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"Not Ready"

7 Years ago...

Matty storms through a set of double doors and into Steve's office.​

Now what the hell do you want barging in like that?

Steve was sat with a pile of paperwork in front of him while flies all over the office from the gust Matty causes.​

He was out there again.

He rags a chair up to Steve's desk and sits down.​

Why is he still coming here?...

Every week, it was the same drill.

Matty would perform in his match at the gym and at the very last moment he would see him out in the crowd - his dad sat there looking on in nothing but support for his son. But Matty didn't want it.

Each week he would pick a different spot in the crowd as he tried to avoid his son's gaze but through nothing but fate alone, each and every time Matty locked eyes upon him.

Week after week, this would lead to his downfall. The worst losing streak he's ever encountered and he was still so early into his wrestling career.​

Matty, you don't know what it's like to be a father and I get that, but I do so-

So you keep inviting him here wanting to re-build some bridge? Well let me tell you Steve: There is no bridge! There never was! All that man is responsible for in my life is wasting the first 10 years of it.

He was never a father then and he isn't about to be now.

His mentor stares at him for a while, taking in all he just said. He leans back in his chair and looks up behind him at an old framed photograph of himself wrestling in the 80s.​

You wanna know what I see when I look at this picture here, Matthew?

Not the fire talk again Steve. And don't call me that...

No, no. Not the fire talk. I mean yeah that picture perfectly shows my burning desire to win and just looking at it lights a fire in my belly which urges me to go out and-


Right. Not that talk this time...

Steve clears his throat and collects his thoughts.​

That is a man who is not ready to be anything more than a fighter. He's focused fully on his career, nothing more, nothing less. But you wanna know what happened about 20 minutes after that picture was taken?

He nods.​

I got a phone call that would change my life forever. My wife called me up and told me I was gonna be a dad.

Matty's eyes widen as he thinks for a second.​

But that picture is in like '83? Kyle wasn't born til 88?

I know that Matty... I know that all too well.

Steve looks down at the floor. It doesn't take long for Matty to realise what Steve is referring to here.​

Oh... Oh my god Steve I'm so sorry I wasn't trying to-

No, don't worry about it. But anyway, my point is I know how good it feels the moment you become a dad but I also know what it feels like to have that taken from you.

But that's totally different to my dad.

Hear me out. That man has made some mistakes and because of that he lost out on some of the best years of parenthood. I got a lot of respect for a man who admits his mistakes and who is ready to make amends. Especially when this is the guy who brought you into the world boy. You've got all the brain and all the talent. You just need a little direction and I can only take you so far. There are some things in life you can only take away from your father.

I get all that, but I'm not ready to forgive him yet.

You never will be. I just said he missed out on the best years. But that ain't getting fixed if he misses all the rest too is it?

He has no response, as usual the much older and wiser Steve knew exactly what he was talking about.​

There's always gonna be times in life when you're not ready for something. That's when the hardest things are most likely to hit you. Life isn't meant to be easy but that's when you show the kinda man you are, when your back's against the wall. You gotta be resilient. You gotta take whatever you get dealt whenever it's dealt to you and you've gotta play that hand. And when you win how sweet does it feel? You don't have to be ready, you just gotta have enough fight in you to get through any tough situation.

Wise words once more from the wisest man he knew.​

Besides, I see you go out back every week hoping to see him like you did the first week you noticed him turning up.

An embarrassed smile crosses his face. Deep down he does want to make amends with his dad and make up for lost time.​

He leaves after all your matches now. So he'll be halfway home by now, but next week I'm gonna get him back here and you're gonna talk this out once and for all.

The night after Vortex 15...

It is around 11pm, Shadow's body is still aching from the beating he took on Vortex 14 but he feels somewhat revitalised having got one over on Crowley last night.

We see him walking through the streets of New York alone. He's on the edge of town so it's fairly quiet, he is making his way towards the gym for a late night session. He has on his training gear; gym shorts, vest, hoodie and his running shoes. He's carrying a small black sports bag which holds his wrestling attire.​

The Hell in a Cell is gonna be his downfall. I can feel it. Just me and him surrounded by tonnes of solid steel. No help this time, and no where to run. I am gonna make him pay for everything that he's done to me.

As he saunters through the streets all that lights the way are the street lamps above and the only noise comes from the occasional passing of a car.

In the distance he notices a glow. Or at least what seemed like a glow, as he get's closer it's more of a flash. Flashing lights both red and blue. And it's it right outside the gym.

Shadow's jaw drops - What the hell is going on? - He starts to walk faster and as he reaches the building there seems to be a full crime scene being cautioned off by police.
Excuse me? Can anybody tell me whats going on?

Shadow cries out to a whole host of police officers at the scene.​

Sorry, who are you sir?

Taken aback by this comment he drops his sports bag and storms towards the officer.​

I happen to own and run this establishment

As he begins to speak an ambulance screeches up beside him and the paramedics rush out and into the building.​

What the hell is going on here?!

Look sir, I'm gonna need you to calm down, step back and let me ask you a few questions.

Excuse me?

Before he has time to take in all that is happening, Kyle is carried out of the building on a stretcher and hurled into the back of the ambulance. He rushes over and tries to now speak with the paramedics. As he opens his mouth he is cut off before he even begins.​

Sorry, we have to move this man is in a critical condition you'll have to meet him down at the hospital.

And with that the lights and sirens are on and they drive away.

Shadow's world is just in a complete spin, he has no idea what is happening or what to make of the entire situation.

The officer from before places his hand on Shadow's shoulder.​

Why don't you come inside out of the cold, we can talk more in there.

The policeman hands his sports bag back to him and escorts him inside all the while Shadow gazes off in the direction the ambulance went.​

5am the following day

We are in the hospital. Shadow has horrid memories of this place. Mere months ago he was sat in this building by Steve's side as he was in a critical state and now he was here again by the side of Steve's own son.

He was sat in the bedside chair while Kyle was laid there hooked up to god knows how many machines and constant beeps going off in the background.​

Why the hell did we end up back here man? Didn't your family put us through enough here?

He has a sly chuckle at himself and smiles at his best friend.​

I can't believe someone would do this. Some guys breaking into OUR gym and doing this to Kyle. He didn't do anything to deserve this. And I still need to find the time to train, I can't let this distract me from my match with Crowley. I have to focus.

The nurse walks in. She is a stunning lady with long brown hair, blue eyes and a face that looks as if it's been ripped straight out of a magazine. Her figure is flawless and Shadow cannot take his eyes off her.​

How are you keeping?

Oh, me? I'm fine.

He answers awkwardly. Attractive women are most certainly not Matty Elliot's forte.​

Do we know how Kyle is yet?

He's gonna be fine, it was more the shock it seems. We've removed the shrapnel from his ribs, he's gonna be sore for a while but he should be thankful it wasn't more serious. He does have a concussion too because he took a nasty blow to the head it seems but he's going to be alright.

Does he need any more treatment?

Oh no, he will just need his dressing changed for the wound daily and he'll probably get some pain killers to take home too.

Good. Thank you...

Matty searches for an excuse to carry on the conversation with this woman but cannot think of anything to say.​

Alright well I'll just leave you two alone now-

She begins to walk out the room.

Matty cries out and immediately winces in embarrassment at what he's done.​

... I mean no.. problem!... See you around!

She shoots him an awkward smile and exits the room.​

Stupid. Stupid, stupid-


Kyle has begun to stir. He coughs for a while and takes some big breaths in.

He is still way out of it due to all the medication in his system.​

You... You're still... A terrible flirt.

The two laugh together. Even in his current situation Kyle is able to crack jokes at his friend.​

How you feeling?

I've... Been Better... That gang have got something coming.

Matty looks at his friend puzzled.

Kyle pauses and takes a few moments to catch his breath.​

There's still a lot... You don't know about me Matty... I'm in some trouble.

Well I'll say. What the hell got you into this mess?

When you're a businessman in New York... Trouble... Finds you.

Matty shakes his head. He wants absolutely no part of this whatsoever.​

They found out what I did... They're threatening to tell....

They found what out and who are they telling?



The machine.....

Matty becomes increasingly confused by whatever Kyle is trying to say to him. Whatever drugs he's hooked up to are doing a good job.​

What are you saying?

I messed with the machine....

He has no idea what his friend is talking about and is almost laughing it seems so ridiculous. But that's when he remembers the conversation he had with Tony weeks ago.​

I’m happy for you an all, I just think this whole thing stinks. The gym as well. He always said he’d never take that place, he’d never run it, it’s just a black whole of profit – There ain’t none.

He’s changed Tony. I think Steve passing was what he needed mentally.

It doesn’t happen like that… There’s more too it I just know.

You sound like you know something I don’t.

Tony shoots a look at Matty. He has to come clean.​

Look. I told the doctors to not say anything. But the night he went, they tried everything. And just earlier that day you saw it, it worked. Between that time, and the time he… yanno. The machines were tampered with a little.

Shadow fills with pure rage.​

Matty stands up and nearly collapses immediately. He is frozen in a cocktail of emotions. Fear, shock, confusion. He can't speak. Slowly Kyle drifts back to sleep and Matty makes for the door and leaves.​
3 Hours before Ragnarök

Shadow is walking into the Laugardalsvöllur - Fully suited and booted in a Black suit, wearing a pair of sunglasses and dragging a black suitcase with him. An unusual style for the former Legacy Champion but he looks all business for tonight.

Danny Eriksen is nearby with a camera man recording some footage for a "Facebook Live Exclusive" on PWC's social media.​

Oh, guys' here he is! The challenger to the PWC Heavyweight Championship of the World, Shadow! Let's go grab a moment with him.

Eriken jogs up alongside Shadow and keeps at pace with him as he walks through the backstage area.​

Shadow, who do you think the stipulation in your match with King Crowley tonight benefits?

He holds the microphone up to Shadow who just walks and doesn't say a word. After an awkward silence Danny tries again.​

There is no doubt that this is your last chance at the champ, how will you change your strategy tonight to come out on top?

Again the mic is held up to Shadows mouth but he just carries on walking through the corridor.​

We're not very long from the launch of our very first ever Pay-Per-View kick off show, do you intend to make an appearance on that show for all your fans across the world?

For a third time the mic is lifted to the challenger's lips but this time he stops right in front of a door.​

Excuse me.

Shadow enters the room and slams the door shut behind him.

Danny stares on for a moment, bewildered by his actions but collects himself and faces the camera.​

So there you have it folks, a very focused and ready challenger for tonights main event, here at PWC - Ragnarök!

Within the room...

After slamming the door Shadow removes his glasses and reveals huge bags beneath his eyes. Since the chilling events of the other night he has struggled to get any sleep or keep his focus. He drags himself over to the sink and splashes his face with water a few times.​

I don't wanna be in this damn suit.

Shadow rags off his tie and throws the blazer across the room. It was all a ruse. If he showed up looking ready and looking like business people would think he meant business but he didn't feel in a good frame of mind.​

Look at yourself, dammit. You're not ready.

He stares on at the mirror above the sink. He didn't look ready, nor did he feel ready.​

But a wise man once told me that I don't have to be ready. I just have to have a enough fight in me and I'll get through any tough situation.

King Crowley knows about the fight I have in me, he's felt it and I know that deep down he fears it. Tonight it's just me and him locked inside that cell together. We're gonna find out who's the better man once and for all.

I bet he's sat right now thinking to himself "Oh I'm ready"... Well keep on going "King" because you might be ready but I'm a fighter and right now my back is up against the wall. Tonight is the night that I make Darkness Fall.

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The scene begins with a video, the first scene showing a “state of the art” home gym, with El Gigante Enmascarado praying at a home-made shrine, dedicated to an unknown woman in a luchadore mask.

“Every day, before and after training, I pray to god that familia stay safe, it family tradition for sons and daughters pray for parents’ safety. Every day I don’t pray, parent been injured. First time back in 2006, could not pray due to school. Grandma fell ill that day, die three days after. I start skipping school to pray and train. Second time in 2014, only did it once before training, passed out so could not pray after train. Papa fall down stairs, break bone in arm, in sling for 3 months. I fight every day those months to pay for Papa’s medical bills...tough times.”

Xavier tries to hold back tears, but the tears are very visible as the camera zooms in a bit on him.

“Four months ago, forgot to pray, one of girlfriends have babies...mama revealed to have stomach cancer. I fight to pay doctor…”
In the video, Xavier’s crying begins to slow down as he continues to pray to what is now known to be his mother’s health.

“Right as I begin to lose hope, Ms. Page offer contract, lucrative deal too, enough to pay for treatment. I accept contract, and on night one I brought in to fight Barney Williams. I crush puny man, that not enough for Page. Week after I decimate Flexx Palumbo, that still not enough. Now must beat Lucas Hawthorne…”

The scene changes to Xavier attempting to use a jump rope. Attempting being the keyword, as he is shown to struggle a bit with it.

“Do people think I want to be tall? I never want to be this tall, it only hindrance.”

A third scene, this time of Xavier accidentally breaking a table by leaning on it a bit too much, the table breaking into quite a few pieces.

“I wanted to wrestle, but I want to be luchador, not giant crush machine.”

The video goes back once again to Xavier praying at the shrine for his mother, with the voice-over going as he begins to finish the prayer.

“They think I want to crush puny Lucas? No, Lucas, I no want to crush you. I wish you best of luck in future endeavors, but I must do this, for sake of familia...for sake of Mama. At Ragnarok, I give Miss Page what she want, and I get money to fix mama...to fix entire familia...except me...nothing fix being me.”

As the last sentence ends, Xavier stands up from the prayer and he turns around and walks to the steel steps where a mask lays. Xavier puts it on, and goes into the ring as the screen goes to black.

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The leaves fell and flipped in the wind,

It was here, It was here where...

Where the remains lay...

The remains of Summer.

Fall was here.

Cool nights.



The sunset gone for only thirsty minutes and already...

Already they worked.

The wind whipping their faces punishing them...

It howled in misery for the fallen.

War knew no one,

no friends,

no enemies,

Just those who stood in the way.

These two men had seen war...

They have tasted misery...

They have formed sweat for their purpose.

They have worked for their movement.

They are taking care of their casualties.

The Earth was breached until desire and their was an abundance of loose, liquid DNA...


Cliche' and to the point.

There was silence as all things in nature waited...and then...it fell with the slightest clunk.

Someone's knees hit the dirt.

Kist's cool voice chilled the man beside him...or was it a man? The physique looked masculine, but the hoodie showed naught.

"Up...my dear friend, tonight is not the time for tardiness."

The hood moved toward Kist, and a hint Southern drawl spewed out.

"Mr. Kist, why must we do this? Why? I don't reckon I understand."

"We do this...for nothing, yet for everything...our duty is to cleanse and taking out the trash is the dirty duty that we were given."

The hood falls as the man wipes the sweat from his brow, his short brown hair and beard barely portrayed on this dark night.

Exploring Planet Alpha
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Stories From The Road: An Austin Angel RP

Reykjavík, Iceland: 3 Days Before Ragnarök

We were just days out from the big fight, my first defense of the Television Championship against the corporate kiss ass, Jensen. I was prepared for everything he could possibly throw at me, and now we had a few days to ourselves in this terrible country. We were going to try and make the most of it. Riley gave me the idea to record some footage on his phone for the new reality show, and I thought it was a great idea. So he whipped out his phone, handed it to Axl, and the record button was hit as we were in the parking lot of our hotel room with no one around.

Angel: We are here in Iceland, just days out from my title defense against Jensen. I would say what city were in but frankly, none of us know how to pronounce the name of this terrible city!

Riley, Bret and I laughed.

Riley: The travel on this trip has sucked, nothing first class about it and we're all ready to head back to the states and get back to that first class luxury we deserve.

Bret: Amen to that brother, but on the bright side we've been making a ton of money while we've been over here.

Angel: That we have, and finally we're gonna get rid of Jensen once and for all in just a couple days. But for now we got some good stuff planned for today don't we guys?

Riley and Bret nod in unison.

Bret: We're going to hit the gym soon, check out some tourist places around here, and eventfully try to find some decent food to get for dinner.

Angel: Ah Bret you forgot one important thing we're doing today, I went and set up a meeting with Clement to discuss the next step in building the Austin Angel brand, and to make sure that when I seriously injure his little favorite Jensen during our match, that he can't do anything about it. No lawsuits, no fines, nothing! And there's only two words to describe how great it's gonna be to finish him off, TOO SWEET!

All three of us started laughing as we held up our hands, and too sweeted each other. Just as we were about to leave, I paused and told Axl to start recording again.

Angel: I almost forgot, to relax her after some seriously stressful days recently from being a world famous singer and managing me, I sent Becca for a spa day. And we're going to be recording everything we do today, as part of the brand new reality show. The sad thing is our idiot camera man had "a previous commitment" today so we have to record it all on a phone, but thankfully Axl being the great bodyguard he is has offered his services doing the recording for us. So let's head out.

Axl stopped recording and the 4 of us headed out, piling into the rental car we had for the day, after all we don't need to be swarmed with fans by bringing the tour bus everywhere! So we drove off, in search of a decent gym and ready to begin the busy day ahead of us.

An Hour Later: A Local Gym

We finally found a gym an hour later, and after paying off the manager to close it to the public, we started filming again, Riley, Bret and I stood together as Axl motioned for us to start talking.

Angel: Hellllllo ladies and gentleman, welcome back to part 1 of the busy day ahead of us as we take to the gym. Now you may be sitting there saying, "But Austin, you're already a stud, all the ladies already want you, all the men already wanna be you, you're already in good enough shape to be the best athlete in the entire company. Why do you need to hit the gym more than you already do?" and that's a great question. But see we were racking our brains trying to figure out why Jensen of all people was given a movie role over me, I mean he's boring, he has no personality, the cameras hate him. But then we figured out, Clement must think because Jensen has more muscle than me, maybe that's why. So we're here to pump the iron, run the treadmills, and build that muscle! So watch closely ladies and gentleman, it may not be my parkour course back at home, but this will have to do as we show you the Austin Angel workout! Bret, hit the music!

Bret nods as he pulls his phone out and starts playing music.

As the music starts, we walk over to the weight bench and Riley and Bret stand on either side of the bar as I place 5 pound weights on either end, then lay on the bench and act like I'm struggling, before finally bench pressing the bar a couple times. Bret and Riley then each took a turn, and repeated the same process as me. From there we went over to the treadmills, each of us getting on one as we start running on walking speed, before turning it up and jokingly falling off all at the same time.

Austin: Can't forget the leg workout!

We walked over to the leg press machine, and set it up with a small amount of weight, I then looked right into the camera.

Angel: Gotta have strong legs if I'm gonna deliever those superkicks, you guys too!

After flashing the camera a cheesy smile while Bret and Riley gave it a thumbs up, I sat down on the bench and powered out a few reps. After getting up and wiping the non existent sweat off my forehead, I turned to the pair of brothers.

Austin: Oh man guys this workout is so hard! I don't know how Jensen manages such a hard workout!

We all laughed as we walked over to the corner to find a medicine ball, and threw it across the gym, Axl moving to avoid being hit by it and it smashed into the mirror.

Riley and Bret laughed as I looked directly into the phone's camera.

Angel: You guys didn't think you'd seriously get to see my workout did you? Besides I don't need a 6 pack to validate myself to a nasty co star girlfriend who will only date me if I do what she says! You may think if you beat me, you'll have it all again Jensen, but you're in for a rude awakening when I pin your shoulders to the mat 1,2,3 once again. Or hell, maybe I'll make you tap out this time, that'd be a fun way to crush the fans hopes of you ever taking my title away from me. Come on guys, let's get out of here.

We walked out of the gym and past the front desk, as we did I heard the manager yelling as he saw what happened to his mirror, we laughed and walked out. As if we'd pay for damages. With the gym portion of our day done, it was almost time to go talk with Clement, but first we saw a place to get food and tourist stuff, I guess it's the Iceland version of a gift shop. We decided to grace another business with our presence.

20 Minutes Later: Outside The Gift Stop

As we sat down on the rocking chairs outside the gift shop, having found nothing worth buying inside. Screw this terrible country. As we were sitting, a thought came to my mind.

Angel: You know guys, Jensen gets all this praise for being a great champion and everything, but look at who ended his first title reign, Remy Dieu. A guy who's nothing but spooky riddles, smoke and mirrors. Jensen couldn't even beat a guy like that who's a terrible wrestler, and he thinks he can beat me? The best wrestler in the world? HA!

We all started laughing, even Axl started laughing as he continued to film us.

Riley: Austin everybody tries to discredit your title win by saying you cheat to win matches and everything, but we all know you don't need to do that, you do it because you can. Being a nice guy gets you nowhere in life.

I nodded in agreement, he was very right. When I played nice and tried to please the fans, it got me nowhere. I wasn't winning titles, I was barely winning matches, and I was suffering injuries from trying to pull off crazy stunts to please the idiots known as the PWC fans. Now look at me, I'm a golden god.

Angel: You're exactly right. Look at my past, that proves being the nice guy gets nowhere, hell look at Jensen! He sucks up to the fans and guess what happened when he faced an actual wrestler with talent? He lost his TV Title!

Bret: So what if he brings out that other side of him? The demon or whatever he calls it when he paints himself up?

I laughed, the sheer thought that someone could change who they are by painting themselves up like a demon or anything else is ridiculous.

Austin: A demon? Please. You know how you stop a demon? By being an angel.

I winked and laughed as The Elliot Brothers laughed at the joke as well.

Austin: Hey did you guys get that special gift for Jensen last night like I asked?

Riley and Bret quickly nodded.

Riley: Of course.

Bret: But why are you giving him a gift? We hate him. He ruined your championship celebration, he sent me to the hospital, he ruined Becca's dress!

Austin: Consider it a parting gift, a thank you for being such an easy win, hell maybe even a retirement present.

I chuckled, was I really going to try and end Jensen's career? Maybe. He does deserve it after ruining my championship celebration, but on the flip side he was so easy to beat the first time that when I beat him again I might decide to keep him around after all, an easy win is always a good thing. Jensen may be a former champion and may have some talent, but the simple fact of the matter is he's not on my level. And in a couple days, he's going to find that out first hand. Before we decided to head off to have a little chat with Clement, we took a picture.

90 Minutes Later: A Hotel Confrence Room

I sat at one end of the table, Clement at the other. The conference room was about what you'd expect from any average conference room, but I didn't expect Clement to bother setting up anything fancy, I mean I'm only his highest paid superstar and the most important person on his roster, but I'm not one of his little favorites so he doesn't care. Figures. Riley and Bret were sat on either side of me while Axl stood in front of the doors, not filming though because we can't give away all the details of what's to come with the Austin Angel brand.

Angel: So Clement, now that you finally came through with a camera man for my reality show, who by the way was "busy" today, let's talk about what's next for my brand. I'm your biggest star and your TV Champion, how are you going to further promote me? Maybe giving me a movie role?

I raised an eyebrow as I looked over at Clement, I could see the annoyance in his face at what I was saying. It's tempting to jump across the table and punch him in the face but I know that he'd love that because he'd have an excuse to fire me.

Clement: Well there's no movies upcoming that PWC is involved in so I can't help you there. We could create some new merchandise for your fans to buy?

I shook my head in disgust. Merchandise? That's it? Everybody gets that, I'm better than everybody else.

Angel: No no I don't want anybody wearing my merchandise besides me, Riley, Bret, Axl and Becca. Nobody else deserves to wear my merchandise. What else you got?

Clement: Umm well, your training Bret and Riley here to wrestle right? Maybe we could give them a match to get their feet wet in PWC while they train.

I took a minute to think about it. I hadn't really thought of them going out on their own and wrestling for PWC, but that would give me an excuse to sub them into matches I didn't feel like having. Or have them help me weaken up my enemies, in a way that nobody can do anything about at least.

Angel: I could see the benefits of that, yes that might work. We'll keep that in mind, but see the problem is that doesn't help grow MY brand. You need ways to keep pushing me as your biggest star old man. I'm where the money is, I'm the ratings spike, I'm the one putting the asses into your seats.

Clement doesn't bother hiding the disgusted look on his face as he shakes his head. He's really tempting me to get violent with him.

Angel: Look Clement, I know Jensen is your favorite superstar but it's time to stop being bias. You hooked him up with a movie role, I want something bigger than that. I got a show now, but it's time for you to use your connections for something bigger. And if you can't deliever that, then I'm just gonna have to ask for another pay raise. Don't worry you'll be able to justify it after I retain my championship in a few days.

Clement: Well how about you worry about backing up all your talk before you worry about getting into movies and more money and everything else you're talking about. In fact I'll make you a deal, you retain that title and I'll see what I can do about getting you a role in a movie.

I nodded in approval, finally Clement was saying something good. It took him long enough to see me for the mega star I really am.

Angel: Sounds like a deal then, better get ready to give me the hook up then. Now one other thing I wanted to mention, this TV Title. It's...ugly. I want a custom championship. One designed by me.

Clement looked surprised but I was serious. Imagine a championship with my face on it? Or even better, Becca's face? Or even just a better design for the belt would work.

Clement: Well that's just out of the question. Our championship belt designers worked long and hard to create our championships and we won't be replacing any of them because someone wants a custom championship. It's bad enough Crowley melted down the World Title to create a crown.

Angel: So I could do that, but crowns aren't really my thing.

Clement gave me a stern look, clearly he wasn't amused by me but I was having a fun time pushing his buttons. I kicked my feet up on the table and popped a piece of gum in my mouth as we continued the conversation.

Clement: Quite frankly Mr. Angel, you aren't in a position to make a demand for a new title. I know you managed to get a lot of things in your new contract but you didn't get anything about creating your own championships. So if you don't wanna carry around that TV Title, I could strip you of the title.

I glared across the table at Clement, who does he think he is?

Angel: You're not funny Clement so unless you wanna hear from my lawyer again I'd suggest you wipe that look off your face. In fact I'm sick of dealing with you, so I'll see you at Ragnarök when I beat Jensen and retain my title.

I took my feet off the table and stood up, as did Bret and Riley. Clement had a look of relief on his face as he stood up, and began packing up his papers.

Angel: But before I go, I have something for you to give Jensen, a gift from me.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper, walked over to Clement's side of the table and tossed it down in front of him. As Clement picked it up and looked at it, he looked puzzled.

Clement: Is this a lottery ticket?

I nodded, which just added to Clement's confusion.

Angel: You know what the odds of winning the lottery are Clement? One in seven hindered and fifty million. It's a long shot but I figure after I mess up his face and ruin his pretty boy image and end his movie career once and for all, he could use the extra money. Plus the odds of winning the lottery are still higher than the odds of Jensen beating me.

I smirked as I walked out of the conference room with my band and my bouncer, I said my piece to Clement and quite frankly that was more than enough dealing with him for a long time. I knew I should have had my lawyer handle that. But the Austin Angel brand needs to keep growing and now it looks like all I have to do is retain my title to make that happen, I don't care what Jensen throws at me and I don't care if he brings the whole damn cast of his stupid movie to ringside, I'll do whatever it takes to retain my title and go through anybody and everybody who gets in my way. But for now it's time to take my mind off everything PWC related and go have dinner with my beautiful fiancee.

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The scene starts in the new Remy Dieu house, a place that we have not visited or heard from in a long time. Remy Dieu has been unusually quiet, having no contact with Jacob, with the outside world, with Hunter, just him alone in the giant house. The only voice that is keeping Remy Dieu company is the voices coming from the television set.

Remy had spent his whole life, condemning people for wasting away their lives, living through the stars and celebrities they see on the television screen. Treating actors, musicians, politicians as if they were gods, but now time's have change and Remy Dieu sits in front of the tv set, decaying away.

Playing on the tv screen is an old 80s style kung-fu flick. In the past few weeks, Remy has grown obsessed with watching these movies, where one lone men would rise up against adversity, against 100s of people, with their flashy moves, and how in the end everything always works out for them. The more of these films Remy had continued to watch, the more his hatred for Hammerpunch had begun to boil over.

Hammerpunch is a modern representation over these old kung fu heroes, where he could do no wrong. And that everything works out for him, and how to the world he is perfect in every way, he could do no wrong. And just like Jensen, Remy Dieu knows he is flawed. And had set out not to destroy him, but to find something about Hammerpunch that would prove he is as flawed as everyone else, and that he's not perfect. Remy Dieu wants to be the man, that exposes Hammerpunch, and welcomes him back to reality, and show the world that this is not some kung-fu flick, and sometimes things, just don't work out. Of course, this would cause Remy to be the villain in this story, but Remy does not mind being the necessary evil, as he has in the past.

Finally after a long period, Remy finally reached for the tv remote, and turned off the tv. And now the only thing that was keeping him company, the voice of the tv, is off. And the only voice that Remy could hear was the voices in his own head.

While laying back on the couch with his eye closes, trying to visualize exactly how he wants the match with Hammerpunch to go. Remy started to notice a low ringing, coming from his laptop on the table.

This noise shocked Remy as he was not expecting any calls, especially since Blanichi is the only person that could reach him, and though they work togethered, Remy knows that Blanichi does not want to talk to him anymore than he had too.

Remy quickly opened up his laptop, and saw a small envelope icon in the corner. As he reached to his mouse, he began to hover over the icon, and noticed that this message as sent hours ago. Remy actually became upset with himself, realizing he had so engrossed in the movies he was watching, the noise from his laptop actually went ignored.

Right after clicking on the envelope, a giant wall of text appeared on his screen, with a picture of Hammerpunch at the bottom of the envelope. For a quick second, Remy thought to himself this must somehow be a prank from some Hammerpunch fan, and was considering not reading the message.

But the first part of the letter quickly caught Remy's eye and he became hooked.

"Hello, Mr. Dieu. I understand you are having a big fight with Hammerpunch coming up, and I've seen you try to take the fight to him in the past few weeks, and from what I've seen, with the interactions you've had with each other, at Ragnarök, Hammerpunch, will easily tear you apart.

The only time you've gotten the upper-hand on him, was with the help of Jacob Blanichi. When it was just you and Hammerpunch, he fucked you up, he embarrassed you. And if you don't figure out something quick, the pain, the embarrassment Hammerpunch will put you through, will be impossible to come back from."

Remy stopped reading the message, and though he was full of anger, full of anger because of one simple reason, and that the email is correct. And Remy knew it, deep down. In every feud, every match, Remy has had, he would not hesitate to preach what he planned to do to his opponent. His pride, his confidence, though sometimes Remy had come up short in the past, he has heard some of the cheers in the crowd, though they were mostly engulfed in a sea of hatred and boos, he heard the cheers growing week by week, and he knew his word was reaching more and more people, and more and more people were believing in Remy. But this time Remy was not as confident as he had been in the past. For the first time, he had the fear that he may have bitten off more than he could chew with Hammerpunch. And though this was the one chance to convert more people to his ways, this was also the chance that the few people who had started to believe in him, would just as quickly start to lose faith..

Remy's worries about the match, that he tried to subdue and keep buried through keeping himself shut in from the world, through watching tv, had come to the surface, all Remy could do was look at the letter, and keep reading.

Though don't worry, I'm a believer in your cause. Listen, though it may seem impossible, there is a way you can beat Hammerpunch. But if you go into this match with this lack of confidence, with you staying quiet. No matter what advice or knowledge I give you, you could have all the gods on your side, all the power in the world, and Hammerpunch will still beat you. Whether you like to believe it or not, he's a real life hero. He overcomes obstacles, he's loved by millions, he's dangerous, but unlike you he tackles his enemies head on, no sneak attacks, he fights fair and he wins, and that's why the people believe in him. Which is why, Remy you need to fight Hammerpunch head on. And not only that you need to win, you need to destroy him. Because if you manage to destroy him, through fear, more people will start believing in Remy Dieu, and the more people who believe, the more powerful you become.

Though I say you need to fight Hammerpunch directly, that doesn't mean we can't sway the odds in our favor. You see I've already left you a package on the front poarch of your house, , and if you use it correctly, Hammerpunch won't know what hit him, and during the match you will have no problem destroying him. The world won't know something is wrong with Hammerpunch, they will see you as the man that single-handedly destroyed him, and just like that the people, will start to believe in you, and you will be stronger than ever.

Oh and btw, I can't tell you who I am now, but I promise we will see each other soon.

Good luck,

From anonymous.

Remy after reading the message, began to go over all the possibilities in his mind, about who the sender could be, but no one could cross his mind.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Remy shot up and rushed to the door, and opened it quickly. From the porch he is able to look to the street, but he could see no cars other than the one's he had normally seen, and at the bottom of the steps is a brown package.

Remy at the bottom of the steps, grabbed the package and didn't even wait until he got inside to open it. On the inside was a medium-sized sports bottle, with a letter attached to it. Written on the letter reads "To Hammerpunch, from your biggest fan," with big letters, as if it were written by a little kid.

With a quick shake, Remy noticed the bottle was full, and opened it to see the inside. And on the inside looked to be simply water.

How the hell does he expect me to get this to Hammerpunch? Remy had no clue if the letter is legit or a joke, if this bottle is actually something harmful, or simply water, but knowing what awaits him at Ragnarök, Remy realizes he had nothing to lose.

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"Chaos! I'm telling you, man, it's gonna be wild!"

The camera fades from black, and we see Sway walking through the airport, with a slew of fans and reporters following him.

"You think you got a chance?"

"I know I've got a chance my dear, heaven sent am I, yeah?!

Sway laughs, collapses his rolling suitcase, and hands it to an attendant to be loaded onto the plane.

"Listen, we can't dwell on whether "I have a chance or not. I've trained, I've worked my hardest, you know? I've done my part."

He points to the sky.

"The rest is up to them. Whichever gods preside over wrestling that is!"

The press and fans laugh along with Sway. He motions for everyone to settle down, and shrugs.

"You all know me though, I'm gonna do my damn best to make sure that each and every person in that audience knows my name, and is on their feet. I am an entertainer first and foremost, after all. So you can bet at PWC Ragnarök, they're in for a show! Tell me you'll all be watching?"

The crowd erupts into a chorus of "You bet"s and "of course"s. Sway looks directly into the camera, and winks. He points to himself.

"Ratings machine."

He turns back to everyone and extends his arms.

"Well before I go, I just want to tell you all how happy I am to represent you. You all know the struggle of coming from this island, trying to impact the world outside it. We are a small nation. But you know what they say--"

"It takes a nation of millions to hold us back!"

"Yeah, eh? What we doing when I win?"

"Throwin' Bucks!"

"Yes, yes! Like they all said in the past! Diamond lights and streets of gold! Lots of money to be made."

Sway claps his hands together.

"Aye, what we have to do when troubles come our way?"

"Put In Work!"

"What's it that Floyd said? All work is what?"

"Easy work!"

"All work is what?!"

"Easy work!"

Sway smiles as the small audience cheers.

"I'm telling you, strength, wealth, and prosperity for this island. That's what I'm bringing back to you. Thank you so, so much everyone! See you all soon!"

With applause from the fans and reporters, Sway slips on his headphones. He takes a second to wave to everyone, and walks on to the plane. He makes it to his seat, loads his bag into the overhead department and sits down. He looks to the camera and shakes his head.

"No community like an island community. They won't give you money, they won't leave he island, because they don't have the means. However, one thing is for certain: They're supportive, even if only in spirit."

He removes his headphones and smooths out his hair.

"You know, I've never been one to doubt myself. I have faith in whatever plans there are for me. However, PWC has some dangerous men, and I'm facing some of them. Barney Williams, Tristan Kist. They could pose a serious challenge. Hell I don't even know who else is in the match! Barney and Tristan though, I'm coming to their company, their home."

Sway strokes his beard inquisitively.

"Now, I know what they're thinking: What kind of challenge, will I pose? They've never heard of me. They don't know anything about me. You know, sometimes that works against me. They gang up on me or something, I'm the new guy. However, it can be beneficial. Who expects the newcomer to be any sort of threat? I mean, he's not proven, right? If he was any good, he'd of already been in PWC..."

Sway looks down to his lap and smiles.

"Gentlemen, I hope you all underestimate me. I hope you see me as some bright eyed, bushy tailed doe, coming to fight amongst the experienced bucks. Maybe that's just how it is."

Sway looks into the camera, and smirks

"But, perhaps, you are the deer, and I am the hunter. The king of the jungle. The lion."

He taps his ring on the arm rest, laughing a bit.

"But you know, think what you want. You don't know me yet, but you will. You'll hear my name, loud and clear, when they announce me as the winner, of the Prometheus flame."

Sway slips his headphones on once more. He relaxes into his chair, and sings along to his music, as the camera fades out.

"Bambi, Bambi,

My dear, my dear my dear,

My dear I want you here,

Don't get to near,

For there's lions, beware."

Posting this for Sway.

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We're going to be offering special entrances. If anyone wants a special entrance they have two options that will be listed below. Try and keep them under 500 words, though some of them may go over. We're cool with either. I'm looking at HN and his Bullet Club rip off when I say that.

What options do you have?

A) You write your own special entrance if you want one. That then gets PM'd to me and I pass it to the dude writing your match.
B) You PM me a list of bullet points or a storyboard of what you want your entrance to be. I take this and try and make something competent out of it.

Pyro IS acceptable seems as we are in an outdoor arena.
Entrances that involve things on the stage should be longer so that there is time to clear the stuff from the stage for when the other person comes out.
Title your PM either "Entrance - [Character Name here] - Option A" or "Entrance - [Character Name here] - Option B"


Update two!

Creative deadline has been extended to the 28th of September. This is a much bigger show with 18 planned segments and we need time to make this show perfect as it's the first major PPV show we're going to be doing as a unit. The pre show will go live in this thread before then, although any dates involving that have changed dramatically as to not burn people out with hype. If anyone wants to send me anything final for that then they can feel free as I'll try my hardest to slot it in somewhere.


Update 3!

Free pizza in the hallway!


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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

The Pre-Show!

Arena: Laugardalsvöllur
Capacity: 15,000
City: Reykjavík, Iceland

***Protectors of the Earth***


Kira Wells: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Ragnarök pre show! In just under one hour some of PWC’s finest will be clashing head to head. I am Kira Wells and joining me this evening, he is a former member of this table, Charlie Campbell.

Charlie Campbell:
Thank you Kira. It is awesome to be here in PWC again, it is even more awesome to be a member of the team for the first ever PWC pay-per-view pre show.

Kira Wells: Tonight is the night of firsts Charlie. Tonight, for the first time ever Jacob Bianchi takes on the returning Doctor Nero and it is for the vacant Legacy Championship!

Charlie Campbell: Tonight the fans get to feast their eyes on some new PWC competition, Sway Archer was announced to be taking part in the amazing fatal four way for the Prometheus Flame and so it’s the first time we’ll ever get to see him in a PWC arena.

Kira Wells:
Speaking of firsts, it’s the first time that El Gigante Enmascardo has ever been threatened in the PWC. Tonight he takes on The Suicidal Superstar, The Indie Darling Lucas Hawthorne.

Charlie Campbell: It’s an even bigger night for Lucas as a victory over the big guy cements him a contract with the PWC.

Kira Wells: Brittany Page has been in the side of Lucas for the last month and this is finally Lucas’ time to get some revenge.

Charlie Campbell: Remy Dieu and Donald Hammerpunch join the already stacked card.

Kira Wells: Hammerpunch and Dieu have had one hell of a storied rivalry and it finally all comes to blows tonight.

Charlie Campbell:
My money has to be on the former World Heavyweight Champion, I don’t know about you Kira.

Kira Wells: I’m not sure, Dieu is like an uncaged animal in there.

Charlie Campbell: It’ll definitely be interesting to see.

Kira Wells: You know what will be fun to watch? Jensen doing battle with the television champion Austin Angel. Jensen has never beaten Austin, and I’m wondering if the result tonight will be the same.

Charlie Campbell: I wonder what role Becca and the band will play in the match. Becca has been known to interrupt matchups to help her man and there’s always a chance that it costs Jensen his rematch for the television championship.

Kira Wells:
What about our main event tonight? That’ll be hard to watch. Shadow and the self proclaimed king of PWC, King Crowley do battle inside of a hell in a cell structure.

Charlie Campbell: So many things in that cell can be used as a weapon. Both men are going to need to watch their own bodies instead of just their opponents in that structure.

Kira Wells: I second that. I’m sorry to interrupt you Charlie but we have to head backstage as Danny Eriksen is waiting around with a member of our very own PWC roster.

The cameras cut backstage to an interview area where Danny Eriksen is stood, waiting patiently with a microphone in hand.

Danny Eriksen:
Thank you Kira. It’s an honour to be here on the Ragnarök pre show and it’s a bigger honour to be here with my guest at this time. Tristan Kist.

Kist walks into frame, staring at the camera for a moment before he nods to Danny, obviously pressuring the backstage interviewer to ask the questions

Danny Eriksen:
Tristan, thank you for your time before the biggest match of your PWC career. Quite a few people have been wondering why you chose PWC over the vast amount of wrestling companies on the globe today?

Tristan Kist: I wanted to come to a company that I saw the most potential in, I wanted to be able to have myself close to the performers that are changing the business.

Danny Eriksen:
And who do you believe to be the biggest threat that you may face in your tenure here?

Tristan Kist: There is no threat in PWC, only competition that I have not had.

Danny Eriksen:
Alright. If you are successful in your campaign tonight to become the holder of the torch, when are you planning to cash in?

Tristan Kist:
As soon as possible, I am announcing here...for your exclusive...when I cash in MY shot...I will cash it in the very second that I can.

Danny Eriksen: You have a chance to silence your critics. Do you believe that you stand a chance when the PWC midcard is as amazing as it is?

Tristan Kist: I don't plan on remaining on the midcard...I shall regain my rightful place on the top of the card...by any means necessary. It doesn't matter how many pawns fall, I have come for my checkmate.

Danny Eriksen:
Awesome. You heard it here folks. Thank you Tristan.

Tristan Kist turns, walking out of shot, obviously not waiting around for Danny’s thanks

Danny Eriksen: I’ll be back throughout the pre show. For now, back to Kira and Charlie.


Kira Wells:
Thank you Danny. We are just under fifty minutes away from the biggest show of the month, Ragnarök.

Charlie Campbell: We would like to thank Two Steps from Hell for the offical Ragnarök theme song, Protectors of The Earth.

Kira Wells: Two Steps from Hell produce some amazing music and what a fitting song for Ragnarök.

Charlie Campbell: That theme song might be bigger than our next guest. We’ll see.

***Burn in My Light***

We see the original unveil of the Prometheus bolt in advance of the first match at Last Rites. Followed by the original competitors of that match staring across the ring at each other

“The nebula rising up out from the black of deceiving lies”

We see Barney Williams hit the Aim to Please on El Cara De La Fantasma and cover him

“A new star is born now he brings you the light with his hands untied”

Barney then proceeds to lift the Prometheus Bolt high into the air.

“They tried so hard to follow, but no one can”

Straight after we see shots of Tristan Kist in action - Shots from his career so far in PWC and a couple of images from his travels throughout the wrestling world across his career.

“Inside you're all so hollow”

This is followed by shots of the virtually unknown Sway Archer training as well as practicing the performing arts which he is so well versed in.

“You understand?”

We see a shot of Barney being pinned by Shadow as his cash-in of the Torch is unsuccessful.

“Hey! Nothing you can say!”

“Nothing's gonna change what you've done to me”

The next shot is Kist forcing his last 2 opponents to tap out in the PWC ring

“Now it's time to shine”

An image flashes up of Sway Archer soaking in the adulation of an independent crowd

“I'm gonna take what's mine”

Another image of Barney with the Bolt is seen as he holds it high into the air

“While you're burning inside my light”

We see a split screen of Sway Archer having his hand raised on the left, to the right is Tristain Kist also raising his hand in victory and the central panel is still the visual of Barney Williams holding the prize. Suddenly the image distorts and music cuts off. We see an unfamiliar figure whose face cannot be make out

"Tonight, you'll see three wrestlers and an Icon of Entertainment go at it in the ring. I can't speak for them, but I intend to provide a show. So get out the popcorn, sit back and watch as I win this Prometheus Flame"
The cameras cut back to the studio where Kira Wells and Charlie Campbell are based. They’re joined with the first prometheus flame winner Barney Williams

Kira Wells: We are back, and we have a special guest joining us to break down this Prometheus Flame match.

Charlie Campbell:
Please welcome the inaugural Prometheus Flame winner and a competitor in tonight’s match, beating Damien Dawson to qualify, the man formerly known as Whisper.

Barney Williams:
Thanks for having me Kira. Charlie, good to see you again man.

Charlie Campbell:
Been too long, we’ll catch up once you’ve finished tonight.

Barney Williams: Yeah, sure.

Kira Wells:
Barney, you’re of course a former winner of the Flame. You know the dedication and resilience it takes to win the flame. Do you think that’ll benefit you tonight?

Barney Williams: Last time I fought for the Flame, it was known as a Bolt. Either way, it does take dedication. You need to be resilient to even come close to gripping it at the end of the match. I took a back body drop onto a car, I was beaten and bruised and I still won. Do I think it will help me though? No, not really. There are some big stars in there.

Charlie Campbell:
Who do you think will be the biggest threat to you tonight?

Barney Williams: Kist and Archer both have their positives. Kist has proven himself in the PWC and Archer is a hit on the indie scene. I know that Kist is a threat to me, I know that Archer can do damage to me. My biggest worry mind is this mystery opponent. At Last Rights the mystery opponent was Derek Jacobs and he tore me to shreds.

Charlie Campbell: Who don’t you want it to be?

Barney Williams: I really hope it isn’t Xander Black. If it’s Derek Jacobs again I’ll be annoyed. He nearly killed me last time.

Kira Wells: So not Xander Black or Derek Jacobs.

Barney Williams: Pretty much.

Kira Wells: Understood. Thank you for joining us Barney, we’ll let you go prepare for your match this evening.

The camera’s focus on Kira and Charlie, cutting Barney out of the frame once again

Kira Wells: There you have it folks, an insider's perspective on the Prometheus Flame matchup this evening.

Charlie Campbell: What a match that will be. Barney Williams versus Tristan Kist versus Sway Archer versus a mystery opponent.

Kira Wells:
What’s your view on Sway Archer Charlie?

Charlie Campbell: Honestly, he’s a hit on the indies. The Sway Archer Galaxy Tour is on fire and it’s stop in PWC should be incredible. He should be able to set the company alight.

Kira Wells: Finally, who’s your victor gonna be?

Charlie Campbell:
I have to give the victory to Kist. I love Barney but Tristan gets my vote. What about you?

Kira Wells: I have to give my vote to the mystery opponent. There’s a chance he’s a big name.

Charlie Campbell: We shall see. Either way, we’ll be back after this.

***Ready, Aim Fire***

“With our backs to the wall”

The video begins to play. Lucas Hawthorne is stood against the wall, shadow boxing. He looks determined, focused and ready for the fight of his career. He throws a quick left jab, then a right jab

“The darkness would fall”

El Gigante Enmascardo is seen locking Barney Williams in the bearhug, the Xavier Curse. The camera zooms in on the big man’s face, showing just how little effort he needs to put in to beat opponents down.

“We never quite thought we could lose it all”

“Ready, Aim, Fire”

The video plays back to Vortex 15, the post match brawl. Lucas is shown delivering the high knee to El Gigante Enmascardo

“Ready, Aim, Fire”

The video shows a later scene from the exact same brawl. Lucas is shown delivering the Black Mass Kick to the side of El Gigante’s skull

“An empire is falling”

“In just one day”

El Gigante is seen beating up local jobbers on the indie scene with ease. He tosses them around and hardly breaks a sweat doing so.

“You close your eyes and the glory fades”

The lyrics stops as the face of Brittany Page appears on the video, a playback from Vortex 15. Page has been a driving force in Lucas’ campaign through PWC. She talks over the instrumental of the song

Brittany Page: Mr Hawthorne may of bested The Masked Giant this time! This time however, he didn’t know, El Gigante didn’t expect an unemployed civilian to attack him! At Ragnarok, El Gigante will be prepared and he will give Lucas Hawthorne the beating he deserves! If Lucas Hawthorne doesn’t win, he will never be seen in a PWC arena again!

The song starts once again as Brittany Page fades from the screen

“We don’t have a choice to stay”

“We’d rather die than do it your way”

A quick montage is seen of the personal issues between Lucas Hawthorne and Brittany Page. It highlights Lucas kicking Jake Masterson in the skull and the firing of Jimmy. It closes with El Gigante on the stage with Brittany Page at Vortex 14

“With our backs to the wall”

El Gigante is seen using his devastating turnbuckle thrusts against Flexx Palumbo from Vortex 15

“The darkness will fall”

El Gigante is seen making Barney Williams pass out at Vortex 14, hardly sweating

“We never quite thought we could lose it all”

Lucas and Page are seen face to face from Vortex 13

“Ready, Aim, Fire”

The same scene of Lucas hitting El Gigante with the Black Mass Kick is seen but this time it zooms in on the impact and connection

“Ready, Aim, Fire”

El Gigante is seen once again, another scene from Vortex 15. He is seen repeatedly stomping on Flexx Palumbo

“An empire is falling in just one day”

“You close your eyes and the glory fades”

“Ready, Aim, Fire”

“Ready, Aim, Fire away”

The vignette closes with El Gigante and Lucas Hawthorne nose to nose over the barricade at Vortex 14, a look of determination in the eyes of both men

The camera’s cut back into the studio where Kira Wells and Charlie Campbell are located and based.

Kira Wells: Welcome back. We are forty minutes away from Ragnarök. The video package you have just seen of course detailing the build up to Lucas Hawthorne vs El Gigante Enmascardo.

Charlie Campbell: That video package we just saw doesn’t even begin to show the struggles Lucas has had since day one in this company. He has been screwed out of a contract by Brittany Page, he has been forcefully removed from the building a number of times and when he finally stands up for himself Page throws yet another roadblock at the man.

Kira Wells: El Gigante Enmascardo is one of the most dominating superstars in recent history. He walked through Barney Williams with zero effort and he beat Flexx Palumbo in just over two minutes.

Charlie Campbell: I can’t believe Lucas even agreed to this match, never mind signed the one night deal to make it official.

Kira Wells: Lucas Hawthorne has guts, you can’t fault him for that. He stood up to El Gigante on Vortex 14 and he managed to take the big man off of his feet at Vortex 15.

Charlie Campbell: I can’t tell if Lucas has guts or if he’s stupid.

Kira Wells: El Gigante would call him stupid. I’ll admit, I worry for Lucas. El Gigante has been known to break superstars. I’ll award Lucas the personal victory if he even lasts longer than five minutes in the ring.

Charlie Campbell: Why don’t you tell him that? I’ve just received word that Lucas is backstage with Danny right now.

Kira Wells: In that case, over to you Danny.

The cameras cut backstage to Danny Eriksen’s interview area. He is stood next to the Australian who hasn’t even started to change yet

Danny Eriksen: Thank you Kira. Yes folks, you heard it right. I am here with “The Suicidal Superstar”, “The Man Defying Expectations”, “The Indie Darling” Lucas Hawthorne.

Lucas Hawthorne: Thank you Danny. I’ll own up to being all three of those, if not more. A Lunatic in a Madhouse is one that I quite like.

Danny Eriksen: People have been calling you more than that over the past few weeks. I have to ask, was it a bad idea accepting this match knowing what El Gigante can do?

Lucas Hawthorne: Honestly, no. I know that this match will hurt. I know this match will leave me broken and battered but it won’t leave me defeated. El Gigante can throw everything he has at me and I promise that I’ll throw everything I have right back at him.

Danny Eriksen: Do you have a game plan going into this one?

Lucas Hawthorne: Awh, Danny. You know I can’t reveal that. All I can say is that is that I have a few surprises up my sleeve that should assist me into getting the victory that I need.

Danny Eriksen: You agree you need this victory. Do you feel like this victory is finally you besting Brittany Page and claiming your spot in PWC?

Lucas Hawthorne: Pretty much. Me and Page have been head to head since I first arrived on PWC. It’s like I said on Vortex, I’m finally getting some revenge against her. If I lose here, we continue the vicious circle. If I win here, I finally best Page and at the end of the day, that’s all I care about right now.

Danny Eriksen:
Well thank you Lucas. I’ll let you go change and I’ll hand back to the guys in the studio.

The camera’s cut back to the studio housing Kira Wells and Charlie Campbell

Kira Wells:
Charlie, I have to ask. Where does your money sit on this?

Charlie Campbell: I still have my money on El Gigante. The Masked Giant has this one.

Kira Wells:
I’ll differ, I say Hawthorne. It’s a must win for the kid and he knows it. Lucas will bring out all the stops on this one.

Charlie Campbell: I know a match that divides our opinions however, and it’s this one right here.

***You're going down***

As the song kicks in we see a slow motion shots of Donald Hammerpunch training in his Dojo

“Define your meanin' of war, To me it's what we do when we're bored”

We now see Remy Dieu as he walks down the PWC aisle surrounded by darkness

“I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop, And it makes me want it more”

We fade into shots of Remy Dieu's savage beat down of Ivory a couple of weeks ago

“Because I'm hyped up, outta control, If it's a fight I'm ready to go”

This transitions into shots of Hammerpunch hitting his signature Lights Out bicycle kick on numerous opponents

“I wouldn't put my money on the other guy, If you know what I already know”

An image of Remy Dieu holding the TV title quickly fades into a visual of Hammerpunch holding the PWC Heavyweight championship into the air

“It's been a long time comin' and the table's turned around”

The clip of Remy's savage beatdown on the former world champion at Vortex 13 plays along with the next line

“'Cause one of us is goin', One of us is goin' down”

We see Hammerpunch in his early PWC days as he beats wrestler after wrestler

“I'm not runnin', It's a little different now”

We now see Remy's early PWC days as he quickly enters the TV title picture and feuds with Jesen

“'Cause one of us is goin'”

Hammerpunch's arm is raised as he was announced #1 contender to the PWC championship months ago

“One of us is goin' down”

We see Remy's sadistic grin following him launching Ivory from the stage leaving him in a bloody mess

“It's been a long time comin', And the table's turned around”

We see both men competing in various matches through their time in the company

“Cause one of us is goin', One of us is goin' down”

Hammerpunch lands a Lights Out on Dr Nero. Dieu has the Claw Submission hold locked in on an unrecognisable opponent as he stares into the camera

“I'm not runnin' It's a little different now”

The two men trade blows in the centre of the ring - clips with one another as well as other wrestlers

“'Cause one of us is goin' One of us is goin' down”

Slow motion split screens play of both men raising their hands following victories they've earned previously in PWC

Kira Wells: We are back. We’re on the countdown now, only half an hour until Ragnarök goes live and the PWC takes over Iceland.

Charlie Campbell: Live from Laugardalsvöllur, PWC goes mental tonight.

Kira Wells:
A match that divides opinion. Remy Dieu vs Donald Hammerpunch. Hammerpunch is a former World Champion but Dieu as an absolute monster in there, a crazed animal.

Charlie Campbell: Hammerpunch is known to surprise people though Kira, he bested Doctor Nero at Last Rites to win the World Championship. His Lights Out Bicycle Kick is one of the most brutal kicks in the industry.

Kira Wells: I’m just saying. Dieu shouldn’t be counted out, especially after what he did to Damien Dawson and Luke Jackson a few weeks ago.

Charlie Campbell: Admittedly that was brutal. Without Hammerpunch neither of those men would be walking, never mind wrestling.

Kira Wells:
So I take it you’re betting on Hammerpunch?

Charlie Campbell:
I may or may not have money on Donald. You’re supporting Remy?

Kira Wells: I’ll be watching both men but yes, I’m supporting a Remy Dieu victory in this one.

Charlie Campbell: Fair enough, I’ll hold you to that bet.

Kira Wells: Another former champion looking for revenge tonight is Jensen. Jensen looks to regain his television championship from Austin Angel tonight.

Charlie Campbell:
That looks a little something like this.


“If you are what you say you are”

Jensen in seen on set of his movie, Special OPS: Thundergun Protocol, with Morgan LaClaire

“A superstar”

Austin Angel is seen stood on the ramp with his band, bodyguard and fiance Becca McKay, two sweeting every person there

“Then have no fear”

Austin Angel is seen at Vortex 15 using the Springboard 450 Plancha on Donald Hammerpunch

“The camera’s here”

Jensen is shown looking down the camera lens after his save on Donald Hammerpunch at Vortex 15

“And the microphone”

Austin Angel is seen in the ring, holding a microphone with Becca, the bodyguard and the band

“And they wanna know”

Jensen is seen using a slingblade against Ryan Barron at Vortex 14 during their short match

“Oh oh oh”

The video cuts back to the first and only match between Angel and Jensen. It shows Angel scoring the pinfall victory over Jensen

“If you are what you say you are”

Jensen is seen holding the TV title high above his head before his match with Austin Angel

“A superstar”

Angel is seen holding the TV title after the matchup with Jensen

“Then have no fear”

Jensen is seen backstage, warming up in his locker room at Ragnarok, obviously preparing for his TV title match

“The crowd is here”

The video cuts back to the hostile crowd at Vortex 15 chanting as loud as they can

“And the lights are on”

Angel is seen hitting the incredible split leg moonsault against Donald Hammerpunch back at Vortex 15

“And they want a show”

Jensen and Angel are seen nose to nose at Vortex 12 after Austin beat down Deschamps as a way to end the vignette
Kira Wells: With twenty minutes left, the Laugardalsvöllur is beginning to fill behind us. The fifteen thousand expected fans all taking their seats, ready for the night's action.

Charlie Campbell: If you want action then keep your eyes on Jensen and Austin Angel.

Kira Wells: The television championship is on the line and honestly, the match could go either way. Austin Angel has the skills in the ring that are par to those of Jensen but Angel has that difference maker known as Becca at ringside.

Charlie Campbell: Becca has been known to make matches for Angel. She could play a really big, instrumental part in this title defense against the former champion.

Kira Wells: Or she could play no part. Jensen is a veteran, I’d be surprised if he let Becca distract him. Becca can distract the ref but Jensen won’t let that distract him from his goal of reclaiming his championship.

Charlie Campbell: Our next guest to the studio would agree with that Kira. Ladies and Gentleman, welcome Morgan LaClaire.

Morgan wheels herself into shot on a wheely office chair. She scans the table, grinning at the camera

Charlie Campbell: Morgan, thank you for being here.

Morgan LaClaire:
Thank you for having me up here. I like it, roomy with a good view. Might have to watch Jensen’s match from up here.

Kira Wells:
You’d be welcome.

Morgan LaClaire: Well, thank you.

Charlie Campbell: Tonight, Jensen takes on Austin Angel in an attempt to regain the television championship. Do you think that Jensen can be successful in regaining the belt from Austin?

Kira Wells:
Do you therefore hope he does it?

Morgan LaClaire: I don’t doubt that Jensen will win the match. I hope he wins the match, I know how much the television championship means to him. I know how much getting even means to him. I know how much finally beating Austin Angel means to him.

Charlie Campbell: How do you think Jensen will cope when Austin is known to have a knack for winning the big one?

Morgan LaClaire:
I don’t think Angel will win this one. It’s worked for him before but I don’t see it working this time. I think Jensen will beat Austin and walk away the new TV champion.

Kira Wells: Strong words from Morgan. I’ve just received word that Danny is backstage with our TV champion. Take it away Danny.

The cameras cut backstage to Danny Ericksen in his makeshift interview area. He’s stood opposite the TV champion and Becca McKay

Danny Eriksen: Thank you Kira. I’m joined with the TV Champion and his fiancee Becca McKay. Austin, are you at all worried about your match tonight?

Austin Angel: Worried? Why would I be worried? Jensen is nothing but an overrated, ugly, straight to DVD movie star. He dared ruin my championship celebration, so if anybody should be worried it's him. I'm going to unleash hell on him tonight.

Danny Eriksen: Of course, you’ve beaten Jensen again. Do you think you’ll beat him again?

Austin Angel:
What are you, stupid? Of course I'm going to beat him again. I'm The Best Around, next question.

Danny Eriksen:
The question that every fan wants to know. What role will Becca McKay be playing tonight?

Austin Angel: Well if it was up to me she'd be the special guest referee, but sadly there's no clause in my contract letting me pick my own refs. But she will be in my corner, watching me beat the hell out of Jensen.

Becca McKay: If you're asking if I'll get involved in the match, I guess you'll have to find out when everybody else does won't you? But if that Morgan witch decides to come out and get in my business I'll guarantee you that I'm gonna punch her in her ugly face.

Danny Eriksen: Alright. I know you two are busy, thank you for your time, good luck tonight. Kira, back to you and Charlie in the studio.

The cameras cut back to the studio that has housed the pre show panel for the entire show

Kira Wells: Thank you Danny. Ladies and Gentleman, we are on the countdown to Ragnarök and now we move onto the matchup that many people are tuning in for.

Charlie Campbell: The Doctor is in the house. Danny, get up here, join the discussion.

***Hail To The King***

“Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head”

The vignette opens with scenes of Doctor Nero with the Legacy Championship in his hands as he is about to hand it over and vacate it for a World Heavyweight Championship shot

“Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid”

Bianchi is seen carrying out his attack on Mr Jalapeno at Vortex 15, causing the Legacy Championship to become vacant

“Children roam the streets now orphans of war”

Doctor Nero is seen doing battle with Muhammad Islami at PWC Season One: Hell’s Judgement

“Bodies hanging in the streets to adore”

Bianchi is seen pinning La Pantera in his debut match at Hell’s Judgement, one year after Nero first captured the PWC Legacy Championship

“Royal flames will carve the path in chaos”

Bianchi is seen hitting the A.W.O.L on a range of opponents in rapid succession, all different matches

“Bringing daylight to the night”

Doctor Nero is seen nailing numerous opponents with “The Time of Death” sitout powerbomb

“Death is riding in the town with armor”

Bianchi is seen using “Lost in Transmission” to put down opponents in a ring

“Because thail take all your rights”

Doctor Nero is seen using the “Scalpel” to put down opponents in a ring

“Hail to the king”

Doctor Nero is stood dominant with the World Heavyweight Championship above his head as he successfully wins it from Xander Black at Vindication

“Hail to the one”

Bianchi is seen with Jake Masterson at his feet and the pets all looking on horrified at the assault Bianchi has just committed

“Kneel to the crown”

Nero is seen signing his name next to Jacob Bianchi’s on the legacy championship match contract

“Stand in the sun”

Bianchi is seen with with Page beside him, holding the Legacy Championship high above his head in what was meant to be the end of Vortex 15

“Hail to the king”

Nero is seen with the title belt high above the fallen Jacob Bianchi as the fans chanting “holy shit” drowns out the music, causing the words “hail” to just become whispers.


The cameras cut back into the studio where Kira Wells and Charlie Campbell are joined by a former PWC superstar and announcer

Daiko: He’s back..

Charlie Campbell: The doctor is home, making a statement as always. The surgery is open, the doctor will see you now. However you want to say it, Nero is back where he belongs.

Daiko: Clueless as ever Charlie. I meant, I was back. I’m the star here, am I not?

Kira Wells: Welcome back Daiko. We’re on the final ten minute stretch until Ragnarök goes live to the PWC fans.

Charlie Campbell: One of our top matchups this evening, a matchup that probably deserves to be the main event. Doctor Nero takes on Jacob Bianchi for the vacant Legacy Championship.

Daiko: Bianchi hasn’t done much to prove he can beat The God Complex. Nero is a former World Champion, a former Legacy Champion and he’s one of the best that PWC has ever seen.

Charlie Campbell: You believe that The Doctor will win this one?

Daiko: I doubt it’ll be much of a contest Charlie. I have faith in Nero as the much stronger competitor.

Charlie Campbell: Kira?

Kira Wells: I side with Daiko. The God Complex should have this one in the bag. However, you can’t overlook Jacob Bianchi. Bianchi will not go down without a fight, he won’t appreciate Nero just showing up like he did.

Charlie Campbell: I agree completely. If Bianchi falls, he’ll take Nero with him. Tonight will be a war. Brittney Page’s guy, the one, Jacob Bianchi versus the former king of PWC, The Doctor, the God Complex, Nero.

Daiko: Don’t forget the girl Nero keeps with him Charlie. Seriously, how slow are you. Nurse Ellie could make this match.

Charlie Campbell: Daiko, you mention Nurse Ellie. No-one has seen her since Nero’s return to the PWC, do you believe that she will get involved in this match?

Daiko: Of course I do.

Kira Wells: Nurse Ellie could be a problem. However, Jacob Bianchi is a man with a plan, I don’t doubt that.

Charlie Campbell:
Alright, quickly. Winner tonight?

Kira Wells:

Daiko: I side with the lady. Nero.

Charlie Campbell: Ladies and Gentleman, stay tuned as we countdown the final five minutes of the pre show by working our way through the Main Event with Danny Eriksen.

***Boulevard of Broken Dreams***

The songs starts as we fade in

“I walk a lonely road, The only one that I have ever known”

The image of Crowley pinning Shadow at last rights shows as his arm is raised after the match

“Don't know where it goes, But it's only me, and I walk alone”

We see the torn-masked Shadow crumpled on the ground in defeat

“I walk this empty street, On the boulevard of broken dreams”

The moment Shadow invaded Crowley's lair to rescue his friend Kyle from his clutches is played out on screen.

“Where the city sleeps, And I'm the only one, and I walk alone”

The Image of Shadow pinning Crowley to gain his first championship shows

“I walk alone, I walk alone, I walk alone and I walk a…”

Shadow is seen lifting the Legacy Championship high into the air

“My shadow's the only one that walks beside me”

The visual of Shadow defeating his first challenger, Barney Williams is on the screen.

“My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating”

Crowley defeats former World Heavyweight Champion Donald Hammerpunch and Bruce Thorn Jr to become the "King" of PWC

“Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me”

Shadow sees off his next challenger in Austin Angel and lifts the belt high once more

“Till then I walk alone”

Crowley celebrates his title retention against Donald Hammerpunch

“Ah ah ah ah ah, Ah ah ah ah ah”

We see various shots of both men in action against the superstars of the PWC. Shadow trading blows with the likes of Dr Nero and Jacob Bianchi, Crowley beating down on Mr Jalapeno.

“I'm walking down the line, That divides me somewhere in my mind”

Shadow defeats his third challenger in Shio Corin and hoists his belt high one last time

“On the border line of the edge, And where I walk alone”

He trades in his championship for a shot at "The big one"

“Read between the lines, What's fucked up and everything's all right”

Multiple images flash up of Crowley and Shadow staring one another down before their big title match

“Check my vital signs to know I'm still alive, And I walk alone”

A slow motion image plays of Shadow performing his signature "Darkness Falls" maneuver before a similar image plays of Crowley descending upon an opponent with "Static-X"

“I walk alone, I walk alone, I walk alone and I walk a”

Clips are shown of both men staring menacingly at their opponents in the ring and circling them as if like prey

“My shadow's the only one that walks beside me”

We see a clip of their previous encounter as the two men trade blows

“My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating”

Crowley locks in his vicious submission hold on his challenger…

“Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me”

Shadow hits the "Code Black" on the King

“Till then I walk alone”

Crowley has his hand raised following their last match

“Ah ah ah ah ah, Ah ah ah ah ah”

Images flash up of their various encounters over the past weeks including the involvement of Bruce Thorn Jr and Jacob Bianchi at times

“I walk alone, I walk a”

We see the introduction of the Cell two weeks ago and Shadows original attack on the self proclaimed king within it. Shortly afterwards we switch to later that same night when Crowley used it to his own advantage when he orchestrated a savage beating upon Shadow

“I walk this empty street, On the boulevard of broken dreams”

Crowley ascends the Cell and is confronted by Shadow upon it

“Where the city sleeps, And I'm the only one, and I walk alone”

Crowley's henchmen surround Shadow and the fight ensues on top of the structure

“My shadow's the only one that walks beside me”

Shadow successfully takes down the ghouls

“My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating”

Three of Crowley's ghouls escape from Shadow's onslaught

“Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me”

Shadow sends the remaining ghoul through the announce table from the side of the Cell!

“Till then I walk alone”

Both men stare across the arena at one another. Shadow up on the cage and Crowley retreating up on the ramp as the song fades out.

The cameras cut back to the studio one last time, where Kira Wells and Charlie Campbell are joined by Danny Eriksen.

Kira Wells: Ladies and Gentleman, we are on the final two minute countdown. The Laugardalsvöllur behind us is full, PWC fans ready to watch their favorite superstars topple the enemy.

Charlie Campbell: Tonight’s action will be incredible, but I don’t think anything will come close to the bloodshed of our main event tonight. The cell above the ring ready to lower, caging in two animals.

Kira Wells: King Crowley and Shadow will look to do damage in that cell. Shadow knows that this is his final chance to capture that World Heavyweight Championship and Shadow is very aware that he’s going to have to give this match his everything.

Danny Eriksen:
Both men have only one thing on their mind. That one thing is victory.

Kira Wells: The PWC Championship has been held by some greats, both these men look to cement their name amongst those. Xander Black, Kyle Elrich, Doctor Nero just to name a few.

Charlie Campbell: Shadow has to be careful. Actually, both men have to be careful. The steel structure of the Hell in a Cell is unforgiving, it will tear flesh from bone and it will cause blood to pour by the gallon.

Danny Eriksen: The cage may be unforgiving but what about the two men in the ring? Those two men will happily put their bodies on the line.

Charlie Campbell: Both of them are willing to do anything to win, I don’t doubt that.

Kira Wells: What about their finishing moves? The moment either man hits their finisher, this one’s over. Crowley has the Static X and the C’est La Vie.

Charlie Campbell: Don’t forget Shadow, Darkness Falls into a painful maneuver and the Code Black may result in an instant knockout for Crowley.

Danny Eriksen: The Laugardalsvöllur will certainly help them, the cold air in the open arena will help cool both men.

Charlie Campbell:
Possibly, I don’t think either man will really have chance to think about the cold though if I’m honest.


Kira Wells: Ladies and Gentleman, we are on the final countdown, one minute. I have to ask gentleman, predictions?

Charlie Campbell: I can see a new PWC Champion, I give this one to Shadow.

Danny Eriksen: King Crowley, the king keeps his throne.

Charlie Campbell: Kira?

Kira Wells: I have to support Crowley here. Cage matches are only going to help him tear Shadow apart.

Danny Eriksen:
The cage is an unforgiving structure.

Charlie Campbell:
So that’s two votes for the king and one for Shadow.

Kira Wells: Awesome. Ladies and Gentleman, that’s all we have time for. Going live right now, it is PWC Ragnarök! Enjoy!

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***Protectors of The Earth***

The vignette opens with the official PWC Ragnarök theme song playing quietly over footage of Doctor Nero stood holding the Legacy Championship over the body of Jacob Bianchi.

Voice: Everything has been building to this moment.

Jensen is seen delivering a slingblade to Austin Angel at Vortex 15.

Voice: Some will rise.

The vignette cuts to the footage of the first Prometheus Flame match. Barney Williams is seem with the Flame above his head.

Voice: Others will fall.

El Gigante is seen falling to the canvas after taking a Black Mass Kick from Lucas Hawthorne at Vortex 15.

Voice: Some will assert dominance amongst the PWC locker room.

Crowley is seen holding the PWC World Heavyweight Championship high above his head.

Others will lose any respect they had.

The crowd is seen chanting towards Austin Angel, mostly mean and otherwise rude things.

Voice: But above all else, there is hope.

Shadow is seen hitting the Code Black on a number of opponents throughout his time in the PWC.

Above all else, there is hope for change.

El Gigante Enmascardo is seen making Barney Williams pass out in the bearhug, the Xavier Curse.

Voice: Above all else, there is hope for a new era within the PWC.

Jacob Bianchi is stood over the body of Jake Masterson and the pets.

Voice: Above all else. There is battle.

A split screen is shown with Remy Dieu and Donald Hammerpunch. Both of them appear to be dedicated and focused. This split screen changes to a split screen of Jacob Bianchi and Doctor Nero, both of them looking more determined and more focused.

Tonight, PWC takes over Iceland.

Lucas Hawthorne and El Gigante Enmascardo are shown in a split screen, both of them looking ready to fight. This fades into a three way split screen including Sway Archer, Barney Williams and Tristan Kist.

Voice: Tonight, PWC hosts Ragnarök.

Austin Angel and Jensen are seen in a split screen. Both men look dedicated as the TV title graphic takes over the screen. When the graphic disappears, Shadow and Crowley have replaced the duo. A graphic of the PWC World Heavyweight Championship fills the screen.

Voice: Every fairytale has a hero and a villain.

The screen begins to flash before a ten second countdown appears.

Voice: The question is. What side do you choose?

The moment the countdown hits zero, everything stops. The screen goes black and then images begin to flash of different members of the PWC roster. This happens extremely rapidly before the screen goes black once again.

***Protectors of the Earth***


Pyro begins to launch from around the stage, filling the night sky above the Laugardalsvöllur. The cheering begins, with fans chanting “Doctor Nero!” and “Where is Jensen?”. The camera’s begin to pan around the Laugardalsvöllur, zooming in on specific signs. These signs read “The Doctor’s patient” and “Marry me Bianchi” before a sign simply saying “Hell in a Cell” is brought into focus.

The camera’s cut down to ringside where Stan Chambers is sat at the announce table with Sandra Rowe. Both of them look at each other briefly as the crowd continue to chant “Hawthorne” and “Jensen” before they turn to chanting “Shadow” and “Crowley’s Ghouls”.

Stan Chambers: The fans here are ready for the action tonight, but what about you at home?

The fans in attendance continue to chant, this time chanting “Doctor Nero” and “Jacob Bianchi” before they begin chanting “Angel sucks” and “What” for no real reason other than they can.

Stan Chambers:
I’m Stan Chambers, alongside me is Sondra Rowe and we are live from the Laugardalvöllur for PWC Ragnarök!

Sondra Rowe: What a night of action!

Stan Chambers: It seems like these fans here tonight don’t want to wait for the action and nor do we.

Sondra Rowe: I’m looking forward to tonight’s action.

Stan Chambers: Emma Mason, take it away.

Emma Mason: Ladies and Gentleman! This match is set for one fall and it is for the Television Championship! First, from Portland! Weighing in at 217 pounds! At a height of 6’2! Accompanied to the ring by Morgan LaClaire! He is the challenger! This man is Jensen!

***The Pines***

The Pine’s begins to play softly, many of the fans in attendance obviously recognising the song straight away. Many of them begin clapping and chanting “Jensen” and “Morgan”. The lights all shut off for a few moments before they begin to flash before they shut off once again. Morgan LaClaire walks out onto the stage. She is engulfed in a spotlight and she stands for a few moments before Jensen walks out onto the stage. The spotlight shuts off, casting the duo in darkness. A bright blue spotlight then turns on as the duo walk down to ringside, slowly. Jensen seems to be taking in every single fan chanting his name.

Jensen slides into the ring first as Morgan LaClaire climbs up the steps. Jensen sits on the rope like a gentleman, lowering it as Morgan steps into the ring. The lights all dim, Jensen’s jacket beginning to flash and light up. Eventually the lights all turn back on and Jensen removes his jacket. He hands the jacket to Morgan, who climbs out of the ring and stands in Jensen’s corner.

Emma Mason: And his opponent! From the City of Angels! Weighing in at 210 pounds! At a height of 6’0! Accompanied to the ring by Becca McKay! He is the Television Champion! He is “The Best Around” Austin Angel!


The lights cut off with little warning, casting the PWC fans into what is mostly darkness. Becca McKay steps out onto the stage first, engulfed in a spotlight. She turns her head backwards as the lights turn back on and Austin Angel is seen walking out. He removes his hood rather slowly, listening to the fans as they chant abuse at him. He grins and offers a too sweet to Becca, who returns the gesture. It appears the bandmates aren’t coming out to ringside with Angel. The duo walk down the ramp slowly, glaring at each other with the look of love in their eyes.

Angel in the first in the ring, he runs up the steps and leaps up onto the turnbuckle, striking a simple pose as he does so. He climbs down, sitting on the middle rope as Becca climbs through it. She removes the jacket and sunglasses of Angel, kissing him before she climbs out of the ring.

Match One | Austin Angel vs Jensen - Television Championship

Jensen and Austin Angel begin to circle each other slowly, neither man making any sort of attack. It’s eventually Jensen who makes the first move, initiating a collar and elbow tie up with the champion. Angel is the one who comes out on top however, transitioning the hold into a side headlock. He applies as much pressure as he can to the champion, grinning towards Becca softly.

Jensen fights out of the hold, irish whipping Angel against the ropes. Austin bounces back with a clothesline that Jensen ducks. Angel turns and Jensen flips backwards, hitting a perfect Pele Kick on the champion. Angel falls backwards as Jensen grins to him.

Jensen readies the elbow drop but Austin Angel rolls out of the way at the last second. Jensen hits the mat, rolling back up to his feet quickly however. Jensen sprints towards Angel, hitting a picture perfect sling blade to the champion. Angel hits the canvas, the slap as his flesh meets the mat is heard around the stadium.

On the outside, it appears that Becca and Morgan are having a fight. Becca is shouting towards Morgan who seems to be shouting back towards her. Eventually, Becca tires of this and runs towards Morgan, forcing the movie star to the floor. Jensen looks out over the ropes, yelling towards the duo.

Low Blow!

Austin sees his moment while the referee is distracted. He slides in behind Jensen and hits a low blow on the challenger. While Jensen stumbles back, Austin grips him, rolling him up schoolboy style. Artman slides to his knees, spending a moment to check if the shoulders of the challenger are down before he begins his count.



Stan Chambers: What the hell just happened? Becca just cost Jensen the match.

Austin Angel lets go of Jensen and rolls from the ring quickly. He grips Becca and pulls her away from the broken body of Morgan LaClaire. Artman follows suit, TV championship in hand. He hands the belt to Austin Angel, who raises his championship high at the foot of the ramp.

In the ring, Jensen is visibly upset. He slaps the mat hard out of frustration before he rolls out of the ring. He crouches next to Morgan, glaring as Austin Angel and Becca McKay escape up the ramp and towards the back.

Sway saunters through the corridors of the stadium, admiring his surroundings. He adjusts his tights and partially zips up his bomber jacket. He turns to the camera, and smirks.

Sway Archer: Goosebumps. I’m telling you man, it’s just one of those feelings.

He hops up, and sits atop a production box.

Sway Archer: This is a brand new stadium for me. A new beginning.

He puts his hands on his hips and nods.

Sway Archer: We’re gonna do it right tonight. We got a victory lined up, I can feel it.

A technician walks by, with a bundle of wires in her hands, Sway reaches out to her, causing her to stop. He looks to the camera and shrugs.

Sway Archer: Didn’t have to say anything…

He turns back to the technician and smiles brightly.

Sway Archer: Tell me, dear. What do you think of me?

The technician hesitates. Sway reaches out to her.

Sway Archer: Here, here, let me hold those, I see you struggling.

The technician has a look of relief as she hands over the massive bundle of wires.

Sway Archer:So, what do you think of me?

The technician goes to speak, but Sway holds his hand up.

Sway Archer: You know what, first off, what’s your name?

Rose: Rose

Sway Archer Rose is a gorgeous name. So, Rose, what do you think of me?

Rose: Well, I think you’re… Tall…

Sway Archer: You’re also, like, 5’2, but thank you regardless.

Rose: Well, umm… I don’t really know!

Sway Archer: You see? That’s the big thing. These people don’t know me! I am the unknown!

Rose goes to speak but Sway cuts her off.

Sway Archer: Well to be clear, there is another person in my match that I am not at all aware of, but I’m like, an unknown to. I suppose to a lesser extent…

Sway pauses, and strokes his beard a bit

Sway Archer: You know, that’s okay though. I’m still mysterious, right?

Rose: I guess…

Sway Archer: I carry myself well, right?

Rose: I’d say so--

Sway Archer: I’m a good looking guy, no?

Rose: Okay well--

Sway Archer: That’s alright you don’t have to answer that.

Sway puts his arm around Rose.

Sway Archer: I, am going to be a big deal around here. I’m trying to have a great show. You, a humble little technician, play a big, big part in that. What are those wires for?

Rose: Lighting…

Sway Archer: You see? When that spotlight hits me? That’s all you. You are essential here. I am so grateful, for people like you. You make me look better than I am!

Rose: Well, thank--

Sway Archer: When I win this match, when I win that Prometheus Flame, imma remember you.

Sway’s phone goes off, and he looks down at his Apple Watch.

Sway Archer: I’ve got ten minutes! I’ve gotta warm up!

He looks down to Rose and smiles.

Sway Archer: Thank you so much for listening, my dear. I suppose you need these back.

Sway somewhat dumps the wires into Rose’s arms and shrugs.

Sway Archer: Sorry! You can carry it, you’ll be alright!

Sway starts walking away, singing softly to himself.

Sway Archer: Let’s, get, together and, feel alright.

The cameras cut to the pre-show studio where Charlie Campbell and Kira Wells are both seated. Charlie shuffles some papers on the desk in front of him casually, while Kira remains smiling at the camera.

Kira Wells: Ladies and Gentleman, what a show we’ve seen so far this evening. I’m Kira Wells and I’m joined here with Charlie Campbell.

Charlie Campbell: Thank you Kira. When we hosted the pre show earlier this evening, I don’t think anyone expected the night’s action to be quite like this, and let's remember, we are only one match in!

Kira Wells: You’ll enjoy that you successfully predicted the results of the match I take it Charlie?

Charlie Campbell: Always, you know I enjoy boasting.

Kira Wells: Austin Angel successfully retained against Jensen in what was, and is probably going to be, one of the quickest matches of the night.

Charlie Campbell: And now we move into what might be one of the longer matches. The Prometheus Flame matchup.

Kira Wells: We ran through this matchup earlier tonight with Barney Williams, as he provided us a healthy insight into the match from both the eyes of the first winner of the flame, and a current contender.

Charlie Campbell:
I don’t know if his insight changes things. He may have the experience, but he’s down in that ring with two stars that want to prove themselves.

Kira Wells:
So far we’ve had no hints as to who the mystery opponent is in that matchup.

Charlie Campbell: I’ve been speculating, actually.

Kira Wells: Oh?

Charlie Campbell: The first Prometheus matchup saw the return of PWC icon Derek Jacobs. I reckon that we’ll see a second icon return tonight. I really believe that the mystery opponent will be the only female star to ever hold the Legacy Championship, Cheri Hayven.

Kira Wells:
Possibly. The only female to ever hold the PWC Legacy Championship would add some certain flair to the matchup. What about if the mystery opponent happens to be one of the many hits from the indies?

Charlie Campbell: Very possible. The indie scene is littered with perfect talent right now, an example being Sway Archer. Sway Archer is an absolute star on the indie scene. The Sway Archer Galaxy Tour has been tearing through promotions and it has finally made it’s way to the PWC.

Kira Wells: Speaking of indie talent, what about “The Indie Darling” himself Lucas Hawthorne?

Charlie Campbell: Lucas Hawthorne, of course. We will see him in action later tonight against El Gigante Enmascardo. Lucas is the perfect example of what the indies can bring to the PWC roster.

Kira Wells: Lucas earned himself a plethora of nicknames on the indie scene for doing dangerous things.

Charlie Campbell: How many flights of stairs did Lucas throw himself down on the indies Kira? How many tall things did Lucas jump off just to claim a victory in a matchup. Victory means everything to Lucas, and I know it will do here tonight when he has a PWC contract on the line.

Kira Wells: It’s a shame El Gigante Enmascardo stands in the way of that.

Charlie Campbell: Another indie star!

Kira Wells: Haha. Everyone has been looking up to the steel structure hanging above the ring. Hell in a Cell, ready for our main event this evening.

Charlie Campbell: The steel is a weapon. Crowley and Shadow will use it as exactly that. I honestly expect to see both men leaving this stadium in a bloody mess.

Kira Wells: We will see. In the meantime, we have a show to get back to. We’ll be back throughout the night to give insight. However, for now, back to Stan Chambers and Sandra Rowe at ringside.

The camera's cut back to ringside to show Stan and Sandra looking at the ring, smiling from ear to ear.

Stan Chambers: Thank you Kira. We'll be handing over to the wonderful Emma Mason however as she introduces our next matchup.

Emma Mason: The following contest is Fatal-Four-Way elimination match, and it is for the Prometheus Torch!

The crowd cheers in excitement.


Emma Mason: Making his way to the ring, from San Antonio Texas, weighing 253lbs... He is the first ever winner of the Prometheus Torch - BARNEY WILLIAMS!

Barney saunters down the aisle with a much cockier demeanour than usual but still with the same focus in his eye as the night he himself captured the Torch!

He steps between the ropes and stands in a corner awaiting his opponent's.

***Plug in Baby***

The brand new "God-Complex" of the PWC makes his way out the curtain for his first ever Pay-Per-View encounter.

Emma Mason:
From Trenton, New Jersey - Weighing in this evening at 211lbs... Trrrrrrristain KIIIISST

Sondra Rowe: This man has made a real impact in his short time here currently with a clean undefeated record!

Stan Chambers: That's right Sondra but he hasn't had long and tonight he's up against two hungry young men and 1 wildcard who has yet to be unveiled!

Kist rolls into the ring and shoots a cocky grin across at Barney as they both await the remaining two men.

***Saturnz Barz***

The lights begin to dim, as the titantron lights up. We see a button, on a podium, that reads "U.L.B.".

Voice: "Press the button, to begin."

A hand slams onto the button, and the camera cuts to a view of a bunker door, with a silhouette walking towards it. The door slides up, and reveals a purple, blueish space landscape, littered with stars and galaxies. The silhouette turns, and reveals himself to be Sway Archer.

"All my life!"

Sway swaggers onto stage as the bass drops. A portion of the crowd goes wild for the new man here in PWC eagerly awaiting to see what he can get done in the squared circle! Sway laughs as he walks down the ramp, occasionally high-fiving fans.

Emma Mason: Making his PWC debut! Wrestling out of Port-of-Spain Trinidad, he weighs in tonight at 200lbs - SWWWAYYYYYYY ARCHEERRRRRRRR!!

He steps onto the apron, and looks out to the crowd. Sway nods along to the music, as he steps into the ring. He pumps his arms, willing the crowd on as he walks around the ring. He too picks a corner and awaits the final - still unknown - man in this match.

Emma Mason: And their opponent...

***Robot Rock***
The crowd errupts for another debut here in PWC! Many of the PWC faithful have been frantically researching this man all week amongst speculation he had signed with Ernesto Clements organisation!

As soon as the drums start, Kidd West steps out to a flurry of blue and gold lights. His arms outstretched, he curtsies before the crowd and then stands up straight immediately after. He makes his way down the ramp, following the camera as he winks and points to himself.

Emma Mason: Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing 12stone and 5lbs... KIIIIIIDDDD WEEEEESSSSTTTTT

Kidd rolls into the rings and steps back into the final vacant corner.

Stan Chambers: I hope you folks at home are ready, this one is gonna be a blink and you'll miss it encounter!

The four men stare across the ring at one another as the referee calls for the bell.

Match Two | Barney Williams vs Sway Archer vs Tristan Kist vs Kidd West - Prometheus Flame​

Straight out of the gates Barney Williams lunges across the ring and splashes Kist in the corner!!

He takes a few steps back and hold his arms out in celebration before Sway Archer lands a huge overhand slap on his face followed swiftly by a side kick straight into the ribs from Kidd West. This is immediately followed up with a Dark Force to Barely Apprehend!! Kist's lariat and backbreaker combination!! He makes the cover




Tristan Kist eliminates Barney Williams via Pinfall

Stan Chambers: Wow this match is off to a flying start!

Sondra Rowe: You got that right, Tristan Kist has been making waves since his arrival here in PWC and he marks his first PPV appearance with authority here!

All three men back off from the centre of the ring and stare off at one another, this time more time is taken, each man waiting for his counterparts to take a shot. Suddenly Kist drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring and gestures towards his two opponents for them to make a start.

Archer looks on at his and extends his arms wondering what the hell he's doing when he is suddenly sent across the ring with a german suplex by Kidd West! Kidd doesn't let up and is straight back on him setting him up for a vertical suplex this time but it's blocked! Sway throws an uppercut which rocks West and he staggers across the ring. He shakes his head and begins to march back toward the larger man but is nailed with a V-Trigger knee strike! He collapses to the matt and the cover is made.




This isn't nearly enough to put West away but as Sway gets up he is nailed by Tristan Kist with a clothesline as he has makes his way back into the ring. By this point West is beginning to reach his feet, but he's immediately hoisted up and dropped on his head with a brainbuster! Before he can make the cover Sway kicks him in the ribs as he's still on the floor! Sway drags Kidd up and starts throwing rights and lefts into his sternum. He batters him into the corner and once there he hoists the smaller man up onto the top turnbuckle and ascends to the second rope looking for a superplex. Suddenly West nails him with a boot which sends him flying, but before he can act, Tristan Kist is on the case and throwing fists at Kidd West. Once he's totally dazed,Kist makes his way up the ropes looking to nail a superplex. Out of nowhere the largest man in the ring, Sway Archer, gets underneath the two men and nails a powerbomb to Kist as he simultaneously hits the superplex from the top to Kidd West! The tower of doom!

Stan Chambers: Oh my god! Someone has to capitalise!




Kidd gets the shoulder up and all three men are still out on the mat.[/COLOR]

Sway Archer uses the ring ropes to get to his feet and out of nowhere he is clocked by Kist ! Archer is then thrown across the ring with a Fisherman suplex! As their bodies fly across the mat Kidd West picks Tristan's leg out from on the floor and rolls over into a single leg boston crab!! It's in tight and Kist has nowhere to go!!

Stan Chambers: Kist has made 2 men tap so far here in the PWC - Will the audience get to see him tap out another tonight?

Kist is clawing his way to the ropes when suddenly Sway Archer - Who has rolled onto the apron hits a Step-In Slingshot Cutter on Kidd. All three men lay flat out on the mat, but it's Kist who rolls into a one-armed cover on Kidd




Kidd kicks out again! He has taken a lot of punishment here but he continues to escape! Then Kist grabs Archer and nails him into the ground with Stupefy!!

He goes for a cover of his own!




Sway is not finished yet! Kist argues with the referee over the validity of the kick out. s he does, Kidd West sneaks up from behind!




Kidd West eliminates Tristan Kist via Pinfall

Tristain Kist takes his first loss here in the PWC as he is beaten with a roll up by the surprise debutant, Kidd West! Tristain's eyes go wild at Kidd. Immediately he scampers out of the ring and as Kist charges toward him, the 6"4 Sway archer stands in his way. It's not by much but Tristan has to look up to Sway. Slowly, Kist decides to back away and holds his hand up to let everyone knows he has accepted defeat. Kist takes a step back and nails Sway with a big boot straight to the jaw. Barely giving anyone time to process this, Kist swiftly locks in Crucio!! His version of the Cattle Mutilation submission hold ,which he has already put severak PWC competitors with!

Sway cries out in pain, but his arms are contorted not allowing him to tap. Even if he could, Kist is eliminated so it would be no use! Tristan refuses to let the hold go and a couple of stadium personnel have to come and remove him from the ring. Before the situation goes any further, he lets the man go and rolls out of the ring and leaves. Our attention switches back to the ring where Kidd West has made a cover on Archer!




At the last second Sway Archer kicks out, but he is in agony following that assault from Kist! You can see how red his shoulder have gone from the pressure! Kidd quickly mounts the larger man and starts lacing into his forehead with elbow after elbow after elbow

Sondra Rowe: This to me really seems a case of when Sway is going to give up.

Stan Chambers: I understand it's his big debut but something's got to give. The surprise factor of Kidd West was the story here tonight.

West walks over to the opposite corner and sizes Archer up who is slowly getting up to his feet.

Sondra Rowe: Oh I've heard about this! He calls this the Magnum Opus - A running knee-strike he uses to put his opponents away!

Kidd darts across the ring looking for the knee but Archer side steps him, turns around and nails him with a High-Angle Backstabber!!

Stan Chambers




Winner - Ultralight Beam Light
Sway Archer​

Mason: Here is your winner and now the holder of the Prometheus Torch... SWWWWAAAAYYYYYY AAARRRRRRRRCCHHEEEERRRRRRR!!!!

Sondra Rowe: Well there you have it, Sway Archer now yields the opportunity to challenge Jacob Bianchi for the Legacy Championship at any time!

Stan Chambers:
Or Dr. Nero...

Sondra Rowe: ...

Stan Chambers: Now we go live to Danny Eriksen backstage for an exclusive interview.

The cameras cut to the interview area that was used during the pre show. Standing next to Danny is PWC Superstar Jensen. Visibly tired and broken, Jensen stands there lacking his usual smile

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and Gentleman, I am joined at this time by Jensen. Many, including PWC’s own Stan Chambers, would suggest that you were screwed out of the TV Championship by Becca McKay…

Jensen: I wasn’t screwed by Becca. I let Austin know my weakness and he exploited it. I can’t fault Austin for using my own weakness against me.

Danny Eriksen: You lost your rematch for the Television Championship. What’s next for you Jensen?

Jensen: I honestly don’t know. The Television Championship has taken up so much of my time, I haven’t had time to think about anything else. Doctor Nero returned to the PWC and I hardly noticed because I was so wrapped up in the Television Championship. I haven’t set any more goals, any more plans for myself. Right now, I just need to figure things out

Danny Eriksen: Will you be demanding a rematch?

Jensen: Again, I honestly don’t…

A large smash is heard, interrupting Jensen mid-sentence. The camera men that were filming Jensen begin to run towards the source of the , leaving the audience watching a very shaky camera for a few moments. When the camera stabilises, another section of the backstage area is seen. Taking up the majority of the screen, however, is a brawl between Donald Hammerpunch and Remy Dieu.

Hammerpunch and Dieu are trading shots, lefts and rights. There is a pile of broken glass on the floor, the obvious source of the smash. The Donjitsu master attempts a chop on Dieu,and eats a headbutt instead. Hammerpunch stumbles backwards as Dieu runs towards him, unloading a flurry of rights and lefts into the midsection of the former World Champion. Hammerpunch straightens up quickly though and delivers his own flurry of chops to the chest of Remy.

Jensen comes sprinting around the corner, attempting to get between the two men to break up the fight. He fails however, getting knocked onto his back as the brawl continues to move down the hallway. Remy grabs Hammerpunch, throwing him against the wall hard. The Missouri native stumbles away from the wall, while managing to counter another throw from Remy. He pushes Remy against the wall himself and begins to beat down on Remy Dieu.

Remy fights back, pushing Hammerpunch against the opposite wall. Jensen again tries to break the brawl up but can’t get between the two men. Instead, the Portland native begins to shout for security, as Remy begins unloading lefts and rights into the chest of Hammerpunch. Remy adds a few knees into the mix, grinning.

Hammerpunch manages to fight away from the wall with some stiff forearm shots. Remy shakes his head at this, forcing Hammerpunch back up against the wall. Remy grabs a chair from next to himself, raising it. Security intervene at just the right moment, pulling Remy away from Hammerpunch.

Hammerpunch launches himself at Dieu however, the chair being held between them. The chair bounces off of Dieu’s chest. Jensen begins to pull Donald back as more members of security start forcing themselves between the two men. Flexx Palumbo and Leo Masters join the separation, helping Jensen hold Donald Hammerpunch back.

Security begin to drag Remy away as a faint noise begins to ring up the hallway. Jensen shakes his head as the sound of heels begins to become more obvious. Brittney Page takes one look at the scene, shaking her head.

Brittney Page: Don’t you all have things to be doing?

The camera's all cut to the ring where Emma Mason is stood patiently waiting with referee Roger Haines to her left.

Emma Mason:
Introducing first! He is from The Rocky Mountains! This man is 7’5 and he weighs in at 476 pounds! El Gigante Enmascardo!

***White Wedding***

El Gigante Enmascardo steps out onto the stage to a chorus of boos from the fans in attendance. The cameras take a few seconds to zoom in on his new mask, the basic portion of the mask now being a forest green with silver around the eyeholes, midnight blue for the cross with the rest being a crimson. He raises both arms, making him look even more imposing than he already does. Pyro begins to ignite around the stage, crimson red filling the sky. He walks slowly down the ramp, taking in the boos from the fans at the Laugardalsvöllur. He stops when he reaches the end of the ramp, taking one look around at all the fans in attendance before he walks towards the steel steps in the corner. He walks up them slowly, climbing into the ring just after.

Emma Mason: Introducing his opponent this evening! At a height of 6’0, weighing in at 190 pounds! He is from Sidney, Australia! He is Lucas Hawthorne!

The Laugardalvöllur becomes much darker as the lights cut out. The titantron slowly begins a countdown from five. Once it hits one, everything goes dark once again.

Voice: Thunderbirds. Are. Go.

***Thunderbirds are go***

The Laugerdalvöullur is engulfed in colour as the lights around the stadium begin flashing. The fans become covered in light of every colour ranging from blues to violets to reds and pinks and greens. The camera’s all focus on the stage as Jimmy the ex technician steps out from the back. Jimmy walks the width of the stage, standing at the top of the ramp as Lucas Hawthorne steps out. The Australian keeps his head down as he unzips the bright red hoodie. He walks to meet Jimmy, still keeping his head down. The Australian flicks his head up, removing his hood at the same time. He carefully removes the hoodie from his person, handing it to Jimmy as the duo set off down the ramp. Once they reach the end, Lucas looks at Jimmy, nodding to the former PWC employee as he walks to a certain member of the crowd. Lucas and his brother touch heads for a few seconds, obviously sharing a moment. Lucas breaks away quickly, using his athleticism to leap up onto the ring apron. He does a flip over the ropes, running right towards El Gigante Enmascardo.

Match Three | El Gigante Enmascardo vs Lucas Hawthorne - Contract Match

Lucas Hawthorne continues running towards El Gigante. The larger man steps out to meet the Australian. Lucas nails El Gigante with a barrage of forearm strikes before El Gigante can push the much smaller male away. Lucas doesn’t back off however, the referee Roger Haines having to forcefully hold Lucas away. Eventually the smaller athlete steps back into a corner.

The match officially begins as Roge Hains calls for the bell. Lucas wasting little time, goes right after El Gigante again with another barrage of forearm strikes. El Gigante grabs the arm of the man after a few strikes land, and the giat has no problem pushing the australian away. Both men look at each other, a look of determination in the eyes of both competitors.

Stan Chambers: Hawthorne of course is the one with the most on the line here. He’s determined to win this one anyway he can, even if he needs to get in a few shots before the bell. He wants that contract that Brittney Page has put on the line.

Jimmy paces at ringside, as the two opponents circle each other. Hawthorne soon initiates a collar and elbow tie-up. But it amounts to nothing as El Gigante breaks out with little effort. He picks Lucas up with ease, nailing him with a headbutt. Lucas falls hard, hands instantly jumping up to his forehead. El Gigante doesn’t back off however, stomping hard onto the back of Lucas’ knee.

Lucas rolls onto his back, grimicing from the pain already inflicted. El Gigante pulls the man to his feet, using a closed fist jab to double the smaller athlete over. El Gigante clears the ring in a few seconds, running towards Lucas, obviously attempting the knee trembler. Lucas doesn’t allow this, getting back to a vertical position just before the knee connects.

El Gigante stumbles, Lucas taking his moment. He nails the larger man with a dropkick to the back, sending El Gigante into a corner. Lucas, stalking his prey, watches El Gigante bounce back out of the corner. Lucas uses leap to hit a brutal looking knee to the midsection of El Gigante, forcing the bigger man to bend. Hawthorne uses his speed and slides between the legs of his much larger opponent. He then uses his athleticism to leap up to the middle rope and then to the top.

Wasting little time, he jumps towards El Gigante and attempts to drop the masked giant with a flying crossbody. He gets caught, however, as El Gigante uses his power to throw Hawthorne into the turnbuckle with ease. Lucas hits the corner hard, falling to the canvas even harder.

El Gigante takes his time, pacing around his opponent who has moved very little since his collision with the corner turnbuckle. Finally, El Gigante steps forward and lifts Lucas for the Xavier Curse (Bear Hug). Roger Haines checks on the condition of Lucas, as the big man continues to squeeze the life form his opponent

Lucas begins to squirm. He manages to free an arm from the larger man’s grasp, beginning to attack the head of El Gigante with vicious forearm strikes. El Gigante drops Lucas, who simply follows up his attack with a straight jab to the gut. El Gigante hardly reacts, forcefully pushing Lucas towards the ropes. Hawthorne, however, uses the ropes for momentum, sliding under the legs of El Gigante, kickflipping up quickly. He leaps, locking his legs around El Gigante, attempting a hurricanrana. El Gigante uses his height and weight advantage to keep a solid base, stopping the australian while he’s upside down. El Gigante grins, lifting his knee into Lucas’ gut. Gigante lifts his knee a second time, a third, and a fourth. Every single knee jolts the smaller australian. El Gigante forcefully pushes Lucas away, dropping him with an overhand chop moments later.

Lucas drops to the mat, not moving. El Gigante uses the toe of his boot to turn Lucas onto his back. He casually steps on the Australian man’s chest. Roger Haines darts forward to monitor the shoulders of Hawthorne. Eventually he drops, beginning the three count.



Lucas forces his shoulder up. El Gigante shakes his head, glaring at Jimmy down at ringside. While the big man is disracted, Lucas Hawthorne rolls outside of the ring away from his collosal opponent. Jimmy quickly runs across to the side of his ally, crouching next to Lucas. El Gigante looks down at the duo from the ring, shaking his head once again.



Roger Haines begins to count. Jimmy remains crouched next to his friend, trying to motivate Lucas. Lucas remains still, having not moved since rolling from the ring. El Gigante finally gives up waiting, climbing over the top rope out onto the ring apron. He climbs down, standing above Lucas and Jimmy.

Jimmy stands up, his tiny frame overshadowed by the seven foot five frame of El Gigante. El Gigante Enmascardo grips Jimmy by the collar, simply lifting him and dropping him aside with a two hand chokeslam. Jimmy shudders when he hits the ground, his glasses flying off aside

Stan Chambers
: That was unnecessary! Jimmy hardly did anything wrong!



El Gigante grips Lucas Hawthorne by the hair, pulling him to his feet with force. Lucas instantly bounces, twisting in midair to strike El Gigante with a spinning mule kick. The masked Mexican stumbles backwards,while Lucas lands on his feet. The Australian rolls into the ring, sprinting to the opposite side of the ring. He turns, using the ropes for momentum. He runs back, leaping through the ropes, nailing El Gigante with a suicide dive. El Gigante falls back, his spine smashing against the barricade. The larger man falls forward, grabbing at his back. Lucas comes off worse, his head hitting the barricade, compressing his neck and skull.

Roger Hains rolls from the ring, dropping between both men, obviously checking on both of them. Lucas rolls over, breathing heavily. He uses the apron to pull himself up into the ring, rolling under the bottom rope. El Gigante follows him, both men lying on the canvas for a few moments.

Lucas is the first to his feet, using the ropes to assist him. El Gigante gets to his feet just after. Both men lock eyes, anger shared between them. They both meet in the middle of the ring, starting to trade forearms. Lucas hits the first forearm, forcing El Gigante to stumble back. The bigger man hits his own forearm, causing Lucas to stumble back. Lucas follows up with a leaping knee strike. El Gigante stumbles back even further, grunting.

Lucas unloads on the bigger male. He uses the kick combination to stun El Gigante Enmascardo. He then follows up his combination with a strong heel kick to the midsection of the bigger athlete. He aims another heel kick towards the midsection, El Gigante stops this however. He catches the leg of Lucas, using his head to strike at Lucas with a combination of vicious headbutts, busting the smaller australian athlete open.


Stan Chambers: What the hell! Barney Williams, what business does have here?!

Sondra Rowe: Interrupting a live match like this! He’s no better than Hawthorne! Fire them both!

Barney Williams walks out onto the stage, glaring down at El Gigante Enmascardo. Lucas rolls into the corner, leaving a trail of crimson blood as he does. Barney Williams begins a gentle stroll down the ramp, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. The camera’s pan around him, zooming in slightly on the Lucas Hawthorne merch he appears to be wearing.

Lucas props himself up in the corner, glaring towards Barney with sweat soaked hair in his face. Barney just offers his friend a slight grin. El Gigante turns back to Lucas, who has used the ropes in the corner to pull himself back to his feet. The larger man goes for a turnbuckle thrust, but Lucas pulls himself up. He kicks El Gigante away, following up with a leaping forearm smash from the top. El Gigante falls to a knee as Lucas flips back to his feet.

Barney Williams crouches next to Jimmy at ringside, helping the poor techie to a sitting position. He keeps his eyes on the ring as Lucas runs from the corner, dropping El Gigante with an amazing knee to the skull. The smaller athlete rolls El Gigante onto his back, dropping on top of the large man for the cover. It’s clear he wants both the victory and the contract.



El Gigante powers out. Lucas slaps the mat in frustration, blood dripping down onto the body of El Gigante. The aussie climbs to his feet as Barney and Jimmy both slap the apron to try and gain some support for Lucas. Lucas backs off into the corner as El Gigante begins to rise. Lucas climbs, leaping from the top in a perfect moonsault, a move never seen from him before.

El Gigante catches Lucas, lifting him up high and dropping him in a very unique samoan drop. Lucas bends as he lands, his face now streaked crimson. El Gigante lifts Lucas easily, tossing him over the top rope and out to his friends. Barney and Jimmy just about manage to catch Lucas before he lands, all three falling into a pile.

El Gigante paces. He paces in the ring, shouting at Haines to end it. He tells Haines that there is no-way that Lucas can continue to compete. The pile of bodies starts to recover, Barney and Lucas to their feet first. Barney claps his friend on the back as Lucas somehow forces himself under the bottom rope. He does a forward role, grinning to El Gigante as he rises.

It’s clear that the arrival of Barney Williams has given Lucas the momentum he needs. El Gigante attempts to drop the aussie with a clothesline that Lucas ducks easily. Lucas flips against the ropes, a handstand against them. He allows himself to fall backwards towards El Gigante, dropping the big guy with a pele kick. El Gigante stumbles back, receiving a dropkick for it.

El Gigante stumbles against the ropes, and Lucas knows exactly what to do. He leaps up onto the second rope, spinning. He hits El Gigante with a boot right under the chin, causing the big man to stumble. One disaster kick and El Gigante is still on his feet. The move put away the bodyguard of Jake Masterson and yet El Gigante is still standing. Lucas grins, doing the move yet again.

A second disaster kick.

El Gigante finally falls to one knee. Lucas backs off slightly before moving towards El Gigante. He lines the bigger man up for the spinning heel kick, the Black Mass Kick, the move that knocked him out cold before. Lucas grins towards Barney, before stepping forward.

Black mass!

El Gigante falls hard. Lucas drops a knee to his midsection before rolling on top of the larger athlete for the pinfall. After everything that both men have given, it’s almost the perfect ending.



Of course not. El Gigante just rolls the shoulder up. Lucas slaps at the canvas with force, the blood and sweat sticking his hair to his forehead. The wound caused by the headbutts is bleeding heavily, but Lucas doesn’t seem to notice or care. He falls back, shuffling into the corner as Barney climbs up onto the apron.

Barney carefully pats the shoulder of his friend, trying to use the side of his hand to wipe some of the hair and blood from the eyes of his friend. He waves over PWC head doctor Julian Shepherd over. Shepherd opens his first aid kit, removing some antibacterial wipes, using the time to try and wipe some of the caked blood from around the wound.

El Gigante finally begins to stir as Doctor Julian and Barney both jump down from the apron. Lucas pulls himself to his feet once again as El Gigante gets to one knee. Lucas runs at him, attempting a knee strike. El Gigante allows himself to fall back, avoiding the knee. He closes his large hands around Lucas’ ankle, tripping the aussie over.

El Gigante clambers to his feet. He grips Lucas, pulling him to his feet. He then knees the smaller athlete in the gut before he grips him and plants him with the double underhook suplex, with The DeVarles Drop. El Gigante picks Lucas up again, another knee to the gut.

The DeVarles Drop!

A second underhook suplex. Lucas Hawthorne hits the canvas with force, bouncing. El Gigante rolls him over, pinning him down forcefully for the cover, all of his weight on the shoulders of the aussie.




Lucas kicks out! He just manages to bounce enough to free a shoulder. El Gigante wastes little time, picking Lucas up once again. He aims more headbutts towards the already bleeding skull of Lucas, a sick look on his face. Lucas goes limp in the grip of El Gigante who proceeds to toss the corpse of Lucas aside.

Barney Williams climbs up onto the apron, catching the attention of El Gigante. The large athlete aims a rather hard overhand chop towards the chest of the small ginger. Barney leans back, dodging the chop. El Gigante turns as a hand appears on his shoulder. Lucas grins, nailing the larger athlete with a jumping knee strike.

Black Mass!

El Gigante falls once again! Lucas rolls over for the cover.




***Thunderbirds Are Go***

Winner - Black Mass Kick
Lucas Hawthorne​

Lucas rolls onto his back, grunting. Barney and Jimmy climb into the ring, joining the newest member of the PWC roster. Every single member of the group is grinning wide, Lucas stained with crimson blood. They embrace in a group hug in the middle of the ring over the body of El Gigante Enmascardo. Once they break, Haines proceeds to lift the arm of Lucas Hawthorne to the cheering PWC audience.

Lucas drops to a knee in the centre of the ring. He grins as the PWC audience begin to chant his name. He spends a few moments kneeling before he gets to his feet, looking over El Gigante. The much larger athlete rolls from the ring, Dr Sheppard checking on the condition of the giant.

Lucas glares at the PWC crowd as he climbs up onto the top turnbuckle. Barney grabs him from behind, pulling Lucas onto his shoulders. Barney parades the newest PWC Superstar around the ring for a few moments. Lucas jumps down from the shoulders of his friend. All three men stand in the center of the PWC ring, both Barney and Jimmy holding Lucas’ arms high.

***Hail To The King***
“Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head”

The vignette opens with scenes of Doctor Nero with the Legacy Championship in his hands as he is about to hand it over and vacate it for a World Heavyweight Championship shot

“Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid”

Bianchi is seen carrying out his attack on Mr Jalapeno at Vortex 15, causing the Legacy Championship to become vacant

“Children roam the streets now orphans of war”

Doctor Nero is seen doing battle with Muhammad Islami at PWC Season One: Hell’s Judgement

“Bodies hanging in the streets to adore”

Bianchi is seen pinning La Pantera in his debut match at Hell’s Judgement, one year after Nero first captured the PWC Legacy Championship

“Royal flames will carve the path in chaos”

Bianchi is seen hitting the A.W.O.L on a range of opponents in rapid succession, all different matches

“Bringing daylight to the night”

Doctor Nero is seen nailing numerous opponents with “The Time of Death” sitout powerbomb

“Death is riding in the town with armor”

Bianchi is seen using “Lost in Transmission” to put down opponents in a ring

“Because thail take all your rights”

Doctor Nero is seen using the “Scalpel” to put down opponents in a ring

“Hail to the king”

Doctor Nero is stood dominant with the World Heavyweight Championship above his head as he successfully wins it from Xander Black at Vindication

“Hail to the one”

Bianchi is seen with Jake Masterson at his feet and the pets all looking on horrified at the assault Bianchi has just committed

“Kneel to the crown”

Nero is seen signing his name next to Jacob Bianchi’s on the legacy championship match contract

“Stand in the sun”

Bianchi is seen with with Page beside him, holding the Legacy Championship high above his head in what was meant to be the end of Vortex 15

“Hail to the king”

Nero is seen with the title belt high above the fallen Jacob Bianchi as the fans chanting “holy shit” drowns out the music, causing the words “hail” to just become whispers.

The camera’s cut up to the pre show studio above the Laugardalsvöllur. Kira Wells and Charlie Campbell are sat with the Laugardalsvöllur behind them. The duo look into the camera, smiles on their faces.

Kira Wells: What an evening we’ve witnessed tonight Charlie.

Charlie Campbell: Lucas Hawthorne is the newest member of the PWC roster. Austin Angel is still the PWC TV champion and Sway Archer won his debut matchup and became the Prometheus Flame Holder.

Kira Wells:
We still have three matches left however. Our next match this evening is the matchup that everyone wants to see. Jacob Bianchi versus Doctor Nero for the vacant PWC Legacy Championship.

Charlie Campbell: Doctor Nero returned with a purpose. He wants to get his hands on Jacob Bianchi and the Legacy Championship. You know what, I seriously believe he can do it.

Kira Wells: You think Nero can beat Bianchi?

Charlie Campbell: Nero can beat most people. Nero is a legend within the PWC community. He’s a star, a former World Champion.

Kira Wells: Jacob Bianchi can’t be counted out. Jacob is a force to be reckoned with.

Charlie Campbell: I don’t doubt that. Bianchi has the Lost in Transmission, the move that gives him what is basically an instant victory.

Kira Wells: Exactly. You can’t forget Jacob Bianchi.

Charlie Campbell: You can’t forget Doctor Nero either. You can’t forget Nero because he knows what he’s doing in that ring. He’s a veteran.

Kira Wells: What about the main event? Crowley and Shadow do war inside the cell and that match is so soon.

Charlie Campbell:
Honestly, I can’t wait. It will either be that match or the next match that takes the honour of match of the night.

Kira Wells: I second that. I really hope Nero versus Bianchi can do it, but if not then I can see Shadow vs Crowley becoming the match of the night.

Charlie Campbell: What about Remy Dieu and Donald Hammerpunch? Hammerpunch is another World Champion and Remy is actually a monster in the ring. They should be able to have a classic match together.

Kira Wells: We shall see. For now though, we need to go back to Stan and Sandra for the Nero vs Bianchi match. Back to you guys at ringside.

The camera cuts back to Emma Mason as she prepares to announce the next match of the evening.

Chambers: Ladies and gentlemen, this one is going to be special. What you're about to witness is two men who despise one another's very existence go toe to toe in a battle to decide the next Legacy Champion.

Rowe: This feud reached boiling point after Nero's attack on Vortex. Both men are looking to tear the other apart all just to get their hands on the Legacy Championship.

Chambers: That they are. Tonight is going to mark an interesting new time for the PWC no matter how this match ends. Both men are going to look to consolidate power the second they grab the title and ensure that they hit the three defences required to challenge whoever ends up being the World Heavyweight Champion.

You can tell just how excited these fans are for this one, Stan. This fight has been a massive talking point for the PWC Universe, and with it being only a matter of moments away now, this stadium is fit to burst.

Chambers: I think I'm still recovering from the crowd at Vortex. I don't think I've ever heard them chanting that loud in all of my time with this Company. It was an incredible experience.

Meanwhile, the crowd sit watching as the stage fills with men and woman, all of whom are carrying various differing instruments.

It's clear that this has been practised as they're all in position before a minute has passed by, and they all have a serious look on their face as they stand ready to play.


The Orchestra blares the introduction of Jacob Bianchi's theme around the Laugardalsvöllur, drawing a monstrous reaction from the crowd, who boo relentlessly. Each side fights to be heard above the other until Bianchi walks out, at which point the music loses out. Some of the din seeps out through the open roof of the stadium, but what remains is still more than enough to drown out everything else.

Bianchi remains on the stage for a few moments, stood between two halves of the Orchestra. He holds his gaze on the empty ring, looking like he's steeling himself for what is about to happen inside those four corners.

Bianchi moves down the ramp and is immediately heckled from each side, the camera picking up several choice words from the crowd, giving the viewers at home an insight into just how hostile the Icelandic crowd is towards Jacob, who keeps walking, not even acknowledging the crowd's existence. He rolls into the ring and is quickly joined by a camera, which picks up nothing but jeers from the crowd.

From ringside Stan Chambers and Sondra Rowe's voices are strained as they fight to be heard over the Crowd who continue to boo, heckle and jeer at Bianchi who has retreated into his corner. He watches as the Orchestra makes their way off the stage, having resigned themselves to the fact that they're not going to be heard over the crowd.

Chambers: I don't know if you can all hear this at home, but this crowd is so hostile towards Jacob that even his Orchestra couldn't pierce the din.

Rowe: This is a disgrace. The PWC paid good money for what was sure to be a fantastic performance and these fans have forced those wonderful performers off the stage.

Chambers: Bianchi has to take some of the blame for this. He has been a menace to many within the PWC over his time here, and it was only a matter of time before they turned against him for it.

Rowe: That still doesn't give them the right to drown out performance like that could have been.

Chambers: No, Sondra. Paying to get in gave them that right. And quite frankly, I'm glad they exercised it. Bianchi has been awful to people for long enough, so it's about time he lost out.

***Requiem For A Dream***​

The crowd seem to get even louder, immediately flipping from hatred to adulation as the lights in the stadium cut out. A small pinprick of light appears above the stage, growing with every passing second.

As it grows, the light begins to flicker slightly, casting faint shadows across brick and mortar. The light gets closer and closer, now seeming to vibrate in time with the music. Suddenly the tunnel opens up completely, and light fills the stage coming from a huge operating theatre light.

Nurse Ellie comes storming out from the back, powering down to the ring, almost looking more like she's moving down a Paris catwalk. Her eyes are focused intently ahead of herself, ignoring everything and everyone in the stadium.

From behind her, out walks Dr. Nero. Having shed his jet black scrubs, he comes out in a light blue version. A roar of approval hits the Doctor as he walks forward, his face the very personification of calmness as he strides forward seeming to be completely at ease with the situation at hand. The Laugardalsvöllur is his theatre, and the Doctor is in.

The rest of the stadium lights burst in to life as he makes his way down the ramp, striding towards the ring and Nurse Ellie who drops down on to the middle rope, crossing her legs to several wolf whistles from the crowd. She turns her head to watch as Nero arrives at the base of the ramp. He climbs the stairs and slips into the ring, making sure to avoid touching the held open ropes.

Once in the ring, Nero walks into the centre with his head slightly raised, soaking in the crowd's adulation. As he's doing this, Nurse Ellie joins him in the ring and removes his shirt. She hands to to one of the ring hands. Just as she turns back, Nero snaps his fingers and the stretches out his hands, onto which Ellie puts a pair of blue surgical gloves.

As Ellie sees to Nero, Gil Artman ushers Bianchi back into the ring. The Italian slips between the ropes, glaring at Nero with pure hatred in his eyes. He walks forward, looking like he plans to meet Nero in the centre of the ring.

Nero's head drops to meet Bianchi and he unleashes a guttural roar, stopping the Italian in his tracks. Time seems to slow as the two men glare at one another, Bianchi's eyes widened as he tries to process the rage coming from Nero.

To the Doctor's side, Nurse Ellie makes her way out of the ring, a wry smile on her ruby lips. She slips under the middle rope and takes her place dutifully in Nero's corner.

Artman tries and fails to get Nero to return to his corner. He turns and walks over to Bianchi, busying himself making sure the Italian is prepared for the match.

At ringside Emma Mason gets to her feet.

Mason: Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for ONE FALL, and it is for the PWC Legacy Championship!

Introducing first! Fighting out of Seattle, Washington. He stands six feet three inches tall, weighing in at two hundred twenty three pounds. DR. NEEEEEEEEEROOOOO!

The crowd cheer for this, but immediately return to booing as Mason turns.

And his opponent! Fighting out of Brescia, Italy. He stands six feet four inches tall, weighting in at two hundred forty pounds. JACOB BIAAAAAANCHIIII!

The crowd heckle and boo, but the two men in the ring completely ignore them, instead focusing solely on one another.

Artman gets in between the two men and makes sure things are ready. Once he's convinced, he turns to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.

Legacy Title Match| Nero vs Bianchi

Bianchi moves forward looking to get a quick start to the match, but before he has even taken a step, Nero explodes forward, raining blows down upon the head of the Italian, who backs off quickly, looking to get some room. He immediately hits the turnbuckle though, Nero's plan becoming immediately clear. At the commentary table, Chambers immediately praises the Doctor's smarts as he has instantly cut the ring in half, giving Bianchi no breathing room, while Rowe complains that the referee should have forced him back.

Nero doesn't let up though, continuing where he left off on Vortex, striking any part of Bianchi's body that is visible, ignoring Gil Artman's attempts to break them up. The PWC's Senior Referee backs off and begins counting.


Nero breaks on the count of four, avoiding an early disqualification. He jams his elbow into Bianchi's face, holding him in place as Artman reprimands him, reminding Nero that a five count is an immediate disqualification. There is no second chances here.

With Artman backing off, Nero drags Bianchi out of the corner and whips him across the ring. Bianchi turns, hitting the turnbuckle back first and staggers forward, only to be met with a brutal forearm smash from the oncoming Nero, who drops down to the mat with Bianchi and continues to rain abuse down upon him, putting all of his animosity towards the downed man behind each monstrous shot.

Bianchi squirms under Nero, trying to fight for position. Nero keeps bearing down upon him though, stacking up on Bianchi's half-hearted guard attempt, laying down bricks upon Bianchi's skull and the arms that are thrown up in an attempt to protect it. The Italian uses the guard to his slight advantage, driving his feet forward, pushing Nero backwards a few feet. As the Doctor comes rushing back in, Bianchi drives them forward again, smashing the soles of both feet into the chest of Nero, sending him staggering back again. He falls to a knee just as Bianchi rises to his, wincing and holding his head.

The two men rise to both feet at the same time and collide togther, looking to force the other onto the defence. The two bear down upon one another, Bianchi trying to use his size and strength advantage while Nero utelises his technical expertise and years of wrestling experience to maintain position. Eventually size beats out experience and Bianchi forces Nero back into the corner he was once locked in, and returns Nero's earlier fire with a barrage of his own punches.

Nero, having just been the aggressor in this almost exact scenario instantly slips out, taking advantage of a wild right from Bianchi and turns to hit the bigger man with another forearm, but before he can even raise his forearm to chest level, Bianchi has spun and wrapped his arms around the chest of Nero, locking the Doctor's arms within his grip.

Bianchi takes quick advantage of Nero's predicament, rearing his head and catching him on the bridge of the nose with a stiff headbutt, leaving Nero slightly dazed, his eyes watering slightly. The Italian spins the two men around and launches Nero overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. Nero lands back first in the centre of the ring and rolls towards his corner, putting distance between the two men.

The crowd boos heartily as Bianchi stalks towards Nero who is using the ring ropes to get himself to his feet quicker. Jacob drags him up the final few inches and bends the Doctor backwards, locking his head under his arm before quickly dropping, bringing Nero crashing down onto his back once more with a quick Inverted DDT.

Bianchi is quick to his feet and begins stomping on Nero's right arm. Nero quickly rolls over, shielding both arms with his body, but it's not enough as Jacob just adjusts slightly and begins targeting the shoulder of the downed man, laying in shot after shot, each hit drawing a chant of 'NO' from the raucous crowd.

Bianchi plants his hands into the back of Nero, pushing him down, and drives his knee into the shoulder, drawing a grunt of pain. The Italian laughs at this, and does it again, and again, and again! With each hit he laughs harder, enjoying the pain that he's inflicting.

Enjoying the position he currently holds, he takes a minute to talk smack to the crowd. He then draws back his knee dramatically, milking it for as long as possible, the whole while laughing at the miserable faces staring back at him. He launches the knee forward, once again targeting the right shoulder of Nero who powers up with his arms and rolls left. As Nero rolls, he wraps his arms around Bianchi's knee and drags the Italian over with him. Nero pushes back with his feet, forcing himself to slide slightly back on the mat, allowing him to grapevine his legs around the body of Bianchi, trapping him in place.

Bianchi writhes in panic, recognising what Nero is trying to do. He kicks his legs around, looking to connect with any part of Nero possible, hoping that's enough to temporarily break the grip, but Nero doesn't rush himself, calmly waiting for the leg to drop before he reaches out and traps it under his arm and falling back, wrenching and stretching Bianchi's right knee with a masterfully timed Amputation!

Nero quickly traps the still flailing left leg of Bianchi, pinning it to his side. The crowd are on their feet, almost begging Nero for the early finish. He looks to oblige them as he keeps stretching back on the knee, almost looking like he wants to rip the lower leg clean off. Bianchi's arms are outstretched as he cries in pain. He contorts and stretches the rest of his body, looking to just get that little bit closer to the ropes which are lying just outside of his reach.

He pushes up, trying to drag himself closer, but he struggles to gain any ground with Nero's legs wrapped like a constrictor around his ribs, crushing the air out of his lungs. The trapped Italian keeps driving, sucking in whatever air he can get as he gradually pushes. His face is contorted in agony, showing the effects of Nero's brutal Amputation, which is being wrenched even tighter as the Doctor realises that Bianchi is getting closer and closer to escape.

Bianchi manages to power forward, seeming to get a new burst of adrenaline coursing through him just as Nero loosens the grip around his waist and pulls backwards, trying to drag Bianchi back into the centre of the ring. Bianchi's hands scramble for the ropes, his right fingertips scraping the tape. The Italian's left hand saves him though as the fingers just manage to curl around the middle rope, giving him enough drag forward and wrap his right around the ropes, leaving him dangling, one half held by the ropes, the other by Nero who tries to rip Bianchi off the ropes with another wrench, but fails.

Gil Artman moves forward to get Nero to break the hold, but he's too late as Nero drives forward and kicks Bianchi's arms off of the ropes. He then drags the Italian to his feet, ignoring his feeble attempts to put pressure on the leg. German Suplex! Nero throws Bianchi over his head, bringing him crashing down on his back and neck. Artman drops down to the mat, responding to Nero's picture perfect bridge.


Bianchi throws his shoulder up, breaking the pinfall and sending the two men tumbling to their left. Nero refuses to let go though and rolls through, dragging Bianchi up once more, hitting a second German Suplex, which he bridges once again.


Bianchi kicks out early yet again, but he still can't escape the grip that Nero has on him, he's raised to his feet once more. Nero turns him this time, wrapping Jacob's arms behind, clearly looking for the Scalpel, but Bianchi has enough about him to wriggle around, making it difficult for Nero to mantain a grip.

Nero, realising the futility of lifting Bianchi, untangles his left arm and clubs down upon the back of Bianchi several times, hammering the bigger man's ribs. Bianchi takes these hits though and pushes up, lifting Nero slightly off his feet. Nero counters, letting go of Bianchi completely, opting to use both hands to push off the rising man, breaking the hold and putting a few feet between the two. As Bianchi rises to his feet, Nero dives in, launching a massive high knee, aiming to crash straight in to Jacob's jaw, but he's plucked straight out of the air as Bianchi shows his strength, holding Nero up. He throws Nero up, bringing him down back first upon the mat, falling down with him. Bianchi quickly adjusts and drapes his legs over Nero's chest, grabbing the right arm of Nero as he does.

Nero's too ring savvy to be caught by this though and clasps together his two hands, matching Bianchi's strength with his own. No matter how much Bianchi wrenches back, he can't seperate the two, which leaves the two men fighting for control on the mat as Artman hovers around, making sure that neither man's shoulders lie flat.

Bianchi grows tired of fighting for control quickly and quickly lifts his leg and brings the heel crashing down upon the jaw of Nero. The crowd boos mercilessly, but Bianchi doesn't care as he lifts and drops the leg again, this time connecting with the forehead of Nero, temporarily stunning the man. That half second of weakness is enough for Bianchi who tears Nero's right hand from his left and wrenches back, locking in a tight Armbar, much to the crowd's disapproval.

Nero immediately moves into action, kicking his legs up as he tries to get enough power in his body to push Bianchi's legs off him, but it's to no avail as he barely even lifts the trunk like legs an inch. Not to be stopped by that, Nero fights through the sheer agony coursing through his arm and locks his left arm under the legs that are draped across him. He plants his palm on the calf of Bianchi and pushes up, lifting the leg, taking just enough wait off of Nero's chest, allowing him to twist his torso and face Bianchi whose face is twisted in concentration, as he tries to fight for position, bring his raised leg down upon any part of Nero it can reach. It's not enough though, and Nero gets the momentum needed to push Bianchi back, all but breaking the armbar. Nero's not done though as he heaves, straining with all his might, picking Bianchi up and then slamming him back down in a makeshift powerbomb. Bianchi loses his grip as he smashes into the canvas, but before Nero can capitalise on the downed man, he rolls out of the ring, putting the ring ropes between the two.

Bianchi walks around the ring, talking smack to the fans in the front row as he rubs at his knee, clearly still suffering from the effects of Nero's Amputation.

In the ring Nero takes the time to work through his own issues, wincing as he moves his arm around, checking to see if he still has his full range of movement. He rubs his shoulder as he lifts it, wincing some more, but seems moderately content with what he sees. His eyes watch as Bianchi walks around the ring, not only making sure that he can't launch a sneak attack, but watching to see that he doesn't go after Nurse Ellie, who is making sure to stay at the opposite side from the circling Bianchi.

Seemingly content with his knee, Bianchi climbs the nearby steps and slips back into the ring.

The two men stand across the ring from one another, worse for wear than when they started, but equal in standing so far. This time instead of colliding into one another, they circle around the ring, sizing up the other.

The crowd chant for Nero once more, and from the commentary booth Chambers and Rowe pipe up, discussing how both men have remained equal to this point.

In the ring, Bianchi makes the first move as he darts forward, feinting an attack on Nero's weakened right arm, but instead grabbing Nero's left when it's brought across to defend the other. Bianchi whips Nero off the ropes. Nero bounces off, coming back at Bianchi with added speed. Bianchi lifts The Doctor and brings him down onto his knee back first, hitting a clean Pendulum Backbreaker, which gets a sympathetic ooh from the crowd who have quietened down over the match as they watch every hit with bated breath.

Bianchi drags Nero to his feet, and lifts him up, fully intending to return the earlier German Suplexes in kind. Instead of bridging out of it though, Bianchi simply lets go of Nero at the peak of the throw, launching his opponent half way across the ring. He's onto the downed man like a shot, lifting him to his feet and launching him once more, sending him right back where they started. Once again, Bianchi chases after Nero, lifting him to his feet and launching him, but this time Nero's ready and plants himself, taking some of the power out of the throw. He's still sent tumbling across the ring, but this time he's a lot more controlled, and when Bianchi turns to chase after him, Nero is ready and launches himself forward, crashing into Jacob's jaw with a brutal high knee.


Bianchi explodes up, throwing Nero off of him, and rolls off, looking to escape the ring once more, but Nero is quick to ensure this doesn't happen. He has Bianchi exactly where he wants him, and if he wants to walk out of this match as Legacy Champion, he knows he'll have to keep him there.

Nero drags Bianchi up by the jaw and before the Italian has a chance to recover, Nero unleashes a volley of punches, elbows and forearms, all targeting the jaw and temple of Bianchi, forcing him to cower in an attempt to defend himself.

He drags Bianchi in once more, locking the Italian's arms behind his back. He then lifts Bianchi up, leaving the bigger man hanging upside down for a moment before bringing him crashing down, slamming his face and body against the mat, nailing a picture perfect Scalpel!!!

He rolls Bianchi over and goes for the pin as Gil Artman slides down onto the canvas.


Bianchi throws his shoulder up, breaking the pinfall a heartbeat before Artman's hand crashed into the mat bringing an end to the match. The crowd pipe up again, sniffing blood as they urge Nero on, begging him to finish Bianchi off for good.

Nero looks to oblige, his face showing no signs of frustration. This has all just been surgery for him. Another day in theatre. Things haven't gone precisely as planned, but there's always yet another trick that the Doctor can do to ensure his patient truly feels the results of surgery.

Bianchi fought through Amputation and he survived the Scalpel, but...

Dr. Nero turns to face Nurse Ellie who looks at her wrist before nodding back at him.

Nero bursts into action, dragging the still motionless Bianchi to his feet, and lifts the man into position.

The crowd are on their feet, getting flashbacks to the final moments of the Ragnarok Go Home Show. At the booth Chambers Fand Rowe are talking excitedly, but none of this matters as Nero looks around. All that matters is...


Bianchi, still having his wits about him squirms to his left, forcing all of his weight to lie upon the weakened right arm of Nero, which buckles under the weight, sending Bianchi crashing down awkwardly onto the mat and Nero down to his knees, a cry of discomfort escaping his throat.

Nero cradles his weakened arm as he gets to his feet. His eyes are filled with rage as he turns to look at Bianchi, who is struggling to get up, having taken a lot out of himself with his landing. At ringside Ellie is pacing nervously, clearly unsettled by Nero's arm giving out.

Nero lauches a stiff left, striking Bianchi in the jaw, knocking him back down. Jacob shakily tries to get back up, but he's clearly struggling too, his free hand holding the back of his neck, which took the brunt of the fall.

Another stiff left from Nero comes crashing down upon the temple of Bianchi, the two men fighting to regain the control they had earlier in the fight.

Nero throws another left, but this one is caught by Bianchi. He holds Nero's arm, and plants his head on the Doctor's chest, pushing back, trying to gain a little space. Nero throws several right hooks, but they're all severly weakened hits, and Bianchi shrugs them off, pushing Nero back a few feet before ripping him back and hitting a massive forearm to the face. Nero staggers slightly, but quickly recovers and kicks out at Bianchi's stomach, leaving the Italian doubled over in pain.

He tears his arm free of Jacob's grip and lays in a forearm of his own, targetting the back of Jacob's head. The crowd cheers, pleased to see their man back in control, but it's short lived as Bianchi explodes up, taking Nero with him. He spins and then slams Nero down onto the mat with a vicious Spinning Spinebuster which could be heard in every corner of Laugardalsvöllur Stadium, and each corner responds with another sympathetic 'ooh' and a smattering of boos for Bianchi.


Nero kicks out just after the two count, forced by Bianchi's positioning to roll on to the weakened arm. Jacob goes back to work, hitting Nero's right arm with knees and punches, taking both pride and joy from giving the Doctor a taste of his own methodical surgery. Bianchi picks Nero up and plants him on his shoulder before slamming him down onto the mat with a modified Scoop Slam. Nero lands back first on his arm which had been placed under him before Bianchi brought him crashing down.

Jacob looks out to the crowd, a sick grin on his face as he soaks in the pure venom being thrown at him. He sees Nurse Ellie move in the corner of his eye and snaps his head around to look at her, enjoying the look of hatred she throws back at him. Her eyes flicker between the almost gloating face of Bianchi and the stirring body of Nero.

Bianchi follows her eyes down to his temporarily fallen for and grins wickedly. He drags Nero to his feet and points at Ell-- NERO SPINS BIANCHI AROUND AND USING HIS ONE STRONG ARM, HE SUPLEXES BIANCHI OVER, HITTING A HALF NELSON SUPLEX!! NERO GOES FOR THE COVER!


BIANCHI JUST MANAGES TO KICK OUT OF THE PARALYSER! Nero pounds the mat in frustration with his good arm, covinced that he had it won.

He doesn't waste time though, and drags Bianchi to his feet with both arms, pain be damned. He lifts Jacob up once again looking for the Time of Death!

Nero lifts Bianchi up, but as he does, the wily Italian kicks out, throwing himself down upon Nero's arm once again, BUT NERO WAS EXPECTING IT! Nero lets Bianchi go and as Jacob lands, he gets a kick in the gut. Nero lifts him up again, arms locked behind the Italian's back. SCALPEL!


Bianchi is slightly quicker out this time, but he's clearly struggling to cope with Nero's offence. He's not getting a break though as Nero wrenches him up to his feet instantly. Once again Nero lifts Bianchi up onto his shoulders, but as before Bianchi is still not far enough gone and he uses the momentum from Nero lifting him to push clean over the American's shoulders, landing behind him!

Nero turns and is caught in the jaw with a vicious right which is followed by a kick in the gut, this one leaving Nero doubled over. It's Bianchi's turn to lift Nero up. A.W.O.L!



The crowd erupts as Nero kicks out and Nurse Ellie almost joins them, doing everything she can to maintain her composure following that sequence. In the ring both men are lying broken on the mat, each one having survived what would have destroyed a lesser man.

Bianchi crawls towards Nero and drapes his arm over him once more.


Nero gets his shoulder up, denying another attempt to finish the match off. There's no chance either of these men are about to throw in the towel, and the crowd can tell just how much this means to both. They respond in kind and all of them are on their feet, stomping chanting and cheering Nero on while booing Bianchi. The two sides alternate, until the come to an agreement and just begin chanting 'Lets go Nero, Bianchi SUCKS!'

It's Bianchi who is up to his feet first, getting resounding boos from everyone as he staggers towards the ropes, looking to right himself. His whole body is wracked with tremors and his face is contorted with rage, clearly furious that his Tiger Driver couldn't end the match.

He stumbles over to Nero and drags the downed Doctor up, not even bothering to put Nero on his feet, instead opting to drag him straight up onto his shoulders.

Jacob looks out at the crowd for a moment, but it's too much! Nero wriggles and slips off of the Italian's shoulders and goes for a kick to the gut, but Bianchi is ready and catches it! Jacob spins Nero and quickly lifts him up, back first onto his shoulders. Jacob doesn't waste a second this time, BRINGING DR. NERO DOWN ON TO THE MAT WITH A BRUTAL LOST IN TRANSMISSION!

Bianchi stumbles back, the distance between him and Nero growing momentarily before moving back in. As he does though, he spots movement from Nero as the Doctor feebly tries to crawl to the ropes.
Bianchi eyes are as wide as dinner plates as he watches Nero move, clearly amazed that he is even still capable of it.

A dismayed cry from the crowd startles Bianchi back into action and he staggers forward, bringing Nero up to his feet. He stares into the eyes of his opponent for a moment and they look back, slightly dimmed, but still full of the fight that Nero had displayed all night. Bianchi shakes his head in amazement before lifting Nero back up onto his shoulders.




The crowd are just as shocked as Bianchi when he rises. It's not until his hand is raised by Gil Artman that they begin to react. The boos coming from them fill the entire stadium, everyone incensed that Bianchi won.

At the commentary booth Stan Chambers sits in stunned silence as Sondra Rowe celebrates.

Rowe: YES! YES! JACOB DID IT!! You didn't believe he could do it, Stan, but he did it! Jacob Bianchi is the new PWC Legacy Champion! What a story! What a match! What a talent!

Chambers: I-- I can't believe it. Dr. Nero threw almost everything at Jacob and he fought through.

Rowe: Almost everything? Do you really think Nero's Time of Death would have made the difference here? Bianchi had him scouted and would have never let him hit it.

Chambers: I honestly don't know, Sondra. I've been here through both Jacob and Dr. Nero's entire careers and I don't think I've ever seen either man fight quite as hard as they just did. Jacob Bianchi just showed the guile and experience of a veteran in dealing with what could have very well been a match changing move, and Dr. Nero...

Rowe: And Dr. Nero didn't just take a Lost in Transmission, he was damn well ready to fight on after it.

Exactly. I've seen Jacob hit that on many men and not one of them has done so much as twitch after it. Lost in Transmission is one of the most dangerous weapons that anyone in this company has right now.

Rowe: I'm not going to take anything away from Nero here. What he just did wasn't just incredible, it was borderline superhuman. That man is one of the greatest wrestlers this Company has ever had, and this match just showed exactly why. What an incredble performer he is.

The boos reach a fever pitch as Brittany Page walks out onto the stage, Legacy Championship held tightly against her chest as if it were her child. Behind her walks out a sullen Ernesto Clement, who is openly unhappy with tonight's result. While his assistant is almost glowing with pride, the PWC's Owner is almost dishevelled in comparison. His shoulders are slumped, his hair looks almost grey in the light and there's large bags under his eyes.

Hearing the boos, Bianchi stumbles around and watches as Page bounces up the ring steps and enters the ring, a beaming smile on her face. The two stand looking at one another, basking in each other's joy, ignoring the spite and venom that is being thrown at them by everyone in the crowd.

Their moment breaks when Clement gets into the ring and takes his place slightly left of the centre. He looks into the corner where Nurse Ellie is propping up Dr. Nero, looking miserable as she does. She shares a look with the Company's Owner before returning to looking after Nero who has begun to stir.

Page takes her position to the right of Clement and ushers Bianchi in between the two. She reaches out with the Legacy Championship, keeping a tight grip on one of the straps. On the other side of Bianchi, Clement reaches out and grabs the other, and both he and Page raise it together, holding the belt around Bianchi's waist as the Italian raises his arms and head to the sky, pride radiating from his every pore.

Clement and Page bring the straps around the back of Bianchi and together they link them before stepping away, leaving Jacob Bianchi standing on his own with the Legacy Champion wrapped snugly around his waist.

The crowd boo mercilessly, but it doesn't faze Page as she claps enthusiastically, smiling from ear to ear as she looks at the man she brought into the Company. On the other side Clement has already stopped clapping and is watching morosely, clearly disapproving of every moment that one of his Championships rest around the waist of Bianchi.

To their side Emma Mason steps in to the ring, microphone raised.


Bianchi motions towards Mason, clearly looking for the microphone. She looks towards Clement to see what she should do. He nods and she hands it over before leaving the ring.

Bianchi: I called it.

The crowd boo even louder, trying to drown Bianchi out, but the speakers prove to be too loud for them to match.

Bianchi: I told each and every one of you that I was beyond Nero, and my god did I prove it. I took everything he could throw my way and I kept fighting.

The crowd are livid, throwing every insult they can think of at him.

Bianchi: No matter how much was thrown at me, I kept fighting. Because that's what the best do. We adapt, we learn, we get better and then we win. And my god have I won. I've put down Champion after Champion, I've answered every single critic I've ever faced. Everyone thrown in my path is fallen, so I turn to you...

Bianchi turns and looks at Clement who glares back. There's no attempt at hiding the sheer animosity between the two

Bianchi: I turn to you, Ernesto. You've pushed and pushed against me for long enough now that I've begun to enjoy our little game. So what's next?

I finished off Hammerpunch and now I've dealt with your self proclaimed God Complex. You're beginning to run out of options, but I'm sure you're going to drag someone back, so consider this the gauntlet thrown down. Send me your next Champion. Bring the best and I'll send them back. My reign here has just begun, and I don't plan on losing this belt for a long time.

Bianchi throws the microphone down at Clement's feet and flashes him a devilish grin before turning to face the crowd. He unstraps his new Title and walks forward, holding it above his head, soaking in the boos before turning and leaving the ring.

He waits for Page to join him before walking back up the ramp, the two talking excitedly, both shooting glances at the Title that is in Bianchi's arms.

Back in the ring Clement looks at Nero who stares back. The two share a moment before Clement walks off leaving Nero and Ellie in the ring.

***Finding Me***​

“Can’t be heard”

Shadow is seen making his debut. He is seen hiding behind the mask he once wore in the PWC.

“Can’t be seen”

Shadow is seen making his first Pay-Per-View entrance at Last Rites, hidden behind the mask he once wore.

“Again I’m crying myself to sleep”

Shadow and Crowley are seen doing battle at Last Rites, the masked Shadow taking the loss to Crowley.

“My heart is pounding and I’m breathin’ hard”

Shadow is seen wrestling unmasked for the first time against El Cara de la Fantasma. He is seen scoring the pinfall victory over El Cara.

“What seems so close, seems so far”

Shadow is seen claiming victory during the Legacy gauntlet and holding the title high. However, it’s clear that he knows that the hardest challenge is yet to come.

“I wanna breakthrough”

Shadow is seen making his first title defense against Barney Williams in a hard fought battle.

“I wanna be free”

Shadow is seen relinquishing the mask he hid behind for so long.

“From this darkness and misery”

Shadow is seen making his second title defense against Austin Angel even after Angel attacked him before the matchup began.

Stan Chambers: That was Shadow's second Legacy Title defense. He needs just one more to earn the chance to cash in his belt for a World Title shot.

Daiko: Something only one other man in the history of PWC managed to accomplish, Dr. Nero.

“I’m runnin’ away”

“Runnin’ away”

Shadow is seen making his third title defense against the GCW World Champion, Shio Corin. He is then seen cashing in the legacy championship for his shot at the big one.

“Struggling to find me”

Shadow is seen coming up just short in his first attempt at the PWC World Championship, King Crowley going over.

“What can’t I feel at peace”

The remains of the former Shadow mask are seen. The mask looks ruined and broken.

“With who I am happily”

Shadow is seen doing battle with Crowley’s ghouls atop the hell in a cell structure.

“It’s so hard, to find me”

“When what’s so shallow feels so deep”

Shadow is seen doing battle with the ghouls again atop the steel structure, but from a different camera angle.

“I wanna breakthrough”

Crowley and Shadow are seen nose to nose to end the vignette.
***I'm Telling you***

Remy walks to the ring with a ghostly lantern, and a sadistic grin on his face.

Emma Mason: The following match is scheduled for one fall-


Emma Mason: Introducing first, Weighing in at 285lbs... RRRREEMMYYYYY DDIIIIEEEEUUUUUU

The crowd boos the satanic "healer" of the PWC.

The light from the lantern is the only thing shining ina stadium of darkness. Remy reaches the ring and stares into the lense of the camera and reaches his hand out to connect with his followers presumably watching at home around the world. He slides into the ring, places his lantern down in one corner and awaits his foe.

***War Machine***

Donald Hammerpunch marches out of the curtain, still carrying himself a little gingerly from the brawl he and Remy had earlier in the night

Emma Mason: From Kansas City Nebraska, weighing in at 235lbs...


As Mason was introducing the former Heavyweight champion of the world, Remy had slid underneath the ropes and run round the ring to nail Hammerpunch right on the entranceway! Before Hammerpunch can digest the situation Remy locks in the Bully choke! He wrenches the neck of Hammerpunch back and the pain in his face is obvious as he writhes in Remy's graps! Hammerpunch is fading and the fans realise this! They begin to will their hero on!


The master of Don-Jitsu clenches his fists and begins to psych himself up!
Slowly he turns over and forces Remy to transition this choke into a side head-lock as Donald begins to climb to his feet! Just as he is stood straigh, Hammerpunch cocks hes elbow and thrusts into the larger man looking for his ribs but Remy lets go, steps away and claps the Healing Touch onto the skull of Hammerpunch!!

The boos are pouring out of the stadium!

Stan Chambers: Would you listen to this reaction! For a man who's here to "Heal" the PWC Remy sure does a good job of getting everyone to despise him!

Sandra Rowe:
Stan when you're in there with a competitor like Hammperpunch you have to take drastic measures - This is a brilliantly executed game plan by Dieu!

Stan Chambers: Game plan? The bell hasn'e even rung!

The hold is still locked in and Donald is scratching and clawing at the hand of his opponent but his grip is vice-like! Remy's eyes are glazed over as is he is alsmost out of control of his own actions! The former world champion drops to his knees and eventually his body is such a dead weight that Dieu has to release his grip and allow the body of his opponent to just slump against the outside! Remy laughs mencingly toward him and then continues to laugh as he stares out at the fans.

Remy Dieu: Look at him now!!

The boos are only enhanced by his actions. He rolls into the ring and orders the referee to begin the count. Roger Hains rolls his eyes but he must oblige to the rules...




Hammerpunch's body is still completely motionless.



There is no movement whatsoever.


Suddenly - His arm twitches!! The fans go wild!


Hammerpunch is trying with all his might to push himself up


Both arms now fully extended as if in a press-up position! He shakes his head a little to regain balance.


But his lower back does not cooperate and his head crashes hard onto the floor.


Winner via Forfeit
Remy Dieu!​

Emma Mason: Here is your winner, via forfeit... Remy Dieu!...

You can almost feel the pain in Emma Mason's voice as she has to call the result of the match. The groans of fans echo throughout the stadium and probably the entire island of Iceland as Remy Dieu stands open armed in the centre of the ring celebrating his victory.

***Bowser’s Castle Theme - Remix***

As the very obviously recognisable music begins, the titantron begins to flash. It first shows footage of Crowley making his debut pay-per-view matchup. He is seen being pinned by Bruce Thorn Junior. Crowley is seen losing to Bruce Thorn Junior once again at Right to Rule. The titantron goes black just after, then the face of the World Champion appears.

Crowley: You see, the thing is. People can rebuild themselves.

The drumline begins to kick in on the remix of the popular game. Crowley is seen gaining the pinfall victory over Shadow with the Static X at Last Rites. The scene then changes to see Shadow tossing Crowley from the ring at Alpha and Omega. The scene turns black once again.

Crowley: I never needed the Legacy Championship. I elevated myself thanks to my skill! However, Shadow was always tied with me, and I didn’t like that.

Crowley is seen winning the PWC World Heavyweight Championship from Donald Hammerpunch. He holds it high as the drum beat and the guitar line begin to kick in. Crowley is then seen holding the World Championship high after his defence against Crowley.

Crowley: I had finally beaten Shadow. I had my one up on him. I suffered a number of losses to Bruce Thorn Junior early in my career but I was finally atop my throne.

Crowley is then seen hitting the Static-X against a number of opponents. He is seen once again within the World Heavyweight Championship high above his head. The drum and guitar continues to make the Mario theme sound even better as Crowley’s ghouls are seen battling Shadow on the Hell in a Cell structure. The video package ends with Crowley and Shadow standing nose to nose, Crowley with the World Title high.
The camera's cut back to the ring once again. Emma Mason is seen with Gwen Jeffers to her left. Emma raises a mic to her mouth as she grins.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and Gentleman! The main event of the evening! It is a Hell in a Cell match and it is for the Premier Wrestling Circuit World Heavyweight Championship! Please welcome Catfish and The Bottlemen!

The camera cuts to the side of the stage where a band is setting up to the right-hand side of the stage. The lead singer plugs in his guitar and steps forwards to the microphone. Behind him is a drummer, a bass player and another guitarist. He speaks with a Northern-Western UK accent.

Vann McCann: My name is Vann McCann and we are Catfish and the Bottlemen

A light roar erupts from the crowd as some of hardcore fans recognise this immediately as the band who perform the theme of their hero Shadow whilst others roar in general admiration of the musicians.

Vann McCann: Who’s ready for some hell in the fucking cell?!

This time the entire crowd roar ready for their main event! Vann turns to his bandmates and nods. The drummer claps his sticks together three times to count them in and they begin to play


As this is the full-length version of the song not all fans jump up immediately as they don’t recognise this full uncut version but the majority of people get on their feet as to await the arrival of the fan favourite. As the intro continues to play more and more sections of the crowd begin to recognise the familiar beat and get up to their feet. About a minute into the song a montage begins to play on the screen. Clips of Shadow competing throughout his career including non-PWC footage play in black and white one-by-one. By this point the entire crowd know who they are awaiting and not a single person isn’t on their feet for the man from the Darkness.
Once two minutes has passed the lights fade and the fans scream in anticipation. The beat kicks in to the usual moment at which Shadow’s music begins. As it does the light come up and stood on the stage is none other than the man himself Shadow!

He walks over to Catfish and the Bottlemen, gives them a nod and a clap before marching down the aisle in his usual menacing manner. He looks more focused that possibly ever before. He climbs into the ring slowly, offering a menacing smile. He ascends to the far right turnbuckle and raises his arm into the air as the crowd give him one final roar of appreciation. Shadow hops down, and begins to sidestep a circle around the ring as Catfish’s performance comes to a close and the song fades out. As the instruments and apparatus are swiftly moved off stage Shadow crouches into the corner and awaits his nemesis.

Emma Mason: And his opponent! From The Casalesi, Italy! Weighing in at 210 pounds and at a height of 6’1! He is the PWC World Heavyweight Champion! He is the King of PWC! He is Crowley!


The Laugardalsvöllur is engulfed in darkness, the moonlight casting over a few select members of the PWC audience. The titantron begins to flash, the black and white images of Crowley appearing and disappearing. Crowley eventually walks from the back with the ghouls behind him. They stalk their master down the ramp, the thin purple spotlight following the crowd. Crowley takes a lap around the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. The lights all turn red and focus on the king of the PWC in the ring. The King takes off his championship crown, holding it high so everyone in attendence can see it. .

Stan Chambers: These two men are about to be enclosed in a structure that is known to shorten careers and break the bones of those who dare compete within it. This is going to be a classic match here tonight folks.

The cell starts to lower around the ring, slowly. Crowley begins pacing in his corner as Shadow begins jumping up and down. The PWC title taken by the Gwen Jeffers and handed to someone outside the cell. Crowley and Shadow lock eyes, a look of determination in the eyes of both men. Both of the men known what it is on the line. The cell finally hits the floor and all the ghouls surround it, some of them leaning against it and others kneeling next to it, each one acting as creepy as the others.

Main Event | Crowley vs Shadow - World Heavyweight Championship​

Crowley and Shadow begin circling each other with either man interested in making the first move. They continue to circle each other, with Shadow reaching out with his hands every so often. Crowley never reacts to this, causing Shadow to lower his arm and continue to circle.

One or two of the ghouls begin to bang on the side of the cell. Crowley eventually makes his first move of the match at the same time as Shadow, both men initiating a collar and elbow tie up. Crowley comes out on top, transitioning into a back hold, the type of position you would enter to hit a german suplex. Shadow bends forward, Crowley rolling over the back of him.

Crowley lands on his feet, glaring at Shadow as they lock up again. The PWC King transitions into a headlock.The challengers aims a sharp elbow to the midsection of Crowley, forcing a break on the hold. Crowley stumbles for a few moments before backing off. He begins to circle again, and eventually Shadow joins the circle, both men keeping opposite each other.

Gwen Jeffers studies the duo for a few moments. Crowley begins to toy with Shadow, making the odd reach but never actually coming close enough to reach. Shadow keeps dodging anyway, leaning back. He finally realises what Crowley is doing, glaring at the champion. Crowley then flashes a grin towards his opponent.

Shadow steps forward again, meeting Crowley in the middle of the ring. They lock up once again, Shadow using his kicks to attack Crowley’s shin. Crowley glares at Shadow, following up with his own kick. Shadow pushes Crowley backwards then runs at him, attempting a running forearm. Crowley ducks however, following up with his own forearm to Shadow.

Shadow stumbles back, rubbing his jaw softly. The ghouls begin to bang on the cell again as the two competitors glare at each other. They initiate yet another lock up, Crowley coming out on top. He locks Shadow in a headlock, attempting a simple DDT. Shadow fights out of this, pushing Crowley away.

Crowley stumbles backwards as Shadow runs at him. Shadow finally hits the running forearm, which knocks the champion to the ground with a lot of force. The self-proclaimed doesn’t stay down for long, as he rolls back up to his feet rather quickly. Shadow runs towards the champion again as he looks to connect on another big forearm. Crowley is expecting the move, and ducks the forearm, using the ropes to give him momentum. Shadow drops, forcing Crowley to jump over him. Crowley continues running, using the opposite ropes for momentum. Crowley leapfrogs Shadow in the middle of the ring, using the opposite ropes once again. King Crowley attempts to drop Shadow with a running clothesline. Shadow ducks the clothesline and then begins running the ropes as well for his own momentum. Both men end up running towards each other, and both of them jump into a dropkick. Both men miss but land the sequence kneeling, facing each other. The crowd are on their feet at the athletic displays of both men inside the steel chamber.

Crowley simply aims a slap towards Shadow, but Shadow catches Crowley’s wrist, twisting it down. Crowley grins, using his other hand to shove Shadow’s face to force the seperation. The ghouls continue to bang and slap at the cell, as both men stare at each other with a look of determination.

Both champion and challenger glare at each other, while referee Gwen Jeffers stands in the corner, watching the action closely. Both Crowley and Shadow lock up once again, Crowley forcing Shadow against the ropes. Shadow finally pushes Crowley back, and Crowley obviously isn’t pleased. Crowley charges at Shadow, but receives a kick to the midsection for his troubles. Shadow kicks Crowley again, this time the ribs being the primary target. Shadow uses a backhand chop to stun Crowley. Shadow hits a second backhand chop before hitting a forearm smash against the champion. Crowley comes back with a clothesline that Shadow ducks underneath before smoothly transitioning to a pele kick. The hits the mat hard, rolling onto his front where shadow quckly locks on a figure four headlock.

The challenger remains in control, forcing his opponent to his feet. Shadow forcefully throws the champion into the cage, as a loud thud his heard as skin makes contact with the cold,hard steel. The ghouls all try and reach through the cage to grab at Crowley. Shadow grips the champion again, tossing him against the cage once more. Crowley bounces against the steel mesh, falling to his knees. Shadow picks Crowley up once more, attempting to throw him against the steel once more. Crowley, however, counters this, and throws Shadow against the steel mesh instead. Shadow goes head first into the cage, which brings him to his knees. THe PWC champion grabs the head of the challenger, grinding his face against the cold metal like cheese against a grater. He forcefully pushes Shadow’s head backwards, forcing the challenger to the floor.

Crowley begins to stomp on the challenger. Every stomp appears to be harder and harder than the last. Crowley picks Shadow up, forcing him against the cage. Shadow just about remains on his feet, though obviously dazed from the damage being inficted Crowley backs up before running at Shadow with force. Crowley is obviously attempting to squash Shadow between himself and the cage. Shadow, however, moves at the last second which causes Crowley to go crashing into the mesh of the cage.

Shadow grabs Crowley as he lands. Not releasing his opponent, Shadow grabs the champ and drags him to the opposite end of the structureHe then simply punches Crowley in the ribs,with each blow looking to leave its mark on the body of the King. Crowley stumbles forward into a dropkick from Shadow. The champion hits the steel mesh of the cell once again, falling to his knees.

Shadow grips the champion, pulling him to his feet. Crowley begins to struggle but Shadow tosses him against the cell once again. The ghouls begin banging on the cell again, as loud as they can. Shadow picks up Crowley once again, once again attempting to throw him into the cell. Crowley puts his foot up, stopping his body from connecting with the mesh.

Crowley elbows Shadow hard. Shadow stumbles back as Crowley turns quickly. Shadow runs towards Crowley who sidesteps. Shadow crashes against the cell. He turns as Crowley runs towards him in an attempt to squash Shadow between himself and the cell wall. Both men crash against the cell, causing the panel to give way under the combined weight of the two men. They break free of the cell, both Crowley and Shadow not moving as they bounce on the mesh.

Stan Chambers: What the hell Sondra! Not even a cage could contain these two!

The ghouls instantly swarm on the two men now that then have access. Crowley begins barking orders to them. He tells them to back off, that he wants to handle Shadow on his own. They appear to follow his orders, all backing off. Crowley and Shadow roll from the cage mesh. They hit the floor, Crowley on his knees and Shadow on his back. Crowley climbs to his feet and then up onto the broken mesh panel. He watches Shadow climb to his feet before he leaps off the panel. He flies over the top of Shadow and attempts to hit the challenger with a bulldog maneuver.

Shadow catches Crowley before the stunner can be hit however. He spins Crowley, dropping him against the edge of the mesh, his back bending around the metal. Crowley falls to the floor in obvious agony and the ghouls look confused. They want to help Crowley but obviously want to follow the orders of their master.

A few of them step forward and Shadow prepares to fight the ghouls off. They begin to advance on Shadow before they back off once again. They seem to be keeping their distance. Shadow turns around, picking up the body of Crowley. Crowley however seems to have been given ample time to recover. Crowley begins to squirm in Shadow’s grip, forcing the challenger to release the champion.

Crowley ducks Shadow’s clothesline, lifting his leg to back kick Shadow in the guts. He turns around, raising his knee into the face of Shadow. Shadow falls backward, blood beginning to drip from his nose. Shadow stumbles backwards, grabbing at his nose as Gwen Jeffers climbs over the broken mesh. Crowley ignores the blood pouring from Shadow’s nose, charging at him with a barrage of forearm strikes.

Shadow blocks most of the strikes. He begins to fight back against Crowley with his own shin kicks and forearm combo’s. Both men begin to trade kicks and forearms, neither man willing to give up. Both men begin adding more force to their forearms and still neither man shows any give.

Eventually Shadow catches Crowley by surprise with a kick to the midsection. He delivers two clubbing forearms in a row. The champion stumbles backwards as Shadow runs forward. He leaps into the air, hooking his arms around the head of the champion, around the head of Crowley.

Code Black!

Crowley connects with Shadow’s knees as the Code Black is executed perfectly. Shadow realises however that he executed the move on the outside and the only way to win is by scoring a pinfall on the inside of the ring. He grips Crowley by the arms, beginning to drag the champion towards the ring, over the broken metal mesh.

The ghouls begin to look increasingly worried. A few make a move to suggest that they are moving to help Crowley but they seem to be following his orders and staying away. Shadow drags the champion back to ringside, lifting him up onto the apron. He pauses for a moment once Crowley is up on the apron, wiping away some of the crimson blood dripping from his nose.

He pushes Crowley under the bottom rope before he joins the champion in the ring. Shadow wipes more blood from his nose, shaking his head. He rolls Crowley onto his back, laying across him to pin the champion’s shoulders to the mat. Gwen Jeffers slides into place, beginning to count.



Crowley raises his shoulder! The champ continues to fight. The ghouls begin crawling over the broken metal of the cell and surrounding the ring itself. They begin banging against anything they can find from the cell to the ring apron. Shadow gets to his feet as he begins to scale the turnbuckle.

Low blow!

Crowley dives towards Shadow and nails him with a blow to the nether regions. Shadow falls backwards off of the turnbuckle. Crowley drops a knee onto the face of the challenger, causing more blood to pour from the nose. He proceeds to roll Shadow from the ring, obviously looking to cause more damage.

He watches Shadow get to his feet in the cell opening. Crowley then begins to measure his opponent before running to the opposite side of the ring. He turns, leaping through the middle rope. He hits a picture perfect suicide dive tornado DDT against the challenger who only just avoids serious injury.

Crowley grips Shadow, pulling the challenger to his feet. He knees Shadow in the midsection before he lifts the challenger into the air. He drops Shadow in a perfect snap suplex and the mesh that Shadow lands on gives way. It is obvious that the loose metal scratches and cuts Shadow as he falls through it but Crowley obviously doesn’t seem to care.

Crowley pulls Shadow back to his feet, snap suplexing the man back into the cage. Crowley then grins to the ghouls as he climbs the apron. The champion begins to scale the turnbuckle. The ghouls pull Shadow to his feet as Crowley leaps from the top, a perfect arch on the space moonsault.

Shadow hits the floor hard, Crowley grinning. Crowley picks the challenger up once again, lifting him up for the electric chair driver. He begins to walk before he hits the electric chair driver against the apron. Crowley crosses his legs once he lands, watching as Shadow’s spine bends and contorts against the apron. Crowley watches as the ghouls lift Shadow, rolling him into the ring.

Crowley follows the challenger into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle, turning around quickly. He begins to size up Shadow and it is almost as if time slows down. Crowley begins the jump, twisting into the corkscrew. It’s clear, everyone know’s that it’s over.

Static X!

Crowley grips the legs of Shadow.



3.. No

Shadow rolls a shoulder up! Crowley punches Shadow hard. He punches him again, and again, and again. He continues to punch Shadow before he gets to his feet and begins to attack Shadow with his feet instead. It is clear that the champion is frustrated. He kicks at Shadow again, and again.



And again.

Shadow curls up into a ball to try and protect himself from the assault. Gwen Jeffers pulls Crowley back finally, shouting at him. He reacts however, pushing Gwen onto her back. He knows full well that she can’t disqualify him. He begins kicking at Shadow again.

And again.

And again.

Shadow doesn’t attempt to fight back, it’s obvious that his main concern is protecting himself from the onslaught by Crowley. He keeps tight in a ball to protect his ribs and face from the feet. Crowley crouches down besides Shadow, beginning to open up on him with forearms and punches.

And another.

And another.

Shadow is helpless. Jeffers pulls Crowley back and gets pushed down again for her actions. Crowley rolls Shadow onto his back, kicking him in the ribs for good measure. He climbs on top of the challenger, beginning to open up into Shadow’s forehead with vicious elbow strikes.

Shadow begins to bleed. He begins to bleed hard, blood from his forehead mixing with the blood pouring from his misshapen nose. Crowley continues to strike with brutal forearms. Shadow is defenseless, he has no way of protecting himself from the mugging he is receiving. Crowley gets to his feet once again, aiming yet more kicks towards the ribs of Shadow.

Shadow is unconcious, that much is obvious. Crowley climbs up onto the top turnbuckle once more. He jumps once again, another flawless corkscrew, another flawless Static X.




Victor - Crowley
Via Static X


The sighs heard sum up everyone’s mood. They’re all glad that the beating is over. Gwen Jeffers gets to her feet as the ghouls swarm the ring as gwen Jeffers makes her way inside.

Crowley forcefully takes his crown from her and holds it high above his head. Confetti begins to rain down from the ring that is holding the cell. The ghouls all surround Crowley as he climbs the turnbuckle, holding his prized possesion up high.

He leaps down, continuing to hold the crown. He looks down at Shadow who is being attended to by Dr Julian Shephard. Crowley climbs the opposite turnbuckle, holding the title higher still. The ring begins to become covered in the confetti.

Emma Mason: Your winner! And still PWC World Champion! He is the King! He is King Crowley!

Stan Chambers: Bow down to the king!

The final shot of PWC Ragnarök is Crowley placing his crown on his head , with the his followers bending the knee to their king.
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