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Reading most of this over, just got a few notes for ya...

1) I like the concept behind this. Building a WCW2 pretty much, there's several different ways you can go so I wish you luck first of all.
2) I would try to shrink the size of some of the pictures that you put in here though. Some of them are huge and it makes reading kind of difficult.
3) House shows before the first T.V. show, don't know how that would go. In real life to me it would be better to wait and do house shows until the company has more awareness but hey, this isn't real life so I say do what you feel works.

Reading the first show, a couple things jumped out at me.

1) I do like that you're sort of picking up where TNA left off with Matt Morgan and Hogan. That was definitely another area that TNA dropped the ball on so it will be interesting to see where you take it from here.
2) I noticed that out of the five matches you had, three of them had some sort of attempted run-in. I just think it's best to limit any sort of outside interference as much as possible and only do it maybe once, or twice a show at most. It ruins the effectiveness of them, or anything in wrestling for that matter, when it happens too often.

All in all I think you have a pretty good start here. Look forward to reading more.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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