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Backstory: An unidentified, very wealthy man used a huge portion of his money to start a new wrestling promotion, the Pro Wrestling Alliance. At first, only the Indy stars came, but then many of the WWE superstars left the WWE to join this new company, because of the way Vince McMahon was treating them. The first show of the PWA would be an episode of its weekly show, Saturday night Chaos.

I'm not going to post the roster, because it is constantly changing.

Pro Wrestling Alliance
The lights in the arena dim and then go completely out as a faint tapping sound can be heard. Suddenly “Before I Forget” by Slipknot explodes through the silence and rings the ears of the fans in the sold out arena. A white light flashes on and off, and then without warning a magnificent fireworks display booms all over the stage. The multi-colored fireworks explode all over the place and soon make their way down the ramp. A final round of pyrotechnics shoot out from the turnbuckle posts and the light finally returns to the arena. There is a huge screen that is surrounded with barbed wire. The screen currently displays the Chaos logo. To the sides of the screen there are two giant metal pillars that stretch to the arena ceiling. The stage is also surrounded by barbed wire, and the ramp is lined with a chain link fence. The crowd roars with cheers and screams as the first edition of PWA Monday night Chaos goes on the air, live from the Skydome in Toronto, Canada!

The camera swings throughout the audience, where the fans are screaming for their favorite superstar. The camera stops at the announce table, where Jim Ross is sitting next to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper!

JR- Welcome to the first edition of PWA Saturday night Chaos! What a great night-

Piper- Yes, Roddy Piper is back! This is gonna be great, because the one and only Rowdy Roddy Piper is in the house!

JR- And I’m Good Ol’ JR, and tonight marks the start of a new era in professional wrestling. The Pro Wrestling Alliance is here, but we still don’t know who the owner is!

”Hart Attack”

Oh my God! Could it be?

Piper- No way!

The crowd erupts with cheers as Bret “the Hitman” Hart pushes the black curtain aside and walks out to the stage! He is wearing a black suit, with his trademark pink sunglasses as he walks down the ramp, shaking hands with every fan at ringside that outstretches his arm. He finally stops shaking hands and climbs the ring steps before entering the ring. He waits for the thundering ovation to stop before requesting a microphone from ringside and being handed one.

Hart- Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Pro Wrestling Alliance’s first show! That’s right, the legendary Bret Hart is the founder and owner of this company. And I’m not going to waste your time boring you fans by explaining each and every detail about each and every Championship to you guys. I’m pretty sure you guys know the deal. Heavyweight Championship, for the very best in the business. The Pure Championship, for those who want to prove they can make it in the “big leagues,” and also to show honor and character in a superstar. A Champion cannot retain his title by DQ. The Tag Team Championships, for the best team in the PWA. And the Juniorweight Championship, for all the superstars who are under 230 pounds. So now-

”No Chance”
The crowd instantly starts booing as “No Chance” by Dope hits and Vince McMahon walks out through the curtains with a mic in his hand and an angry look on his face. He looks at the fans, then at Bret Hart. The fans continue to boo him mercilessly.

JR- Uh oh, Vince McMahon is in the building.

Piper- What the hell does this idiot want?

McMahon- Shut up! I said shut up dammit! Bret Hart, you ruined me, and you ruined my company, my baby! Because of you, the WWE is gone! Because of you, I am out of a job! Now we all know that I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, but you destroyed by creation. And I am determined- I told you stupid people to shut up! I’m Vince McMahon dammit! I’m determined to make sure your life running this company is a living hell!

The crowd boos heavily as Vince McMahon lowers the mic, smirking. Hart smiles in the ring too, before raising the mic to his face.

Hart- Well Vince, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to wait. Security, I think you know what to do…

Five big men in security uniforms come out to the stage as the fans cheer them. One grabs Vince and starts to push him towards the back, but Vince turns around and punches the security guard! The guard barely looks fazed, and lifts Vince into the air and hauls him backstage! The fans cheer as Hart smiles in the ring, then begins to speak again.

Hart- Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by the crazy old man, since you can’t fairly crown a Heavyweight Champion in just one match, we’re going to have two Number One Contenders matches for the Heavyweight Championship. I’ll let the other matches be a surprise to you.

The fans cheer for the announcement as the president of the PWA hands the mic back to Lillian Garcia and proceeds to the back.

Piper- They’re lucky I’m not in one of those matches JR, JR. I’d kick all their asses!

JR- That’s definitely debatable. Anyway, we’ll be right back after this commercial break!

-Commercial Break-

Chaos comes back from the commercial break, and we see Michael Cole standing next to “the Alpha Male” Monty Brown.

Cole- Monty Brown, a lot of the fans are curious to know, are you in one of the Number One Contenders match later on in the night?

Brown- Well I should be, but as usual, the Alpha Male is passed by. Even in TNA I didn’t get the opportunities I should have. And here in the PWA, I wasn’t even put in a Number One Contender match for the damn Heavyweight Championship. Whether or not I have a match tonight, somebody will feel the POOOUUNCE…PERIOD!

JR- Uh oh, I don’t like the sound of that!

Piper- Actually JR, he’s making a very smart move. If Bret Hart doesn’t give you the match, show him that you deserve the match!

JR- That could go either way. It could impress the boss, or it could make him dislike you. Anyway, we’re going to start our first match, and it will be for the Juniorweight Championship.

The crowd pops as “Dragon Flames” hits and Ultimo Dragon pushes the curtain aside and jogs out to the stage. He puts his hands together in the air, and then brings them down as pillars of flame shoot out beside him. He walks down the ramp, slapping the hands of ringside fans, then slides into the ring and stretches his arms.

The cheers soon turn to boos as “Buzzsaw” plays and Tajiri walks out to the stage. He stares at Ultimo and walks down the ramp, ignoring the crowd’s jeers and boos as he rolls into the ring.

JR- Well, we’re about to get our first match underway.

Juniorweight Championship
Ultimo Dragon vs. Tajiri
Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri start the match by locking up in the center of the ring, and exchanging submission holds. After a few quick exchanges, Tajiri surprises Ultimo with a stiff kick to the head. Tajiri has control of the match for the next couple of minutes, until Ultimo comes surging back with some kicks of his own. Ultimo and Tajiri trade momentum of the match, until towards the end, where Ultimo dodges a Buzzsaw kick and takes Tajiri down with a springboard dropkick.

Finish:Tajiri slowly gets to his feet and turns towards his opponent. Ultimo comes running forward and hits a neckbreaker on Tajiri. He makes a cover, but Tajiri kicks out at two. Ultimo backs up and allows Tajiri to get to his feet, then hooks Tajiri’s head and goes for a DDT, but Tajiri counters it into a northern lights suplex! He makes a cover: ONE…TWO…Ultimo kicks out. Tajiri picks Ultimo up to his feet, only to knock him down to the canvas again with a kick to the head. He goes for another cover, but Ultimo kicks out. Ultimo gets to his feet and Tajiri charges at him, but Ultimo bends down and gives Tajiri a back body drop over the ropes to the outside! The fans cheer as Ultimo quickly bounces off the opposite set of ropes and comes running back towards the first set, where Tajiri is getting up on the outside. The fans pop as Ultimo soars over the ropes with a front flip, but Tajiri jumps out of the way and Ultimo slams into the security barricade! The fans boo as Tajiri painfully gets to his feet and forces Ultimo to his feet. He shoves him into the ring, then rolls in himself. He crouches slightly and grins as he stalks Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo slowly gets to his feet using the ropes for support and turns around, and Tajiri goes for the Buzzsaw kick! …But Ultimo ducks out of the way and kicks Tajiri in the gut! The fans cheer as Ultimo hooks Tajiri’s head and hits an Asai DDT! He hooks Tajiri’s leg and makes a cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!
Winner and NEW Juniorweight Champion: Ultimo Dragon
JR- Ultimo Dragon wins it! What a match to kick off the night!

Piper- I don’t think that man would be standing right now if he had been hit with that kick from Tajiri!

JR- If Tajiri had hit that Buzzsaw kick, the outcome of the match could have been different.

JR- Folks, we’ll be right back after a commercial break!

-Commercial Break-

JR- Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and coming up in just a few moments, we’re going to have our first Number One Contenders match for the Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd bursts into boos as “Longhorn” plays and a white limo with bull horns slowly drives out to stage from the backstage. It continues on to the end of the ramp, where it stops and the driver gets out of the limo. He walks to the end of the limo and opens the door, and out steps John Bradshaw Layfield. Instead of walking back to the front door, the driver opens another door, and Ron Simmons steps out! JBL and Ron Simmons walk down the ramp as the fans boo them. JBL gets into the ring and removes his hat and hands it to a worker at ringside.

The boos quickly change to cheers as Slipknot’s “Wait And Bleed” overpowers JBL’s music, the Leviathan himself, Batista, shoves the curtain aside and walks out to the stage. He bends down and slaps the stage, then raises his fists in the air. He walks down the ramp, eyeing JBL. He hops up the ring steps and enters the ring, then raises his fists again.

JR- There is some visible tension here with Batista and JBL, two opponents who could have faced each other at WrestleMania 21.

Piper- I think those two want to rip each other apart!

“My World” hits and Jeff Jarrett pushes past the curtain and walks out to the stage wearing his “Slapnuts” sleeveless shirt. He raises his guitar in the air, then walks down the ramp, insulting fans as he walks. He places the guitar next to the timekeeper and orders him to watch it, then slides into the ring and locks eyes with JBL and Batista.

“One Of A Kind” hits and the crowd cheers loudly as Rob Van Dam pushes the curtain aside and white fireworks shoot out from the TitanTron. He walks down the ramp with his usual laid back smile as he high fives some fans and then rolls into the ring. He does his RVD thumb taunt, but Jarrett comes from behind and knocks him off his feet.

Number One Contenders Match (Heavyweight Championship)
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Batista vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Rob Van Dam
Jarrett stomps on RVD as the match begins, and Batista instantly starts brawling with JBL. Batista gets the advantage on JBL, and RVD soon starts to fight back against Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett and JBL show a little heel teamwork throughout the match, and Batista teams up with RVD one or two times. The momentum of the match shifts in Batista’s favor as he takes Jarrett over the ropes with a big clothesline.

Finish: Batista turns around and looks at JBL, who is slowly getting to his feet on the other side of the ring. He sees Batista and runs at him, but Batista hits a huge spinebuster as the crowd pops! Batista makes a cover on JBL. ONE…TWO…RVD breaks it up with a 5 Star Frog Splash onto the back of Batista! RVD quickly turns Batista over into a cover, but Jarrett slides back into the ring and pulls RVD off Batista! RVD gets up and starts trading right hands with Jarrett, only to be hit with a kick to the gut, followed by a suplex. Jarrett starts to stomp on RVD, and then taunts the crowd. He grins as he turns around…but his smile soon fades when he is face to face with Batista. Batista kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a Batista Bomb, but all of a sudden JBL goes to stop Batista, but then smiles and steps back. Batista slams Jarrett to the canvas with a vicious Batista Bomb, and then JBL bounces off the ropes. Batista turns around and JBL goes for a Clothesline From Hell, but Batista moves out of the way, making JBL nail the ref instead! JBL turns around into a kick to the gut, then a Batista Bomb! Batista makes a cover, but there is no referee to count the pin. He angrily looks down at JBL, and Rob Van Dam suddenly comes from behind with a sweep to the back of Batista’s legs. Batista falls to the mat, but quickly gets back up. RVD goes for a spinning kick, but Batista catches his leg and hoists him into the air, then slams him into the mat similar to a Powerbomb. There is still no ref, so Batista takes the time to lean against the ropes and rest. The crowd cheers him on as he raises his fists in the air. All of a sudden JBL comes from behind and smashes Jarrett’s guitar over the back of Batista’s head! The crowd boos mercilessly as JBL chucks the broken guitar pieces out of the ring. The referee is getting to his feet and JBL is about to turn around, when Jeff Jarrett comes from behind and wearily hits the Stroke! Jarrett hooks the leg as the referee makes the long count: 1……….2……….3!
Winner and moving on to the Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Jarrett
JR- Dammit! Jeff Jarrett stole the win!

Piper- You’re right, JR! JBL should have won!

JR- No, JBL was the one who cheated with that guitar in the first place! Batista had the match won until JBL accidentally knocked the ref out with the Clothesline From Hell!

Piper- Well he didn’t.

The crowd boos the hell out of Jeff Jarrett as he gets to his feet and cockily taunts the crowd and his opponents. He walks up the ramp and disappears backstage.

JR- Folks, we’ll be right back after this quick commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

Chaos comes back from the break, and we see a bunch of officials and EMT’s huddled around something. Bret Hart pushes through them and looks to the ground, where we see a very bloody Eddie Guerrero knocked out on the ground, and there is something wrapped around his neck.

Hart- What the hell happened here?

Worker- It appears that Eddie Guerrero was brutally attacked by someone. He was beaten down and choked out. We don’t know who did it or why, but we did find something.

He unwraps the object that was wrapped around Guerrero’s throat and shows it to the president. Hart gets a look of anger on his face when he sees it.

Hart- A guitar string.

He turns around and hurries down the hall as the scene changes back to ringside at the announcers table.

JR- What the hell? Did Jeff Jarrett attack Eddie Guerrero?

Piper- I think he did. I mean, the guitar string was there.

JR- That’s disgusting. He should be punished. But anyway, we’re going to crown our first Pure Champion. And as you all know, in the Pure Championship match, the Champion cannot retain his title by DQ. If he is disqualified, his opponent wins the title. Even if the referee is knocked out, other officials will be watching from the back.

The crowd cheers as ”Disposable Teens” hits and “the Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels pushes the curtains aside and walks out to the stage. He outstretches his arms to the side, then slowly walks down to the ring and gets in. He hands his sunglasses and robe to the referee, who hands them to a ringside worker.

”Phenomenal” hits and AJ Styles hops out to the stage to a huge amount of cheering from the fans. He jogs down the ramp in his traditional white and blue hoody with “Phenomenal” on the back. He slaps the hands of fans as he goes and then slides into the ring. He jumps to the second rope and throws his arms in the air as the fans cheer him on.

”Take What’s Mine” blasts through the arena as the crowd erupts and Randy Orton comes out to the stage! He spreads out his arms and slowly spins around as the golden sparks rain down behind him. He walks down the ramp with confidence and slaps the hands of some fans on his way to the ring. He rolls in and spreads out his arms again, then waits for the match to start.

Pure Championship
Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton
The match begins with all three superstars circling each other, looking for an opening to attack, but finding none. Orton says something to Daniels, who seems offended. Daniels starts walking over to Orton, talking trash himself, but AJ Styles suddenly comes from behind with a rollup. ONE…T- Daniels kicks out. From there all three superstars start to brawl, until Daniels hits the Angel’s Wings on Styles!

Finish: Daniels turns Styles over and hooks the leg: ONE…TWO…THR- Randy Orton breaks up the pin with a stomp. Daniels gets to his feet and goes for a right hand on Orton, but Orton quickly ducks under it and gets behind Daniels, then hits a Russian leg sweep. He makes a cover, but Daniels kicks out at two. Orton lets Daniels get to his feet, and then runs at him with a clothesline. Daniels quickly bends down and gives Orton a back body drop, then stomps on his head once. He backs up and the crowd cheers as he calls for the Angel’s Wings. Orton slowly gets to his feet and Daniels moves forward, but Styles hits a bulldog from behind! Styles looks at Orton, then picks Daniels up off the mat. He hooks the Fallen Angel’s left arm, and Orton does the same with the right arm. They lift him up in suplex position, but then throw him forward over the ropes to the outside! Daniels’ head and chest slam against the outside as the fans give a mixed reaction. AJ and Orton instantly turn to each other and start trading right hands. Orton gets the advantage and ducks under a right hand, then hits an RKO! He hooks AJ’s leg: ONE…TWO…THR- no! Styles kicks out! Orton slaps the mat in frustration and rises to his feet, waiting for Styles to do the same. Christopher Daniels is stirring on the outside, so Orton exits the ring and walks towards him. He goes to pick Daniels up, but the Fallen Angel leaps up in the air and hits Orton with a dropkick. He grabs Orton by the head and rolls him into the ring. He slides in as Orton starts to get to his feet. He charges at Daniels, who just kicks him in the gut, gets into position, and hits the Last Rights on Randy Orton! The crowd explodes as Daniels climbs to the top ropes. He looks down at Orton, then hits the Best Moonsault Ever! He hooks the leg: ONE…TWO…THREE!
Winner and NEW Pure Champion: Christopher Daniels
JR- Christopher Daniels is the Pure Champion, and what a match! Daniels deserves that title.

Piper- No he doesn’t, Randy Orton should’ve won.

The crowd cheers as the Fallen Angel is handed his Pure Championship belt and he raises it high in the air. He looks at Orton, who is painfully struggling to get up, and holds out his hand. Orton looks up at him and takes Daniels’ hand as he is helped up to his feet. They both shake hands, and all of a sudden Orton hits an RKO! The fans boo heavily as Orton throws his arms out to the side. He smirks as he spits on Christopher Daniels, but then immediately slides out of the ring and backpedals up the ramp as AJ Styles jumps into the ring to come to Daniels’ aid.

JR- Now what the hell was that for? Orton is mad because he lost, so he gives Christopher Daniels an RKO? That’s not how a Pure Champion should act!

Piper- But he’s not the Pure Champion is he, JR?

JR- Still, nobody should act like that! We’ll be right back!

Commercial Break-

Chaos returns from the break and we see Christopher Daniels walking down a hallway with his new Pure Championship belt slung across his shoulder. He winces a little as he puts on a smile and continues walking down the hall. AJ Styles then walks into view.

Daniels- What?

Styles just looks as Daniels, as if he’s waiting for something.

Daniels- What, do you want me to thank you or something? I ask for your help, nor did I need it. If had I wanted you to come into the ring, I would have let you know. But, I didn’t. So you won’t be getting any thanks from me.

Styles- So let me get this straight, I save your ass from a beating, and you refuse to show any gratitude?

Daniels- Good job, you can hear. Now get out of my face.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Daniels pushes past Styles and walks down the corridor. The scene changes back to announce position.

JR- Well Christopher Daniels isn’t very grateful is he?

Piper- He’s right though. He didn’t ask Styles to help him, so why should he say thank you for something he didn’t ask for?

JR- I’m not going to continue this argument with you, Roddy. Anyway, coming up next we’re going to have the next Qualifying match for the Heavyweight Championship later on.

”Self High Five” hits and the crowd gives a mixed reaction as Diamond Dallas Page pushes the curtain aside and walks out to the stage. He raises his hands in the diamond symbol, then brings it down hard as silver fireworks explode on the stage behind him. He slaps some fans’ hands on his way to the ring, then slides in.

”Invasion” blares through the arena and the crowd rises to their feet and cheers as “Da Man” Bill Goldberg shoves the curtain aside and walks out to the stage. He stands at the top of the stage as he is swallowed by the familiar golden sparks. The sparks subside and he kicks and punches the air as a firework goes off on the stage. He stomps down the ramp and enters the ring.

”Here Comes The Pain” hits as the crowd bursts into boos as Brock Lesnar rips past the curtain and jogs out onto the stage. He does his warmup routine, before angrily walking down the ramp, ignoring the crowd’s jeers and boos.

JR- Well, since Eddie Guerrero was attacked earlier, Brock Lesnar will replace him in this match.

The crowd doesn’t know whether to boo or cheer as “The Game” by Motorhead hits and the “Cerebral Assassin” himself, Triple H shoves the curtain to the side and walks out to the stage, his trademark water bottle in hand. He pours some water on his head and walks down the ramp, staring at the competitors in the ring. He gets up onto the apron and pour some water into his mouth, before spitting it in a mist towards the front row. He gets in the ring and looks at the other three superstars as the match begins.

Number One Contenders Match (Heavyweight Championship)
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H
Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and DDP instantly start triple teaming Goldberg, attempting to take him out of the match early. Goldberg fights back however, and soon starts to brawl with Lesnar as Triple H and DDP start to fight as well. The match is pretty even, until towards the end, where Triple H hits a Pedigree on Goldberg as Lesnar sends DDP to the mat with an F5.

Finish: Triple H and Lesnar both turn around and lock eyes. The crowd starts cheering for Triple H as he looks at Lesnar and smiles. They both look at the crowd, then start trading lightning right hands to the face. Lesnar gets the advantage and whips Triple H into the ropes. He comes bouncing back and goes for a clothesline on Lesnar, but Lesnar takes him down with a thunderous clothesline of his own. Lesnar smirks as the fans boo him. He bends over and lifts Triple H to his feet, then lifts him up for a military press, but Triple H escapes and lands behind Lesnar. Lesnar turns around into a series of right hands from The Game, and then a DDT. Triple H goes for the cover. ONE…TWO- Lesnar kicks out. Triple H picks Lesnar up and whips him into the turnbuckle, but suddenly The Game is taken down from behind by a chop block to the knees from DDP. Triple H quickly gets to his feet and knocks DDP off his feet with a right hand, but then Lesnar hits a German suplex on Triple H from behind. Page starts driving Lesnar back with right hands as Goldberg is stirring on the outside. Page sends Lesnar into the ropes, who is then tripped by Goldberg. Lesnar turns around and starts talking trash, but DDP comes from behind and rolls him up with a school boy! ONE…TWO… Lesnar kicks out again. Triple H is up now, and bounces off the ropes. DDP turns around, right into a knee to the face, knocking him down. Goldberg gets in the ring and runs at Triple H, but The Game takes him down with a knee to the face as well. Lesnar and Triple H start exchanging punches in the center of the ring again, but this time it’s Triple H who gets the advantage. He kicks Lesnar in the gut and hooks his arms for a Pedigree, but all of a sudden Goldberg Spears Triple H! Triple H falls backwards from Lesnar and rolls out of the ring. Goldberg backs up into the corner, waiting for Lesnar to get up. Lesnar gets to his feet and turns around as Goldberg comes charging forward…but DDP intercepts him with a Diamond Cutter! He hooks the leg: ONE…TWO…TH- Lesnar breaks up the pin with a stomp. DDP gets up into a right hand from Lesnar, followed by a big clothesline. Lesnar yanks DDP off the mat and puts him on his shoulders as the fans begin to boo. Lesnar grins, and then hits an F5 on Page! The fans boo heavily as he hooks the leg: ONE…TWO…THRE- Triple H pulls Lesnar by the leg out of the ring! The fans cheer as Triple H slams Lesnar’s head into the turnbuckle post and then rolls him into the ring. Lesnar rises to his feet and angrily charges at Triple H, but gets a kick to the gut and then a Pedigree! The fans explode as Triple H makes a cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!
Winner and moving on to the Heavyweight Championship: Triple H
JR- Triple H will face Jeff Jarrett for the PWA Heavyweight title later on tonight! But first, we’re going to have ourselves a Tag Team Championship, as the Reflections of Perfection, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade take on the Kill Krew, Abyss and Sean O’Hair, next.

-Commercial Break-

Welcome back to Chaos everyone. In just a few moments, we’re going to have our Tag Team title match, but first, Michael Cole is going to interview one of the competitors in the main event, Jeff Jarrett.

The scene changes to the interview area, where Michael Cole is standing next to Jeff Jarrett, who has a pissed off look on his face.

Cole- Jeff Jarrett, earlier tonight Eddie Guerrero was found lying in a pool of blood, almost strangled to death with a guitar string. A lot of evidence points toward you, so-

Jarrett- People think just because there’s a damn guitar string that I did that? Why would I attack Eddie Guerrero? Yeah, he was in one of the Number One Contenders matches, but it’s not like he was going to actually win. How could you people be so naïve? Somebody planted that guitar string for this exact reason! He wanted it to look like I did it! Why would I leave the evidence there? Jesus Christ…

He shoves Cole out of the way and walks away as we go back to ringside.

JR- I guess Jeff Jarrett obviously thinks someone set him up, if he was telling the truth.

Piper- Of course he was telling the truth, JR!

JR- Well anyway, it’s time for our Tag Team title match.

”Reflection Of Perfection” hits and the Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade, the Reflections of Perfection strut out to the stage to boos from the crowd. They saunter down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of some ringside fans, then slide into the ring. They both pose on opposite turnbuckles and spread out their arms as the crowd gives them heat.

The boos turn to cheers as ”Never Gonna Stop” plays and the Kill Krew, Abyss and Sean O’Haire push the curtain aside and walk out to the stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd. O’Haire holds up his arms and walks down the ramp, slapping the hands of some fans, while Abyss slowly and silently walks behind him. O’Haire rolls into the ring while Abyss goes over the ropes. Before the bell rings…

”Turn The Tables” hits and the Dudley Boyz shove the curtain aside and walk out to the stage to a lot of heat from the fans. Bubba Ray has a mic in his hand as he stands on the stage.

Bubba- I was sitting backstage, watching this show, and when I saw this match I thought, how can you have a Tag Team title match without the Dudley Boyz? So me and D-Von went over to Bret Hart’s office and asked to be put in this match, and of course, being the best tag team in history he said yes. So Lillian, I’ll introduce us for you. Introducing the NEXT PWA Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz!

The crowd boos as Bubba drops the mic on the stage and begins to walk down the ramp. He gets in the ring and motions for the ref to ring the bell, when all of a sudden…

”2 Xtreme” hits and the crowd explodes! The Matt and Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz run through the curtain and jump onto the stage! Matt throws up the “V1” taunt as Jeff does his usual dance on the ring. They hop up in the air and then sprint down the ramp, hitting the hands of the ringside fans. They slide into the ring and pose on the turnbuckle as the fans continue to cheer.

JR- Well I’m getting word that the Hardy Boyz have been entered into this match.

Tag Team Championship
Reflections of Perfection (Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade) vs. Kill Krew (Sean O’Haire & Abyss) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba & D-Von Dudley vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy)

Garrison Cage and D-Von Dudley start things off, and D-Von quickly gains the advantage. D-Von eventually tags in Bubba Ray, who instantly starts pummeling Cade with right hands, until Cade counters out of a suplex and takes Bubba down with a clothesline. The match continues, with no team having control, until Jeff Hardy makes a blind tag on Sean O’Haire, entering himself in the match.

Finish: Jeff and Jindrak are the legal men, and as soon as Jeff enters the ring, Jindrak charges towards him. Jeff sidesteps him, and then takes him down with a dropkick. Cade tries to get in the ring, but Hardy knocks him off the apron with a right hand. Jeff turns around into a clothesline from Jindrak. He picks Jeff up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Jindrak walks over to Jeff and puts him on the top rope, then starts hammering him with right hands. Jindrak climbs up to the top rope as well, and he doesn’t see it, but Sean O’Haire makes a blind tag on Hardy. Jindrak hits Jeff with one more right hand, and then jumps off the rope with Jeff’s head in his arms, hitting a top rope bulldog! The fans boo as Jindrak makes a cover on Jeff, but the ref doesn’t count because Sean O’Haire is the legal man. Jindrak turns around right into a hard punch to the face from O’Haire. O’Haire sends Jindrak into the ropes, and then hits a back body drop. He drops down to the mat and applies a dragon sleeper. The fans cheer for Jindrak to tap out as he flails his arms. Jindrak looks very close to tapping, but suddenly Cade comes from behind and nails O’Haire in the back of the head with a hard kick, making him release the hold. The ref attempts to get Cade out of the ring, and while he is distracted, Jindrak hits a low blow on O’Haire! Cade gets out of the ring and the ref turns around to see Jindrak pick O’Haire up. He gets behind him and looks for the Mark Of Excellence, but O’Haire reverses it into a modified jawbreaker as the fans pop. He gets to his feet and goes over to his corner, where he tags in Abyss. Abyss gets in the ring as the crowd cheers him. Jindrak gets up and turns around, right into a big clothesline from Abyss. Abyss wraps his hand around Jindrak’s throat and lifts him to his feet. He sends him into the ropes and when he returns, Abyss hits Jindrak with the Black Hole Slam! O’Haire knocks both Hardy Boyz off the apron with a double clothesline. Abyss makes a cover on Jindrak: ONE…TWO Cade tries to get into the ring but O’Haire intercepts him with a clothesline…THREE!
Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Kill Krew
JR- The Kill Krew wins, and what a match!

Piper- I gotta tell ya, JR. That Abyss scares me!

JR- He is a great competitor, and I definitely wouldn’t want to get into the ring with him!

The view changes to the backstage, where we see the screen split in half. On one side, we see Jeff Jarrett walking down a corridor, and on the other, Triple H finishes lacing up his boots and exits his locker room.

JR- Ladies and gentlemen, the main event, is NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just taken our last commercial break, and now it’s time for the main event to crown the first ever PWA Heavyweight Champion.

*A short video package is shown, highlighting the events of the two qualifying matches for the Heavyweight Championship. It shows JBL hitting Batista in the head with Jarrett’s guitar, and Jarrett coming from behind and hitting the Stroke for the win. It shows Eddie Guerrero in a pool of his own blood and almost strangled to death by a guitar string, and Jarrett denying it was him. It shows Brock Lesnar replacing Guerrero, and Triple H pinning him after the Pedigree.*

Well, you just saw how this match was set up, and we’re not gonna waste any time getting to it!

”My World” hits and the crowd rises to their feet and boos as “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett walks out to the stage. He looks around at the crowd, smiling, before making his way down the ramp, insulting some fans as he goes. He slides into the ring and awaits his opponent.

”The Game” by Motorhead blasts through the arena and the crowd erupts as Triple H rips the curtain aside and walks out to the stage, a determined look in his eyes. He holds his trademark water bottle as he walks down the ramp and gets onto the apron. He takes a swig of the water and spits a mist into the air. He then tosses the water bottle somewhere into the crowd. He gets into the ring and locks eyes with Jeff Jarrett.

Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Jarrett vs. Triple H
Jarrett and Triple H stare down in the middle of the ring, until “The Game” throws the first punch. They start furiously trading right hands in the center of the ring, until Jarrett gains the advantage after a kick to the gut. The match goes on with nobody having the advantage, until 10 minutes into the match, where Triple H takes Jarrett down with a knee to the face.

Finish: Triple H starts pounding away on Jarrett with right hands to the face, until the ref reaches four in the count. Triple H gets up, and then forces Jarrett to his feet. He sends Jarrett into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Jarrett ducks under it and gets behind Triple H. The fans boo as Jarrett hits the Stroke out of nowhere! He makes a cover on Triple H: ONE…TWO…TH- he kicks out! The crowd cheers as Jarrett is visibly mad. He yanks Triple H off the mat and goes for another Stroke, but Triple H elbows him in the face. “The Game” kicks Jarrett in the gut, hooks his arms for the Pedigree, but Jarrett counters it into a modified Northern Lights suplex with a bridge! ONE…TWO… Triple H kicks out again! The crowd pops. All of a sudden, the crowd cheers as Eddie Guerrero comes running down the ramp holding a chair, his face still bloody! He slides into the ring with the chair and drills Jarrett in the face with it! Triple H gets up and looks at Guerrero, who then nails Triple H with it! The crowd’s cheers turn to boos as the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest
JR- What the hell? Eddie Guerrero just hit Jeff Jarrett AND Triple H with that chair! What has gotten into him?

Piper- He must be still mad about what Jarrett, IF it was Jarrett, did to him earlier!

JR- There could be hell to pay for Eddie Guerrero next week on Chaos!

The crowd boos as Eddie Guerrero smiles wickedly in the ring as the show fades to black…

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