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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: Pepsi Center
City: Denver, Colorado


Singles Match
La Pantera vs Jacob Bianchi
Jacob Bianchi makes his PWC debut.

Prometheus Match
Shio Corin vs Angel of Fear vs Flexx Palumbo vs Hugh Reynolds

*Winner is awarded the Prometheus Flame

Television Title Match
Jensen(C) vs Remy Dieu

Grudge Match
Dr. Nero vs Bruce Thorn Jr.

Legacy Championship Match
Austin Angel w/ Becca McKay vs Shadow(C)

PWC Championship Match
Donald Hammerpunch vs King Crowley(C)

As always Card is Subject to change.


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT Oct 16th(Sun)

For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP. No more than 24 hours will be granted


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La Pantera vs Jacob Bianchi
*lol pantera

Prometheus Match
Shio Corin vs Angel of Fear vs Flexx Palumbo vs Hugh Reynolds
The streak.

Television Title Match
Jensen(C) vs Remy Dieu
Close call tbh, fresh character has the momentum I suppose?

Grudge Match
Dr. Nero vs Bruce Thorn Jr.
Since I've been here this is definitely the feud I've bought into as a fan the most. And we all love the good guy win PPV pay off deep down

Legacy Championship Match
Austin Angel w/ Becca McKay vs Shadow(C)
I've still never voted against myself. Not that I take this THAT seriously, just gotta believe in yourself.

PWC Championship Match
Donald Hammerpunch vs King Crowley(C)
I do enjoy Crowley. And technically at the last two PPVs we've come toe to toe and we're 1 a piece so I suppose it would be nice to see us both triumph here. Very justified to say the least.

Predicting a real strong show where EVERYONE turns in a great RP - on time - And the show has plenty of great contributions. And then in the next two weeks the show is written and up for our eyes to see!

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Legacy Championship Match
Austin Angel w/ Becca McKay vs Shadow(C)
I've still never voted against myself. Not that I take this THAT seriously, just gotta believe in yourself.Sent from Verticalsports.com Free App
You are sounding more and more like Cena here. :no:

I'll never let you take the World Heavyweight title because if you do we're doomed. ;)

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Singles Match
La Pantera vs Jacob Bianchi
Jacob Bianchi makes his PWC debut.
If I lose to a jobber, I'm clearly no fucking use to anyone.

Prometheus Match
Shio Corin vs Angel of Fear vs Flexx Palumbo vs Hugh Reynolds

*Winner is awarded the Prometheus Flame
Shio Corin is the only one who sticks out to me right now.

Television Title Match
Jensen(C) vs Remy Dieu
His name is Remy.. C'mon.

Grudge Match
Dr. Nero vs Bruce Thorn Jr.
DH is a step above me. Lari is a step above him. If Lari doesn't go all out, this could be close. If he does, it's probably not much of a contest. He's too good.

Legacy Championship Match
Austin Angel w/ Becca McKay vs Shadow(C)
This actually pained me.

PWC Championship Match
Donald Hammerpunch vs King Crowley(C)
Close one here. Crowley's good. Hamburgler's gooderer.

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"Things Change"

The ceiling fans spin slowly, creating more of dull annoying sound than any sort of breeze. On any other day I wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this, but here I am, alive and left waiting on someone. As people say “things change”, and I’ve got myself in a situation where I’m forced to do another’s bidding, such as sit and wait in this sweltering bar. The wall paper is slowly falling off the walls, and I’m sure the special of the day hasn’t changed in 10 years. This place considers its top shelf whiskey to be the hideous Johnny Walker Red label. I might as well drink a glass of rusty nails.

Denver, the Mile-High City - if it wasn’t for PWC, I’d never venture to this town. The weather is too unpredictable, and today it is hot. Yet, off in the distance I can make out the snow-capped Rocky Mountains just beyond the city skyline. I’ve come here early to acclimatise to the altitude. Thorn Jr, if anything, is an amazing athlete and younger than I. Although my physical fitness has never been better, I have to ensure I’m not fatigued by the environment.

Entering through the doorway walks Agent Simmons. In order to not look conspicuous, he’s not wearing his usual black tie and suit jacket. I don’t think this is a place that would care either way.​

Agent Simmons: Man it’s stinking hot today. What’s good here?

I scoff at the thought of the bar having anything without bacteria in it.​

Dr Nero: You’re late.

Simmons: Am I? Or maybe I’ve been letting you stew. You do know you’re not the only genius in this game right? Bar keep, your coldest beer please!

Nero: Simmons, I’m tired of this. I brought you Famine, got you in talks with Elric’s associates in Japan and I’m pretty sure I got you a meeting with Islami.

Simmons: Who? Look you’ve done some great work Nero. I mean getting the services of a brilliant fighter and a brilliant strategist, for free, is good for my bottom line.

Nero: It’s time you cut me loose Simmons.

Simmons: You’re right Nero, you’re too high profile anyway.

Good this is over, I just wish he hadn’t wasted my time and could have told me this over the phone. Good riddance to this, I’m gone, time to train for my fight with Thorn.​

Simmons: Ah, ah.. not so fast big man. I’ve got one more job for you. You get it done. You’re out. And no one knows about your past indiscretions.

I’m sick of this, it’s time I turned the tables.​

Nero: No I don’t. It’s quite laughable that you’d compare your intellect to mine. Things change Simmons. You really shouldn’t have been a bad boy.

Suddenly the stale air in this joint is cut through by the scent of vanilla and citrus. The quiet drunks all start to murmur to themselves as she glides into the room. Her short summer dress grips every curve of her body, yet seems to flow in the wind at the same time. The sunlight behind her gives away all her secrets as she pulls something from her hand bag.

Nurse Ellie drops a folder in front of Simmons. Its contents of photos and reports spill into his lap. She stands behind me placing her hand on my shoulder. She throws me a look that would kill a teenage boy while Simmons reads through his dirty laundry.

I did my own research on Simmons and put Ellie on the path. She was able to use the money and resources I have at my disposal to dig up all the dirt I needed on Simmons. He’s CIA, so it was hard, and it took time, but it’s there.​

Simmons: You’re right Jason “things do change”. Nicely played... Pity, I think you really would have liked this next mission. Ok, so you destroy your copies of what’s in this folder and we part ways.

He throws some money on the bar for the beer that never came and has a chuckle to himself as he walks out. He gets to the door before turning around...​

Simmons: Are you sure you don’t want a job? The Agency needs guys like you. And well, I’d get a sweet recommendation bonus.

Nero: Goodbye Simmons.

Finally I can close the door on all of this. Manfree, his daughter, I guess even my medical career. All ties are now gone. Things eventually do change.

From the very beginning of my fighting career I approached each match as I would surgery. All emotion removed from the process. It had to be done. After all, the person lying on my table more often than not were terminal. I was their last hope. If they died, which occurred more often than not, removing all emotion allowed me to move onto the next patient and then the next.

By removing emotion you stay focussed, you stay sharp, you stay ready. An operation is a set of steps nothing more. Albeit extremely complex, but steps none the less. Ever since I stepped foot in PWC it has always been faceless obstacles that I removed. Each operation and patient is different, just like every opponent is different, but the end game remains the same.

The end game for me is the World Championship. The combination of gold and leather is the ultimate symbol of being the most physically powerful individual in the world. And no one else on this planet is more deserving than I.

My exile from competing for the title has been lifted. So there was really only one step left for me to complete. And that was to take back what is mine. But someone got in the way of that step. Bruce Thorn Jr. He believed himself worthy of stepping up to me. However, to me he simply became just an added step. Just another faceless body I had to operate on. He spewed his rhetoric and his hate for me and my methods, where he was of no significance to me. A stone to sharpen my scalpel before my title rematch.

Until two weeks ago.

Young Thorn, you attacked me outside of the ring. You had the gall to think you were my equal. You showed your hand. You couldn’t control your rage and now you have my attention. Sometimes things really do change. Bruce Thorn Jr, you are no longer just a faceless opponent, a statistic, an obstacle, a mere step in my operation to once again hold the Heavyweight Championship of the World. No, you have achieved what no one else here in PWC has been able to do, and for that you should be commended.

The fire, the rage, the emotion, you have unleashed it.

Congratulations son you got what you wanted. At Hell’s Judgment a maelstrom of destruction will rain down upon your head. But things change, and this Sunday this will include your ability to walk. You have brought this on yourself. You were the one to attack me in the empty arena. But during that time it was I who was able to give you a full examination. I damaged your knee, and on Sunday, I’m going to amputate your leg.

This in itself is a real shame. You are one of the very best fighters in the world, earning millions of dollars. You being on the undercard, to my main event, made me more money. But you’re just that level below me. Why couldn’t you have been happy with your station? You were just unfortunate to be born in the same era as me. Your stupidity has now become your undoing. I will not tolerate this and at Hell’s Judge...no... no... at God’s Judgment....




I end your career.

Because Bruce Thorn Jr - the ring is my operating table .... and the Doctor. Is. In.​


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Light flickers on the TV screen, illuminating a darkened room as Graham Walker cautiously walks through the entrance with a folder in his hand. His eyes lock onto a chair that is sat mere feet from the TV screen silently playing highlights of a wrestling match.

As he makes his way through the room, the action on the screen pauses on the image of a Wrestler getting ready to dive off of the top rope. The sound of a pencil scratching a hidden message onto a sheet of paper can be heard over the low buzz from the screen.

Walker, mentally repressing a shiver, looks down at the chair and places the folder down on its arm before backing off.

The chair's occupant doesn't acknowledge Walker's presence and continues to mull over his sheet of paper, which is filled with notes.

Minutes begin to feel like hours to Walker who fidgets uncomfortably, unwilling to try to get some attention, but equally unwilling to try to leave the room without being asked to do so.

After what seemed like an eternity, a silky smooth voice pipes up from the chair with an accent that Walker couldn't quite place.

This is the correct file?

Walker takes a quick look down at the folder to reassure himself before responding.

Yes, sir. This is La Pantera's file.

The Panther.

Uh, yessir. I'd use his actual name, but as he's a Luchadore, it's actually not common knowledge. We can't even tell you what he looks like. We offer you a thousand pardons.

He finishes his sentence as professionally as he possibly can and cringes in anticipation of the insults that his clients usually throw his way after hearing this kind of news, but to his surprise, the man in the chair merely opens up the folder and begins to scan through the details on the first page.

Are you happy with the service we've provided sir?

A low chuckle comes from the chair as its occupant turns and looks at Walker for the first time. There's a smile on the face of Jacob Bianchi, but no one told his eyes, which remain ice cold as they take in Walker's face, which quickly returns to a more neutral expression.

If we're being honest with each other, Mr. Walker, this is no more than I was expecting. I'd be incredibly disappointed if Pantera had grown so careless as to reveal his identity to the general public.

Bianchi returns his attentions to the folder which is laying open in his lap. Every so often he scrubs out a note on his sheet of paper and replaces it with another.

Reading the paper proves a difficult challenge in the current light, but Walker manages to catch a few sentences here and there, and almost whistles in appreciation. He has always taken notes of the men he works with, hoping to be able to read their intention from their body language alone, but what he was reading through right now put his work to shame.

Bianchi had notes referring to topics such as Pantera's arm movements signalling different incoming moves. He'd even gome so far as to time Pantera's multiple attempts at climbing the turnbuckle, under which was an average time.

Scribbled amongst these notes are references to past titles won, past masks taken, and major rivalries, which all together take up an entire quarter of Bianchi's sheet, despite his minuscule writing.

This Pantera's a bit of a legend in the business?

Without looking up, Bianchi nods his head.

A bit of a legend may be underselling him a little, Mr. Walker. La Pantera has been wrestling since you were a boy, and he's won almost everything there is to win, stood tall in many of the greatest feuds that Mexico have ever had, and has done all of this while retaining the respect of an entire industry. He's borderline inhuman.

Walker looks surprised at Bianchi's honesty, but pushes that to the side as he continues his questions.

So how do you beat a man that has seen and done it all? If I've done my research correctly, this is your first match, and...

Walker's words trail off as Bianchi looks up at him once again. Once again, Bianchi has a smile on his face, and this time it even manages to reach his eyes.

You've done your homework. This is my first match, Mr. Walker. If you were to ask Brittany Page that same question, she'd tell you that Pantera's experience is meaningless, but that's a fool's way of looking at things.

What would be the smarter way to look at it?

The smarter way would be to look at the advantages I have over Mr. Pantera. While he's infinitely more experienced than I am, he's also suffered through years of wear and tear, making much of his body potential targets to my moves.

Bianchi points to the file on his lap, drawing Walker's eyes to the section labelled 'injuries'.

Multiple surgeries and talk of several minor niggling injuries, many of which would cripple any normal man. To add to this, I'm a lot larger than his regular opponents, which will throw his style off.

Looking down at the sheet again, Bianchi rubs his jaw thoughtfully.

There's also the matter of preparation time. I've known about this match for several weeks, while Pantera will have only learned about it in the last few days, which hands me another sizeable advantage here.

Brittany Page seems to have done everything possible to make sure you win this.

Bianchi lets out a booming laugh which echoes throughout the room.

I very much agree with that, Mr. Walker. She seems to have set Mr. Pantera up like an lamb to its eventual slaughter. If it weren't for the fact that this win might help define my new career, I'd feel sorry for him.

Bianchi waits a moment before picking up the TV remote once again.

That will be all. Thank you, Mr. Walker.

Any time, Mr. Bianchi. Our organisation is always happy to assist you in any way possible.

Walker nods to Bianchi before making his way towards the entrance once again, leaving with a lot more confidence than he entered with.

Behind him, the TV unpauses, and La Pantera begins his dive.

* * *

Kept this one relatively short, as I just wanted to introduce characters this week. I'll get into a proper story in the next cycle of shows.

Edit: Cleaned up a few sentences. Also fixed a few spelling errors.


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Gonna review the only RP posted. Mainly because it means I can claim to have reviewed something without actually putting in the effort to review everything. I'll also throw in thoughts on my own RP.

Lariatoh! / Dr. Nero

Reading a Nero RP while listening to Disney songs is incredible. I highly recommend everyone do it. You get the edge of Nero while listening to Robin Williams hype the fuck out of Prince Ali Ababwa.
(Who I hear is as strong as 10 men. He has 53 Peacocks too.)

I might need to change my original vote after reading this. It was much better than the drivel I spewed up, but this was nowhere near your best, Lari. While this was on the lower end for you, it's still of a higher quality than most of us put out on a regular basis, so DH will still need to put in the work for the win.

I wasn't huge on the bit with Simmons. Nothing overly poor, but it just seemed like another excuse to show Nero as being one step ahead of literally everyone on the planet. It gets a little old after a while. He's basically Batman levels of prepared, Batman levels of cool, Batman levels of OP, Ba... Wait.. Is he Batman? Because that changes literally everything.

While the first half of this RP was underwhelming, the second half saved the entire RP. You used 'Fire. Rage. Emotion.' in the promo, and while reading through it, I can feel all three flying out of the screen. The God's Judgement line was a little cheesy, but I expect that from Batman, so it's fine.

Jacob Bianchi / Me.

As I said in my note at the end of the RP, I was just trying to introduce the characters this time around. Means I can focus a little more on the story in the next 4 Vortex Cycle.

Outside of that, I wanted to show Bianchi's personality without giving away too much about him personally. This was originally going to be from Walker's perspective as he (and the reader) tried to figure out Bianchi, and I might go back to that idea eventually, but for now, I felt it would be better to have it from a more neutral perspective. If I can, I'd like to avoid putting the reader in the head of Bianchi himself for a while. Bianchi remaining an almost neutral person suits the character a lot better than letting people know what game he's actually playing. Again, I might change my mind on this eventually, but for now, it's the path I'm going down.​

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The foul stench of a decaying carcass radiates from wall to wall, filling this room. The decaying carcass in the middle of the room is that of a dead sheep, a sheep that had already been stripped of all of its cotton. A knife is protruding from the side of the sheep, as blood from the sheep had already dried up. The head of the sheep is covered, with only the eyes able to be seen. Eyes that showed fear and sadness, eyes that were cold and lifeless. Covering the rest of the head of the dead sheep, was the mask of La Pantera, the man that Remy Dieu had destroyed on the previous episode of Vortex. Blood is covering the mask, the question being, whether or not its the blood of the sheep, or the blood from La Pantera.

In the middle of the room is the familiar camera, that stands in the same spot, always pointing and ready to record at any given time.

(BEEP) The Camera is turned on, and begins to recording. Stepping from behind the camera is Remy Dieu, wearing the same shirt, that he did when he faught La Pantera, and killed the sheep. The Blood from the sheep, and the blood from La Pantera can hardly be seen on Remy Dieu’s pitch black t-shirt. But the metallic, coppery, stench of the blood, still lingers and follows Remy Dieu everywhere he walks.

Remy Dieu walks in front of the camera, and stands in front of the decaying carcass.

Remy Dieu let’s a slight chuckle. And looks down at the dead sheep. And begins to rub his hand over its head.

You know… What I did to La Pantera wasn’t planned at all. I’m man enough to admit that the viciousness, the brutality, and the pain that I delivered to La Pantera may have been a little…


But you have to understand where I’m coming from. You see La Pantera represents everything wrong with society. He hides behind a mask. Just like all the people, society worships. All the politicians, your movie stars, your religious leaders. All Liars, all hiding behind their phony smiles.. They all be lying to you, and you all worship them like gods. You look at La Pantera, and you people love him, you people cheer for him… Not knowing what he truly deep down his true intentions, what he truly stands for, you people blindly cheer for him. And while standing in the ring and hearing all your adulation towards him, my anger grew and grew… And when I got my hands on him, and laid in every punch, I would visualize all the liars that lead this world, that you all follow, and it felt so good. It felt so orgasmic… I stood up to one of the many liars of this world, to one of the many that hides behind a mask and yet people cheer him, and I made him crumple and fall at my feet.

And let me tell you something, I promise and assure you he will not be the last. Because many on this roster, are hiding behind masks, just not a physical one like La Pantera, and I can assure I will expose them all.

You know… I want to tell you all a story, about why I’m the way I am. Why I’m so passionate about exposing those who hide behind their masks, figuring out who’s truly good and evil, separating the strong from the week… And to set apart the Wolves of this world…

From the sheep.. Haha.

Let me take you back to when I was a kid. Where I was sitting on the footsteps on my front porch, while my mother set in her rocking chair..


The weather is cloudy, but warm. Remy Dieu and his mother were enjoying each other's companies. On the porch of their Two Story house in the middle of nowhere, in the state of Louisiana. The house sits in a location surrounded by swamp, and trees, easy to get lost if you don't know where you're heading. Bears, Wolves, Alligators, are the neighbors of the Dieu Family. With no one around for miles, The Dieu Family only had themselves, and the animals to talk to.

Hey ma, how come we never leave this swamp, and move to the city. I was watching the tv set, and seeing people interact with each other, eating together, kids going to school together, they all seem so happy together. I’m not saying I’m not happy here, but if you look around ma, we’re alone, with nothing but the fireflies to keep us company, don’t you think it would be nice to be living in the city, and actually have friends.

Remy Dieu's mother, Alice Dieu, sits rocking in her chair back in forth. Already in her mid 40s, one can see that she was actually quite a looker in her younger years. But old age caught up to her quicker than most. Though her eyes are still as blue in hypnotic as ever, most of her hair blonde hair had fallen out, and she had already started to wrinkle in her face. Though she's still skinny, the looks that she had been given through her younger years, had nearly been taken away.

Well Remy, let me tell ya, ya right bout one thing. We are alone, but you wrong bout just everything else. Trust me when i tell ya, can’t trust everything you see on that dang television set. More often that not, most of the people be acting happy. But trust me in the city they always be having something to worry about baby. You see the world is a dangerous place. Murder, Rape, Theft, people you been friends with your whole life, thinking they have ya back, and the next thing ya know you have a knife in it. Remy, we live here, so you can be safe, from all that.

But ma, do ya honestly think, this is the way to live, hiding, turning a blind eye to how the world actually is. I just think, there’s more to livin than just being alive.

Well Remy, just livin is better than being dead.

Well ma, let tell you something. One day, I may just leave, this small countryside, and head to the big city. Maybe I can make this world betta somehow.

Well when you find sumthing betta let me know.

(BANG) A loud thump was heard coming from inside the house. Remy’s mother raced inside the house, not before telling Remy to stay put.

Remy Dieu had not gotten up from sitting down, he had assumed that a rodent may have some how gotten in through a window and knocked over some kitchenware. Remy Dieu had begun to think about the words spoken to him by his mom, before a loud shriek is heard coming from inside the house.


Alice had uttered as loud as she could from inside the house.

Remy was able to hear her silent cry coming from inside the house. He raced into see his dad standing over his mother who laid on the ground, a pool of red began to form around his mother’s head, as he sees shards of glass from a bottle, on the kitchen floor.

Remy Dieu's dad, Brendan Dieu. Standing a menacing 6'7" towards over Remy Dieu. Remy Dieu who would soon become a big man, would never reach the size that his father had. Brendan was well built, a mechanic, who would drive to the city. Managed to stay in shape, though like his wife had lost his hair (brunette) but decided to take on a bald look. Which almost added to his powerful presence.

"It was an accident," the dad managed to utter. I had spilled some bottles on the floor, she came in…. And she slipped.

What the fuck when did you get here… And where did you get these bottles from. Wha, what’s going on this doesn’t make sense.. Mom…

Remy Dieu grips the hand of his bleeding mother.

I..Already called emergency.

Remy Dieu looks into the eyes of his mother, and in her eyes he sees true fear.

What happened? The only words Remy Dieu could utter.

Remy’s dad standing visibly shaken at the situation. Begins to try to explain the situation to Remy.

I... I was trying to sneak some beer into the fridge. I had pulled up a mile or so down the road, and wanted to sneak some beer somehow into the back, without your mother knowing. I don’t know how but the bottom opened and the beer bottles just crashed into the floor. Your mother came in, and she slipped.. Remy.. She slipped.

Remy Dieu’s dad placed his hand over his face, trying to hide his tears, his frown, realizing the accident he had caused.

You… Lied to me and ma mom…

YOU SON OF A BITCH! You said you stopped drinking, you said you quit months ago for us, and that you’ve been happy since then. This doesn’t make sense.

I’m sorry Remy..

Mom… Mom..

Remy Dieu was so focused on holding and comforting his mother, using his hands to try to cover the back of her mother’s head to stop the bleeding, that he had not heard the blaring sirens outside of his house. The Paramedics came in and took his mother away… Remy Dieu did not know that would be the last time he would ever see his mother.

All because he and his mom believed the lies of the one man, that they thought they could trust.

(END Flashback)

Remy Dieu has a tear in his eye. And with a single wipe with his hand, his face almost immediately changed from that of sadness and anger to a calm expression.

Now I hope you all see and understand where I’m coming from. That night I understood what my mom meant, you see in my eyes my dad represents everything that I mentioned the politicians, the religious leaders, all that hide behind their smiles, and turn a blind eye to what’s wrong in this world.

And when I saw La Pantera.

Remy Dieu turns back to the sheep… I saw the lies (Remy Dieu pounds the head of the sheep attacking the mask)... I saw the false truths (Another smash)..... I saw….My daddy (Remy Dieu with one last smash with his fist nearly obliterates the sheep head beyond recognition, and now it seems as if the mask is only covering flesh and blood)

And at the next PPV, Judgement. I have the chance to remove the mask of Jensen. Jensen you have something that I need. I need that television title. Because you see, I’m a man of a 1000 truths. And I want to be a hero that kids can look up too, that only speaks of honesty. You see, cause I have a gift, I can see and separate the liars, from those that speak words of truth. And I myself see the man you truly are. And honestly you’re no different from my daddy.

You’re a liar. You’re a sheep. And I find it funny that the PPV is named Judgment, cause Jensen your judgment day is here. Jensen just like this sheep, just like La Pantera, you are being fed to the leader of the wolves himself…. Remy Dieu…



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We see nothing, but darkness.

We hear the sound of rain. That rain that comes in so thin but so fast and you can almost feel it calming you.

We are taught, to dream the big dream.

We can still see nothing but pure black.

Yet, we are shown – No – We are FORCED to believe that is not possible.

Suddenly there is a massive crack of thunder and we see Shadow stood, totally alone. When the crack is gone, we can now very vaguely see the scene.

What we see is Shadow dressed in all black. Black trainers, black jeans and a black hoodie, yet the hood is down leaving his hair and face to be drenched by the torrential rain.

There are examples out there, who serve as living proof that the big dream cannot only be dreamt, but it can be lived. Some people spend their whole lives waiting for it, but it never comes. Others spend their lives fighting for it, and occasionally, a very special fighter comes along who captures it,

Carpe Diem.

Seize the day, seize the moment. Live in the moment. Exist FOR the moment.

That is how I had lived my life – until very recently. All the drama, all the happenings, it has distracted me from what I’m here to do. I’ve become almost complacent. I thought that I was at the top of the mountain and that was it. But now I know, it’s not the journey to the top, it’s what you do when you get there. And everyone seems to think what I’m gonna do is fall straight back down.

Another clap of thunder hits, and at that exact moment Shadow exclaims


No more distractions will hinder my mission. I didn’t come here to help or please anybody. I came here with the sole purpose of imposing justice upon the PWC and harnessing the Darkness in order to propel myself to new heights. To fulfil my dreams, my potential. I came here to Seize the day.

Suddenly we hear Shadow hit the floor and begin to sob.

So why can’t I do it, Steve. Why?

Shadow is now knelt down in front of a gravestone. He has his right hand placed upon it. We see the text on the stone.

Steve Dawson
1955 – 2016

You gave me everything. Advice, training, mentoring and above all, the belief. All I lacked in the beginning was the belief in myself. How could this kid whose life appeared a total wreck, ever make it to the big time and reach his goals? I still don’t know Steve, but you made that happen. Why’d you have to go?

Shadow now collapses into a seated position, spins and leans backwards against the stone.

You’re the only reason I ever got anywhere, the reason I accomplished anything and now without you I’m broken.

Shadow just sits for a moment, his head in his hands.

I dunno man, maybe that’s it? Maybe I go on like this, with my head a mess and I lose at Hell’s Judgement? I need to find some focus, desperately, but I just can’t.

Shadow begins to look visably dizzy by this point, and his words become slow and slurred.

I just need a sign man. Help me.

Shadow closes his eyes when suddenly we hear a voice.

Matty? Matty??

Steve? Is that you?

Matty what the hell are you doing out here. God dammit, come on.

Steve! Help me…

Matty opens his eyes just enough to see that Kyle is stood over him trying to help him to his feet.

Matty is too powerless to move and Kyle hoists him up onto his shoulder and carries him out of the graveyard.

Fade out.

We open up now in a snazzy looking apartment. Shadow is on a luxury sofa just waking up.

Nice to see you, sleeping beauty.

Kyle is behind the sofa in the kitchen cooking food.

What the hell am I doing here?

I’ll tell you what you’re not doing, you’re not out falling to sleep in this horrendous weather in what could only be a bid to catch pneumonia. What the hell were you doing out there anyway?

Speaking to your father.

I see. And why on earth is that where you were at 4am? I was trying to get a hold of you all day, where else have you been?

Walking. I hadn’t slept since 2 days ago.

So that explains the whole passing out. What is your deal?

Kyle brings Matty some homemade soup.

Matty quickly rejects it, putting it down on the table.

My deal? My deal is this little mini war you and Tony are at with each other.

What do you mean?

You know exactly what I mean Kyle. I’m sick of it. I am not a drama person, you know this. I am not having ridiculous fights derail my career, my success, MY life!

Are you forgetting why you’ve achieved said success?

You know what Kyle, sparring with me that one day is NOT the reason I became Legacy Champion. I did this ON MY OWN. For ME. Not you, not Tony, not Big B NOT EVEN YOUR FUCKING DAD DID A DAMN THING.

Kyle stands and stares at Matty.

Are you for real? Matty, we’ve all helped you along the way, I wasn’t trying to take credit. None of us ever have, but we have put extra work in to help you succeed. No one ever failed school because they took extra classes, no entrepreneur ever failed because they put extra work into their business and no sports star ever failed because they did extra training. If you think you’re gonna fail, it’s not us. It’s you.

I never think I’m going to fail.

Oh really? Well you don’t sound too confident to me.

Well then it’s a good job my match will be won on my wrestling ability and not your opinion.

I think you should go.

Matty stares back at Kyle. Clearly infuriated by all that is going on around him.

Good luck in your match.

Matty walks out and slams the apartment door behind him.

Cut to black

We fade up to a PWC Locker Room. It is an hour before Hell’s Judgement kicks off
Shadow is sat on a chair in the middle of the room facing away from us.

In steps Danny Eriksen to get an exclusive insight on the Legacy Championship match from the champ himself.

Excuse me, Shadow, may we have a moment of your time?

Shadow turns slightly and we can see something in his hands, we cannot properly make it out but it is a black object, looks to be some kind of garment.

Yeah sure. Shoot.

So, tonight is your first Pay-Per-View championship defence, how are you feeling?


Ok, good answer, to the point! Your challenger is on an insane roll having defeated many former champions along the way, does this make him exceptionally tough tonight?

Austin is a tough guy anyway, no one can ever take that away from him. But his new attitude will be his undoing. He thinks a few big wins gives you entitlements and guaranteed success. I beat Xander Black on my first night here. And I pinned the current champion of the world – or should I say King of the world? – To win this belt right here. But I don’t walk around feeling like anyone owes me anything.

So, you admit he’s tough. Do you think tonight will be a wrestling contest, or a fight?

Oh definitely a fight. I’d have it no other way. I’ve fought every day to get where I am and yeah, Austin fought for a lot of what he had too. But the thing is, when you took away the fans and the persona – He didn’t really have anything did he? And now he’s stripped himself of both those things. Tonight’s a must win for him, if he doesn’t he has nothing. And mark my words, once tonight is over, he will have nothing.

What are your thoughts on the threat of Becca at ringside?

You know that’s my biggest issue with Austin lately. That bitch. He did need an added push to reach that next level, just like I needed after I fell to Crowley at Last Rites. But did you see me bringing a girl in and her doing all my walking and talking? No I picked myself up, dusted myself off, beat the majority of the roster and walked out a champion. To be honest, looking from the outside in, it seems that Austin Angel, is still Austin Angel, but this girl insists on wearing the Pants and leading him from the front…

Those are some hard-hitting comments Shadow. Do you have anything else to add?

Just one more thing

Shadow stands up, dropping what was in his hand.

Austin Angel. Tonight is known simply as Hell’s Judgement. So isn’t it rather fitting that Hell is known as a place of darkness and fear, two things I can harness and utilise better than anybody else in this business. And you, an Angel, are not looked upon too fondly in the depths of Hell are you? Tonight, I will bring the darkness, I will bring YOUR fears and I will encompass hell as I pass my judgement onto you. And I judge that darkness shall fall.

The camera crew and Danny leave the room as Shadow returns to his seat and picks back up what he dropped. We see that it was in fact his old mask. Shadow stares down at it intensely. Using it to remind him of his journey so far.

Suddenly his phone rings


Hey man, it’s Kyle. I’m on my way.

I think you’ve dialled the wrong number.

No I haven’t. I’m coming to the show; I need to speak to you.

You are not coming anywhere near this show.

About to jump on my jet – I’ll see you later on.


As he screams down the phone, Kyle hangs up.

Shadow lifts his mask to his face one last time, staring intensely. He drops it to the floor and walks out.

Fade to black.

Exploring Planet Alpha
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Austin Angel RP: The Golden Summit

After Vortex Episode 7:

As the scene opens we see Austin Angel sitting with his wife to be Becca in the lounge area of their new tour bus, sharing a bottle of campagne as they sit in the back of the bus on a round black leather couch.

That was so amazing how you destroyed Bruce Thorn Jr babe, he was the perfect person to use to send a message to Shadow that he's next. I'm so glad I convinced Nero you were the right choice to face Thorn.

Austin smirks and takes a sip of the campagne.

He's had it coming. We've been at each other's throats since I returned here and finally I got the upper hand, now he'll be lucky to be able to even walk into Hell's Judgement and I turn my focus to Shadow.

Suddenly Austin hears his phone buzz and he picks it up off the table in front of them.

Who is it?

It's Lauren texting me.

What is wrong with you these days? I had to make Josh stop watching your match tonight because I didn't want him to see you like that. You weren't just trying to win, you were trying to hurt Thorn. I know you guys had a rivarly but was that really needed?
Austin and Becca both read the message before looking at each other and rolling their eyes as Austin replies.

Nothing is wrong with me, sometimes people get hurt, things happen. Thorn got what he deserved.
Becca nods in agreement with the message as Lauren quickly responds.

Got what he deserved? How in the world did he deserve to get injured worse than he already was by you? And what about what you said to the crowd? You're not setting a good example for you nephew and in case you forgot he looks up to you.
Austin reads the message before showing it to Becca, who again rolls her eyes and scoffs.

God I know Lauren is your sister and my best friend, but who does she think she is telling you what you can and can't do or say at your job?

Austin nods in agreement.

I know, just because she was always the good kid she thinks everybody needs to be just like her.

Yeah it's not your job to set an example for Josh, he's not your kid. Besides when you were playing nice it got you nowhere, you lost all the time.

I'm tempted to tell her off.

You should.

Austin picks the phone back up and types his reply to his sister.

Look it's not my job to set a good example for Josh, I'm not his parent. I've gone from being one of the biggest losers in PWC to the biggest winner. I'm kicking ass and taking names as I go. If you wanna teach Josh a good life lesson let him keep watching what I do, he can learn being the nice guy will get you nowhere in life. He can learn if he wants to be a success in anything he's doing he needs to take what he wants and not give a damn what he has to do to get it. Just because you were always the good kid, the favorite who never did anything wrong doesn't mean I need you to tell me what to do.
Austin shows Becca the message before hitting send, and she reads it and nods with approval before grabbing the phone to look at the message closer.

You needed to do that, it's time someone put her in her place a bit. Now let's not worry about Lauren or Josh or even Shadow right now.

Becca turns the phone off and puts it on the table again then looks back at Angel.

We still have a long way to go until we get to the hotel in Denver, so what do you say we get some rest? After all once we get there we have a lot of prep to do to get you ready to destroy Shadow. And you should get your sleep now, because after you become the new Legacy Champion we're gonna have much celebrating to do.

Becca smirks and gives her husband a little wink, as Austin smirks back.

I guess I should get my rest now then, after all I need to be fully rested physically and mentally if I wanna beat Shadow. I may not like the guy but he does have his own little resume of big wins in his career, not to mention the Legacy Gauntlet itself.

Becca lets out a little sigh at the talk turning to Shadow, but goes along with it.

He does, but we've gone over hours and hours of tape on him, you know every play in his playbook, you know he's going to try and get a mental edge with facepaint, but he doesn't know every play in your playbook. This is where your age and experience will really come in handy.

Austin nods in agreement.

You're right, Now let's get some rest while the driver gets us out of this hell hole of a state. We can do more last minute prep for the match later.

The couple walk to the back of the bus where they have their bed as the scene fades out with the last thing we see being a sign on the highway that says "Now Leaving Idaho: Come Back Soon!".

The Next Night: The Hotel Parking Lot In Denver

We see Austin Angel standing in the parking lot pacing, before stopping as the camera man gives him his cue to begin talking and he stares right into the camera.

MMM POW! Another one bites the dust and Bruce Thorn Jr becomes my latest victim!

Angel makes a cut throat motion then chuckles thinking back to how he defeated Thorn last week.

And now the time has come, the time has come for the clock to strike midnight on Shadow's cinderella story title reign!

Angel rolls his neck.

You know Shadow it's a shame I'm gonna have to hurt you in our match, you're a good kid, you have a bright future ahead of you, hell you even remind me a bit of a younger me. It's fun to play the hero isn't it Shadow? The fans cheer for you, the kids wanna be you, but you know what's not fun? Falling from grace like every hero does. You see I used to be the hero to these fans, they used to love me, they used to cheer for me at the top of their lungs, but because I got a little more agressive and I didn't pander to the idiot PWC fans anymore they turned their backs on me!

Angel shakes his head in disgust.

And Shadow these fans have christened you their new hero, they're gonna be begging for you to beat me, to vanquish the evil of the world, to be their hero. But for every hero put on this planet there is a man put here to eradicate them, and for every hero in PWC that man is me, that man is Austin Angel!

Austin puts his hand over his heart while saying that and looking dead serious right into the camera.

Shadow I need you to hear me right now, at Hell's Judgement you're gonna find out what guys like Gust, guys like Hammerpunch, guys like Bruce frickin Thorn have found out. I'm indestructible, I never stop, I don't get tired, I don't give up, and if you wanna get rid of me you're gonna need to run me over with a god damn truck!

Angel spits on the ground and kicks a rock out of his way before turning his focus back to the camera in front of him.

Shadow the fact of the matter is at Hell's Judgement you're gonna be standing on the tracks when the train is coming and you're going to get run over. At Hell's Judgement another hero dies and Austin Angel FINALLY takes home championship gold like he deserves! And winning that gold means more to me than anything in the world right now, it proves I deserve to be here, it proves Austin Angel is as damn good as he claims to be, it proves not only can I talk the talk but I can walk the walk. Most of all, winning that championship will prove what I need to prove to myself, that I'm not this washed up has been these idiot fans say I am, and I damn sure don't need Becca to win me a title. But after I beat you Shadow, I'll be happy to have a victory kiss with Becca over your broken body.

Austin shoves the camera out of his face now, and walks away as the camera man stumbles and barely avoids tripping and dropping his camera. When he regains his balance he cuts the camera recording and we cut to black once again.

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"Let the trumpet roar with songs of war."


The pale light of the ash-hued moon grew dimmer as black clouds moved across the sky. Streak of blackness mottled the nighttime skies like some mad painter variegated them with a wiry brush. Tiny lights of white and yellow sporadically dotted the buildings establishing proof that life occupied them. This city seemed dark, almost menacing like something out of a gothic fable. Below the night skies and buildings the black streets shined with streaks of multicolored that were reflections in puddles of recently dropped rainwater.

A ruffian dressed in a black suit stood in a recessed doorway in the alley. The only light was from passing cars on the street that fronted this narrow passageways between two major thoroughfares. He placed a cigarette between his lips and clicked a zippo lighter just before firing up his smoke, he thought he heard someone approaching. Quickly he extinguished the flame by shutting the lid of lighter. Pressing his back against the door, he stood still as possible. He jerked his head around trying to find such noise. It sounded like wings. Suddenly a crooked shadow moved down the dimly lit alley wall that he faced. He snapped his head around to see the silhouette of a raven perched on the edge of a rooftop. Its shape was framed in the pale ash-hued circle of the moon as it rose in the black sky. The sight of the raven caused an unexpected wave of anxiety in him. The thug reacted by whipping around and aiming his gun at the raven a sudden noise came from his left he then fired off one silence round but it was a mere, wasted shot in the dark. The raven spread its wings wider and flew away. He heard an evil laughter approaching it was a nightmarish sound. The thug fired two more shots that missed its target. The shadow approaching seemed to swallow up everything around him for a second. The thug went down and slammed against the damp, cobblestone surface of the alley.

“When you hear me call your name Hammerpunch, you’ll know war is here.”

Three more ruffians came out of the door into the alley behind the bar. The three rough-looking men came all them dressed in black suits, and tie, an unlined black overcoat and highly polished shoes. They looked into each other’s eyes for a fleeting second and then one mouthed – “What a hell?” as they ran toward Crowley. One tossed his cigarette and as the lit cigarette leaves his fingers and fell on a puddle of gasoline near a parked car, burning embers spray across the ground. In moments there was a click, a pop, and an explosion as the fire exploded the gas tank. The fire enveloped the car. Crowley made his move. He came up behind the second man and kicked the back of his knee. The damp of the alley added to the man’s downfall. He stumbled, off balance. Crowley pulled him back and smashed his fist into his face. As the man sank to his knees, Crowley then grabbed him by the back of his black tie and rammed the wiry man’s head into the wall. Without a fight anymore, the ruffian collapsed at Crowley’s feet, unconscious.

“So when you hear me roaring you’ll know I have come for you.”

Another pulled out his gun, the thug squeezed the trigger once, it clicked, he then squeezed it, again, and again. The pistol’s hammer slammed down on empty chambers. The gun was empty. Surprised glowed in his eyes none of his shots connected Crowley who just vanished in the darkness. All of a sudden Crowley moved forward steadily toward the rogue, with an evil laughter, the rogue without reaction felt Crowley’s knuckles shattering his jaw. Another blow broke his nose and a few bones in his face until he fell on his knees. A siren blast out and the overhead flasher on the police car starts twirling on the distant. Crowley stepped out of the alley as he did the glow from the burning car cast an eerie shadow on its face revealing only a sinister smile who slowly faded as he lifted his face. The scene slowly fades as we hear the sound of a soft and sweet voice on the distance.

“Daddy, what’s your favorite music?”

Before the scene turned into blackness the capricious moon decided to bathe him in light as he started at the sky.

“I crave for songs of war. The sound of my enemies falling at my feet… and the sound of your voice.”


Flashback after Vortex EP 4.


The light filtering through the dense woods seemed queer, slanting oddly, exhibiting eerie colors. Crowley stopped the car, turned off the engine, and sat quietly. No breeze stirred the trees, the forest seemed to be holding its breath, waiting. He opened the car door, and got out; an ominous, boundless quiet encompassed him. The night above is a starry, shimmering in the vast black with indeterminable depth, like silver spray paint blasted through a sifting colander of galaxy. As he walked, a haunting melody immediately mesmerized him it sounded like someone way off in the far distance was playing a piano. The captivating notes came and went in short waves like remote, soft, hollow echo filling the air around him.

He stepped cautiously and stood outside the window, peering in. He looks through the window to see his daughter and wife were all sitting side by side on a bench in front of a grand piano. He could see his wife’s fingers dancing across the black and white keys creating a rhythm and harmony, notes flying through the house and out of the window that missed his face, and drifted into outer space and kissed the moonlight. Lily made little notes on a sheet of staff paper on the top of the piano every so often. She then turned back to the keys and ran her little fingers over the top of them. The notes sparkled again, flowing from her fingers into the keys. The scales were pure, her fingers, dancing; the piano singing its soul.

“Be the beat in my veins. Ignite my lungs with pride.”

When I opened the door Lily ran over to me and raised her arms in the air…

Daddy, you are the champion.

A long and wide smile spread across Crowley’s face. Lily stared down as her eyes spread wide Crowley kneeled down to give her the World Heavy Weight belt he just recently won. The gold made her white skin and blue eyes glow as if on fire.

“Stand up pridefully in front of thousands eyes and fight.”

A surging release of energy flow from deep within her.

Daddy, I wrote something for you. A song. Do you want to listen it?

“You have received the bigger glory now ride into battle each day of your life.”

The scene fades…

The flashing lights of police cars reflected off the interior walls of the alleyway. When the police arrived they did not found Crowley only the thug’s bodies piled up each other unconsciously. We see a close-up shot of two figures dressed in white clothes from waist down standing inside the alley.

Man 1: This is definitely him.

Man 2: No doubt.

As they begin their walk we see splat of blood marks and some teeth on the ground. One of them pulled his cell out of his pocket.

Man 1: We found him.

He hung off the cell-phone and turned around.

Man 2: The Wandenreich is about to hunt the monster.

The scene fades.


One night before Hell's Judgment.


Dark menacing figures walk amongst thick woods heading into a cathedral, they seem to come from different directions. The trees were black with no leaves. The thick sheet of fog was black as it glided throughout the grounds of the forest. On the distant was an abandoned towering gothic cathedral, a remnant of a long-gone age, with moss-stained marble pillars, rotting wood decking, age worn steel walls, and smashed open windows embedded in broken down towers that pointed to the sky like crooked fingernails. Looking into the broken windows made it feel a distinctly uneasy. There was not even a shred of light issuing from the gaping holes, only a pervading blackness that spoke of something far more malignant than just the dark. Atop its highest tower, half of it crumbled away was an ancient cross. High above a raven cawed. Voices were faintly audible through the thick wooden door. The doors swung open you could see the cathedral’s interiors through them, the shadowy darkness dimly illuminated here and there by candles in tall iron candelabras. More cloaked figures had already gathered around inside. Above where the altar had been, stood a man with a crown upon his head and face painted. A very black smoke billowed out from the cuffs of his sleeves and the bottom of his charred robes. The smoke fell like heavy mist as he began to spoke.

Welcome, welcome mighty warriors.

For your proffered aid is wanted in this war. I’ve been haunted by dreams, an omen of what is about to come. The gates of hell open up and I stared deep into the glowing inferno through flaming walls. Out of the shadows and on the distance breaks out a mighty dragon and his three warriors and they ride to the battlefield. And I saw seats, and they that sat upon them looked like savages swearing like fiends dressed in skins of wild beasts. Hundreds will came from afar to see us battle. And the arena will be filled with violence, shouts, thuds, and splatters of blood. Each one may receive what is due for what he has done in body but my fate is to rise above them for such is my power.

As his speech rises to an almighty crescendo a swirling cold night blew out the candles.

Hammerpunch led his victorious army through brave lands under the praise of thousand eyes, an unrelenting adversary. But on the field waits his fate soon he’ll drawn his final blow against me we’ll make the false hammer fall, war to us is holy. I’m the author of this timeless words. Words that will shake the earth and boil the seas.

A light layer of smoke begins to drifts inside and the sound of a pounding hammer against anvil began to listen.

Hammerpunch: I’ll be your shadow when you walk, I’ll be the last word when you talk. I’ll make you dare to speak my name and be forever the one you most fear. My venom will slice through your blood stream as smoothly, as a blade across skin.

The darkness was complete, broken only by red beams of flashlights and the reflected twinkle off the bodies and heads of the cloaked figures who slowly resembled the shape of short horns at the top of their heads. The mighty rock began to crack and pop in the most astonishing manner like an unharmonious symphony of queer sounds like heavy pottery smashed and bones splintered and skulls fractured. Crashed and boomed like hundred blacksmiths wielding a hundred big hammers against a hundred iron-anvils.

Hasten, hasten to the fight, put your masks on and march onward. Open the gates now we attack. Stand by your King under my command to glory we ride. All the world shall know the monsters we’ve become.

As the scene fades and the image turns black Crowley’s voice can still be heard on the distance.

The horizon burns Hell’s Judgment is here. No matter what may happen… as long as you all walk by my side. There shall be no enemy that can stand before us. They all let out a defying and mighty roar.

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Trials of the Punch!





These are all words to describe Team Hammerpunch after their parking lot encounter with King Crowley and his followers.While all men share the same scraps and bruises, Donald Hammerpunch carries the most devastating injury of all. Not only was he beaten in battle,but he was also presented in front of the live Boise audience as a fallen foe. Like a deer head on a mantle, Hammerpunch was displayed as a trophy to the King.A damaged ego can afflict even the proudest of men.


Ego destroyed.

Hammerpunch carried this with him as the team trained. While once a proud warrior, his fears of failure had begun to manifest themselves into his training. While his face showed the pride of a lion, his attitude and demenour displayed the fear of a frightened lamb, and the members of Team Hammerpunch took notice.


The team. All 6 of them light sparring. Tim and Ross trade shots. Ross landing straight punches to Tim’s chest, Tim landing karate chops to Ross's shoulders.

Steve vs Bishop. Steve circles without throwing anything, not engaging. Bishop presses forward throwing high volume punches, missing everything.

The master Don teaching Damon the Axe Kick, better known as the Donald Axe in this dojo.

A bell rings. Hammerpunch wipes the sweat from his face: “All right gentleman. That’s it for today. Tim!”

Tim rushes to the front of the class, they all face him. The young Donjitsu Blackbelt confidently shouts, “DON”.

The well trained class respond in unison: “JITSU!!!”

They all jump in the air doing a martial arts technique and strike a pose. Like a tableu, the members Team Hammerpunch hold their pose displaying their hard work. Sweat drips down thier face while they all take heavy breathes. The class soon bows out showing respect to their instructor. Soon after, they all take a knee to await further instruction from the man who has led them into battle more times than they could count.

Hammerpunch: “Marinello, report. How many sign ups this week.”

Steve: “Uhhh… none sir. Almost had one, but her boyfriend was… well…uhh. He didn’t let her.”

Hammerpunch: “I see… Fellas, I appreciate all the hard work in the dojo these last few weeks. All this hard work and enthusiasm is going to carry over in my next match. I can feel a Donjitsu takeover coming soon. We will be back on top as the superior martial art.”

The team listen on as the dejected voice of the Donjitsu master continues.

HP: "Now, it is free practice. I encourage all of you to practice your Katana techniques.

Soon after he walks over to the corner of the room and takes a seat. While the rest of his students reach for the blindfolds and the mexican made Katana's, HP closes his eyes and begins to think.

"What If I'm not good enough? What if I peaked? What if Crowley can not be tamed?"

He reaches up to feel feel the freshly applied bandage across his forehead. His injuries had begun to pile up since he had first joined the PWC. Through his encounters with Nero and Ivory and his survival in the PWC Cup, Hammerpunch was approaching a real breaking point. Crowley and the pavement of the parking lot may have speed up his journey. He grimaces as fresh blood drips from his face. As he does, he closes his eyes....


The team, minus the new recruits who've decided they should stay and train some more, are back into the Donjitsu Express, which can best be described as an old rusty van. Tim and Ross carry a couple bags full of snacks, and Steve wipes the windows and practices his smile in the reflection. HP comes out of the restroom.

Tim: “Never gone fishing before, I’m pumped!”

HP: “Alright boys off we go.”

The van makes its way down the empty stretch of highway. This is a loney stretch of road, with only trees on both sides of the road. As they make their way towards their destination, they all sing the words "Push it to the Limit" in Unison.

Ross: “Aww, crap!” The car screeches to a stop, music silenced. The car crew all look at Ross.

Steve: “What happened?”

Ross shrugs his shoulders as he instantly loses his train of thought The rest of the team make nothing of this, as Ross's forgetful mind has long been recognized as a part of his nature. Soon the music is cranked back up to 11 and the journey continues.

Hammerpunch takes a look in his rear view mirror to check on his team. Seeing them all enjoying themselves was a welcome relief from the burdens of Wrestling. As he looks into the 10 inch reflective glass he wishes this moment would freeze in time. These are the moments he lives for. Total unity in the team. Soon, one single thought began to echo in his mind...


The car sputters and after several moments, the Donjitsu Express comes to a screeching halt. The Engine dead as the car sits on the side of the road. The look out the windows and realize they are surrounded by darkness. The night sky is absent of any star light. The only remaining beacon was the quarter crescent moon peeking out from behind the clouds.

Ross: “Oh yeah I remember now. The gas.”

*Gas Station* said:
Tim: “Ross, I’ll get the snacks, you get the gas.”

Ross: “Got it.”

Tim goes to the left register, Ross goes to the register on the right.

Attendant: “ Help you, son?”

Ross looks up at the security monitor. He makes a face.

Attendant: "Sonny?"

Ross looks at the attendant: “That’s a spicy meat-a-ball!... what movie is that from again?”

He walks away, joining Tim at the exit.
As they sit stranded on the side of the road, heavy rain fall begins to fall.

Hammerpunch: "Hmm. Interesting turn of events."

The rusty roof of the van begins to leak as the rain contiues to fall.They all sip from their extra large cherry slushies.

Tim: "I gotta pee"

Steve: "Me too."

Ross: "Yup"

Hp: "Same."

They all scatter in different directions in the forest towards in search of a tree. As the Donjitsu team relieves themselves on separate trees, the rain begis to pick up. A heavy wind gust blinds them as they all try to get back to the car. With dirt and foliage flying in all directions, the team switches into survival mode.

Tim finds shelter in a little cave. Ross kneels under the tree he just valiantly peed on. Hammerpunch flash kicks several trees, creating a Rain proof fort. Steve struggles to find rain protection, he puts on his shades and zips up his leather jacket and runs along the river. Seperated, the team looks to survive.

The weather finally clears up. Steve comes to a halt as he attempts to catch his breath. Like an oasis in the middle of a desert, he notices a fancy yacht floating in the water.

Steve: ''Sweet. Could be some babes around here.''

Steve strips down to his leather spandex. He is about to dive into the lake when suddenly he freezes in fear. His eyes are drawn to the water.


Tim is alone in the pitch black darkness of the cave. He doesn't know which direction to go in, so he begins to turn his head in all directions hoping for a sign. He hears running water and decides to follow it. As he gets deeper there is a small light. Tim can now see a few feet in front of him. The cave walls are narrow but he decides to move forward. A growl can be heard behind him.

Tim: ''oh no.''

Ross stays at the tree.

Ross: ''man this sucks."

An unknown voice: ''you got that right''
Ross turns as the Stanger sits down next to him.

The stranger: ''you're in my seat kid.''


Donald Hammerpunch wakes up from a quick nap he is perfectly dry. He unzips his tree fort to peek out. He scans the area hoping to see his students but can only see a lonely forest.


Steve grimacing. Holding his face. He is posing over the lake. His reflection flexes back. It is noticeably more muscular than him but is clearly Steve. A superior Steve who happens to be in the shape of his life.

Lake steve: "Haha you call that a pose. Just give up. Like you always do. You'll never win a fight. You're too scared."

Steve continues to flex though it is softening. As his face reddens, he begins to feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. There is only so long man can suck in his belly..

As Steve continue the battle, a thought crosses his mind, a technique taught to him by his instructor. He stops flexing and punches the "Lake Steve" in the stomach. Lake Steve relaxes his muscles as he is in pain. While distracted, Steve curls his biceps

The fallen foe sinks underneath the water.


Tim looking around. The cave is more lit than before. Tim is capable of seeing comfortably but the growls grow louder. He is afraid to press on.

Tim shakes his head and slaps himself

''I can do this.I am a donjitsuka! I can't let Master Hammerpunch down."

Another growl. Tim finds the exit to the cave. The growls are nearby. Tim has trouble moving from where he stands as fear begins to take hold of him. The words of Hammerpunch soon ring through his head: "If you can't see your opponent, make it hard for them to see you!'

Tim grabs sand from the floor. He throws it up in the air and dashes out. He is out of the cave. A deer is at the entrance. It growls.

...sort of.


Ross and the stranger sit i silence staring at each other. Both not sure of what to make of the situation, have moved very little in fear of startling the other. Ross studies the stranger but is having a hard time making out the details of his opponents face. After several seconds, Ross has a revelation.
Ross: "Whoa. That is a shiny rock"

He wanders off.

Hp climbs the highest tree. He scans the forest looking for his students. Nothing. He frantically looks around but the students he has vowed to teach and protect are nowhere in site. Sweat begins to drip down his face as he searches the forest for movement,

Hammerpunch: "I can't lose them. I will not fail them."

He slides down the tree. As he reaches the ground, he drops to one knee. He feels a disturbance that only a trained mind like his could notice. He fixes his belt as he stands up straight.

Hammerpunch: "Aww, we meet again Shadowpunch. I thought I slayed you years ago"

A shadow version of Hammerpunch stands ready in fight position. A scar runs down his forehead, only to be interrupted by an eye patch.

ShadowPunch: "I am always here, waiting to pounce when you screw up. And looky here, you just lost your students. You are a terrible Sensei. You are a fool to believe Donjitsu will remain relevant. And most of all you will never be a champion again.
Crowley will destroy you and leave your legacy it tatters. When will you learn SuDonjit is the true martial art. I challenge you to a fight. And this time I won't hold back."

Donald Hammerpunch circles around his shadow opponent. They trade taunts, poses, and flashy strikes. The shadow blocks all of HPs strikes. Hammerpunch is countered and tripped to the floor.

The master of Donjitsu shakes it off. Repeat. Donald is losing focus. He receives a body shot to the liver forcing him to crumble to the floor.

Shadowpunch: "you will never defeat me. And all your students will be embarrassed by you.'' Shadowpunch lunges forward to finish him off.

Donald to himself: "This is where it ends. I have failed my students."

Hammerpunch closes his eyes to accept the finishing blow. His eyses remain close as he awaits his oncoming fate. Donald hears the sound of the blows landing, but feels no pain. He opens his eyes to see Steve Marinello, still flexing accepting the blows and taking no damage.

Donald gets up. "All this time I have worried about my reputation and failure. It's not about that. it is about becoming the greatest martial artist of all time. With the help of my students, I cannot fail!"

Soon,Tim gallops in on the deer from earlier! Ross has a rock in hand.Together Team Hammerpunch stand side by side, rallying behind their Master.

Steve moves in front flexing his muscles, absorbing the blows from Shadowpunch. Ross throws a rock at the shadow to distract it. Tim sends the deer in to knock it down.

"Team Punch!"

"Let's light this guy up!"

The team all do a jumping strike at Donald Hammerpunch's Shadow. Shadowpunch falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As the team embrace each other, Hammerpunch notices the shadow version of himself fade to nothing. The two lock eyes one last time as Shadowpunch vanishes like dust in the wind. Deep down, Hammerpunch knew they would see each other again. But he didn't care. He had his team, and together they were unstoppable.

Tim: "Let's all hear it for Sensei!"

All voices in unison yell out, "Sensei!"


The donjitsu master is startled as the forest begins to shake. Soon the trees begin to twist into unrecognizable shapes and forms.


Hammerpuch awakens to find himself in the dojo where he sat down. He looks around and sees his team surrounding him. Tim's hands are on his shoulders after he shook him awake.

"Sensei... were we still going fishing in the morning?"

Hammerpunch: You Bet!

Tim: "what about your match with crowley, are you ready?"

Hammerpunch:" I am more than ready. I am Donald Hammerpunch and I am a ninth degree blackbelt in Donjitsu. I teach the greatest team in the world, At Hell's Judgment, I will be known as the Kingslayer!"

"Failure is not a possibility as long as we train together. I am here to rebuild. Reclaim. RePunch. And we will do it together!"


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Something in Return

It is dark and stormy weather, and the location is not yet established.

There is a dark room. A lone bulb dangles from the ceiling. Crackle. Flicker. Faulty wiring and years of poor maintenance.

Garbage on the floor. Empty bottles and scattered ashes on the table. Stains. Scorch marks.

Jensen stands silently in place. Blue suit. Ironed. The sound of a tea kettle whistles in the background

The PWC Television champ remains unmoved. He slings the championship belt over his shoulder. Gold shining through the darkness and filth. A diamond in the rough.

The Portland native then stands up. He walks through the exit to the dimly lit street where a tattered chair sits.


There is a chair that sits at the corner of the street. It is a little black office chair, probably meant to be used by a business man for a very large company. Nobody knows how it got there, and yet nobody bothers to find out. It is assumed by the townspeople that it has always been there and will continue to be there until the entirety of time and space unravels.

When people walk by this chair, they walk around it. No one touches it. No one looks at it. Although there is no law or rule in place, any contact with the chair is generally unheard of. It’s just that it has never been touched before and a person walking by it doesn’t want to be the one to touch the chair.

Sometimes a gang claims it as territory. They hang around the chair. When they are by the chair they feel powerful. They feel like nothing can stop them. The police often have to send people home at night because they are just loitering by the chair, only to find themselves hanging around the chair. The police can get away with it though since they can pass it off as patrolling and making sure no one tries to sneak in some chair time.

Tonight, however, is different then usual. It is raining. When it rains, it means that the chair will be lonely. Everybody is inside staying warm, drinking hot chocolate, spending time with their families

The rain will continues for a whole week. There is a big storm passing through and it is not known when it will go away. The light from the lamp post is the only light that shines on this chair. The chair has never felt this alone since it was abandoned by it’s original owner, if it ever had one, that is.

During this lonely time, the chair will have time to think. It will realize that all the townspeople have never done is take advantage of it. They use the chair for their own personal gain and the chair never asks for anything in return. Not anymore that is.​

Jensen rises from his chair with his arms outstretched. He is focused like with something to say. He upends the chair to put an exclamation point on his message.

We all have tales to tell, Remy. Tales of spooky furniture and whatnott. Having one doesn't make you special.

Jensen pauses for a second and points at his belt.

This does. This is what it is all about in the PWC. This is.... uhm.. cool?

Cut! So close! Jensen, do you kow your lines?

Yes, I am just uncomfortable. I mean is this really necessary? I'd rather just go out there and show Remy why I will beat him. No need to talk about it or give my life story. Just go out there and hit him with everything I have. He is a big spooky guy, but I will fight him until my last breathe to defend my belt, and I am sure he knows that.

That may be so, but Morgan asked me to do this. So, just roll with it ok?

Fine, since you are doing this as a favor, I'll go ahead and play ball.But one question. Are you sure this chair is sanitary? I mean, it could definitley use a few more layers of Purell on it.


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Tried to avoid a no show so I threw this together quickly. Just had a bit of fun with it, doubt it is any good.

I had already missed the deadline, so it is what it is.
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