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Has booking the split-roster WWE got boring to you? Have Invasion angles ran dry in your eyes? Well here is a fresh idea for a multi-player booking project at the forums.

The year is 1986. It is a detrimental year in wrestling history. Vincent McMahon Jr. has done what most thought was the unimaginable in expanding his wrestling business the World Wrestling Federation into cable networking. Normally holding house shows in the north-eastern region of the United States, this has always been WWF-land even when Vincent McMahon Sr. owned the business. Now the wrestling promotion is given to the masses via cable television, allowing their shows to be seen in all four corners, and everything in between, in the United States. There has only been one man who has been able to compete with McMahon and that is Jim Crockett, who has also expanding his promotions into cable television. But, amongst these two super-powers is many promotions trying to make a name for themselves. W.C.C.W is the World Class Championship Wrestling, a Texas-based wrestling promotion ran by the famous Von Erich dynasty. A.W.A. stands for the American Wrestling Association, a gentlemen promotion ran by the legendary Vern Gagne promotion house shows and pay-per-views throughout the Mid-West. The fifth and final promotion, the Mid-South, running their shows in Oklahoma and Arkansas, they are renowned for putting on sold-out shows in the Big Easy's Superdome.

Which side will you choose? The expanding-through-television World Wrestling Federation and Jim Crockett Promotions. Or the family-ran, gentlemen promotions who have been in hearts and towns for many years?
Promotions at War is a fun booking league of sorts. It can be ran with three players up to five players with relative ease, and actions can be done to include even more than that.

How is it done you say? Well, once we have decided how many people will be participating we will have a little discussion on who will be having which wrestling promotion. If you are looking for more of a challenge, as this game in the beginning you might be limited to progress in which your booking skills and angles will have to pay off you will want to choose Mid-South, WCCW, or AWA as a promotion. If you are still a rather new person to the world of booking, WWF or Jim Crockett Promotions might be your cup of tea as you will start out with more resources allowing you to build a larger roster so the process of making story lines and angles will be much easier for you.

Which wrestlers will we be able to choose? This is also an important question. As of right now I have formed a list of wrestlers that reaches around the 100-men mark. Once it is settled on which promotion you have all decided there will be a Draft held in which each head booker of their respective promotion gets one pick per round for however many rounds we need. Note that there will be a seperate Draft for the choosing of tagteams, in which each promotion will recieve four tagteams that were prominent during the mid-80's.

How many wrestlers will each promotion get? After doing a few numbers I have come to the conclusion that each promotion will recieve nineteen or twenty "real-life" superstars. I am thinking you are wondering why I emphasized real-life, I have noticed that that number is a bit low if you were to be booking for months on end. That is why I am allowing each promotion to create four wrestlers. The rules for these are simple, they can't be a carbon copy from an existing or former wrestler; other than that they start out with low entertainment value or crowd draw but you can work on that in your booking.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions, I thought people might ask. There is alot more I have to cover. But I was just wondering if anyone would be interested? I know that this isn't the most common type of booking project, especially so long ago. It would be nice if I got some advice, applicants, or critisicm.
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