to know for sure, that’s why I have to find her. Did you manage to trace the phone yet?

Doug lets out a sigh.

Five minutes and we should have our answer.

What answer?

A smirking Tommy Thorn comes striding into the room with Bruce tapping Doug on the shoulder who quickly switches the screen to a video of Thorn’s tag team match on the last Vortex.

How to counter Jacob Bianchi’s finisher, AWOL. I’m thinking punch him in the face but Doug disagrees.

It’s hard to punch someone in the face when you’re in that position, Bruce.

Ramsey lets out a nervous laugh with the younger Thorn shaking his head. They had gotten word from the office of Ernesto Clement and Brittany Page that Thorn would face Jacob Bianchi at the next Vortex. He had faced the Italian and the Television Champion Remy Dieu in the Legacy Title Tag Team Tournament last week but had come up short much to his disappointment. Tommy insisted on as much video analysis of Bianchi as they could find so they could be more ready this time. For once Bruce agreed. He hated losing the chance at a Legacy Title shot, especially to Bianchi. He also still didn’t trust the man after the strange attacks after Hell’s Judgment even though the evidence didn't point to him as the culprit, there was just something about him.

I was kidding obviously. I’d say I’d try to power out in that situation.

One Hundred percent yes, he’s far too good technically for you to try and out wrestle him.

Thorn pulls up a chair for Tommy who gestures that won’t be necessary.

No, no. I still have business to take care of. I just wanted to check in with you two. So what would you say Bianchi’s biggest strength is, Bruce?

His in-ring intelligence, right? Everything he does has a reason, a purpose. He’s so methodical in his approach. And because of that, he never makes a mistake or at least minimizes any chance that he may.

Again, exactly right. And we counter that by doing the opposite.

Bruce let’s out a sly smile as Tommy nods his head.

You’re always telling me to slow down, find the right moment and then strike but not with Bianchi?

The elder Thorn picks up a sealed bottle of water next to the table and opens it up and takes a sip.

No not with him. For once, we need you to keep the pace of the match at an absolute break neck speed, use your power, speed, strength and overall greater athleticism to overwhelm him. Yes, this time we need you to actually cause as much chaos as you can and throw Bianchi off his game.

That I can do, gladly.

Bruce gazes at the screen once more, a shot of Bianchi slamming him to the mat replays for a moment.

I know that he wasn’t the one behind the attacks but there’s something about him I don’t like or trust.

You shouldn’t, Mr. Bianchi is a snake if ever I saw one. His mind is far more dangerous than anything he could do in the ring, we have to be extremely careful with this one.

Tommy was deadly serious. He saw the Italian as a real threat and wanted Bruce to know. He turned to his nephew, his voice thick with worry.

I wish you’d let me come out there with you, Bruce.

I know you want to, but…I just…

Want to do things on your own from now on.

Tommy let’s out a sad smile.

Old habits die hard I suppose. Well if I can’t be out there with you during the match, I’ll make damn sure that you’re ready for whatever he has to throw at you. Boys, keep up the hard work. Bruce, I’ve set up a few more sparring sessions later where we can go over a few things.

I’ll be ready.

Tommy smiles and slaps Doug on the shoulder with the computer expert flicking in his chair much to the amusement of Bruce with his uncle finally making his way back to his office. With Tommy out of sight, Bruce nudges Doug to carry on with their other work much to his dismay..

Check it again, did it finish?

What about Bianchi and how much you want to punch him in the face?

Don’t mistaken me wanting to find Cassie as a disinterest in beating Bianchi, I can multitask. I want to do both. I will do both. So trace her phone and we’ll get back to studying tape.

Doug’s fingers race across his keyboard as he works with lightning fast speed.

It’s done. Hmm, well her phone hasn’t been tuned on in a couple weeks like you thought.

And her last location?

I’m sorry Bruce. It says just outside her apartment.

I tried her apartment and she wasn’t anywhere near there.

Doug shrugs with Thorn unsure about what his next move will be.

What are you going to do now?

I’ll go back to her apartment tomorrow. Check again, today we focus on getting a game plan together to beat Bianchi at Vortex.


Four days before Vortex, Outside Cassie Bruno’s Apartment, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you, Mrs. Cole.

Thorn hands back the key to the smiling old women, Mrs. Cole.

Did you find anything, son. I’m so worried about Cassandra. We’re all very fond of her here and we know what happened to her father must’ve taken a toll on her, not that I’m trying to pry into her personal issues.

Oh, of course not.

I’m just worried.

We all are.

Thorn had long made a friend out of the Cassie’s neighbor who he knew had a spare key to her apartment. She was a sweet old lady with an affection for her so when Bruce explained Cassie’s disappearance she immediately gave him the keys to see if he could find some clue to where she’d gone.

Unfortunately he had come up empty handed again. Cassie's possessions had remained untouched since the day she disappeared it seemed. It was almost like she vanished into thin air.

I’m going to keep looking Mrs. Cole. I’ll find her, I promise you.

The old lady nodded gratefully as Thorn made his way out of the apartment building with more questions than answers. The icy Philadelphia winter breeze kicks up around him leaving him as cold on the outside as he was on the inside.

Where was she and how could she just disappear like that. Maybe her father Anthony Bruno was right and the people that were after him came for her. The guilt weighed heavy on Thorn’s shoulders. Maybe he should have told her the truth about who he really was in the first place. The thought sent far more shivers down his spine than any cold wind ever could. Maybe Bruno was wrong and it was time to let the police know. This could all still be one of his games, was he above kidnapping his own daughter to get to Bruce. A dejected Thorn sat down on the steps of the apartment. What else could he do now? A light sound around the corner of the wall next to him drew his attention and from around the corner much to his surprise, ran a familiar furry friend.


It was Cassie’s dog, Rover. His brown fur was wet to the touch, cold from the harsh weather in the area. He jumped all over Thorn and licked his face, his short tail wagging in delight.

Hey, little guy. What are you doing here. I thought you went away with your.....

No one had mentioned seeing Rover and Bruce hadn’t seen him the last time he looked around the area, but somehow here he was. He looked cold and tired and dirty. It was obvious that he’d been outside for a while.

Cassie would never let you out here all alone, especially in this weather.

He knew then that something sinister must’ve happened. The untouched apartment, the phone and now the dog. He was worried sick. Something had happened to her.

Anthony Bruno, this was all his fault. But no, that didn’t make sense. For all he was, he loved his daughter and she’d never go along with a plan like this willingly. He knew that Bruno had said that the police wouldn’t be of any help here but he had to tell them, they had to know. Thorn picked up the grateful small dog and gave him a hug.

We’ll find her boy.

Thorn made his way towards his car with a heavy heart.

Then he felt it again, something or someone watching him. His eyes darted around him and towards the dark alley next to the apartment. There was someone there, watching him. The dark figure moved and then he saw the whites of their eyes. His slang small dog underneath his arm and ran after them. This shadowy figure seemed to move unimaginably fast, Thorn saw nothing but a slender silhouette and long raven hair swirling behind them as they disappeared inside the shadows of the alley. When he finally reached close enough they were gone. Thorn looks around baffled at the speed at which they moved or how they even got away so fast.

Who are you and what do you have to do with Cassie disappearance.


From the roof top she watched as he took the dog and placed him in the car before getting in and driving away. Her heart was racing, breathless from the getaway. How could she be so careless? She lifted up her phone to her ear.

No, he didn’t get a good look at me. No, I think he’s going back to the gym, preparing for his match with Jacob Bianchi. I know; I won’t let it happen again.

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Remy Dieu

Scene begins in the living room of Remy's Louisiana home, as he and Hunter are having a heated discussion.:

Remy Dieu: I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t do it man. The smog of the cars, the glares of so many pompous people going about their lives without meaning, while I was sitting in that chair at that real estate office, I couldn’t help but get these extreme feelings of sadness and anger. Thinking how can these people knowingly have one short life to live, go about smiling and being so happy, while they waste away in their business suits, sitting in their little office spaces, decaying, doing nothing until they die. I had to get out of there.

Hunter Jackson :Sorry I was gone last week, I wish I could have been here for you, though I’m still a follower of yours, I’m still a monk in heart, and a monk needs to pray and meditate, and I had a lot of thinking to do.

And what might that be, what are you praying for huh? Was it something selfish, something for your own personal gain. I’ve seen churches, I’ve seen how them religious folk act. Praying for others, only praying so they can be saved, only praying so they can receive, it’s all an act. So I sincerely hope from the bottom of my soul, that you don’t out to be like those sheep, those people who are blind to the truth man.

Remy Dieu, look at me. Do you want to know what I was meditating about, do you want to know what I was praying for.

I was praying for you. I was meditating thinking long in hard, on how to get our message to the public, and I thought to myself, we don’t have to go out there, we don’t have to go to those people in the city, in order to spread our message.

What are you saying.

I’m saying we can bring them to us…

Hunter Jackson leaves the room, leaving Remy Dieu alone to pace around his living room. He stops for a moment and stares at the television title that continues to sit on his mantle. Hunter Jackson returns back to the room, with a piece of technology that Remy is not so familiar with.

Look at this, this is a laptop, it’s a pretty expensive one, I spent a lot of my own money, money that I was saving for myself I’ll admit, but I realized with my money I can use it for something greater than just myself.

What do you think we can do with that.

Everything, Remy.. Look, I already set up WiFi in your house, while you were gone. I know you don’t trust technology like this, but with your camera, we can upload videos of you telling people the truth, we don’t have to go through the man, we don’t have to go through the authority in PWC anymore in have any worries about whether or not they are getting our message out there. With this laptop, Remy… We don’t have to go anywhere, the people will be following, they will be listening, and soon this compound which has been empty for so long, will be brimming with followers.. And you Remy, will be as powerful as ever.

Remy walks towards a door that's in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room, he opens it and in this little room, spider webs are scattered along the floor and the ceiling of this dirty closet, but in the middle sits Remy’s Camera, which despite being surrounded by dust and filth, manages to stay clean and free from dirt or rust.

Well, my friend I don’t see any reason why we can’t start by sending a little message to my people right now…

Not only that, I’ve found the emails and contact info of the roster in PWC, we can use this to send out messages, to play mind games… And maybe even make some connections. I checked your opponent for the next Vortex is Mr. Jalapeno. Maybe you should send him a short message, get into his head, and he’ll be easy pickings for your Mr. Dieu.

Haha that’s a good idea, but remember this, I’m the television champion, and everyone and I mean everyone on that roster, is Easy pickings for me. I want you to remember that.

Yes, Mr. Dieu.

Now go and set up that camera over there and hand me my Television Championship.. It’s time to preach the good word of Me.. Remy Dieu to Mr. Jalapeno and the entire world.

Hunter Jackson sets up the camera in the middle of the room.

And you’re on in 3...2...1

Hello Ladies and Gentleman… It’s me Remy Dieu. Your Television Champion. Now I’m not sure how you all will receive this video. But I have faith and I know those who need to see it, will see it. I just want to give you a small update of what’s happening in my life. Yesterday I took a trip just down the road to downtown Louisiana, and my eyes were open, more open then they ever have been. You see I saw people, spending there time, doing trivial things. Talking at little coffee shops, I drove past expensive stores, watching people buying clothing to impress others, because they know deep down they need those things, they need those expensive clothes and jewelry to stand out, because they know people would not give a shit about them otherwise. And this hurt me, because I know all those people throwing their life away, could be doing something better. Instead of being sheep following sheep, they can all be wolves, they can all be stronger and better than they actually are. And I know that I can be the one to help. You see, I’ve seen the truth, I was once living a trivial life down here in my little compound. But one night, something awoke in me, something powerful something that’s bigger than any of you could ever imagine… And since that night, things have changed, and I realized what I was put on this earth to do. To be successful so I can get that word out and change your world. Ever since I found that out, I think I’ve done pretty good cause now I’m on your TV Set, and you know what’s funny, I heard word going around that the higher ups wanted to get rid of me..Because they fear me. But they can’t, and you know why cause I’m holding this…

As long as I’m champion, as long as I keep rising up the ranks here, they can’t get rid of me, and I will continue to grow strong.. And I want others, I want you.. To experience what it’s like to be strong, I want you hear to my word personally. I mean aren’t you tired of throwing your life away, and want to be a part of something bigger.

Well look at me, my name is Remy Dieu.. And I am that something bigger..

And I’m going to show you what true power really is.. When I get in the ring with Mr. Jalapeno. Mr. Jalapeno, you just like my first opponent that I had when I came here.. Live behind a mask, you’re a joke my friend, everything you do makes people laugh, and that’s great I enjoy a good laugh. And there’s nothing funnier to me, than the thought of having you under my boot screaming for mercy.

Mr. Jalapeno you like it hot or whatever. Well I’m on fire, at Vortex, you are playing with fire, and I ensure you.. You will get burned..

Ladies and gentleman, this vortex tune in… Because you yourself can see what happens when a weak little sheep, gets fed to the leader of the wolves himself..

Hunter Jackson turns the camera off, and pauses for a second while looking at Remy.

Wow, that had me shaking. After I send this out, what will be our next step.

Our next step.. Is for us to head out to Vancover. This wolf is hungry for something spicy.

End Scene

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Ryan Reid RP

We open outside a bar to see two figures dressed casually smoking, one of them has a tight fitting white shirt on and a cheeky grin. He appears to be waiting for someone to arrive. As he leans against the brick wall of the pub a car pulls up, from it steps out Ryan Reid in a leather jacket, carrying what appears to be a wrench. He looks at the men outside and nods at them. They nod back in return.
“Aright lads, here’s the plan. We go in there, we take oot that rat bastard Jamesie who slept with Mac’s bird and beat a hasty retreat back to the clubhouse. Right?”
The two men nod and pull out a hammer and bat each. Reid kicks the door down and shouts across the bar
“Ahoy Jamesie ya cunt! Catch!” He proceeds to throw the wrench at a man who is sat with a few friends drinking. The wrench hits him between the eyes as his friends jump to their feet and rush at Reid and his mates. They clash in a flurry of fists and fighting in the centre, suddenly Reid grabs a bottle from the bar and smashes it over the head of one of the patrons before breaking into a run outside the bar. Sirens can be heard off in the distance as police cars drive to the scene, sprinting away Ryan Reid quickly dashes down into an alley.
Two men stumble out of the bar after him, shouting.
“Get back ‘ere Ryan yah dick!” yells one who charges down the alley after him. Ryan comes to a dead end as the man begins closing in on him. Wielding the same wrench Ryan threw at him. As he closes down Ryan turns around and raises his arms in a casual defeat.
“So… you got me. You win, no need ta finish it. Just hand me in to tha bobbies and we don’t need to go any further” begs Ryan dropping to his knee’s.
“You fuckin broke my nose… eye fer an eye an all that. No hard feelins” Jamesie steps forward with a stupid grin on his face and a large red mark on his face. He lifts the wrench up ready to swing as Ryan covers his face.
“Mac you fuckin beautiful god! If I weren’t straight I’d pure kiss yeh aye” Shouts Ryan, kneeling over the unconscious Jamesie.
“Nae problem like, don’t you hafta be at the gym training for your first match?” says Mac.
“Nah, see this was the training” laughs Ryan “Anyway, catch you later. Gotta dash!”
Ryan runs into the night quickly
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