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Name: Pro Wrestling World-1
Money: $100,000
Size: Regional
World Ranking: 31/35
Public Image: 20%
Risk Level: 65%
Production: 20%
Merchandising: $0 Per Month
Advertising: $50,000 Per Month
Sponsors: Metabolife, AND 1, LucasArts Games, Eidos

Alere Little Feather
Alex Law
Chris Hamrick – Premier Wrestling Federation Universal Champion
CJ O’Doyle
CW Anderson
Greg Spitz – W-1/Premier Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion
Jay Lethal
Johnny Kashmere
Josh Daniels
King Kaluah
Larry Sweeney
Mark Mest – W-1/NO ADVERTISING Tag Team Champion
Masato Tanaka – W-1 Heavyweight Champion
Mercedes Martinez
Nick Berk
Ricky Landell
Rob Dimension
Steve Corino
Sumie Sakai
Trent Acid

Red Corner / Blue Corner:
Each competitor who enters a WORLD-1 ring is given a specific corner upon entry into that ring. Separate corners are marked with a single blue turnbuckle pad and a single red turnbuckle pad, one across from the other. Fighters are to go to their designated ring corner and remain their until the official permits fighting to commence.

Over Top Rope Disqualification:
No WORLD-1 fighter is permitted to hurl an opponent over the top rope of a WORLD-1 ring once the bell has rung. If an official views such a violation of the rules, then that official must disqualify the violator to this rule immediately and without hesitation. A fighter will not be disqualified if his opponent's body is launched over the top rope as a result of his own momentum.

10 Count Knockout:
If a WORLD-1 fighter is knocked down to the canvas as a result of a striking blow from a competitor, then that fighter will be given to a count of 10 to rise to his feet. If a fighter is unable to rise by the count of ten, then that fighter will be dealt a loss. If both competitors are knocked down to the canvas, then they will both be given a 10 count to rise to their feet. If both are unable to do so, then the match will be ruled a draw.

20 Count Disqualification:
Upon the ringing of the bell, signaling the official start of the match, WORLD-1 fighters are required to remain within the confines of the ring. If a fighter entering the floor outside of the ring, a WORLD-1 fighter will be given a 20 count to re-enter the ring and commence fighting.

Eye Gouging Disqualification:
No WORLD-1 fighter is permitted to gouge an opponent's eye/eyes, or intentionally commit an act that impairs an opponent’s vision.

Low Blow Rule:
No WORLD-1 fighter is permitted strike an opponent with a low blow. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate disqualification.

Yellow Card / Red Card:
A yellow card can be served to a fighter for any infraction of WORLD-1 rules and/or regulations and will remain in place on said fighter for a total of three bouts. Should said fighter demonstrate another infraction, at that time a red card may be issued. A red card constitutes a disqualification and a fine of $50.00 USD. Pro Wrestling World-1 officials will have the authority to issue yellow cards for blatant low blows, interference, the refusal to break a hold by said official's count, etc. A red card may be issued as a result of a 2nd infraction of the aforementioned or immediately for striking an official.


This month in World-1 was short and sweet. Only one show had happened during the month, and it was on the 29th as planned at the Pheasantland Roller Dome in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. The card had come down to having five matches on it, though there were a couple of changes to the card that World-1 had not been prepared for and apologized. The opening match between Jimmy Cicero & Dr. Feelgood verse Chris Nightmare and Noah Lotts was cancelled due to Dr. Feelgood had an arm injury and both Chris Nightmare and Noah Lotts couldn’t make it to the show. Also The Patriot had to cancel on World-1 and was replaced by Alex Law and Ricky Landell so now the match was a triple threat.

To celebrate the New Year, World-1 had announced a new deal with the four sponsorships of Metabolife, AND-1, LucasArts Gaming, and Eidos. Also during January before the Season 2 debut of World-1, W-1 and the Premier Wrestling Federation had announced who was going to be in the World-1 vs. Premier Wrestling Federation Final Conflict match! Not surprisingly, World-1 had chose Steve Corino to represent them in the match, but Premier Wrestling Federation made a surprising choice by going with Mark Mest!

The show had finally come and it started off with the new opening match, Larry Sweeney representing CHIKARA taking on Ricky Landell and Alex Law both representing World-1. The match was a great opener until Ricky Landell had been disqualified after throwing Alex Law over the ropes! Landell was kicked out of the match, and was later yelled at by his trainer Steve Corino. The match was then down to Sweeney and Law going at it, but in the end, Sweeney had gotten the victory… After that, Trent Acid, representing PWU, and Ricky Reyes, representing RoH went at it for a Contendership match for the AWA Light Heavyweight title. After a nice technical match that the fans really got into, Ricky Reyes pinned Acid after a brutal Fisherman Buster from the top rope! After that was the first woman’s match of the new season between Sumie Sakai representing World-1 and Allison Danger representing RoH. One of the most over matches of the night surprisingly, and Sumie Sakai had proven her skills once again by getting the win over Allison with a Moonsault off the top rope and then pin. After that, the time had finally come for Masato Tanaka to make his announcement about his W-1 title. He came out and said that at the next Zero-One show in Japan, he will take on Steve Corino for the World-1 title. The cult fans of World-1 have been waiting for this and finally the time had come. After Masato was walking off, Corino came out, and both men had a stare off outside of the ring by the entryway. After that short promo, the matches had returned with the long anticipated World-1 iTV championship match! King Kaluha and Josh Daniels both seemed to put their hearts into the match, putting on what was considered the match of the night, but unfortunately there had to be an end after the above 30-minute match, and it ended with the veteran that no one had ever heard of, King Kaluha defeating Daniels after a powerbomb to the top rope! After that amazing match that all the fans seemed to have enjoyed, the NWA United National title was on the line as the current champion, CW Anderson representing World-1 was taking on Claudio Castagnoli representing both RoH and CHIKARA. This 15-minute match ended with CW regaining the title after hitting a hard spinebuster on Claudio and getting the pin. After those five matches, the final confrontation between World-1 and Premier Wrestling Federation had been all set. Steve Corino representing World-1 was to face Mark Mest who was siding with his friend Rob Dimension, former owner of Premier Wrestling Federation. The match had come down to around 17-minutes, and everyone was surprised Mark Mest had put up such a fight. Corino could not get Mest down on his back once the whole match, until the end after a vicious Old School Explosion from Corino! The whole ring shoke as Mest feel to the canvas and Rob Dimension’s hopes flew away. Corino feel to his knees and went of the cover on Mest. 1…2…- NO! Masato Tanaka had invaded the ring and attacked Corino bringing him off Mest for the cover! The referee was forced to ring the bell as Tanaka continued his beat down. Landell had tried to make the save but Tanaka was just too much for him, and got him out of the ring. The show ended with Tanaka leaving the ring laughing at Corino, while Steve lied in the ring shouting to Masato that he wrecked everything… At the end of the show, Bryan Riegel got in the ring and made an announcement that W-1 wills start running weekly shows on Sundays from the local AWF bowling center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Overall 539 attended, and World-1 had made revenue of $10,780 from ticket sales.

In the end this month, World-1 had seemed to be hurt after losing some money, thanks to worker costs. Hope that they will start looking more into the financial situation they have…
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February would start off the new working schedule for all W-1 workers. Everyone who could make it is now working every week for W-1 so that World-1 and the wrestlers could start making money. Due to the terrible decision to hold one show last month, World-1 is now in some financial situations that they should soon get out of as quick as possible. Turns out right after the show, Trent Acid and Steve Corino got in a heated argument about Acid jobbing for Reyes, and right after that, Acid announced his leaving of the company. Many fans were sad to hear this for they know he was a valuable asset to the company.

The first show was on the 7th of January. It was as promised at the AWF Bowling Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was a pretty good debut show. The first match was for a Contendership match for the World-1 Internet Television championship, which was won on the Season 2 debut show last Sunday by King Kaluha. John Daniels, representing World-1 was looking for a rematch against King Kaluha for the title, but first he had to go through Jay Lethal, who was representing RoH. Both of the competitors really knew each other well and what they were going to do next, but Lethal seemed to know Daniels more then Daniels knew himself, for Lethal was blocking pretty much every move Josh was trying to do. When it finally came down to it, Daniels seemed to have given up and Lethal picked up the victory and a shot at the World-1 Internet Television championship. After the match there was a friendly handshake while all the fans cheered. After that match, Rob Dimension came out to the ring with Mark Mest. He said that due to the actions last week, there is going to be a rematch for the World-1 vs. Premier Wrestling Federation winner takes all match between Mark Mest and Steve Corino. He also said before he left that for Masato Tanaka not to invade the match he had to do one thing, and that thing was to add Tanaka to the match! Rob said that Tanaka would be representing Zero-One from Japan, and that this match was for the World-1 Title! The fans were in shock as both Mest and Dimension left. Now after that was a woman’s match, between Alere Little Feather and Allison Danger. The match ended with Danger getting the cheating victory by getting Steve Corino to help her get the win. Though Corino thought it was wrong, Danger told him that he was a terrible person not to help his own sister, and thus, Corino did the job. Right after that Larry Sweeney defeated Nick Berk in what seemed to be a squash match. Next was a tag match between Alex Law & Ricky Landell taking on Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio finished Law off with the Ricola Bomb and after the match Law and Landell seemed to be arguing a little. Finally the triple threat match and main event of the night had come. Steve Corino, Mark Mest, and Masato Tanaka were all going at it. At first, Tanaka and Corino both decided to put their differences aside for a moment, and double-teamed the giant Mest. With Rob in the corner screaming his guts out in rage, Masato and Steve both decided they had done enough damage to Mest in the 5-minutes they were attacking and decided to go back to each others long history. It was a flash back to all their old matches in the past, and Tanaka had pulled off another victory! Corino was left in the ring having a temper tantrum! Tanaka left the ring once again laughing, and Corino was left in the ring once again pissed off that World-1 and the Premier Wrestling Federation had not had the chance he wanted to decide everything once and for all. Only 119 people attended this show.

During that time World-1 had seemed to fall smaller and was still in the middle of financial troubles, was this weekly schedule better for World-1 or worse? We will just have to follow them down the road more and wait to see. During the week nothing seemed to happen related to the World-1 and it seemed like in no time the next World-1 iTV show was to be taped….

The third show of the season was on the 12th this of this February of 2006. Steve Corino came out right away to greet the fans and to say that Masato Tanaka was now in Japan touring with Zero-One once again and now World-1 can take on the Premier Wrestling Federation once and for all, no interruptions. He quickly left as the first match started. It was a tag team match for the W-1/Premier Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles between Alex Law and Ricky Landell taking on the current championship Greg Spitz and Mark Mest who apparently is working two matches tonight. Not surprisingly, Mark Mest just squashed both Law and Landell winning the match for his team and retaining the titles. Greg and Mark both just left the ring while the two Corino pupils argued for a second time. After that match, the Premier Wrestling Federation Universal championship was on the line tonight between former tag team partners last week Chris Hamrick and CJ O’Doyle. Hamrick retained easily though CJ did try to get some momentum but was just dominated by the veteran. After the match, Hamrick got hold of a microphone and said that he was unstoppable and that he will face any for the championship. CW Anderson then came out and said that he will face Hamrick next week here in the AWF Bowling Center. Hamrick accepted and CW left the arena. The woman’s match of the night was next up and it was a triple threat match between Alere Little Feather, Allison Danger, and Mercedes Martinez. Alere seemed to do the smart thing and just like Allison and Mercedes go at it. But in the end, Alere interfered and the perfect time and pinned Mercedes for the victory. After that “The best match of the month” in the World-1 was up next between Larry Sweeney and Josh Daniels. It ended in a fantastic draw after the 45-minute time limit was up! All the fans stood on their feet giving the wrestlers a standing ovation. Both workers handshaked after the match and went backstage while the next match started. King Kaluha gave his World-1 Internet Television championship as promised against Jay Lethal, but it came as a disappointment for Lethal for he lost the championship match to the champion. The match wasn’t as good as the last one, but hopefully the next match would be, and that was when the Main Event started… Steve Corino finally got his match against Mark Mest, and Mark Mest once again put up a fight. Might I say, a great fight! Steve Corino dominated Mark Mest like there was no tomorrow… if you consider it a boxing match. In actuality, Mest really did nothing the whole match accept take a beating, but the match ended in a draw when Rob Dimension, being the ass that he is, entered the ring with a chair, which earned him a yellow card from the referee, and then received a red card from the referee getting a fine of $50 thanks to hitting Corino in the head with the chair! Rob Dimension left the ring furiously at Mark Mest, and the show ended. 116 was the final turn out of people for this weeks show.

In between last week’s show and the next, Jersey All Pro Wrestling was finally considered to be in the ranks of RoH and CZW by most wrestling smarks thanks to the signings of the likes of Sean Waltman, TAKA Michinoku, and Ron Killings.

The 19th of February was the fourth show of the second season of World-1 Internet Television. The show started off once again with Steve Corino ranting about Masato Tanaka, Rob Dimension, and the Premier Wrestling Federation. He said that tonight, this will be the last rematch, between him and Mark Mest. Corino said that Dimension was on suspension for two weeks, and that when he returns, he will face him in a hardcore match, and that the regular World-1 rules will be disabled for the match. And that if anyone wants to try to interfere with the rematch for tonight, he will fine him or her $100 and the wrestler will be fired from the roster at Pro Wrestling World-1. The first match of the night was Allison Danger regretfully taking on Alere Little Feather & Mercedes Martinez in a handicap match. But before the match started, Alere Little Feather came out saying that the entire woman division backstage are sick of the recent behavior of Allison Danger, and that tonight she is getting what she deserves. Alere then says that Allison is going to be in a handicap match between Mercedes and Alere taking on her, weather she likes it or not. A minute later, Allison is heard screaming backstage, and out comes Mercedes dragging Allison on the ground to the ring. When the match starts Allison tries to put up a fight but can’t do it for Mercedes and Alere are just too powerful. After that another World-1 Internet Television Contendership match was up. This time it was between Jay Lethal, Nick Berk, and Larry Sweeney. Nick Berk couldn’t keep up with the other fellows in the ring, and was eliminated first in the triple threat elimination match. But soon after, the match ended with Larry Sweeney hitting a bionic elbow on Jay Lethal for the win and a championship match against King Kaluha next week. After that was another tag match for Alex Law and Ricky Landell who are hoping to break their losing streak. Both of Corino’s pupils were taking on CJ O’Doyle and Claudio Castagnoli. The pupils prevailed once again…in losing… CJ O’Doyle got the pin on Alex Law, and after the match Ricky Landell walked over to Alex Law who was on his back. Ricky then spits on Alex’s face and walks out of the ring with all the fans jeering at him. After that was the Premier Wrestling Federation Universal championship match as promised between current champion Chris Hamrick and CW Anderson. It was a fantastic match between both veterans, but only one person could come out on top, and thus, a new champion was crowned after a brutal spinebuster to Hamrick on the outside of the ring. The main event, may I say a “left over” type main event was here. Steve Corino was taking on Mark Mest in a winner takes all match between World-1 and the Premier Wrestling Federation. Rob Dimension was on a two-week suspension, and if anyone interfered, they would be fired. Thankfully, no one was fired tonight, and Steve Corino finally got what he had been wanting for about a month now, or maybe even a couple months. The show this week was considered one of their best and 117 showed up.

World-1’s terrible financial situation seemed to have cleared up down the road of the month and they are now starting to gain a little more money. Nothing else seemed to happen during the week in between, and thus the show was here.

February 26th, 2006 was the date set for the next World-1 Internet Television taping, and it was on that date as promised. The show starts with Ricky Landell in the ring preparing for his next match, but Steve Corino then comes out with Alex Law. Steve asks Ricky what has gotten into him, and Landell replied by saying that he doesn’t need Corino, or anyone else to align with him or help him make it to the top. He also said that Law was just like an anchor that was attached to his leg, holding him back from the top of the mountain. Landell says that he has that “it” factor to make it to the top, and that everyone in the building knows it. Steve Corino says that is just too bad, and if he can prove that he has that “it” factor, he can defeat Alex Law in a best of seven-matches series. Ricky accepts and thus the first match starts… Though to everyone’s despise, Ricky Landell walked the walk and defeated Alex Law in a singles match fair and square. Ricky Landell then stays in the ring celebrating while Alex Law goes backstage and the second match is about to start. When it does, it turns out to be W-1 Internet Television championship match between challenger Larry Sweeney and champion King Kaluha. The champion prevails though once again defeating the challenger, bring his streak as champ to three wins and zero loses. After the bell had been rung for the end of the match, Sweeney offered Kaluha a handshake, which was accepted, but the champion cheap shot him in the stomach right after it, knocking him down to the canvas, and leaving the ring. Chris Hamrick comes to the ring after that match, and he says that he is too good to just lose and not go out in style. Hamrick challenges CW Anderson to a respected re-match for the Premier Wrestling Federation Universal championship, which was granted by the champion. That match was right after the call out and CW Anderson once again beat Chris Hamrick after a spinebuster to the outside in pretty much the exact same spot as the show before! After the match Chris Hamrick attacked the referee saying that he wouldn’t have lost if the referee wasn’t such a big *******! (The referee was a Mexican from Mexico) Hamrick then left the arena too a huge amount of boo’s, especially from the couple of Latinos at the show. The show ended with Steve Corino coming to the ring with a raffle type steel cage roller thing that they use to pick the numbers. He said that tonight would be a tag team fatal four-way match for the W-1/Premier Wrestling Federation Tag Team titles. He said that every member of the World-1 roster was in the cage, and that if you are picked, you MUST compete or he will fine them $50. The first team picked was Nick Berk and Ricky Reyes. After that, Steve himself was picked along with his partner for the night, King Kaluha. The final team picked was Jay Lethal and Alex Law. Those three teams would be taking on each other along with the champions Mark Mest and Greg Spitz. It was an incredible match between all wrestlers, but amazingly Alex Law pinned Greg Spitz making him and Jay Lethal W-1/Premier Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions! The fans were amazed that Alex Law finally pulled off a tag team victory, and that it was for the tag team belts, and were waiting for Ricky Landell to come out, but he didn’t, and the show ended. It was a solid show for the company and 115 people attended.

Thusly, this month had its ups and downs, and so far, World-1 now seems to be progressing some decent storylines earning the respect of wrestling fans around the world. Will they be able to continue the recent success next month in March? Stay tuned to find out….

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I think I will just post a show every time it is done instead of waiting untill I get all four done...

After a first disappointing start in the second season of World-1, they are now in March hoping to regain ground and start once again putting the promotion back on the wrestling map. World-1 in March announced a change in ticket prices from $5 to $15.

The 5th was on the first Sunday of March, which of course is the first show in March. The show starts out with Ricky Landell coming down to the ring, microphone in hand, and he calls out Alex Law and Jay Lethal, W-1/Premier Wrestling Federation Tag Team champions. They both come out and into the ring. Ricky asks Alex what has gotten into him and how come now he decides to win. Alex replies with now he sees why their old team didn’t win, and that is because Ricky kept trying to take the spotlight, which eventually just screwed them over in the long run. Ricky got a pissed look on his face, and shouted, “go fuck yourself” to Alex, and they started to brawl. I guess this next match was the second match in their best of seven series. Jay Lethal did stay in the outside corner of Alex Law to cheer him on, but didn’t try to mess with Ricky Landell for he didn’t want to get fined. Once again Ricky proved that he was the better man this match, and after he won this battle of their war, Ricky told Alex that after he wins this series, and he proves to Corino that he is the better pupil, Alex’s ass is out of here. After that Mercedes Martinez took on Allison Danger in a singles match. After Mercedes got the clean win, Alere Little Feather ran out to the ring to celebrate with Mercedes and protect her from Allison Danger, but all Allison did was run away backstage. Right after that match, Greg Spitz and Mark Mest, former W-1/Premier Wrestling Federation Tag Team champions came to the ring and said that last week they were cheated out of their tag team gold and that last week’s main event was just a stupid filler match that was punishment for Mr. Mest because he had aligned himself with Rob Dimension. Mest finished off by challenging Jay Lethal and Alex Law to a tag team championship re-match, which after the champions accepted, started the next match. After Jay Lethal and Alex Law won an easy match against the former champions, Jay Lethal told Mark Mest that they would have lost to him and Alex anyway considering that Mark Mest has no talent whatsoever and that Greg Spitz has potential but is just aligning himself with the wrong people. Once the champions leave the ring, Greg Spitz leaves alone without Mark, thinking about what Lethal said. There was once again a World-1 Internet Television championship Contendership match in whom already Premier Wrestling Federation Universal Champion CW Anderson defeated Chris Hamrick, along with CJ O’Doyle and Larry Sweeney to win Contendership. So we now all know one of next week’s matches, which is CW Anderson verse King Kaluha. Finally at the end of the show, Steve Corino was interviewed by Bryan Riegel, reminding the fans of next week’s match between him and Rob Dimension. Corino also added that if anyone, and he means ANYONE wants to interfere; he will cut their paycheck for the show. And thus the show ended with an attendance of 84, but World-1 did make more money in ticket sales. Many of the fans said this show wasn’t as good as the last ones, but they also said that next week’s show will probably make up for it considering Rob Dimension is bound to get his ass kicked.

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World-1 this in between week that they will be lowering the ticket prices again thanks to the less amount of fans showing up. Though they were making more money, they have decided that right now it is all about expanding their product.

The 12th of March was the next show of the month. The show started off with a match between Greg Spitz and Mark Mest taking on Josh Daniels and Nick Berk. Daniels did in fact pin Mark Mest, but after the match, Mest and Spitz got in an argument, and Spitz seemed to have enough of Mest, and just left his partner in the ring. After that, Ricky Landell came to the ring and told Alex Law, that it is time for another match in their best of seven series. Alex Law came out and both men started to brawl. Alex Law did win the match, but if it wasn’t for Greg Spitz, whom I guess came out to thank him for pointing out to him that Spitz doesn’t need Mark Mest. Greg did help Alex cheat for the victory bringing the record to 2-1, but after the match, Ricky Landell got up and said that this would be the only time that he would let Alex Law get away with something like that since he felt sorry for Alex Law and how he needs everyone’s help to get through life. Next was the World-1 Internet Television championship match between CW Anderson and King Kaluha. It was a fantastic technical match, which earned both men ovations, but in the end, the Premier Wrestling Federation Universal champion got the even victory. After the match CW Anderson held up both the Premier Wrestling Federation Universal championship and the World-1 Internet Television championship. He said that he was going to choose which one to keep, and then he threw down the Premier Wrestling Federation Universal championship and said that the Premier Wrestling Federation was dead and doesn’t deserve its own belt. Some of the fans cheered and some jeered for his actions. After that on the Internet you could view a video hype for the Rob Dimension vs. Steve Corino feud and match. But finally the Main Event that everyone has been waiting for came. Rob Dimension had returned from his two-week suspension, and lost to Steve Corino once and for all. But during the match, Masato Tanaka came out and watched from the curtain. It almost cost Corino the match, and luckily for Masato, Corino couldn’t fine him since technically he didn’t really interfere but just watched. After the match, Corino listened to Masato from in the ring as Tanaka told him kudos for winning a match finally, and that next week will be his last week in America for two months, and that it would be a disgrace to World-1 if someone in another country still held onto their championship. Masato Tanaka then challenged anyone in the World-1 to a title match next week. Steve Corino accepted that, and said that next week there would be two fatal four-way matches in whom the two winners of those match would go head to head, and the winner would face Masato for the championship that night. Masato Tanaka agreed and the show ended. 113 showed up for the show and 113 left happily.

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March 19th, 2006 was the date for the next World-1 show. Nothing really happened in the week in between shows so the show came pretty quickly. Steve Corino first came out reminding the fans of the new fatal-four way World-1 Championship tournament that is to happen tonight. He announced the matches that turned out to be elimination matches, and here are the contenders…

Match One
Alex Law vs. CW Anderson vs. King Kaluha vs. Larry Sweeney

Match Two
Jay Lethal vs. Ricky Landell vs. Steve Corino vs. Chris Hamrick

Match One was the match right after Corino left the ring backstage. It was an incredible 30-minute elimination match with Larry Sweeney eliminating Alex Law pretty early, and then for about 15 minutes it was a triple threat match between Sweeney, Anderson, and Kaluha. King Kaluha was next to go, and was eliminated by the person he lost to last week, CW Anderson. It was CW and Larry left in the ring in a great 10-minute stand off. Larry Sweeney did pull off an impressive victory though, and shoke hands with the World-1 Internet Television champion after the match. Next was a filler match where some how Allison Danger defeated both Mercedes Martinez and Alere Little Feather in a triple threat elimination match. Next was the second fatal four-way match. It was another outstanding match, lasting a little longer then the first one. The first person eliminated was Ricky Landell, who was pinned by Steve Corino after Steve focused on him the first part of the match. After that Chris Hamrick was elimination by Corino also. After those two were done with, Lethal and Corino had a fantastic singles competition in the end, it lasted about 20 minutes also, but unfortunately it had to end, and Steve Corino got the victory. The final match in the short tournament was right after the second fatal four-way. Larry Sweeney and Steve Corino both put on an impressive show as promised, but in the end, Larry Sweeney walked away with the impressive victory. After the match both competitors shoke hands and Steve Corino patted Larry on the back telling him good luck and to take down Masato Tanaka. Larry nodded and said that he will. When Steve Corino is walking to the backstage, Masato Tanaka runs out from behind the curtains and slams his title into the head of Corino! Steve goes flying to the ground and Larry Sweeney looks at Tanaka in disgust. Masato then points at Larry and does the slit throat taunt to Larry. Bryan Riegel gets in the ring and in forms everyone there will be a 10-minute intermission. After the intermission, Larry Sweeney is in the ring waiting for Masato Tanaka. He doesn’t come out after a minute and the fans cheer for Masato Tanaka is already in the ring behind Sweeney, who doesn’t know. Tanaka then floors Larry with a clothesline to the back of the head and the match starts. It was an incredible stand off between both men, in a match that almost hit the time limit. There were only two minutes to go before Larry Sweeney got the victory against the champion in an almost 60-minute stand off. Larry Sweeney was crowned new World-1 Heavyweight champion, and Steve Corino came to the ring and celebrated with Sweeney, while everyone gave a standing ovation…. 115 came and 115 left satisfied and hungry for more…

The biggest news by far in the week was TNA going global after their first show out of the United States. They also successfully signed workers such as Rhino, Christian Cage, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett and Raven to written contracts. But the biggest news for World-1 was the signing of Steve Corino with TNA in a WRITTEN contract. That’s right folks, TNA has signed the ever so great Steve Corino to a written contract. World-1 is now looking at some major independent talent to bring in a some how replace Corino. World-1 has brought in some new talent though such as Chad Collyer, Jimmy Jacobs, and Pogo The Clown…
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