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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: The Amarillo Civic Centre Complex
Capacity: 6,670
City: Amarillo, Texas


Singles Match
Jensen vs Flexx Palumbo

Singles Match
Annalise vs Leo Masters

Singles Match
El Gigante Enmascardo vs Masaru Ugaki

Card is subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on 1st March 2018 (Thursday)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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For those not members of our discord!

Please note that because this is our road to last rites show, this show is very much story based instead of match based. If you are not in a match and would still like to submit an RP then feel free. If you are not in a match, we may turn to you for a segment or something based around your character later on.

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Annalise of the Old Blood

Who is Annalise?

Young blood.....Show no weakness. Show no mercy. Live for the kill.

Those final parting words Vessemir had left Annalise before making her grand entrance at Vortex 19 had been impaled right into the back of her mind, and in some sense her very being. The Blood of old she knew had trained and prepared her for this very moment as she was about to make her debut to the world.

Every step, every movement, every heartbeat, every breath...Annalise could feel those words pulsating into her core and soul as a person, as a competitor, as a wrestler......as a huntress.

A predators heart, knows no remorse. She lives for the hunt.

As she inched closer and closer to the prey, she had maintained that ice cold aura around her, her white eyes staring blankly in tunnel vision towards the ring. In reality however, her heart was beating rapidly, accelerating each second closer to the kill. It felt as though it was going to palpitate and tear right through her chest.

The Beasthood ravages the lambs that follow the herd.

Metres away from the ring, Annalise let out a carnivorous smile, the first inkling of any real emotion that had come from her chilling exterior. Show no emotion, give nothing away. But her teacher's words had washed over, she couldn't help herself. The thrill of the hunt had at that moment consumed her. The Huntress was full of bloodlust, ready to massacre those who were in front of her.

It was over almost as quickly as it began. Two swift devastating strikes had knocked her victims out cold. As she tossed the lifeless body of Luke Jackson out of the ring, she felt a slight sense of disappointment at how quickly the hunt had ended. Yet she knew now with the first chase done, she had bigger game ahead.

Last Rites, Jacob Bianchi, The Legacy Championship.

As she made her way back up the aisle, she scouted the reactions of the fans in attendance. Some were cheering but most were in complete shock, not being able to comprehend the level of destruction they had witnessed from an unknown quantity. Annalise also noticed a few fans who had the same level of fear on their faces as her competitors. She liked that, the mystique that she had built around her with one appearance. She aimed to keep that on her way to Last Rites and at least keep part of what Vessemir had instructed.

Who is Annalise?

Having gone through the curtain, she started to reflect on what had transpired, the slaughter which had taken place in front of thousands in attendance and millions watching around the world. Just don't do anything too dangerous alright?

No sweet sister, it is everyone else who is now in danger.

She smiled knowing that Joyce would have watched her successful PWC debut. But just as she allowed herself to be lost in pleasant thought, An annoying voice had interrupted her.

Annalise? May I get a word? Danny Eriksen here for PWC.com. Social media is abuzz as we just witnessed an incredible debut, you will now be going on to Last Rites to challenge Jacob Bianchi for the Legacy Title. Give us your thoughts on your truly dominant performance tonight.

Annalise turned round and met Eriksen's eyes with a cold death stare. Danny tried his best to not seem intimidated, though his facial expression told an altogether different story. Joyce would want me to smack you right now. Not in the mood for talking, she slowly turned round and started walking away from Danny. His face had turned from fear to aghast that he had been ignored.

Miss, I gotta get a little bit more than that......this woman is walking away from me.

Annalise kept walking, now into a stride quicker than Eriksen could keep up with having to resort to a jog. This guy doesn't give up does he? Now she was starting to get annoyed.

Annalise, we just want to kn-


Eriksen had been left laying on the floor with a big spinning backhand slap which had sent him flying on his ass. He looked up towards the Huntress, both stunned and fearful. Annalise looked furious, but truth be told she was sorry. I didn't want to have to do that. Eriksen's persistence had earned him a strike but more pressing than that, Annalise had noticed out of the corner of her eye another figure standing to the side. Ernesto Clement stood with his arms crossed, having witnessed the whole ordeal. Unlike many who Annalise had eyed up, Clement was not fearful, having a stern look on his face. He's seen too much to be frightened of me she had realized as Ernie turned round and walked away from the scene, not giving his opinion on the matter away.

I may have more to deal with than just Bianchi now.


Three Days Before The Road to Last Rites

It had been a number of days since Vortex 19 but already Annalise was starting to feel the effects of being in the public spotlight. There had been a lot of big stories coming out of the Phoenix show, and one of the biggest was the impact she had made on her debut punching her ticket to Last Rites, the biggest show of the year in the Legacy title match. Not only that, but her incident with Danny Eriksen had gone viral on social media, raising even more questions from the PWC fans.....the biggest being just where the hell did she come from.

Who is Annalise?

She had heard that question so many times in the past number of days that she had become numb to the speculation. Truth be told, she sometimes wondered who she was herself these days.

Vessemir had summoned her to the Church of the Old Blood, no doubt wanting to check up on his budding Huntress and invoke some more wisdom to her young soul. She had once again gotten to the immortal steps but just before she was about to make her way down to the tomb, she felt her phoning vibrating. Taking the phone out of her pocket and her attention to the screen, she saw the familiar name of Joyce on the other end.

Well well.....I was wondering you were going to call, about time.

You could have called any time you know big sis.....I know how busy you are these days.

They both share a chuckle before Annalise interjects

You know I'm teasing you....I honestly haven't been able to catch a break since Vortex.

Well you shouldn't be too surprised....the PWC is the big time and I knew you'd make an impact....speaking of which, did you really have to smack Eriksen?

Hold on a minute.....you of all people are asking me that? I thought you hated that geek.

They both laugh heartily, especially Joyce considering the question she asked before Annalise lets out a sigh.

You are right though.....I didn't want to do it and I shouldn't have but the guy is persistent and wouldn't take me walking away as a hint that I didn't want to talk.....only problem is now I may have Ernesto Clement to deal with.....that isn't good to say the least.

He can't take away your title shot can he Annie?

Honestly I doubt it, it's too close to Last Rites and the PWC needs a legacy title match. Plus as much as he probably didn't appreciate me smacking one of his staff, I'd wager he wants that title off of Bianchi a hell of lot more and right now, I'm his only shot.

Speaking of which, I have to go, got to prepare for the Road to Last Rites and most importantly Last Rites itself. You take care of yourself yeah? Keep me updated on everything at home alright?

You're at the Church again aren't you?

That was the one question Annalise hoped Joyce wouldn't ask....A big long uncomfortable silence takes place, with Annalise feeling on edge and anxious about how to answer her sweet sister's query. I could lie to most people.....but not her.

Yes, I am going there now.

Damnit Annie you know how I feel about you this......*sigh*....just be careful okay?

Aren't I always little sis?

That's what concerns me.

You worry too much Joyce. I know what I am doing this time, I didn't do badly last vortex right?

I guess you are right.

I'll make sure to keep in contact sooner this time around....I promise.

As she hung up the phone, Annalise wondered if her little sister would ever understand why she was doing this, what her true motivation was. She's been through too much already. As much pain and suffering as she had been through over the years, it was that much worse to see Joyce in agony. She would have traded double the amount of punishment just to protect her from being hurt if it were at all possible.

Going down the familiar steps through the passageway and past the tomb, she wondered what Vessemir would have in store this time but before she could even get to the main area of the Church, the large entrance way had started slowly opening. Standing right before the grand hall was a small woman that Annalise hadn't seen before. She didn't look too much different from Annalise herself: very pale skin with white hair that was tied at the back with braids. Her warm crystal like blue eyes however contrasted heavily with Annalise's icy cold white pupils. As Annalise approached and got closer to her, she realized that her broad toned frame was towering over the woman's much smaller petite body. She bowed towards Annalise in gesture before speaking.

Lady Annalise, the priest has been awaiting your arrival. Please, follow me.

As she followed the woman's instructions and tailed behind her into the hall, Annalise had felt perplexed by the way she had been addressed at the large entrance. It had been over a decade since anyone had called her a lady or anything that was remotely close to something that would be considered regal or like royalty. She didn't know what to make of the young woman and her remarks but it had left her curious as to her role in the old blood.

At the end of the hall stood a very familiar hooded and robed figure.

Vessemir stood waiting stone faced, not giving any indication of what he might say or do once he would see his young blood Huntress. Annalise stopped and knelt before her mentor with her right arm out and palm held upwards as the customary greeting of the old blood.

Rise young one, let's take a walk shall we?

Annalise rose slowly and kept her arms close to her stomach as she strolled along with the elder priest who had his cane in hand, eyes fixed completely forwards ahead of him, not even looking at her.

I have to admit Huntress, that was quite an impressive show. You have extremely quick and precise strikes and you are deceptively strong. I would have not believed you were capable of that level of devastation. I'm not sure if I've ever encountered a woman that deadly before.

Annalise was used to being showered with praise...by rich courtiers and by former cult leaders but that level of commendation had lightened her eyes and had instilled in her a real confidence boost. Just as she was about to respond with gratitude however, Vessemir continued on.

But that is as far as I'll let the praise go young blood, the fact is you faced two wrestlers who had already been going at it for several minutes and had no idea what hit them. You had the surprise factor and took advantage of it like any good Huntress should. But those two were lunch meat compared to what Bianchi will bring to the table....you are going to have to be a lot better than that to tame that animal.

Tell me Anna, what did I instruct to you before the hunt? You were to be merciless, you were to show no weakness and were to live for the kill.....and you certainly did all that but I also told you not to give anything way, to not let your emotions get the best of you....yet you showed the world exactly what you are all about...at least in their eyes. You don't think Jacob Bianchi, the competitor that he is hasn't already seen your lust for blood and prepared accordingly to expose that part of your psyche?

As much as it hurt to hear from the priest, Annalise knew he was right. She got too excited and sloppy in her execution. The thrill of the hunt had taken over and turned her into a completely different beast altogether. Though something was bothering her....

As much as I hear you and understand what you are saying about not giving too much away and keeping my prey guessing, you do realize that eventually the PWC are going to want me to talk right?

Vessemir stopped in his tracks for a moment, he looked at Annalise and started stroking his beard, pondering on what she had just told him.

Hmmm....yes you are right I must admit in that regard. Very well....point taken, though you would still good to try and keep your opponents guessing and keep that sense of mystery around you.


We have an important two weeks ahead of us, you are going to have to improve significantly if you are to have any chance in killing the biggest game you will chase to date. Which leads me to the next pressing matter.

Leo Masters.

Indeed....I watched that young man compete and have done some research into his background....very interesting character indeed. He has a lot of physical strength, you would be unwise to try and match power with someone that incredibly strong. From what I could gather too he is a very capable striker much like yourself. To the casual eye, they would probably see you as equal in that regard but considering your speed, precision and deceptive striking power, I'd put you slightly at an advantage.

With you giving up size as well, you are going to have to rely on your speed, accuracy and if you can get an opening, submission based grappling. I couldn't see anything to suggest that he could handle you on the ground. This will honestly be a good test for you considering you give up a similar height advantage like you would with Bianchi, though you'd have to approach that chase differently. The mark of a great Huntress is to be able to detect the prey's strengths and exploit their weaknesses in order to go for the kill.....

There is....one other thing youngling.

There's more? Felt like you broke down the man's strengths and weaknesses to the core.

It's not just a man's skills and weaknesses physically you need to keep in mind, it's their personality too. What makes them tick and stay up at night. Masters seems to be....well....selfless to say the least. He seems to put in a lot of time for other people, particularly his own community without a second thought. He has little to no regard for himself or his own goals.....in fairness, it seems as though you have a lot in common.

Annalise flinched and groaned, obviously insulted by the comparison.

A lot in common? You cannot be serious. We could not be any more different.

Really? Then tell me, just who is Annalise.

She had to laugh considering that's all people seem to be asking these days.

So you've been following social media too?

This is no time for jibes, answer the question.

He can't be serious....he already knows who I am.

You already know who I am, a budding Huntress of the old blood who wants to feast on those who gets in her way of the treasure she wishes to co-

Vessemir smacks his cane across the legs of the young blood. She winces and moans in pain.

You are lying. It is one thing to be able to destroy someone with as little moral value as Jacob Bianchi, any person with a sense of right or wrong wouldn't bat an eyelid. But can have the same level of ferociousness and aggression against a man who is as kind hearted and empathetic as Leo? Can you have that same Huntress killer instinct and lust for blood when you know you are destroying a man who is helping those in need? Can you look yourself in the eye with no remorse and truly say you are willing to kill in this situation?

Annalise for a moment was speechless, she knew she would have to put aside her opponents character or lack of and put business first. But to put it in these terms? Especially when her whole image was now crafted as a remorseless blood lusting killer put things into a whole new perspective. Yet the more she thought about it, the more she realized it wasn't a hard answer at all.

Who is Annalise?......I've heard that question asked so many times since Vortex. To you despite everything, I am still a lost little girl who is too kind of heart and in over her head to truly be a Huntress of the old blood. You want to know what motivates me old man? It is knowing that everything that I am doing is to reclaim back the life my little sister should have always lived. Yes, I am protective and put her before myself at times. But there is a difference between being protective over the people you love and being selfless to the point of being treated like a doormat.

I'm supposed to feel sympathy for Leo Masters.....right. I'm supposed to respect someone who spends so much time worrying for others that he fails to think about himself and his own ambitions. People like that are taken advantage of, are chewed and spat out and always without fail finish last. I can never respect someone who has no standards over who truly deserves their time and money. I'm not a cheat or a fraud but I'm not a worthless loser who has no self respect either.

If you think were a like now after hearing that then maybe I'm putting too much faith in you Vessemir. Here is something about me that is undeniable: I will go to Last Rites and I will tear Jacob Bianchi limb from limb until there is nothing left. I will become the new Legacy Champion and I will forge a path that the Old Blood has NEVER gone down before.

Annalise's eyes had stayed fixed on to the priest the entire time she had ranted to him, now turned almost bloodshot red from the amount of fire that he had lit under her after questioning her fortitude and will to move in for the kill. Vessemir after letting Annalise catch her breath and her cool, began to smile at the young Huntress.

Now we are getting somewhere.


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Singles Match
Jensen vs Flexx Palumbo
Two Words. The Streak. It's coming back.

Singles Match
Annalise vs Leo Masters
Lot of momentum. Like a LOT of momentum. Pretty straight forward.

Singles Match
El Gigante Enmascardo vs Masaru Ugaki
Time for the big man to get back on track. He can do it - I got faith.

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The road to Last Rites is here. Just like any road or street in my neighbourhood, it’s filled with perils. You try to get home after dark in my ‘hood you got three options. Number one, you make like a shadow and duck and weave like a mutha. Stay outta the streets lights and keep to the bricks. Two, ya better know somebody. If you have no connections, if you run into some toll booths, you aint getting passed them, know what I’m sayin’? And third, well, you just got to be tougher. You gotta make sure No one wants to mess with you.

I am Leo Masters, King of the Concrete Jungle, the Inner City Lion. No one messes with me, or my family and friends. I will always get people through the road safe. And right now that’s what I’ve got to do. I’ve got Annaliese this week. Some newcomer who came out of nowhere is now I guess up to my level to face me just before the big show.

I said weeks ago that all the distractions arfocusedI’m 100% focussed and it’s time for the Lion to rise up and go straight to the top. And no one is getting in my way. I don’t care about creed, colour, or gender. I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker and I’ll Jackhammer my way to the top.

The Road is full of perils, but no one is better than me than crossing that road. Last Rites here I come.​

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The cameras surfed the crowd to show off just how revved up the PWC Universe was for what was about to come next Throughout the night, there were vignettes of the individuals who would compete in the match being played to further hype the crowd.The one man who has yet to do so is the man who has the most buzz around him -Masaru Ugaki
Not one to be known for talking, Ugaki has managed to stay silent since he first stepped foot on the scene here in PWC despite being bombarded by cameras Of course, commentator Sondra Chamber has been making claims that tonight, he will get the very first words out of the mouth of the man himself, even if he has to rip them out of Ugaki himself. As the rabid PWC fans calm down, they're shown something on the titantron - PWC Commentator Sondra Chambers So We're just moments away from what is going to be a barnburner of a show and it seems that the last participant is going to give his thoughts on whatever it is she may ask.

Sondra Chambers:"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me here tonight. Tonight I'll be taking over and enhancing the sitdown interview as both PCW Interviewers seemed a tad bit intimidated by our scheduled guest,

The camera would show both Ben Barnes and Ugaki staring right at Sondra, awaiting the first question

Sondra Chambers Now Ben, you and your meal ticket over here.."

Ugaki would quickly sit up in his seat, The cheap shot insults that Sondra would normally throw at people just to prove he's better than them won't fly with Ugaki just a foot or two away, and it shows as Ugaki glare is piercing through his tough guy exterior. Ben Barnes would look towards his client before moving his line of sight back to Sondra to correct him.

Sondra Chambers: "Client, Sondra. The term you're looking for is client."

Sondra Chambers: Client, sure - that's exactly what I meant. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Ben Barnes, You’re a famed MMA promotor, and yet you’ve decided to bring in an ultra violet bru-

The camera cuts to Barnes, who looks a bit taken back and bewildered that Sondra dared to ask such a question.

Ben Barnes: We're not here to get into the whats and whys of signing with PWC tonight. Keep all of your ridiculous theories to yourself during this interview and please skip straight to the facts, Sondra. Time is money, and right now? You cost my client buckets of it.

Barnes would sit back in his chair ever-so calmly, while Ugaki kept his eyes directed on Sondra in case she was to say something underhanded again

Ben Barnes So - and I'll only allow you this opportunity because I respect you - ask us the real questions. Give us something with substance, something we can sink our teeth into."

The look of joy at the obvious deflection and slithering around giving an actual answer to the question asked that rested upon Barnes' face was sickening. Ugaki, on the other hand, was stoic, not having any fun whatsoever or finding any amusement in the actions of his Advocate. This wouldn't deter Barns from doing it - that was just Ugaki demeanour. Sondra would look a tad frustrated, addressing Barns

Sondra Chambers:“I assume you’re talking about Ugaki’s match he’ll be participating-

Ben Barnes: "Participating? Masaru Ugaki does not participate in matches - he dominates. I'd like to think that despite your previous statements you've seen him compete during his Professional Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts careers. And in his TWO-decade career not once did he simply participate. Participating in something means that all you have to do is show up and boom - you did it! What he does when he steps inside the squared circle is far from that, he dominates. He DESTROYS!

Ugaki death gaze at Sonnen would quickly turn into his cheesy smile he normally pulls as Barnes hypes him up. Just the pure enjoyment of having someone else who believes above and beyond that Ugaki could conquer the world if there were no government or laws is outstanding

Ben Barnes...And that is exactly what he'll do here tonight when he makes his official in-ring debut for PWC against El Gigante Enmascarado.

Sondra Chambers:“Well, Obviously it’s a baptism of fire for Ugaki’s debut-”

Ben Barnes: “And….why would you say that? Because he’s facing a literal giant in every sense of the word? A man whose double his size? The biggest man in the sport? A man whose hands are bigger than your head? Is that why?

Sondra Chambers“......You catch on fast.”

Ben Barnes“Right yeah, that makes sense right? After all, this guy is seven goddamn feet tall, Almost five hundred pounds, it’s like he’d be fighting against a mountain! A force of nature….So knowing all that, I got one question….Does my client look afraid to you?“Look, let's not bullshit around ok? We all know what's happening here: it’s obvious. Management doesn’t want Ugaki here. They don’t want someone with his reputation here; they don’t want a man who spent two decades breaking limbs in Japan to do the same here. They don’t want the entire roster cut through like butter. So instead of rolling out the red carpet as they SHOULD. They expect the giant to take him out.Let me put it to you in the best way I possibly can - when Buster Douglas knocked Iron Mike Tyson out cold to hand him his very first loss in Boxing history, did it matter about his record? How bad was he? Or what happened before?See, that plan would have worked for anyone else, but this man is a physical specimen the likes of which this world has never seen. But look back on my example in which Buster Douglas fought ten straight rounds with Mike Tyson and knocked him out. Now if you watch that match, notice not how absolutely on point Douglas was - watch Tyson during that bout. He was not the same Mike Tyson people were used to, not getting right inside and going for the kill whenever possible. He was held at bay for the entire match until that faithful hook that ended one of the greatest undefeated streaks Professional Sports has ever seen. Now, do you know why Mike Tyson wasn't the Most Dangerous Man that we as boxing fans were so used to watching? Because he wasn’t prepared. He wasn’t ready. It's documented that Mike Tyson was too busy worrying about what he'd do to celebrate after knocking over some chump like Buster Douglas instead of training. Which is why Ugaki has allowed me to stay with him- if he were to ever get off track, there I am. We make quite possibly the most dangerous duo in Professional Wrestling history because I have the intellect and he has the talent. Now Enmascarado, as big as he is in this profession cannot compete with either.

A confident grin comes across the face of his who truly believes everything he says about the man sitting next to him.

Ben Barnes: As incredible sight as he is who's to say that he's smarter than me?? Who's to say he has the raw power or outstanding hands that Ukagi possesses? I can see how some people would come to the assumption that because this guy is massive and can put a stop to my client before he begins.. The only problem with that it doesn't matter who is standing in front of Ugaki because once he gets in that ring - everything is up to him. It is up to Masaru Ugaki how he wants to go about destroying this giant but a man as ring savvy as Ugaki knows that for the best possible results? You listen to me. I can feed Ugaki all of the strategies I want, but it is up to Masaru Ugaki and Masaru Ugaki alone to implement these plans of attack to inflict the most pain and suffering on all who stand in his way. El Gigante Enmascardo will not afford that luxury. Ben Barnes, That being said, don't think for a moment he’s not fully focused on the task at hand tonight. When you face someone who stands a foot taller than you and is twice your weight, dismissing such a foe is foolish at best and downright stupid at worse. But he’s not afraid As massive as he is, he's still flesh and blood. He feels pain just like any man, has joints that can be twisted like any man, and will bleed just like any man. Every man has a weakness that can be exploited. All he needs to do is find that weakness, that stone that he will then sling at the mighty Goliath to send him crashing down.

Sombra Chambers: Well. As much as we all love to hear you talk - I'd like Ugaki to answer this question. Now, some people say you're only here because of the incident. "

Masaru Ugaki: “...Fuck...that”

The look on the face of Ugaki showed he was all business as he speaks in broken English Sombra wasn't exactly wrong when she said she was going to get Ugaki’s first words under PWC contract - we just thought they'd be something more. Something we hadn't heard come out of the mouth of his manager. Speaking of him, he'd gladly butt in to run his mouth some more on this same subject he's spoken about time and time again.

Ben Barnes: Look the facts are this;"Once my client takes the PWC World Heavyweight Championship from whatever poor, defenseless soul that happens to be holding it when Ugaki sets his sights on it, the paychecks will be bigger, and he’ll prove himself as the best of ALL time, and Masaru Ugaki will be happy. And we all want to see him happy, don't we?"

With those last words, He would lean forward to shake Sondra’s hand - Sondra would reluctantly do so." Make sure they make a double-wide casket” says the manager who would then stand up out of his seat. Ugaki would do the same as Barnes made his exit out of the room, but Ugaki would stop and stare at Sondra

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Sunday Girl

Somewhere in Portland
★ ♫ ♫ ★
"I know a girl from a lonely street
Cold as ice cream but still as sweet
Dry your eyes Sunday girl
Hey, I saw your guy with a different girl
Looks like he's in another world..."
★ ♫ ♫ ★

The music continues in the background of the hip cofffe establishment, where Alison Brennon sites alone. Her table is littered with newspaper clippings and photographs of PWC Superstar Jensen, her former boss and friend.

Their relationship ended several moths ago, when Morgan LaClaire entered the fray. The Hollywood starlet entered and soon had was able to step in and cast Alison aside. Alison was not to be detered, and she continued on looking out for her friend.

Can I go ahead and set this here?

Alison, alone in her thoughts, continues looking at the stacks of paper at her table.

Miss, you ok?

Huh, sorry. Yeah, go ahead and put it there.

The waiter sets the coffee down, before catching a glimpse of the piles of papers.

Whoa, I take it you are a big fan of our hometown boy Jensen?

I guess you can say that.

Great guy, but man he has been streaky. He probably is going to have tough time with that Flexx guy. I dont blame him though. If I had that Morgan LaClaire I would never train again...

Alison stares at the man, and the waiter awkwardly goes away, leaving her to her thoughts once again. She picks up her coffee, inhales the rich aroma, and takes a slow sip. Strong. Just the way she likes her coffee.

A hooded man soon walks through the door. He is wearing darkly tinted glasses, as if he is trying to hide his identity. He appears to be in his mid 50's, with a grizzled look to his face to go along with his unkempt beard, He takes a glance around the coffee house until he notices Alison. He slowly makes his way over, the whole time keeping his head down.

You Alison?

Are you "Deepvoice"?

May, I take a seat?

Alison clears the table, allowing "Deepvoice" to sit with her.

You said you have some news for me?

More than just news. I hope you have an army of raisins, because I got a major scoop for you. You were correct in your assumptions. As long as Jensen is with Morgan, he is in danger. I don't know the details, but I have to tell you this isnt the first time The Church of the Inner Light have gone after successful bachelors. Jensen isn't the first, ad he definitely wont be the last.


I knew that woman couldn't be trusted. Ever since I saw her rip into his torso like a gerbil ripping into a box of quaker oates, I just had this feeling she was bad news. I have to stop this wedding...

You don't have much time.

He slides an envelope over to Alison. She picks it up and descritely puts into her jacket pocket. The man known as "Deepvoice" gets up and nods

Good Luck...

He walks away slowly, once again keeping his head down. Alison takes a sip of coffee. After taking a quick glance around, she pulls the envelope out of her Jacket pocket. She carefully rips it open.

1335 W. Hollywood
Room 23 B


Bring back Gary Oak!
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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: The Amarillo Civic Centre Complex
Capacity: 6,670
City: Amarillo, Texas



The cameras burst into life and hold on a shot of the introduction pyro as the crowd cheers, welcoming everyone to the show. We go for a quick scan on the arena, floating over the roaring Texas crowd who are stood on their feet, waving their signs at the camera as it passes by, showing their love for several members of the PWC Roster. The tour eventually stops as the cameras cut to the announcer’s table at ringside, showing a beaming Stan Chambers and Sondra Rowe.

Stan Chambers: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Road to Last Rites! We’re now just days away from the biggest night of our year, and as you can tell from this sold out Civic Centre Complex here in Amarillo, we are more than ready to smash past this final hurdle and finally make it to our destination.

Sondra Rowe: That’s right, Stan! We’ve been building to this moment ever since the previous Last Rites, and everyone at home, in this arena and backstage is eagerly waiting to see just how all of these stories end. We’ve got an entire roster salivating at the idea of making their mark on the biggest stage we have, and if they play their cards right, some of them might even be walking out with gold around their waists.

Stan Chambers: And tonight is going to be a preview of what some of those men and women are going to bring to Last Rites. The matches for the show were announced earlier this week, so we know what to expect from that front tonight, but tonight could easily be full of surprises.

Sondra Rowe: If they’re smart, people will be using this as a chance to get the final one up on their opponents prior to Last Rites itself and maybe cause some uncertainty which can be taken advantage of.

Stan Chambers: I’d hope our roster are above such cheap tactics.

Sondra scoffs.

Sondra Rowe: The only way to make your way in this business is by doing whatever it takes, whenever you have to, Stan! If anyone gets the opportunity to take advantage of their opponent and seal victory for themselves at Last Rites, they should definitely be taking it. The chance at a Championship Title, the winning purse and the eternal bragging rights should be more than enough for them to ignore any hurt feelings. This isn’t ballet, Stan, these are fighters who need to look out for themselves at all costs.

Stan Chambers: We’ll have to agree to disagree here as I’m getting word from backstage that El Gigante Enmascarado is making his way to the stage in advance of his match against newcomer Masaru Ugaki. Any quick final words before we truly get the Road to Last Rites underway, Sondra?

Sondra Rowe: Enjoy the show everyone. It’s sure to be a wild ride.

Stan Chambers: Couldn’t have put it better myself.

***White Wedding***

El Gigante Enmascarado walks out onto the stage, the cameras zooming out just so they can get his monstrous figure in the frame. He looks out at the crowd, who are booing, and lets loose a deep booming laugh, showing how little he cares for their opinions. Enmascarado strides forward, forcing the cameraman to scurry backwards, almost ruining his shot as he tries to match the giant’s long strides with several of his own smaller ones.

The cameraman has the smart idea to simply move out of Gigante’s way and set up to his side, allowing the audience to watch the masked giant loom over the camera as he makes his way slowly down the ramp. Children recoil back into their parents arms as Gigante passes, and several front row audience members lean back slightly as they try to look into the eyes of the man walking past. Gigante seems to take pleasure from the horror in the younger eyes, occasionally stopping to leer down at a child that has shrunk back, leaving them almost shaking in fear. The occasional child watches curiously, but Gigante loses interest in them fast and moves on.

The giant clambers up onto the apron before lifting his legs over the ropes, entering the ring in his usual fashion. He makes his way across the ring and turns to face the entrance ramp as Emma Mason pipes up from ringside.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, hailing from the Rocky Mountains! He stands seven feet five inches tall and weighed in tonight at four hundred seventy-six pounds. El Gigante ENMASCARAAAAAADOOOO!!

The crowd boos over Mason, but it’s not enough to drown out the blonde’s introduction. Gigante ignores both Mason and the crowd though, his focus solely on the stage, waiting for his opponent to finally make his entrance.

***Battle of Cheng Du***

The crowd don’t know how to react as Masaru Ugaki walks out onto the PWC stage for his first match, followed closely by Ben Barnes. The Japanese star has a black towel draped over his head, leaving his face shrouded in shadow, despite the blazing lights which are focused on both him and his manager. Both men walk down the ramp, an air of confidence surrounding them as they make their way towards Gigante who is watching, completely unimpressed by Ugaki’s entrance.

Ugaki reaches the ring and quickly slides in, getting the first good look at his opponent for the night. A devilish grin can be seen under the towel which Ugaki quickly discards, allowing the crowd to finally look upon his face, which is twisted in glee as he looks up and down at all seven foot five inches of Gigante, his piercing blue eyes dancing over the big man’s frame.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, hailing from Yokohama, Japan! He stands five feet ten inches tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred twenty-five pounds. Masaru UGAAAAKIIIII!!

The two men walk towards one another. Gigante looks down upon Ugaki, seeming to enjoy the size difference between the two men. The Japanese Nightmare looks like he’s about to attack, but he’s stopped as Gwen Jeffers gets between the two, pushing back. The two comply and retreat into their corners, preparing for a fight.

Match One | Singles Match
Masaru Ugaki vs. El Gigante Enmascarado

Gigante lumbers forward, moving towards Ugaki who stands watching, a twisted smile on his face, clearly amused by his opponent deciding to come to him. The giant swings his hand overhead, looking to bring it crashing down upon Ugaki who slips past, showing his speed as he darts behind the big man and tackles his legs. Gigante stumbles as he tries to turn, his legs buckling slightly underneath him, but it’s not enough to take the big man down. Ugaki isn’t fazed though and crashes into them again, this time bringing his opponent tumbling down onto the mat, his knees buckling as the ex-MMA star drives into the back of them.

Masaru moves quickly, wrapping his arms around Gigante’s trunk of a leg, using it to launch himself forward, driving his forearm into the skull of the downed man, repeating the blow to great effect. Ugaki quickly transitions, rolling over Gigante, locking his arms around the giant’s throat in sleeper hold, wrenching hard in an attempt to knock the big man out. Gigante fights back though, using his monstrous frame to power up, dragging Ugaki into the air as the big man rises to his feet. Gigante then throws himself backwards, his full body weight coming down on Ugaki, forcing the smaller man to release the hold.

The big man gets up to his feet, stumbling a little, still feeling the effect from the blows to his leg. Before he can get his bearings, a pair of arms wrap around his waist, wrenching upwards. Ugaki’s face is strained as he slowly pulls the struggling Gigante into the air. The crowd holds their breath as the San Antonian goes higher and higher, finally cheering as Gigante is brought crashing back down to earth, the victim of a German Suplex. Ugaki keeps his arm locked around Gigante’s waist, looking to dead lift him up for a second Suplex, but he gives up quickly as he fails to make much ground, instead opting to drive his forearm down upon the giant’s skull once more.

Masaru moves quickly, targeting another of Gigante’s monstrous limbs as he drives his heel into the upper arm and shoulder of his foe, urged on by Barnes who is slapping the stairs in his corner, setting the rhythm for the stomps as the two slam down in time with one another. A pained groan is the first sign of weakness from Enmascarado as his shoulder is smashed again and again.

Chambers and Rowe talk about how they’ve never seen such a dominant display against Gigante as Ugaki drags the big man up to his feet, letting the larger man lean his bodyweight into the Japanese star’s shoulder while he considers what his next move is. He seems to figure it out as he brings his head back and smashes it down into the Giant’s jaw. Gigante tries to pull back, but Ugaki holds on and unleashes several more headbutts, stunning his foe.

At ringside Barnes slices his finger across his throat, watching on as Ugaki hefts the giant frame of Enmascarado into the air. The Japanese Nightmare pauses for a moment, his legs shaking and his whole body straining, before bringing Gigante back down hitting a Release Brainbuster which Chambers quickly calls the Yokohama Special.

Ugaki transitions quickly, grabbing Gigante’s weakened arm and rolling over, leaving the Japanese man laying under the San Antonian, the giant’s arm locked in a vice-like grip. Ugaki locks the arm behind Gigante’s arm before wrenching up, drawing a roar from the big man as he’s locked in a brutal looking Kimura.

Gigante wriggles and writhes, trying to get out of Ugaki’s grip, but the former MMA star wraps his legs around Gigante’s body, trapping the big man down. The big man tries to power up, but Ugaki leans back, forcing the two to remain on the mat. He then wrenches the arm again, almost ripping it clean out of the socket. Jeffers lingers over the two, watching for any sign of quit from the giant. She’s not kept long as Gigante rears his head one last time, looking to push up, but it’s to no avail. He taps the mat repeatedly, signalling the end of the match.

Winner via Submission — Masaru Ugaki

***Battle of Cheng Du***

Jeffers tries to pull the two apart, but Ugaki’s having none of it and keeps the hold locked in, completely unconcerned by the bell ringing and Jeffers’ yelling. The crowd are booing, but it’s not enough to deafen the yells of pain from Gigante as Ugaki continues to wrench back.

Eventually Barnes makes his way into the ring and places his hand on his client’s shoulder, nodding as the Japanese Nightmare glares up at him, fire blazing in his eyes. He relents on the hold though, letting go of Gigante’s arm and pushing the big man off to the side, watching with amusement as Jeffers rushes off to check the extent of the damage done.

Barnes and Ugaki look down at Gigante for a moment more before making their way out of the ring just as the PWC Doctor slides in.

The cameras feel like they’re going to cut as they hold on Ugaki for a moment, but a roar from the ring draws them right back! Gigante has risen to his feet, rage etched in every line of his face, and he is swinging his one good arm, lashing out at anyone that dares draw near. Ugaki and Barnes watch on from the ramp with amusement as Gigante grabs the doctor by the throat and lifts him into the air.

***I Bring the Darkness***

Before Gigante can chokeslam the struggling doctor, Ace Fox comes tearing down the ramp, blazing past Ugaki and Barnes who continue to watch. Ace slides into the ring just as Gigante throws the doctor to the side and the two collide, Fox driving his forearm into the jaw of Gigante as the big man sinks his fist into Fox’s stomach, driving the Brooklyn boy back. Gigante is showing the effects of his match though as he’s too slow to make up any ground, leaving Ace time to power forward once more, this time lifting his boot up, smashing Gigante with a Bicycle Kick, dropping the big man to the ground. Fox looks to dive upon the downed giant, but Gigante rolls sideways, avoiding his attacker and then continues, rolling out of the ring. He backs off quickly as Fox climbs the ropes, talking trash. Gigante’s done for the evening though as he retreats up the ramp, which now stands vacant, Barnes and Ugaki having left just moments before.

The cameras pick up Fox helping the Doctor back to his feet before turning to the stage, showing Ernesto Clement stood behind Gigante, an angry look on his face.

Ernesto Clement: I would be well within my rights to suspend you after that display, Mr. Gigante, but quite frankly I don’t think that punishment is fair to the fans who are paying to watch Last Rites. So I’ve though up a better solution, and I hope it’s one they all enjoy.

Fox looks up at Gigante from the ring, a look of triumph on his face as he figures out where Clement is about to go with this.

Ernesto Clement: At Last Rites we’re going to have El Gigante Enmascarado going one-on-one with the man stood in that ring right now, ACE FOX!

The crowd roars their approval as Gigante rounds on Clement furiously. He takes a half-step forward, but stops himself suddenly, instead turning to face his upcoming opponent. Fox is already out of the ring, fully expecting Gigante to attack Clement, and he’s coiled up, looking ready to spring into action.

The cameras hold on the pair for a moment before cutting backstage.

The cameras pick up Lucas Hawthorne as he charges through the arena with purpose, racing to get somewhere. There’s an audible huffing and panting from behind the camera as the cameraman races to keep up, lugging his heavy equipment along with him. After a minute or so, Hawthorne begins to slow down just as he reaches the Gorilla position, which Ernesto Clement is currently walking out of, finishing up his conversation with one of the show’s producers.

Lucas Hawthorne: Mr. Clement! Can I have a moment of your time, sir?

Clement finishes his conversation before turning to face Hawthorne who stops a few feet away looking confident.

Ernesto Clement: Of course, Lucas. How can I help?

Lucas Hawthorne: I’m sure you’re aware that Austin Angel and I have been having a bit of trouble recently--

Ernesto Clement: I’m also aware that you interfered in his recent Television Championship defence. If I recall correctly, you played a fairly large part in ensuring that Mr. Angel lost said Championship, a fact that I have had screamed at me by his charming fiancé on many an occasion since.

Lucas looks a little sheepish about this, but he’s still looking confident, clearly looking to get something off of his chest.

Lucas Hawthorne: I’m sorry I caused you trouble, sir, but if I hadn’t interfered in that match, Axl would have choked Daiko out, leaving Angel to pick up an easy, cheap win. I couldn’t sit back in good faith and allow that to happen.

Clement nods understandingly, but makes no attempt to interrupt Lucas.

Lucas Hawthorne: Long story short, what I’m trying to say is that before Daiko’s return to the PWC and his win, I was the first in line to face off against Austin at Last Rites. I understand that Austin must face Daiko as he has a rematch clause for his Title, but I’m a little worried that this means I’ll be forced off of the show.

Ernesto Clement thinks for a moment before smiling.

Ernesto Clement: Hmm, it does seem like you’re being left to the wayside here--

Hawthorne’s face drops.

Ernesto Clement: Fear not, Lucas, I have a solution and fortunately we have a cameraman here so that the entire PWC Universe will hear my decision. At Last Rites it’s going to be Daiko versus Austin Angel versus Lucas Hawthorne for the PWC Television Championship. How does that sound?

Lucas lets out a beaming smile and nods his head.

Lucas Hawthorne: It sounds perfect. Thank you, Mr. Clement!

Ernesto Clement: Wonderful, I’m glad we could solve this issue. Now, if you don’t mind, I think it’s time I headed off. I’ve things to do for Last Rites and I’m already running a little late.

Hawthorne nods and backs off allowing Clement to walk off towards his office. The cameraman focuses on Hawthorne a moment before cutting to black.

***A Wolf At The Door***

As the song begins we see slow motion shots of all 3 of the men staring one another down on various different episodes of Vortex over the past months.

“Drag him out your window, Dragging out the dead…”

As the first verse plays we see clips from all the battles Crowley and Shadow have had. Every Code Black connected and every Static-X landed. Shadow’s constantly comes so close but each time Crowley prevails once more.

“Help me, call the doctor, put me inside”

As the verse closes out we see the night Nero returns as he unveils himself to the PWC audience to a thunderous reaction.

“I keep the wolf from the door, But he calls me up”

We see multiple moments from Nero and Shadow’s epic showdown. Near fall after near fall as both are desperate to earn the chance to fight the self-proclaimed King of PWC.

“And I'll never see them again if I squeal to the cops”

The moment Crowley ruins this match plays out, and we watch as Crowley takes in and admires the damage inflicted to both Shadow and Dr Nero.

Throughout the instrumental we see clips of Nero as he dominates various opponents, absolutely having his way with anyone put in front of him. Anyone who dares challenge his throne.

“Walking like giant cranes, And with my X-ray eyes I strip you naked”

Shots of Shadow valiantly fighting through pain and Dr Nero systematically breaking down a variety of opponents begin to play out. Eventually more clips of different confrontations between the 3 men begin to play out from every match which each of them have been involved in together.

“So I'm just gonna”

As the final note is sung we see the moment Shadow and Dr Nero are staring each other down in the ring as Crowley slithers off up the ramp — knowing that his title reign is in more jeopardy than ever before.

**Advertisement Break**

***The Pines***

A roar from the crowd washes over the arena as Jensen’s theme starts playing and the crowd’s reaction continues until the man himself finally show up, fashionably late as always. He raises his arms up, embracing the crowd as they respond in kind. The camera hangs behind Jensen, getting the Portland native, his flashing jacket and the Amarillo crowd in the shot.

The camera circles around just as Jensen begins to walk forward, making his way down the ramp, slapping the outstretched hands as he goes.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, fighting out of Portland, Oregon. He stands six feet two inches tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred seventeen pounds. I give to you JEEEEENNNNSEEEENN!!

The crowd cheers but it’s cut off early as the next theme starts.

***Jesus Glue***

There’s a chorus of boos as Flexx Palumbo comes charging out onto the stage and rushes down to the ring, flashing past the crowd before anyone can even attempt to extend their hands to greet him. He slides into the ring and bounces off the ropes before stopping dead in the centre, where he begins flexing his muscles at anyone that will pay him a moment of attention.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, fighting out of Strong Isla--

Flexx slips out of the ring and grabs the microphone from Mason who sighs and sits down.

Flexx Palumbo: Ladies, tonight Flexx is fighting out of Strong Island, New York! Flexx stands at a grand total of six feet one inch of pure muscle and weighed in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds. Again that’s of pure hard-earned muscle!

The crowd boo as Flexx shows off for the camera.

Flexx Palumbo: And tonight Flexx beats his competition, moves on to Last Rites, beats that competition and then becomes a god in this dump. ‘Nuff talkin’ though, it’s time I FLEXXED on the competition.

Match 2 | Singles Match
Flexx Palumbo vs. Jensen

The bell rings but before the two men advance on one another Flexx takes a moment to pose for the crowd.

The boos rain down on him as the fans today came to see a wrestling contest!

Jensen marches towards Flexx and spins him around looking to engage but his dropped with a right hook!

Sondra Rowe: Such intelligence from Flexx as he baited Jensen in!

Jensen is visibly rocked but back to his feet he begins to exchange blows with his opponent. Flexx is throwing fists and Jensen throwing a mixture of forearms and elbows.

It’s Jensen who gets the better of the exchange backing Flexx into the corner. As he crumbles down in the corner Jensen retreats across the ring and runs back in nailing him with a dropkick!

Palumbo rolls out of the corner and Jensen makes a quick cover.


Jensen knew that wouldn’t be it yet, he brings Flexx to his feet and hooks in for a Northern Lights — executed picture perfect!!

Th — Kickout!

The match has not been going long but Jensen is very obviously in the driving seat! He gets to his feet and urges his opponent up. As he reaches his feet Jensen pulls him down from behind looking for Censored Colours!

Flexx drops to his back and hooks Jensen’s leg taking him to the floor hooking in a heel-hook submission hold!

Stan Chambers: Very out of character from Flexx here, not normally a mat-based submission wrestler — But he has the former TV Champ in trouble!

Palumbo wrenches on the hold, he may have found a new addition to his arsenal here.

Jensen claws to the ropes and Flexx keeps the hold in as the referee’s count begins

The hold is released before 5!

The tables have switched so quickly as Jensen writes a little more on the floor holding is leg in pain.

Flexx takes a moment to gloat in front of the crowd and points towards their fallen hero looking to signal the end.

Limping up Jensen advances at Flexx who begins to throw huge hay makers at his weakened opponent! Each one rocks his opponent more and more who is now in severe trouble. Flexx takes to the ropes and drives his forearm into Jensen’s shin with a front chop block! He has singled a body part, and he is going to dissect it!

Off the ropes again and this time a running elbow to Jensen!


Just in time Jensen’s shoulder is up, he is nowhere near done yet!

He is hoisted up and places centre ring as Flexx comes in with another chop block this time from behind! And drops a knee across his chest!


Winded and wounded but still Jensen survives!

Again he is lifted but this time rocks Flex with an elbow strike! This almost offends Flexx who hits another right hook which spins Jensen who falls backwards with the Falling Overhead Kick!

Flexx stumble to the corner and Jensen follows up with a Knee-Strike quickly transitioned into a bulldog!

There’s no time to waste and Jensen wants to make sure his opponent is done, so he circles him, begging him to get back up.

Flexx is just in one knee but ragged backwards you Jensen who nails a Censored Colours!!

Makes the cover-


Winner via Pinfall — Jensen

Jensen celebrates with his fans for a few moments, but it's clear that his heart isn't entirely in it. Before long he slips under the bottom rope and makes his way to the back.

In the ring Flexx demands a microphone which he quickly receives.

Flexx Palumbo: You people think Flexx is done? NAH! FLEXX AIN’T DONE! Flexx is a superstar, and Flexx is gonna win the god damn lot! Flexx is the best wrestler this company has ever had and FLEXX is gonna do what FLEXX wants to do! This is a new era, ladies! THIS IS FLEXXIN TIME!

Flexx stumbles up to his feet and poses feebly for the crowd who are laughing back at him. He waves them off and walks towards the ropes as the cameras cut.

The Camera cuts backstage where Jensen is making his way to the locker room. At his side is the gorgeous Morgan LaClaire. Suddenly, a voice can be heard in the background.


The two Hollywood celebrities stop in dead in their tracks as Kira Wells struggles to catch up with them.

Kira Wells: Jensen, can I get a few words from you?

Jensen looks over to his fiancé, and she nods at him.

Jensen: Sure, we have a few minutes.

Kira Wells: First of all, congratulations on your victory over Flexx Palumbo. Can you tell me how it felt getting the victory tonight?

Jensen: Well, I can tell you this, it feels great. I have been a bit hit or miss lately, but to go out there tonight and pick up a hard fought victory in front of the audience, a bunch of die hard wrestling fans, is a great feeling.

Kira Wells: As always, you looked great out there. As of now, you seem to have no plans for Last Rites, can you tell me how you feel about that?

Jensen: Well, Kira, if I am to be honest with you, it makes me feel a bit like a room without a roof, if you catch my drift?

Kira, looking confused, takes a quick pause.

Kira Wells: Not quite, do you care to elaborate?

Jensen: I am frustrated. I am one of the top performers here in the PWC, and this year I don't have a match to show the world what I have on the biggest stage.

I have been inconsistent as of late, but this was my chance to go out there and prove that I have what it takes to lead this company. My wants are simple Kira, I want happiness and contentment…that comes with the ownership of a solid gold rain poncho...and I want to wrestle the best in the world.

Right now, I would like to issue an open challenge, if you think you are the best, step up to me and fight me at Last Rites. I guarantee you that we can put on a big show.

Suddenly, Jensen stops talking as he stares in Kira's direction. The camera pans to reveal former PWC Champion Donald Hammerpunch standing behind the PWC interviewer.

The two men stand there locking eyes. Jensen smiles and begins shaking his head up and down. Hammerpunch bows and walks away.

The cameras cut to Ernesto Clement’s office, revealing the PWC Owner who is sat in his usual plush office chair. He smiles as the crowd cheers, giving their usual warm welcome to the man that made all of this possible, and basks in the welcome for several moments before beginning to talk, forcing the crowd to quiet down.

Ernesto Clement: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second ever Road to Last Rites, the final stop on a year long build towards the biggest night of our year.

The crowd cheers, showing just how excited they are for the upcoming show.

Ernesto Clement: It has been a long year, with ups and downs all over the card. We’ve lost some great performers who will forever be remembered, but we’ve also gained some incredible new stars, while also getting career defining performances from some of the old guard.

He pauses for a moment, offering the crowd a moment to recall some of their favourite moments from the past year.

Ernesto Clement: These last three hundred and some days have all been building to one moment though. Every loss, every victory, every drop of blood, tears and sweat shed have all been building to the greatest show of all, Last Rites!

Another cheer echoes throughout the arena.

Ernesto Clement: You should all get ready to see some of the greatest wrestlers on this planet put their bodies on the line, as they look to become stars and leave their names on the lips of every fan. Men and women like Lucas Hawthorne, Dr. Nero and Annalise are all going to be fighting to secure both Championships and their place in history, men like Sway Archer and Austin Angel are looking to show why they are the future of this company, and men like Daiko and King Crowley are looking to defend their respective crowns and consolidate their power.

The crowd cheer and boo as appropriate for each name Clement reads out, with some murmuring amongst themselves, quietly laughing at his omission of Jacob Bianchi from the Title Holders. Clement seems unfazed by people recognising this and continues talking, his smile never wavering.

Ernesto Clement: For now though, I’ve been asked to leave you all with a little teaser of the show itself, so without further ado, I present to you the official poster for PWC’s Last Rites! I hope you all enjoy, and I can’t wait to welcome you to the show in just a few days time!

The camera cuts, but instead of returning to the arena itself, the poster appears on the screen.

The image holds on the screen for a few moments before the cameras cut back to the arena.

***Beyond the Veil***

The lights in the arena dim, signalling the arrival of another superstar. Audible Annalise chants are picked up by the cameras as they pan around, looking for the best shot of the PWC’s newest superstar. A faint white smoke billows out onto the stage, getting thicker and thicker with every passing second until the entire floor is enveloped. The smoke almost seems to beckon your eyes to a faint white light which is coming into view before blazing into a pale blue light, which glimmers as the stage lights flicker on and off, giving the whole scene an eerie glow.

The crowd cheers as Annalise finally walks out onto the stage, her hood up and her pale eyes focused intently on the ring. Her red and black Gothic clothing clashes magnificently with the pale light of the stage, bathing her an almost supernatural glow as she makes her way down to the ring.

She continues to move down the ramp, not acknowledging anyone from the crowd, timing her motions to a tee as she reaches the bottom of the ramp just as her theme ramps up once more. She walks up the stairs and slips through the ropes before finally drawing back her hood, letting the crowd get another glimpse of the woman they were almost begging to see off Jacob Bianchi.

The lights in the arena return to normal and Annalise signals to Emma Mason to hand her a microphone. As she takes the mic from the ring announcer, the arena begins to buzz, some start chanting for Annalise but the majority of the crowd are both anxious and intrigued as to what the newcomer has to say having just burst on to the scene becoming the number one contender to the Legacy Championship.

Annalise stands expressionless with an almost blank look on her face, her cold eyes scouting the surrounding crowd before starting to talk.

Annalise: Last Rites is where the hunt will truly begin..... Jacob Bianchi, I could wait until then to maim and mangle your broken body but there is one problem..... I'm still hungry. No disrespect to the prey that I have slaughtered thus far.... Luke Jackson, Kidd West, Leo Masters.....but their carcasses were....inadequate for my standards. I want a little taste of what I am up against this Sunday. So Jacob, get out here and let's just see how good you really are!

The fans cheer loudly as Annalise watches closely down the entrance way. Much louder chants of “Ann-a-lise!” echo round the arena in response to the challenge but soon they are disappointed, realizing after a number of seconds that the Champion had declined to answer her challenge. Their cheers turn into extremely loud boos, some in the audience have succumbed to chanting “Bianchi sucks!” as a result. Annalise however seems unfazed and lets out a familiar carnivorous smile, licking her lips in the process.

Annalise: I had a feeling this would be your response.... you are nothing short of meticulous, carefully planning every move, waiting for the moment to strike upon the next victim. In my world, you are nothing more than a scavenger, picking at the bones of those who either are too weak to fight back or when they least expect it. Which is exactly how you got to Dr. Nero, nearly ending his career.

But here's something you won't want to be reminded of, it was only a matter of months ago that you were nothing more than faceless bodyguard who had to do whatever his master had ordered him to. I know for a fact that must have eaten you up inside...... Dr. Nero had everything: The money, the fame, the girl....and a world championship to his name. He became complacent, he got careless and the second he let his guard down....that was the moment you decided to strike.

Boos echo around the arena as they reminded of when Bianchi took Nero out of action for months.

Annalise: The meticulous planning, the calculation, the timing of the kill.....you used every trick that a Huntress could execute.....at least, that is what you may think.

You see, as much as I could eliminate my opponents in that manner, there is a difference between us. A huntress doesn't just know how to stalk her target and brutalize them when they least expect it, a huntress can slaughter its game in any manner that is available to her in any situation that is presented. You like to hide in the shadows, strategize your next move and attack when your adversary least expects it but I like to look my prey dead in the eye before killing them.

The crowd pops in response to Annalise's chilling message. No doubt wanting her to kill Bianchi

Annalise: A huntress's most prized possessions are her trophies....they are both the evidence and reward of a successful pursuit...the loot in which her game has forfeited as victims of the hunt. I cannot call myself an expert in my field if I do not catch bigger game, nor will it satisfy my bloody urges....and Jacob, you are by far the biggest on offer right now.

In your case, well....you have two trophies on offer....the first is your appetizing carcass, one that has yet to be maimed or slaughtered. On the first count, I will move in for the kill and take your body as my souvenir only because I want to and can. Your second trophy however is even more valuable....that trophy sitting over your shoulder, the Legacy title. And that trophy isn't something I just want......it's a trophy that I need. I need it more than you could possibly imagine. The road to becoming the top carnivore in the PWC starts with you and taking everything you hold most dear.

Jacob, you've been a top predator in the PWC for a long time but now...it's time to meet your maker. Fear the Old Blood.

Annalise turns to face the ramp, eagerly awaiting her next opponent.

***Is She With You?***

Leo Masters don’t waste any time in appearing, as he walks out onto the stage as soon as his theme begins playing. The crowd cheers, acknowledging one of their favourite PWC competitors, as he makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands as he goes. He quickly slips into the ring and stands in the opposite corner from Annalise, who has removed her jacket and is waiting patiently for things to get underway.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event for the evening and is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she stands five feet eleven inches tall and weighed in tonight at one hundred seventy-five pounds. ANNALIIIIIIIISSSEEEEE!

The crowd cheer, many members already siding with the PWC’s most recent acquisition.

Emma Mason: And her opponent, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, he stands six feet three inches tall and weighed in tonight at two hundred forty-three pounds! I give to you, LEO MASTEEEEEERRRRSSSS!

A louder cheer for Masters who waves out at his fans before focusing on the task at hand. In the other corner of the ring, Annalise is stood watching Leo curiously, almost like a hunter watching its prey.

Match Three | Singles Match
Annalise vs. Leo Masters

The bell rings and the two competitors approach the centre of the ring for a respectful hand shake

Stan Chambers: Two fan favourites here, this one is gonna be a classy affair.

Right off the bat they enter into a test of strength which is easily won by Leo Masters the much larger of the two

Annalise slithers her way out of a headlock and nails an elbow to Leo! Taken aback by this he charges at his opponent only to be side stepped and as he turns back is nailed with a Roundhouse Kick!

Just as quickly as he hits the floor Leo jumps up and retreats to the corner as Annalise is in hot pursuit.

Out of the corner he nails a boot, then a forearm, another boot and then a jab! Step by step Leo makes more progress in breaking down Annalise. But she blocks a right hook and nails a jab of her own! They trade blows in the centre of the ring until Annalise catches another of Master’s attempts and pulls him into a short-arm clothesline!

He gets back up and is hit with a rolling elbow!

Again Leo gets back to his feet — Annalise is throwing everything at him and this time attempts a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Leo shifts his weight just in time, and she can’t execute the manoeuvre so gets planted with a powerslam!

Looking in control now Leo lifts her up and blasts her with a lariat!

Makes the cover!

Two — Kickout!!

Leo bides his time and lets Annalise get back up before a wicked sounding forearm strike knocking her into the ropes and as she rebounds back another lariat which turns her inside out!

The cover again


Annalise just gets the shoulder up after taking a lot of huge hits in quick succession!

He rags her up again and nails a snap suplex — Annalise’s back arches in pain from the collision with the mat! Using the ropes as an aid she claws back up but Leo is right there with a forearm smash to the temple! She falls into the ropes and rebounds again this time landing into Leo’s shoulder who looks down as he knows he has Annalise right where he wants her!

Again Leo nails a forearm strike ensuring she is positioned to bounce off the ropes — As she does he takes a couple step backs and charges forward-looking for the Discuss Lariat — CHIKAGEE!!!!! Out of nowhere Annalise plants her knee right into Leo’s skull and collapses onto him into the cover.


Winner via Pinfall — Annalise

Sondra Rowe: She may be a newcomer but that is just how quickly Annalise can change the direction of a match.

Stan Chambers: Jacob Bianchi ought to be very worried right about now.

Sondra Rowe: Worried? Jacob Bianchi is possible the most excellently prepared wrestler on the planet, he need not worry about any challenge.

Stan Chambers: Only time will tell regarding that, Sondra. As for now though, this is all the time we had for the show, and I’m getting word in my ears that we need to wrap things up, so to the PWC Universe, I say thank you!

Sondra Rowe: Thank you for watching this Road to Last Rites, and the next time you hear our voices should be at Last Rites itself.

Stan Chambers: So from all of us here in the PWC, we hope you stay safe, and we hope to see you in just a few days time. Goodbye everyone!

Sondra Rowe: Thanks for watching!

The cameras cut to black before leading into a commercial for the next show.

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