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Should Nelson King receive a title shot at the next Thunder?

  • YES, it wasn't fair and he deserves it...

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • NO, it's someone else's time...

    Votes: 6 75.0%
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The PWA faithful will be shaken up by the news that Nelson King is recovering from a traumatic experience. For the past 8 days King has been cooped up in the back of a moving, get this, chicken coop! Nelson King was kidnapped somewhere around 6pm on Friday and has only just returned to normal life. There has been speculation surrounding the exact circumstances and reasoning behind such a malicious attack. Could it be a current wrestler in the PWA or maybe a returning enemy of Nelson King.

There has been call to give Nelson King another shot at the PWA World Heavyweight Championship from the fans of PWA.

Quotes from the fans.

"King's the man, well chicken-man I 'spose and I don't mean that he's afraid and that I mean he's literally half chicken"

"He NEEDS to be the champ, I love him <3 <3 Long live the King"

So, this goes out to the combatants of PWA Wrestling. Should Nelson King receive a title shot at this coming Thunder?

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If he gets a titleshot because of this, I'm coming to the arena dressed as a platypus.

On another note, when is it my time to get a title shot? Just because I'm Mr. Money In the Bank, I have to face jobbers every week? It has become painfully obvious I'm the Ziggler of this company.
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