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Um, this is off my EWR. I wrote the endings obviously. I dont think its illegal to just post one show because this will not be a BTB. I have been working on it for a week now and you will be dissapointed with the ending. :agree:

PW-P: A New Dawn, A New Day
Location: Albany, NY
Attendance: 1002
Ticket Revenue: $20,400

Pre-Show Match: John Walters vs. Greg Pawluk vs. William Regal vs. Nigel McGuinness

Ending:Great match for the VIP viewers who got to come in early and view this match. Ended with Walters and McGuinness already being eliminated after about 10 minutes. Regal had Pawluk in a sleeperhold, and Greg flipped Regal over his head, but Regal, being the veteran he is, held onto his head and stunned Pawluk! Greg fell to the floor, and Regal got up, dragged Greg up, and started giving him a few jabs to the face. After about 4, Greg caught one of them, twisted his arm, and then hip tossed him onto the mat. He kept of him of arm, put his leg over it, wrapped up Regal for a mahistoral cradle! 1…2! No! Regal got out of it, and Greg slowly dragged him up. Regal was then whipped to the ropes, William bounced back and clotheslined Greg! Pawluk went straight to the mat, and Regal elbow dropped him. William crawled on top of Greg, and put him into the Regal Stretch! The referee kept seeing if Greg would give up, but he didn’t! Instead, Greg somehow got himself up, and backdropped Regal onto the mat! Pawluk, after about 2 seconds of holding his mouth, flipped William over on his belly, went to the legs, and applied the Boston Crab! After about 20 seconds, Regal finally gave up and Greg took the victory. Winner: Greg Pawluk

Rating: 61%[/b]

Match One: Jack Evans vs. Jerrelle Clark

Ending: At 28 minutes, Jack Evans had already preformed two 630 Splashes and so had Jerrelle Clark. A double down was in affect and the referee was at the number six. Clark and Evans were both dragging themselves up with the help of the ropes, and Evans was the first one up, and was struggling to run to Jerrelle. When he made it, he grabbed him by the head, and whipped him to the ropes. Clark came back, and ran over Evans who had dropped down. Jack jumped up, and waiting for Clark to return. Once he did, Evans went for a jumping spinning kick to the head, but somehow Clark could see it coming, caught the leg, and twisted it around! Evans went flying from one side of the ring to the other and all the fans clapped. Clark slowly walked over to Evans, tried to pick him up, but was then brought down by the legs! Evans jumped on him and started fiercely punching him in the head while sitting on him. The referee had told him to get off twice, and finally did after about 30 seconds. Evans shouted and raised his hands. He then crawled over to the turnbuckle, climbed it, and stood. He jumped off and did too many flips to count, and landed on Clark! He rolled off after hitting his 630 Splash, and crawled on Clark for the pin. 1…2…! DING-DING-DING! The time was up right when Evans was going for the win. The 30-minute match draw had been reached, and Evans had just realized it. He jumped up and started grabbing the referee by the collar! He told him it was shit that the time was up while he was pinning and that he had him. The referee was saying it wasn’t his fault and such while the fans were going nuts. Evans dropped the referee on his ass, and then walked over to Clark. He picked up Jerrelle who offered him a handshake, but Evans put out his hand, and took it away fans getting much heat from the fans! Evans left the ring leaving Clark inside of it, confused and pissed. Winner: DRAW

Rating: 62%

Falls Count Anywhere
Alex Shelley vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Stryker

Ending: Great triple threat match that maybe ended a little too short. One of the best matches of the night, some were even saying it was the best. But anyways…it ended with Stryker having the Stryker Lock on Petey Williams on the outside of the ring. Alex Shelley was left in the ring after Williams had put the Canadian Destroyer on him, but couldn’t get the pin since Matt was just waiting to attack him. Shelley was up after a minute, and saw what was happening outside. He felt this was the perfect opportunity to take the win, and he had to hurry quickly considering it was a falls count anywhere match! Shelley bounced off the opposite ropes, and ran over to them. He then jumped on the top rope, and springboard splashed on them both! Obviously, Stryker had to let go of the hold. Shelley got up after about 5 seconds, and once again seized the opportunity. He went over to Williams, who was already injured from a submission hold, and quickly locked on the Border City Stretch! The fans starting shouting to Williams to give up or to keep it together! After 10 seconds, Petey submitted and Shelley to the victory! Winner: Alex Shelley

Rating: 66%

Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch

Ending: It was another classic match up between these two young British wrestler. The fans were way into it already, and in the end, Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm were outside of the ring fighting. Storm whipped Fleisch against the steel barricades, and Jody hit them hard! Jonny then rushed to him, and clotheslined him, flipping him over the barricades! Jody backed over the steel and landed on his back. Jonny laughed once, and then leaped over the barricades, landing with his feet onto Jody’s chest! Storm laughs it up while the fans flick him off and tells him he sucks. Jonny just tells them to shut up and they all boo. Storm then picks up Jody, lifts him in a powerslam position, and tosses him over the barricades! Jody lands on his stomach, and Jonny climbs over the steel barricades as the crowd jeers him. He picks up Jody once again, and slams his head on the barricade. He then Irish whips him into the ring, and then slides in after him. Storm picks him up, and whips him to the ropes once again. This time, Jody jumps over the top rope and lands on the apron facing the ring. Jonny thing charges toward him, but Jody spears him in the gut, and then does a 180 onto the rope, jumps off into another 180, grabbing Jonny’s head preparing for the 720 DDT! But Storm saw it coming and catches him in the air, and spinebusts him onto the mat! All the fans stand on their feet as both Storm and Fleisch lie on the mat in a double down…1…………2…………3………….4………….5…………6…………7. Storm gets to his feet. 8………………..9……………………. Jody is finally on his feet. Jonny grabs a hold of his arm, and then knee’s him in the gut. Jody just takes it, and stands there by the side of the ring. Storm seizes the opportunity, and hopes onto the turnbuckle backwards. He then jumps off, lands on Jody’s shoulders, and pushes back hitting The Rewinder! Jody flies onto the mat, and Storm holds the pin. 1…2…3! Storm picks up the win. After the match, both men shake again receiving a standing ovation. Winner: Jonny Storm

Rating: 67%

Sonjay Dutt vs. The Human Tornado

Ending: It was a great high flying match that was totally under-rated for the night. I guess these fans were just looking for a lot of technical moves. Plus, it was a little short, so maybe that affected it. Anyways…it ended with The Human Tornado dropkicking Dutt after he whipped him to the ropes. Tornado jumped up and then grabbed Dutt by the arm up with him. Sonjay was whipped to the ropes once again, and came back, picked up by Tornado, and he countered a tilt-a-whirl back backer and released him in a hurracarana. Tornado jumped up as well Dutt, and Sonjay got him with a clothesline. Tornado was up again, and another clothesline hit him. Once again he popped up and was brought down by a clothesline. And finally, he got up again, Dutt was going for a last clothesline, but Tornado grabs his arm, went behind him, and pulled it down bringing Sonjay down also. Tornado got up and started stomping on Sonjay. Dutt then quickly rolled out of the ring grabbing his chest, giving a disgusted look to The Human Tornado. Speaking of Tornado, right then and there he ran across the ring and flipped over the top rope landing on Sonjay Dutt! Both men lied there for about 10 seconds, and Tornado got up. He went over to the announcing table, took a chair, and unfolded it near Dutt. He then picked up the Hindu, and lifted him up in suplex position, but before he was all the way up, Dutt gained his weight to the bottom and countered by picking Tornado up for the suplex! Sonjay then got payback by reverse suplexing him onto the unfolded chair, and Tornado landed right on it! The crowd oohed and aahed as Sonjay held himself regaining energy. Time was not a problem for him, considering The Human Tornado was not bound to get up anytime soon. He then seized the opportunity and climbed the apron. He looked back at Tornado who was lying on the still unfolded chair, and then jumped on the top rope, and backfliped off it and landed on Tornado hitting his Hindu Press! The crowd was astounded and Sonjay slowly got up and Tornado just lied there. Sonjay rolled him into the ring and pinned him for the win! Winner: Sonjay Dutt

Rating: 55%

Premier Double Team
Chad Collyer & Colt Cabana vs. Kaz Hayashi & Rising Son

Ending: At the beginning of the show as fans entered the building, they were forced to pick which tag team to face off for the Premier Double Team championship. Out of 8 teams possible, and obviously Collyer/Cabana and Hayashi/Son were chosen, and their match was for the Premier Double Team championship. The Japanese lightweights had a pretty rough time against the strong, technical team of Collyer and Cabana. The ending of what seemed to be a disappointing match started off with Son and Collyer on the apron as the inactive partners while their partners were in the ring dueling it out. Cabana had Hayashi on the mat, and took his knee and stomped on it. Immediately, Kaz clutched it by his head in pain and Cabana dragged up on one leg. He then punched the Asian in the face, and took the injured leg, and twisted it around, which twisted Hayashi around as well. Kaz was on his back, holding his knee again, and Cabana tagged in Collyer. Chad went to the top rope, and flew off, landing on Kaz and knee dropping him. Cabana then attacked Son from the outside of the ring, to keep him occupied while Chad focused on Hayashi’s legs. He turned him over, and locked on the Texas Cloverleaf. It only took seconds before Hayashi tapped and the team of Chad Collyer and Colt Cabana picked up the victory and the titles. Winner: Chad Collyer & Colt Cabana

Rating: 63%

Premier Fan Favorite
Chris Benoit vs. Low-Ki

Ending: Like the Premier Double Team championships before and the Premier Wrestler championship soon to come, fans voted before the show who was to face for the fan favorite title. Unsurprisingly, Benoit had won one of the ballets, and Low-Ki had won the other. It was the match of the night and an incredible technical stand off between both these fantastic wrestlers. It was also Chris Benoit’s first Indy appearance after quitting the WWE (besides TNA). Ok, now to the ending. Low-Ki had Benoit in a tough leg lock. Benoit was pulling and pulling, and after 25 seconds, finally made it to the ropes. 1…2…3…4 the referee counted and Low-Ki released him, but wasn’t going to let Benoit regain any stamina any time soon. He immediately started kicking and stomping him. Benoit then slowly and roughly got himself up with the help of the ropes, and Low-Ki layed off him for a minute. But soon enough, the martial arts master came back from bouncing off the ropes with a high knee attack to the race of Benoit, and the rabid wolverine flew over the ropes. He landed hard and the fans oohed. Low-Ki didn’t put his body on the line like most wrestlers in this company, and climbed out of the ring. He walked over to Benoit, and just disrespectfully kicked him in the chest. Benoit rolled over in agony and held his chest. Low-Ki just sighed, and dragged him up by his short hair. He then threw a couple of punches, and after about three, Benoit ducked one, and punched Low-Ki in the gut. He quickly slide back into the ring, and Low-Ki follow. Benoit stumbled to the other side of the ring, and put his hand up pleading for Low-Ki to stop. Low-Ki approached, and was nailed with a knee which he didn’t see coming. Low-Ki also stumbled back while bending down, and was then nailed in the face with the shin of the Canadian! Punches were thrown at Low-Ki until he was against the ropes, and Benoit threw him to the other side. Low-Ki came back, was kneed in the gut, and Benoit quickly applied the crippler cross-face onto Low-Ki and the whole crowd was on their feet cheering! Benoit was tried to keep it on, but Low-Ki got loose, and in what seemed like the speed of light, rolled out from under Benoit, and jumped on Chris to apply the Dragon Clutch! The crowd was shooting for Benoit to not give up this time while the referee was checking if we was going to! And somehow, Benoit slipped out of that also, jumped up and got Low-Ki off him, and applied the cross-face one more time, and it would be the last for Low-Ki quickly tapped while the whole building felt like there was an earthquake. Winner: Chris Benoit

Rating: 75%

Old School vs. New School
Simon Diamond vs. Jody Fleisch

Ending: It was a battle of old school vs. new school in the match right before the main event. I am really tired and don’t fell like writing what happened, so let’s just say Fleisch didn’t win one match the night. Winner: Simon Diamond

Rating: 71%

Premier Wrestler
Bryan Danielson vs. Frankie Kazarian

Ending: Too tired to write this match also. It was a really good match, about this close under the standards that the Benoit vs. Low-Ki match set. Danielson came out with the victory. Winner: Bryan Danielson

Rating: 74%
I just needed to post it because I would have been doing this for nothing then.

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I gotta be honest. The whole point of BTB is to impress the people who are reading it. And when you say you're too tired to write, well thats really disappointing. The endings are top notch, but what happens during the match? You've got potential kid, try a bit harder

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If you had a little more patience, then you'd have a large potential, but leaving the readers without an ending is kinda crappy. If you are going to start your own BTB, then good for you, but if you dont, then dont. If you try again, you got my support man.
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