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The scene opens up with a shot of a desolate desert-like landscape with the sun beating down. We move across the barren terrain, it’s filled with dry brown earth, hard edged rocks strewn all across the ground with the only hint of green a few thorny dry cacti. A gust of wind bursts through and kicks up a plume of dust that fills the screen. The dust swirls around moving this way and that until it slowly clears and reveals a Rattlesnake, coiled, hissing and bearing its teeth.

Danger lurks here behind every corner.

The Rattlesnake swifts from one side to the other, before suddenly it flashes into action and strikes forward right into the camera lens turning the scene black once more. As we fade away and begin to hover across an open road next to the desert landscape, we continue on as we fly past a Big Rig and then move so fast all the other vehicles on road turn to nothing but streaks of light.

But no one said the road to victory would ever be easy.

Day turns to night as the deep voice of the narrator fades into a haze of noise and lights as we leave the road and enter a bustling city. We ascend high and then sweep across to a sign that reads “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada”. The scene switches to a birdseye view of the Las Vegas skyline. We see shots of the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace, the Pyramid Hotel, the Mirage and many more famous landmarks.

You win some and you lose some.

Shots of people in the casinos winning big and celebrating or losing it all with their whole world’s falling apart.

Whether you’re the Alpha…

We see shots of various PWC wrestlers competing, Austin Angel, Shadow, Jensen, Marcus Kendall and Barney Williams.

…or the Omega…

Shots of Dr. Nero, Kyle Elric, Crowley, Derek Jacobs, William Gust and Bruce Thorn Jr next.

PWC’s first PPV of season 2, Alpha & Omega comes to the….

The scene fades up and reveals the glowing green MGM Grand.
Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Venue: MGM Grande Arena



Bruce Thorn Jr (C) vs Derek Jacobs


Austin Angel
Barney Williams
Bruce Thorn Jr
Derek Jacobs
Kyle Elric
William Gust

and more!
Winner is the new PWC legacy champion


Donald Hammerpunch (C) vs Ivory


Deadline for all RPs is 11:59 GMT on May 11(Wednesday)
Deadline for show is May 18 (Wednsday)
For each day of extension granted, the show will be extended for the same duration.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
Poster Credit: Demon Hunter

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. If an RP extension is needed, please let us know ASAP


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James Parker is having a nervous breakdown.

After his best friend and business partner Derek Jacobs beat Barney Williams on the last episode of Vortex and punched his ticket into the Legacy Gauntlet at Alpha and Omega, he thought it was time to celebrate.​

Great match tonight big man! You showed the world why you’re going to be the next Legacy Champion at Alpha and Omega. And now that you’ve beaten Barney, you’re guaranteed later entry into the match! Let’s go celebrate! Beers on me!​

Derek looks up from unlacing his boots, glaring at James.​

That’s your problem, James. Instead of focusing on finding ways for me to win the Legacy championship at the pay per view, you’re more worried about going out and living it up!

“Hey, let’s party and get so fucked up that we can’t remember our names now, and push off training until the last minute! It’s okay DJ, you’re the God of War! You can do anything!”​

Derek stands up and begins to dress in street clothes.​

I’m not partying or celebrating anything again until after I win the Legacy championship and show the world why I’m the most dominating force in pro wrestling today.

Go out and get drunk if you want, but I’m on the first flight back to Chicago tomorrow to bust my ass to make sure I win that title.​

With that, Derek storms out of the locker room slamming the door behind him.

Yeah, James Parker is having a nervous breakdown.

A week later finds Derek doing exactly what he said he would do. He’s had a ring set up in a warehouse that James owns, and 5 hours a day 5 days a week he focuses on preparing for the Legacy Gauntlet in Las Vegas.
After a particularly violent session that sees three of his sparring partners ending up in the emergency room, James stops in to give Derek some unexpected, but welcome news.​

DJ! Hey man, take a break we need to talk!

Derek finishes torturing his latest sparring partner and grabs a bottle of water from the cooler on the apron.

What’s up man? This had better be good.

James practically jumps up and down with glee.

The story just broke on the PWC website. Not only are you in the Gauntlet match at Alpha and Omega, you’re going one on one with Bruce Thorn, Jr. for the Television championship too! You have the opportunity to walk out of Las Vegas as the first man in history to hold two championships at the same time in PWC!​

The news throws Derek for a loop. To have a shot at two championships in the same night is unheard of.​

Wow man, that’s really big news.

James looks at Derek with concern etched on his features.​

You don’t sound too excited about it man, what’s up?​

Derek shakes his head and turns to leave the warehouse.

Nothing’s wrong, James. Meet me in the cemetery by Matt’s grave in 30 minutes. Bring the camera.​

James is startled by this statement.

DJ, you haven’t been there since the funeral. Are you sure you want to go there.​

Derek looks at James with cold fury in his eyes.​

I have to go there.​

30 minutes later, Derek Jacobs stands behind his brother’s headstone. The smooth granite shines in the setting sun, and Derek casts an imposing shadow over the grave where his brother lays.​

I've been a professional wrestler for a little over four years now. In that time, I've wrestled for 4 different companies, been apart of some of the most violent moments in wrestling history and have left a path of destruction that has never been seen before, and most likely won't be seen ever again.

I've poured out my blood, I've spilled my opponent's blood and I've broken bones in this business. I've become one of the most dominating forces that has ever stepped foot inside of a wrestling ring.

But there's one thing I've never done in my entire career. One thing that has eluded me this entire time.

I've never been a champion.

Derek slowly begins to pace behind his brother's headstone.

I've been given several different championship opportunities, and every single time I've fallen short.

I could stand here and lie to you and say that there was a conspiracy keeping me from winning the championship or that I was being held back by the politics in the back or I could make up any number of excuses as to why I've never been a champion, but at the end of the day I'd be lying not only to you but to myself.

You see, the fact of the matter is I've never been a champion because I've always been distracted.​

Derek stops pacing and puts his hand on his brother's tombstone.​

I'm not distracted anymore.​

Shockingly, Derek pushes over Matt's tombstone. As it lands with a thud on the cold ground, the only sound that can be heard is Derek's heavy breathing. Derek walks off camera only to walk back holding a sledgehammer and a canister of gas. He sits the hammer and the gas can on the ground and begins to pace again.​

They say that a man is best remembered by the legacy he leaves behind.

Kyle Elric's legacy is that he was willing to turn his back on the millions of fans that made him who he is today because he was so desperate to win a championship.

Austin Angel's legacy is that no matter how many big moment's he's had, he's never quite been able to win the big one.

Daiko's legacy is that he's so unhinged that he's literally willing to do anything to win, even at his own expense.

Barney William's legacy is that he's still trying to prove to everyone here that he's not a fluke, even though everything else says other wise.

Bruce Thorn's legacy is that he's trying to break out of someone's shadow.

Right now, my legacy is that no matter how big I am or how much I fight, I've never been able to win championship gold.

At Alpha and Omega, that changes.

Two opportunities. Two separate matches. Two championships.

Bruce Thorn, evidently me interfering in your match and helping you against Austin Angel rubbed you the wrong way, so you decided to get into my face and stepped up to me. In Las Vegas the consequences of your actions will catch up to you when I take the title I helped you keep.

After I'm finished with you, I'll drag your lifeless body back into the ring and eliminate you from the Legacy Gauntlet on my way to becoming the first person in PWC history to hold two championships simultaneously.

That will be my legacy.​

Derek picks up the sledgehammer and begins to repeatedly smash the headstone of his little brother. Once it's reduced to small pieces of rubble, he throws the hammer down and picks up the gas can.

He begins to slowly pour gas over the grave, no emotion on his face.

Finished pouring out the contents of the gas can, he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a picture. It's of Derek and his little brother. It looks to be taken at Christmas, in happier times. Derek pulls out a lighter and lights the picture on fire.

He throws the picture on the gas-saturated ground, igniting his brother's grave.

He walks into the foreground of the shot, a blazing fury in his eyes.​

At Alpha and Omega, I will show the world why I am the God of War, hallowed be MY name!

My Kingdom come!
My Will be done!

And you can bank on that.​

The camera cuts to black, the sound of a burning inferno fading away.​

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Dr Nero - Alpha and Omega 2


Two days ago...

A heavy, rusty steel door squeals sideways as a string of old lights flicker. Dust sifts off its top, cascading like a miniature waterfall. The flickering lights reveal an old tunnel behind the door. The passageway is covered in spider webs, untouched for what seems an eternity. A corridor lost for years, a pathway to the unknown.

The tunnel is lit up by extreme lights mounted on the shoulders of three men. All dressed in what seems to be radioactive protective suits, more styled for the moon than on earth. They nod to each other before pushing forward. Swatting through the wall of webs, they follow a cobblestone path being very careful where they place their feet with every step.

After what seems like an age the passageway seemingly ends. The three men look around for a door or another tunnel. Their lights finally affix on some sort of ladder bolted into the wall. Almost in-sync they all look upward, their lights revealing the tunnel does indeed continue, it continues upward.

One after the other they climb the stairway, when they hear a noise. The first person hesitates. Not sure if they are wishing to continue. There is some chatter over a radio and they continue on to the top. A grate covers some sort of hole and although heavy, it is easy to move aside. The room they enter is dark, but it is obvious that, unlike the tunnel, someone has been here recently. The powerful torches light up the room, revealing cans of food, empty but with forks left in them. Someone was here, or is still...

Suddenly the loud noise of a generator sparks up and the room’s ceiling lights fire up. The men in their suits put their hands to their visors, obviously affected by the brightness. “Assassins”, almost a whisper but all three men hear the word as a big man in camo pants and a dark green singlet emerges on their left. Scars cover his bearded face, and accentuate his gritted teeth... A vicious front kick to the first suited man sends him flying half way across the room crashing into old chairs and fuel drums.

The second man desperately tries to take out what looks like a pistol from his suit pants. The big man is too fast, and before the gun can be raised, a big clothesline knocks the second suited man to the floor! A splatter of blood sprays from the inside of the suit visor.

The big man roars and looks over at the last man. He storms in with a huge punch to the face... but its blocked! The big man looks confused and tries again only to miss! The man roars again, this time out of frustration and walks into a boot to the gut. He doubles over and is left open to a vicious knee strike! The third suited man grabs the inhabitor of the sanctuary and hits a huge European uppercut! The man falls backward, refusing to yield, but the third suited man comes again with a front kick to the chest. The man stumbles backwards, but still on his feet. He grasps his chest before swinging wildly again. The suited man slips in a rear-naked choke. The big man struggles at first, but eventually drops to his knees. He desperately tries to fight it when...


Above them on a gangplank a man looks down. The man in the radioactive suit releases his attacker. The bearded man slumps to the ground, unconscious from the hold.


Lifting the radiation visor up, the face of Dr Nero is revealed underneath the clear plastic cover.

“Hello Gary...

........where’s Famine?”

United States of America


PWC Alpha and Omega 2


Eriksen: Thanks Stan, we’re only a few moments away from the Legacy Gauntlet Match and I’m standing here with the former Legacy and World Champion Doctor Nero. Thank you for your time Dr Nero, ahh hi Ellie... umm... Dr Nero, this match is a first for PWC, may I ask what your game plan is going into such a unique match?

Nero in his three piece suit stands stoic beside his interviewer with the stunning Nurse Ellie on his arm.

Nero: You can call me a former Legacy Champion all you want Eriksen, the truth of the matter is that I was never defeated for the Legacy title. And to be quite honest, well... as you know I’m always honest...

Eriksen: Brutally honest...

Nero pauses and looks down at Eriksen with his steel eyes driving imaginary daggers into Eriksen’s skull...

Nero: ... there hasn’t been a true Legacy Champion since. The title was put up for grabs in a tournament. Won by a woman. A woman...one so fragile that only defended it, what, twice? And now the title is up for grabs again. Tonight it is time I once again stabilise this company and give it a great Champion. Not like pretenders such as Cheri Hayven or Donald Hammerpunch.

Hammerpunch, I’m sure you’re very happy your title is well protected from me. So while you hide behind the rules that bind, I’ll take back the material possession of the Championship I never lost.

Eriksen: Ahhh... yes.. well, going back to my original question Doctor, Ummm... do you have a game plan for the Gauntlet match?

Nero: Yes, I did hear your “original” question Danny.... the obvious answer is that I have never done anything without having a game plan. You know this. The world knows this. What I will explain to someone as intellectually challenged as yourself and those watching at home is that I defeated Marcus Kendall, giving me an advantage in this match. Not that I would need one of course. An advantage that I have earned none the less, and tonight when it is my time to step into this match my game plan is to not run and hide and bide my time, no, I will make it my mission to make sure the entire roster fears me.

Eriksen: Fear you? I don’t understand? I’m pretty sure everyone, even if they don’t think you’re a particular nice guy... they know you’re a former World Champion Ne....

Nero: You see Eriksen, this is PWC. This is where the top fighters in the world come to compete. I have been in the main event scene for quite some time now. Deservedly so.... however there has been so many changes in the roster. Good fighters have been replaced with great fighters. Some I have yet to face, because they are still trying to find their way to the main event, find their way... to me.

The Legacy Gauntlet involves almost the entire roster. I will show everyone who Dr Nero really is tonight. There will be no mercy. I don’t care if you just got here, or you’ve been toiling away looking for your big break. I will break you all tonight. Ms Page wants to allow me full access to her roster. So be it. Even Clement wasn’t that stupid. Tonight the “Legacy” of the God Complex will be known as all-powerful.

Nero and Ellie walk off....

Dressing room

Nero and Ellie walk back in the dressing room. She helps Nero remove his jacket and then walks over to the locker to fetch him his in-ring gear. She lets out a gasp and drops Nero’s boots. The Doctor turns around to see the commotion. Standing in the corner stands a very pale man with the florescent lights bouncing off what looks like his arm made of metal...

“I heard you were looking for me...”

To Be Continued...

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California - United States - 1990​

Every corner meant something, every single turn made was made for a reason. There could be no mistake when drag racing, there could be no mistake. A mistake would kill you, a mistake would leave you broken. A mistake would be your final breath, the final time you saw the light of the world.

The car turned the corner, first.

Every day he remembered looking at the car outside Chicago. Every day he remembered the car that held his father, the same car that held his best friend. The same cart that would of held him if they'd be on the return trip. The car, a mangled mess of metal.

He turned another corner.

Barney Williams.

San Antonio, Texas - United States - 15 December 2015​

The cars sped from the line, each one as responsive as the driver behind the wheel. Slowly Barney Williams turned his car slowly into the first corner, feeling it respond under his touch. He didn't regret standing in for his friend, his friend deserved to survive. Plus, Barney had done this before.

He made the second turn slowly, the course they were following be following short with sharp turns. He was second, second wasn't bad. He could clear it easy enough. He could make the distance up, but he didn't have time to think about that. He made the third turn, only two more left. He eased the gas lightly, turning into the fourth turn after a few moments.


He made the turn, not enough room left to make up the gap. He knew when to admit that, and slowly he come to a stop as the cars passed the line. He happily handed over the keys and flagged down a taxi to take him and his two friends home.

He was done with racing.
Las Vegas, Nevada - United States - 3 Days Before Alpha and Omega​

Everyday he trained for this moment. Everyday the man known as Barney Williams put his blood, sweat and tears into training. He wanted, he needed to be the best. It ran through him, the want to be best. He finally had the chance to prove it, to sit in the center of the squared circle and claim the iron throne.

He was the best.

He would run the gauntlet to prove it.

He lifted the weight slowly.

This wouldn't be his only chance to prove so. He held a bolt, a contract. The contract gave him the opportunity to challenge for the Legacy Championship whenever he wanted. However, he hadn't needed to use it to the get the opportunity in front of him. He didn't need to waste the perfect opportunity to claim a shot at the Iron Throne.

He had used an injury to get it.

He held the weight where it was, grunting.

Poor Cheri Hayven, innocent.

She'd been the boss' daughter, but she'd worked hard for everything she had. She hadn't sat down, she'd earned it all. Elric had wiped her out to take the belt for himself. Yet, his plan had backfired and Barney Williams had been, as well as all the other superstars, given an opportunity to fight for the Legacy Championship.

It wasn't right.

If he won, it wouldn't be right. If he won, he would be taking the belt from an injured champion. He'd be taking the belt from a champion who didn't even loose it. That wasn't fair, Barney Williams knew that.

Slowly he put the weight down, sighing.

He'd of defeated as many men, but it wouldn't be right. If he won that match, he would walk out to the ring on Vortex and vacate the championship. It was Cheri Hayven's belt until she lost it. She'd never lost it, she deserved to still be holding it.

Kyle Elric.

The people's man.

Until he wanted something.

Then he was a cheat, a lying cheat. He hurt people, he assaulted people to get what he wanted. Barney knew why he did it, it was all business at the end of the day. It was all business. To move up the PWC ladder you needed to make yourself known.

You didn't need to injure the champion to make yourself known.

Barney Williams knew what was happening. He would walk out to the ring, listen to the fans cheer his name. He would claim the championship, and he would place it in the middle of the ring. He would leave it there as he walked backstage. A production member would take the belt, it would remain vacant. He would fight fair for it, he wouldn't just take the championship from an injured champion.

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First of all, my rep is not Raven. So if you made graphic then your christmas is cancelled you mother trucker.

Secondly, I feel rather proud of this. Put a bit of emotion into it for a chance. Very different from my usual stuff I feel. Even if I make the final 4 I'll be proud tbh but I feel this was strong enough to go further. Feedback welcomed and actually requested pls

Edit: Anyone know why my spoiler tags didn't work lmao am I a fkin retard or?


We fade up in the old gym. Battered it was. Broken windows, ripped posters, some tatty carpet the remains of the ring Shadow used to train in. Shadow sits upon the far right top corner. Wearing a black pair of jeans, a black hooded jumper and nothing but emptiness upon his face.

This place holds so much Legacy. This was the legacy, and Shadow is now the remains of Steve’s legacy.

Shadow stared at the exact spot he scored the pinfall for his first title. He could still hear the fans chanting, “Shadow! Shadow! Shadow!”

Only around 1000 slightly drunken over-committed smarks. But they were everything that night. That was the beginning of it all. One legged, he clawed himself to that top rope with all he had, he balanced himself just right, and he leapt into the air, driving himself down vertically, ramming his feet through the body of the champion. All he could do was barely reach over the champ with a hand for the cover. But it was enough. And Shadow, was born. His legacy, was born.

He hops down off the turn buckle, and leans against the ropes facing the back of the room. He stares at the spot where the machine area used to be. He would train for hours with Tony, getting stronger, getting faster.
There was so much history in this place, and even since he’d left and it was shut down, Shadow never truly felt it wasn’t there any more. Now Steve’s gone, maybe it is.

Suddenly, we hear the slam of the door. Stood at the door, is Kyle. Not wearing his usual suit, thinking he’s some hotshot business man. Well, he does own his own highly successful cell phone company, but this was no time to be bitter. What is Kyle doing here? Gym shorts, plain grey t-shit, nike trainers and a gym bag over his shoulder. He still wears his multi-thousand dollar gold rolex though. Fucking snob.

He walks towards the ring, climbs up onto the apron and drops his bag. He steps between the ropes and walks right up to Shadow…


Many years ago…

We are in the gym. There’s about 600 people packed in. We’re still early in the promotion’s existence. A young man in a scruffy shirt and black jeans stands in the ring with a microphone.

“Introducing first. He weighs in at 200lbs. MATTY… EEEELLIOOOOT!!”

Out of the curtain bursts a very young Matty. Around 19 years of age, short spiked hair and some atrocious bright green and red tights. He pats hands with as many fans as he can. Ever the fan favourite. He leaps onto the apron and ascends to the top rope raising his arms and flashing a big cheesy smile. Let’s all take a second to appreciate that this gimmick died.

He stands in the ring now leant against the ropes, constant looking around at the people in attendance.

Suddenly, a chorus of boos erupts.

“Making his way down the aisle, weighing 230 lbs. He is KYLE DAAAAWWWWWS-“

During this, Kyle has stormed down to the ring, ripped the mic out of the guy’s hands and left the room silent.

They don’t need to know my surname. That’s not what I’m going to be remembered for. Get out of my ring and let me show these people WHY they will remember me.

Kyle throws the mic to the floor outside and attacks Matty. The bell rings and the match is underway.


We fade up with Matty entering the locker room absolutely delighted, getting high fives off all the locker room. Shortly followed by Kyle limping in, getting commiserate handshakes from all the guys.

Match of the night!

Steve steps round the corner in total delight with the boys after the show they just put on.

Thanks Steve, but that was the first match of the night?

And it was the best. I’m half tempted to put you guys back out there last and leave Tony waiting for his title shot.

Not so fast Mr D!

Tony steps into view, bouncing on the balls of his feet, totally ready for his title shot.

This is my night. And though these boys just put on a clinic, it’s my job to go out there and put on a show. Gonna light it up, put this place on the map!

I hope you do Tony, but these guys are a tough act to follow. Never could ask for more from an opening fight.

Following great acts is what I’m all about. It’s why they call me, the Iron man.

Tony points to his quite honestly lame cheap iron man logo with his name in it on his merchandise t-shirt.

You aren’t walking out here with any highlights or any gold Tony. Big B has you and everyone who wants to challenge him’s number.

Look Kyle, you may be Mr D’s son, and you may be a great athlete, but you obviously don’t know squat. Now sit down and watch this main-eventer shine.

Matty looked on in awe at the ever-arrogant fan favourite Tony. He was a great idol and a true veteran of the game who deserved his moment.


Later that night.

Big B is absolutely dominating Tony. He stands 6”9, weighs almost 320lbs. He is just a true machine. Swatting Tony down in the temple and chest. Each bone crushing hit sends Tony to the mat with a thud.

After about 10 minutes of this torture, Matty runs out the ring and checks on Tony. He is visibly in a lot of pain. The fans are in silence. The champion parades around the ring in celebration.

Out of nowhere Matty is blindsided by Kyle and sent to the cold hard wooden floor. Kyle grabs a steel chair and then the mic.

Since everyone is so keen on reminding me of my last name. Thinking I only got here cos of who my dad is. And questioning my authority. I decided that since I can, I’m making this contest no disqualifications.

Kyle drops the mic, marches up to the ring side where Tony’s head is hanging out the ring, resting against the post and smashes his head with the chair.

The fans scream in horror. Matty is on the apron. He springboard leaps into Big B who boots him out of the air and all the way to the floor.

Kyle hammers Tony with a chair from within the ring and leaves his carcas to the Champion. Big B hoists Tony up by his throat with just one arm. The then hit a a huge over-head suplex/chokeslam combination and covers Tony.

Tonight wasn’t his night. And even after the successful start, Matty’s night came to a horrific and painful end too. But the start of what could be a truly wonderful career.

Fade out.

We fade back up in the present day. Kyle is staring a hole through Shadow in their old stomping ground. In the gym Kyle’s father, Steve, used to own.

What the hell are you doing here?

I knew I’d find you here…

And why exactly are you looking for me?

You’ve got a big match coming up, and I know you’re grieving. I also know when you grieve, you work.

What are you getting at?

When Tony grieves, he takes down time. He mopes around. Which is all well and good. But that ain’t gonna prepare you.

Shadow stares on in total confusion.

We’re gonna train. And you’re gonna walk out after that Pay-Per-View a champion.

This was so uncharacteristic of Kyle, Shadow had no idea what to say.

Why should I train with you? We’ve barely spoken for years.

Because I’m the best damn match you’ve ever had and you know that for a fact.

Kyle takes his ridiculously priced watch and lays it in the corner.

Now let’s do this.

Shadow and Kyle train for hours. Sparring in the ring, Kyle setting Shadow on drills. Kyle may have suffered a career ending injury but damn he could still go. Shadow wasn't sure if he’d just not lost a step, or had full on gained one. Bobbing and weaving, ducking and diving. Both men were so in-sync and so on par, even after all the lost years of hatred and jealousy. It’s funny, how such a dramatic loss can bring people together…


Hours later.

Some of the old weight machines are up at the back of building. The men had done their best to use/repair them. There was no electricity so the treadmill was off limits, however Kyle had instructed Shadow to do a few laps of the building. Both men stood in the ring absolutely exhausted.

Right, come on

I don’t know if I’ve got anything left.

No look, one last drill. The first competitive one.

Shadow listened as he was curious.

Kyle got on his knees and instructed Shadow to do the same.

Who was state champion in college, remind me?

Shadow laughed. It was Kyle. He was always the more superior mat-based athlete.

Come on Kyle, you’re not fit for this.

Not fit? If I wanted too I could sell my business tomorrow, walk into that PWC and kick your ass every which way going. The injury I suffered was a “One last knock and you’re done” thing. I am not immobile.

Shadow sighs

Fine. But I’m not being held responsible.

The men engage and within 10 seconds Kyle has Shadow pinned and beaten.

Shadow jumps to his feet in shock.

You think that’s gonna win you the title?

How the hell did you beat me?

Your focus. I’ve been able to tell all session. Yeah your focus is on working hard and winning. But you need to take a moment. Think before you act. What could the consequences of your actions be? Every time you go up to that top rope, you’re a step closer to elimination.

Kyle, my whole style is based on that top rope.

And that’s fine. But look what happened to me. I didn’t lose a match Shadow, I lost my future. Fair enough I built another one, but when I see you in that ring. When I watch PWC. I’m full of envy. I am. There’s nothing I would love more than to be out there, doing what you guys do. Living my dream. You’re living the dream Shadow. You’re living our dream. When did it stop being ours and just become YOURS?!

Kyle storms away into the corner, collects his watch, steps out of the ring and begins to leave.

Kyle… I, I had no idea.

No. Cos you never asked. Not you, not my dad, NO ONE. No one ever cares about fucking Kyle do they. These past years you’ve been living life assuming I hated you. Because I didn’t speak after the accident? I was waiting for you. I was waiting for dad. You took my dad from my Matty. You took my dream. But still, do I hate you? No. I love you like a brother. That moment in the hospital. When we thought Dad was gone. I realised how much I missed having my family.

This flurry of emotion was so unexpected; Shadow has no idea where to put himself.

Now he is gone, what have I got left? What good is a business with no one to spend the profits on. What good a high quality life with no one to spend it with? What goods family when they aren’t there to pick you up.

Kyle, I’m so sorry, I didn’t-

It’s too late to be sorry Matty! Look I’ll happily train with you, and help you. Cos I’ll be damned if we both lose our dream. This. This is and always will be OUR dream. I’m taking it back. I’m taking full responsibility for you and your performances from now.

You have no idea how much that means.


Kyle walks back upto the ring and climbs onto the apron.

You are gonna walk into that PPV, and you are gonna fight. You’re gonna go through man, after man, after man. Like I’ve seen you do. It doesn’t matter who. Elric, Crowley, Nero. Every last one of them. Former champs, future stars, absolute beasts of men. You’re gonna do it for us. For OUR legacy. And most importantly. You’re gonna do it for Dad. For the Dawson legacy. He trained a lot of guys, a lot of great guys. You were always the best Matty. I never really wanted to admit it. He had stars like Tony, guys like Big B. But you were the one who made it. You’re the star. You are his Legacy Matty, so you’re bringing that belt home.

Kyle steps down off the apron, and walks away. Just before he reaches the door:

What if I don’t?

Kyle turns his head and looks at Shadow.

What would my dad say?

That’s not an option.

Kyle smirks, turns, and leaves.

Cut to black.

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Seems as if only 4 of us posted before deadline and I think of those 4 only 2/3 won our qualifier and hence have the advantage? I'd feel confident in this situation with other guys (no offence to anyone) but I see Nero is one of the 4. Dammit Lari. Get shit at RP'ing.

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Isn't the deadline tomorrow?

Hate this GMT shit I can't keep track of it.

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Yes deadline is tomorrow 11:59 pm GMT.

7:59pm EST.

I tagged everybody when it was changed.

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Hey guys,sorry to ask but I will need a 24 hour extension.
Thats fine.

Ivory vs Hammerpunch has been given a 24 hour extension.

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You are destined for greatness, William Gust. I remember hearing those words, constantly, when I was younger. I had the blond locks, the blue eyes, I had the smile, the voice, I had "It." No I didn't have "It." I was in fact "It". I was "It" growing up, movie roles, a black belt in Karate, hottest girls on the block, I had everything going for me. William Gust was the man on top of the world.

At least that's how my life's been for the last 21 years. William Gust thinks to himself.

Scene opens to William Gust, sitting alone, in his Los Angeles Apartment. Alcohol bottles are littered across the ground.. Hard Alcohol.. Along with headache pills, with the strong combination of smoke from cigarettes, and marijuana flood the air. Dark, Depressing, just the way, William Gust likes it.

A knock on the door is heard.

William Gust: Who is it? I'm busy

Marcus: Its Marcus

Oh shit. Come on in..

What did you bring me.

Motherfucker, listen.. Are you going to start preaching to me, about firing your little homeboy, weeks ago huh? What is it, are you going to tell me he needs help. Everybody always wants something from me. Everybody always wants something from William Gust, and you and everyone else act like I don't give. Do you know how much money I donate to charity, do you know how much? Whatever your house, is worth, times 2. Ok, so what is it, huh? Tell me how much he needs help. Come on lay it on me.

Sir he's not the one who needs help.

Oh, so are you the one who needs help. Well what do you need huh? Money, Alcohol, Autographed pictures, How can I? William Gust help you.

I'm not the one who needs help. Actually I came here to help you.

Excuse you. I don't need help from anyone, let alone my security guard, who by the way, is very soon to have put William Gust's former Security Guard, on his resume. Actually no, do you know how you can help me? By getting the fuck out.

Marcus sits down.

I'm not leaving until we sit here and talk.

What the fuck have we been doing since you walked in, huh? What twiddling our thumbs, sticking our fingers up the asses. I'm moving my mouth right? Words are coming out right? This is talking, we have talked. So can you please leave me alone.

Marcus shakes his head.

Who the fuck are you? To shake your head at me huh? I'm a star? I'm William Fucking Gust? Emmy Award Winner? Shoe in for the walk of fame? Who are you, to say No to William Gust.

Your Friend.


I've never heard someone call me their friend in a long time, William Gust thinks to himself.

You know what, you got 5 mins, you want some of my time, you got it, actually hold on.

William Gust grabs his phone and sets the alarm timer for 5 mins.

Ok.. Talk.

What's happened to you lately? Ever since you've stepped foot in PWC, you've still kept running your mouth.

Like only William Gust can, so what's your point.

My point is you've been running your mouth, but I don't see your passion anymore. I've been with you for a long time. I was with you every time someone offered you a big movie deal, I was there when you recieved phone calls from your agents to be on talk shows, when you were nominated for an emmy, and when all those things happened, I can look at you and I can see you were sure of yourself, that you William Gust would knock everything out of the park.

And I hit a homerun each time.

Well being there, when you got signed to PWC, at your press conference, you didn't seem so sure of yourself.

What the hell are you talking about.

You know what I'm talking about? I've been around you, more then anyone, more then your family, more then your so called best friends, and I can look at you and tell you are not the William Gust I knew.

I'm still William Gust damn it. I still got the golden long hair, the voice that makes angels swoon, the best body in the world, I still got the smile, and I still got the passion.

I don't believe it. And hearing the way you said all that right now, I don't think you believe it either.

After a long pause the timer goes off.

Well I better be going. If you're going to fire me that's fine, send me my resignation by mail. I just thought, no... I knew you needed to hear that.

Marcus Gets up and walks toward the door.


Gust walks towards him..

Do you want to know what happened to William Gust? Let me tell you what happened to William Gust. Sit back down, since you want to know so badly.

They both sit back down.

Growing up I've always wanted to be a professional wrestler, but my mom and my dad would always prevent me from training, or even play fighting in the backyard, because they didn't want their golden child getting injured and missing the next big movie, and didn't want me to ruin their dream of me being a superstar. And my dream, was to live up to my parents expectations. And I hid my love of professional wrestling, or at least tried too. But whenever I'm alone, I'm on youtube, I'm online looking at clips and clips and clips of wrestling matches, and eventually my own dream of being a professional wrestler came back to me. And I realized the more movies I make, that I could become the greatest crossover star of all time. And you know what, I'm 21 now, I thought I lived my parents dreams long enough. I called PWA, I call the owners, and told them I'm training, and I'm coming, and I trained, and I trained, and finally the world was ready for William Gust's debut. When I felt something I never felt before... Fear.. Fear that what if I'm not good at this. Sure you're probably thinking I I could just go back to doing movies, or whatever, if this doesn't work out. But you don't understand, I need this to work out. I need to be a professional wrestler, because if I don't, all those years of waiting and biding my time, to achieve my dreams of not only being a wrestler, but a great professional wrestler, will turn into a nightmare, and then I have to go back faking a smile, and doing autograph sessions, being a good person. But I'm not.. I'm an asshole, I'm dirty, I'm filthy, I want to grow beards, and wear stupid capes, and wrestling allows me to be an asshole who wears capes, and fight, people who I respected.
Marcus, You don't understand, Wrestling is all I have. And if I don't succeed at this, I'll be an empty shell for the rest of my life.

Well do you think you can do that, being this William Gust, the fearful William Gust, the no balls having William Gust, Huh?

No... No I can't.

Cause the William Gust I know, is a champion. The William Gust I know, takes life by the balls, never backs down, and always pulls through. And wins.

That's nice but, I think I've already blew my chances of proving I could be a champion here, I've lost, and my hype, its dead.

That's true... But, there's something you need to know.


When you were busy, partying all day today, I got a hold of your cell phone. And you got a call from PWC. They said you have an opportunity to be part of a gauntlet. And the winner of that gauntlet becames the new PWC World Heavyweight Champion.

That means..

It means all the hype, all the dreams you had of being a successful wrestler, of being a champion here in PWC. You can achieve it all, in one night. One night, but William Gust, you're going to have to be cutthroat, because Gust.. No one actually believes you can win. And I'm still not sure yet if I believe in you.

Well Marcus, I believe in me. I'm going to do the unthinkable, I'm going to shock the PWC Roster, I'm going to shock the world. And I am going to become the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Because I'm William Gust, and shocking the world is what I do.

Yea let me feel your passion.

I'm going to hit continuous Hardware malfunction, after hardware malfunction, and I'm going to do it until my elbows are soar, until I'm the last man standing, and with my messed up elbows messed up, I will gain the strength at the end of the night, to hold up the PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

This is the William Gust I believe in. This is the William Gust I know. This is the William Gust is Destined for Greatness. Time to get you're ready.

Actually no need for that. Because I William Gust, Was born Ready.

Let's start the bus, because the Gust or Bust Tour is heading to PWC alpha and Omega.


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Moving like a shadow, Stephen entered his daughter’s white room. Lying in a swath of moonlight, Lilith slept in the exact center of her small bed in the midst of a sea of drawings where she put her emotions thinking, imagining she’s an artist just like her mother.


Reaching, careful not to wake her, Stephen lifted the miniature silver crown from her hair. Tenderly, he untangled a few errant stand and smoothed them gently back into place. Her lashes fluttered against her cheek and he froze, not daring to breathe.

Who would have thought you would have had such reaction-

Suddenly, she opened her eyes looked at him and smiled.

Did you wake up? Hello…

When I first opened my eyes the name given to her… really loved that name.

She sat straight up and nodded.

Daddy, if the stars are missing, would you spare time for moon to sight?

And if the stars aren’t there, would you still appreciate the night like you always do?

Um… you really do observe me?

A book full of surprises.

She giggled a little before answering.

Yes, daddy I do. I know you like to go out to watch the sky to see the moon and stars every night after coming to my room to wish me a good night.

Before he could speak, she plopped her head down on her pillow and closed her eyes sound sleep again. Marveling, he watched her easy breathing and wondered how she did it.

I gaze at the moon – Are you looking at it too?

The beauty I see in the moon cannot compare to the beauty that I see in you.

He rubbed his right hand gently across her forehead, feeling her softness and warmth, which brought a slight smile to his face.

In a dream we are connected.

Taking a step back from her bed, his eyes never left her. He glanced at the room to embed the scene deep in his memory. As he turned to walk out of the room, he glanced at the wall next to the door to see the many drawings hanging there. One caught his eye. -A bright sun.

For a moment old memories are reflected in his eyes as he close the door.

Goodnight, always, to all that is pure that’s in your heart.

Protect her for a lifetime.




Stephen is sitting on the steps of the porch drawing with a pencil on a pad taken from his knapsack. Every cool autumn afternoon he sat there thinking, drawing he had a talent no one knew he had before soon it became a habit. The day before a storm begun a tie meant to last forever was scattered in pieces. Tommy and I got along well with each other and never fought or argued. Our rooms were next to each other.

Since when our paths started to part?

We both started from the same place our thoughts were always so different but we remain together. I always followed my instincts and never changed who I was. What I was seeking never changed.


My room used to be white I remember I always closed my eyes and saw a canvas before me. And depending on my thoughts, the painting instantaneously changed before my eyes, and everything was so harmonious, masterpieces were created.

But no one like you.

An unread book on my desk, a pair of broken headphones on my bed, a guitar and music floating in the air. A clouded loneliness.

On the other side of the wall, not only had the scenery changed, but also the ambient. Somber eyes, a tenebrous darkness, a moonless sky. The relative darkness inside the room did not permit close inspection, and my imagination did not go beyond what I could see. As we wrestled along that rainy day you confessed to me your intentions, I finally knew that everything was different, I finally knew you changed.

Everything but the rain.

The memories of old shadows unfolding like clenched fists flooded my brain. I could heard the voices whispering warnings, and I recalled the walls of my room pulsating like the walls of a quickened heart. Threatening me and them. Your face shown calm waters that you couldn’t be better. But your eyes rage a storm the lightning crackles within them. The wind whipped at your soul. It was the calm before the storm.

You knew me like I knew you… brother, friend. .

The next day I was sitting on the stairs of the front porch of the house drawing in a sketchbook trapped right in the middle between my fear of loneliness and my plan. Katherine and her family just moved from another town. I saw her standing there in the church the other day. I knew someone else was coming, someone who had been observed me before.

Here comes the sun.

Katherine climbed the steps so she could see what I was drawing. On the page, rendered in pencil, was an amazing black wolf with an intense yet softer posture his eyes were full of surprise and confusion. In the moonlight who covered the background the animal looked like a sculpture of antiqued silver. Gold was such a color who always escaped my canvas so close yet so far away to touch it.

I expected her to pass but she didn’t. Instead, she walked directly towards me, sat down next to me and casually looked at what I was drawing once again. Our first exchange of thoughts.

I like how you are concentrating on your drawing. You seem to be thinking carefully about your drawing. That’s great. I wish you could see my oil portraits. Or the watercolors I did last year.

Katherine was truly one of a kind. She enjoyed wearing strange clothes and doing things no one else would. I noticed, that she always sat alone. And thought maybe that she didn’t have any friends.

I lifted my head and looked at her and told her how much I’d have loved to see her work. Her eyes gleamed as she heaved a sigh of relief that bore a tender smile. She was very good at entertaining me with stories that showed her in a humorous light, and always with an innocence that one strongly suspected false.

Don’t ever change.

Our trust grew. We promised to be there for each other. Day passed by and we became closer each day. She kept her promise. She protected and watched over me and I in turn did the same.

Protect her for a lifetime.


-Present time.


A black pair of boots march through the hallway slowly, slightly, his steps are confident and heavy. On the other frame tiny feet in white socks walk in a slow tenderness though the hall. Their steps seemed synchronized as they moved easily together in nearly perfect unison. Different paths connected to each other, bonds never fail. Let all the distance disappear.

I am here, you are there, yet we both are near.

His steps finally stopped. He stood up before a black curtain the steam of his breath swirled around him. The ground beneath him began to tremble like a tremor was underway. A sea of crowd began vibrating, stirring around until they had made holes in the ground. The ground soon began to open and he could almost bet there was something underneath struggling to get out from the Sin City. Soon the crowd erupts in wild chants. He could hear the names of Austin Angel, Shadow, Jensen or Barney across the arena. And through a thin slit beads of light poured over his eyes where he could see signs with names such as; Daiko, Bruce Thorn, Nero or Elric. Heroes and Icons.

But where is your name?


Her steps stopped. She peered in the archway of the living room where she could hear shots, thuds coming from the TV. Her head had been filled with questions.

Mommy where is Daddy?

Katherine was sitting in front of the TV waiting for the match of his husband. As she saw her daughter she opened her arms wide to embrace her tightly around her. She ran her fingers through her hair then ran her thumb across the curve of her jaw.

He is there ready to fight for a legacy for his family… for you. You see every day you eat, sleep, breathe. You grow up, learning something new. For your father it’s like living in a dream. You are one of the reasons we are trying to change this world to expand this dream into a wonderful future. You are his masterpiece.

Some of the worry disappeared from her eyes before she fell asleep.

Never ending my dream.


He clenched his hands into fist at his sides as the lights fade minutes before his theme hit the arena.

They see us as the bad and evil monsters they fear. They see me as the leader of a cult, a man who seek nothing but blood and violence. I should feel pity for their eyes who can’t see that the darker they become the brighter we shine. I have never looked for fame as fame builds heroes and icons, and none of them is me. Yellow, red, black or white, the only colors filling these grounds.

The question she made to him the night before resounded in his mind.

Lilith, passing through this curtain are all the stars that no longer belong to the sky. Here, heroes and icons march following the path to the glory. They ignore the pain, no signs of weakness, no signs of weariness, not even a glimpse of fear in their eyes. Step by step, the closer they get to the ring the clearer their eyes can see it.

Alpha & Omega.

Men flying within and through the ropes like animals attacking its prey. A place where nothing is ever safe and sound.

Welcome to the land of stardust where it rains gold.

I hear the drum of my heart cracking a tune waiting for the bell to toll.

Desire, astounds by glint of a smile.

Each of us is a painter given a canvas called life. And in mine the gold always eluded me to touch it. Like an artist creating his very own, masterpiece, on fine canvas I created you. After crushing with my opponents in the battlefield. There will only be a gold mist hanging in the air hovering above the crowd. And in that moment I want to see your smile shine brightly through the gold of the Legacy title.

My legacy.

I have received the bigger blessing.

There is no greater gift. Forget the silver, forget the pain, from life such things are born. But if my eyes were meant to change the world. Know this: the moment is now.

Your thoughts echo in your actions.

Do it for her…

The muscle in his jaw flex with tension as he slowly takes a step forward that groaned beneath his feet as he made his way through the ring covering in darkness. A black wolf.​

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Austin Angel RP:

As the scene opens Austin Angel is in a crowded parkour park in Los Angeles. Angel stands back for a minute watching the other people there practicing their skills, then when it's his turn takes off running and hops over a little wall with ease, followed by jumping onto a bigger wall and scaling it quickly. Angel then backflips off and continues through the rest of the course.

Legacy Gauntlet, my time to shine. My time to figure out who paid off Derek Jacobs to attack me.

Angel darts over to the metal bars and leaps onto the lowest point, then runs across the top of the bars until he reaches the end which is in a circle, and leaps across to the other set of metal bars, grabbing the bottom of the closest bar.

It's gonna be a war of a match, and only one of us can walk out with the Legacy Championship, I've had my chances before and come up short. But in the Legacy Gauntlet I can not fail, I will not fail.

Angel uses his strengh to swing his body up onto the top of the metal bar, and with a small crowd watching the parkour expert, he runs a couple feet to the end of the bar then side flips off it, landing on his feet as he hits the ground.

I've had hard luck recently but all that will be made up for if I take the championship. But before I can win the championship I have multiple demons to face in the match itself.

Angel walks over to the main cement tower, and looks up at it before taking a deep breath and jumping onto the lowest wall.

Derek Jacobs, the man who screwed me out of the Television Championship. I hope he's already in the ring when I enter the match, because if he is I'm gunning right for him, beating his ass and finding a way to eliminate him from the match.

Angel then jumps onto the next level of the tower and make a run towards the hole in the wall leading to the top level, but stops when he realizes he didn't jump in time and backs up.

Crowley. In a match like this he's surely going to be one of the most dangerous guys in it. He'll do anything to win and who knows if he can uses his demonic ways to convince people to do his dirty work. Surely getting rid of him as soon as possible would be beneficial.

Angel now makes another run at the hole in the wall, and jumps onto it successfully then pulls himself up to the top of the wall. Angel now carefully walks across the top of the wall, then jumps for the very top point of the tower and successfully reaches it. Angel stands alone at the top and looks down at the sea of people below him for a moment with a smile on his face.

Bruce Thorn Jr. He's easily the favorite to win coming in with one championship already and has been my biggest rival since returning to PWC. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up coming down to him and I, but I've never beat him before and somehow, someway, I need to eliminate him from this Gauntlet. When I enter the Legacy Gauntlet, it's time to put up or shut up and if I lose, maybe just maybe it'll be proof I shouldn't have come back in the first place.

Angel now begins his descent down the tower and after reaching the bottom, the scene fades to black.
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