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I just want to help wrestling fans and competitors become aware of a version of wrestling that is rapidly growing in popularity around the world. I can't say that it is a new version of wrestling since the world league considers it to be the oldest version of wrestling.

The sport is beach wrestling, which takes place on a level sand surface. Since the action takes place on the sand, (rather than the entire beach), the contest could be held nearly anywhere.

Beach wrestling is a version of amateur wrestling (sponsorships are easier than mat wrestling), although I am a trained pro wrestler as well and truly believe that anyone could be sucessful at the sport, regarless of wrestling experience. Beach Wrestling is a world wide recognized sport by FILA, and has an annual World Championship each and every year.

The rules are simple, score a point by pushing your opponent out of bounds, or by scoring a takedown. Two points wins the match. You could also win by putting your foe on his/her back.

I am bringing this up, because I truly believe that everyone could certainly enjoy the outdoor version of the sport. I could certainly vision independant pro wrestling groups starting to host contests, as there is a great potential for sponsorships, as well as hosting exibition pro matches next to the contest. Anyone that is interested in hosting a beach wrestling contest, I can point you in the right direction (such as needed equipment and the event logistical strategies).

I was just a guest on a pro wrestling radio show this past Sunday (Oct 24th), and had a lot of fun talking about beach wrestling. The show is "Smart Mark Radio", if anyone is interested in listening. I would certainly be interested in appearing on any onther wrestling based radio show.

I also am the head coach of a wreslting club that is hosting the first AAU Beach Wrestling World Championships in Virginia Beach in 2011. If anyone would like any info on that event, friend our club on facebook. Just look for "Silver Ravens".

I'm not going to take up too much more time, if anyone would like to know more about beach wrestling, just get a hold of the club's myspace, the "Silver Ravens"

Rob Teet, 3x Beach Wrestling All-American, 2x US Team Alternate
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