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Background Story
With there being no competion for the WWE not even UFC and TNA could compete a maga power Ted Turner decided to listen to the advice of an old accociate Jim Corrnet who told him that what wrestling needs is old school. They need territories with people that could wrestle. This got Ted Tuner thinking till he agreed and ade the PWF. The difference of the PWF and the WWE is first there is a championship commitie with Terry Funk, Dory Funk, Afa The Wild Samoan, Sika The Wild Samoan, Sting, Antonio Inoki, and Hulk Hogan. There would be two territories one in Philidelphia one in Texas. There whould be more to come. The first thing they did to kill off all the indy compatition by buying all the federations. First to go were WXW witch became the offical training facility of PWF, second was ROH, and thrid was JAP this would kill most major compation from indipendant promotions tring to still from the gate buy putting on there shows. As far as TNA was conserned they took these talents , Samoan Joe, Ron "The Truth" Killings, and Christopher Daniels (AJ whould not leave. As for the WWE talent all were not willing to risk it exept for Hulk Hogan who is on the championship commitie and will wrestler when he wants. As for the UFC they thought of a smart idea they signed Dan "The Beast" Severen, Ken "The Worlds Most Dangerous Man" Shamrock, Bob "The Beast" Sapp, Don Frye, and Leon "Vader" White for a part of every show there to be a Mixed Martial Arts match there competitors may also compete in a Pro Wrestling style matches. In a nother decision they signed Brock Lesnar to be there top star.
They will be on TNT Prime Time Mondays and Fridays

Roster Philidelphia
Brock Lesnar
Ken Shamrock
Leon White (Vader)
Bob Sapp
Don Frye
Dan Severen
Hulk Hogan
Samoan Joe
Joe Muraco
Amazing Red
Jerry Lynn
Bubba Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Steve Corino
Trend Acid

Roster Texas
Terry Funk
LA Smooth
Toa Mavia
Charlie Hass
Ron Killings
Shinsuke Nakamura
Justin Liger
Tiger Mask IV
Take Mura
Scott Norton
Christopher Daniels
Daniel Puder
D Lo Brown

First the show on Monday Live from Philidelphia with be called Monday Night Adreniline and the show on Friday Live from Texas is Friday Night Pure Action

A major signing happened with the Ultimate Warrior signing and will be going to Friday Night Pure Action.

PS. I would like to have some help wrighting these so if anyone would want to help me with these feds you can to PPV or fill in for one of the shows. You would have complete freedom exept to change World Champion Feedback Please.

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Here are the NO ADVERTISING championships
World Championship (Both)
National Chapionship (Friday Night Pure Action Texas)
North American Championship (Monday Night Adrenalin Philidelphia)
Mixed Martial Arts Championship (both)
All Division Champion ( Friday NIght Pure Action Texas)
Multipule Championship (Monday Night Adrenalin Philidelphia)( It is the all the old indipendant titles)
#1 Contender Championship (both)
World Tag Tea Titles (both)

PS Don't now PPVs yet

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Pro Wrestling Federation

Monday Night Adrenalin Philidelphia

The show starts off with Hulk Hogan coming to the ring. He tells the crowd he is the official spokesmen for the championship commitie witch runs Pro Wrestling Federation. He said that the commitie has dicided that there will be a tournoment for the World Championship. All of Adrenalin tonight will be the tournoment matches and the winner will go on to Friday Night Pure Action to see if he can finsh the tournoment. Anouther major annoucement is that the first ever Mixed Martial Arts Champion will be crowned tonight as Bob "The Beast" Sapp vs. Dan "The Beast" Severen. Also the last annoucment of the night will be that I Hulk Hogan will be in the championship tournoment and I am the first match.

Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Corino
The match is all Hogan and the crowd is going wild for the Hulkster. This makes the King Of Old Scholl try and leave the rign when Hogan catches him. The match stays all Hogan untill Corino takes advantage of Hogan with a drop toe hold. The atch continues with Corino looking as if he is really getting to the Hulkster until Hulk Hogan starts to Hulk Up and hit a big boot and a leg drop.

The Hulk Hogan takes the mike and says that he wants to give Steve Corino some credit he is one tough kid. Then Steve Corino shakes hand with Hogan and leaves the ring.

Homicide vs. Ken Shamrock Pro Wrestling Style Tournoment Match
This match wet back and fowerd with Homicide's unusal style realy getting to "The Worlds Most Dangerous Man" and this makes him got crazy and hits a fury of right hands on Homicide who is covering up in the coner taking an amazing amount of punishment. Homicide rolled out side and grabbed a chair the ref told him to stop and he came in anyway the ref made him throw the chair down. The match went on with Homicide taking a lot of punishment untill he put on the cop killer though Ken Shamrock contered and put on the ankle lock for the win.

Brock Lesnar came out and told the crowd he wanted to tell the people that he is up next and he fears no man that comes through those curtains. He then talkes about how he will destroy everyone in his path untill he makes it to Friday Night Pure Action were I will realy get serious.

Brock Lesnar vs. Rhyno

The mathc was action packed with Rhyno not being afriad of Lesnar. The match seemed to be going the way Rhyno wanted it untill Brock hit an F5 for the win.

After the match Brock Lesnar loocked at Rhyno and told he he messed with the wrong guy the wrong day.

Dan "The Beast" Severen vs. Bob "The Beast" Sapp Mixed Martial Arts Style Match for the Mixed Martial Arts Championship
The match started with Dan "The Beast" Severen for the take down and being sucsessful. After that the fought for the mount as Bob Sapp tried to fight out with blow from the ground. This keep up untill Dan Severn got the mount and sniked a giliten choke aking Bob Sapp tap out.

Dan "The Beast" Severen took up the title and showed it to the crowd very proud as one of the most decerated athlets ever walked away with anouther title.

Hulk Hogan vs. Ken Shamrock
Match was all Shamrock who was attacked Hogans leg. The match was mostly Shamrock getting the best of Hogans leg until Hulk Hogan started Hulking up and hit the big boot and went for the leg drop though missed and was got the ankle lock put on as Hogan had to tap.

After the match Ken Shamrock shook Hogans hand and left. As he left Team 3D came to the ring and told Hogan that they don't give a crap about the chapionship commitie and they don't give a crap about the NO ADVERTISING they only want the opertunity to win the tag team titles and they will go through Hogan if they half to. HOgan trys to tell them the comitie has not decided who will face who for the title or if there will be a tournoment. Then Team 3D told him wrong answer and they hit a 3D on Hulk Hogan. Then D-Von got the tables out when TDS and Tonic came to the ring the former WXW Tag Team Champions. They came to the ring and started to brawl with Team 3D. After the brawl Team 3D told TDS and Tonic they will pay.

Jerry Lynn vs. Leon White (Vader)Tournament
The match was all Leon White as Jerry Lynn was giving his best to win the match it seemed inpossible against the verteran Leon White. The match went on till Leon juped off the second rope to win the match.

Samoan Joe came out and started to complain that he was not invited to the tournoment when he could beat any man on the tournament this brough out Leon White (Vader) who said that if he is such a tough guy how about next week me vs you. There was almost a confrontation when Samoan Joe said he exepts.

Joe Muraco vs. Trend Acid
It was going back and fowerd with both en getting each other an advantage. It seemed that the match was going super quick then out of no were Joe Muroco pulled out one of his fathers tricks and put the thumb in the throat of Trend Acid who was thenrunning tomstoned just like his father did. Winner of the match Joe Muraco

Then Joe Muraco took the mike and said that he has trained all over the world and has now made it to the "new" big time. He said that he will show that world why a Muraco is always magnificent.

Brock Lesnar vs. Leon White (Vader)
The match was hard hittin action from the two gaints. It was the brawler vs. the grappler and this time it looked as if the brawler was going to pull it off with his hard hitting strike though Lesnar picked hi up and spin bustered him. It was going to seem as Lesnar had the advantage for a while then Lean White
had the advantage till Brock hit an F5 on Lean White for the win.

After the match Brock was scream its not "Vader Time" the only tme it qould be is "Lesnar Time"

Ken Shamrock vs. Brock Lesnar
After such a hard match Lesnar was tired and Ken was fresher than Lesnar. It showed as Ken SHamrock took the advantage and Brock had to get space from Ken Sharock. It seem to over when Ken Shamrock snapped and went to hit the belly to belly suplex suplex which normaly lead the ankle lock when Brock blocked the belly to belly suplex and then hit a clothesline and then hit a rollup for the win.

At the end Brock stood there with a smile on his face.

Please give feedback

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Sorry about the double post

Ultimate Warrior promises to be at the first ever Friday Night Pure Action Live.

Wild Samoan will be in Texas to represent the Championship Commitie since Hogan wil be busy in Philidelphia.

Brock Lesnar will be in Texas and the second round will start to crown the new champion and The Championshio Commitie said they have the match the fans want to see.
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