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Punk carries belt to Rumble?

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It looks like Punk vs Rock is going to build and all I've got to say is fuck this. At MitB Punk's reign had already reached 240 days, are they really going to let him run with it to the Rumble? He's had his time already, I'd like a change up dammit, there are other main event stars on the roster besides Punk. I was sure he was going to drop the title to Cena on Raw 1000. I'm glad that didn't happen, because Cena's a tool but that doesn't change the fact that I've had my fill of Punk as champion.

I've also had my fill of Sheamus as champion. Their reigns are stale. I'm sure they figured they can reinvigorate Punk's reign by turning him heel, and for other fans they may be right, but I don't care if he's face, heel, tweener, jobber, barber, clown, or fucking hot dog vendor. I want to see a new champion as soon as possible.
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I like long WWE Championship reigns. If they are done well.

Whilst Punk hasn't had good gripping feuds, he's pulled off brilliant matches every time he's put his title on the line from the likes of del Rio to Ziggler to Jericho to Bryan etc. He's realised (or someone has) that being a face doesn't fulfil CM Punk's true potential and how the WWE title can gain new heights now.

He's changing it up and I am all for it.
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