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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Arena: The Air Canada Centre
Attendance: 20,153
City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chambers: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Air Canada Centre here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where our Desolation pay-per-view resides. With me in the announce booth is someone new. Due to Daiko not being able to make it due to the snow ;) – please welcome – SONDRA ROWE!

Rowe: Thank you, Stan! This sure is different from doing backstage interviews but I look forward to this opportunity. Might I say, we definitely have the best seats in the house.

Chambers: You’re not wrong Sondra. We’ve got over 19,000 strong here in the Air Canada Centre. Just listen to them! They’re gonna blow the roof off this place!

Rowe: Well, without further adieu, let’s get this show going!


The Scotsman makes his way out from the back as he stands atop the ramp. He garners some boos from the crowd before throwing up an “X” sign with hands. As his music gets more intense, he begins mouthing off to the crowd.

Mason: From Aberdeen, Scotland – weighing in at 180 pounds – RYAN BARRON!

Barron makes his way down the ring with a mean look painted across his face. He pays no mind to the boos raining down on him.

Chambers: The Scotsman sure is exuding a lot of confidence in his first pay-per-view match.

Rowe: And why wouldn’t he, Stan? Don’t forget that this match is a street fight. And you know what they say about Scottish people – they sure do love to fight.


The music starts and the crowd immediately erupt for the “Flex King” as soon as he is seen. Flexx lifts his arms to the air before flexing for the crowd. In fact, he does this all the way down the ramp.

Mason: From Strong Island, New York, weighing in at 215 pounds – FLEXX PALUMBO!

Flexx kisses both biceps before flashing a smile to the crowd.

Rowe: There’s no denying Flexx’s confidence here tonight but if I were him, I’d keep my head in the game because Ryan Barron is no slouch. He may surprise Flexx here tonight.

Chambers: Can’t say I disagree, Sondra. But hey, if I looked the way Flexx did, then I’d exude the same confidence he does right now.

Rowe: Yeah, well, we can all dream can’t we, Stan?

Sondra giggles into the headset while Chambers goes silent on his end.


Referee Gwen Jeffers calls for the bell, as soon as the bell rings, Flexx jumps to his feet and rushes toward his opponent. But Barron sidesteps and quickly rolls him up, only to get a one count. They both get up quickly with Barron taunting Flexx to come once again as they both circling the ring, cautiously sizing each other up before locking up. Barron starts pushing Flexx toward the ropes but Flexx’s strength is able to reverse it, pushing Barron to the outside. Barron goes to ringside and grabs a chair from the timekeeper's area. He throws it into the ring but Flexx catches it and immediately throws it to the opposite side. While he does that, Barron quickly slides in and chop blocks Flexx's right leg. However, Flexx had his right leg all flexed out so the chop block had little to no affect.

Barron quickly exits the ring again. This time, he checks underneath the ring for some weapons. He begins throwing in some random weapons inside the ring such as a kendo stick, chairs, trash cans, trash lids, a toaster for some reason, and some lead pipes. Flexx welcomed the weapons into the ring. With Barron still looking for some weapons, Flexx goes over to where Barron is and reaches over the ropes. He grabs Barron by the ears to get him back into the ring. WHACK! Barron whacks Flexx on the skull with a freaking skillet! Why the hell is there a skillet in there?! (Probably to cook some Canadian bacon). The skillet proves to be a worthy weapon as that knocks Flexx back a bit.

Barron tries whipping Flexx into the ropes but Flexx reverses, sending the Mad Lad into the ropes instead. Flexx goes for a big clothesline but Barron ducks on his way to the opposite ropes. This time Flexx rushes forward to meet him just as he rebounds, and catches him with a powerful Spinebuster making the whole ring shake with the powerful impact. The New Yorker walks with a swagger with a broad back and eyes like dagger circling, watching, Ryan Barron who twist his body with his back in pain on the mat. “This is how it is, punk. This is how we do it in Strong Island. We wrap up your punk-ass, stunt, and you done, homie.”

Palumbo pulls Ryan to his feet, “I’m the real deal” and pushes him into the corner he then sprint to the opposite corner and sprints back for a corner splash. Ryan’s body felt limp but Flex then lifts him onto the top. He lashes his chest with a knife edge chops and as Barron holds his chest Flexx pouts. “Disrespecting my girl, I’ma give your ass a facelift, punk.” The New Yorker hits another one, and climbs up to the second rope, and tries to go for a superplex, but Barron breaks his grip on him, punching him on the stomach then pushing him off the second rope. Flexx attempts to get on his feet, but he’s keeled over, so Ryan sees this as an opening as he goes for a flying cross-body from the second rope.


1! - But the Alpha male kicks out.

Barron then take his time, and stomps on each of Flexx’s limbs. The cocky Scotsman now pulls Flexx to his feet and holds him up, “How’s Apollonia doing?” and laughs in his face. Suddenly, the Alpha male rifles a slap into the face of the Lad Mad Barron. The shot staggers the Mad Lad as he stumbles back into one corner, but the infuriated Flexx is right on him, kneeing him over and over in the stomach. Ryan Barron manages to get his body in between the ropes, which makes referee Jeffers to pull Palumbo away from his opponent. Barron decides to take a breather, dropping down and exiting the ring, holding his gut as he regroups.

Chambers: This is just personal. Flex sure likes to play to the audience but tonight he left all that act behind. He only wants to destroy the Scotsman.

Rowe: Seems as though Barron’s already in Flexx’s head playing him like he play those tough Aberdeen streets.

The Scotsman moves to the timekeepers booth, he taunts the crowd making an X above his head. “Go ahead and envy me.” As the crowd takes part in a collective action booing the conceited Barron. Flexx follows his foe to the outside, and connects him with a thunderous left arm clothesline. Ryan gets back to his feet, a little groggy and as soon as he turns around, the Strong Island stud takes him down with another clothesline.

A flash of emotions erupted from the crowd firing up the Alpha Male who let a fierce roar. Flexx then lift Barron looking to drop his body over the barricade, but Barron’s reaction is way faster and connects him with a forearm smash to the face and kicks to his mid-section before sending Flexx violently to the barricade. The New Yorker groans in pain as the Scotsman take his time to pose for the crowd with a smug smile on his face.

He picks up Flexx and slides him back into the ring, near the corner ring post. Staying outside, he grabs Flexx’s right leg and rams it against the post with such contempt, making the Strong island stud to cry out in pain. Barron looks underneath the ring and finds a lead pipe. Some cheers could be heard from the simply at the sight of the weapon. With Flexx's right leg wrapped around the post, Barron begins raining down shots with the lead pipe on Flexx's massive shins! He repeats it once, twice and a third time. Flexx grimace and holds his fists tight, struggling against his desire to get up from the pain. Barron now rolls into the ring, pulling Flexx up, resting him against the turnbuckle. From there, he delivers a few chops to Palumbo’s chest, one, two! But as the chops land Flexx retaliates. Barron hits another and Flexx instead hits him back with a European Uppercut making his opponent to step backwards.

The crowd start cheering for the action, wanting to see both men get beaten up. Flexx tries to whip his foe to the opposite turnbuckle but Barron reverse it, performs a 360° twist and connects him with a Discus Lariat. Flexx’s knees crumble and his body falls onto the mat.

He moves to one corner waiting, impatiently for Flexx to stand up. Flexx’s attempt to move, he finds himself disoriented, he tries again and move some more with one knee still on the mat. The Mad Lad motions that this is over and hit him with The Shining Wizard!

Jeffers goes to makes the three count!




It’s over.


Mason: Here is your winner – RYAN BARRON!

The crowd, not happy, boo and continue to supply heat to The Mad Lad. Referee Jeffers raises his hand to another series of boos from the unhappy crowd. Ryan Barron then walks towards the turnbuckle, which he climbs raising his hand in the air and shouting, “Love it or hate it, I going ain’t nowhere!”

Rowe: Barron is not one to be messed with. He’s looking to make a statement here in his first pay-per-view and if you ask me, he made one hell of a statement.

Chambers: What an opening match. Both men gave it their all but Barron came out on top. In this case, it seems like Barron just came to hit harder and that’s what got him the win.

Rowe: Excellent street fight indeed. The crowd definitely loved this one.

Chambers: Switching gears, up next, a battle between two of the best that PWC has to offer. It’s Bruce Thorn Jr. versus the returning Ivory! But first, a message from our sponsors.


The cameras cut backstage to follow Ernesto Clement, who smiles and waves as he passes by the backstage workers. He greets his secretary Jenna warmly at her desk before he reaches his office. He reaches for the handle, but before he can grab it, another hand shoots out and turns it.

Bianchi: Allow me, Mr. Clement.

Clement sighs and walks into the office and sits in his chair before turning and looking up into the cold blue eyes of Jacob Bianchi, who is stood by a man dressed head to toe in black. As Clement's eyes fall on this man, his face flushes red.

Clement: You....it's you but...I...

Bianchi watches Clement fidget and slur his speech under the gaze of his companion with a sly grin on his face.

Bianchi: What is this, Bianchi, why have you brought him here?

Bianchi looks toward his companion with a look of satisfaction painted on his face. He turns back to Clement with a twinkle in his eye, loving every moment of the PWC owner's obvious aggravation.

Bianchi: You forget Ernie, I can do whatever I want. I just wanted to remind you of a few things that's all. But let's get back to tonight, it's a big night for you, Ernie.

Clement drags his eyes away from the Man in Black and focuses on Bianchi.

Bianchi: You've thrown all of your cards behind Nero in the hope that he can stop me.

Clement: I have nothing to do with Nero.

Bianchi laughs.

Bianchi: Your respectable Owner act might work on everyone else, but you forget that I know exactly what you're capable of.

Bianchi turns and faces the man to his right who has a toothy smile on his face. Bianchi holds for a second before turning back to Clement.

Clement: What do you want, Jacob?

Bianchi nods his head, seeming to approve of the question.

Bianchi: During my match I want you to stay put in here. You won't interfere in the match on Nero's behalf or my own. If you so much as walk onto the stage during any point of this match, I'll release every bit of information in my possession. Am I understood?

Clement nods morosely.

If someone comes to your door, make an excuse to send them away. Until you and I speak again, you're off the grid. Once again, am I understood?

Clement nods again.

Bianchi: Good. Then I think we're done here. Congratulations on taking the PWC to another pay-per-view, and I do hope we can have another sit down soon. I've been enjoying these meetings.

Bianchi gets to his feet and Clement quickly follows suit. To Bianchi's right, the Man in Black rises to his feet and extends his hand towards the flustered PWC Owner.

Bianchi's eyes raise in amusement and he nods towards Clement, who quickly takes the hand.

Man in Black:
It was a pleasure meeting you again, Mr. Clement.

Clement lets go of the hand as soon as he can.

Bianchi: Well, we've wasted enough of your time, Ernie. Oh and do tune in to my match later on. I think you might enjoy it.

Bianchi ushers his companion out of the office door and with one last look at Clement, he too takes his leave, closing the door behind him.



Thorn is out first, soaking in the adulation from the fans. Laser focused with Uncle Tommy several steps behind him. Bruce is all business, while Tommy is animated, big confident smile on his face as he is very proud his nephew is receiving this standing ovation.

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 238 pounds – BRUCE THORN JUNIOOOORRRR!

Chambers: You can see the adulation on Tommy Thorn’s face! This sort of ovation is reminiscent of his brother, Bruce Thorn when he was a World Champion. His son is now on that level. He has become one of the best fighters in the world, and he has proved that over the last month in wars with Bianchi and Nero.

Rowe: However, he steps in the ring with a man as equal in skill as himself and those you just mentioned- the returning Ivory. This is going to be war and these two men will be sharpening steel!

Sliding under the bottom rope and climbing the turnbuckles he looks out at the sea of fans who are blowing the roof off for this man.


Green laser beams atop the massive stage search for life as Ivory returns to PWC! His face pops up on the screen, his head drawn downward in a stoic pose. As the guitars kick in, the beams flitter frantically about the arena.

Chambers: And here he is! We last saw this man taking his body and the at the time World Champion, Donald Hammerpunch to the absolute limit. Many wrestling experts around the globe described that match as one of the greatest of all time, and that it was like those old stories of horses running until their hearts explode in their chests to achieve their goals.

Rowe: Many thought Ivory had done just that, he gave his entire life force to winning the championship and when he came up short he had to have time off to heal his body. He is back and listen to this ovation!

The fans go crazy for this anti-hero, this rebel. Ivory strolls down the ramp, his hat on backwards, his sunglasses shielding his eyes from the camera flashes and the giant lasers that showcase his return back to the squared circle. Ivory enters the ring and slowly and methodically steps through the ropes. He sizes up the bigger man standing in front of him, who is ready to pounce like a great cat.


The bell rings, the crowd explodes, it’s almost 50/50 in the building. They go to tie-up, but Ivory walks away. Ivory looks to trying to make a fool out of Thorn. The big man is jumping out of his skin to fight, while Ivory plays mind games. The two men set themselves again… Another Ivory fake on the tie-up! Thorn is livid and explodes and Ivory is ready backing away and dropping the top rope down. Thorn can’t stop his momentum and ends up spilling onto the floor!

Thorn lands with a thud on his hip and he grasps at it. Ivory with a sneer, sees his opportunity, he hops on the apron and when the big man gets to his feet the Lord of Dankness runs the apron and hits a Shooting Star Press! He feeds off the crowd’s energy.. “I’m back baby!”

Ivory slams Thorn into the guardrail and tees off with a stomp to the gut and a chop to the chest. He pretends to light up an imaginary spiff and then explodes off his heels driving his fist (with the imaginary joint into the face of Thorn Jr. Thorn is then rolled back in and Ivory continues to soak up the energy of being back in a sold out arena, when he takes his eye off the ball and an enraged Thorn lays in a big boot! Ivory is smashed and his whole body flies off the apron and he crashes onto the guardrail!!!! His spine rams hard and his body contorts with the pain.

Thorn gathers himself in the ring as referee Roger Hains starts to count. But Thorn has not challenged Ivory just to get a count out. He rolls out, stops the count and then rolls ivory back in. He stomps his feet and demands Ivory get up. The Syracuse native rolls into the corner trying to create distance from the raging bull that is Thorn Jr. Bruce lays in some heavy knees on the downed man, and then brings him to his feet by [yanking his hair. Hains admonishes the move but Thorn quickly transitions into delivering a side walk slam!

1..2… Ivory kicks out. Bruce knows he wasn’t going to win with that move, but he’s just sending a message. He pushes Ivory into the corner, delivering a few forearm smashes to the temple, but Ivory lashes out with a kick to the knee. The same knee Nero attacked the entire match only a few days prior to this match.
Ivory stays on the attack, stomping away at the leg and dropping elbows to inflict more damage. He whips Thorn into the corner, SUPERKICK! Thorn drops like a sack of potatoes straight down in a seated position on the mat. Ivory has come alive suddenly and explodes to the other side of the ring to get a run delivering a big Hesitation Dropkick! Ivory pulls Thorn out of the corner and makes the cover with a deep hook of the leg!

1! 2! Thorn rolls the shoulder.

Referee Roger Hains shows Ivory it was only two, and he gives Hains a little shove. Ivory is back to the vulnerable knee now while he puts a hand to his lower back, still trying to work through the pain from sailing onto the guard rail. Thorn gets to his feet and tries to fight back, but Ivory rakes his eyes, swings his leg towards Hains, who has no choice but to catch it, and then dropkicks the knee!!!!

Thorn is hurting. Hains admonishes the cocky prick Ivory once more, but the dank fans are lapping this up, while the Thorn fans are hating this. Ivory looks for a modified Indian Deathlock but Thorn quickly gets to the ropes. Ivory keeps it on and Hains quickly makes the count.

Ivory gets up and gets in the Hains’s face again, trying to intimidate him in this match. Ivory now boot-brushes the face of Thorn! Trying to get under his skin… Really trying to humiliate him. From his knees, BIG forearm by Thorn!!! Ivory is stunned, another forearm by Thorn! Ivory pulls back and kicks Thorn in the knee. Dropkick to Thorn’s leg, forcing him to hop backwards. Ivory hits the ropes but Thorn cuts him off with a big Lariat of his own! Thorn hits a flurry of big forearms which ends with a big discuss lariat!

1..2…. Ivory kicks out!

Thorn hits a scoop slam and drops an elbow to the heart. Instead of making the cover, Thorn takes the time to survey the damage to his knee. He rolls away and tries to walk off the numbness that seems to be settling in. Ivory holding his chest gets to his feet as Thorn comes at him. Ivory lashes out with another kick to Thorn’s knee, but this time Thorn side steps this and hits a side suplex exploder! Ivory lands on his head! Thorn now calls for the finish.
Thorn in Your Side… NO Blocked!

Ivory elbows out of the move, creates distance and nails another superkick! Thorn though no sells the shot roars and hits a big lariat turning Ivory inside out!

The fans pop! Thorn basically falls on Ivory… 1….2….. Kickout!

Both men get to a vertical base and Ivory looks to drag Bruce with him so he can try for a tornado DDT using the ropes, but he’s propped outside with his left leg dangling like bait back into the ring. A dragon screw leg whip by Thorn stops Ivory cold, popping his ligaments like the tab on a snapback! Thorn seems to have picked up a trick or two from his wars with Nero! It is now Ivory’s knee that seems to be in trouble! Then drags him back into the centre of the ring with a delayed vertical suplex. The blood runs to the head and with the fans behind him he slams the body of Ivory to the mat! The fans come alive again as Thorn sets for the spear in the corner.

Ivory turns, Thorn explodes but at the last second, he moves and Thorn ends up driving his shoulder into a corner turnbuckle!!!!!!!

Ivory quickly ascends the corner as Thorn flops to the ground. Top rope double foot stomp to the heart!!

Hook of the leg!! 1…..


Thorn kicks out!!!

Ivory rolls off away and has seemed to have really hurt his knee with that move. He put everything into it, and now he may have paid the price. Thorn on the mat is spitting up bile and possibly blood, but he’s still in this match as he clutches at his chest.

Both men roll to opposite sides of the ring and use the ropes to get back up. Ivory hobbles over and starts laying in some big forearm shots and starts going after Thorn’s knee again with kicks, but this time Thorn front-kicks Ivory’s knee and he has to back away. Thorn hops out of the corner and kicks Ivory in the styomach douybling him over allowing him to apply the butterfly suplex and executing it perfectly!! Thorn now mounts Ivory and lays in some heavy shots which Hains is quick to stop. The adrenaline is now running through both guys as they get to their feet. Big swing from Thorn, and Ivory is able to counter and nail a German suplex! Thorn though roars calling his fighting spirit and gets up and swings widly again. Ivory ducks again and Thorn is nailed with a PELE kick form outtanowhere!!

Thorn drops to the mat and Ivory hits a standing moonsault!! 1…

KICKOUT! Ivory gets back up, but that moonsault took away his knee now and he drops to the mat… wide eyed he knows he his body has just made him wide open, and Thorn quickly getting up, doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger… MULE KICK!




Ivory kicks out!

Thorn deadlifts Ivory for a gutwrench suplex, but his knee now gives out! Both men are now on their knees and they start pummelling each other with forearms, open palm strikes… back and forth, back and forth!!! The fans are on their feet, even though these two men aren’t!

Thorn the slightly bigger man has the heavier shots and Ivory has to retreat by rolling away. Thorn gets to his feet, but Ivory from on the mat lashes out kicking the injured knee. Thorn again drops to his knee… Ivory rolls up and nails a step up enzaguri!!! Thorn is on dream street… Ivory with a Shining Wizard!


Ivory looks for a kneebar… Thorn though in his wars with Nero is able to quickly escape the hold this time rolling his body and kicks at the grasp with his healthy leg. Thorn transitions the hold genius-ly into a Texas Cloverleaf!!! Ivory cries out in pain, but he pounds at Thorn’s knee and the hold is released. The two men get to their feet, and with a rush of blood, explode off their heels and a double clothesline knocks both men out!!! Hains must count both men…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!

The crowd is rabid as both guys hobble to their feet. Slingblade form Thorn!!! Ivory gets to his feet – SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans are on their feet, Thorn calls for the end. THORN IN YOUR SIDE!!!!



NO!!! Thorn kicks out at 2 and 99/100s!!!

Forearm by Thorn, forearm by Ivory, forearm by Thorn, forearm by Ivory, forearm by Thorn, forearm by Ivory – the crowd is roaring with each shot – they trade six more forearms, kick to Thorn’s leg, kick to Ivory’s leg, kick to Thorn’s leg, kick to Ivory’s leg, four more exchanges and Ivory ends the game with a low dropkick to Thorn’s leg to put him down! Holy farrrrk!!!

Ivory has the advantage, but in his haste walks straight into THORN IN YOUR SIDE!!!


He kicked out at 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THORN IN YOUR SIDE with a twist and with authority!!!!!!!


Mason: Here is your winner - BRUCE THORN JR!

Chambers: It’s over, it’s over… my god, what a match!

Thorn finally gets to his feet and has his hand raised by Hains. The fans are all on their feet cheering. Applauding the efforts of not only Thorn but Ivory as well. Tommy jumps into the ring and raises his nephew’s hand again to a another huge ovation form the fans. The exhausted Thorn allows himself a smile as he beats his chest and soaks in the victory.

He calls for the microphone. Although gasping for a breath, he makes his statement.

Thorn: Whether it’s Crowley or Shadow who walks out tonight the World title… I’m coming for you …. that title’s mine… I will be PWC… Heavyweight Champion of the World!


Thorn looks to the heavens, looking up at his Father… knowing he is ready.


??? followed the excited crowd as they strode into the The Air Canada Centre in Toronto for PWC Desolation. He took a deep breath as he watched the thousands of PWC fans all around him. LUCAS HAWTHORNE looked around to find the right entrance to take. He looked down at the card Barney Williams had given him. He had hoped to find Barney here today especially after his great win over Jake Masterson on the last episode of Vortex but unfortunately Masterson had cowardly taken out the PWC favourite, a truly despicable act. Hawthrone had since been unable to contact the Texan who was still nursing injuries.

The knot in his stomach twisted tighter. He had turned down Williams’ offer to recruit and mentor him when they had met at his local indie a little while ago but had since changed his mind. What if that offer was off the table now? Again he looked around the massive Air Canada Centre and saw a member of the backstage crew with a headset on.

Hawthorne: Afternoon, Name's Lucas Hawthorne.

Hawthorne reached out with a warm and friendly handshake to greet the crew member. The crew member greeted him in kind.

Hawthorne: You wouldn’t by any chance know where I could find a ugh.. Brittany Page, would you?

The crew member looked the man over suspiciously. Hawthorne shrugged and realized what a fool he must look asking to see Brittany Page out of the blue like this.

Hawthorne: I’m a friend of Barney Williams. He said he could get me a meeting with her so I could finally join PWC, as a wrestler you know?

The bemused backstage crew member's face lit up obviously thrilled at the thought of meeting another new PWC star.

Crew Member: Well, maybe I could let you in, everyone loves Barney around here.

The two make their way through the backstage area with Hawthorne regaling the crew member with tales of his native Australia and how excited he was to be here in PWC. Finally the two come upon Brittany Page in deep discussion with one of PWC’s biggest rising stars, Jacob Bianchi. The two are leaning towards each other in a hushed exchange with Hawthorne standing at a distance not wanting to disturb the conversation. They finally conclude their discussion with Bianchi nodding towards PWC’s first lady and letting out a devilish smile before swaggering away. He passes by Hawthorne and doesn’t give the man a second look, brushing past his shoulder and continuing on his way. Hawthorne glares at the Italian for a moment before focusing his attention on the reason he came to Toronto, Brittany Page and a chance to compete in PWC. Page is suddenly swamped by crew members and assistants all eager to get work done but Hawthorne knows this may be his only chance to have a one on one conversation with one of PWC’s top officials so he approaches anyway.

He stands off to the side trying to get her attention with Page, furiously signing and ordering around her staff. Finally Hawthorne

takes the initiative and approaches her.

Hawthorne: Hey, uhhh… Miss Brittany Page, correct? I’m Lucas Hawthorne. A professional wrestler. I’m a friend of Barney Williams. He said he could get me a try out here in PWC.

Page ignores him.

Hawthorne: Ah, Miss Page, I’m...

Page looks up disdainfully and then towards her assistants.

Page: What did I say about letting these low lives backstage off the street?

Hawthorne: Miss Page, I’m no low life, I’m a professional wrestler, a friend of Barney Williams, if you give me a moment I can show you my résumé….all I want is a try out match. I want to earn my way here.

Page: I don’t care who he is. I want him out of here right now. I don’t have time for this.

Page ignores Hawthorne, motions to one of her assistants and takes her leave. A dejected Lucas Hawthorne is greeted by some more backstage crew who look to usher him away. But before they do, the crew member who first helped him find Miss Page stops them.

Crew Member: Come on guys. The poor guy just got eviscerated by Miss Page, we all know how that feels.

The crew members exchanges glances.

Crew Member: Let him at least watch the rest of the show.

They nod to each other with one of them pointing out that Hawthorne was his responsibility now.

Crew Member: He’ll be fine.

Lucas Hawthrone gives the crew member a grateful pat on the back.

Hawthorne: Thanks lad, well I never asked your name.

Crew Member: I’m Jimmy.

Hawthorne: Thanks Jimmy. I really wanted this, but Miss Page.....

She’s always like that. Maybe if we waited until after the show she’ll be in a better mood, in the meantime enjoy the show. Just make sure to stay out of sight of her for now.

Lucas nodded gratefully as the scene fades out.


The Air Canada Centre comes to life as we get a sweeping shot of the entire arena, flying over the sold out crowd with many fans in the audience excitedly waving at the camera. A graphic then pops up with the Television Title match. The cameras pan around the arena again before hovering around the ring and then pointing straight up as we see the gigantic steel cage hung over the ring. The ominous structure slowly begins to lower as we hear the voices of Stan Chambers and Sondra Rowe at the announce desk in the background.

Chambers: Get ready ladies and gentlemen. Next, we’ve got the Television title match against two men who gone back and forth in some of the most personal ways.

Rowe: It’s more like Remy Dieu doing absolutely everything he can to destroy Jensen’s life. First, taking his Television title, then brainwashing his best friend, not to mention that creepy situation with his sister.

Chambers: It all comes down to tonight where the Healer as they call him faces the biggest challenge of his highly successful TV Title reign against the former champion in this, a Steel Cage match.

Referee Roger Hains motions for the cage to descend and as it does, Jensen music begins to play.


Emma Mason introduces the match at ringside.

Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the PWC Television title. Introducing first, the Challenger, from Portland Oregon, weighing in at 217lbs, Jensen.

The Pines starts blaring across the arena. After some time Jensen appears from behind the curtains with his arms outstretched to embrace the crowd. He looks up at the ring as the cage slowly lowered to the ground before finally coming to a halt. Jensen nervously makes his way towards the massive structure, clearly in awe. He goes around ringside making sure to high five the fans before finally coming to the door where the official on the outside, Referee Gwen Jeffers opens the door for him. Once he steps into the ring he pauses for a few seconds then the lights dim to a blue/purple hue. His jacket then lights up revealing an assortment of colors as he poses in the center of the ring with steel all around him.

Chambers: This is a huge moment for Jensen. I know the chance to regain the Television Title means so much to him.

The TV Title is a huge motivating factor for Jensen, right but let’s not forget the absolute personal disdain he has for Remy Dieu after everything he’s done to him.

Jensen feels the cage around him, touching the steel and feeling his way around the structure when the music of Remy Dieu starts to play.


Mason: And his opponent, weighing in at 285lbs, from Parts Unknown, he is the PWC Television Champion, Remy Dieu.

Remy Dieu makes his way on stage, as the lights deem with his ghostly lantern shining the way. Dieu sports a wide grin on his face, as he looks down at the Television title around his waist. The Healer slowly makes his way down to the ring as he too eyes the massive structure that awaits him. Dieu motions for Jeffers to open the cage door with the referee obliging. He points towards Hains in the ring who motions for Jensen to give Dieu space to enter through the door. The Healer lays his lantern on the floor outside, takes off his Hawaiian shirt, straw hat and precious PWC Television title before he enters. When he gets into the ring, Dieu falls on his knees in front of Jensen and prays with the Challenger unmoved. He stands up and looks straight at the Jensen and then towards the camera with his back turned towards his foe, as he reaches his hand out, Dieu's way of connecting to his followers through the television screen.

Chambers: This strange charismatic individual has wreaked havoc since his PWC debut, winning the Television title and making Jensen’s life a living hell.

Rowe: He’s a dangerous man, Stan. A huge man with incredible power and skill. I’m a huge Jensen fan but I fear the worst for him in that structure with that animal.

Hains orders both men to stand ready as the match is about to get underway.


Dieu and Jensen circle each other, reaching out to the other man and feeling things out. Jensen quickly goes for the leg pick on the larger man but Dieu stands his ground and easily pushes him away. Unperturbed the Portland native circles once more, slips in to make another pick but quickly rolls away again to evade the big man’s grasp. The Champion lets out a little smile, knowing Jensen’s strategy here is to stay away from his power.

Dieu: You can’t run forever Jensen, we’re trapped in here, you and I. Like two wild animals in this cage of death.

Jensen: I’m not. I’ll never run from you.

Jensen leaves his feet and throws himself at Dieu with all his might. The big man stumbles backwards before regaining his footing again only for Jensen to fire off with a hard kick to the shin with Dieu not even flinching after the first shot but the determined Challenger fires off another, this time forcing his foe to bend down and clutch his leg in pain. Jensen sees his chance, he fires off another kick this time to the shoulder and another to the now unprotected leg, with a spin kick to the mid-section to finish off his flurry. Dieu is backpedalling now but the Challenger won’t let up. He hits the ropes and coming flying in with a basement dropkick taking down his foe to one knee. Again the quick footed challenger runs the ropes comes back one more time with the running dropkick, this time to the chest taking Dieu off his feet. The crowd erupt at the sight of the big man leaving his feet with Jensen punching the air in delight. He fires up the crowd feeding off their energy as he engulfs his foe and begins a barrage of hard left and right hands to the prone Champion. Remy knows he’s in trouble and uses his strength to push Jensen off him. He tries to push himself back up to his feet but again the Challenger shows his lightning fast skills as he hits the ropes and comes flying in with another dropkick this time to the head. With Remy down Jensen makes the cover but the big man is still too strong with an authoritative kick out before referee can even get down to make the count.

The Challenger nods his head almost in acceptance of the mammoth tusk that awaits him in the form of trying to keep Dieu down. He bounces up and goes to attack his foe once more, but this time Dieu is ready. He grabs Jensen by the leg and pulls taking the man off his feet. The Portland native tries to roll up and find his feet but the big man shows his own speed as he finds a vertical base first and comes flying in with a full body block, squashing Jensen under his enormous two hundred and eighty five pound frame much to the displeasure of the capacity crowd. Jensen grabs his chest in pain but Dieu isn’t finished there. He hooks his foe in both his arms and deadlifts the man up with ease. The Healer has a sick smile on his face as he transitions Jensen in his arms and sets in into the powerbomb position before locking the man’s head and nailing the Challenger with the Alley Oops, his fallaway powerbomb. Jensen clutches his back in pain with Dieu pinning his head to the floor with the bottom of his boot taunting him as he does.

Dieu: Now your hell begins, Jensen.

The Healer grabs his foe by the ears and pulls him violently to his feet. He laughs as he does with his eyes filled with malice. He pulls him to his feet, grabs him by the back of the head and sends him head first into the steel cage. Jensen bounces off viciously with Dieu loving every minute of it. He picks up his foe once more with Jensen trying to fight out only to receive a hard knee shot to the gut that quells any rally he had in mind before Dieu sends him for another ride into the steel head first. The crowd let out a grasp as they witness the fan favourite meeting the steel in such a violent manner.
The Healer bends down to look in his foe’s eye. Jensen’s face is covered in blood, a cut sustained from going head first into the steel.

Remy extends out his hands, feeling the love or lack thereof from all in attendance. He places his boot into the back of Jensen’s head and pushes him against the cage, rubbing his boot back and forth and grating the flesh of his foe into the unforgiving steel. The cage turns red, stained by Jensen’s crimson mask. Dieu picks up his foe and shows his face to the world, delighting in the horror from the crowd as Jensen's face is almost completely covered in blood. Dieu again grabs the back of Jensen’’s head and smashes the cut on his forehead with unprotected closed fist shots, one blow after the other he goes to town on his foe as he looks to open up the wound further and impair the Challenger’s vision. He tucks Jensen’s head underneath his arm and then drops him down with the DDT, spiking the Challenger’s head into the mat. Jensen is almost lifeless on the floor with Remy making the cover. Hains slides in to make the count.



Kickout! The former TV Champion kicks out in time with Remy's facial expression almost that of happiness as he revels in the destruction of his rival. He takes the point of his elbow and digs into the wound once more, rubbing it back and forth and torturing the Challenger. Jensen tries to fight back, punching the big man in the mid-section but Dieu bats that away and head-butts the man square in the face knocking him right back down. Dieu picks up his fallen enemy, gazes out upon the steel surrounding them and then lifts him up in the air in the Gorilla Press position. The crowd hold their breath as the smiling Dieu walks around the ring with Jensen up in the air at his mercy. He looks towards the steel and takes a running start before throwing Jensen right into the cage. The cage moves as Jensen’s body hits the steel with extreme force. Dieu isn’t finished. Again he picks up his foe, lifts up up like he was nothing in a Gorilla press, looks to the opposite side of the ring and flings the man recklessly into the steel. Jensen’s body hits the steel once more, this time marks from the steel, lining up and down his frame. The Healer pulls Jensen over and makes another cover, this time with the point of his elbow in his face. The official makes the count.



Kickout! Again the Challenger rolls his shoulder out at two, this time with much less force. Dieu points down at his fallen foe, his hands stained with his blood. The Healer wipes his hands on his white pants, his crimson finger prints about them. He takes his knee and drives it into Jensen’s throat, forcing down the pressure and choking his fallen foe. Referee Roger Hains tries to reason with Dieu over his extreme force but the Healer reminds the official that he can’t be disqualified.

Dieu: I can do whatever I want to you, Jensen.

He points towards the crowds again.

Dieu: See this! See your false idol, watch how I destroy those precious looks of his. Watch as I unmask him and his kind to the world.

The Healer mounts Jensen now, he measures his fist to the gaping wound on his forehead and tees off with hard right hands to the temple. Jensen can’t even defend himself at the moment with many in the crowd looking away in horror. Referee Roger Hains warns the Challenger to protect himself and that he can’t let the match continue this way. Dieu talks to Jensen with every blow, almost in ecstasy at the carnage is he creating.

Dieu: Do you hear that Jensen? They don’t believe in you anymore. No one can save you from me. You’re mine now, and I will destroy you.

The Champion stands up, and then boots the Challenger right in the gut, driving the air form his body. He hits the ropes and comes flying in with the senton.

Suddenly, Dieu looks at the door. He could walk out right now and end the match, but he doesn’t. This is about destroying Jensen and everything he stands for. The Healer picks up his foe once more, pawing him and taunting him all the while. He looks at the cage again and lifts Jensen up one more time. Again the big man goes to throw the Challenger against the cage but NO! Jensen has life. He slips out of the man’s grasp and turns it into a DDT. Dieu’s head spikes into the blood stained mat. Jensen is down with Remy with him. He tries to will himself to his feet but his strength is almost gone after losing so much blood. He crawls towards the ropes and uses them to pull himself off the mat. Remy shakes off the cobwebs and tries to do the same. Jensen feels at the top of his head and looks down at his hands. They come away crimson red.

Suddenly the PWC fan favourite’s expression changes. He grits his teeth, his eyes full of fury. Remy slowly makes his way to his feet only to meet a roaring Jensen. With a sudden rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins he fights through the pain. He swarms all over Remy punching, kicking, elbowing and hitting the man with anything he can. He pushes Dieu backwards and into the corner before letting rip with a barrage of close fist shots. Remy is covering up, shocked at the sudden comeback from his foe. The Air Canada Centre lets out a huge roar to welcome Jensen’s comeback. This time it’s his turn to grab Remy by the back of his head. He pulls the big man with him and sends him right into the steel head first. Dieu bounces off the cage and flips back up to his knees. Jensen hits the ropes and nails the man with a running drop kick to the head.

The Champion is stunned. He slowly picks himself back up to his feet and touches at his own forehead. His hands come away with blood. Jensen has busted Remy’s head wide open.

The Challenger and Champion lock eyes again with Jensen’s fury bubbling up. He roars once more and nails Remy with a running knee to the face then hits the ropes and comes crashing down with a snap elbow drop to his heart. The Healer is in a world of trouble as the bloodied star looks to exact his revenge after months of frustration. He mounts Remy and goes to town himself with massive blows to his blood soaked face. Its elbows to the nose, punches to the temple and a barrage of unbelievable brutality from Jensen. Referee Roger Hains shakes his head, this time it’s Remy who he is worried about, as the Champion takes one unprotected shot after the other.

Remy tries to fight back. He uses his enormous strength to push Jensen off of him and try to get away but the Challenger won’t let him. He kicks his arm in disgust, pulls him to his feet, grabs a wrist and hits the ripcord Slingblade to a massive pop from the audience. Jensen pulls Remy close and hooks the leg for the cover.



Thr…Kickout! Roger Hains signals the two count with Jensen shocked that his foe had the strength to kick out. He looks at the door himself, knowing he could win right now but shakes his head. This is about more than just winning, this is about making sure Remy reign of terror ends forever. He stands over Remy as the big man pulls himself towards the rope and stomps on his fingers, then kicks him the mouth. The Healer spits a mouthful of blood before looking up at Jensen with almost childlike delight.

Dieu: Yes, yes. You feel it, don’t you? Let it take over your soul, let the hate in, Jensen. Feel it engulf you and take over every fibre of your being. I knew you always had it in you.

The Challenger looks horrified. He steps away from Remy shaking his head in disgust.

Jensen: No I won’t, I won’t let you make me something I’m not.

The Portland native looks at the door again and walks towards it, ready to end this match right now. Remy’s eyes light up. He pounces to his feet and jumps Jensen with both men locked in a struggle to survive, first Remy gets the upper hand and mounts Jensen as he looks to beat him down but then the Challenger gets the advantage as he looks to do the same. Remy twists his massive frame and turns Jensen around and locks in the healing Touch, engulfing Jensen’s head in his massive hand. The Portland native, knows the danger he faces and immediately grabs Remy’s arm and counters, and transitions into the Gold Front Necktie, his version of the Peruvian Necktie. It's a deadly move Jensen hasn’t used in a long time.

Remy is trapped, he has nowhere to go. The Challenger wrenches down on the pressure looking to choke out his foe. Remy is fading and even if he made it to the ropes, it wouldn’t break the hold. Suddenly boos engulf the arena as the crowd look to the entrance ramp and see Hunter Jackson sprinting towards the ring.

Remy’s follower and Jensen’s former best friend tries to get in the door but both officials stand in the way and warn him off. He looks in the ring and sees his savior passing out and realizes he needs to act now. He immediately climbs the cage at the opposite side from the officials.

The crowd gasp as Hunter scales the cage looking to make his way into the ring. He’s almost at the top when Jensen sees him and realizes he must act himself. He releases the hold on Remy and climbs up. Hunter sees Jensen coming and stops at the top of the cage. Both men eye each other as Jensen reaches the top.

Jensen: Hunter, you don’t have to do this.

Jackson won’t hear a word, he calls for Jensen to attack, ready to fight. He throws a wild right hand. Jensen blocks and answers with one of his own. In the ring Remy Dieu sucks in air and pushes himself to his feet. Jackson tries to grab Jensen and block his way with his former friend having none of it. He nails Jackson with a big right hand knocking the man off the cage. Jackson sails through the air and hits the canvas in the ring, his body motionless.

Remy looks up at Jensen with the Challenger looking down on his foe. Jensen leaps off the top of the cage with the crowd stunned.

He comes crashing down on Remy with the crossbody block! Jensen grabs his midsection in pain but finds his feet. He pulls Remy into position and hits Censored Colors.



Three…It’s Over.



Chambers: After an brutal cage match, Jensen somehow managed to pull out the victory.

Rowe: That was hard to watch, Stan. Jensen got absolutely pummeled in there, undoubtedly the most violent match of his entire career. But it was definitely worth it as he stands here our Television Champion.

The cage rises as Roger Hains hands Jensen the TV title belt. The new Champion wipes the blood from his eyes and lifts the title belt up gingerly as he look down at his fallen enemies Remy Dieu and Hunter Jackson with almost a look of sadness on his face.


We come back to a shot of the beautiful Emma Mason donning a sparkly short, black dress as the cameras catch every beautiful feature Emma has. With a big smile on her face, she begins speaking…

Mason: The next match is for the LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP!

We get a shot of Jake Masterson and his entourage already outside of the ring…

Already at ringside, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 220 pounds, JAKE MASTERSON!

The commentary team is silent…


The crowd absolutely erupts for the “Spicy One.” Mr. Jalapeno arrives on the scene as he is greeted by “spicy” chants.

From the spiciest depths of the universe, weighing in at 200 pounds – MISTERRRR JALA-PENO!

“SPICY!” “SPICY!” “SPICY!” chants continue.

Rowe: Mr. Jalapeno may be one of the most peculiar characters we have on the PWC roster and that’s really saying something.

There’s no denying the talent he has. Plus, the crowd loves him. But he and Masterson have been engaging in warfare as the two cannot stand each other one bit.

Jalapeno is finally in the ring as he calls for the crowd to make more noise – to which, they obey and make more noise. Masterson isn’t impressed as Referee Artman motions for Masterson to get into the ring. Masterson obliges after a few moments. Artman is then handed the Legacy Championship from ringside as he shows the belt to both men before holding it up in the air.


The bell rings and referee Artman motions for both men to fight but both men stand stoic. In the corner of the shot, you can see Gage Grayson going to the side behind Jalapeno. He gets up on the apron as Jalapeno turns around. Both Jalapeno and referee Artman tell Gage to get down. With the distraction, Masterson turns to one of his Primtime Pets as they hand him what is seemingly some mace. With referee Artman still busy with Gage, Masterson turns Jalapeno around and sprays!

… but he sprays Gage instead! Jalapeno scores with go behind and rolls up Masterson – ONE! TWO! THREE!



Meanwhile, Jalapeno goes for a senton over the ropes and crashes onto Big Anthony.

What?! It’s over?!

Chambers: That’s what it looks like. Wow. What did we just witness?

Jalapeno gets back into the ring and turns Masterson around who was complaining to referee Artman that it was a fast count. He lifts Masterson and slams him down hard with the Jalapeno Slam! But Jalapeno was not done yet. He takes something out of his pocket… IT’S HOT SAUCE! THE CROWD GOES NUTS!!! He begins spilling some hot sauce all over Masterson who isn’t budging. Before long, it seems Jalapeno has written a word on Masterson’s abdomen. It reads… “BYE.”

Rowe: Boy, if I was Jake Masterson, it’d be a long time before I showed my face around PWC after a performance like that.

Chambers: I still can’t believe the match ended that quick! Nevertheless, the Legacy Championship has found a home with the “Spicy One.”

Referee Artman finally hands Jalapeno the Legacy Championship. The masked spicy man kisses the belt as he poses over Masterson.


Chambers: Now it’s time for what can only be described as a grudge match between two mirror images. They have been described as genius level intellects and are both renowned for their study and preparation of their opponents.

Rowe: There’s one difference though Stan, Nero is a former World Champion and done it all, Bianchi is still new to the game.


The lights go out and the all too familiar music gets a huge reaction. It’s mixed as this man has done some nefarious deeds over his career, but it seems the sold out crowd is siding with him, as it is indeed a more positive reaction than negative.

Out walks Nero’s troops holding their boss’s emblazoned insignia flags. The spotlight hits the top of the entrance as they all fall into formation. Ellie walks out first, as beautiful as ever, as she looks determined to possibly make an impact here tonight.

Rowe: And there’s the other card the good Doctor has up his sleeve, Nurse Ellie. I’m not sure if even an intellect like Bianchi can resist her charms, Stan.

Out walks Nero, dressed in his now famous black scrubs, his face covered in a surgical mask, with only his eyes peering out, he joins Ellie on top of the ramp and they both walk to the ring.

Chambers: This crowd has gotten behind Nero, it’s really quite interesting.

Rowe: The lesser of two evils I think, Stan. Bianchi has been making a name for himself since he exploded onto the scene. It’s funny how Nero can manipulate these sheep in the audience. I mean you shake a few hands, kiss a few babies and all of a sudden you’re everyone’s damn hero. PWC fans can be pathetic!

Nero is suddenly struck from behind! Ellie shrieks and Nero’s music stops. The crowd is a buzz!

It is one of Nero’s own guards!!! They have come out of position and has nailed Nero in the back of the head with the flag pole. The flag falls to the ground and the guard stands on it. As Nero grabs his head Ellie screams at the guard, “What do you think you’re doing???” The guard pulls a nightstick from his belt and bashes Nero in the kneecap and then in the back! The crowd is booing. The other guards start to leave. Ellie can’t believe what is happening here.

Nero is on one knee and is wincing as the guard stands behind him and then starts choking him! The match official runs over to the guard, but he is ignored. The guard chokes the life out of Nero, and then rolls him into the ring. The guard follows him in as the fans boo continuously. Finally, the guard removes his helmet and to no one’s shock – IT’S JACOB BIANCHI!

Nero is holding his throat and is coughing, his larynx has possibly been damaged. Bianchi has a big smile on his face as the thunderous boos and jeers rain down on him. He delivers a huge shot to Nero’s temple! Nero drops face first into the mat.

Chambers: Stop this Bianchi! You cowardly sonovabitch! This is why he had that talk with Clement earlier! He had this all figured out!

Referee Hains and some backstage official come from the back and yells at Bianchi. Bianchi keeps pacing back and forth ignoring them. Bianchi unzips the jacket and throws it at Nero who looks to be unconscious. Hains checks on Nero and tells Bianchi that it’s over. Bianchi asks for a microphone.

It’s over when I say it’s over, Hains! Now do your job and ring the bell.

He is doing his job Bianchi, you bastard! His job is to officiate and to ensure the safety and the wellbeing of the wrestlers. This is ludicrous!

Nero gets to his knees. Ellie tries to get in the ring, but Bianchi swings the nightstick at her keeping her on the floor. Nero tells the Hains to ring the bell. He says no way, but Nero grabs him by his shirt and orders him to ring the bell. Hains refuses and Bianchi like a vulture, swoops in and pulls Nero to his feet and sets him up for his most devastating move, one that is rarely seen… Lost in Transmission connects!!!! Nero’s whole body crashes down onto his neck and the back of his skull.

Out walks Brittney Page, “Ring the bell, time keeper. Ring it or it’s your job,” she shrieks.


Bianchi covers Nero.

The bell rings and she tells Hains from her safe position up on the ramp away from Ellie, “make the count!”

Hains shakes his head and slams the mat three times.

Bianchi immediately springs up and shouts over to Emma Mason to announce him as the winner.

Mason: And the winner of this match - JACOB BIANCHI...

Bianchi raises his hand in victory. Ellie finally slides into the ring and puts Nero’s head on her lap. Hains calls for the EMTs as Bianchi picks up the mic again.

Nero, Nero, Nero. You of all people know that I’m trying to achieve something here. Too smart for your own good, big man. Did you really think I’d risk it all, everything I’ve done up to this point, in a wrestling match with you? You, my friend are too dangerous to be left on the board. So I’m removing you from the playing field once and for all.

Ellie yells at Bianchi to shut up.

Bianchi: But don’t worry about your girlfriend, if she still wants a job, I’m sure I can find a position for her.

The EMTs arrive and place Nero on a stretcher. Bianchi laughs as they do it. The referees walk out and ask Bianchi to stay away, which he does. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Ellie accompanies Nero to the back. As they move, Brittney Page watches on smirking. Ellie loses it and she attacks the Page! The fans go crazy for the interaction as security pulls her off Page.

The audio picks up Page telling Ellie, “You’re fired bitch! You hear me!”

Ellie is dragged kicking and screaming to the back as Bianchi looks on from the ring with a huge smile on his face as we go to the commentary booth.

Chambers: That bastard, he was a coward. Bianchi knew he couldn’t beat Nero, so he orchestrated this whole plan to take him out.

Rowe: I don’t know what to say, Stan. But the record books will show Bianchi beat Nero.

Chambers: Well the record books are wrong because Bianchi cheated and everyone knows it.

Rowe: What about what Bianchi said? He said he’s setting something up. He’s worked hard to try and “achieve something here in PWC”. What do you think he means?

Bianchi has just robbed the fans of what could have been a classic, a real piece of history here in PWC. Godspeed to Nero and let’s hope he isn’t too hurt.

From Manchester, England - at the Manchester Area. PWC Presents...


As the cameras cut back to the arena, the fans quickly begin to boo loudly as Becca McKay walks out onto the stage, looking gorgeous in a tight black dress as she stops on the stage.

Chambers: Man, can this pay-per-view get any worse? We just witnessed a mauling that was hard to watch. Now, we have to deal with this. Please, make it stop.

Rowe: Comes with the job, Stan. Sometimes you see things you thought you’d never see. C’mon, we’ve got a job to do.

With a microphone in hand, Becca begins to speak.

Becca: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome back to PWC the love of my life and the greatest wrestler in PWC history, The Best Around, Austin Angel!


The fans boo even louder as Austin Angel walks out onto the stage in a pair of jeans and black t-shirt. Out behind him walks a large man covered in tattoos and two smaller men who look similar to each other minus one having long black hair and sideburns and the other having long blonde hair and being clean shaven. The group of five head down the ramp together. Upon reaching the bottom of the ramp, Austin jumps onto the ring apron and sits on the second rope. The three mysterious men slide under the bottom rope and Becca walks up the steps and steps into the ring through the ropes. Angel then walks in behind her and takes the mic from her outstretched hand.

Angel: That's right, you can boo me all you want but the fact of the matter is, I'm back after Ms. Page realized what's best for business and agreed to the terms of my new contract. What that means to you idiots is, I make more money than all of you do in a year combined, and a bunch of other things that are far beyond your brain power to understand the importance of.

The fans boo as Austin and Becca laugh and shake their heads at the reaction from the fans.

Angel: But I didn't come here alone, not only do I have my beautiful girlfriend Becca McKay, but our personal security guard Axl and band members Riley and Bret Elliott are here with us, as one of the many perks in my brand new contract!

Angel smirks as the big man crosses his arms while Angel too sweets Riley and Bret.

Angel: Now my goals haven't changed since you last saw me, I still have my eyes set on becoming a champion, but that's not all I want, no I want...everything. All the movie roles, all the championship gold, all the big perks that I've been passed over for in the past, I'm taking it all! Tonight is the beginning of Austin Angel's takeover of PWC and if anybody tries to get in my way, they can deal with my good friend Axl here.

Austin smirks as he pats Axl on the chest, and he nods in agreement.

Angel: I am The Best Around weather you idiots wanna admit it or not, and nothing is going to stop me from finally reaching my destiny of becoming a champion, a world famous rock star, a world famous movie star, and The Best Champion Around. But for now? For now I'm sick of being around you hosers, so me, my girl, and my new friends are leaving.

The fans boo loudly as Angel's new music kicks back up. The group of five all leave the ring and head back up the ramp.


We go backstage where we see an enraged Jake Masterson is incensed as he is lead into the backstage area by his entourage. He spins around and demands a drink, pulling a cup of water from a crew member’s hand, taking a gulp and then splitting it into his face.

Masterson: Give me a real drink damn it.

Gage Grayson tries to calm him down with Big Anthony equally as apologetic.

Gage: Listen boss, Mister Jalapeno just got lucky tonight. Wait until we get a rematch with that masked clown, you’ll show him.

The PrimeTime pets pull out towels and wave them towards Masterson.

Masterson: Did I say I was hot?

The fuming PrimeTime stomped away this time bumping into Jimmy, the stage hand that helped Lucas Hawthorne
earlier. The papers Jimmy was holding fall to the floor. With rage in his eyes Masterson, grabs the man by the neck and lifts him up.

Masterson: Are you blind or just stupid?

PrimeTime shakes the much smaller Jimmy in the air.

Masterson: I should beat you senseless right here for showing me that kind of disrespect.

Lucas Hawthorne, who is keeping to himself and enjoying the show, sees all this and immediately makes his way towards Masterson.

Hawthorne: First Barney last week, now this.

The Aussie rips Jimmy away from Masterson grasp and pulls him behind him.

Masterson: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Hawthorne: Me? What about you. You think you can go around treating people like this with no repercussions. Jimmy can’t defend himself so you try and have your way with him. The same way you cowardly attacked Barney Williams last week.


Hawthorne: Yeah, why not try that on someone who can defend themselves. Oh that’s right you did against Jalapeno and he just beat you for the Legacy title. Not only that, but he embarrassed you out there.

Masterson is boiling with rage as he balls up his fist and takes a swing. Hawthorne side steps and takes Masterson down with a roundhouse kick to the side of the temple!

The room goes quiet for a moment with Big Anthony and Gage Grayson in shock. Anthony finally finds his senses and immediately goes to defend his boss but Hawthorne is quicker as he glides forward and aims a kick towards the big man, taking him off of his feet. Gage Grayson cowers away in fear.

Page: What the hell is going on here?

It’s Brittany Page. She’s hot as well! (No really, she’s still boiling after Nurse Ellie attacked her). The PWC executive takes in her surroundings with a smiling Lucas Hawthorne standing over a downed Masterson and his entourage. She isn’t happy.

Page: What did I say about getting this guy out of my building, now look at what he’s done? Trying to ruin this great event I put together. Who’s responsible for him still being in the here?

The backstage crew are all terrified of Page with Jimmy in particular shaking his head in dismay. The young man looks to own up when Hawthorne holds him back.

Hawthorne: I stayed on my own Miss Page. I snuck back into the arena to watch the show.

Page: Well consider that the last PWC show you’ll ever watch. He’s banned from all future events.

Hawthorne: But, I’m a wres…

Page: For the last time I don’t care who you are. Now get him out of my building.

Page storms away with the backstage personal having no other choice but to escort Hawthorne away. The Aussie pats Jimmy on the back and thanks him for showing him some kindness as he is lead away with medical staff checking on the still out cold Masterson.


Rowe: I sure wouldn’t want to be around Ms. Page right now. She seems like she could snap at any moment. But nevertheless, what a show we’ve had so far, huh Stan? I know the pay-per-view has been a bit rough around the edges but there’s a lot to look forward to.

Chambers: While you’re right about that, Sondra, there definitely is a lot to be excited about. Despite all the shenanigans that have happened tonight, we have crowned two new champions. Jensen is our Television Champion and Mr. Jalapeno is our new Legacy Champion.

Rowe: But what’s up next is what takes the cake! Folks, up next is your main event of the evening. Let’s take a closer look at the rivalry that’s been going on between Shadow and our World Champion, who has recently been dubbed King of Darkness, King Crowley.

♪Hello darkness, my old friend♫

We cut to a scene with Shadow on a roof top overlooking the Toronto skyline. He stands over the city looking up at the lights with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes and we see a look of determination in them.

♪I've come to talk with you again.♫

Crowley sits atop his throne with his golden crown, that he melted from the prestigious PWC World title belt adorning his head. A cruel smile passes his lips as his followers one by one pay homage to their king. He waves a dismissive hand and stands with all kneeling before him.

♪Because a vision softly creeping.♫

We see shots of Crowley and Shadow competing throughout their PWC careers, each man winning a title. Crowley the World Heavyweight Title and Shadow the Legacy title.

♪Left its seeds while I was sleeping.♫

We see the first time Crowley and Shadow meet with the Dark Prophet Crowley attacking Shadow from the darkness with no warning. They have an all-out war on two different occasions, first at Last Rites where Crowley wins a close hard fought match and then at the Legacy Gauntlet match where Shadow wins another close match.

♪And the vision that was planted in my brain.♫

They stand before each other once more, one as number one contender and the other as Champion. Crowley smiles and it all goes dark again. We head to Crowley’s compound where we see Kyle, Shadow’s friend trapped by the King of Nightmares. The Dark Warrior Shadow saves his friend and sees the light.

♪Still remains♫

Each man heads into the Air Canada Centre. Crowley flanked by his followers and Shadow on his own. They look up at the sign in front of them, PWC Desolation.

♪Within the sound of silence.♫

Crowley stands with his crown on his head, opposite him Shadow ready for battle. The Desolation graphic flashes on screen before a shot of Crowley’s crown is shown with the main event tagline at the bottom for the World Heavyweight Title.
The Air Canada Centre is abuzz as Emma Mason and Senior Official Gil Artman make their way to the center of the ring with a lone spotlight shining down onto Emma. She dazzles in a pale blue dress studded with swarovski crystals as she lifts the microphone to her lips and begins the introductions.

Mason: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is your main event of the evening for the World Heavyweight Championship and is scheduled for one fall.

The arena lets out a huge roar as Mason points to the top of the stage with the spotlight almost following her finger towards that direction.

Chambers: Can you feel it, Sondra?

Rowe: The energy in the building is palpable, Stan. I can’t really describe it. This feeling of finality to one of the greatest rivalries we’ve ever seen in PWC.

There’s no disputing that. These two men have fought eachother time after time in some classic matches with massive stakes.

And it’s all lead to this very moment, with the biggest prize of them all at stake.


The lights in the Air Canada Centre fade out as Tyrants begins. The eerie intro echoes throughout the building with the crowd ready to explode. A very dim light illuminates the stage, ramp and ring area as smoke fills the stage. Suddenly the song kicks in with a heart stopping beat that sends a roar across the arena. A huge bright white light flashes and the smoke is blown away as two bolts strike the stage. Shadow is knelt down on the stage facing the floor. A sole follow light shines upon him. He slowly raises his head before signalling to his waist to all around him, he’s here to become Champion today. He then rises to his feet and begins to pace menacingly towards the ring, his presence clear to all around him. He walks around the ring to the far right ring post and climbs up it from the outside with the crowd flashing with a million little light bulbs as they snap those pics of the PWC favourite. He takes down his hood and raises his right arm up with the crowd roaring in time, before he hops into the ring and nods towards Emma Mason and Referee Gil Artman. He removes his jacket and drops it out of the ring. The lights come up and he crouches in the corner, his eyes locked on the entrance ramp.

Chambers: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Shadow this focused.

He has to be. This is Crowley we’re talking about, one of the most dominate Champions we’ve ever seen.

Chambers: Oh absolutely but Shadow looks different tonight, he has this air of confidence about him, like this is his time and he’s ready to take it.

Rowe: We’ve seen many a man’s confidence sap away when faced with the King of Nightmares. I want to see the look in Shadow’s eyes when he comes face to face with his nemesis.


The stage fills with smoke as darkness descends on the Air Canada Centre. An eerie silence fills the crowd before they let out a chorus of boos as Crowley slowly steps out from behind the curtain. He goes to stand at the top of the stage. He wears a red cloak with the sleeves cut away, with large steel spikes coming out of the shoulders and with his glittering gold crown shining in the darkness around him. Suddenly his ghouls appear from either side of him and slowly make their way down the entrance ramp. They line up at either side of the ramp and then raise up torches, lighting flaming guard of honor for their King.

Crowley moves down the ramp slowly, his eyes locked on Shadow in the ring. Shadow shows no fear as he stands up and moves towards the centre ready to meet his adversary. Crowley looks towards his servants at either side of him and motions for them to leave. The cloaked figures bow their heads and leave, with Shadow shocked in the ring at the departure of Crowley’s ghouls.

Chambers: Incredible. It looks like Crowley is going to go it alone here.

Rowe: This means one thing, Crowley wants to end this with Shadow once and for all. No questions, zero doubt about who the better man is.

The King of Nightmares makes his way into the ring, his eyes still locked on his eternal rival.

Rowe: It’s hard to describe just how bone chilling Crowley’s presence is. But this is all psychological warfare to him, he uses intimidation in such a way that most of his matches are won before the first punch is thrown.

But Shadow is different, right? He’s faced all this before.

Rowe: I’d agree with that, he knows he can beat Crowley too, because he’s done it before, one of the few people on the planet who could boast that feat.

Crowley strips off his cloak and throws it into the air. He takes off his crown and gives it to Gil Artman. He walks up to Shadow who does not take a step back and waits for the man in the centre of the ring. Both men stand face to face with the crowd in raptures, excited by the prospect of these two warriors locking up. Emma Mason hesitantly steps forward to deliver the introductions.

Mason: Ladies and Gentleman, this is your main event of the evening! Introducing first, from…

Before Emma can complete her sentence Crowley throws the first punch with Shadow responding in kind. Mason leaves the ring as quickly as she can with Gil Artman shrugging and calling for the bell to ring and signalling for the start of the match.

These two can’t wait, they won’t wait. This is it, Crowley vs Shadow III. It’s for all the marbles, for all the prizes, for all the gold. Let’s do this.


The crowd explode into noise and immediately boo every blow from Crowley and cheer fervently for every blow from Shadow. Both men go blow for blow, shot for shot, nailing each other with reckless force. Crowley finds the momentum first, he smashes Shadow with a series of right hands and pushes the man back. But the Challenger fires himself up and roars back with a series of right hands of his own and not only pushes back Crowley but has the Champion covering up. The crowd can’t believe, they let out a roar of approval and chant Shadow's name in unison. The atmosphere is incredible as Shadow eyes go wide, his heart racing, the adrenaline pumping through his veins. The Challenger is on a tear, he pushes back Crowley all the way to the ropes with his vicious attack. The Champion is defenceless as Shadow goes to town, with one right hand after the other. The Dark Warrior grabs the back of Crowley’s head and smashes the man with a barrage unlike anything we’ve ever seen from him before. Crowley is stuck on the ropes with his foe stepping back before hitting the opposite ropes with all his momentum. He comes roaring back in with a clothesline that takes Crowley over the top rope and to the floor.

The Challenger looks out into the sold out Air Canada Centre who find their feet. Crowley is struggling to his feet on the floor with his foe hopping up and down in the ring. He points to Crowley on the outside and hits the ropes again, clearly looking to hit his signature suicide dive, bit NO! Crowley slips back into the ring underneath the bottom rope before Shadow can take to the air. The Challenger stops in his tracks only for Crowley to hit the ropes and take him off his feet with a lariat of his own. The shot sends Shadow inside out and off his feet. Crowley takes a deep breath and looks down on his foe with hatred and indignation. He points to crown now resting on a red pillow on a podium next to the ring. He’s the King of PWC, the King of Nightmares and the King of the World as he sees it.

He pulls his nemesis to his feet and shouts in his face, saliva spraying from his mouth like a feral dog. He drives his knee into the gut of the Challenger doubling the man over in pain but Crowley won’t give him a chance to recover. He pulls him to his feet once more and this time slaps him across the face. This almost seems to wake Shadow up, he breaks Crowley’s hold of him and returns the favour with a slap of his own.

Both men stare each other down. They come together, forehead to forehead, seething with hatred and the will to be the best. Again they go at it and exchange right hands. This time the cerebral Champion ducks one of Shadow’s blows, hits the ropes behind him and goes for another lariat, but Shadow ducks underneath. Crowley hits the ropes once more and comes flying in, his opponent sees him coming and blocks it with a big boot to the forearm that forces the Champion to grab his arm in pain. Shadow leaps into the air and goes for the standing Enzuigiri but Crowley ducks underneath. Shadow springs to his feet but Crowley tries to meet him with an Enzuigiri of his own. The New Yorker arches his back and ducks again with Crowley connecting with nothing but fresh air. Shadow kips up and goes for the big swinging kick to the head but this time its Crowley’s turn to dodge the manoeuvre as he rolls out of the way and towards Shadow’s right hand side. The Challenger lunges forward and looks to hit the Backhand Chop but Crowley blocks and fires back with a spinning Backhand fist of his own. Shadow blocks with both men now almost intertwined with one another. They break free with Shadow striking first with the low kick to the shin, He sees Crowley down, hits the ropes and comes flying in with the Hurricanrana taking Crowley head over heels but the Champion springs off his hands and flips back onto his feet to gasps from the audience. His flip takes him towards the rope with the Champion hitting them and flipping back towards Shadow. He grabs the man by the head in one fluid motion and hits the Backflip Tornado DDT.

The Air Canada Centre can’t help but applaud that unbelievable exchange from both men, trading holds and moving at blinding speed.

Shadow grabs the top of his head in pain but smartly rolls out of the ring to avoid any pin attempt. The Champion smashes the mat in frustration. He points towards Shadow on the outside with his eyes wild and his own black heart racing with adrenaline. The crowd hold their breath with Crowley not looking up to the heavens but down to hell itself for inspiration. He hits the ropes once more, sprints towards and then goes flying over the top rope with the Fosberry Flop, connecting with the head and neck of the Challenger. The Italian pops right back up grinding his teeth and pounding his chest in delight. He grabs Shadow by his hair and pulling him to his feet, again shouting at his challenger, cursing him, telling him who the real Champion is. But the fire still burns deep for Shadow, he fights back through the pain. He breaks Crowley’s grasp over him and head-butts with a hard shot right above the right eye.

Crowley staggers back in a daze. He finally manages to regather himself as he touches where Shadow just connected with to check for blood. Crowley growls, the sound of a wild injured predator echoing throughout the Air Canada Centre. He runs at Shadow once more but this time the Challenger is ready. He meets Crowley and leaves his feet connecting with the running drop kick to the chest. The Italian violently flies backwards, his head smashing against the side of the ring. Shadow looks down at the fallen Champion, his own eyes and mind filled with bad intentions. He pulls him up and forward and connects with blow after blow to the side of his face as he looks to beat down his great rival.

With Crowley almost defenseless Shadow surveys his surroundings. He looks in the ring and nods his head, almost in agreement with himself. He runs into the ring and wills Crowley to his feet with the Champion slowly making his way up. Shadow hit the ropes and comes flying towards and over the top rope with the Suicide Dive Senton with the crowd erupting in delight. He looks at Crowley again on the floor and points to the ring once more. Again he springs in, hits the ropes and comes flying in with a Suicide dive through the middle and bottom rope with unbelievable momentum. Both men hit the barricade on the outside with force. Shadow dusts himself off and pulls Crowley towards the middle of the floor. Again he quickly gets into the ring and ascends the top rope. Referee Gil Artman sees the man ascending with Crowley on the floor and immediately cautions him against it, but Shadow won’t hear of anything. The crowd let out a huge “Shadow” chant as they will their hero forward. The Challenger has no fear, he points down at Crowley who is making his way to his feet on the outside and leaps into the air from the top rope in the ring towards him with the Whisper in the wind.

Crowley has life still, he sees him coming and moves away. Shadow comes crashing down with his entire body hitting the floor with a hard dull sound. The crowd cringe away as they see their hero down and out. Crowley smiles an evil smile. He just dodged a bullet.
He wastes no time as he mounts Shadow and begins his assault, with one hard shot after the other right to the temple. The Champion hits and hits and hits, a rare evil smile painted across his face as he enjoys every moment of the torture he is inflicting on his rival. The only time the King of Nightmares relents is when he hears senior official Gil Artman up to a count of seven in the ring. The Champion rolls back in and breaks the count before rolling right back out, much to the displeasure of the official.

He grabs Shadow by the hair, pulls him up, leads him towards and then throws him into a barricade without mercy. Shadow’s back hits the barrier hard. Again the Champion shows no signs of slowing down. He picks up his foe and points to the barrier on the opposite side and sends Shadow for another ride as the challenger hits hard. With Shadow prone on the floor, Crowley sprints towards his opponent and drives a knee to the temple, again punishing his challenger.

The King stands tall to greet the booing crowd who are gravely concerned for Shadow. Crowley bathes in their disdain, almost salivating at the negatively. Again he slips into the ring to break the count with Referee Artman’s warning going unheard. He pulls Shadow up slowly this time, whispering death as he does and drives another knee into his mid-section before pulling him up and throwing him towards the announce table that sends Sondra Rowe and Stan Chambers scurrying away. He clears the table and sets Shadow in place, eyeing the man and explaining every painful blow in detail.

Crowley: Did you really think you could beat me? Now it’s over.

Crowley lifts Shadow up on his shoulders in the electric chair position. It looks like he’s going for the Electric Chair Driver through the table. Artman again tries to intervene but to no avail. Crowley lifts him up looking to finish him off but the Challenger finds life. He wriggles out of position, spins around on Crowley's shoulders and hits the Hurricanrana, flipping his foe onto the table. The Champion is dazed with Shadow mustering all his strength, as Crowley is on his hands and knees on the table, he finds the strength to leap onto the barricade next to them and then off it with the Infamouser, driving Crowley's skull through the table and splintering it into pieces.

The crowd explode into noise with massive Shadow chants filling the air. Artman leaves the ring and checks on both men. Shadow pulls the referee aside and grabs Crowley’s lifeless body. Artman shrugs and heads back to the ring where he restarts the count. The Challenger knows he must get the Champion back into the ring and pin him to win the belt. He pulls Crowley up and throws him over his shoulder, stumbles along the way but gritting his teeth and finding his feet once more. He drags him towards the ring and throws him in underneath the bottom rope. Shadow follows him in and goes for the cover.



Shadow can’t believe it and neither can the crowd. Crowley has life as a sick demented smile runs across his face almost revelling in the pain. Shadow shakes his head despondently for a moment before finding strength once more. He nods his own head now as he begs for Crowley to get back to his feet. The sick demented Champion does just that as he slowly makes his way to his feet only to see a rampaging Shadow flying towards him and hitting him with a running drop kick. Crowley’s head whips back and hits the ropes in an ugly scene. Shadow isn’t done there. He rips the tape from his fist and begins to pummel the temple of his greatest rival, nailing Crowley with one blow after the other, before picking him up, running the ropes and hitting another running dropkick. Crowley body seems limp now as the New Yorker pulls him towards the middle of the ring and points to the top rope. He ascends as quickly as his tired body may allow, almost stumbling as he does and points down at the Champion with the entire crowd behind him. Shadow leaps off the top rope and goes for Darkness Falls!

But NO! Crowley rolls out of the way, with Shadow rolling forward and then kipping back up only to eat an Enzuigiri to the back of his head from Champion. The Challenger is dazed now with Crowley locking his hands, setting him into position and hitting the Falcon Arrow. The King of Nightmares holds on and transitions into the DevilLock DDT with the air deflating from the arena. The Champion makes the cover.


He tries to wrap the far leg but can’t reach for it in time.


KickOut! Crowley sits on his hands and knees staring down at Shadow with a look of disdain on his face. He stands over his man for a moment before stomping down on the Challenger targeting any body part he can. The Champion again mounts his foe and lets out a barrage of wild swinging right and left hands looking to pummel him with whatever he can. This is a war and one he intends to win.

He pulls him into position, the dark demons in his heart raging with anger. Crowley ascends to the top rope, still groggy himself, pointing at Shadow and looking for the setup for his devastating Static X, a corkscrew shooting star press.

Crowley grins as he measures his foe before leaping into the air with beautiful, pinpoint precision but NO! Shadow has life this time. The Challenger kips up at the last second and Crowley misses. The New Yroker takes a deep breath and ascends to the top rope again himself, as he climbs, grabbing his ribs as he nurses an injury. This time Crowley joins him there, as the Champion finds life himself and stumbles to his feet and towards the corner. Crowley fights his way up with both men high up on the top rope in a precarious position.

The two trade right hands on the top rope, one shot after the other as they look to win this title and win this match. Back and forth they go with one shot after the other, Crowley and Shadow, trade blow for blow until finally Shadow grabs Crowley by the back of his head and nails the man with another head butt once again! The Champion is dazed and the Challenger sees his chance. Shadow sets Crowley into position, putting his right arm over his shoulder with the crowd holding their breath. He points to the crowd before leaping backwards with Crowley with him trying to hit the Spanish Fly.


The crowd explodes when both men land on their feet!

Shadow and Crowley look at each other stunned as anyone else. They step back, with each man gritting his teeth, hatred, fire, passion and the will to win oozing from their bodies. Crowley throws the first blow which Shadow answers. Then they trade with reckless abandon, punches, elbows and forearms, neither man backs down as they look to beat the other into submission.

The crowd is awe, they cheer every blow living in every moment, until finally Crowley kicks the shin of his foe with a massive round of boos engulf the Air Canada centre. With the upper hand now, the Champion kicks Shadow in the face, once, twice, three times until finally the Challenger explodes at him with a massive clothesline that takes him off his feet. They both go down, their chests expanding and contracting as they suck in the sweet life giving air.

Artman starts the count with both men down.

One, two, three, four, suddenly both show life as Shadow and Crowley begin to pick themselves up, five, six, seven, eight, nine…..Finally both slowly find their feet at the same time.

They gaze at each other almost begging the other to just stay down. Crowley throws another big swinging right hand but this time Shadow blocks and answers with one of his own and then another and another until Crowley is pinned into the corner with nowhere to go. The Champion looks to fight back, he explodes out of the corner but Shadow ducks underneath with Crowley's momentum taking him beyond the Challenger. The Dark Warrior, Shadow sees his chance as Crowley spins on his heel to meet him, he goes for it! He goes for the Code Black, looking to drive his knee into Crowley face for the finish, but Crowley blocks! The Champion shakes his head, not this time. He spins Shadow around, drops him to the mat, twists his legs into position and looks to lock in the C'est La Vie!

Shadow fights to keep Crowley fingers from locking. The Italian can’t do it, he can’t lock in the hold. Shadow eyes are made of fire. He won’t lose here, not yet. He punches Crowley hands and then he grabs his head and does the same, one shot after the other, one blow after the other. The King of Nightmare’s scratches and bites and claws trying to lock in his finish but he can’t, his Challenger won’t let him. The New Yorker fights his way out of the hold as Crowley must release. The Champion makes it to his feet with Shadow close behind, he goes for another right hand but Shadow ducks. As he spins around…..

Code Black.

Shadow hits it, he hit Code black. He covers Crowley.




He kicked out! The crowd are stunned and so is Shadow. He looks down at Crowley who is trying to drag his body up, his mind still strong but his body defeated. Shadow shakes his head but the King wants more.

Crowley: You…never, never you.

Shadow eyes are locked on his prey. He must end this now. He lifts Crowley up, looking into his cold dark dead eyes as he does and then hits the Code Black one more time. The crowd erupt as Shadow makes the cover.

Now it ends.




Chambers: WHAT?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!

The crowd can be heard murmuring in the darkness. The darkness, the one true place where Crowley felt at home. After a few moments, the lights get back on. We see Shadow laid out in the middle of the ring! Crowley is in disbelief as to what happened at first but can only let out a hearty laugh once he realizes what happened. Referee Artman doesn't know what to think as he has his hands out but since he didn't see anything, he has no basis to call this match off. Crowley slowly crawls towards Shadow and hooks his outer leg for the pin - ONE! TWO! THREE!



The crowd is in complete shock as they thought Shadow had that match one. After a few moments, the books begin raining down along with a couple cheers from some Crowley faithful.

Chambers: I don't even know what to say. Shadow clearly had that won but due to shenanigans by Crowley, he's still our World Champion.

Rowe: I wouldn't say Crowley knew what was going on, Stan. You saw it. Even he was surprised at what happened just now. Either way, it was a great match by both men. Truly worthy of a main event.

Shadow rolls out of the ring and the camera picks up Artman checking on him. In the ring, Crowley is on his knees, still laughing, with the belt draped over his shoulder. He begins talking but his audio isn't picked up. All the cameras can see is Crowley stretching out his hands in joy as he still reigns over the PWC landscape.

Chambers: You're right about that, Sondra. Well folks, on this night, Crowley shows us exactly why - he is king.

The last shot of the pay-per-view is of Crowley still on his knees, but he leans back forcing his legs from under him. This time, he's completely laid there on the canvas with the world title on his torso, reigning over his kingdom, as we fade to black.

There's the pay-per-view guys. Apologies for the delay...again. Hope you all enjoy! Please rep Saber and Lari HARD because they wrote a majority of the show. A lot of stuff has happened in the show. While we may have lost some people, there are things to look forward to. Now, go enjoy Wrestlemania as we all recharge and plan the next couple of shows.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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Avoid putting parts of a match behind spoilers. It takes you completely out of the match and in this case, it was at the most important time of the match.

The Commentary was a bit underwhelming this time out, mainly due to the lack of an antagonising heel. Everything seemed way to positive and face oriented, which was weaker than the usual shows, as you'd usually have had Chambers/Daiko arguing the case for both sides in their own biased ways.

All in all, I wasn't huge on the ending itself, and I think the show would have been a little stronger in the middle if there was a match between Bianchi/Nero and Jalapeno/Masterson, but outside of that, it was a solid read.

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Avoid putting parts of a match behind spoilers. It takes you completely out of the match and in this case, it was at the most important time of the match.

The Commentary was a bit underwhelming this time out, mainly due to the lack of an antagonising heel. Everything seemed way to positive and face oriented, which was weaker than the usual shows, as you'd usually have had Chambers/Daiko arguing the case for both sides in their own biased ways.

All in all, I wasn't huge on the ending itself, and I think the show would have been a little stronger in the middle if there was a match between Bianchi/Nero and Jalapeno/Masterson, but outside of that, it was a solid read.
I'm very much with Daiko. The commentary was, with no offence intended here, a bit shit. Normally I enjoy reading Chambers and Daiko and it normally makes me grin, but this time it was just flat with nothing going on. Everyone was too happy clappy and god was it boringly dull.

Ending was meh. The show itself was like a C+ or something. I've seen worse but for a ppv this just fell flat. Write this stuff for a vortex and I'll be all over it but there wasn't any big moments, no OMG spots. The Jensen match was alright, the shitty underwhelming run in ruined it. Was a good story to tell if Jackson cost him the title but.

I've seen worse though.

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Tbf, we didn't have much to work with when all of the matches except the Shadow/Crowley and Jensen/Remy matches all had endings set in stone due to well, you already know the reasons. Appreciate the feedback though.

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Tbf, we didn't have much to work with when all of the matches except the Shadow/Crowley and Jensen/Remy matches all had endings set in stone due to well, you already know the reasons. Appreciate the feedback though.
Yeah, I heard stories and got told things.

Ah well, what can you do? We need to find a way to bring active people in cause right now we're just the old guard. There's no new people who can take the torch.

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On a serious note guys it was a good show guys. I read on my phone so I didn't have the issue with the spoilers but if I'd have been on laptop I see how it would have been a bit of a moment killer.
I do feel like it was lacking but I know why, so many no shows and I loved the very very "subtle" words to Jake Masterson :lmao
Also I don't like fuckery endings but I hope this means it was borderline neck and neck and Crowley just edged it haha.
Well played King but Shadow ain't done there, see you soon old boy.
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