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Punjabi Prison Match

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I like it more than elimination chamber probably, more hell and blood :mark::mark::mark:

Who wants to bring this type of match back? And what matches exactly would you make nowadays? I would make D-Bry vs. CM Punk for the undisputed championship or turn heel Khali to battle with Goldberg. There are a lot of matches that just could be huge in this type of match.
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From a fans perspective the Great Khali is utter shite. There is nothing "great" about him and if you need me to produce evidence to support that then I'm probably wasting my time here. As usual the WWE found a way to make a bad choice even worse by making him dance and job every week.

He was brought in simply to reach out to the Indian market and through connections to his breif Hollywood "career".

The punjabi prison match itself was an absolute joke. Sloppily done and pointless because the big guys couldn't utilise it anyway.

So I disagree with you entirely.
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